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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 4, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> now on kpix 5, and streaming on cbs news bay area, breaking news, half a dozen people are dead after a gunman opened fire during a fourth of july parade. i'm is a manda starr, that deadly shooting taking place in highland park, illinois, north of chicago. according to police, six people were killed during the gunfire andpeleere taken to the hospital with injuries. police are still searching for the suspect and have asked everyone there to shelter in place. all has been cancelled in response to this. one witness saw the shooter on the roof of the building firing down on the crowd. >> it is upsetting. and i just hope that the toll isn't too -- isn't too heavy and this is going to change our nice
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little town, just like it changed so many other towns. >> it is heartbreaking. police have recovered a firearm and multiple agencies are searching for the shooter. back here at home. developing out of sacramento, one person is dead and four others are injured following a shooting at a nightclub. it all happened this morning downtown. family has identified the man killed as 31-year-old greg grimes. grimes recently worked as a teacher and assistant football coach. no word on the identities or conditions of the others who were shot. the shooting follows a gang shootout back in april that killed six people and wounded 12. right now chp maximum enforcement campaign is in full swing and according to latest reports statewide there have been 600 dui arrests and that period is in place until tonight. >> new at noon. this is the scene in danville today with the parade and fourth of july festival back in full
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swing for the first time since the pandemic. what a good time there. everyone was all smiles and nice to see the community able to come back together. >> it is great. i think going to college and i come back every year for it, just for parade. so it is been good just to see the community and everything come in and see, it is great. >> well more than 100 groups took to the streets today to celebrate independence day. >> how fun is that. we've been seeing a gloomy day or the other events happening across the bay. so we're going to toss it over to first alert meteorologist jessica burch for the fireworks tonight. jessica? >> yes. >> so you probably just saw that live shot before it came to me. you saw that low level cloud pushing in. that is going to continue into the afternoon and i'm about to show you that on future-cast. current temperatures are five to ten degrees below average and that will continue today. where santa rosa will see the bulk of the cool temperatures.
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only getting up to 70 degrees today. but on average we are closer to the 80s even 90s. san francisco is used to this. we're sitting at 67 today. that is right on par for where we should be during this season. and as we head off into our inland areas it is more dry and less clouds but that is not necessarily the case as we take a live look just at the golden gate bridge. so, here is future-cast. this is what i was referring to. as we head into the evening hours, that streamlined fog will fill back into the bay just around that 5:00 to 7:00 hour. and then after that, we are out of luck. it is going to be a lot more dense just like the past couple of days. we'll talk about that in the full forecast. for now back over to you. >> well if you're still looking for a place to watch the fireworks, here are a few options. downtown antioch, and concord mt. due aub low high school and fireworks over the coliseum, and san francisco pier 39 and an w to seehaenavle. dog for the fourth of july. tag u media heon the house
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select committee investigating the january 6 assault is collecting new information from more public hearing this is month. in a series of interviews, members of committeeresidtrum a. ott on 1nths after the siege at the u.s. capitol, vice chair of the january 6 select committee liz cheney said multiple criminal referrals to federal prosecutors are being considered. and that former president trump shouldn't be excluded. >> the justice department doesn't have to wait for the committee to make a criminal referral. there could be more than one. >> in the next hearing, expected later this month, the committee will focus on the role of far right groups including the proud boys and oath keepers. >> who was participating and who was financing it, how it was
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organized. we obviously want to probe any connection between these dangerous groups and the white house. >> reporter: in her testimony last week, former white house aide cassidy hutchinson heard references to the far right groups in white house discussion as head of the 6th. >> i recall hearing the word oath keeper and hearing the word proud boys closer to the planning of the january 6 rally, when mr. giuliani would be around. >> reporter: following hutchinson's testimony members of the committee revealed new witnesses have emerged and might lead to more tem testimony. >> every day we get people saying i don't think this was piece was important you about this does play in here. >> cbs news has learned that donald trump is considering announcing a 2024 presidential run as early as this summer even as committee continues to reveal all that it has uncovered about the former president. scott mcfarland, cbs news, the
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capitol. bay area airports are faring pretty well during this holiday travel period but that is not case across the country. we have the latest on the rash of delays and all of those cancellations. plus, a designer dog house. we're definitely listen to this one. we'll tell you the world famous architect and who designed this
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the city of akron, ohio, has issued a curfew for the downtown part of the city in the wake of protesters following release of video showing the police killing of a 25-year-old black man. jayland walker was shot more than 60 times after an attempted traffic stop led to a chase a week ago. alise preston has the latest from akron. and some of the video will be disturbing. >> reporter: newly released body camera footage shows the critical moments leading up to the death of jayland walker. police say they were attempting to stop walker for a traffic and equipment violation which was not seen on camera. seconds later -- the officer reports a gunshot fired from walker's car. >> the vehicle just had a shot come out of its door.
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>> it was a routine traffic stop to now a public safety issue. >> the video shows walker then leading police on a chase and wearing a ski mask. officers tried to deploy a taser while chasing him on foot. but are unsuccessful. moments later eight officers unleash dozens of rounds. [ sound of gunfire ] officers say they tried to render aid but walker who was unarmed at time of the shooting died at the scene. police say a handgun and a magazine were found in the car and body images show him appearing to reach for his waist area right before he was killed but he did not fire at police during the foot pursuit. a preliminary medical report said walker had more than 60 gunshot wounds. >> they need to be able to articulate what specific threats they were facing and that goes for every round that goes down the barrel of their gun. >> it was absolutely excessive.
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the law requires to use force that is reasonable. >> reporter: protests continue late sunday, where demonstrators say police used tear gas to disperse the crowd. akron police have not confirmed those reports. walker's family is calling for a calm. in a statement they said jay land would have wanted peaceful thoughtful action that could bring long-term change and reform. >> it does help with all of the transparency, with the early releases. but the transparency does not camouflage the pain of what happened. >> the eight officers involved have been placed on paid administrative leave pending an independent state investigation. meanwhile the union representing those officers said it believes the investigation will show that the officers actions were justified, including the number of shots fired. alise preston, cbs news, akron, ohio. let's take a live look at
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sfo where seven flights have been canceled today and another 76 have been delayed. so far the airport has fared better than others. nicki baptiste has what travelers are seeing across the country. >> i just want to get out of here. i've had enough. >> reporter: the numbers over the weekend are staggering. nearly 17,000 flights delayed and more than 1400 canceled. the flight disruptions leaving hundreds of thousands of passengers in turmoil. >> we just got here. they let us know it is canceled. >> reporter: the flight from newark to toronto was canceled days before his wedding. >> i'm just going to shoot her and call and be like, look, i'm kind of stuck here for now but i'll be there as soon as i can be. >> reporter: at the height of the pandemic, the airline industry received a $54 billion bailout. transportation secretary pete buttigieg is calling an airlines to do better. >> we sent a lot of taxpayer funding, specifically for the purpose of keeping people
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employed and now they need to have the people and they need to have the resources to get people where they need to go. >> reporter: travel experts say passengers do have rights when the airlines don't deliver. >> your rights in the united states are that you get a full cash refund if your flight is delays more more than four hours or canceled so don't let them give you a voucher, get the cash. >> and khan did make it to his wedding. he drove more than nine hours to toronto after his rebooked flight from newark was also canceled. flight aware data shows in the u.s., this airport is the most effected by delayed an cancellations today. nicki batiste, cbs news, newark, new jersey. >> groceries have skyrocketed in the last few months and it looks like you probably had to dig even deeper for the fourth. a new study released by the american farm bureau federation this year, your cookout will cost you 17% month. the biggest price jumps come from beef products, two pounds
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beef could cost 36% more. chicken, lemonade, potato salad have also seen an incline in prices. the prices of potato chips and cheese and straw buries have dipped. we're getting a look at america's fast food chain for the eighth year in a row. chick-fil-a took the top spot. jimmy john's came in second and domino's and-k fc came in third and in last place was mcdonald's. now if though could get the mixing machines to work. >> one day. we have given up and stopped going. let's take a live look right now just over the santa clara valley where it is pretty clear for us right now. that is not the case as we head more north along the peninsula closer to the golden gate bridge where it is partly cloudy into the rest of the day. we'll see a little bit more of the fog roll into the evening hours, i'll show you that in just a second. but current temperatures we're flirting with the upper 60s, lower 70s as we head into this
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afternoon. with daytime highs well below average. up closer to concord and santa rosa and livermore. where usually it is a lot warmer during this time of the year. especially in the summer. so, that june gloom has tushed into no sky july and that is what we're heading with dealing in this evening. and high clouds will continue to push through all day but the fog will start isolating and funneling in as we head into the late evening hours and then eventually it just pops right back to what we've been dealing with recently where that overnight setup turns into early morning hours of a lot of fog which bleeds off in the afternoon. long story short, it is not looking too favorable to wash fireworks closer to the coast or in the bay. but if you want to head inland, it is more clearer with daytime highs like i already showed you, mostly in the 2070s and 80s and closer to danville. so daytime highs not bad. santa rosa up into the 70s. we're seeing 70s acrossed board
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from redwood city north to oakland. and low pressure has dove in from the north and it has cooled us off significantly. that will continue for the next couple of days but notice how we start worming up into the weekend. i des it is not that noticeable in san francisco but it is in our microclimates. we're dealing with 70s but that turns into 80s by the weekend. we'll keep you updated on this gradual warming trend. it is kind of stunning how warm it is about to get. for now we have to deal with the fact that like july is in full force and yes, it is impacting our fourth of july holiday. >> you could still have fun and have a cookout and -- >> there is no rain. >> no rain and colored fog is still a sight to see. >> always looking on the bright side. >> thank you, jessica. >> there is more to come. having a designer doghouse is
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maybe farfetched and you'll never guess who designed it. and coming up on cbs news bay area, july is carcinoma awareness month. a doctor from stanford health care tells us what we should know about the disease. and watch our stream wherever, whenever, find us on pluto tv channel 1021 or on any platform using the free cbs
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welcome back. the work of a famous architect is on display in marin, but is not a regular building. it was designed by american architect frank lloyd wight in 1947 and it was requested by jim burger, they lived if a house designed by wright and was looking for a doghouse to match. and they sent the family a design. it was the small structure write ever designed. a replica of the original is on display at the marin county civic center. tonight about 16,000 fireworks shows will light up the skies across the country.
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michael georgia spoke with hire row technicians about how they pack so much beauty into their shows. >> it is a dazzling display in the sky. a symphony of sights and sounds. but the magic behind fireworks is actually just science. >> we're seeing chemistry in action. >> paul smith is president of the pyrotechnics guild international. >> the basic composition of a fireworks material, it has to have an oxidizer and a fuel. >> do different colors require different chemicals? >> exactly. and there is a couple of key elements that we use there -- is a predominant one used for red and vary um is a key component into green and copper is for blue. >> each fireworks show has to be precisely pack and timed to the second to synchronize with the music. and even the grandest of fireworks, the macy's
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spectacular uses many of the same tech necks as local public displays. this production involves 48,000 shells creating 17 unique patterns in the sky. >> and this particular one will get thrown out in the shape of a happy face. >> macy's fireworks designer gary souza showed us how the small frame could create massive shapes in the sky. >> making shapes with fireworks is become more and more of a an art in the sense that you have to strategically place the shells with -- the stars within the shell. >> an awe-inspiring tradition powered by science. michael george, cbs news, new york. and a tip from the pros if you're watching tonight, they say the best way to watch is usually not close up, instead give yourself a little distance to take in the entire display. well, coming up, one collector is taking the love for vampires to the next level. how much is vampire slaying kit
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just sold for. and today on the drew barrymore show, guest anderson cooper. watch here at 2:00 here on kpix 5.
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we've heard about learning loss during the pandemic. but what about outside of the classroom. coming into school, a lot of kids are lacking due to lockdown and how some are making up for
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lost time. let's check in one last time with first alert meteorologist jessica burch with a look at our fourth of july forecast. >> long story short, it is cloudy and gloomy and i'm exhausted. this is not what fourth of july is supposed to look like. supposedly it does in san francisco. >> welcome to the bay. >> and inland areas that, what i'm used to. more clear and dry and you could see the sunshine right now. this is a live look just in san jose. with that blanket of marine layer pushing in off shore. this is all thanks to low pressure pushing its way in from the gulf of alaska and it will get more dense, i stopped the clock at 5:30 and notice how the fog will bleed in from off shore and it gets more dense around 7:00 and then that is really it after 10:00. it is the exact same setup that we dealt with today. so daytime highs today, still pretty average for san francisco. but a lot more for our inland areas if. >> if you think this weather is weird, check this out.
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it is a antique vampire kit and it sold in a u.k. auction for $16,000, more than six times the asking price. everything you need to ward off vampires including crucifixes and holy water and a wooden stake. the kit once belonged to lord william haley, a british afteristo crat with a place in the house of lords. >> that is a lot of money for that. >> halloween came early. >> thanks so much for joining us and have a great fourth of july wherever you're at. we'll see
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[ cheerful music ] >> hope: now, if i had come home just a little bit sooner, i could have joined you in the shower. >> liam: uh-huh. and apparently, if i had come home a little bit sooner, i might not have missed all the fireworks. did paris and carter really not get married? >> hope: oh, yeah, no. their relationship pretty much imploded right in front of our eyes. >> liam: oh, no. let me guess. >> hope: huh? i don't know. i think you might guess wrong. >> liam: what? really? >> hope: uh-huh. >> liam: because i feel, like-- >> hope: try. >> liam: obviously, either her mom or zende. no? well, who have-- well-- well, who else would want to stop that wedding? >> hope: oh. your brother's mother? quinn. ♪♪


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