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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 4, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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and developing news in san francisco where a large group has taken to the streets this fourth of july in a fight for women's abortion rights. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ryan yamamoto. parades and protests, the bay area celebrating the fourth and making their voices heard. >> kpix 5's betty yu on a rally happening right now in san francisco. >> reporter: dozens of people skipped their fourth of july traditions and came here to the ferry building to protest the recent supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade. people brought signs and protesters wore green to symbolize the international color designated for abortion rights. after rallying in front of the ferry building this group marched down the embarcadero. this is a handful of protests across the bay area.
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it's part of the national day of protest when women are not free event. >> i made the choice, if you choose not to have an abortion, i 100% honor that choice that you have. but honor my choice to have one or not as well. >> we have to fight for when we really need to do and believe in as a nation, and i'm just so proud of her and, yeah. >> thanks. >> reporter: this protest was organized by rise up for abortion rights bay area. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. and in san jose it was a celebration of diversity and inclusion as the rose, white and blue parade return. kiet do takes us along the route. >> reporter: the first post-pandemic parade is unapologetically diverse. >> the lowrider unity council. >> reporter: you can tell a lot by a city's values by what it
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allows in its parade. lowriders were riding high. >> i am great with it. happy about it. >> reporter: for jose to go from being shunned decades ago to leading the parade was an honor. >> is that validation? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: you can tell a lot about a city's values by who it allows in its padres. sweet nothing was this year's emcee for the flagship parade of america's tenth largest city. >> you can't be any more diverse than that. >> reporter: the rose, white and bleu parade made it a point to put women and diversity front and center. every color, every shade, every size and shape, elle lopez feels it. as a woman of color, what's it like to be in the parade? >> beautiful. >> this is patriotic to me. >> reporter: this is the first fourth of july parade in a po post-george floyd world. >> nice to be together and have the family out here.
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but, yes, there is a certain sense of not everyone enjoying these freedoms, which is disappointing at times. >> reporter: speaking of, this is day 11 of a post-roe v. wade world. barbara goldstein walked the 1.2-mile route in the muggy south bay heat wearing a black robe and white lace collar in honor of you know who? >> important to wake up the younger generation because my generation fought for these rights that women are now losing and for me it's really important to engage younger people so they can take up the battle. >> reporter: are we celebrating who we are or what we aspire to be? maybe it's both. what messages does this send? >> we are welcoming, inclusive, diverse, that we love everyone, we are guided by love and inclusivity and not by anything else other than that. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5.
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>> it's not just san jose. cities across the bay area celebrating the fourth of july all in a big way. >> many people lined hometown streets to watch independence day parades. >> lots of people at that parade in redwood city. the celebrations filled with floats and performers, including community groups and soccer teams. the parade making a return after two-year hiatus due to the pandemic and organizers say they workedover time to bring back the festivities this year. in danville the festival back in swing for the first time since the pandemic. lots of people decked out in red, white and blue. more than 100 groups there. >> in lorinda a pancake breakfast and lined the streets for the big parade. this year's theme was keep on trucking. thousands were expected to come out for the festivities, which included a book sale and a concert in the park. we are following breaking news right now from contra costa
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county. fire crews battling a new grass fire. look at that smoke. you can see the flames as well. this is bay point. it was reported along driftwood drive and port chicago highway. so far we're told it's not very big, about two acres, but those flames are intense. you can see a lot of smoke. we are going to keep an eye on this one. new video, firefighters on the scene of grass fire in san francisco's twin peaks. crews appear to have that situation well under control now but the fire sent up a lot of smoke in the area. the fire department told people to close their doors and windows if they smell smoke. the fire burned two acres and the cause is under investigation. taking a live look at santa clara county, there is a big concern about illegal fireworks. cracking down on illegal fireworks, this means increased patrols and limited access to
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some of the more popular fire-prone areas including areas around the east san jose foothills. >> with the extreme drought conditions that we're seeing in the community, you know, we have got a lot of very dry vegetation out there, it takes one spark from an illegal firework to start a fire. >> san jose has steep new fines for illegal fireworks. we are talking 1,000 bucks for a first offense. and berkeley city officials have a similar mindset. both grizzly peak boulevard and centennial drive are shut down in efforts to keep the berkeley hills safe from wildfires. the city says illegal parking and overcrowding could lead to delayed emergency medical response times. and we have new information on a wildfire burning in o omidore. you see that blume of smoke from the pg&e alert cameras. the sheriff's office says 100 people are trapped in the pg&e powerhouse near that fire. there were also evacuations in place around that area, so a
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very scary situation there. the fire is about an hour east of stockton and south of placerville. cal fire says it's already burned about 75 acres and has a dangerous rate of speed. we will keep monitoring this situation in that area. and it seems like that's the story of this summer every day, there seems to be one or two wildfires popping up. >> yeah, that one in the foothills now, i checked on it, update from cal fire, it's 370 acres and that literally just updated from the time before you even went on the air. you can see that one on the satellite from space. so a little perspective now on what is the largest fire which just took off in california. here we are bay area's over here. central valley's here. those are clouds. except for that, that's not a cloud. that is the plume of smoke coming off of the electra fire. if you look on a big picture, this was able to already spawn one of those pie to row cumulus clouds, where the fire burns so
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hot so rapidly it develops it's on thunderstorm above it. that's an actual thunderstorm this thing has developed above it that's usually the sign of a fire that's got a lot of intensity to it. and when you take into consideration we have already had two fires at home. the one we showed you over in the east bay hills. on a day when relative humids are high, this is not fire weather today. in fact, this is the kind of condition you'd want from a weather standpoint that would be wonderful to not have to deal with fires. it says so much about how dry the landscape is on a day when relative humidity are in the 70 and 80%. it's going to be a busy 24 hours ahead of us with these illegal fireworks shows tonight. it's going to be a big concern. something we have to watch very closely. mother nature is helping. even though she may not be helping for our ability to see the fireworks from pier 39, most places you will be able to see the fireworks just fine, and we'll take all of the increased
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humidity we can this summer. i will be bab ck with the forecast, talk about the fireworks and these cool temperatures. back to you. >> thank you. well, a person of interest is in custody following a deadly shooting at a fourth of july parade in illinois. >> police identified the person as 22-year-old rob maert crime iii. he was pulled over five miles from the scene. video shows authorities investigating the silver car after the arrest. >> strollers, children's bicycles and chairs abandoned as you can see on the sidewalk. hundreds of spectators fled into terror after the gunman opened fire during that fourth of july parade in highland park just outside of chicago. we are told six people were killed. 30 others ranging from 8 to 85 years old were injured. video captured the moment the shots rang out. we want to warn you, this is very difficult to watch.
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>> investigators say the gunman used a high-powered rifle and shot at spectators from the roof of a building. police ahave recovered his weapon. it sent people scrambling for safety. >> people started running towards us. we weren't sure what was going on because we thought it was a prank until too many people started coming. ran out with everyone else. >> i saw someone, like, on the ground with his leg in the air and the girl, like, crying next to him and then to my left my mom and i saw, like, at least three more people on the ground, like, bloody and naturally, like, we just started running towards our car. >> another witness says she and her father hid behind a dumpster for an hour until police escorted them to the basement of a nearby sports store. and a cbs news reporter from chicago tweeted this photo out of a group of young children sheltering in place and coloring
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inside a store while their parents waited for word about their safety. the governor of illinois had this to say. >> if you are angry today, i am here to tell you, be angry. i'm furious. i'm furious that yet more innocent lives were taken by gun violence. i'm furious that their loved ones are forever broken by what took place today. i'm furious that children and their families have been traumatized. >> and house speaker nancy pelosi tweeted americans hearts are broken by the senseless gun violence in highland park today as nth families were celebrating this all american holiday. we pray for all those who lost loved ones and the community forever scarred by this shooting. and as we mark independence day today let us renew our vow to never relent until all our children can live free from the fear of gun violence. stay with us for the latest developments on the story.
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we will post updates to our website at well, still to come, a police chase in the east bay on this fourth of july. how it all came to an end. and another outage burst of violence in downtown sacramento leaves one dead and several others injured. the latest on this investigation.
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high-speed chase all caught on camera. chp spent the afternoon in pursuit of a gray land rover that led officers along highway 24 to the berkeley hills near tunnel road. that chase ended with all four of the tires of the suv being blown out. that vehicle came to a stop on a sidewalk. no word exactly what sparked that pursuit. tonight recovery efforts continue after three people went missing during a river rescue in
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solano county. it happened along the sacramento river near the three mile slew bridge in rio vista yesterday. fire crews say five people went into the water to save an 8-year-old boy. two made it to shore and rescued the child. the fire department was at the sacramento river searching for three missing men yesterday. they are continuing to work with the coast guard. a former high school football star was shot and killed outside of sacramento nightclub early this morning and authorities are still looking for answers. the victim has been identified as greg grimes. he was struck by bullets outside a popular sacramento club called mix. he was well known in the area for his successful football career that earned a scholarship to boise state. the community left heartbroken. police hope someone steps forward with information. okay. let's give you a live look outside at san francisco. the big fireworks show is expected to get underway in just a little over two hours. >> and i don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but you will
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see something. you will see something. even if the foggiest day you still see something, it's spectacular. >> yes. and the camera from treasure island is the gentler view of what's happening. we have been watching the view. let's watch the last two hours of how that's played out in a time lapse. it looked to so wonderful an hour and a half ago, but seemingly out of thin air this lower deck of marine stratus develops over the golden gate bridge. that's 300 feet toff the ground. but it doesn't stay that way entirely. and that's fairly limited to right into the bay. but it's stubborn, keeps developing and as we get closer to real time even the camera up here on sutro, at this elevation, about 1,500 feet, that's in the clouds. it's going to be a tough one for the show going off on pier 39. i think you will get some. you will also get some fireworks that get lost in the clouds and you see the faint glow. it should be a nice show. if you are inland, fine. san jose it's just high clouds.
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the fireworks will be visible in the southbound. they will be visible inland. it's on the immediate shoreline where you will probably be visibly challenged on the fireworks. temperatures in the mid-70s now. we go down to the low 60s for morning lows tomorrow. we warm back up to the same place we were today, about 10 degrees below average if you are inland. 70s all day in places like concord, livermore and santa rosa. you should be close to 90. so it's nice to have a holiday weekend where you are comfortably in the 70s. watch this spin in the clouds out there. there is a very out of season area of low pressure right off our coast. very rare to have an area of low pressure that directly located off our coast in july. that's why the skies look so interesting today. that's why the onshore breeze has been strong through the passes. that's where there is light rain with this off the coast. the futurecast sees that, too, and wants to bring a few light showers, just grazing the coast
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overnight. that's not a big factor. we got rilight rain this mornin. could do that again tomorrow. it stays cloudy, cool, stays breezy for the next few days under the influence of that. then we warm up. back up to average by the time we get to friday and saturday. certainly for the inland valleys of the east bay. you will have to warm back up to the 80s. all right. back to you. >> thanks. young firefighter in training professionals on the front lines of a daly city blaze are met every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take,
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fire crews put oita building fire today as they were at the scene a little boy stopped by to see them in action. >> vick shows us how the crews made his fourth of july memora >> no doubt july 4th is cause or celebration. also cause for concern. >> today is the fourth of july. illegal fireworks around. my first thought was please don't let it explode. >> reporter: this house fire in daly city is a small reminder to be safe and sane on this fourth of july. >> celebrate the holiday with your family. we urge people leave the fireworks to the professionals. >> reporter: although fireworks are not the cause of of this fire, north county battalion
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chief tony mcfay would like to remind you -- >> things can smolder on a roof for hours. if the weather conditions are right, it ask lead to disaster. you want to be a firefighter when you grow up? >> reporter: what served as a reminder about fire safety quickly turned into something more for silas valentine. perhaps the youngest firefighter recruit in the bay area because for him fireworks came early. >> he saw the smoke and flames from our house and silas, of course, put on his outfit right away. >> reporter: and for battalion chief tony mcfay, it was a walk down memory lane and served as an opportunity to bond with the community he serves. >> i was like that little boy many, many years ago. we can reach out to that little girl and boy like that, and fuel that desire -- >> a future firefighter. >> reporter: old guys like me
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retire out service, we need good young people to come in. >> reporter: for silas, summing up today's excitement was pretty simple. and i think it's safe to say that memories of this fourth of july will last forever. even if he doesn't have time to tell me himself. in cal delta daly city. the hot dog-eating contest takes a dramatic turn after san jose's joseph biggs takes down a protester mid contest. what happened coming up.
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what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. call 833-317-4673, nathan's famous hot dog eating contest. for his 15th championship, joey chestnut! >> there he is. san jose's joey the jaws chestnut reclaimed thinks title
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today as the nathan's hot dog-eating champ of the world. he took down 63 hot dogs in just ten minutes. >> but there was some extra fireworks when a protester tried to disrupt the contest. chestnut ended up putting the man in a chokehold. he was wearing a darth vader mask there. threw him to the ground. then he went back to eating his hot dogs. three people were taken into custody in connection with that incident. apparently they were holding signs that said something about expose smithfield's death star. a pork producer. >> okay. chestnut jumped into action like that. even mid-competition. >> didn' faze him.
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