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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  July 11, 2022 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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welcome back to "face the nation." we want to continue our repuican governor glenn ia youngkin. governor youngkin, you were just in nebraska on saturday speaking to republicans across the country. you have also said president biden was legitimately elected. former president trump continues to falsely claim the 2020 election was stolen. should he stop saying that? >> let me begin with my trip to nebraska, which was really great fun. governor rickets really helped me in my face and it was a great chance for me to show up and help in the next race to elect a republican in nebraska. one of the things i'm really focussed on is helping
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republican governors get elected. i have a big job in virginia, and it takes the vast majority of my time. i think there is spots i can be helpful. the other thing we plan on doing this year is helping congressional wins in virginia. i think there is a great opportunity there. >> what about former president trump? >> well, i think this is a moment for the republican party to recognize exactly what i recognized last year, was this is not a or moment but an and moment. we brought together virginians last near, forever trumpers, never trumpers, independents, democrats. the largest voter turn-out for black virginiana. i think this is the future of the republican party, which is to recognize that we have to come together in these common sense kitchen table issues on the forefront of everybody's mind, inflation, school, safe communities, an economy that isn't stealing everybody's hard
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working money through inflation but gives them a job. >> you are talking about 2020. >> this is a job we can win. >> former president trump should stop talking about it? >> what i did last year was i focussed on 2021, and we had 5,000 people come and volunteer at elections, and that gave everybody confidence in our election process. they showed up and voted in record numbers for the gvernor's race and we won. >> the january 6th committee continues. some members of the committee believe the former president has criminal wrongdoing. there are many revolutions made by this committee. can you continue to support someone like president trump? >> well, let me begin with what happened on january 6th with the invasion of our capitol was awful. and it's a blight on our democracy. i have to be honest, though. i talk to thousands of virginians. and the topics they want to talk about are not january 6th. what they want to talk about is
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run-away inflation, gas prices, crime in their communities, education and the rights of parents to be engaged in their kids' schools. i just fundamentally believe that the media's attention on this, while it is important to the media, is not what voters are focussed on. >> it is not just the media. governor hogan said president trump shouldn't run again. is that your view? >> president trump is going to do what president trump wants to do. my job is to demonstrate that republican agenda, low taxes and great schools and safe communities and, by the way, a thriving economy that's working with companies like boeing moving to virginia, this is the republican agenda of the future. this is the one i think we're delivering in virginia. i think this is the one that will carry a red wave across the nation this year. >> that's your agenda, your focus. you also have political capital. every reporter wants to know how
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you use that. you have a political action committee that's busy right now. will you support and spend money through your pac to help candidates like the election denier running for governor in pennsylvania on the republican side? >> well, i believe what i can do with our supporters is, first, get congressional representatives elected in virginia. first and foremost. i think the road to the majority in our house of representatives comes through virginia. i will spend realtime making sure we win those elections. then i believe there are governors elections around the country where i think i can make a difference. >> is he one of them? >> i have a huge job in virginia, so i have to be careful in how much time i spent out of virginia. we're still working on my agenda. but i think there are states like virginia where people recognize that a democratic governor has not done a good job and a republican governor like republican governors all over america can do a good job. those are the ones i will go support. we haven't figured out where i'm
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going yet. at the end of the day, i will help some republican governors get elected. >> when you look at a map, nebraska right next to iowa, the early voting state in the next presidential election. are you open to considering a run for president in 2024? >> first, i am hugely humbled by this discussion that's going on. >> so donors have come to you. >> and the reality of course is i think it's based on the fact that i won in a state that was blue and we turned it red. i ran on a platform that we're delivering. and i often find it shocking that people are surprised that a person runs for office and then goes to work to deliver on what they promised they were going to do. so i think my job is to be a great governor in virginia. >> but are you open to considering, along with your family, the idea of a presidential run in 2024? >> that's not a decision that we have even begun to undertake. the reality, of course, is i
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have been governor of virginia for six months. we have an extraordinary amount dne. a record budget for education. $400 million in to law enforcement to raise salaries and keep our communities safe. >> i hope if you make a decision you come back here and break the news with cbs. >> great. >> governor youngkin, thank you so much for being here, and we'll be right back. tastes great in our iced coffees too. which makes waking up at 5 a.m. to milk the cows a little easier. (moo) mabel says for you, it's more like 5:15. man: mom, really?
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a crispy, craveable 100-calorie snack. this is the gillettelabs with exfoliating bar. the bar in the handle removes unseen dirt and debris ahead of the blades, for effortless shaving in one efficient stroke. former president trump's white house lawyer talked with the white house committee. they say they received critical system on nearly every major topic in its investigation, reinforcing key points regarding donald trump's misconduct and providing highly relevant new information that will play a central role in its upcoming hearings. we're back with maryland democratic congressman jamie raskin. he will be a lead questioner in tuesday's january 6th committee
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hearing. good morning. thanks for being here. >> delighted to be with you, robert. >> a rare statement from the cmmittee friday. what will we hear tuesday? and will it include some of cipillone? >> well, we will continue the story of donald trump's attempt to overthrow the 2020 presidential election. and at the last hearings, we showed how lots of doors were closing on him, if not all the way at least part of the way with the state legislatures. that didn't work for him. the department of justice mini coup didn't work for him. the attempt to get the doj say the election was corrupt had not come through. the effort to intimidate election officials like secretary of state brad r raffensperger had not succeeded. he is turning his attention to january the 6th.
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we are going to get to use a lot of mr. cipillone's testimony to corroborate other things we have learned along the way. he was the white house council at the time. he was aware of every major move donald trump was using to overseed the presidency. i consider his testimony valuable. >> we will see him perhaps on video or part of his testimony excerpted. but who will we have in the hearing room as live witnesses? >> well, one of the things that people are going to learn is the fundamental importance of a meeting that took place in the white house on december the 18th. and on that day, the group of lawyers, of outside lawyers who have been dnominated team crazy by people in and out of the white house, came in to try to urge several new courses of action, including the certain
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your of voting machines around the country. and, so, some of the people involved in that were sydney powell, rudy giuliani was around for part of that discusson. michael flynn was around for that. but against this team crazy were an inside group of lawyers who essentially wanted the president at that point to acknowledge that he had lost the election and were far more willing to accept the reality of his defeat at that point. so -- so there will be -- there will be other witnesses coming. >> witnesses who were at the december 18th, 2020 meeting? first-hand witnesses? >> no, no. there will be testimony about that, that -- there will be other kinds of evidence submitted about that. but there will be other witnesses and i'm afraid i'm not authorized to disclose who those witnesses are at this point. >> if anyone is authorized, it's
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you. what about steve bannon? seems to be signaling he's willing to come in. do you buy it? is it a genuine offer and will you accept it? >> look, we want everyone's testimony. we talked to more than a thousand people. to me, it vindicates the way our system of justice works and the way our democracy works and legislative democracy works. well, the -- i understand from reports today he's had a change of heart and after watching presumably all of these people come forward, you know, including cassidy hutchinson he's decided he wants to come in. if he wants to come in, i'm certain the committee would be interested in hearing from him. >> would it be closed door with bannon because he could go out there and pontificate. >> they come in. they talk to the committee. there is -- if they're going to take a deposition, they're sworn under oath.
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it's videotaped. it's recorded. and then we take it from there. >> bannon was at the willard hotel in washington, d.c. on the night of january 5th, 2021, the eve of the insurrection. what are we going to learn from your testimony on tuesday about the willard hotel. steve bannon, rudy giuliani. is there a real connection between those so-called war rooms, the violence outside, the proud boys and the oath keepers gathering? and what was happening inside the west wing? >> well, i think your question practically answers itself. donald trump was of course the central figure who set everything into motion. he was the person, rob, who identified january 6th as the date for the big protest. and he announced that in his tweet in the middle of the night on december 19th after a crazy meeting, one that has been described as a crazy meeting in the entire trump presidency
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ended december 18th and mark meadows escorted rudy giuliani out the door. it sort of ended at that point. and then just an hour or two later, donald trump sent out the tweet that would be heard around the world, the first time in american history when a president of the united states called a protest against his own government, in fact, to try and stop the counting of electoral college votes in an election he lost. absolutely unprecedented. nothing like that ever happened before. people will hear the story of that tweet and then the explosive effects it had in trump world and specifically among the domestic violence extremist groups, the most dangerous political extremists in the country at that point. >> what about the spouse of supreme court clarence thomas. her lawyer says she doesn't want to appear.
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will she appear before your committee? >> again, it is like steve bannon. the vast majority of people, young, middle-aged, old. cassidy is a great example. have done their civic duty. have done their patriotic duty. have come forward and say i'm going to tell you everything i know. >> what is your message to her?? ginni thomas. >> if you have relevant information, if you are a material witness in any respect to these events, come forward and tell us what you know. >> can you force her hand? >> again, you know, i don't want to enter into questions and negotiations about specific witnesses. i mean, it is kind of a violation of our responsibility to the public. but we are telling everybody in the public, come forward and tell us what you know. and, you know, if you get a subpoena, i mean, a subpoena is not an invitation to a valentine's day party. a subpoena is telling you -- the
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world subpoena means under penalty of law. you get a subpoena. you come in. >> when you look at your previous comments, you said these hearings would, quote, blow the roof off the house. major hearing this week on tuesday. another major hearing on thursday. will your statement still standby friday, that these hearings will blow the roof off the house? >> well, not literally, certainly. but i think what i meant is that when you add all of this up together, it is the greatest political offense against the union by a president of the united states in our history. nothing comes close to it. it -- you know, the -- >> a criminal offense. >> the attempt -- the attempt to overthrow the result of a presidential election through a political coup and the mobilization of an armed violent mob cannot really be compared to anything else a president has done. it makes the watergate break-in
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look like the work of cub scouts. so i -- i just hope that we're telling everything we know in a competent and effective way to the american people because, you know, madison said that in a democracy, the people have the right to the most awful truth, which is the truth about the nature of government and their rulers. and we need americans to look very carefully at what happened. >> congressman, thank you. the next hearing will be on tuesday, july 12th. you can watch it right here on cbs on our broadcast and our streaming network. we'll be back in a moment.
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during the final weeks of the trump presidency, including the day the capitol was attack, british film maker alex holder had behind the scenes access to president trump and his circle. the footage his team gathered was subpoenaed by the committee. and investigators have interviewed holder as they seek to piece together what happened. alex holder, three part documentary series
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"unprecedented" premiers today on discovery plus. he is here with us this morning. good morning, alex. >> good morning. >> your document, which i have watched, powerful footage of the brutal violence on january 6th. your documentary also focuses on the trump family in an intense way. do they feel any culpability for what happened? >> in my interactions with them, no, not at all. i think president trump when i interviewed him in mar-a-lago, he doubled down on the position. in fact, he even says that the reason why the protesters went into the capitol on january 6th was because they had believed that the election was stolen. well, who told them that the election was stolen other than him? and then with respect to his children, they declined to discuss the subject of january 6th. so i think that their silence will be for up to viewers to determine what that means. >> you and your crew captured
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this amazing moment in january 2021 with vice president pence as he has to confront a decision on something most vice presidents never have to make a decision about, whether to invoke the 25th amendment. let's take a look at that moment. >> i joined the senate democrat leader on calling on the vice president to remove this president by immediately invoking the 25th amendment. ♪ >> if the vice president or cabinet do not act, the congress may be prepared to move forward with impeachment. >> 7:48. >> that's when i received it. but the house members got it a while back. >> yeah.
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excellent. tell zach to print me off a hard copy for the print home. >> sure, great. >> i'm always hopeful about america. i always believe that america's best days are yet to come. and i still believe that. what did you witness behind the scenes that day that you may have shared with the january 6th committee that we didn't see? >> i mean, that day was pretty extraordinary. this is six days or so after the events of january 6th. we're now in the white house in the ceremonial room of the vice president. and we saw things in the corridors of desks that was upended and chairs outside because they were obviously moving out for the new administration. there was this sort of really
3:23 am
dower, quite depressed mood in the building at that time. some of the aids around the vice president as well were also talking quietly, whispering. it was a very uncomfortable situation. the vice president sits in and walks down. on that day he was probably the most famous man in the world because this was all about the 25th amendment and whether or nt he was going to invoke this procedure. so it was an extraordinary day. he sits down on the chair. and myself and also our director of photography saw it was from the speaker's office. and we captured this extraordinary moment and also the aftermath of it as well. so it was -- we were walking history all the way through this entire process of making this documentary. and i hope people tune in and watch it and see these incredible moments unfold. >> you were walking through history. you were with the trump family again and again. and you cast them as a family that's also a brand and it's a brand that cannot accept defeat. do you believe the former
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president will run again? >> oh, i don't know whether or not he'll run again. >> you have been up close with him. >> i think he tends to not do the same thing twice when he fails. and i think the reason for that, and this is what the series shows, is that it's all about the brand. it's all about the word "trump" and the association of the word "trump" to failure is something that he can't accept and his kids can't accept. so the idea it may happen again, that he might fail again is something that would be something that he could not accept. so maybe he might take the risk. maybe he won't. we'll see. >> you spoke to former president trump about democracy. what did that conversation reveal to you? >> well, i don't think he really understands what that really means. when i was sitting in front of him in the white house on, you know, sort of four or five days after his own attorney general said there is no evidence to support his claims of election malfeasance and he's giving me all these different reasons as
3:25 am
to why there is election issues and how we need to intervene and we need to get brave and courageous judges, i mean, this isn't a man that fully understands what it means t - w democracy really means. >> you have probably spent more time with donald trump jr., eric trump and ivanka trump than almost anyone else outside of that family. do you believe they are angling to continue the trump brand politically and run for office at some point in the future? >> i wouldn't be surprised if they do. i mean, don jr. certainly came across, at least in my interactions with him and in the series people will see he does have an interest in politics for sure and he goes into the background of where his political awakening comes from, which is really interesting. i think ivanka we'll see as well. but ultimately with these -- with this family and what the series shows is this sort of -- the dynamic, the sort of succession and vibe, the dynamic between the three children and the relationship they have with
3:26 am
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and what that means for your life. tune in to dr. jeremiah's new series, "christ above all", on the next "turning point", right here on this station. that's it for us today. thanks for watching. don't forget, if you can't watch us live, be sure to set your dvrs and watch us later. margaret will be back later this week. for "face the nation," i'm robert costa.
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i'm elise preston, cbs news, new york. this is the "cbs overnight news." we begin tonight with new developments from that january 6th committee investigating the capitol attack and what many have called an attack on american democracy. so far the committee has held six hearings and this week we could see the final two. the back-to-back hearings will focus on white nationalist groups and what former president donald trump was doing as the capitol was under siege. today we're learning new information from the closed door testimony of pat cipollone.