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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 14, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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redding. i'm very nervous about speaking out. we have elderly people, pregnant women, people knocking on my doors in fear saying are we going to get kicked out? >> residents along the peninsula facing fees they can't afford. their plea for help. >> prosecutors dropped dozens of criminal cases brought by a pair of east bay police departments. their explanation. >> an east bay animal shelter overwhelmed with cats. why the staff says the pandemic is probably to blame. >> plus, a bay area wine bar without a selection from wine country. the first of its kind spot opening tonight. >> a little different taste. they're not afraid to experiment. >> good evening. now at 11:00 on kpix 5,
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residents of this redwood city trailer park are worried they could soon be forced to hit the road as code violation notices pile up around their properties. they tell kpix 5, they would be happy toix the problems but it is not as simple as it sounds. >> reporter: this tiny trailer is where mary, her daughter and grandsons call home. slot 24, the skoia mobile home park in redwood city. the space costs her $1,200 a month. >> the cost of living in redwood city is ridiculous. we can't afford to may anywhere else. >> reporter: mary and others say code enforcement violations from san mateo county began piling up in march filing a fair at sequoia previously. >> they're saying there are violations in our propane tanks, violations in our sewer leaks. we have electrical issues, we have cracks in windows. >> mary says residents are also suddenly getting violations from park management and residents
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often one paycheck away from catastrophe, are worried about what to do. san mateo county has told them to apply for financial assistance with the repairs. >> a lot of the residents here are elderly and they didn't have the resources, smartphones, wi-fi. didn't have the technology to apply for these programs so i've been helping them. to this date we've turned in our applications. we've yet to hear from this program. >> reporter: thursday night at a town hall style meeting, residents aired numerous frustrations and problems with the process. while san mateo county executives try to assuage fear that this is a employ to evict them saying this is about safety and preventing another fire. >> we do very much care about their health safety and welfare. we are not trying to hit them. we are trying to support them where we can to ensure they have a safe place to live. >> reporter: residents are still very concerned.
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>> i'm very scared. i'm very nervous about speaking out. and the reason why i'm doing this is because enough is enough. we have elderly people, we have pregnant women, we have people knocking on my door in tears saying, are we going to get kicked out? >> reporter: san mateo executives say they are working with park management to correct ongoing sewer and electrical violations on the property. they say park management has until friday to respond. in redwood city. kpix 5. today they've disappeared a day before the city started to tow them away. they will keep the rv parking site there while it works on a separate program to subsidize legal fees for legal long term parking on private property. tonight the contra costa district attorney's office dropping dozens of cases due to a federal investigation into the antioch and pittsburg police
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departments. they were looking into unspecified crimes involving officers in both departments. tonight, the d.a.'s office does confirm 40 cases have been dropped and others are under review, adding, quote, there are multiple officers who are subjects of this ongoing criminal investigation, involving a range of offenses which constitute crime of moral turpitude. they are actively engaged in evaluating these cases to determine whether the charged case is compromised. a 61-year-old oakland man who has been sentenced for mail bombing law enforcement officers. they say he was motivated by revenge in 2014 when he mailed one package to a san mateo county corrections officer who once strip searched him and another to anal maid a county police officer who arrested him. he missed both targets by mailing the first package to the
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wrong man by the same man. that man got hurt in the blast. so was the way of of the alameda police officer. new at 11:00, we showed you a san francisco animal shelter overrun with dogs. tonight, berkeley is having that same issue with cats, but not for the same reason. kpix 5 reports, like so many problems these days, it may be traced back all the way to the pandemic. >> reporter: berkeley animal care services said the number of cats being brought hear has tripled compared to last area. easen cats can be linked to covid. >> we've had more kittens come in this year than we have in a long time. so many kittens that the berkeley animal care services shelter had to open up the dog kennels to cats. to the give you an idea how many more the shelter typically gets 40 cats between january to july. this year the number jumped up to 122.
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arrigo male i can't, the manager suspects covid is partly to blame. >> during covid, we know that not as many people were out trapping, neutering and pitching the feral cats. we know about half of kittens that come to shelters come from those cats. >> reporter: now they are looking for home for all those kittens. three went to their forever home on thursday and some are in foster care. time is of the essence for those coming in but for the health of these kitties. >>avgt many kittens in the shelter is a stress for the staff as well as the animals. one thing we know very well from many studies, overcrowding in shelters causes stress which causes disease. >> reporter: the shelter has these signs posted on their doors and at the front counter. at least for the months of july, august and possibly longer, cats are free to a good home.
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>> when most people take a look at a room full of kittens playing with each other, it is pretty easy to be swayed and adoption fees are waived right now. >> reporter: they know all about the lack of availability. that has significantly set back the ability to say that and neuter pets. the san jose city council could sign off on a major overhaul of one of the oldest shopping plazas after the planning commission proposed to transform cambrian park into a mixed use village including a senior living center. current tenants have some concerns. >> i'm excited to see the growth. however, i really, really want to remain here. >> the small business owners like myself and the art studio over here were probably, they will probably not be able to afford to stay. >> reporter: those tenants tell us they're waiting for word on
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whether their current leases will carry over. new at 11:00, a wine bar with nothing to offer sonoma. >> it may be the first of its kind in the country. >> reporter: today's opening day for can tina los mayos. it might be the first restaurant in the u.s. to exclusively serve mexican wines. some of the world's oldest wineries are in mexico. distributing such wines to the u.s. is a normal concept. they have inspired to introduce hard to find wines from baja, california, to san francisco. they're unlike those you might find in wine country or europe will. >> a lot of the wines. we talk about a single grape. it is a different climate. if you're drinking this, it is different. if you drink a cab, a little different taste.
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they're not afraid to experiment. >> very traditional. >> reporter: there is also upscale mayan cuisine to go with the selection of 45 wines. the co-owner grew up in the yucatan. the flavors and style of reflect his heritage. >> my dad cooks a lot. my dad, my mom. i learn all of this from them. >> a lot of people go to the coast down in baja. oh, this is mexico. they go to mexico city and cancun. mexico is a large country and there is a lot of diversity. >> many diners tried mexican wine for the first time will. >> it is really well bodied, it will pair really well with the duck that i got for dinner. >> reporter: in san francisco, kpix 5. in sonoma county, what may be northern california's first mexican food park. it is located a sbas to thattol
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road. it started with the food trucks that started popping up there early in the pandemic to serve essential workers. lots of good food around. in oakland there were long lines for a new restaurant. this was the scene as the popular louisiana based fast food chain raising canes made its debut. people were lined up really early before the sun came up to be the first to try it out. still ahead, covid numbers trending in the wrong direction nationwide. the major california county poised to bring back its mask mandate. bank of america will have to pay a big chunk of change over the botched handling of pandemic benefits. and how i
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tonight, nearly 4,300 californians are hospitalized with covid. that's a 23% jump from the beginning of the month. while it is still well below the state's all time high of nearly 22,000, los angeles county is poised to bring back its indoor mask mandate by the end of the month if conditions don't improve. >> over the past few days, we've had to hold patients in the emergency room for 12, 24 hours, until we have beds available in our hospitals. if we continue at this pace, in the next week or two, we may have to go back to those days where we are rationing care. >> health officials say the highly contagious ba 5 subvariant is fueling that uptick, infecting many who were previously vaccinated or had covid. tonight, bank of america has been slapped with $225 million in fines over the bank's botched
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handling of pandemic unemployment benefits. the consumer financial protection bauer over says boa failed to use proper safeguards while running the state's program leading to massive fraud and the freezing of accounts to people with legitimate claims. bank of america released this rebuttal. this action arose despite the government's own acknowledgement that the unemployment expansion during the pandemic created unprecedented illegal activity where they could get states to approve tens of billions in payments. speeding likely paid a role in this fiery two-car crash that killed one person and injured two others. one of the vehicles hit a tree and caught fire. investigators are trying to determine if the drivers were racing. also happening, new at 11:00, you're looking at a pile of 1 million fentanyl pills seized in the biggest bust of its kind in state history.
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they uncovered the cash in a raid in los angeles earlier this month. >> in the case we've been conducting, targeting a mexican organization that makes these fake pills in mexico. in a whole year we may seize that many fentanyl pills. to he sue it in one day in one location in the southland, it's a little scary. on the fire watch of , a ne fire. the peter fire has grown to 200 acres after erupting near the town of anderson earlier today. multiple structures had already burned. and many people are without power after pg&e switched off some lines as a precaution. there is a pete fire that has been burning for weeks along the waterfront. residents are advised to stay indoors if possible. especially overnight into the morning. >> it's been tough for those residents out there. they've been dealing with that since may.
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how is air quality now? >> it's in the moderate category. right there is the only spot we're having any issues. the moderate category could be a whole lot worse. let's take a look at the current air quality map. mostly green dots across the bay area. this little cluster of yellow and a couple trending toward orange, indicating the poorer air quality downwind of that marsh fire burning in pirasburg. they're hopeful it will run out of fuel and the fire will extinguish itself. the sooner that happen, the better. a brief warm-up is on the way as we head into the end of the workweek. it will just edge a little closer to us. it won't set up camp right overhead. a brief little warm-up is in store as the heat dome sets up catch ever camp closer to us. the storm system will set up camp just off the coast and kick in a stronger onshore breeze and a deeper marine layer as we head into the middle of next week.
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not seeing as much fog out there. it will spread across the bay later tonight. the temperatures, a mix of 50s and 60s. pretty nice out there. the fog will be with us to start the day on friday but it won't be a deep layer of fog and it won't intrude as far into the inland valley. it could dissipate. by about 10:00 in the morning, we will see it across the entire bay area except maybe right across the coast. once the fog is gone, the temperatures will warm up. basically to where we tapped out today. we'll start in the middle portion. 50s in most locations. some of the valleys dropping into the low 50s to begin friday morning. the highs tomorrow almost exactly what is normal for this time of year. that means 60s and 70s around the bay. mostly yaips inland. the temperatures only reaching the low 60s. low 80s for most of the santa clara valley. a few spots warmer than that, especially around los gatos and morgan hill. for the tri-valley, upper 80 around concord and a few spots
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above 90 degrees as you go farther inland. upper 60s in san francisco. low 70s for oakland in the east bay. low to mid 80 for the inland parts until you go farther inland. low nays for windsor and farther north in mendocino county and lake county, the temperatures likely to reach farther into the 90s. that's not enough to boost the heat risk. the threat of overexerting yourself if you're not staying hydrated and taking proper precautions. that is in the low category tomorrow. it climbs up for saturday. just a mini heat wave. a warm spell really, more than a heat wave. the temperatures won't go up that much around the bay. mid 70s in oakland. upper 80 for san jose but then back down to normal temperatures by sunday and monday. the hottest spots will be inland in the north bay and the east bay. even there, 90s. if we're staying away from triple digits, it's not a full
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on heat wave and back to normal temperatures for much of next week. straight ahead in sports, nine innings? not enough to settle it for the giants and brewers. british open round two is already underway. tiger woods -- he hopes it's better than round one. here are tonight's
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and help californians that are hurting the most. baseball up top. a dramatic win wednesday. did the giants have another left in them tonight? these fellows just happen to be here. one guy was the man. he got a souvenir foul ball. picking up third inning with the brewers and there's the all-star. the giants got only four hits but had the scoreboard up 2-0 in the third. still had a 1-run lead in the sixth inning. then willy adames into left. the tying run slid in and scored. stayed this way into extras. and then jonathan davis made just enough contact.
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by the time it was fielded, a run was scored and everyone was safe. they could not get the last out in the ten. the bottom half, runner at third. no late night lament heroics. gloved in the game. so 3-2 in favor of milwaukee. giants, they didn't lose ground in the wild card race. the golf world gathered this week at one of the greatest gifts of the game. royal saint andrews. the 150th renewal. a golf major story, tiger woods, his first event since the pga championship in may. he would double bogey the opening hole. he struggled with the putter, too. at the 11th for par. tiger shot a 6 over 78. nothing worked. he equalled the worst opening round of his british open career. he's tied for 146th. only 156 players.
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14 shots off the lead. >> it feels like i didn't really hit it that bad but i ended up in bad spots or had weird things happen. that's the way it goes. links golf is like that and golf courses like that, and as i said, i had my chances to turn it around and get it rolling the right way and i didn't do it. >> as for the rest of the field, the old saint andrews course for the 30th time. a bunker? no problem for si woo kim. for par at 17. he's tied for 13th at 3 under par. they got a shout out to amateur barclay brown. the rising senior at stanford. he's tied for fifth at 4 under par. way to go with the bucket hat. rory mcilroy on the par 4 12th. effortlessly drove the green from about 350 yards out.
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one of the seven birdies here. he's second after a 6 under round of 66. the leader, american cameron young here. putting was on fire. grabbed the first round league after carding an 8 under 64. leads mcilroy by two shots. he said no matter how he played, he would sleep well. i bet a two-shot lead made him get all nice, warm and cozy under those blankets tonight. >> that has to feel pretty good. >> thanks. up next, a california teen now has her artwork hanging up at the u.s. capitol. the creation made entirely from supplies from the dollar store. tomorrow on cbs morning's carter evans looks at the psychology behind our fear of sharks. and how that has changed since the movie jaws which came out nearly 50 years ag
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a painting by a southern
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california teen is now hanging toni>> s created i in one dayin store. 17-year-old daniella owens of san fernando won a congressional art contest called in youth we trust. >> it shows her with a veil and holding a teddy bear. she said it was about growing up fast, helping to raise her three siblings in el salvador. >> the way she's holding it like a child. that brings the maturity that was pushed upon her. i don't think it's right. every child deserves to have their own childhood. >> she wants to go to college to become a teacher. >> she is talented. >> she really is. a dollar store. no excuse. she has a lot of talent. we'll be right back.
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surprise for the art world. a newly discovered vincent vangogh has been found in scotland. it was glued behind another of his paintings. it was on his 1885 artwork. the artist was often known to use and reuse canvases and did his work on both sides. >> i have to say i prefer these stories when they end up in the yard sale. oh! whatever! >> $10 million painting for eight cents. >> i dream of that happening for me at goodwill. >> stephen colbert is next.
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>> have a great time. captioning sponsored by cbs >> congresswoman lauren boebert is facing backlash after implying that jesus could have defended himself from crucifixion if he had assault rifles. >> the little twitter trolls like to say "oh, jesus didn't need an ar-15. "how many ar-15's do you think jesus would have had?" well, he didn't have enough to keep his government from killing him. >> coming soon to broadway: lauren boebert's "jesus christ superstar."


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