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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 7, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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it. and the new covid variant that may throw a wrench into your summer plans even if they're outdoors. now at 7:00 and streaming on "cbs news bay area," san francisco mayor london breed names the city's new top prosecutor, one of the most vocal critics of the recently recalled d.a chason boudin. i'm ryan yamamoto. >> i'm elizabeth cook. tonight brooke jenkins is promising to roll up her sleeves and get right to work. kpix 5's lauren toms reports her top priorities include tackling the city's open-air drug market, reducing hate crimes and prosecuting property crimes against private homes and businesses. >> reporter: mayor london breed opted to replace one of the most progressive prosecutors in the country with one of his biggest critics. >> the next district attorney for the city and county of san francisco, brooke jenkins.
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>>reporter: brooke jenkins was an assistant district attorney and worked in the d.a.'s office for seven years before she departed last october to join the recall effort. during the campaign, she accused boudin of not being aggressive enough in addressing anti-asian mate and joined critics who said he failed to prioritize public safety. >> i will restore accountability and consequences to our criminal justice system here in san francisco. violent and repeat offenders will no longer be allowed to victimize our city without consequence. hate crimes will no longer be tole tolerated. >> reporter: still the recall close was about, about a 55-45 split, indicating many san francisco voters were satisfied with boudin's policies. jenkins will serve until november when she will run in a special election for the rest of boudin's term which runs through 2023. she could potentially face off with her former boss down the road if he decides to run again. in san francisco, i'm lauren
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toms, kpix 5. the san francisco police department had a contentious relationship with the district attorney's office under boudin. today chief scott tweeted his congratulations to the new d.a. saying in part, i know brooke to be a person of principle and integrity. i wish her success and am looking forward to working closely with her to ensure the sach safety and security of everyone in san francisco. coming up tonight at 11:00, a political expert weighs in on the mayor's pick and the city's shifting strategy. we are following developing news if san leandro where the chp is investigating a possible freeway shooting. chopper 5 was over the scene along 580 and 150th avenue. the sheriff's department tells us one person was apparently hit and went to the hospital on their own. right now no word on whether the incident was random or targeted. the chp's golden gate division has responded to at least 65 reports of freeway shootings so far this year. it comes just a day after we
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brought you this dramatic video of an east bay couple narrowly dodging a bullet that shattered their windshield on 580 in oakland. it happened last month. so far no arrests. the chp has investigated dozens of freeway shootings in the bay area so far this year, and soon they'll have some high-tech help trying to solve them. caltrans says it hopes to begin installing a network of freeway cameras this fall. 200 of them at 50 locations across the state, including the east bay. the 65 freeway shooting reports, the chp golden gate division has taken this year alone, 52 occurred in alameda and contra costa counties. now to the fire watch in southern marin where a smoky brush fire reduced traffic to a recall along 101 in marin city. those flames burned to a nearby apartment complex forcing evacuations before fire crews were able to stop the forward progress. so far no reports on injuries or
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damage and no word on what sparked the fire. if you are looking to get in and out of marin county, be prepared for delays. caltrans will shut down two lanes of northbound 101 starting at 10:00 p.m. tomorrow through 7:00 monday morning. crews will be working on a new drainage system from north of robin williams tunnel to the rodeo off ramp in sausalito. with monkeypox cases doubling in california, people trying to protect themselves with proven treatments are running into frustrating road blocks. kpix 5's reed cowan spoke with members of one bay area community at particular risk. >> you have been waiting for this then? >> yes, i have been waiting to this. i actually came in on tuesday and lined up before the center opened. >> reporter: tommy wu had to wait days to get his monkeypox vaccine. he felt something was wrong and worried it could be monkeypox. after all, one of his friends got it and -- >> i was at the same party as he was and i started feeling flu-like symptoms as well. >> reporter: tommy came to the
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san francisco aids foundation clinic in the castro to get what thousands want but can't get, the monkeypox vaccine. >> all right. this is the monkeypox vaccine. >> reporter: dr. tyler tamir of the san francisco foundation says in the last seven days cases of monkeypox have doubled in california, making our state the highest in the nation for monkeypox cases. yet as for doses of vaccines ready to go in the arms? >> in fact, we've received fewer than 100 doses to respond and we would need something like 6,000 doses just to vaccinate the patient population we see at magnet. >> reporter: as cases have exploded, so also have calls to the clinic he serves. >> we are receiving over 500 phone calls a day and we currently have a wait list of over 400 eligible folks that want access to vaccine. we just haven't able to provide it due to the limited supply. really fear the lack of urgency there, it would be very different if we were responding to a different community in the country. >> reporter: translation, vaccines from the federal
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government not keeping up pace with the need, a need many say is strongest felt in the community of men who have sex with men. it is why signs like these are going up all over the bay area including at steam works bath house in berkeley. there they're holding vaccination clinics. steam works helped manage the outreach and said one instagram post advertising the vaccine got thousands of hits and --. >> yeah, it was literally a line from our front door down to the next block. it was pretty crazy. >> reporter: it is demand like that and a lack of the vaccine being lamented in the bay area that causes tommy to be glad to get in, get the shot and start feeling protected again. protections he hopes for others by the thousands. >> as for coronavirus, california's test positivity rate now sits at 15%, up nearly two points in the last week. omicron subvariants ba.4 and ba.5 making their way through the community at a rapid pace.
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dr. john schwartzburg says it is the most contagious version of the disease we have seen yet. >> unfortunately, the ability of 4 and 5 to evade the immunity we get from previous infection and/or vaccination is good. >> he is encouraging masking up even in outdoor settings. bay area-wide, test positivity rates are running anywhere from 11% to 16%, but he says those numbers are likely higher because so many people test at home. in a different health announcement, governor newsom says the state will be making its own insulin. >> nothing epitomizes market failures more than the cost of insulin. many americans experience out-of-pocket costs from $300 to $500 per month for this life-saving drug. a budget i just signed sets aside $100 million to contract to make our own insulin at a cheaper price, close to at cost and to make it available to all because in california we know people should not go into debt
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to receive life-saving medication. well, 50 million of those dollars will go toward developing low-cost insulin products. the other half will go towards creating a california-based insulin manufacturing facility. he says this will bring new high-paying jobs to the state. still to come, another high-profile conviction in the theranos fraud case. the former executive now facing even more prison time than founder elizabeth holmes. plus, an out-of-control car punches a massive hole in a silicon valley starbucks packed with people. and a bay area fire department comes to the rescue for people thousands of miles away in ukraine. the fog and low cloud cover backed up to the coast quickly today, allowing temperatures to warm up inland. back into the low to mid 80s for concord and santa rosa. 70 in san jose. the temperatures are still below average. we'll talk about a warmer trend heading our way in the first alert forecast.
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♪ now at 11:00, two people are recovering from injuries they suffered when a bmw plowed through the front of this cupertino starbucks during the noon time rush. the sheriff's office says the driver was not hurt and is cooperating with them. they're still trying to determine exactly what went wrong. well, tonight ex-chara nose executive balwani is facing more prison time than his former boss, founder elizabeth holmes. a jury convicted him today on 12 counts of wire fraud and conspiracy. each carries a maximum of 20 years in prison. sentencing is set for late september and prosecutors say theranos executives knew their technology did not work but pressed on, lying to patients
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and investors about it. >> the jury also concluded that balwani also perpetrated fraud on unsuspected patients. i want to thank the jury for dutifully navigating through the complex issues presented by this case. separate jury found holmes guilty of a total of four fraud and conspiracy counts. the jury acquitted her on charges related to defrauding theranos patients. part of her defense was that she was ma annipulated by balwani. to the fire watch in the sierra foothills where investigators say a 12-acre fire near truckee was apparently the work of an arsonist. police arrested a woman who admitted she started several spot fires that led to the bigger ones. crews contained the fires and lifted some evacuation orders. the fire is now 60% contained. meanwhile, california's
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second biggest wildfire of the season also burning in the foothills, remains 40% contained at this hour. the electra fire started on monday, forcing some people to flee their homes in amador and calavaros counties. its growth slowed significantly in the last couple of days. environmental justice advocates protested outside of san francisco city hall to hold pg&e kaccountable for the grid management. they are calling on governor newsom to reject pg&e's wildfire mitigation plan and safety certificate. they say the negligence caused catastrophic fires every year since 2016 and failed to meet every safety standard while charging the most expensive rates in the country. >> pg&e, they did go bankrupt but they were able to get out of it and we are here because newsom and others have comp completely let them off the hook. >> pg&e told in a statement, quote, we're working hard every
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day to reduce wildfire risk and we welcome feedback from our regulators, stakeholders, community leaders and customers because we know this makes us better and safer. the city of san jose donating more than $1 million of equipment to help ukraine battle fires following russian attacks. >> there are hundreds of self-contained breathing apparatus that provide first responders with breathable air and it protects them against toxic, life-threatening smoke as we know as we see the bombings and attacks on ukrainian apartment buildings and other locations. >> the donations include hundreds of fire kits, masks and oxygen tanks. let's open up the window and take a live look outside. taking a look at the golden gate, and the one thing we don't see today, well, not a lot of the low fog. >> yeah, not yet at least. that's a beautiful picture of the golden gate bridge. i was mentioning to you, paul, i actually saw some blue sky today. i'm in the city and that can kind offer be in short supply
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this time of year. >> yes, especially as you get closer and closer to the coast. no-sky july was in full effect for the first six days of the month, but today the fog retreated from the coast quickly. the heart of the storm system parked off the pacific northwest will be shifting away from us over the next 24 hours, allowing the heat dome building over the zerpt and southwest to edge closer to us. it is not going to set up camp directly overhead so we won't feel the full effect of the hot weather pattern, but our temperatures will be toasty by sunday and monday. right now blue skies overhead. it is fantastic this evening. temperatures in the 60s around the bay. in the 70s, inland. 77 the warmest spot in concord as you made it into the 80s earlier today. santa rosa made it to the 80s earlier, now back down to 74 degrees. we will see the fog spreading from the coast and into the inland valleys early tomorrow morning. how far it makes it into the inland valleys is one of the questions we will be waiting to answer until later on tonight, but i don't think it is going as far inland. it will be a shallower layer of fog, which means the july
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sunshine will burn right through that and the fog dissipates quickly in the first several hours tomorrow. we should see even along the coast sunshine breaking through by late morning, early afternoon at the latest. the sun breaking through earlier than today, and the temperatures will be warmer than today. we will start near average, temperatures in the 50s for almost everybody, the exception of that just about 60 for antioch and brentwood. temperatures tomorrow topping out a few degrees above average around the bay. close to normal temperatures farther inland. all in all, typical july weather. let's zoom in for a closer look. mid 60s along the coast, typical for this time of year. a mix of upper 70s, low 80s. morgan hill climbing all the way to 88 degrees. 83 for a high in san jose. temperatures in the low to mid 80s in the tri-valley. a little warmer for concord and pleasant hill but normal for this time of year, 88 degrees. just above 90 degrees for the hot spots, fairfield, antioch and brentwood. it is not that hot for july.
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temperatures topping out at 70 in san francisco. mid 70s for oakland and the east bay with middle portion goes of the 80er to the north bay until you go farther inland. 87 in sonoma. 88 in santa rosa and around or above 90 in windsor. similar temperatures to these on saturday. maybe a degree or two cooler. the warmest days arrive for sunday and monday. it won't be that warm near the water. we will not lose the on-sho influence entirely. upper 70s for sunday and ose in san jose. temperatures for the hottest will be inland and the east bay and north bay, low 90s for the north bay, low to mid 90s for the east bay and only a two-day stretch of warm to hot weather. the hottest spots, fairfield one of those locations, will fall short of 100 degrees even for the hottest day on monday. then we are back to near normal temperatures by tuesday, wednesday and thursday. a two-day stretch of above normal temperatures in the month of july, we can handle it. we're tough, right? >> hard to complain about that
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forecast. it looks pretty pleasant actually everywhere no matter where you are. >> even the hottest day. >> kinds of hot. >> kind of. >> it is summer. >> thanks, paul. well, the happiest place on earth falls victim to a villain. the troubling post found on disney resort's instagram account. starting monday, join our morning team for a new 7:00 a.m. newscast streaming live on "cbs news bay area." find us on pluto tv, channel 1021, and on any platform using the free cbs news app.
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♪ -- 30% of its talent acquisition team, the company is looking to cut costs as it faces potential take over from elon musk. the "wall street journal" reports the lay-offs are expected to affect fewer than 100 people. apple co-founder steve jobs was posthumously awarded the nation's highest honor today, the presidential medal of freedom. >> a true visionary, a beloved husband and father, steve jobs embodied the most american of questions, what's next.
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>> jobs's widow received the award from president biden today. 16 others were honored include im gymnast simone biles, actor denzel washington and late arizona senator john mccain. the happiest place on earth investigating a hack on its social media page as a self-proclaimed super hacker began filling disney's instagram account. thousands commented before they were removed. disney's facebook page was hit. they released a statement saying, quote, we worked quickly to remove the reprehensible content and secure the accounts and we're conducting an investigation. a bear cub found hanging from a wall inside a tahoe home. how he ended up in this precarious position. >> ah
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we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most.
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♪ with fire season in full swing, some bay area residents are getting four-legged help clearing dry brush around their properties. this herd is currently munching away on the north oakland sports feel near the caldecott tunnel. it is expected to take them ten days to clear it. lake tahoe is famous for its clearwater but maybe not for long. a new uc davis report on the lake's health shows water c clarity has declined. researchers say some factors causing cloudiness include microscopic algae and more dirt flowing into the lake from increased car traffic in the basin. >> take a look at this.
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that's a bear cub. oh, dear, hanging from the window of a home in lake tahoe. >> hang on there. this little guy and his family apparently were sniffing around the home. he went off on his own and got stuck when a door closed behind him. >> poor thing, he probably saw the trees from the window and thought, i just need to get to there, i just need to get there, but i can't. >> yeah. >> the bear league rescued the little guy and reunited him with his mama and brother who were waiting outside. i'm sure they were so worried. >> just hanging on for dear life. poor little bear. >> he got curious and it didn't go so well. >> mom said, i told you not t go
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