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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  July 15, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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slowly dropping. we're tracking the impact on the ground and in the skies. and we're tracking the air quality index as we head into this festive weekend. it's a beautiful friday. we're keeping an eye on the roads this morning, coming up. good morning. it is finally friday. we're going to take a look at covid hospitalizations up in california. health officials say the trend could bring back mask mandates. a 23% jump from the beginning of the month, still well below of the all-time hospitalization. los angeles could bring back the mask mandate by the end of the month if numbers don't improve.
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the secret service is again in the cross hairs of the congressional committee looking into the capitol riot. an internal watchdog says the agency deleted messages from january 5th and january 6th, 2021, after the department of homeland security requested to see them. a spokesperson for the secret service denied those claims, blaming a reset of the agency's cell phones for the loss of data. the bay area air quality management district has decided to extend the advisory through today due to smoke from the east bay marsh fire. the fire is still impacting pittsburg, antioch and brentwood. good morning. again, happy friday. i love saying happy friday. >> we made it. >> you are forecasting a pretty nice weekend for us. >> it is going to be beautiful for us. there are so many events going
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on this weekend. let's start out with a live look over foggy san francisco. we're left with a little bit of a marine layer as we wake up. we're not dealing with the best air quality right now near san rafael as well as oakland sitting in a moderate section. keep that in mind. it looks like it should start clearing up as we head into the afternoon. high pressure starting to build into the weekend, warming us up a lot upper 80s inland, 60s in the bay and the coast. it will be a lot sunnier today. we have a customer time festival going on this weekend, 80s across the board. it is beautiful. this is tank top and shorts weather. as we head into the rest of the weekend we'll start cooling down. taking a look at our maps
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now, not too bad for this friday morning although we're starting to see that buildup on the altamont pass. let's take a live look at the bay bridge. not too many cars out this morning. we'll keep you updates on when those metering lights turn on. it's a seven minute drive from the macarthur maze over to 101. we are green across the board in all directions. this morning growing calls for a more aggressive response to the monkeypox outbreak as people wait hours for a very limited supply of vaccine. the virus is spreadi ing in the bay area with 68 cases in san francisco. those include both probable and confirmed cases. san francisco health leaders
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blame the feds for a shortage of vaccine. >> we spoke to a couple people who managed to get the vaccine for monkeypox this week after waiting in line for several hours at a time when most people couldn't get away from wo hap gott and to worry about it. >> reporter: wyatt robinson lives in san francisco and spent his wednesday trying to get the monkeypox vaccine. >> a pay to play fast pass experience, in my opinion, which is frankly wrong and absurd given that it's a public health crisis. >> reporter: we reached out. they texted back saying there was one line to people checking in to their club but that was separate from the line getting vaccinated. >> from what i've seen from acquaintances that have had it,
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it's not something that you want to get. >> there is in this moment most definitely a federal public health failure to be responsive and to be prepared for what was a very foreseeable outbreak of monkeypox. >> reporter: the san francisco aids foundation will have a vaccine event this weekend, but only for people already on the wait list. city leaders say they're doing everything they can in san francisco, hoping their order of 35,000 doses will be met, but they haven't heard back yet. >> unfortunately we can't manufacture the vaccine locally. it's really about ensuring we have a more robust federal response and that's where our focus is. >> reporter: for those lucky enough to get the vaccine this week, they remain grateful that a lack of resources and confusion didn't prevent them from getting the help they needed. >> i'm grateful for the people who have been sharing all of the
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information. >> the cdc director says more people will get tested. by the end of the month commercial labs should be able to handle up to 70,000 tests per week. for more, we have eyes on a new fire in shasta county forcing evacuations near the town of anderson yesterday. multiple buildings have burned. many are without power after pg&e switched off lines as a precaution. in yosemite nearly 4400 acres have burned so far, but officials say the historic landmarks and trees are safe, optimistic that the famous grove of sequoias will survive the
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blaze. it is 27% contained. this morning prices at the pump are still expensive, but we are tracking the first signs prices are starting to plummet. what this means for your wallet. >> reporter: after months of increases, some costs associated with transportation are starting to go down. gas is getting cheaper even though it's still not cheap and so are airline tickets. >> it dropped to $5.50. >> reporter: the cheaper gas prices are noticeable. >> definitely not celebrating, just breathing a little better. >> reporter: the average price for a gallon of gas has dropped more than 20 cents over the last week. >> it's sad to say it's only $5.59 over here and we're excited about it. >> reporter: it is easing the burden a bit for some people.
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>> maybe $5 a day. >> reporter: does that add up? >> it does. >> reporter: drivers aren't the only ones seeing changes at the purpose, airlines are too. jet fuel is getting cheaper. the cost of jet fuel has a m marginal impact on the cost of air airfare. >> this might shave off $10 off a normal flight rather than adding to airfares over the past few months but i don't think it's the primary reason why flights got really expensive nor is it the primary reason it's starting to fall right now. >> reporter: the price of airfare is dropping. he thinks it's primarily due to supply and demand. >> airfare has peaked and is starting to come back down.
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i think the prognosis is airfare is going to continue to drop on average. >> reporter: like gas, airfare is still expensive. >> if we had not, we would have paid a lot more than normal. >> reporter: transportation is getting cheaper, but it's still not cheap. >> i love hearing that gas prices are going down, because that affects all of us. >> it's cheaper, but it's not cheap. >> of course. i filled up the other day for about $65 which is way lower. next, i'll show you the american city where rent was an average of $5,000 last month.
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the contra costa district attorney dropping dozens of cases due to a federal investigation into the antioch and pittsburg police departments. in march the fbi and d.a. announced they were looking into unspecified crimes involving officers in both departments. the d.a.'s office confirmed 40 cases have been dropped and others are under review, which constitutes crimes of moral turpitude. the d.a.'s office is engaged in
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evaluating these cases to determine whether the charged case is compromised. in the south bay, big changes coming to one of san jose's oldest shopping plazas. cambrian park plaza will be turned into hundreds of new homes and apartments, retail and office space. developers have been trying to do this for at least two decades. it will have about 30 low income housing units and a senior living center. people are celebrating the grand opening of what may be the first mexican food park in northern california.
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>> i'm the operations manager here at the food park in santa rosa, california. this is a community food truck park. it was really birthed during the pandemic. we started to help feed the essential workers in the rosa section of santa rosa, which was hit hard by the pandemic. the name goes back to our ancestors' language. it means a celebration, a gathering place, a festive place to celebrate. we want the community to feel like this is their home. >> i am the owner of the food park here. our purpose is to really do good in this community, lead by example. you use a lot of ingredients to make amole. there's many beautiful cultures that come to this country and something beautiful arises. this is the vibrancy of this latino community in roseland.
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that's what you see, smell and the noise. that is culture. >> it's great mexican food. you can try a bunch of different things. there are so many different trucks. it's wonderful to learn a little bit more and say they're serving this thing. i have something called a telaca. it's wonderful. i've never had it before. >> we've been overwhelmed with all the community support we've gotten since we moved here. >> try one of these, man. >> the idea sparked with food trucks that started popping up there early in the pandemic to serve the central workers. that's a look at your bay area beat this morning. hey, jess. new this morning nasa's james webb telescope's team
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unveiling the mission's first science quality images featuring jupiter's rings and moons. the photos featured a handful of amazingly detailed shots of the deep and distant universe. it studied the first stars and galaxies ever to form. scientists plan to use it to investigate the variety of cosmic objects. we're back here on earth. our atmosphere is pretty calm right now. it's going to start changing as we head into the weekend. high pressure is starting to dive into our coastline. the desert setup is going sunny skies as we head into the weekend. daytime highs today are only
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ranging in the low 80s all throughout the valley in the santa clara valley area. some 70s trickle into the forecast. we'll warm up a little bit for tomorrow. san francisco today is staying right at average at 67 degrees. we have not broke that for the past couple days. a lot of events are going on this weekend, starting off tonight in the ft. mason center area, in the marina area we're getting into the 60s as off the grid starts off. the california state fair will be hot. in napa, the half marathon happening on sunday, starting with low 60s. next week we warm up, just to cool back down.
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anywhere from the inland east bay into the north bay we hit the 90s by saturday. we might see it on monday, but then we cool right back down to normal once we head into the rest of the week. it is definitely looking like friday light. not too much happeni if you're headed out on highway 101 near la honda road, there is a lane blocked due to a stalled vehicle. the altamont pass seeing more red popping up. it is a 32-minute drive into the city. looks like there was a wind advisory as well with the san mateo bridge. only a 7-minute deprive castro street to highway 101.
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let's take a quick look at our lunchtime forecast. it's going to be toasty inland getting up to the upper 70s from noon to 2:00. we even see 80s and 90s shortly too. from the coast into the bay, it's average across the board. from 10:00 to noon san francisco gets into the 60s pretty fast with upper 70s inland. we warm up into the mid 80s by 2:00 and we'll continue to warm up in those areas until around 3:00 or 4:00. that will be our peak for our daytime high. then we cool back down into one of the warmest weekdays by tomorrow. ♪ time now for the morning mix. living in the big apple will take a big bite out of your wallet. this year it's only getting more expensive. the average monthly rent for a
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manhattan apartment surpassed $5,000 for the first time ever average rental prices in june were up 29% since last year. brokers say demand and prices are only going to get higher in the fall. some analysts say the jump in prices is caused by buyers rent. >> i'm over here complaining about my rent. heck no. >> if the average is $5,000, imagine what so many other people paying. in san francisco the average is like $2300 from the recent report i read. i know my rent wasn't even close to that. >> and for like 700 square feet. >> the bay area is expensive, but that is something else. >> a she created it all in one
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day. using supplies from the dollar store. 17-year-old donnella won a congressional art contest with her work titled "in youth we trust." it shows a young latina cradling a teddy bear. it shows the pressure of growing up fast while helps her parents cooking cleaning and watching siblings in el salvador. >> that's amazing. >> one of the things i love about the bay area is the art. you know, people love painting, they love drawing. i don't know, something about the arts just bring everyone together. she's the second one.
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>> i love the community feeling of it all too. amanda, i know this is your favorite. after lizzo finally dropped her album "special." ♪ in case nobody told you today, you're special ♪ ♪ in case nobody made you believe ♪ >> i know you listened to it this morning. waiting to go through the whole album. well, her album dropped at midnight. she says love is at the heart of the 12-track compilation. lizzo is following up with lizzo-verse an immersive cosmic light show experience set to the album in new york city. are you flying to new york city this weekend? >> that might be it. i'm doing a long road trip and that is going to be playing the whole time.
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thank you, lizzo. >> is she one of your top artists? >> absolutely. she's great. you can listen to it in the car, making dinner,orking t. love it is overwhelmed can cats. the pandemic is likely to blame.
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a jelly bean that's good for you? try nature's bounty jelly bean vitamins. good-for-you nutrients in a tastier-for-you form. more sweet dreams. more flavorful immune support. get more with nature's bounty jelly beans. it is 5:28. in the rush to get hands on vaccines as monkeypox cases rise, what mental health off -- health officials are doing to get the shots out to people. these are the virus numbers. 68 cases in san francisco and 11
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in santa clara. local health officials say they are struggling to get vaccines out blaming federal health officials of not responding urgently. 200 people and 100 injured in ukraine when a cruise missile hit a residential area destroying a medical center and an officer bui building. ukr the house with two bills on protecting women who travel to seek an abortion and another that calls for the codification of abortion rights into federal law. the action comes three weeks after the supreme court struck down roe v wade, which has left states with the decision to decide if abortion is legal.
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good morning to you. we are still waiting for the sun to come up this morning, but it's not to early to look at your weekend. jes jessica? >> things are pretty calm for us. nothing too extreme for the weekend even into next week. this is a live look from san jose, where you can tell it's a little hazy this morning. a lot more hazy closer to san francisco with that marine layer soaking into the bay. we will keep a close eye on that as we head into the afternoon. first, i want to start with our air quality index. for all our friends who suffer from allergies this time of year, keep in mind some sections are in the moderate area, from san francisco into oakland with green everywhere else across the bay. i'll keep you up dated day by day. daytime highs sit into the 60s from the bay to the coast.
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what's different today? it's sunshine across the board. around 10:00, things are going to start clearing up significantly. we're left with partly cloudy skies into saratoga with 80s as daytime highs. it's going to be beautiful this weekend. i'm going to toss it to jocelyn. >> heading into the south bay from state route 84, we're getting reported of an accident from the toll plaza near cleary road. let's take a look at the nimitz freeway. light traffic on the roads, smooth sailing with a 17-minute from castro valley to the macarthur maze. a quick check on our east bay drive times. an 11-minute drive from 680 in walnut creek to 580 in oakland. the secret service is facing scrutiny from the january 6th
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committee in congress. an internal watchdog says the agency that protects the president deleted messages from january 5th and january 6th of last year. >> reporter: the head of the house january 6th committee is vowing to investigate what he called the extraordinarily troubling destruction of secret service records. a letter has been obtained by cbs news from the department of homeland security inspector general to a pair of congressional committees. it said that many secret service agents' text messages from january 5th and 6th, 2021, were erased as part of a device replacement program. what's more, the texts were deleted after investigators asked for them. a spokesman for the secret service denied any wrongdoing. special agents said some data was lost during a system migration. he pushed back on the timing of the ig's request for dp
5:33 am
communications. he said the agency wasn't told to provide the records until february 26th, more than seven weeks after the riot. the secret service's activities had already drown the scrutiny of the january 6th committee. a white house aide was told president trump had an altercation with an agent who refused to take him to the capitol. >> the president reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mr. engel grabbed his arm, said, sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel. >> reporter: the agents involved denied those claims. according to the associated press the driver and a member of trump's security detail are willing to refute the story under oath. house speaker nancy pelosi will join other members of congress for a press conference ahead of a house vote to codify a woman's right to an abortion. the women's health protection
5:34 am
act would bar states from imposing restrictions on abortions that could make them more difficult or costly to obtain. speaker pelosi praised california's gun control efforts while calling on the senate to take action on a national level, starting with the passing of the house's active shooter alert bill. >> it's an amber alert. it can tell you when it's in your community nearby active shooting going on. it has broad support from the law enforcement community. if there's an active shooter threat in a school or any public place, the alert will go off. >> 168 house republicans voted against that bill, but it passed and is now in the senate where it's likely to fail. the senate did pass some gun safety legislation back in june. 15 republicans sided with democrats to give more money for
5:35 am
mental health treatment, school safety crisis intervention programs and more. meanwhile governor newsom is in washington, d.c. still, also talking gun control with some high profile democrats. yesterday he sat down with connecticut senator chris m murphy, who tweeted out this image of the two of them, praising newsom and california for our control laws and having one of the country's lowest gun violence rates. last month newsom signed three bills to try and restrict potentially dangerous people from getting a firearm. he signed a bill that further restricted g. ed ghost guns in state, banned marketing of firearms to minors and lets victims of gunmakers sue gun victims in krocourt. and we have an assault weapons ban that has been in place since 2013. a trailer park in redwood city must respond after ongoing
5:36 am
maintenance problems. people who live there are worried they could beorcedo lea le up around their properties. they tell us they'd be happy to fix the problems themselves, but it's not that simple. >> reporter: this tiny trailer is where mary whitney, her daughter and grandsons call home, at the sequoia mobile home park in redwood city. the space costs her $1200 a list. >> the cost of living in redwood city is ridiculous. we can't afford to move anywhere else. >> reporter: code enforcement violations from san mateo county began piling up in march following a fire at sequoia previously. >> they're saying there's violations in our propane tanks, sewer leaks, electrical issues, cracks in windows. >> reporter: mary says residents are also suddenly getting violations from park management
5:37 am
and residents, often one paycheck away from catastrophe, are worried about what to do. san mateo county has told them to apply for financial assistance with repairs. >> a lot of residents are el elderly and they don't have the resources, smart phones, wifi to apply for these programs. i've been helping them. we have turned in applications and have yet to hear from the program. >> reporter: residents aired numerous frustrations and problems with the process. while san mateo county executives trysay this is about safety and preventing another fire. >> we do very much care about their health, safety and welfare. we are not trying to hit them. we are trying to support them where we can to ensure they have a safe place to live. >> reporter: residents are still
5:38 am
very concerned. >> i'm very scared. i'm very nervous about speaking out. the reason why i'm doing this is because enough is enough. we have elderly people. we have pregnant women. we have people knocking on my door in tears scared, mary, are we going to get kicked out? palo alto online reports the city will keep its safe parking site on bay road in police through april while it works on a separate program to subsidize permit fees. we showed you a san francisco animal shelter orun with dogs but berkeley is having the same problem but with cats. >> reporter: berkeley animal care says the number of cats being brought here has tripled
5:39 am
from last year. the manager suspected the increase in cats can be linked to covid. >> we've had more kittens come in this year than we have in a long time. >> reporter: so many kittens that the berkeley animal care services shelter had to open up the dog kennels to cats. to give you an idea how many more, the shelter typically gets 40 cats between january to july. this year, the number jumped up to 122. amelia, the manager of berkeley animal care services, suspects covid is partly to blame. >> during covid we know that not as many people were out trapping, neutering and fixing feral cats. we know from national statistics that about half of kittens that in enter shelters come from feral cats. >> reporter: now the shelter is scrambling to find homes for the kittens. time is urgent not only to have space for more animals coming
5:40 am
in, but for the health of these kitties. >> having that many kittens in the shelter is a stress for the staff but also for the animals. one thing we know very well from many studies is that overcrowding in shelters causes stress, which causes disease. >> reporter: the shelter has signs posted on their doors and at the front counter. for july, august and possibly longer cats are free to a good home. >> when most people take a look at the room full of kittens playing with each other, it's pretty easy to be swayed and adoption fees are waived right now. >> reporter: pet parents already know about the lack of vet availability. that has specifically set back the ability to spay and neuter pets. >> are you guys cat people? >> i think they're so cute. that does make me really sad. >> dog person all the way.
5:41 am
i'd have a cat. i just think the dogs might destroy it. another question, do you guys do snail mail? >> yeah. >> write a letter, put it in the mail, put a stamp on it. it's going to cost you a little bit more like everything else right now. southern california beaches getting used to shark sightings. it could actually be helping tourism. join us right after this newscast on our streaming service cbsnews bay area.
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panera chefs have crafted a masterpiece... succulent, seared chicken... a secret aioli... clean ingredients... in a buttery brioche roll. made fresh, to leave you... speechless. panera's new chef's chicken sandwiches. $1 delivery fee on our app. good morning. amazon may be getting out of the private label business. what does that mean? the online retailer currently sells 243,000 products under 45 different in-house labels including amazon basics. the "wall street journal" says the company is scaling back the number of items it offers in part because of poor sales. another reason is that amazon wants to avoid competing with other sellers on its platform, a
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prticet hasaced from lawmakers. and the cost of mailing a first class letter has increased once again for those of you who do use snail mail. the stamp price is 60 cents up from 58 cents. the postal service says the price hikes will help pay for upgrades in its infrastructure. the latest price hike may not translate into much added revenue because americans keep sending out fewer letters as they opt for digital communication instead. i love getting letters in the mail. i hope people keep sending them. onto another story, five shark attacks have been reported in two weeks off of long island. these bites are rare and almost always involve an adult shark,
5:46 am
but at some beaches in southern california juvenile great whites are spotted often. cbs followed a group of researches who have been following these sharks for years. >> reporter: stunning images of great white sharks sharing the water with swimmers in southern california's busiest beaches are now a common sight. >> these drone views have really changed our understanding of how sharks behave around people. >> reporter: chris lowe, director of the shark lab at cal state long beach says the juvenile great whites are up to 7 years old and mostly ignore people, but sometimes they get curious. >> it's no different than a neighborhood dog. you're out walking with somebody and the dog comes over and gives you a sniff. >> reporter: if you do make a move toward a shark, they tend to go the other way. >> exactly. we see this over and over again. >> reporter: we witnessed it last summer. this shark is swimming so calmly and so gracefully right now. i'm now comfortable enough to
5:47 am
get into these shark infested waters with lowe's research team. they had me swim a massive fishing net to researchers on the beach where they capture and tag some of the sea life the sharks might be feeding on. lowe says people just aren't on the menu. but on the rare occasion a shark bites a person, it makes national news. >> someone was badly injured in a shark attack. >> following a shark attack. >> reporter: the shark lab now wants to understand how all of this is impacting local economies. >> a couple years ago we had a woman bitten. i was at a city council meeting in huntington beach. i heard there was a $7 million loss of hotel reservations. >> reporter: there's also evidence shark bites can have the opposite effect with more people becoming shark enthusiasts. a west virginia university study found an initial increase in hotel bookings three days after an attack. after that, the bookings drop.
5:48 am
economists deedee long is working with the shark lab to study the financial impact. >> some people might think i take it really seriously, i don't want to go to the beach. but some people might think this is really exciting and want to pursue this opportunity. >> reporter: at this santa barbara beach it's common to see a dorsal fin break the surface offshore, but the sharks aren't hurting business according to surf shop owner sam holecom. >> when i educate the standup paddle board renters about the sharks, very few choose to not go. >> sharks are pretty far down the list on the list of concerns. >> reporter: tourism professor katie dudley is working with the shark lab. >> people come out here and go whale watching. can you see a day people come out and go shark watching? >> absolutely. that's why this team is so great and unique because we're coming at it from every different angle so hopefully we can make a truly
5:49 am
sustainable model to have a thriving tourism destination right next to a thriving shark population in our oceans. >> reporter: carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> the ocean, sharks, that's the big reason i did not go navy. let's start woff with a beautiful sunrise. official sunrise is in about ten minutes. in san francisco the marine layer is sticking around until around 10:00. san francisco will still see a little bit sitting along the coast, but nothing like the past couple days as high pressure starts pushing in from the desert. that's going to warm our temperatures up a lot as we head into the weekend. for now we're still left with 80s in the santa clara valley. that beautiful sunrise this morning giving us a little bit of a treat there. into the east we're expecting 90s inland with 60s along the
5:50 am
coast, 80s in sonoma and napa. let's take a quick look this weekend regarding events. music on the square is happening in redwood city this weekend, actually today at 6:00 p.m. 70s are expecting from that. in san francisco on sunday it's going to be a lot cooler, breezy with an onshore flow, low 60s in sight. 60s up near napa with few clouds during the half marathon. great running weather across the board even into next week. 60s and 70s for san francisco as high pressure builds in. 90s expected inland as early as saturday, but we cool right back down next workweek with monday being the exception. for now, jocelyn, how are things looking out there? >> let's take a look at your traffic. the friday commute is starting
5:51 am
to build up in the altamont pass with slow speeds around 29 miles an hour. it's now a 34-minute drive into the city. let's take a look at that accident in south bay on state road 48 near cleary road. looks like they were able to move it over to the shoulder and assistance is still on the way. a live look at the bay bridge. still no metering lights on, but we'll continue to keep you posted when they do. it's an 8-minute deprive the macarthur maze over to the golden gate bridge. a 20-minute drive from state route 37 to the bridge. a quick look at mass transit times. no delays right now. if you're headed to the giants games over the weekend, it's a good option as you're traveling to the city. let's take a live look outside. this is a new park in san
5:52 am
francisco. our photojournalist shannon is out there right now. the definitely something to do. it is 5:52. if you find yourself wishing you could tell eport back into the '90s now is your chance. coming up on the drew barrymore show it's foodie hour at 2:00 on kpix 5. >> after our show stick around for "cbs mornings" beginning at 7:00. before we let you go, here's a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge. looks like traffic is going
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we are warming up as we extend into our weekend forecast. let's start off with a look right now over the santa clara valley where the sun is beginning to rise this morning. too bad we can't see it in san francisco as that marine layer is still very thick. we do clear up as we head into the afternoon. we're expecting sunshine from the coast all the way off into the bay and inland with 80s in our forecast. we're going to have to check this out. get your best '90s outfit ready
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because next week in oakland you could be part of a one of a kind experience, traveling back in time. learn more about retro pop culture and test your knowledge with some '90s trivia. there's something for everyone a t the '90s experience. head to the deal lasts until the end of july. i'm so excited to go check this out. a quarter of a million dollars worth of stolen merchandise recovered. what police are revealing about the latest retail bust. we have a few tips from a first sponde on how tay and we have a lot of fun coming up. you're going to want to stick
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ar around. we'll be right back. >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock music ♪ we replaced the windshield brouit to safelite. and recalibrated their car's advanced safety system, so features like automatic emergency braking will work properly. >> tech: alright, all finished. >> dad: wow, that's great. thanks.
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right now at 6:00, a quarter of a million dollars in stolen items are at the finish line of a months-long investigation. frustration growing of dwindling supplies of the monkeypox vaccine. how bay area communities are trying to make up for the slow national response. and we have a beautiful forecast for your weekend. lots of events going on. we'll break that down coming up in your full forecast. as you're waking up this morning, we have a look at your commute this friday, plus travel times coming up. let's start with a look at this morning's top


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