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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 6, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: we are entering the heart of the summer, the hottest and driest part of the year. but the good news is the conservation numbers finally appear to be rounding a corner. >> we don't wash our cars. we don't water unnecessary landscaping. >> reporter: nicholas kenny and matthew tran are sophomores at santa clara university. they are also children of drought, for whom notions of water scarcity and conservation are just baked into how we see the cienc growing up. so it's always never watering plants during the daytime. >> reporter: they do all of the little things that can add up to big savings over time and if everyone is on board. >> turning off water when you're brushing your teeth. all the little things. peoplenkup but they do. >> reporter: the problem is not everyone has been on board. the response to calls for conservation in santa clara county have been pretty dismal. in april, the latest official numbers, water chairman of the
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district says the new numbers should be out in a matter of days, and there are encouraging signs. >> we started to increase the amount of conservation we're seeing in the charts. we're not increasing the water level, but people are starting to pay attention and using less water. >> reporter: the water district is shifting from education to a more aggressive crackdown on water wasters. they've sent out 485 letters of warning which could be followed up by fines. matthew tran says it's disappointing it took fines for people to do her part in the face of a deepening drought. >> all it takes is a little change of perspective to think about how their actions can affect the greater northern california in terms of the drought. >> reporter: pendulum has swung at least a little from education to enforcement. the water district is still trying to give people as many opportunities as they can to educate themselves and voluntarily conserve. at lexington reservoir; devin
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fehely, kpix 5. >> and this evening some news when it comes to oil. crude oil prices took a dip, falling below $100 a barrel once again. west texas intermediate crude dropped 3.3% before ending the day at just below $99. some analysts say if we saw a recession, that price could actually go down to $65 a barrel. well ask max darrow to find out how soon we could find relief at the pump. which the price of oil dropping, you may be thinking shouldn't the price for a gallon of gas drop too? well, the answer is yes, it should. but an industry expert says it may be a few weeks before we see that impact at the pump. for grab brel andrade, a full tank of gas isn't feasible all the time. >> i don't have enough money to fill my full tank so i'm doing 25 today. >> reporter: 25 bucks ger a lile und gallons today, but that's a little better than she would have done about a month ago. here is a look at what gas prices looked like a month ago in oakland, san francisco san
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jose and napa. between $6.48 and $6.58. today between -- >> i think it's a matter of time before most stations fall under the $6 mark. >> reporter: with the price of crude oil dropping to below $100 a barrel for the first time in several months, he says gas prices should follow, though there will likely be a lag. >> stations do deliver the lower prices, but it takes them time to get access to that cheaper price to sell through their expensive fuel and to start lowering their price. so stations aren't really in a hurry to lower prices because much of this year we've seen a rise in prices. and they been on the wrong side of things for a good portion of the year. >> some spots like wholesale clubs are well below the averag costco in redwood city today for cheaper gas. bennie and may were in line for about 15 minutes. how much do you think you're going to oup.
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>> i spent $103. >> reporter: but if oil continues to get cheaper, barring unforeseen circumstances, de haan thinks the price at the pump will as well. >> it's going to gradually happen. the stations will probably lower the price a penny or two every day or two for the next couple of weeks. so two to three weeks. and now i'm hoping prices will be 20 to 40 cents lower. >> reporter: andrade sure hopes. so. >> hopefully we can get back to the normal, the normal i should say that people are used to. >> reporter: even though normal in california isn't cheap. in redwood city, max darrow, kpix 5. >> the federal reserve is hinting that another big interest rate hike might be necessary later this month to cope with inflation. investors were looking closely at signs for what the central bank might do next. stocks had modest gains with the dow up 70 points. the nasdaq up 40 and the s&p 500 closed up about 14. a new report from the labor
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department shows job openings falling slightly, but the demand for workers remains high. the report stloes are 11.3 job openings. this is down slightly from last month, but still near record levels. >> it is true that job openings fell on the latest snapshot. but the key is the job market remains remarkably stable. >> davis shows the biggest demand for hiring are in the retail, leisure and the hopetality industries. and the report also shows a near record 4.3 people quit jobs in may with many people leaving one job future a better one. fire officials are calling a critical day in the fight against a wildfire burning in gold country. more resources are being deployed to battle the electra fire. it's burned 3900 acres since it started on the fourth of july. containment is up a bit to 10%. the fire is burning along highway 49 in amador county. there are evacuation orders in place for parts of amador and
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calaveras counties. cbs reporter andrew hobner has the latest on the firefight. >> reporter: they saw the fire spread on day one. >> well, it was coming up the hill. i don't know if you've been up there, from the powerhouse, it's a very large hill. and of course the fire comes up the hill. >> reporter: and was standing alongside pg&e workers when they shut the power off to the area. >> that i have to shut them down, otherwise a firefighter is going to get killed. if this stuff is down and laying on the ground, they got to deenergize it. >> reporter: as the power returns, la valle thinks about how it affects those in a area of poor cell service. >> guys in the houses, they're going lose it. >> reporter: and if there are ways to educate the public in case of another emergency. >> it is going to happen. power is going to happen. car's going to hit a telephone pole. and lightning is going to strike. so fires are going to happen. >> here in the bay area, we're following a fire in colma. the road was closed while they
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were tackling a grass fire. it was burning near the intersection of hunjunipero ser avenue. police in illinois say the suspected gunman in the deadly fourth of july shooting has confessed to that shooting. he reportedly said he wanted to carry out a second attack in another city. cbs reporter kris van cleave has more on the gunman's first court appearance. >> reporter: the suspect in the highland park july 4th parade shooting showed no emotion during a virtual court appearance wednesday. he is currently facing seven counts of first-degree murder. >> the judge found that the evidence was at such a level that he could be held without bond. also because the fact that it is a mandatory life sentence. >> reporter: investigators say while in custody, robert crimo iii gave a voluntary statement admitting guilt in monday's attack and revealed he considered another shooting when he briefly fled to wisconsin. >> he did see a celebration that was occurring in madison, and he
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seriously contemplated using the firearm he had in his vehicle to commit another shooting. >> we'll never know for certain what stopped him, but i am thankful that no innocent lives were taken from our city. >> reporter: prosecutors told the court police found 83 shell casings and three magazines on the rooftop where prosecutors say the suspect launched the attack that killed seven and wounded more than 30 others. >> and everyone just started running for cover. >> reporter: during the shooting, gregory and dana ring rushed their children to a parking garage, where they encountered a blood-covered toddler in the hands of a trembling good samaritan. >> he was happy. >> he was fine. heavy was playing with our sma smallest. they were watching cartoons together. >> reporter: the rings later learned both of little aidan's parents were killed in the attack. among the many questions, how the suspect was able to purchase five firearms, despite two encounters with police in 2019 involving threats of violence to himself or others. the 21-year-old is due back in
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court in late july where he'll likely face a cascade of additional charges. kris van cleave, cbs news, highland park, illinois. a new report on the uvalde elementary school reveals missed chances the stop that shooter. reports say an officer asked the supervisor permission to shoot the gunman before he entered the school. he had a chance to open fire but missed it while waiting for the green light. the report also reveals some of the 21 victims could have likely been saved if they received medical attention sooner. three people are now facing homicide charges after a shooting at a san jose block party. the arrests come almost three months after man was shot and killed on fiefl avenue. investigators say an altercation happened at an unsanctioned pop-up event in a vta parking lot that led to the shooting. several agencies were involved in the arrests of the three suspects, and they're all facing homicide charges. investigators describe the circumstances around the event. >> this event in itself was a
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nonsanctioned event. did not have any notification to the city. did not have any permitting or county entities and was kind of a flash kind of style event that actually served alcohol, had different kinds of vendors there. >> investigators are working with the d.a.'s office on the possibility of adding even more charges. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on "cbs news bay area," it was a murder that shocked the hip-hop world. a verdict in the killing of rapper nipsey hussle. how it all came down to a rumor about snitchling. a major airline sounding the alarm about summer delays. what it's blaming for all of the disruptions. hey, nobody is going to beat my backdrop, not today, not here. not south lake tahoe. and in ten minutes, wait until you see who i have lined up for you. only the biggest name in this american century golf championship tournament. come on back. >> the weather looks nice in tahoe. ended up being a nice afternoon once some stubborn cloud cover
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finally retreated towards the coast. it took a little longer than yesterday. so our temperatures were a couple of degrees cooler. we do have a warm-up in store. details in the first alert forecast. every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine,
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a jury has found a 32-year-old man guilty of first-degree murder in the shooting of rapper nipsey hussle. erik cole jr. was found guilty of two counts of attempted voluntary manslaughter including two other people hurt in the shooting. the murder happened near the 33-year-old rapper's clothing store in south l.a. holder's attorneys argue their client acted in the heat of passion because nipsey hussle called him a snitch. >> we hope there is some resounding peace that his killer be in prison likely for the rest of his life. >> holder's attorney says they plan to appeal the conviction. >> reporter: former white house council for president trump pat cipollone is set to appear before the january 6th committee on friday.
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the committee wanted to hear from him after last week's hearing from former aide cassidy hutchinson. she testified he expressed concern about potential charges the former president could face if he had joined his supporters at the capitol that day. >> and do you remember which crimes mr. cipollone was concerned with? >> in the days leading up to the 6th, we had conversations about potentially obstructing justice or defrauding the electoral count. >> the select committee's next hearing is tuesday. they will focus on domestic violent extremism and the rioters who reach the capitol that day, including possible links between right wing groups and the white house. president biden spoke with the wife of detained wnba star brittney griner. the president and vice president spoke over the phone with cherelle griner. they assured her they're working to release her from a russian prison as soon as possible.
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this after a letter she wrote to the president expressing her fear. griner has been detained in russia for allegedly possessing cannabis oil since february. there will be a bring brittney griner rally home this evening. greg stanton will make an appearance. he has been vocal about calling for griner's release from prison. griner's wife sherelle is also expected to speak at that rally. president biden says he is trying to prevent another baby formula shortage. the fda expected to keep plans to keep working with overseas formula providers. back in may biden used the defense production act to fly formula to the u.s. this new law would allow those to stay past the bill in november. united airlines says there are more flights this summer that air traffic controllers can handle. the ceo of the company sent a memo to the staff voicing those frustrations. he said things are especially
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bad in new york and florida. transportation secretary pete buttigieg says the blame is partly on the airlines for pushing pilots into early retirement. >> well, that's not good. >> just what everybody wanted to hear. yeah. in other words, a month into summer, and still two months away from labor day. >> oh, wow. >> yes, we're already thinking than one. i'm already focused on the next holiday. >> you've moved on, paul. >> that's kind of how things go in summertime. >> you're already thinking about christmas. >> it's too soon for, they have to draw the line somewhere, ryan. >> pretty soon they're going have halloween stuff in the stores. you know how it goes. around here we saw temperatures more reminiscent of maybe late may than early july. one more day in this coolish weather pattern for inland parts of the bay area. the low-pressure system anchored off the coast of the pacific northwest still in place for one more day. so another day of mild temperatures. it does warm up each afternoon once the sun breaks through. we've seen the below average temperatures for parts of the
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bay area for the past several days. the onshore fbreeze is going to keep with us. the wind does die down somewhat as we go through tonight, but it didn't go completely calm and picks up again tomorrow. 15 to 20-miles-per-hour gusts inland. 25 to 35-miles-per-hour gusts along the coast. that wind is going to be lighter as we finish off the workweek and head into the weekend, which means that marine influence is going to be more confined to right around the bay and along the coast as opposed to being pushed farther inland. there is the fog surrounding sutro tower. temperature stands at 65 downtown. it's just below 70 degrees in oakland. inland temperatures holding in the low to mid-70s. the warm spot 73 degrees in concord and san jose. savor this below average pattern while it lasts. we do have a warm-up with temperatures jump from friday to saturday and another to sunday. widespread reduced visibilities to begin the day tomorrow. i think it's going dissipate a little faster than it did today. so temperatures are going to warm up a little bit faster that
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fog transitioned to low cloud cover by late morning and we should see plenty of sunshine peeking through the low clouds . into the 50s from 52 degrees for the cool spot in santa rosa to 59 degrees for the warmest locations in mountain view and antioch. these temperatures almost exactly normal for this time of year. how much we warm up, well, that depends on how the fog behaves and that onadviser breeze behaves. trying to warm things up, but temperatures only climbing up to the upper 60s in san francisco. 67 is tomorrow's high temperature in san francisco. santa rosa is going to have a few degrees below average. but return to the low 80s. up to 82 degrees in the afternoon with the fog and low cloud cover dissipating just a little faster. same thing for concord. temperatures likely to get up above 80 degrees. just that first baby step towards warmer temperatures later this week and into the weekend. san jose reaching up to tupper 70s. enough fog sticking around the santa clara valley long enough to keep you just below 80
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degrees. but more of a mix of 70s and 80s inland, instead of the widespread 70s that we've had for the past few days. temperatures around the bay in the 60s and 70s and low 60s right along the coast. the warm-up is going to be most noticeable away from the water. sunday and monday are going to be the warmest days in the seven-day forecast, with temperatures in san jose reaching up to about 5 or 6 degrees above average, putting us up into the mid- to upper 80s. that's not too bad for the middle of july. the warmest spots inland and the east bay likely to get up around but we don't have triple-digit temperatures in the forecast. it's basically a two-day warm spell. back down to normal temperatures by tuesday and wednesday. so we can handle this little ride on the roller coaster. >> i like it. >> i think we can handle it, anyway. we'll see what sara finds to complain about. >> i will find something. you know me too well. thank you so much, paul. >> you bet. in south lake tahoe, the american century championship golf tournament. doesn't even start until friday.
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and already steph curry biggest name of the field is drawing a crowd. drawing interest. yes. golf was on his mind. but those warrior fans, hey, they knew where to find him. looking for autographs, but he has time for us. you're going to hear what he has to say in just a couple of minutes. plus, the a's clear a potential roadblock for their waterfront ballpark in oakland. and we get some insight from las vegas about the city's bid to lure the team. coming up on our streaming service "cbs news bay area," the 24th season of "big brother" airs tonight. we'll get a behind-the-scenes look into what fans can expect. you can watch our stream wherever, whenever. just find us on pluto tv channel
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steph curry back on the links in lake tahoe for a celebrity golf tournament. >> along with steph, his dad and brother, not to mention justin
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timberlake, patrick mahomes and charles barkley. >> so there are a few people there. vern glenn is live with a preview of the tournament. hey, vern. >> hey, i waslowi them all afternoon. look at this backdrop. take this in. and if you like it that much, you're going to see it in and hour. now i'm a big guy that kind of focuses on gallery, size of crowds, draws. and judging from his college jerseys, the numbered warriors jerseys i saw, it didn't take long to figure out who the biggest draw at the american century championship tournament is, and that is steph curry. so curry today was teeing it up in a practice round. playing along with his dad, del, his brother. he won his finals mvp last month. yes, he is an nba champion. now he is going for his first title here at the american century championship. here's a little bit of what he
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had to say about the atmosphere here. >> every time you hear "congrats, champ" and "glad to see you back on top", you got to catch yourself, oh, yeah, we really did that. obviously we're going to enjoy the celebration of what we accomplished and in due time get ready for hopefully another run next year. >> i just got two words to say to end this interview. night-night. is this the form? >> i'm going to try to wait until sunday if i can win this thing and really pull it out. basketball is just a primer for golf. >> all right, steph. thanks, man. >> all right. the summer of steph continues at this tournament. letter on this month, he is going to host the espn awards, the espy awards. that's his chance to get on stage, do a little monologue and tease some of the other a-listers in the athletic world in that crowd. but right now the focus is this
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tournament. see you next hour. back to you in studio. that is a great tournament. and steph is a pretty good golfer. thanks, vern. coming up new at 5:30, the a's clear another potential obstacle the staying in oakland. the latest victory in their bid for a waterfront ballpark and some insight from las vegas on their efforts to lure the team away. and from tackling trails to just getting groceries. how a california company is trying to challenge our expectations of electric cars and trucks. ♪ how many roads must a man walk down ♪ >> and the
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you're watching kpix 5 at 5:30. >> right now at kpix 5 and streaming on "cbs news bay area" more local news at 5:30. a potential roadblock cleared for the a's and their plan to build the new ballpark along the waterfront. a city council vote keeping that proposal on track. good evening. i'm ryan yamamoto. >> and i'm sara donchey. that is where we begin this half hour. kpix 5 anchor elizabeth cook is here to break down what this means for the future of the a's in oakland. a long running tale. >> no kidding. councilmember nicole gallo introduced a bill to let oaklanders vote whether public money should be spent on public infrastructure and other things
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to building the howard ballpark. where gallo and councilmember carol fife the only ones to support the measure. vice mayor rebecca caplan didn't vote. gallo says the taxpayers deserve to know what they will or won't be paying for. >> we've been at this for three years now, negotiating, talking. but we don't have the facts, the numbers. you know, i love the a's. i want the a's to stay in oakland. but at the same time, it's a business. and you're dealing with billionaires in it to make money. but the way it's being presented is that the public, the residents will have to put up billions of dollars. >> gallo adds that he thinks the a's are simply trying to use wabe lasvegas. more money and ha >> from the business side, they're trying to leverage oakland to get more money and support from las vegas. las vegas is already celebrating that the a's are going.
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and so we just got to be up-front about it we've been through this before. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf thanked the councilmembers for voting against the measure saying, quote, a nonbinding measure would have cost taxpayers as much as a billion dollars and done nothing but opportunities to spread misinformation. she added oakland taxpayers will be protected from the costs of the ballpark and associated development. we have learned the mistakes of the past and we will not repeat them. this is the second big win for the a's and those supporting the project in just the last few weeks. recently the san francisco bay conservation and development commission reclassified that section of the port of oakland as a mixed use space where the stadium can now be built. guys? >> all right, thanks, liz. that sag go continues as a's president dave kaval told us


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