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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 4, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> let's go to live pictures right now as fire crews battle a grass fire on twin peaks. this broke out in the past 30 minutes or so with that smoke, though, has dissipated since we first reported it back at 5:00. little smoke from the hillside. this was called a vegetation fire it's just above a neighborhood. so far, no evacuations, though. the fire department is telling people, if they smell smoke, to close their doors and windows. we'll continue to keep an eye on this but it looks like they do have a handle on this grass fire near the twin peaks area. this is in san francisco. broke out not long ago but as you can see there, compared to what we just reported about ten minutes ago, that smokes that drastically gone down. other top story, the bay area celebrating the fourth of july from orinda to redwood city to san jose where there are no shortage of parties. >> let's begin in the south bay. it was a celebration of diversity and inclusion at the rose, white, and blue parade in
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san jose. kpix5's kiet do takes us along the route. >> reporter: san jose's first post-pandemic parade is unapologetically diverse. >> the low rider unity council. >> reporter: you can tell a lot about a city's values by what it allows in its parades. just five days after lifting a 30-year-old ban on cruising, low riders were riding high. >> i'm great with it. i'm very happy about it. >> reporter: for jose salcito to go from being shunned decades ago to now load leading the parade was an honor. is that validation? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: you can also tell a lot about a city's values by who it allows in its parades. sweet nothing was this year's emcee for the flagship parade of america's tenth largest city. >> you can't be any more diverse than this. >> reporter: the rose, white, and blue parade made it a point to put women and diversity front and center. every color, every shade, every size and shape. elle lopez feels it, as a woman
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of color, what's it like to be in this parade? >> man, [ bleep ]. but it's beautiful. >> this is patriotic to me. >> reporter: let's not forget this is the first fourth of july parade in a post-george floyd world. >> it's nice to be out in community and be together and have my family out here, but yes, there is a certain sense of not everyone enjoying these freedoms, which is disappointing at times. >> reporter: speaking of, this is day 11 of a post-roe v. wade world. barbara goldstein walked the 1.2-mile route in the muggy south bay heat wearing a black robe and white lace collar in honor of you know who. >> it's important to be able to wake up the younger generation because my generation fought for these rights that women are now losing and for me, it's really important to engage younger people so that they can take up the battle. >> reporter: it is the age-old question. are we celebrating who we are or what we aspire to be?
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maybe it's both. what message does it send to the rest of the country? >> that we are welcoming, we are inclusive. we are diverse. we love everyone. we are guided by love and inclusivity and not by anything else other than that. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix5. towns, businesses, and people across the bay area all decked out in their best red, white, and blue. in danville, people camped out since yesterday for their spot along the parade route. tens of thousands of people lined the streets for their annual celebration. this year's theme was celebrating our local olympians. in redwood city, their parade was back after a two-year pandemic pause, and the parade organizers had a special message for those participates. >> it says, we are doing it. which is both, we are overcoming this pandemic, and we are doing this parade again. >> and if you're still looking
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for a place to watch fireworks, there are a few options in the bay area, downtown antioch at the river front, concord's mt. diablo high school, in oakland at the as, game, they will launch fireworks over the coliseum. san francisco's pier 39 and andrews park in vacaville. there's also some sobering news this holiday. police in illinois arrested the man who they say opened fire, killing six people at a fourth of july parade. police say they pulled robert crimo iii over after a brief pursuit. authorities say he fired on spectators along a parade route in highland park, a suburb of chicago. as many as 30 people were also hurt. police believe the suspect used a high-power rifle and fired from a rooftop. and developing news from sacramento right now, a man is dead and at least four others were hospitalized after a shooting outside a nightclub early this morning. police have identified the man who was killed as greg najee
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grimes. he was a former football standout who went to boise state on a scholarship. police hoping witnesses who were out of the club will come forward. my look at san jose, cooler temperatures will help lessen the threat from fireworks this evening. but firefighters and police still planning to be out in full force tonight looking for illegal fireworks. kpix5 reporter devin fehley looks at the strategy in san jose. >> reporter: the people that live in these hills see the risk of one errant match, one wayward firework to hills and homes in a parched landscape. this is where firefighters have drawn the battle lines this fourth of july weekend. they want to prevent, at all costs, illegal fireworks from sparking a fire in the dry, parched hills above the city. >> the whole landscape is scorched. you could tell. i think since probably april. >> reporter: jen chin finds it hard to believe that anyone would be so reckless as to set off fireworks in the east foothills. >> any fireworks have a potential to start a fire,
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right? so, how could -- you know, it's totally -- fireworks is illegal, right? they should be arrested. >> reporter: the fire department is threatening big new fines, a thousand bucks for your first offense, in hopes that will deter people from lighting off fireworks. >> with the extreme drought conditions we're seeing in the community, we've got a lot of very dry vegetation out there. it takes one spark from an illegal fireworks to start a fire. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the fire department says typically, there's a three-day period before, after, and on the fourth of july when they see the most illegal fireworks. they simply can't stop them all, but they hope to discourage enough people and get enough people to think about the risk that the worst case scenario never comes to pass. >> when you add the picture of illegal fireworks, it's even more scary because it's uninvited, right? >> reporter: given how light much of this flammable material is, the grasses is, it's very easy for a little bit of wind to just pick up a burning ember and pass it over to the other side
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of the road and it keeps going. >> reporter: the strategy for all the agencies involved in this fight, firefighters, the sheriff's department, the police department, is suppression. they're going to limit access to mt. hamilton, make sure that people are not parking on the side of the road, and they're urging everyone to do their part to prevent wildfires. in san jose, devin fehley, kpix5. speaking of fires, we have a new one to tell you about. this one burning in calaveras county. you can see that huge plume of smoke from the pg&e cameras there. there are evacuations in place. to give you some perspective on where this is, it's about an hour east of stockton and south of plasterville. cal fire says it has already burned 75 acres and has a dangerous rate of spread right now. let's get right to darren to talk about just the fire risk, not only in those more rural areas but really everywhere in the bay area today. >> yeah. we started out the newscast and you guys were showing the one here in the city on twin peaks, which, liz, you pointed out at
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the top, the smoke looks far less ominous than it did but we can see it from our camera. twin peaks, most of that is gray, wet, cloudiness from the marine layer but can you see the little whiffs coming off the hill top there? there's not a lot left. that's a very good sign. but this is so much about the dichotomy of where we are right now. there's a weather station not far from here. the relatively humidity here is just about 90%. it's unheard of, really, to see a fire have the ability to even get going at all in conditions like that. but it says so much about how dry the hills are here. we don't have direct access to that yet, but a grass fire that likely is now fast getting under control and getting put out. meanwhile, on the other side of the state, this is the other fire that liz was just talking about. that's turned into one of those pyrocumulus clouds. it's only about a hundred acres but that thing took off very fast. meantime, at home, all eyes are
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going to be on the sky tonight for the fireworks show. look at the on-shore and the marine layer coming in. i'll show you more on that coming up in the complete forecast in a bit because if you're going to the pier 39 show, it's going to be hit or miss with those. but the good sign for all of that is, look what this has done for the relative humidities everywhere. there's that near 90% for twin peaks but everywhere is getting some help tonight thankfully from this. i'll be back with the whole forecast in a few minutes, guys. coming up, parades and pancakes, celebrating the red, white, and blue here in the bay area. i guess you would call them horrific memories. >> while thousands will be watching out for fireworks, some of our nation's veterans, well, they will be staying in. and getting ready for a show, the preparations in san francisco before tonig
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we want to show you some more video. keep on trucking. thousands were expected to come out for the festivities, which included a book sale and concert in the park. alameda's parade stand more than three miles. community groups, marching bands, dance troupes, even this cartoon bart car rolling past the crowds. >> while thousands of you gather to enjoy fireworks, many veterans will be staying in.
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kpix5's ree cowen with how fireworks can bring back fears and flashbacks on the fourth. >> reporter: july 4th, 2022, and paul mccloskey turns the key to go inside shelter for him at swords to plow shares that serves veterans on the margins. paul is inside where many vets will stay until the fourth of july fireworks pass. paul tells me here the fourth isn't all patriotism. >> i guess you would call them horrific memories. >> reporter: for many, it can be pain. >> it's a very real thing that can cripple certain people. >> reporter: he's talking about post traumatic stress disorder, a condition vets suffer when their minds struggle to avoid triggers that send them back into reexperiencing fireworks trauma. >> it can mimic very realistically a combat situation, lights, the flashing lights, those were always used. it's just too much like combat. it smells and tasted like combat
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to some people. >> reporter: and the reaction he ses? >> cowering in the corner sometimes. >> reporter: paul's neighbor in shelter is peter hansen, a vietnam war veteran, serving our nation the brutal day when saigon fell. he knows the fourth fireworks can be fierce for veterans. >> i've known guys that hide under tables to peek around corners to dodge out around sight, especially with an unexpected boom. it's a life sentence. >> reporter: a life sentence not without the tools to avoid triggers. for peter? >> i meditate a lot. >> reporter: meditation helps. and for paul, cleaning quiets the mind. both say veterans need programs to help them find quiet places away from the fireworks. until then, this fourth marks another hurt for the helpers. >> until then, duck. duck. >> that was reed cowen reporting. there are several organizations to help veterans every day of the year, but if you are experiencing trauma on this day, we've got resources for you on
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our website at let's switch gears now, a live look at san francisco's embarcadero where fireworks will be flying over pier 39. and here's a look at some of those preparations. people are already getting into place. fireworks will be set off from a barge off pier 39 and then from the municipal pier, starting at 9:30 tonight. the show lasts about 30 minutes and i have been here for about 10, 11 years, and honestly, i can only remember a handful of times when it's been crystal clear out there for the fireworks on the fourth. >> but those times were awesome. >> they were awesome. but you know what? it is neat to see, even if there is a marine layer but you have to know that's what you're going to be dealing with. >> there's a couple of ways to gauge how this is going to go in a couple hours. i think one of the best ways is, look at what's going on on the golden gate bridge which is like the front lines for this. the deck of the roadway on the bridge is just a little under 300 feet high. so, take a look at our vantage
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point from the top of the salesforce tower. it's a beautiful shot and that just showed up within about the last hour and a half. this was a clear view at that level about an hour and a half ago, and seemingly materializing out of thin air, as the marine layer and the stratus clouds stuck in it, the fog right on the deck of the roadway can so often do. if that's at about 300 feet, streaming out over alcatraz right now and it still has several more hours to settle in and start spreading out, there's a good chance it's probably going to obscure that show off pier 39 to some degree. maybe not the whole thing but it's going to have an influence. meanwhile, if you're anywhere else, you got a great show tonight. san jose, that's a live view. a few high clouds, nothing else. inland valleys, you're good for your shows. things will be great. but if we do some of the comparisons, the pier 39 show, i've got an optimistic cloud base of about a thousand feet, fireworks typically off about a thousand, maybe higher so some of those will be going into the clouds at that point. 58 degrees, breezy and
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colorful-looking clouds. concord, it's going off at mt. diablo high school, your show is starting at 9:30 and san jose, same thing, just a few clouds, a beautiful show down there. and you can watch the progression as the marine layer just kind of creeps -- i'm going to take this ahead to 10:00. east bay shoreline right through the city. but we do have plenty of breaks near san jose, looking at clear skies, just to go to that pretty shot again. the other aspect is how cool we were for the fourth of july. daytime highs for our hottest inland locations were like 10 to 12 degrees below average for this time of year. we're going to do that again tomorrow. morning lows go down to the low to mid 60s, but the daytime highs don't stray far from that. upper 70s. that's it. you should be closer to 90, as an average, for this time of year. you've already had plenty of days of summer where you've gotten to 100. here you are on the holiday and you had mid to upper 70s and a mixed bag of sunshine and clouds, low 70s on the bay shoreline. watch the spin in the clouds.
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can you see it? that is oddly unique for july. it's an area of low pressure. it's a weak storm off our coast. it's very rare to have those. the national weather service did a little digging on the statistics and the last time we had an area of low pressure like that off our coast in early july was like in the mid '70s. it can happen but it doesn't happen often. and there's a little bit of rain mixed in with that. if you look at first alert doppler, you can see live, and the futurecast shows more are going to try to get into sonoma county. we got some this morning. about 0.01 inch. that's not the big story. the story is that strong on shore breeze, the marine layer layer, the cooler temperatures than average. that's the next probably two days as we continue to feel the influence of that and then look at the warm-up. so, we are going to go back up to average by friday and next weekend. if you are in those inland east bay valleys, that means you've got to go to near 90, 70s tomorrow, near 90 by the weekend. okay, charlie, over to you. we got sports on the way. giants met arizona this
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afternoon. get ready for a lot of the diamondbacks in the coming months. i'll tell you how many times san francisco is going to play that team. and the mustard yellow belt back around the bloated gut of joey chestnut. he had a few obstacles to overcome this go around.
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i don't know if you consider professional eaters athletes,
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but if we are talking competitors, just straight competitors, name me a bigger titan of their industry than joey chestnut and today was his jordan flu game. he had to fight through adversity. let's go to coney island where the hot dogs were on the grill. flip them. get them charred. joey chestnut usually has to leave in a wheelbarrow, arrives on crutches, but when it was time to eat, the san jose native performed. look at jaws chowing down. liz is loving it. he even took tdown a protesters who rushed the stage and kept on eating, not fazed at all. chestnut won with ease, downing 63 hot dogs in 10 minutes, well short of the 76 he ate last year but 63 dogs, still plenty. chestnut's 15th title at the nathan's hot dog eating contest. on the women's side, mickey finished 40 hot dogs to reclaim her title. she did not compete last summer because she was pregnant, but
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she won it the previous seven years. we are in july and the giants hadn't played arizona yet all season. the first of 19 with the diamondbacks today. now, if this was last year, that's really good news, because san francisco was 17-2 against the snakes a season ago. tonight, taking on a familiar face, madison bumgarner draped in the stripes and stars. first big league pitch he sees, takes it on a ride, just misses outs on a home run. this is why we love sports. dad, mom, ecstatic. he added an rbi single in his next at bat. the giants' defensive struggles have been well documented this season. they've gotten a lot worse and it cost them again today. wilmer flores overthrows, the go ahead run comes in to score. let's pull up that scoreboard. arizona leads 8-3 in the ninth.
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giants on the verge of dropping their fifth straight. all right, to wimbledon we go. the strawberry shirts are flying off the shelves in london. american taylor fritz's stock continues to soar. he has yet to lose a set in this tournament. fritz defeated jason kubler in straight sets today. he'll face rafael nadal in the quarter finals. and then on the women's side, amanda, the lone american remaining, she beat harmony tan in straight sets after tan upset serena williams in the first round. anisamova will play former wimbledon champ simona halep in the quarters. megan rapinoe and team usa starting their bid to qualify for next year's world cup. former cal star alex morgan scored two goals. they beat haiti and will play jamaica on thursday. the earthquakes got back in the win column last night. benji scored two goals in the second half.
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the first brace of his young career. he was born in san jose, grew up in sacramento and attended sacramento state. he is living the dream for his hometown team, and after that performance last night, he's smiling even more. >> i love what i do. i come to work and just kick a ball around. that's how you look at it. obviously, it has to be serious at times but i try to put a smile on everyone's face, including mine. sometimes people don't laugh but it's funny to me so it doesn't matter. >> good for him but i want to tag with some joey chestnut references. as for his world eating championships, how about 55 dp glazed d glazed doughnuts in 8 minutes. 103 crystal hamburgers in eight minutes and then matt, my favorite, 255 peeps in five minutes. peeps. >> oh, peeps? >> those things are terrible. >> those are awful. >> and 85 moon pies in 6 minutes. i got a lot of work to do with my three dogs on the grill
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tonight. >> joey chestnut, we were saying in the commercial, did not look well after. >> he looked sick. >> he gets the job done. we got brady, woods, chestnut. >> he puts his body through all that. >> but why? >> it's so painful. >> okay. >> thanks, charlie. well, up next, the fireworks have started. we'll show you some highlights from the east coast. plus coming up on our streaming service, cbs news bay area, we're going to hear from a lo local doctor about a rare cancer called sarcoma. you can watch our stream wherever, whenever. find us on pluto tv, channel 1021 and any platform
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♪ well, fireworks shows have already started on the east coast. >> president and dr. biden watched the show over washington, d.c. take a look. >> absolutely spectacular. and what you can't see is the national mall just flooded with folks looking at that amazing show there. let's switch over to the fireworks over new york city. oh, never mind. we don't have that quite yet. we'll have it at 7:00. you know, the nation's capital has to bring it home on july 4th. they need to. but it was pretty neat to see
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just the mass of humanity that all came out to watch that show. >> big crowds down at pier 39 tonight. >> i'm sure they will be. might be a little foggy. >> just a little bit. >> see you at 7:00. captioning sponsored by cbs >> garrett: the breaking news as we come on the air: the hunt for the suspect who opened fire at a fourth of july parade north of chicago comes to an end. ( gunfire ) families in the chicago suburb ran for safety, as shots rained down from a nearby roof. the race to trace the rifle, find the suspect, and console the grieving. we will have the latest. state of emergency. protests erupt in akron, ohio after police release video of a shooting that killed a black man. officials say he was shot at least 60 times. the latest on the investigation. weekend travel hassles. thousands of delays and cancellations at the nation's airports put a damper on july 4th celebrations. what you need to know. severe weather alerts. midwest st


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