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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  July 8, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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connected tv. i'm matt pieper, cbs news, new it's friday, july 8th it's friday, july 8th, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." breaking overnight, japan's former prime minister is shot during a campaign speech. what we know about his condition and the suspected gunman. protecting access to abortion. president biden will reportedly take executive action today just weeks after the supreme court ended the nationwide right to the procedure. and brittney griner pleads guilty to drug charges in russia. how that will impact efforts to bring her home. well, good morning, and good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we begin with breaking news out of japan where former japanese prime minister shinzo abe has been shot.
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it happened during an outdoor campaign speech. in this video you can see what appears to be a gun go off and then police wrestling a suspect to the ground. abe was rushed to the hospital and is said to be in grave condition. elizabeth palmer is in tokyo with what we know right now. >> reporter: former prime minister shinzo abe e was givin an unscheduled campaign speech in western japan when suddenly two shots rang out. [ gunfire ] his security detail immediately tackled the gunman, but it was too late. abe lay in the road with obvious gunshot wounds to the chest. the suspect has been identified by the police. he's a 41-year-old former military man and a local person who has told police he wanted to kill abe, that he had a grudge against him. abe is certainly a polarizing figure in japan, a right-wing hawk who had demanded changes to japan's pacifist constitution.
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but this act has shocked this country which has very little gun violence normally and even his political opponents are wishing him well. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, tokyo. also breaking overnight, president biden is expected to take executive action today on abortion. the white house says mr. biden will speak about protecting access to reproductive health care services. the "associated press" says the president is expected to formalize instructions for the justice department and hhs to push back on efforts limiting access to federally approved abortion medication. and it includes the ability for women to travel across state lines to obtain abortion services. the community of highland park, illinois, continues to grieve after monday's deadly parade shooting. today the first memorial services are planned for the victims of the rampage. bradley blackburn joining us from new york with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: anne-marie, services will be held today for
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three of the seven people who were killed at that fourth of july parade. the 21-year-old accused gunman remains in jail without bond, and the community in highland park is now doing what it can to heal. a message of hope is written on a storefront window blocks from the scene of monday's fourth of july mass shooting. on thursday fbi agents collected strollers, lawn chairs, and other items along the parade route and loaded them into a u-haul. all around highland park, residents are reflecting on friends, neighbors, and loved ones killed in the rampage. >> everybody loved her. just kind and selfless, and just a beautiful person. >> reporter: stacy primer remembers her friend katherine goldstein as a devoted wife and mother. this man describes the horrifying moment his cousin was killed in front of him. >> i looked at my daughter on my right, and she was diving to the ground. i looked to my left, my cousin was turning her head to look at me, and then her head popped down. >> reporter: the gunman used an ar-15-style weapon in his attack.
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an assault weapons ban was left out of the bipartisan gun safety legislation president biden signed last month. on thursday the white house said he remains determined to take action against them. >> the president believes that we need to ban assault weapons. this is something that he has talked about again for years, something that he wants to see happen. >> reporter: back in illinois, memorial services and funerals for three are scheduled for today. and there are growing questions about whether the father of the accused gunman could also be held liable. he co-signed his son's application for a state gun license. he's told reporters he thought his son would use the guns at a shooting range and says he did nothing wrong. >> yeah, a lot of people asking questions about the people who knew him the most including his parents and what they did and did not do. bradley blackburn in new york, thank you so much. wnba star brittney griner has pleaded guilty to drug possession charges and now finds herself facing a decade behind bars in russia.
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we have more on what griner said in court. >> reporter: pleading guilty to drug charges in russian court, griner said she accidentally packed cannabis oil in her bag. >> i'd like to plead guilty on the charges. had no intention on breaking any russian law. >> reporter: the wnba star has been in russian custody, and pressure is building to bring her home. >> we are not going to ever be quiet until she's home safely. >> reporter: the president responded to a letter griner wrote him from prison pleading for action. he called griner's wife wednesday telling her he is working to secure britney's release as soon as possible, as release as soon as possible, as well as the release of other nationals wrongfully detained. the whelan family is still waiting for their call from the president. >> the white house says on the one hand presidential calls, presidential meetings are not what's going to result in your family member being released.
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and then they do it for some people and not for others. >> griner's guilty plea, what impact does this have on the negotiations to try bring her home? >> it will have no impact on any of the negotiations. we're going to do everything that we can to bring home brittney griner safely and to also make sure that we bring paul whelan back home, as well. >> reporter: jonathan franks is a crisis management consult ant who worked on the release of marine veteran trevor reed in a prisoner swap this year. >> there's a number of strategic reasons why people would enter a guilty plea even if they're innocent. that may have been what happened here. after defiantly saying that he would fight on, british prime minister boris johnson is stepping down. johnson made the announcement yesterday outside 10 downing street. he said that he would stay on until his conservative party chooses a successor, though. johnson's resignation comes aftg
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intmof a politician cused of sexual misconduct.d foe unl t cipollone is tmeet comtte investigating the january 6th capitol attack today. the committee issued a subpoena for his testimony which will be conducted behind closed doors and videotaped. last week white house aide cassidy hutchinson testified that cipollone knew about potential criminal activity in the trump white house. europe is seeing a new wave of covid according to the european union. health officials say that it's being driven by highly transmissible mutations of the omicron variant. they say the mutations will be dominant by the end of the month. the cdc says the ba.5 variant is responsible for more than 55% of cases in the u.s. stay tuned for "cbs mornings." we will talk with specialist dr. celine gounder about the
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emerging variants and how to protect yourself. that is ahead on "cbs mornings." coming up now, the running returns. thousands run with the bulls down narrow streets in spain. and flames thaco seen for mes. explosn in texas. this is is the "cbs mornin news." ne if you have type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure you're a target for chronic kidney disease. you can already have it and not know it. if you have chronic kidney disease your kidney health could depend on what you do today. ♪far-xi-ga♪ farxiga is a pill that works in the kidneys to help slow the progression of chronic kidney disease. farxiga can cause serious side effects including dehydration, urinary tract or genital yeast infections in women and men, and low blood sugar. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may lead to death. a rare, life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur.
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...and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. zyrtec. muddle no more. as the day wakes up. and that voice begs you to quit. as the pain sets in. and the hill grows steeper. no matter what, we go on. biofreeze. some texas residents had to be evacuated from their homes some texas residents had to be evacuated from their homes after a natural gas pipeline exploded. it happened in ft. bend county. the flames could be seen from as far as 30 miles away. thankfully the explosion was in a field and did not threaten any homes or buildings. no word on what caused the explosion. another theranos executive is convicted, and derek chauvin is sentenced for violating george floyd's civil rights. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "the new york times" reports former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin was
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sentenced to 21 years in prison after pleading guilty to federal civil rights charges in the murder of george floyd. chauvin's sentence will run concurrently with his earlier minnesota state sentence of more than 22 years on murder and manslaughter charges. he'll be transferred from solitary confinement in a minnesota state prison to a federal prison. floyd's brother reacted to the sentence. >> chauvin showed that he had no conscience, he showed no empathy. he showed no compassion. i just don't understand in this world why. >> chauvin killed floyd by kneeling on his neck for more than nine minutes during a 2020 arrest. "usa today" reports former top theranos executive sonny balwani was convicted of fraud.i ofheir b-t. holmes was convicted of fraud
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and conspiracy earlier this year. she claimed balwani manipulated her into making poor choices. his attorneys blamed her. both face up to 20 years in prison. and our tampa affiliate, wtsp, says 1,000 invasive giant african snails have been collected in pasco county, florida. agriculture officials say they can eat at least 500 different types of plants. they can also consume paint and stucco off homes and carry diseases that affect humans. parts of pasco county are under quarantine which means that people cannot transport plants, soil, and other things unless approved by the state. still to come, unearthing a new dinosaur. we'll show you a ferocious new carnivore whose name was inspired by a creature in "game of thrones."
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪
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move over t-rex, there's a new big predator in town. paleontologists in argentina say that they've discovered a new species of dinosaur. it has small arms like the t-rex and was about 36-feet long and weighed more than four tons. its name, myraxusgigis was inspired by a dragon on "game of thrones." it lived as long as 145 million years ago. and it looks like the red-hot housing market may be cooling off a bit, and could elon musk's twitter takeover be falling apart? matt pieper has today's cbs "money watch" report. >> reporter: wall street rallied again thursday, extending the markets' winning streak to a fourth day and placing the major indices on pace for weekly gains.
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the dow took in 346. the nasdaq was up 259. s&p 500 gained 57. u.s. jobless claims rose to 235,000. that is the most in nearly six months. the numbers indicate that a historically tight job market is easing up as companies let go of workers amid economic uncertainty. the labor department releases its june jobs report today, and analysts expect that employers filled 276,000 jobs. now to mortgage rates and the cost of home borrowing is suddenly falling again. the 30-year fixed rate mortgage averaged 5.30% in the week ending july 7th, down from 5.70% the week before. it's fallen as looming fears of a recession grow. but having the money to buy a home still remains a challenge. mortgage rates are at the highest levels since the late 2000s. and elon musk's twitter takeover is reportedly in serious jeopardy over spam
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accounts. "the washington post" says musk's team has stopped engaging in certain discussions around funding for the $44 billion deal. the tesla founder's team has doubts concluding it cannot verify twitter's figures on spam accounts. for its part, twitter says fake users represent less than 5% of its user base. it's is your cbs "money watch" report. i'm matt pieper, cbs news, new york. tennis star rafael nadal is out at wimbledon. the 22-time major champion withdrew because of a torn abdominal muscle that he suffered earlier in the tournament. the 36-year-old aggravated it during wednesday's quarterfinal victory that lasted more than four hours. nadal was supposed to face unseeded australian nick krygios in the semifinals. he advances to his first major final on sunday. up next, remembering a big-screen legend. we will look back at james caan's roles in some of hollywood's most iconic movies.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ for the first time since the start of the pandemic, the
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famous running of the bulls returned to pamplona, spain. thousands were chased through the streets of the city yesterday. and we are mourning the loss of one of the true greats in the acting world. for six decades, james caan played some of hollywood's most iconic roles. mark strassmann takes a look back at his life and career. >> reporter: sonny corleone, "the godfather's" oldest son was volatile. >> you got to get him close -- >> reporter: but james caan the actor was versatile and surprisingly vulnerable as barbra streisand's husband in "funny lady," john wayne's side kick in "el dorado" and the father of an elf. >> you look like you came from the north pole -- >> that's exactly where i came from. >> i fought always never to be the same person. i wanted never to be the same person. >> reporter: a tough kid from
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new york city, caan played football at michigan state. acting he tried on an impulse. millions watched him in "brian's song," the 1971 made-for-tv movie about two chicago bears teammates. one black, one white, dying from cancer. >> i'll see you tomorrow. >> if you say so. >> reporter: caan could be self-destructive, cocaine addiction, near financial ruin, four marriages. but he always fought back from misery. >> it bothers you -- >> it has no nobility. >> reporter: he played a hobbled writer being held hostage by a crazed fan. he also liked to tweet candid photos from movie sets which felt like home to him. >> enjoy working. i have a lot of laughs. and i get respect, too, sometimes. >> reporter: james caan was 82. mark strassmann, cbs news, atlanta. well, coming up on "cbs mornings," singer/songwriter
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right now, breaking news out of japan where the former prime minister has died from a gunshot wound. we have the latest on the incident causing international outcry. also we're learning about a new tool helping the state
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during wildfire season. the new tool giving firefighters an extra edge. and we're starting out a beautiful morning today. we do have a warmup coming our way. i'll show you how high those temperatures are about to go. and it's friday, so lighter conditions on the freeway than we normally see but there is road work planned for 101 that will definitely slow down your drive. it is 5:00 a.m. time for a look at the top stories. japan's former prime minister shinzo abe was shot and killed as he gave a campaign speech in western japan. the suspect shot at abe twice with a homemade weapon. the 67-year-old former prime minister was airlifted to a hospital and died shortly thereafter. the suspect was motivated by his dissatisfaction with abe. many world leaders have already taken time to react to this tragic news this morning. >> our thoughts, our prayers are with him, with his family, with the people of japan. this is a


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