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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 8, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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>> and i'm elizabeth cook. kpix 5 discovered the restaurant is being flooded with one star reviews from scammers thousands of miles away. >> this is a family run restaurant in san francisco's lakeside restaurant. and as you know, reviews are everything. so, when the owners started getting one star reviews every day, it was devastating. >> we thought, oh, my goodness. what did we do? who did we upset? >> it's horrible. it's going to take my business down. >> reporter: this husband and wife and kelly own this restaurant serving up american cuisine with flavors of the yucatan. during the pandemic, thieves broke into their business three times. and now they're getting hit
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again, this time online. scammers are leaving negative one star google review ratings about their restaurant. >> if you go from 4.8 down to 4.0, i mean, ratings, people don't read, you know. they don't read why. they just assume that something's wrong with the restaurant, right? and then they go ahead and -- they may not come visit you. it can really destroy your restaurant. >> reporter: in all, they received 11 one star google reviewed. then came the emails from the scammers themselves saying they were from india threatening to keep sending one star reviews unless they were sent a $75 google play gift card. >> i think that's awful. that's awful. small businesses, you have to support them. >> they reached out to google for help, but at first google said they reviewed the negative ratings and did not find any violations of its policies.
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but then a few days later, the one star reviews were taken down. >> we would love for people to come and support us. >> and nobody hates us hopefully. oh, my gosh, someone really hates us out there. and hopefully google can keep this under control, right? we still wake up every morning and wonder if there's going to be another review. we don't know if this is the end of it. >> reporter: through this whole ordeal the owners just want google to have a better system in place to check these scammers so this doesn't happen again. in san francisco, mary lee, kpix 5. >> now, google allows reviewers to leave star ratings with no text. so far the company has not responded to our request for comment about their policy. tonight twitter is vowing to sue elon musk for every penny he promised before he abruptly dropped his $44 billion deal to buy the platform. musk claims the company failed to provide enough information about the number of bot or spam
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accounts, which twitter estimates as no more than 5%. musk thinks there's a lot more. cnn editor at large says get ready for a long legal battle. >> twitter can bring him to court to try and force the deal, saying, look, he has spent the last few months criticizing our executives, questions the fundamentals of our business, criticizing everything we do, and they could argue that they can't return to being the business they were before he showed up, that he's destroyed whatever twitter was. >> musk backed out of the deal after the markets closed. but twitter stock dropped another 5% after hours. the announcement had the opposite effect on tesla stock, pushing it higher. san francisco's new interim d.a. is wrapping up her first day on the job. brook jenkins promised to usher in a new era at her swearing in ceremony today. >> as the district attorney, i plan to restore the accountability and the consequences that have been lost
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in the criminal justice system in san francisco. violent and repeat offenders can no longer be allowed to victimize this city without any consequence. >> jenkins is vowing to take a hardline approach on open air drug markets, hate crimes, and property crimes. and that is welcomed news for some san francisco businesses that have become regular targets for thieves. among them, a flower shop owner in the sunset district whose business was burglarized and set on fire last year. the person behind it all is still on the loose. >> i just wanted him to get to be caught, you know? i wanted the police to catch him. and if he gets caught based on what i've heard, i've seen on tv, that he probably will just get a slap on his hand. i'm sure she's going to do her best not to disappoint all her supporters. and any change is a good change. >> jenkins is replacing her former boss, who she helped to recall. he said in a statement today,
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quote, i am proud of the work we did to serve victims and to bring much needed reforms and accountability to our justice system. this is work i will continue in the months and years ahead. san francisco police are offering a $100,000 reward to solve a 21-year-old murder. 25-year-old mother of two, paula brian, was last seen in june of 2001 near the bar near sixth and mission. she was found dead hours later near harriet street. the suspect is described as a white male about 6 feet tall driving a red car. he had a muscular build and had short pants. if you know anything about him, call the tipline or text a tip to tip411. santa rosa police seized more than a dozen ghost guns from two homes in sonoma county. they arrested a 32-year-old man who they say used a 3d printer to illegally manufacture and sell those guns. detectives discovered a
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10-year-old child left alone and had access to those guns. a wildfire in yosemite national park rages on. a campground on site has been evacuated. the fire started near the washburn trail. 466 acres have been were scorched near the southern entrance of the park. the area is closed to visitors so fire crews can get access. the giant sequoias are not in immediate danger. if you're headed up to tahoe for the weekend, you may encounter smoke from that fire. the national weather service says smoke from the fire could drift into the tahoe area. back in the bay area, cal fire stopped progress of a five-acre fire that forced the evacuation of about 20 homes just west of morgan hill. this is off arns by lane just northeast of the reservoir. you can see how close it came to at least one of those homes at the bottom of that hill. and to the north in lake county, a fire that started in a
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structure quickly spread across 20 acres in lower lake. no additional buildings were damaged. cal fire is now p monthing it up. if you drive a large suv you might want to make a habit of checking your tires. >> activists have started deflating them to call attention to climate change. da lin spoke with a couple of victims in vacaville. >> reporter: vacaville mom has two boys with autism. she and her husband coach youth sports. >> they can accomplish anything you set your mind to. >> reporter: she works as a registered nurse. so, between her job, the kids, the kids on her team, and taking care of a disabled aunt, she puts a lot of mileage on her suv. her tire pressure sensor came on. >> sensor on my tire was on 6. >> she parked the car and found the problem. >> my tire was totally flat. i noticed the paper on my
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windshield. >> reporter: the flier says a climate activist has deflated the tire because suvs are bad for the environment. >> your gas guzzler kills. i was angry about that because my gas guzzler does not kill. >> reporter: she says her suv is a lifeline in her community. it helps her transport special needs children to many sports events. >> shame on them. very disappointing. and it shouldn't have happened. >> reporter: the same thing happened to her vacaville around the same time a few blocks away. >> it said that my tire was down to 1 psi, and i could feel it. so, i just turned around and parked. >> reporter: nicole waters found the same flier on her honda pilot and a deflated tire. >> i get where they're coming from, but you can't affect other people's personal property. >> reporter: whether it's a person or a group, it appears they're removing the valve cap and removing the air in the middle of the night.
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vacaville police are aware of several reports on social media, but so far only one person has filed a police report. >> often times we'll be able to piece things together and use evidence from various crime scenes in order to give us leads. so, we're encouraging anyone who has information to give us that information. >> reporter: in vacaville, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> an anonymous group called the tire extinguishers claimed responsibility for all of this. they told us via email they plan to expand their tampering to other bay area cities. still to come, shock and sadness after former japanese prime minister shinzo abe is assassinated. his impact on the tech industry right here in the bay area. friends avoiding even casual contact in fear of contracting monkeypox. the growing calls for the federal government to release more vaccines. women from other states going to great lengths to get abortions. the influx of patients at california clinics. and californians are finally starting to cut back on their
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water usage. but is it enough? is. the fog is already moving back in, but it did back up to the coast quickly enough for temperatures to warm up inland. close to 90 in santa rosa and concord. not quite that warm tomorrow, though w we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most.
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the japanese and american flags in san francisco's japantown are flying at half staff tonight in honor of japan's former prime minister shinzo abe. he was shot and killed in broad daylight while speaking at a campaign rally near osaka. security guards tackled and arrested the 41-year-old suspect, who reportedly used a homemade gun in the attack. stanford scholars who met abe say the impact of his work will live on not only in japan but here in the bay area. >> he had a particularly big impact here on us in the bay area. he put out the word that he thought japanese companies really should come and be here.
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>> because of the efforts like prime minister abe, we do have much better relationships between our two countries. and that does impact how people such as myself are perceived. >> the bay area council says today more than 80 companies from japan have a presence locally. as more cases of monkeypox emerge in the bay area, people are rushing to getci against thebutre fding there is a lot of availability just yet. the feds have put in an order for 2.5 million doses. in the meantime, some friends in the castro are foregoing even casual contact like handshakes. >> if we don't get ahead of this virus and contain it, it's not just going to be affecting gay and bi- men. it's going to move out into the general population. >> while monkeypox is much less contagious than covid, cases have been ticking steadily upward since pride weekend. monkeypox cases have doubled in california the past week of the 141 probably or confirmed cases.
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52 are here in san francisco. tonight a big increase in women coming to california for abortions. >> left arizona at 10:00 p.m. on friday, left phoenix with her friend, drove through the night, got to our center in san bernardino, slept in the car from about 4:00 a.m. when they arrived to 6:30 when the appointment was. and then right afterwards got in the car and drove home. it was a 4 minute and 12 second procedure. >> in the two weeks leading up to the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade, planned parenthood clinics in orange and san bernardino counties saw nine out of state patients. in the two weeks after, they say 21, mostly from texas and arizona. southern california clinics are also seeing an influx of patients from up and down the state. that's because their closest clinics are booked solids with patients from other states. >> a new report shows californians are finally starting toen coserve water, but
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not much. state-wide usage fell by 3% in may compared with may of 2021. the bay area did better as a region. places like rona mark and burling gain cut about 2%. this follows two months in a row where the state reported double digit increases in water use. zblnchts let's take a look outside right now, a live look from san francisco. you can see, oh, carl. >> there it is. >> it's back. >> he's here. first alert meteorologist is also here for us. paul, we're not going to see any rain, but we'll take the humidity. >> exactly, the fog does provide some moisture. the plants can breathe that in if the marine layer makes its way in far enough inland. we'll settle for the fog. we'll see some of that along with some drizzle along the coast and for some of the higher terrain as we head through the evening, overnight hours, higher terrain along the coast, that is. near normal temperatures tomorrow. lingering clouds with low fog and cloud cover in the morning.
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then afternoon sunshine. a lot of temperatures to warm up to normal. inland heat building by sunday and monday. it's not going to be ridiculously hot sunday and monday, but just toasty. right now, which camera is this? i happen to know it's sutro tower but otherwise you wouldn't be able to tell because of the fog rolling in. it's down to 63 in oakland, 68 in san francisco. inland temperatures still in the 70s. its a nice evening out there. just definitely breezy in the city and along the coast with the on shore wind reasserting itself. that's going to help to push the fog inland, farther inland than we saw this morning. and the fog layer is going to be a little bit thicker. it will take a bit extra time for the fog to dissipate tomorrow. it is going to back up to the coast by lunchtime at the latest. but the slower trend of the fog backing up means temperatures aren't going to be quite as warm as today. mid to upper 50s to around 60 degrees, normal for the middle of july. temperatures climb slowly until the fog backs up.
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once we get to noon, inland temperatures in the 70s while 60s around the bay and upper 50s close to the coast. you're going to be about 5 degrees below normal but low to mid 80s for north bay, low r8s for santa clara. no 90s on the map in july? not bad at all. 60s and 70s around the bay is where we're supposed to be. if you're going to be heading out and about, the art and wine festival in los altos, temperatures topping upper 70s on saturday. the heat is going to continue to build, which means we've got one more day of a -- okay fire danger index. the highest value we're going to see tomorrow afternoon around a 3 or 4. below the halfway point but i think we are going to be climbing a bit with the higher fire threat with the hotter temperatures and lower humidity
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values by sunday and monday. temperatures don't climb much in san francisco. near 90 in oakland for a couple days. in san jose, sunday and monday are going to be the hottest days in the seven day forecast for everybody across the board. low 90s inland and the east bay. some of those usual hotter spots for eastern contra costa county and solano county maybe sliming to 97 or 98. but everybody staying below 100 degrees. that's not much of a heat wave by july standards. then we're back down to near normal temperatures the rest of next week, which is a mix of clouds and sunshine. by wednesday and thursday, a little bit of monsoonal moisture in southern california, but i don't think it's going to bother us. more than $100 million is coming down the track to muni. how it will benefit riders but only on certain lines. join us monday for our new 7:00 a.m. newscast, streaming live on cbs news bay area. find us on pluto tv channel
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muni's on track for a $116 million cash infusion. that grant funding will go toward reliability improvements on the k and n trains and the
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38r gary busline. it will also fund two phases of muni's train control upgrade project. tonight oakland is celebrating the grand opening of a new community center that goes well beyond what you normally expect. the center on mcarthur boulevard honors the doctor whose work addresses the root causes of health disparities. her group provides meals and health care to those who need it and money to prevent evictions. >> i respect you so much. you have done so much for our beloved hometown. and there is no one that i can imagine out of the nearly 40 million californians who deserve this honor more than you. >> doctor was also given a $250,000 grant to continue her work. the san francisco zoo has some -- look at that -- fluffy new residents. but why you will not see them on
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penguin island just yet.
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♪ well, grammy award winning string band old crow medicine show is set to perform in san francisco this weekend. the band is known for their social messaging on political and environmental issues. they say fans can expect a bit of a musical buffet. and the bill picket rodeo trots back into the east bay this weekend. the event founded in 1984 celebrates black cowboys and cowgirls who helped shape the american west. the rodeo runs this saturday and sunday. events start at 2:30 in castro valley. the san francisco zoo introduced its new residents today. look at them. ah. five penguin chicks that hatched in may. up until now they've been cared
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for by their parents and they're not quite ready for the water just yet because their feathers aren't water proof. and they can't swim. so, for now, they're off to fish school, where they will learn how to socialize and how to be fed by hand. if they pass, they will be back on penguin island some time this summer. i didn't realize there's fish school. >> if they pass? fish school. and there's pop quizzes and homework and lessons. >> mom, i got a gold start. >> i graduated from fish school. not everybody graduates. >> i didn't know their
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