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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 11, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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in the south bay. the new technology that could churn out more tickets. >> right now kpix 5 news at 7:00 and streaming on cbs news bay area, fire crews gaining ground on a 2,800 acre fire called the washburn fire burning in yosemite. good evening. i'm ryan yamamoto. >> i'm sarah donchey. >> some of the oldest giant sequoias seem to have been spared but the smoke is impacting the bay area. here's what it looks like for crews on the front lines. firefighters stripping vegetation from the forest floor, hosing down trees to try and make the area a little bit more humid and resilient. the grove is home to hundreds of ancient sequoias but luckily they're proving tough against these flames. the smoke from the fire has been drifting over the bay area. >> taking a live look out across the bay area from san jose and the diablo range, it's been a little hazy today, but luckily things have started to clear up a bit. the smoke from yosemite's
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washburn fire along with the local marsh fire impacting air quality. >> i know the smoke can be a little deceptive sometimes when it comes to air quality. >> we've seen it in the atmosphere but we saw this back on orange sky. what's elevated in the atmosphere doesn't mean we're breathing that at ground level. you saw a little haze on the horizon, but our sensors have been registering good air quality in most locations throughout the day. that precautionary air quality advisory for the north and east bay, we didn't see any of that smoke reaching all the way down to ground level. the smoke is still being produced by the washburn fire. the smoke farther up from the atmosphere is going to be directed away from the bay area over the next couple days as onshore winds are going to kick in and push that smoke farther off to the north, initially more towards tahoe where air quality is going to be a concern for the next couple of days, but then over parts of nevada as well. air quality over the bay area is
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going to be fine. that on shore breeze is also going to be dropping temperatures close to normal for this time of year. around the bay, average temperatures tomorrow. we'll check out the full seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. wildfires aren't the only thing impacting our air quality. thick black smoke filled the skies of oakland after a fire at a homeless encampment. part of that encampment has gone up in flames before. time-lapse video shows how thick the smoke got as it spread over oakland and parts of the east bay. the flames broke out just after 10:00 this morning at 34th and wood. firefighters say things got pretty dangerous after propane tanks and rvs started exploding. from this camera shot, you can see how that large plume spread over the city. the chp had to close part of i-880 while crews worked on the flames. no word yet on what started the fire, but it started around the same time that caltrans and other agencies were nearby moving abandoned and stolen
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vehicles. supply chain problems now having a profound effect on the state's economy. >> but the station is about to get even worse as new emissions rules will eliminate tens of thousands of trucks from california roads. >> john ramos on the looming deadline. >> reporter: back in 2008, governor arnold schwarzenegger signed into law a new set of regulations for trucks and buses to reduce pollution. the final rule will go into effect this january 1st banning diesel trucks with engines made before 2010. >> so this is one of the most significant mobile source regulations that california as a state has ever taken on air quality and in terms of protecting public health and our communities. >> reporter: but while the law has been on the books for 14 years now, its implementation couldn't be coming at a worse time. the pandemic has caused supply chain problems and a shortage of drivers. and now at the new year's stroke
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of midnight, an estimated 80,000 trucks will suddenly become illegal in california. >> you're going to knock out at the port of oakland, with this rule, about 1,800 owner/operators who simply don't have the wherewithal right now, because of the economic conditions, to replace those trucks. >> that includes daniel cuellar. he bought his used tractor-trailer five years ago, but its engine missed compliance by one year. at the end of this year, what is this truck going to be worth? >> trash. you got to sell it either to another state or take it to another country. >> it can't operate here in california? >> no, no more. >> reporter: that's causing the value of older trucks to plummet while the price of newer compliant models is skyrocketing. many costing more than when they were new. and because of factory slowdowns and the computer chip shortage, if you're looking for a brand-new truck, forget about it. >> you can't even order one.
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they won't accept an order. >> reporter: joe with the wes western states trucking association said the state just assumed that by creating the mandate, truck manufacturers would catch up to the demand. but he says the pandemic has made that impossible even as regulators hold fast to their deadline. >> we're not building a bridge to the future. we're shotgunning this marriage, and it's not going to work. >> reporter: the ban applies to all trucks moving through the state, so there are dire predictions about what will happen to the supply chain as imported manufactured goods arrive at california ports for distribution across the country. daniel cuellar says he wants to remain a trucker but says it certainly isn't getting any easier. do you ever think about moving out of california? >> when i hear all these laws, yes. why not? i tell my wife, let's move to nevada, some other place. >> reporter: in the east bay, john am oes, kpix 5. los angeles may be poised to follow petaluma's lead in banning new gas stations.
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petaluma was the first city to ever make that move when it passed an ordinance last year. the bill in l.a. would not only ban new gas stations but would prevent existing ones from adding pumps. the fuel industry warns that will drive prices up. >> you cut back on a commodity that we all use every single day and make it tougher to find, that often means that costs are only going to go up. >> this is not a difference anyone will notice in a city with well over 500 gas stations. >> under the proposal, only electric vehicle charging stations would be allowed to be added. now to a major break in a bay area cold case. almost 30 years later. a 58-year-old man has been arrested in the murder of a 25-year-old tech worker. 25-year-old adobe employee laurie houts was strangled after leaving work in mountain view back in 1992. well, this weekend, suspect john kevin woodward was arrested at jfk airport in connection with her murder. woodward was actually tried twice for this murder in the
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'90s, but both trials resulted in a hung jury, and he moved to the netherlands. but detectives reopened the case in the past two years and ran old dna and fingerprint evidence that came up as a match to woodward. this evening, we heard from laurie's sister. >> you know, my very first reaction was, like, oh, my god, yes. they're going to do it again, and maybe we'll get him this time. and then after you get through that little bit of, like, thrill, like, oh, yay, you think, you know, she's not coming back. >> as for a motive, prosecutors say woodward lived with laurie's boyfriend and was jealous after developing romantic feelings for him that were not reciprocated. and jury selection is under way this week in the kristin smart murder trial in monterey county. smart vanished 26 years ago. he shz a freshman at cal poly and disappeared after attending a party. paul flores is accused of murdering her while his father is accused of accessory to
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murder. the father and son will be tried at the same time that will have separate juries that will rotate in and out of the courtroom. opening statements start monday in salinas. the trial is expected to last into october. on the covid watch, there is yet another extremely infectious mutation. the ba 2.75 strain has been confirmed in california. cases have been identified in at least 12 countries. the strain is now driving a surge in india. two cases have been confirmed in california. they were picked up in a bay area wastewater sample from mid-june. it comes as california's positivity rate has gone up to 16.7%. that's up more than 2% from last week. at the same time, hospitalizations in california and the bay area have reached their highest point since february when we were coming out of the omicron surge. however, it's still far below any previous surge. we spoke with infectious disease specialist dr. peter chin-hong about how the new strain compares to other variants. >> it's kind of a sloppy virus.
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it's like having a crummy photocopy machine in the office. when that bad copy is made, sometimes it just works out that it evades the immune system the next time it's transmitted. so by chance, ba 2.75 came along. it's probably more related to ba.2 than to ba.5, but we don't have a lot of information. >> the fda has fully approved the pfizer vaccine for preteens and teens aged 12 to 15. until then, the vaccine was under emergency use authorization for that group. and the bay area is having some early success getting infants and toddlers vaccinated. nearly three weeks after those shots became available to that group. 12% of children under 5 in san francisco have been vaccinated and that far outpaces the state and national averages. still to come and streaming on cbs news bay area -- >> one east bay fire department has a secret weapon up its sleeve. an inside look at new hand crews taking a different approach to
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firefighting. a parking crackdown coming to the south bay. the technology one city is using that could churn out even more tickets. later, the pregnant woman fighting a ticket, arguing her unborn baby counts as a passenger. plus, how a group of northern california teens saved a family.
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♪ contra costa county getting a leg up on wildland firefighting all thanks to a new specialized hand crew. the martinez strike team is ready all around the clock to respond to anywhere in the county. kpix 5's lauren toms spent the
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day with crew 12. >> reporter: armed with chainsaws, contra costa has a new defense against fires. this is crew 12, and they're already showing success. >> we've become much busier. we respond as a wildland vegetation unit everywhere within the county. >> reporter: before crew 12, he says contra costa would rely on cal fire units, but the closest units were more than 80 miles away. today's mission is preventative as the crew, ranging from 18 to 30 years old, trims this 150-year-old olive grove to prevent potential fires from spreading up this hill or down towards homes. >> we've proven that this unit is very impactful countywide, and we're being called upon on a daily basis to more and more incidents. >> reporter: crew 12 has been operating since 2020, but just received full funding as part of measure x this past april. and captain woods tells me that the options are now endless for
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the potential of crew 12. in martinez, i'm lauren toms, kpix 5. >> and crew 12 has been busy this fire season. this is video of the marsh fire where they responded. they were on the scene of more than a dozen fires on the fourth of july alone. they have two crews of 12 firefighters each. a really disturbing story now. an olympic silver medalist is speaking out after she was attacked in los angeles. look at this. kim glass posted this video claiming that a man threw a metal object at her, fracturing multiple bones in her face, leaving one of her eyes swollen shot. >> hit me right here, here. it happened so fast, he literally flung it from the street, so he was not even close to me at all. kind of took me down and out, and they got him, and they held him down till the cops came. >> awful. as you heard there, the suspect was arrested. luckily glass said her vision will be okay. she won a silver medal for volleyball in the 2008 beijing
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olympics. the dreaded parking ticket is making a comeback in neighborhoods all over san jose. new technology will make it easier for officers to spot violators. parking enforcement vehicles are now equipped with multiple license plate readers. while making their rounds, officers will get a ping if their cameras spot a car parked for too long. some residents question the need for the technology while others are concerned about privacy. >> they might lose track of time. you know, if it's 30 or 40 minutes, i mean why give me a ticket? >> we don't take a picture of your license plate, for instance, and compare it to any other list. >> the plate readers will also help spot cars illegally parked on neighborhood streets only allowed for residents. let's give you a live look outside at sfo. whoa, look at that fog. that is rolling in, isn't it? >> paul is here taking a look at all of it. it looked like at least half the city was shrouded in fog. >> most of it will be as we head through the rest of this evening. the harbinger of a different weather pattern. the heat dome that brought those
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temperatures well into the 90s for inland parts of the east bay again today is going to retreat off to the east over the next 24 hours. that dome of high pressure that has just been camped out nearby for the past couple of days helped to compress the marine layer, but now that it's moving away, the marine layer will expand verticall andake its way farther inland over the next couple of days, for the next week and and a half, a tug-of-war between that heat dome. the storm system is going to set off camp off the pacific northwest coast. near normal temperatures the next couple of days to a little bit of a warm-up whenever the heat dome tries to take over. there is the fog just taking over downtown san francisco. it's 61 degrees at the moment. mid-60s in oakland. other temperatures inland in the 70s for san jose and santa rosa. still close to 90 degrees in livermore and exactly 90 degrees in concord. relief from that heat is on the way as the marine layer makes its way well into the inland valleys. again, it's a deeper marine layer, so that fog has a better chance of making a push far
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inland by early tomorrow morning. then it backs up toward the coast. unobstructed visibility inland by 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. s by late morning, those visibilities will improve into early afternoon. temperatures tonight dropping down to the mid to upper 50s to around 60 degrees by early tomorrow morning. that's normal for this time of year. tomorrow's high temperatures pretty close to normal for this time of year. low to mid-60s along the coast. a mix of 70s and 80s around the south end of the bay and down the peninsula with mostly mid-80s in the santa clara valley. 86 degrees in san jose. one of the warmer inland spots because the santa cruz mountains are going to block that marine air. temperatures inland in the east bay mostly in the middle portion of the 80s. big improvement from today. the very hottest spots around are just below 90 degrees. we can handle that in july. temperatures in san francisco top out in the upper 60s. low 70s for oakland and the east bay. a mix of upper 70s and low 80s for most of the north bay until you heard farther north, where that marine influence is going
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to be largely, well, absent for inland mendocino county and lake county. today that heat risk was in the moderate category. basically it's the risk of over exer shun if you're out in the heat too long. tomorrow we're going to be down to the low category because temperatures are just going to be normally warm for this time of year. we are going to see a warming trend kicking back in towards the end of the workweek, but it's going to be a modest warming trend, maybe three to five degrees from our coolest day on wednesday to our warmest days on friday and saturday. temperatures inland in the north bay and the east bay as usually will be the hot spots over the weekend. but highs near 90 degrees on saturday, dropping back into the upper half of the 80s on sunday. basically back to near normal temperatures once again sunday and monday as the tug-of-war in the atmosphere for control of our weather continues. but when the hottest days are around 90 degrees in the month of july, we can handle that, staying away from triple-digit territory for the foreseeable
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future. up next, should pregnant people exempt from carpool rain
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♪ welcome back. the biden administration is ordering hospitals to provide
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abortion services if a mother's life is at risk. the department of health and human services says a federal law on emergency treatment overrides state legislation banning abortions. >> and the supreme court overturning roe v. wade has reignited debate over whether a fetus is a person. a pregnant woman in texas is fighting a traffic ticket after claiming her unborn baby should count as a person when she's in the carpool lane. the woman was 34 weeks pregnant when she got pulled over and told the officer her fetus counts as a passenger. the officer did not buy it, still gave her a $275 ticket for a carpool lane violation. >> now he's telling this baby that's jabbing my ribs is not a baby. like, why can't we -- why can't it all make sense? if there's a pro women category, that's -- that's my stance. >> now at 36 weeks, she's hired an attorney and has a court date in late july, but only if her daughter doesn't come first. still ahead, a group of
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northern california teens hailed as heroes. how they saved a family and even gave them the shirts off their backs.
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we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most.
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♪ three teenage boys from central california are being called heroes tonight. >> they saw smoke coming from a neighbor's burning home in modesto, jumped into action to wake up the family. one by one, the boys led the family members out of the burning house. they said even though they were scared, they knew they had to act fast. >> we started banging on the doors. we started throwing rocks at the windows. >> i saw a little kid, so i took him to the front. i give him to someone to carry
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him, and then i went back. >> i was like, i'm just going to go in there with them so that if anything happens to them, i could get them out. >> since some of the rescued children didn't have clothes, the boys gave them the shirts off of their backs. just another show of their bravery and kindness. you know, you always wonder what are you going to do when you see an emergency. do you run toward the fire, or do you run away? >> they did the right thing. thank you for watching. the news continues streaming on cbs news bay area. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. see you tonight.
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