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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 14, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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are starting to drop. and that's not just the case for our cars, but also for airlines. executive's max darrow is in millbrae with how this could impact your wallet on the road and in the sky. >> after months of increases, some costs associated with transportation are starting to go down. gas is getting though it's still not cheap. and so are airline tickets. >> definitely starting to see it come down a little bit. >> it drops $6 to $5.50. >> it's nothing to celebrate. but the cheaper gas prices are noticeable says ride car driver carlo. >> breathing a little better. >> reporter: the average price for a gallon of gas in san francisco, oakland and san jose has dropped more than 20 cents over the last week. >> it's incredibly sad to say oh, look, it's only $5.59 over here, and we're excited about it. >> reporter: but it is easing the burden a bit for some people like delivery driver jack choe. >> maybe $5 a day. >> does that add up? >> it does. because i drive 30 days. >> reporter: drivers aren't the only ones seeing a change at the
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pump. airlines are too. jet fuel is getting cheaper. here is a look at how the price for a gallon of jet fuel has declined from may to june to july. but the cost of jet fuel, says the finder of scott's cheap flights has a marginal impact on the cost of airfare. >> in will probably shave off maybe 5, 10, $15 off a normal flight rather than adding the sort of 5, 10, $15 to airfares that it had over the past few months. but i don't think it's the primary reason why flights got really expensive over the past few months. nor is it the primary reason why airfare is starting to fall right now. >> reporter: the latest consumer price index, the price of airfare is dropping. he thinks it's primarily due to supply and demand. >> airfare has basically peaked and starting to come back down when it comes to average fares. i think the progress for the next couple of months is airfare is going to continue to drop on
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average. >> reporter: but like gas, airfare is still expensive. elizabeth says her family used miles for this trip. >> if we hadn't, we would have paid out a lot more than normal and we couldn't have afforded this trip. >> reporter: transportation is getting cheaper, but it's still not cheap. max darrow, kpix 5. now to the fire watch. looking live over at the pittsburg marsh. smoke from the fire has been smoldering for six weeks. it continues to cause problems. an air quality adviser for eastern contra costa county. that has been extended through tomorrow. chopper 5 flew over the marsh fire today, which is creating a lot of smoke over the pittsburg neighborhoods. also impacting people who live in antioch, oakley, and brentwood. they're all being urged to stay indoors. winds help disperse some of that smoke as they died down. the smoke can linger, though. that stubborn blaze broke out at a bay point homeless encampment in may. it has been burning in peat. however, it's almost out of fuel. meantime, a wildfire burning
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at yosemite national park has grown to more than 500 acres since yesterday. the flames have torched 4300 acres in total, but fire crews have boosted containment to 23%. that wildfire now threatening the sierra national forest and is being fed by hot, dry conditions. yosemite hasn't lost any of its giant sequoias in the mariposa grove. tracking the monkeypox vaccine. it's almost impossible to get. if you're lucky enough, it often involves a long line. here is a look at the bay area numbers so far. san francisco seeing 68 probable or confirmed cases. alameda county with 17, and 11 inclara. kpix 5's shawn chitnis on the frustration from both the community and health officials as they wait for more vaccines. >> i'm happy i got it and don't have to worry about it now. >> reporter: wyatt robertson lives in san francisco, and spent his wednesday trying to get the vaccine for monkeypox. he went to berkeley, where steamworks and the city's health
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department created a pop-up clinic. >> there was a lot of confusion in the line of what would happen. but people thought we would then have to pay. >> pay to play fast pass experience in any opinion, which is frankly wrong and absurd. given that it's a public health crisis. >> reporter: we reached out to special teamworks. they texted back saying there was one line for people checking into their club, but that was separate from a line of those trying to get vaccinated. in the end, they gave 500 doses of the vaccine. >> from what i've seen from acquaintances that have had it, it's, you know -- it's not something you want to get. >> reporter: the san francisco aids foundation will have an event this weekend, but only for people already on their wait list. >> we are still seeing just an incredible amount of fear and concern and demand from the community who wants access to vaccine i know. >> reporter: city leaders say they're doing everything they can in san francisco, hoping
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their order of 35,000 doses will be met. but they haven't heard back yet. >> at the local level, we are ready. we have, again, multiple sites ready to go because of covid. >> reporter: so for those lucky enough to get the vaccine this week, they remain grateful that a lack of resources and confusion didn't keep them from getting the help they needed. >> i'm just grateful for the community i live in. and really grateful for the people who have been sharing all of the information. >> reporter: shawn chitnis, kpix 5. in san francisco, a new health clinic is coming to the bayview hunters point neighborhood. >> three, two, one! >> the new southeast health family center will be an expansion of its original clinic which opened its doors in 1979. a 22,000-square-foot clinic will continue to provide family-oriented primary care. that center has been among the busiest clinics in the city, serving more than 4,000 patients annually. many of them low income.
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>> it's taken a long time, but here we are. and we know how important having a community health center is. >> $39.5 million project expands health care access for residents and includes 21 patient care rooms for both medical and behavioral needs. well, a lot of excitement today in the bay area's first raising cain's location. chopper 5 flew over during the lunch rush. the line was very big. it snaked all around and spilled into the street. that chain is known for its chicken fingers and famous canes sauce. it just opened up and it's saw a mavis turnout. canes fans mean business. 400 people lined up before it even opened. people camped thought the lawn chairs to try that famous fried chicken. ♪ >> well, as a special treat,
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castlemont cheerleaders and a dj put on a show for the customers. the restaurant even held a raffle, and 21 people won free food for an entire year. >> i woke up today at 6:00 a.m., went on facebook, and i saw the promotion they were having. and then it was 7:10, and i decided to come. and i got here like 7:25, right before the raffle closed. i don't know. i woke up and i feel lucky. >> it's all about the free food. sonoma county residents are celebrating the grand opening of what may be the first mexican food park in northern california. miote food park at sebastopol road and santa rosa. today's ribbon cutting ceremony featured music and assortment of cuisines from local vendors. >> this is it. >> the debut of the food park marks the completion of the first piece of the rose land village to redevelop the site of a former shopping center. still ahead on kpix 5 and
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"cbs news bay area," the amateur crime fighter on a special mission in the south bay, vest, badge and all. how deputies gave her the surprise of a lifetime. you'll never guess her age. the oldest woman in california passing on the torch to a north bay woman. and later, this northern california home looks normal, but a very strange feature getting people talking. the past several evenings at this time, the fog is already spreading out away from the coast and over the bay. but right now we're looking at blue skies still. take a
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my tribe has lived on this land for 12,000 years. we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community.
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only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most.
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a heist at a napa county sunglass store. the chase went all the way to san francisco. last night three men hit an outlet store, filled garbage backs with more than 215 pairs of designer sunglasses worth about $65,000. that chase started along highway 29, ending near sixth and interstate 80 in san francisco. all three suspects were arrested and a china named mike supervised when officers counted the stolen sunglasses. he even tried on a pair of his favorite emerald green versace sunglasses. those are worth about $300. looks good. a brave little girl turned into an amateur crime fighter today after being enlisted to help the santa clara county sheriff's department. as photo journalist rick villa roman reports, it led to the
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surprise of a lifetime. >> officer, we need your help! >> reporter: it was the crime of a century. >> and i think you're holding slippers. >> reporter: the case of the stolen slippers. >> but not to worry. 8-year-old aubrey silva has been recruited to solve this case. >> i see a balloon. >> reporter: after gearing up, she was hot on the trail of the suspected slipper thief. >> going to go down. >> reporter: wearing braces on her legislation and suffering from a brain tumor, she is incredibly mobile, and it's hard to believe that just three years ago, she was wheelchair bound and practically living at stanford, undergoing multiple procedures. >> she had her heart surgery in august 2019 and a stroke shortly thereafter, which was the worst part of our journey. >> reporter: it was about then that aubrey had a chance encounter with sheriff's deputies who were using a k-9 unit on a manhunt of t o it was a meeting neither aubrey nor deputies forgot. >> just overwhelmed.
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>> and that's when we met jeremy, who works for the sheriff's department. we saw k-9 raider. >> reporter: and that connection lasted until today and has brought some much needed comfort to this healing little girl, giving her a chance to play detective. >> detectives are so strong and brave. >> reporter: strong and brave. that's really the simple message here for aubrey. because she's undergoing surgery tomorrow. >> it's not easy. it's not an easy thing at all. >> reporter: and neither is solving this case. but despite her condition, aubrey continues to find the clues she needs. >> the gym? >> reporter: and clue after clue. >> stop! >> reporter: she has finally found her man. >> you're under arrest. >> reporter: but there is a twist to this case. the 30th academy class of the santa clara sheriff's department all pitched in to make a little girl's wish come true. >> guess where you're going to
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go? >> disneyland. >> what? >> reporter: that's right. an all expense trip paid to disneyland. >> we're all walking around teary-eyed and we're all reminded why we signed up to do this job. >> and for mom, that means a lot. >> this has shown aubrey that she is truly capable of doing anything she wants to. >> reporter: and for aubrey too. >> people care about me. >> reporter: consider this trip a reward for a job well done. a little girl who gets to see her favorite disney character. >> jgianna. because at the end of the movie, she kisses a frog and she gets to go back to her happy place. >> reporter: but aubry's happy place is much more simple. >> where is your happy place? >> at my house. i like spending time with family. >> reporter: it really doesn't get more simple than that. in morgan hill, rick villaroman, kpix 5. on the peninsula, the san mateo police department says 911
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calls will be live streamed to officers. the goal is to help them respond faster and help officers decide how they're going to respond while they drive to that call. new at 6:00, the oldest living person in california has died, and get this, she was 114 years old. milla was born in nebraska november 1907. she survived two pandemics, two world wars, spent most of her life in berkeley. she was the second oldest living person in the u.s. she died at the beginning of the month in an el cerrito retirement community. she was one of the top 100 oldest people of all time and the seventh oldest in the world. well, she passed the torch over to edie ciccarelli. i hope i got that pronounced right. a 114-year-old woman who lives in mendocino county. she was born just a few months before mangold and raised in willits outside of you kaya. she is believed to be the oldest california native. her secrets are she has never
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smoked, takes daily naps, drinks red wine. most of the people who live that long are usually female. more than 90% of the people that are 110 years and up, well, they are all female. well, looking live all across the bay area. the perseids meteor shower starts tonight. and paul, are we going to get a good look at that? yesterday we had the big full moon, right? >> yes, the super moon, the buck moon. tonight the perseids meteor shower technically starts tonight. >> okay. >> however, it doesn't peak for about another four week, around august 11th, 12th. you're fogged in tonight, don't worry about it. we have another four weeks. it's an impressive show. >> i've seen it in the sierra. >> this is one of the better meteor shower we get every year, this and the ryanid that happens in october. we'll give you the forecast for that one. it's a little closer to peak. let's take a look at what's happening weather-wise as we head to the weekend. getting closer to the weekend. we're going to see the fog spreading out. it's not going as widespread or
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dense as it has been the past few months. last night and this morning the fog did back up little more quickly, and that is going to be the case again tomorrow. brief warm spell is going to peak on saturday. i'm not going to call it a heatwave because even the hottest spots are below 100 degrees. back to normal temperatures for most of next week. maybe slightly below average by the middle of next week. salesforce tower, temperatures in the 60s in the bay. 70s and 80s inland. 74 in san jose to 85 degrees right now the concord. concord is one of the spots that overachieved on temperatures today making it up into the low 90s. i think you'll be upper 80s for highs tomorrow, which is very close to normal for this time of year. the fog is going to be out there to begin on friday. but reduced visibilities aren't going to be as far into the inland valleys, and that fog is going to be a pretty shallow layer of fog. the weight of the atmosphere on top of us is going to be compressing the marine layer. so it dissipates quickly. we'll see unobstructed by 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. even along the coast, that sun is going break through quickly. temperatures start off close to
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average, dropping down tonight into the mid- to upper 50s in most spots. low 50s in the north bay valleys, which is again appropriately cool for this time of year. and then temperatures are going to start to warm up. good-looking dog walking forecast in san rafael for jill, who has figured out how to deal with the heat. just kind a kiddie pool and plop yourself right down in the middle of that. there is nothing like the smell of wet dog. temperatures are going to top out in san rafael around 80 degrees. which is warm. so exercise caution. we'll put yellow paws in the forecast for the afternoon and early morning and evening walks the better option to beat the heat. temperatures won't be that hot. just normally warm for july. 60s and 70s around the bay. the very hottest around fairfield, antioch, brentwood, pittsburg reaching up to 90 degrees. temperatures will warm up little more on saturday. tomorrow's heat risk which is essentially the threat of overexerting yourself if you're not cautious. it's going to be in the low category in most spots tomorrow. it does edge up by saturday for
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inland parts of the north bay, the east bay and the santa clara valley. that's as high as it's going to go. our temperatures drop back already for the second and. slightly below average by tuesday, wednesday and thursday. the warmest day, 70s around the bay. upper 80s in san jose on saturday. with temperatures inland at the north bay and the east bay reaching up to or above 90 degrees. and then we head down the other side of the coaster. it's not the big up and down pattern we had back in may and june, but still, just some little variations. no extreme heat in the forecast for the foreseeable future which is nice this time of year. just little waves. >> thanks, paul. "cbs evening news" is coming up. >> good evening, ryan. we're taking a look at the impact of high inflation on americans. in fact, how rising costs have affected a family whose daughter needs life-saving treatments that and more news coming up right here on the "cbs evening news." straight ahead in sports, the giants made a roster change. a ballplayer won a game.
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we got golf up top and the british open on a course so old, it's twice the age of the united states. let's take you to st. andrews, scotland, and the return of tiger woods. his first event since the pga championship in may. rough start for him. second shot of his round, well short and wet. he would double bogey the opening hole. he struggled with the putter too. at the 11th for par. tiger shot an 8 over 78.
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equalled the worst opening round score of his british open career. he is tied for 146 out of 156 players. 14 shots off the lead. >> it feels like i didn't really hit it that bad, but i ended up in bad spots or just had some weird things happen. and just the way it goes. the links is like that and this golf course is like that. and i -- as i said, i had my chances to turn it around and get it rolling the right way, and i didn't do it. >> as for the rest of the field at the old st. andrews course, hosting the open for the 30th time. look at these huge greens. here is ian poulter's effort from 162 feet away. and how about a fresca. wait a minute, how about a pint? 3 under 5 off the lead. amateur barkley brown, who just finishled his junior season at stanford rolled a bird in at 17. brown is tied for fifth at 4
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under par. opening hole for rory mcilroy from -- that's okay. only 55 feet away. one of seven birdies for mcilroy. he is second after a 6 under 66. and your leader? american cameron young. pitch shot at 12. rolls within a few feet of the cup to set up a birdie. he grabbed the first round. leads mcilroy by two shots. pivot to the nba. the suns have resigned big man deandre ayton to a four-year, $133 million contract. he got the same offer earlier thursday from the pacers, but phoenix matched it. so the 2018 number one overall pick stays in the valley of the sun. baseball. the a's were off. the giants officially released one-time closer jake mcgee today. giants will host the brewers in about 20 minutes. moving pictures on "the late show." hard to see in realtime.
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a collision at second base. yesterday's pirates-marlins game. on the o'neal-cruz slide, knocked a tooth out of miguel's mouth. replay showed the tooth flying. he had to leave the game, which miami won. rojas has a dentist trip in his future. true story. i once lost a tooth biting into a sandwich. didn't see it coming. >> what kind of sandwich? >> it was turkey sandwich. it's not like it was tough meat or anything like that. bam. tooth came right out. >> was it stuck in the bread? >> i felt something funny. whoa. that's a tooth. i was on assignment in toronto. >> oh, wow. >> no dentist, no option. >> you just powered through it. >> that's right. >> all right. thanks, vern. up next, it may look normal from the outside, but this northern california home hitting the market has a very unusual feature leaving people baffled.
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and don't forget to join us for our new 7:00 a.m. weekday newscast streaming live on cbs news bay area. find us
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welcome back. this placerville house being listed for about a million dollars. looks like a normal hillside home from the outside. but inside it has a very unusual feature. this is all over social media right now. realtors call this the room. it's two thousand-square-foot -- it's a warehouse, basically. it's lined with floor to ceiling shelving, and the reaction has been mixed online. some people are comparing to it a dexter trophy room. others are asking what the owner was collecting. however, the back story isn't very sinister. the realtor told sf gate it was owned by an elderly woman who collected tens of thousands of books and thousands of dvds and vhs tapes. i guess if you like to be
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organized, there you go, right? >> like to really be organized, it's all on an ipad. >> it could be a huge walk-in closet. put ur shoes there. my tribe has lived on this land for 12,000 years. we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27.
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tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most. cb captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, as we come on air: our new reporting on donald trump and his alleged attempt to interfere with the january 6 investigation, and the former president saying he's made a decision about whether he'll run again in 2024. new details tonight about former president trump's attempts to take back the white house: as we hear new leaked audio of steve bannon and president trump's attempt to take back the election. plus ivana trump, the former president's first wife dies at the age 73. massive cleanup, homes damaged or destroyed: the news tonight about the 44 people unaccounted for-- our report from the flooded virginia county. deadly attack on civilians: more than 20 are killed in ukraine, including children after a russian missile strike. inflation's impact: cbs' adriana diaz introduces us to a family being forced to choose between groceries and their 15-year- old's cancer treatment. and meet vinny duke, the therapy dog helping heal heartbreak.


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