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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  July 4, 2022 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now at 6:00, fire crews staying on high alert this morning over illegal fireworks, the message from first responders on this fourth of july. a bay area school board member calling for a boycott as celebrations today for the holiday. >> america has hit, you know, a bottom low. >> why does this woman say the u.s. is not a country of equality for all? meanwhile the countdown is on for celebrations today in the bay area. a look at some of the events happening at home. good morning, it's monday and the fourth of july. i'm gianna franco. >> and i'm amanda starrantino. thanks so much for joining us on this holiday. hopefully you're at home with the day off, but we're here working so you can have a great
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day, hopefully the fireworks will be seen for our friends across the bay area. >> yes, you know, they will be different shap he the marine la sh ts rninweart off w just over san francisco, what a different look from here compared to what i'm about to show you. current temperatures ranging in the upper t 15 deg below average. this is a live look from black mountain overlooking the santa clara valley where the patchy conditions bleed off as we head into the afternoon. another live look just over the carquinez strait from mt. diablo, it is a cool day for us as we head into the afternoon. santa rosa is 14 degrees below average. concord about eight degrees below average due to low pressure that pushed its way in over the weekend. we felt it as we woke up and we woke up and dealt with the afternoon daytime highs for the past couple days.
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it's been chilly in the bay and inland areas, too. things are changing as we head into the next couple days. we have to get through fourth of july first and we'll have your firework forecast coming up in a bit so stay tuned for that. for now, over to gianna. >> sounds good, jessica. let's look at the roadways, if you are up early on this holiday, maybe you got your holiday plans starting early, headed to a parade, san mateo bridge is a nice ride. we'd be ngle here. you can see no delays, no delays at the bay bridge, metering lights are off, likely won't get turned on at all, maybe later as folks come back from the holiday. right now things are moving easy, "san francisco metering lights are up and the wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge so might feel a little gusty as you work your way across the span and a live look at the nimitz freeway, looking okay right now. might get busier later on as the a's are at home at the coliseum. might see more people headed out to the game today. also, we're already getting some numbers from chp's maximum
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enforcement event. so far in just the first 30 hours of the event statewide, there have been 600 dui arrests, that maximum enforcement period is in place until tonight. a lot of people have been celebrating all weekend long but officially fourth of july celebrations kick off this morning. >> there's been fireworks going off in my neighborhood. 'been pretty loud. one neighborhood a lot of people can't wait for is the danville parade. our jocelyn moran is along the route this morning. >> reporter: here in hartz avenue people are set up with chairs for the parade. people come here and don't want to miss this and do what it takes to get a good view. we spoke with terry o'connor yesterday. she's committed. she set up chairs and got a strategy to ensure she and her family get a good view. >> we have shifts. we're a large family and the next shift will be my son-in-law and they'll stay until 6:00.
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rope the chairs to the trees and then we'll come back tomorrow morning. >> reporter: even rope the chairs to the trees. there are parades happening throughout the bay. here are a few in pleasant hill, the parade starts at 9:00 a.m. and redwood city the parade starts at 10:00 a.m. and in pede mond it starts at 11:00. another tradition, i know this was big for me and my family growing up in the bay, the fireworks shows, here are a few happening tonight. downtown antioch at the riverfront, concord's mt. diablo high school, san francisco's pier 39 and oakland there will be a fireworks show after the a's game over the coliseum, and redwood city that's happening over the port of redwood city tonight. whether your family's traditions involve fireworks shows or the parade, be sure to bring your chairs, be sure to come with a lot of time and of course, be safe. for now, i'll send it back to you. >> good tips there, and right now, we are on fire watch, fire crews are on high alert responding to multiple grass fires caused by illegal fireworks.
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kenny choi shows us what police in oakland are doing to protect neighborhoods and reduce the risk of the flareups. >> you can see there are no weeds on the soil. >> reporter: william qwang's home just passed fire inspection. >> it's always up on the hills, because the roads are narrow. >> reporter: he knows illegal fireworks will light up the skies but have seen a reduction in recent years. >> you see fireworks along san pablo avenue. >> reporter: just above his home is a popular lookout that will be closed as a safety precaution. oakland police is also making sure roadways are clear. issuing citations for illegally-parked cars. firefighters in contra costa county are hoping for fireworks-free celebrations but say they respond to about 100 fires caused by illegal fireworks on a typical july 4th weekend. >> we're off to a slow start. we're hoping tonight and tomorrow night continue the same way.
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>> reporter: illegal fireworks sparked at least four fires. >> although the temperature is cooler, the danger is still out there. our vegetation is very dry and with the winds we're experiencing, it could still spread and grow very rapidly. >> reporter: some of the most scenic spots overlooking the bay will be closed off. no cars except for residents will be allowed on grizzly peak boulevard and centennial drive starting monday morning, giving homeowners some peace of mind. >> it won't be as crowded at the vista point at christy peak, so in case there's a fire, escape routes are open. >> reporter: in oakland, kenny choi, kpix 5. >> our friends in pacifica, anyone caught setting off illegal fireworks could be slapped with a $1,000 fine, that penalty also applies to the host of the party where the explosives were set off. >> it's 6:06. the oakland police department is beefing up its staffing not just in fire-prone areas. they'll have additional officers patrolling the streets keeping
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an eye out for fireworks and a sideshow enforcement team. more officers will be in lake merritt and west and east oakland. many people are getting ready to fire up the grill or attend a local parade, there are people who plan to boycott the july 4th holiday. da lin talked to one of them, a contra costa county school board member. >> reporter: this is anamarie avila farias where she in her sanctuary. where she finds peace, she says, when that's been tough to come by in recent weeks. >> america has hit, you know, a bottom low, taking away women's reproductive rights. >> reporter: like many people, she was upset with the supreme court overturning roe versus wade. >> now we're all mad, extremely mad and that people want to shut us down and in particular men want to tell us what we are going to do with our reproductive rights is even more infuriating. >> reporter: she turned that anger into the social media post boycotting july 4th independence day. >> right now it is not a country
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of equality for all, and it's a very sad moment and i think how we choose to exercise and reflect is all a personal choice and a personal liberty. >> reporter: she isn't just a contra costa resident, she's a board member on the county board of education, even though she says that's her personal opinion, conservatives from across the country have attacked her in recent days and calling her unpatriotic. she's gotten online threats. >> "you should not be involved in the education of american children. what a travesty." >> reporter: some are demanding her to resign from the school bod. >>t's ridiculs. in fact,shouldnspi more deomen ifice who get vtriol frarty pitics. >> reporter: she also received a lot of support from across the country. while she started boycotting the july 4th holiday six years ago after donald trump was elected, more people are joining her this year and not celebrating
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independence day. >> this is a time to inspire more women to seek city council, school boards, higher office and running for congress. >> reporter: instead of celebrating the 4th, anamarie will be attending a protest. two college students are organizing a protest at suzanna park here in martinez monday, 9:00, over the rolling back of abortion rights. in martinez, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> because of, this the contra costa republican party has started gathering signatures to try to get her to resign from the board. the party chair says hundreds of people have already signed their petition. it's nine minutes after the hour. i'm justin an crew, breaking news out of downtown sacramento. multiple people are shot near 15th and l streets. the streets are closed down. it follows a gang shoot-out we saw back in april that killed six people and wounded 12 others. now to the other top stories we're following this morning. protests continue in akron,
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ohio, following the release of body camera footage of a deadly police shooting. the video raising more questions about the shooting of 25-year-old jayland walker, a black man and the police chief says he was unarmed as he ran away from a traffic stop. he suffered at least 60 gunshot wounds. eight officers are on leave pending a state investigation. back here in the bay area, a small plane crashed into a hangar last night at a petaluma airport. the only person on board was the pilot. thankfully he managed to climb out and was not injured. the federal aviation administration is investigating the cause of this crash. also this morning, a new report is slamming san francisco's public parks, the grand jury report says the city needs to do a better job at telling people which parks could be dangerous for disabled people, the elderly, and parents with strollers. jurors say the parks and recs department website needs to clearly state if a park is ada compliant and has paved trails for pedestrians and those in wheelchairs.
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welcome back. it is 6:14. san jose police say hundreds aneges multiple arrests and hundreds of citations. kpix shawn chitnis has those reactions from those working to stop racing because it killed their loved ones. >> reporter: san jose police hope the message is clear to anyone involved in sideshows, whether you're a driver or spectator, there will be consequences. more than 200 cars took over this intersection near san jose state's south campus saturday night and they gave out around 500 citations. >> i was blown away when i saw it as well that 200 people were there.
6:15 am
that probably took a lot of planning to do something like that. >> reporter: police say the sideshow started around 11:00 p.m. at the intersection of tenth street and alma avenue. they had a coordinated response by patrol officers to shut it down. >> we know it's getting out of control. we know it's everywhere. >> reporter: police say they made seven arrest for weapons and firearms charges, they recovered two guns at the scene and impounded five cars for 30 days each. >> a lot of these individuals are teens or young adults and think they're invincible. they don't think it's going to happen to them. >> reporter: street racing kills is a non-profit based in california trying to help communities around the state convince young people not to give in to these illegal activities. >> our main concern is nobody dies. >> reporter: lili trujillo puckett is the founder of the nonprofit. she lost her daughter to street racing when she was just 16. lori argumedo does community relations for the group. she lost her niece at the age of 23. >> they don't get a second chance. they were innocent victims because of the decisions
6:16 am
somebody else made. >> reporter: sjpd provided photos of the sideshow on their twitter account, including these images from above. this snapchat video appears to be from the scene early sunday morning near san jose state south campus parking garage. the university said sunday its officers also responded to the sideshow and showed photos of damaged property. the women with street racing kills hope intervention programs like the ones they lead in southern california can convince more people stop showing up to sideshows like the ones here in the bay area. goes thadon't think about my niece.ev >>day,ery, y all the time. this is something that a mother is never supposed to, you know, bury their child. >> reporting in san jose, shawn chitnis, kpix 5. >> it's now 6:16 on this monday morning. governor gavin newsom has pardoned a woman sentenced to life as a teenager for killing her abuser.
6:17 am
sarah cruzon was 16 at the time she shot and killed the man who abused and sexually trafficked her. a judge sentenced her to life without the possibility of parole but her term was later reduced to 25 years with parole. she was later freed in 2013 after serving nearly two decades in prison. hundreds rallied for abortion rights in walnut creek. protesters across the bay area and the country continue since the supreme court's overturning of roe versus wade. without the federal right to abortion, the fight returns to the states and i think we'll see protests in weeks to come. we're looking forward to the fireworks tonight. what can people expect? >> we need to break it down by microclimate because in our inland areas it's going to be beautiful. sunny conditions as we head into the afternoon. however, along our coast, for our friends in pacifica, into san francisco you know how that fog streamlines its way into the
6:18 am
bay area just over the golden gate bridge? we're going to be seeing a similar setup to that today. so starting off with a live look it's gloomy in san francisco as we wake this up morning for fourth of july. pretty much the same trend, too, as we head south along the santa clara valley where we have the marine layer as we wake up this morning and once again, a very similar setup off closer to mt. diablo overlooking the solano county area. long story short that, cloud deck will continue to push its way in this morning. notice as we head into the afternoon hours, once that sun rises of course we're left with pretty much more clear conditions from napa down into livermore area. we'll see high clouds pushing through in our inland areas as we head into the evening but this is just around 6:30 alone. remember that streamlining fog i was just talking about pushing its way in over the golden gate bridge, that's what we're expecting as we head into the evening hours, and once we head into late evening hours, all the way into tomorrow morning, it will i again. so long story se some colored fog but in our inland areas it will be more
6:19 am
clear so maybe if you want to see beautiful tyre works with the familll even in y up into the 70s usedduring fourth of july.'r average inland areas and upper 70s in sight and low 80s. upper 60s and low 70s closer to san francisco as we head into the afternoon. once we extend into this week and into next weekend, this weekend i should say now it's fourth of july, however as we head into this weekend, daytime highs will mostly be ranging in the upper 60s/lower 70s for san francisco. we will warm up significantly in our microclimates once we get into the weekend, a ten-degree jump within the next couple of days. for now, over to gianna. >> thank you. let's look at the roadways, if you are getting ready to head out the door early this morning, get an early start to your holiday, it's not a bad time to be on the freeways. holiday light, not a lot of cars westbound 580. no troubles.
6:20 am
as far as traffic goes 23 minutes 205 to 680, nice speeds this morning, quiet conditions. a wind advisory in effect for the alt monlt so things might feel gusty as you travel through there.ublin interchange nod bad at all, things look good headed toward 680. this could be the calm before the storm as the holiday travel, everyone comes home tonight or tomorrow. 808, the nimitz freeway so far so good. off to a great start. haven't had any troubles on the nimitz at all. things might get busier later. the a's are at home with a fireworks show tonight. you might see more cars on the roadway tonight. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights remain off and holiday light headed into san francisco right now, things are moving at the limit and wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge so keep that in mind as well. so far so good on the freeways. >> it's 6:20. coming up, nathan's hotdog eating contest is back. we will reveal just how many
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thanks for staying with us. it is 6:24 on your fourth of july and it's now time for your "morning mix." >> we're going to keep it festive today since it is the fourth. we're talking about the annual nigh than's hotdog eating contest. there's a lot of excitement because it's back in its orange spot in brooklyn after relocating during the pandemic. back to defend his title is san jose native joey chestnut. last year he set a new record taking down 76 hotdogs with buns in just ten minutes. if chestnut takes the title this year, it will be his 15th win in the competition. in the women's contest michelle lesco won last year eating 31
6:25 am
hotdogs with buns also in ten minutes, ladies. >> what a range. >> the training that must go into preparing to eat -- >> a lot of dogs. >> fourth of july must be ruined because they're in a food coma by the time the fun starts. >> a lot of pepto and tus. >> doctors visits. >> could you eat anything -- i've done a pie eating contest when i was a kid at the fair. >> no. it is fun to watch. good luck to them today. was it 70 something? >> 71 i believe. >> 76 hotdogs, okay, so 77 today, we'll see, joey. >> we're rooting for you right here our san jose native. so listen to this, adele is talking about her decision to postpone her las vegas residency. disappointing. thousands of fans were looking forward to it. ♪ there ain't no room for things to change ♪ >> i love her voice. in an interview with radio yesterday the singer defending her last-minute choice to call
6:26 am
off the shows earlier this year. she said she was devastated and frightened about letting down her fans but since she couldn't pull the show together, she stands by her decision to cancel and according to the las vegas journal insiders say adele is expected to announce this morning she will be at the coliseum between october and december of this year so she'll be back and i'm sure fans will get an opportunity to see her perform live. i've never seen her life. >> i'm sure she's incredible. i knew friends that were supposed to go originally so i'm sure they're pumped to hear that she'll be coming back. it is a little bit of time. you think it would have been a little bit faster. >> quicker. >> it is hard. that's a long time, a lot of work and not just her, it's her staff and a lot to put together. i'd love to see her live. put that on the bucket list for sure. 6:26. a new warn being monkeypox, the new advice from bay area infectious disease experts for
6:27 am
high-risk groups. did you wonder how they
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> good morning here are your morning headlines to get you going on this monday. fire crews are on high alert, responding to multiple grass fires caused by illegal fireworks. firefighters in contra costa county are hoping for fireworks-free celebrations but say they respond to about 100
6:30 am
fires caused by illegal fireworks on typical july 4th weekend. a tragic story at lake berryessa, a second drowning in less than a week. a 35-year-old father died after he jumped in thedrowning. the boy survived but the father didn't make it to the shore. authorities remind you if you go into the water, wear a life jacket. a small plane crashed into a hangar at a petaluma airport. the only person on board was the pilot. thankfully he managed to climb out and was not injured. the federal aviation administration is investigating the cause of this crash. good morning. it's monday, july 4th, fourth of july, i'm gianna franco. a lot of people are getting ready to have barbecues today. >> a lot to prep for. i'm amanda starrantino and a lot of those preparations are going to depend on what our forecast looks like for today, jessica. >> yes. >> it's kind of a mixed bag of tricks you got. >> it kind of is. there is a lot of talk about and thanks to our beautiful microclimates. in our inland areas, it's going
6:31 am
to be warm, sunny. a little bit warmer i should say. you know what? i take everything i said back. if you think 80s and 70s are warm, that's what we're dealing with, closer to santa rosa and livermore. san francisco's right where we should be during this time of year so no complaints there. as we take a quick look at our marine layer, though, it is still pretty dense for us this th afternoon hours. iot partly cloudy conditions are expected today. so 60s and 50s right now, what we're waking up to. this is a live look over the santa clara valley, where partly cloudy skies are still pushing their way in, and another live look from sutro, you see it mostly sitting on our bay area this morning. it will pull back as we head into the afternoon, like i always say, just like clockwork, along our coastline that's where it's the most dense so closer to stenson and bodega bay. things will change in the evening. for now, over to gianna.
6:32 am
>> thank you. it is a holiday so things are quiet early this morning. taking a live look at some of our freeways, the dublin interchange, doesn't usually look like this on a monday but because of the holiday, a lot of people have the day off. this might be the calm before the storm, later on tonight after the fireworks shows things might get busier on the roadways and tomorrow and the next day as a lot of people come home from their holiday travel so far so good there. windy through the altamont. there is an advisory in effect. live look at the nimitz, things are moving nicely in both directions with no delays and a quick look at the bay bridge, quiet ride into san francisco. fourth of july celebration also kick off this morning, if you haven't already got it going on over the weekend. a popular one is the parade in dan danville. >> people are cel g fn weekend. that's where our jocelyn moran is at with more on how people are making sure they have a front row seat. >> reporter: we've walked and
6:33 am
driven through hartz avenue this morning and we've been seeing lines of chairs throughout. people are getting ready to get a good view of the parade and we know it's a tradition people grew up coming here and now they're bringing their kids and around the corner here we spoke with sarah, she's a danville resident who is here with her family. they were getting everything set up this morning. she says she got here at 5:00 a.m. and after covid put a pause on many celebrations, we know this means a lot to people and we asked her just that. take a listen. >> i have been going to this parade probably for 38 of my 40 years. maybe the two i missed were the covid years we didn't get to have it, and i don't know. it's just tradition. it's the way you start your fourth of july, kind of kicks everything off for the day and just nice to be down here. it's a great sense of community, and you run into people that you see, that you don't see regularly and good family fun. >> reporter: other parades happening throughout the bay here are a few in pleasant hill the parade starts at 9:00 a.m. and redwood city it starts at
6:34 am
10:00 a.m. and in pede it starts at 11:00. here's another tradition, i know this was big for me and my family growing up in the bay, the fireworks shows. here are a few happening tonight, downtown antioch at the riverfront, concord's mt. diablo high school and san francisco's pier 39 and in oakland, there will be a fireworks show after the a's game is over and it will be over the coliseum and of course in redwood city it will be over the port tonight. we know this parade in danville attracts a lot of people so whether your family traditions involve parades or fireworks shows, make sure you're coming with a lot of time, make sure you bring your chairs and of course, stay safe out there. for now, i'll send it back to you. >> jocelyn, thanks. looks like a good time. bay area infectious disease experts say high-risk groups should center getting vaccinated against monkeypox right now. as devin fehely explains, cases are rising nationwide including here in california.
6:35 am
>> we're seeing this pandemic of monkeypox growing. >> reporter: right now, the number of cases of monkeypox in the united states is not terribly high, fewer than 500 cases nationwide and just under 100 in california but new infections dr. john schwartzberg says are popping up, doubling and tripling in just the past week. >> we're really at a very pivotal point. if we see more and more cases, we can't control them, then it's likely going to spill over into animals and we'll have a continuous problem in humans. >> reporter: in the same family of viruses that causes smallpox, monkeypox ,dr. schwartzberg says, likely originated in animals in africa before jumping to humans and eventually spreading to the united states. the disease generally causes painful blisters and lesions on the skin and spread through close contact often through sexual partners. >> the contagion occurs when the person becomes symptomatic. so that makes it much easier.
6:36 am
with covid, we have people who are infected and can spread the virus without having any symptoms. >> reporter: dr. schwartzberg says there are highly effective vaccines for monkeypox. the feds are trying to speed up production of more doses. he says you don't need to rush out to get vaccinated unless you're in a high-risk group. >> people at high risk of getting exposed should consider getting vaccinated. >> reporter: devin fehely, kpix russia claimed full control of the eastern part of ukraine. president zelenskyy acknowledged they were forced to withdraw from the last city in the region. the move brings russia closer to capturing the donbas region. zelenskyy vowed to gain control of the area. cbs' holly williams reports 600 miles west of there from the port city of odesa. >> reporter: just outside odesa, ukrainian military investigators
6:37 am
sifted for evidence. they called saturday's attack on this residential neighborhood a possible russian war crime. it shattered this apartment building, and ukrainian officials say it killed 21 civilians, including a child. ukraine says russia hit the neighborhood with three soviet-era anti-ship missiles fired from the black sea. this coastline is supposed to be a summer resort. now it's also a war zone. it's difficult to believe that almost exactly a year ago we were on board an american patrolled the black sea on a friendly training exercise with ukrainians and other allies. in those days, the targets were simulated, and a new war with russia seemed unlikely, but there were already signs of brewing trouble. we were repeatedly circled by russian fighter jets and shadowed by russian ships. they're keeping an eye on you?
6:38 am
>> probably. >> reporter: commander john d. john told us it would take much more than that to provoke a clash. >> if somebody opened fire on you, that would warrant you taking self-defense measures. >> reporter: now russia has opened fire, a bloody invasion of its neighbor and ukrainians are fighting for their very survival. >> that was holly williams reporting. on friday, the pentagon announced a new package of $820 million in military aid to ukraine. that includes two air defense missile systems and 150,000 rounds of artillery ammunition. now 6:38. let's look at what's coming up on "cbs mornings." vlad duthier joins us live now. good morning to you and happy fourth. >> happy fourth, amanda. ahead on "cbs mornings," if you're traveling today or just looking to plan a summer vacation, the points guy is here to share tips so you can avoid the chaos and get where you want to go. also fandango's managing editor
6:39 am
discusses exciting movies premieres this summer and shares his top recommendations and we will brintroduce you to the fir family of fireworks. how they prepare for hundreds of celebrations across the country. see you at 7:00. >> i'm looking forward to hearing from the points guy, any travel tips, i'll take them. time right now is 6:39. thousands of fireworks shows are taking place tonight across the country. >> coming up, we explain the science behind the spectacle for the fourth of july today. plus, a little bit of americana tucked away in london.
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welcome back. it is 6:42. many are looking forward to the holiday today to celebrate with friends and family. thousands will be headed to the beach for the fourth of july. >> i don't blame you.
6:43 am
with that brings concerns about our coastlines and the environment. the surf fighter foundation says july 5th has become the most polluted day for beaches, with the amount of trash that's left behind. >> and joining us right now is zach topper, the senior environmental director for the surfrider foundation. good morning, zach. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. happy fourth. >> happy fourth. so for people who don't know exactly, tell us a little more about your organization and what you guys exactly do. >> right, so surfrider is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of the world's ocean waves and beaches for all people through a powerful activist network so we engage in policy at local, state and federal level and have programs on the ground with our network of volunteers, such as our beach cleanup program and so across the nation on july 5th, which has unfortunately become the dirtiest day of the year on our beaches, we engage thousands of volunteers. we do that actually throughout
6:44 am
the year but july 5th has become an important day for our beach cleanup program. >> so as we have mentioned several times now, july 5th is considered the dirtiest beach day of the year, so we know to pick up our trash at the beach, but what can we do to help with the environmental impact as people celebrate this holiday outside of just picking up after yourself? >> sure. as you mentioned, thousands of people flock to our beaches on fourth of july. it's a great day, right in the middle of the summer, the water's warm, the weather is warm. when we go there, you need to be mindful of impact. bringing your own usables, cutlery and plates, pack out all the trash you bring. bring everything home. don't leave everything there and pick up trash as you go. you can buy trash picker-uppers on amazon for $10 and my kids love it. we go down there and do our own beach cleanups. it's fun, make an impact, build their stewardship skills. we can use less at home, be mindful of what we purchase and
6:45 am
what we consume and when it comes time to voting on legislation and bag bans and other policies that can help turn the tap off of plastic pollution we encourage everyone to get engaged when the opportunities come. >> it's important to use items that are reusable. zach, i live by the beach a couple blocks away from pacifica. we see this not just on the fourth of july and the 5th and throughout the summer, what are tips people can do to have safe and summer fun at the beach? >> it's bringing less, have fun in the sand and the water. you don't have to bring a bunch of stuff to enjoy yourself at the beach. unfortunately a lot of kids toys and plastic wrappers and all sorts of stuff gets left behind so make sure that those either get into a trash can or appropriate recycling bins or even better, bringing that stuff home with you and getting disposed of correctly. >> zach plopper, senior environmental director for the surfrider foundation, thanks.
6:46 am
we love our beaches. >> we do. >> keep them a nice place for everyone and our friends out in the sea as well. thanks, zach. >> thank you. it isn't fourth of july without a few fireworks, though. this is how things looked at universal studios in los angeles, last night they put on a big show there. tonight about 16,000 fireworks shows will be held across the country, but how do pyro technicians create the beautiful scapes in the sky? michael george shows us the science behind the big show. >> reporter: it's a dazzling display in the sky, a symphony of sights and sounds but the magic behind fireworks is actually just science. >> you're seeing chemistry in action. >> reporter: paul smith is president of the pyrotechnics guild international. >> the basic composition of a firework material, it has to have an oxidizer and a fuel. >> reporter: do different colors require different chemicals? >> exactly and there's a couple
6:47 am
of key elements that we use, several key elements that we use there, strontium is the predominant one used for red, barium is a key component in green color situations, copper is for blue. >> reporter: each fireworks shell has to be precisely packed and timed to the second to synchronize with the music and even the grandest of fireworks displays shall the macy's spectacular uses many of the same techniques as local public displays. this production involves 48,000 shells, creating 17 unique patterns in the sky. >> and this particular one will get thrown out in the shape of a happy face. >> reporter: macy's fireworks designer gary souza showed us how the small frame in his hand can create massive shapes in the sky. >> making shapes with fireworks has become more and more of an art in the sense that you have to strategically place the hells with stars within the shell. >> reporter: an awe-inspiring american tradition powered by
6:48 am
science. michael george, cbs news, new york. >> and a tip from the pros, they say the best seat to watch the fireworks is usually not close up, instead give yourself a little distance so you can take in the entire display. >> looks beautiful, a lot of kids and myself, i get excited about those fourth of july fireworks. but of course, jess, we want to be able to see them. so hopefully that will be the case. i know microclimates play a lot into that. >> exactly. you know what? i'm looking at a bunch of different models this morning. we're getting close to the time of fireworks going on this afternoon. i want to show you something that kind of gives me hope so let's start off with a live look at the gloomy san francisco skies as we wake up this fourth of july with partly cloudy conditions pretty much everywhere in the bay, even in our inland areas with 50s and 60s in sight. it's going to be a cool day for us today, low pressure pushed its way in from the north so a huge polar air mass made its way into our inland areas, giving us about 5 to 15 degrees below
6:49 am
average conditions today. this is another live look, you see the marine layer floating over the bay this morning as we wake up. no beautiful sunrise for now. it is there, it's just above that cloud layer. it will push its way back as we head into the afternoon hours, leaving us with partly cloudy skies up in the north bay but more clear conditions off in our east bay. now this is what i really want to highlight. notice this is just around 1:30 so around 5:00 you know when you look into the bay you're looking over the goilden gate bridge an see that thin, streamlined fog layer pushing its way in? that's what we're dealing with around 5:00. notice how it gets denser as we head into the 7:00 hour so hour by hour it will get stronger as we head into the evening, meaning we could see a chance of foggy conditions just along the bay, but not necessarily in our inland areas. so let's highlight those areas from santa rosa into livermore we'll see mostly cloudy conditions with 70s and 80s in sight. it's the exact repeat also from danville off into pleasanton
6:50 am
with more upper 70s and low 80s for our afternoon daytime highs. however it's cooler due to the onshore flow from san francisco all the way into pacifica with 60s in sight today and we'll see more upper 60s, lower 70s as we exnd into this work week. sunny conditions will pop through as we head into friday as high pressure begins to build its way in, just from the south, so warmer conditions on the way, that's even more pronounced for our north bay and our inland east bay where we get closer to the 90s day by day, into our upcoming weekend. we'll keep you updated in the weather center. for now, give it over to gianna. >> thank you, jess. as we look at the roadways right now, it is not a bad time to be out on the freeway. if you're up early headed to work like us, right now is a good time to be out there. 808 looking good. no delays 580 bd with, the altamont pass ride has been quiet this morning and things are moving along nicely. again it's the fourth of july so a lot of people with the day off today. if you do get an early start to your day, maybe you're headed out to one of the parades or headed out to a barbecue, now is
6:51 am
a good time to be on the roadways. 23 minutes toward the dublin interchange. once you're at 680, this is what it looks like. windy through the altamont. we have a wind advisory in effect. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are off. likely that will be the case for most of the day but just keep in mind, a lot of people headed home from the holiday later on, more traffic expected due to the holiday travel tomorrow and on wednesday. so right now, if you're getting up early, so far so good. 880 looking good in both directions, nimitz freeway pretty quiet there and a quick look at the travel times, you can see a lot of green there, so good news on the roadways. >> even though benjamin franklin devoted his life to america, he s spent a lot part of it in london. cbs' ian lee tracks down where he stayed. >> reporter: nestled among london's more modern buildings is a bit of american history on craven street stands the home of benjamin franklin. >> franklin was here as the agent initially for pennsylvania.
6:52 am
>> reporter: marcia balisciano is the director of benjamin franklin house. >> he was very much the most famous colonial of his day so the right person to come and negotiate. >> reporter: the founding father spent a good part of 16 years on these foundations. >> and anyone who is anyone came to this house to pay their respects and talk with franklin. >> reporter: much of the original building that franklin would have known back in the 1700s remains from the floorboards and walls to the oak staircase. >> ben franklin exercised by walking up these exact stairs and he famously said that walking a mile up and downstairs is equivalent to walking ten miles on flat ground. >> it wasn't how long he did it for. it was that it elevated his pulse. here at benjamin franklin house we like to say franklin should be credited with the stairmaster. >> reporter: today the house is a museum, maura rockland is visiting from boston. >> today it was lovely to hear
6:53 am
from the point of view of polly, his landlady's daughter, what a lovely father figure he was. >> reporter: grace gallagher re-enacts the landlady's daughter, polly baker. >> he's complex. there's so much known, but there's a lot of mystery, a lot of unknown. >> reporter: one thing that is known, franklin liked to take air baths every morning for an hour. >> bathing with no clothes on with the window open. this window itself. >> reporter: a bit scandalous. >> a bit scandalous, yes. we can definitely see into the house opposite so no doubt they could see in here. >> reporter: and a window into the man that many call the first american. ian lee, cbs news, london. >> benjamin franklin was the only founding father to sign all four of the key documents establishing the united states, that includes the declaration of independence, treaty of alliance of france, the treaty of paris and the constitution. time right now is 6:53. many are getting ready to celebrate our country's independence in northern
6:54 am
california. coming up a look at the events hours away. join us on "cbs news bay area." we are live at 7:00 a.m. with the latest local news, headlines, real time traffic and your first alert weather forecast. you can watch our stream wherever, whenever, find us on pluto tv c
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i'm jocelyn moran in danville this morning. we are long hartz avenue where we know a lot of people are excited for a very popular parade. let's give you a look exactly what is happening here this morning. there are lines of chairs really throughout hartz avenue, we're seeing a few people start to trickle in and sit in those chairs right now. if we look here, here's a family we just spoke to, sthey got her
6:58 am
at 5:00 a.m., setting everything up. they've got a strategy as to how they make this happen. they've been doing this for years so take a listen. >> i'm going to set up and my mom will stay with everything, i'll get the kids fed and come back down and hang out until it starts. >> reporter: these are special traditions. people are passing this on to their kids. sarah who we spoke with says she's been coming here for 30-plus years and they have their kids coming here as well. whether your celebrations involve the parade or it involves fireworks shows, make sure you come with plenty of time, make sure you bring your chairs out here, and here in danville, the parade starts at 9:00 a.m., so just be ready to come out here and celebrate. for now, i'll send it back to you. >> looks like a fun family tradition. let's look at the roadways right now if you are getting out early this morning, maybe headed out to danville for the parade. freeways are quiet. road closures are in effect for some areas, some cities that are having festivities for the frees are clear, no delays there, 880
6:59 am
a live look here, things are moving fine. if you are taking public transit, check that schedule, cal train, muni on a weekend schedule, bate on a sunday schedule and no ace rail today. the big question, jessica, can we see the fireworks? >> as we get closer it's not that bad for inland areas. however, san francisco as usual during july is still dealing with partly cloudy conditions in the forecast. we'll see some of that marine layer stick around as we head into the afternoon. so daytime highs today are ranging well below average from livermore off into santa rosa. 80s and 70s in sight and this is a final look hour by hour at the fog layer pushing along the coastline clearing up as we head into the afternoon. look at san francisco, it's streamlining its way in from the golden gate bridge due to the southwest winds just around 5:00 and only getting denser as we head into the evening hours. >> there are a lot of fun things happening today so if you're still looking to find what you want to do, check out our article on our website,
7:00 am, a full list of fireworks shows and the parades happening in your neighborhood. >> have fun and a safe time as well. "cbs mornings" is coming up next. have a great day. ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings" and hello to our viewers on the west coast. i gayle and tony and nate are off but we're in good hands. happy birthday, america. here is today's "eye opener," you're world in 90 seconds. >> 500 or of 00 flights canceled every day. so you never know if it is yours. >> come to the airport on a holiday weekend, expect anything to happen. >> fourth of july travel is back in full swing. creating chaos for travelers. >> this is worse than christmas. >> the january 6 committee said it may recommend criminal charges for


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