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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 1, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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could make a huge difference for east county communities. >> reporter: it's been ten years since residents in oakley have had their own fire department. think about that. they've been relying on outlying fire stations for their services. having response times anywhere from 15 to 19 to 22 minutes. well, that's all changed now with the consolidation. you're looking at it right here. firehouse 95 here in oakley, just part of the confire consolidation plan, and that means now 128,000 residents are going to have new and improved fire service. like oakley resident rick taylor. >> 32 years? >> yes. >> reporter: his property is a mile hm firehouse 95 now. >> we've had fires in the back behind me before. and that was like a wheat, hay growing. and they responded, but yeah, it was kind of scary. >> everyone needs to understand
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we've been on borrowed time. >> reporter: a cemonyd the transfer of commandy. theerrprov fir so advancel and capabilities. >> i've literally lost sleep for five years. because i know we're on borrowed time. >> a couple of years ago, we were all evacuated at about 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. in the morning because of a huge fire that was right behind us here. so they had to bring all the resources in. >> reporter: the district plans to reopen fire station 4 in walnut creek and fire station 86 in bay point, also adding two additional fire stations in brentwood by 2024. >> the service level increases once and for all. we're going to be corrected. in east contra costa fire. no more roller coasters. no more unknowns. >> reporter: and for people like rick, this landmark day gives him a little more peace of mind. >> oh, yeah. it's nice to know. >> reporter: in oakley, juliette
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goodrich, kpix 5. >> just before the holiday, san pablo authorities have arrested two people for allegedly selling illegal fireworks from a fireworks store. based on an anonymous tip, police found several thousand pounds stored at la raza party supplies. authorities say an undercover officer bought some from a clerk, and police served a search warrant. the contra costa county fire protection district has launched a hotline for people to report illegal fireworks. fireworks of any type are illegal in contra costa county, regardless of where they are sold. if you see someone lighting them up, call the number on your screen. you can also find this number at here is a live look at san jose where the fireworks crackdown will also be enforced. fire authorities are warning people who try to light up illegal fireworks if you live anywhere in santa clara county and you set off your own fireworks, you are breaking the law. >> in the city of san jose, all fireworks, even those labeled safe and sane are illegal to
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use, own or sale with the extreme drought conditions that we're seeing in the community. we've got a lot of very dry vegetation out there. it takes one spark from an illegal fireworks to start a fire that could really impact, you know, homes and businesses and the environment. >> illegal fireworks could lead to hefty fines in san jose. if you are caught setting them off, the first fine is a thousand dollars. the second two grand, and the third offense is $3,000. if you are caught selling fireworks, it will cost you up to $50,000 and could land you behind bars. for a safe way to celebrate the 4th, leave it to the professionals. san francisco's waterfront fireworks show is back on this year. the fireworks will be set off a barge off pier 39 at 9:30 monday night. now the big question always is will the fog cooperate. meteorologist brian hackney is in for paul with a look ahead at the forecast. brian? >> liz, it's an excellent
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question. you're not going to like the answer. >> oh, no. >> there is going to be a lot of fog around. we've had the past week a lot of fog along the shoreline. as per usual. it's always catch as catch can with fourth of july. the forecast for the 4th is showing that while it will be cool and breezy in just a few low clouds at 6:00, there will be areas of fog by 9:30. fireworks time on the embarcadero in san francisco by friday -- by monday night. so fog is going to be a dicey proposition by the time we get into the early part of next week. unless you're inland. if you're inland, things look pretty good. the temperature there's will be 67 degrees, clear skies. along the shoreline, all the indications are if anything things are going to cool down by the time we get into sunday. about the same on monday. and along the coast, it is going to be cloudy. i wish i had better news, but i'll have more of it when we come to the forecast in a few minutes. a look at some of our bay area bridges and highways. if you're hitting the roads this weekend, expect plenty of
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company. aaa predicts nearly 48 million people will travel 50 or more miles from home this holiday weekend. up 3.7% from last year. and despite high gas price, a record $42 million will travel by car. >> it's going to surpass all numbers. we're up there and the pent up demand is definitely showing. >> adding to the pain at the pump, the california gas tax went up today. drivers are paying 3 cents more. the average gallon stands at $6.27. it's difference from the record high a couple of weeks ago when the average was $6.44. the price has been dropping ever since. drivers are paying more to cross the golden gate bridge. tolls up 202035 cents. it brings the average crossing to $9.40 and $8.40 for fastrak users. bart increased fares by 3.4% today. that's about 5 to 30 cents more
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per ride. the warriors have had a busy start to free agency. >> vern glenn joins us now with the very latest on who is staying and who is leaving and who is joining the defending champs. >> this guy was priority one for the warriors. we're talking about center kevon looney. why? ask draymond greene. >> kevon, he's been one of those guys that has been a mainstay in everything that we do. >> free agency did not last long for the one they call loon. the two sides agreed on a three-year deal, $25.5 billion. well-deserved for looney, who played in all 104 games last season. he was also the team's leading rebounder in the play-offs. and this just in within the hour. guard dante di vincenzo is signing with the warriors. a 2-year deal reportedly worth $9 million. remember him, he was with the champion milwaukee bucks and
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finished last season in sacramento. gary payton ii can afford all the shirts me needs. the defensive ace off the warriors bench will be doing the same for the portland trail blazers. golden state unwilling to match a reported three years, 28 million offered. while young glove wanted to stay in the bay, you can't knock it for cashing in after a career year. otto porter jr. is also moving on. the warriors had interest in bringing him back, but the veteran forward is signing a two-year deal with the toronto raptors. his wife is from toronto. emanuel is going back to play in turkey. and the sharks thank coach bob boughner for his service and parted ways with him and his staff this morning. the club failed to make the play-offs in each of his three seasons. san jose is also in the market for a general manager. so that team is starting from scratch, pretty much like liz and her homemade cookies.
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if a team is as good as those, happy days are ahead for san jose on the ice. now i want the cookie. >> i think that's a hint you'd like cookies next week. >> just saying. >> all right, i think i can make that happen. >> from one to the other. >> done. well-deserved. thanks, vern. well, following a celebration on board the uss hornet in alameda, 50 people began a new journey today as u.s. citizens. they came from 25 countries and gathered on the flight deck to take the oath of allegiance. the ceremony traditionally takes place around the fourth of july holiday. >> be an active citizen and let your voice be heard. vote in elections, local and federal as is your right as a citizen. apply for jobs in the government. make this a better place based on your pasts and perspectives. >> citizenship ceremonies like this one are set to continue across the country through next friday. governor newsom signing a
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new gun control law into ban that will ban the marketing of certain types of guns such as semiautomatic weapons to kids. >> this is an ar-15, a weapon of war. a weapon of mass destruction. be you're out there promoting and allowing marking of these weapons of war to our kids. >> the law takes effect immediately. the governor also signed a bill to further restrict ghost guns. president biden warns that republicans may push for a nationwide abortion ban if they take control of congress. as skyler henry reports, the president is working with democratic governors to try to ensure that women have access to abortions. >> reporter: president biden says democrats need to expand their congressional majority in november election franchise they want to guarantee abortion rights across the country. >> the choice is clear. we either elect federal senators and representatives who will codify roe, republicans who will elect the house and senate will try to ban abortions nationwide.
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>> reporter: one week since the supreme court overturned roe v. wade, a new poll found the issue is of growing concern for adults on both sides of the aisle. the 22% say abortion or women's rights is a major concern the government should work on in the next year. that's more than double what the poll found just six months earlier. on friday, the president met with nine democratic governors about protecting women's rights. >> i share the public outrage of this extremist court has committed to moving america backwards. >> reporter: many republican-led states that have moved to restrict or ban abortion rights argue the federal government should stay out of the decision making. >> arkansas has made its decision. other states might look at it differently. >> reporter: the democratic governors promised their states will be safe havens for women coming from places that are outlawing abortion. >> because of our location in the southeast, mr. president, north carolina's already seeing an influx of patients coming to our state. >> we are in fact that brick
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wall against this horrific supreme court decision. >> reporter: president biden said the federal government will protect women who want to travel to other states to get an abortion. skyler henry, cbs news, the white house. >> the president also says his administration will protect women's access to medication through the fda. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on "cbs news bay area," tiktok responds to security concerns about its user data. what the company is doing to protect your privacy. and caught on camera. a cruise ship collides with an iceberg. the scary moment for passengers. fish is quite literally falling from the sky here in outer sunset. we'll have the reason for this phenomenon coming up.
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new video released by san jose police this evening. three suspects accused of robbing a mini-mart and shooting
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at a worker. this happened at a 7-eleven near williams road in march. police say the suspects tried to buy alcohol without an idea and were turned away. later, they returned and one of them fired a gun, nearly missing the worker. the suspects are all still at large. tiktok is trying to reassure lawmakers and users after reports that its chinese employees can access the personal information of u.s. users. in a letter to the u.s. senate, the company confirmed the reports, but says it's now working with the bay area base oracle on new advanced data security tools, including moving all u.s. user data to oracle's cloud. tech experts say this is part of a broader issue in the industry. >> we are in a situation now where the concerns that exist around the tech industry are enormous. and part of it is because we live off of our technology. it is one of the most intimate parts of our lives. we've got our phones with us everywhere we can go. and the truth is that there is
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data that comes off of our phones. most of us aren't even aware of that could be used in certain situations in a very bad way. >> and despite this and other privacy concerns related to ti tiktok, they continued to see their user numbers go up and up. cnet says that's because a loot of us are getting numb to this kind of thing. >> a lot of people kind of throw their arms up. this is the world i live in, right? and that's scary because it creates a situation where people do not react very strongly to things that could be a true danger. and that's part of why the u.s. government is making so much noise over this. >> in a letter to the senate, tiktok says the chinese government has not had access to any u.s. user data, and says they wouldn't turn it over to them even if they asked. [ closing bell ] stocks rally to kick off the month of july, but it was not enough to erase losses for the week. the dow was up 321 points.
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the nasdaq and s&p also close a percentage higher. but the s&p 500 is coming off its worst quarter since the start of the pandemic in early 2020. the trial for wnba star brittany griner is under way in a court near moscow. she has been detained for nearly five months in a russian prison on drug charges. brittany griner arrived in court in handcuffs, facing trial on drug charges that could put her in prison for years. inside, prosecutors unsealed their case, stating the 31-year-old basketball star brought two cartridges of hash shish oil into the country for personal use. the two-time olympic gold medalist and center for phoenix mercury was arrested in february when russian authorities said they found the drugs in her luggage as she arrived at a moscow airport. after the trial's opening session, a diplomat from the u.s. embassy said griner was doing as well as can be expected.
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>> and she asked me to convey that she is in good spirits and is keeping up the faith. >> reporter: griner's arrest came just a week before russia invaded ukraine. the kremlin denies any political motivation. but russia expert jeff hahn believes the american is being held hostage for political clout. >> it's very clear that they did not need to bring the severity of charges against her that they did. they chose to do that in order to grab the u.s. attentions and threaten her with the worst possible outcome. >> reporter: ahead of the trial, griner's sister attended a support rally in new york. >> i haven't been in communication with her. i haven't been able to talk to her. it hurts. >> reporter: u.s. diplomats say they are working at the highest levels to help bring griner home. now griner's next court date is set for july 7th. if convicted, she could face up to ten years in prison. well, we now know the name of the person killed in the boat collision near angel island yesterday. the san francisco medical examiner says he was 65-year-old
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michael wells from contra costa county. he died from injuries after his boat and a sailboat collided, and he was thrown into san francisco bay. we just hit that iceberg. >> a bit of a scare on the seas after a cruise ship hits an iceberg off the coast of alaska. a spokesperson for the cruise line said it happened during dense fog. fortunately, all 2,000 guests are accounted for. the norwegian sun cruise ship is now docked back in seattle for repairs. >> wow. after the "titanic." >> well, hopefully we're better prepared. boats are maybe differently. >> things have changed. >> some things have and some things haven't. >> that fateful night in 1912. >> they had fog back then too. >> actually, it was a crystal clear night. that made it worse, because the sea was unruffled. if there had been a little bit of a wind, the water would have come against the iceberg and created a wave. they could have seen it easier. it was a clear, cool night. how did we get off on this?
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>> because of the fog in san francisco. there is fog here for centuries. >> okay. let me reset. we're going to talk about the forecast. >> that was interesting. >> it's fourth of july. it's the year 2022. and we've got fog and low clouds along the shoreline this weekend. as we look out over san jose, beautiful blue skies. and a fog will be rolling in along the coast. already is. the numbers already at this hour are two to four degrees warmer than last night at this time. but there is no real trend one way or another. might get a little cool tomorrow before warming up slightly on monday. so here's what we're looking for, the usual night and early morning low clouds. there will be areas of drizzle, and more cooling is coming in over the weekend. not dramatic. not a big collapse of temperatures. just a trough over the pacific northwest as you'll see in a moment is going to bring temperatures down. by the time we get to the 4th, it will be slightly warmer, but again, nothing dramatic. this is that low pressure trough that will slowly sag south before it heads back up north. and so the numbers will fluctuate in response to that.
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there could be drizzle along the shoreline. you already know around south san francisco that you get plenty of fog that will be the case all weekend long. and in fact monday night in san francisco, it's going to be touch and go. i only laugh because it like a lifetime. actually, it has been a lifetime that i've been talking about the potential for fog ruining fireworks displace along the embarcadero in san francisco. it's going to be the same again monday night. it will be touch and go. for tonight, we do know that there is going to be patchy clouds, and it will be cool and breezy at oracle park as the giants take on the white sox. it is fireworks night tonight. so it will be a bit of a preview in terms of how well we'll do with fireworks on monday night. see how well they do tonight. it should be a pretty good show. overnight lows will be in the mid-50s. 49, though, for santa rosa. 55 in san jose. the fog and low clouds will recognize back in. and for tomorrow, the numbers are unusually cool. it will be 6 degrees cooler than usual in san francisco. we usually get a high of 67. we'll have a high of 61
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tomorrow. 66 at oakland. concord 73. it's 14 degrees below average. so unusually cool. and for tomorrow, it's still a great weekend. it's still sunny and 72 degrees in santa clara and mountain view. mid-70s for morgan hill, campbell, and los gatos. over in the east bay, we'll hit 80. antioch and brentwood. as you get closer to the tri-valley area, just in the low 70s. 71 at danville. 70 at dublin. up in the north bay, at low clouds every morning this week and sun in the afternoon. we shall have an encore performance right through early next week. mid 60s for berkeley and richmond in oakland. and san francisco, that's the 61 for tomorrow. a little warmer for cloverdale and clearlake and windsor, where the numbers will be about 80 degrees. standard forecast. we will finally recover to average, but we have to wait until thursday and friday. in the meantime, things are going to be cooler than usual at this time of year. but that's not to say it's going to be unpleasant.
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in fact, it will be very nice. by the time we get to thursday and friday, back to near 90 inland. >> nice to enjoy this moderate weather. >> remember how hot it was? >> we all remember that. >> so, you know, nice break. >> absolutely. >> thanks, brian. well, coming up. 15 years after he made history with the iphone, steve jobs is getting the nation's highest civilian honor. and the sounds of indy and soulful rock will fill stern grove this weekend. we'll introduce you to the who headliners with bay area roots. and coming up on our streaming service "cbs news bay area," a professor from usf breaks down the recent supreme court rulings and the implications here in california. you can watch our stream wherever, whenever. find us on pluto tv, channel 1021 and any platform
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looking live at the white house, today president biden
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named 17 recipients of the presidential medal of freedom. that's the nation's highest civilian honor. apple co-founder steve jobs will be awarded the medal posthumously for changing the way the world communicates and for helping transform the computer, music, film and wireless industry. northern california's megan rapinoe will also get a medal, two-time world cup soccer champion who helped fight for gender pay equality in the sport. she is also an advocate for lgbtqi + rights and social justice. other recipients include new york nurse sandra lindsay who was the first american to receive a vaccine outside of a clinical trial. gabby giffords who fights for gun violence prevention, late purple heart recipient john mccain, and gymnast and mental health adversary simone biles and award winning actor denzel washington who served as a boys and girls club spokesperson for decades. the pink triangle on twin
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peaks is coming down now that pride month has officially come to anday volstarted packing mes streamers that sparkled all month long. and organizers are asking for the community's help to finish the job. if you would like to help, volunteers are asked to come between 10:00 and 2:00 tomorrow. well, coming up new at 5:30, an abundance of anchovies. thousands wash up in a bay area lagoon, and others are raining down into people's yards. so what's behind this bizarre phenomenon? plus an expensive lesson for car owners. how catalytic converter thefts are getting more and more brazen, and what's being done to stop them. plus, an east bay veteran was a little confused when officers showed up at his house.
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you're watching kpix 5 at 5:30. >> right now, kpix 5 and streaming on "cbs news bay area," more local news at 5:30. big traffic delays for people headed to tahoe this holiday weekend. plus, police show up at an east bay veteran's door with an independence day surprise. but first, our top story at 5:30. an unusual sight. thousands of anchovies washing up in the north bay lagoon. others are actually falling into people's backyards. good evening. i'm ryan yamamoto. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. an abundance of anchovies are
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taking over the coastline as populations bloom. some have been found on city streets. >> what's causing anchovies to fall from the sky. >> reporter: something's a bit fishy here in outer sunset where anchovies are multiplying off the coast and birds have more than they know what to do with. birds appear to be scooping up the extra fish and dropping them inland, causing it to rain anchovies. >> never, ever have i heard of something like this. >> reporter: it's raining here in outer sunset. >> it only rains water, not fish. >> reporter: reports of anchovies falling from the sky have been popping up on social media. and stephanie ernst scott at gus's discount tackle says at customer came with a small baggie with anchovies in it. real dead anchovies. he says to me the following, stef, it's raining anchovies on my lawn. and my attitude is i'm real happy for you. i thought he must have come from the bar.
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