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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 15, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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good evening. i'm ryan yamamoto. >> i'm sara donchey. that stubborn fire shrouding bay point, has been smoldering since late may, weeks, but proven to be nearly impossible to put out because it is burning underground. da lin shows us how crews have literally opened the floodgates to finally put an end to this fire. >> reporter: releasing hundreds of gallons of water every minute into the burning wetland in bay point and pittsburg. >> 10 to 20 million gallon range. >> reporter: flooding the area with two inches of water above ground. >> we are seeing not necessarily large active flames that are consuming vegetation. we are seeing this fire burning down in the earth and really off gassing in the form of smoke. >> reporter: deputy chief aaron mcallister says because the fire is burning joined ground and the
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soil is unstable they have been unsuccessful in putting out the fire using helicopter water drops. >> equipment could be sunk down into the ground or the heat could actually burn the tires on the vehicles and the same thing for firefighters. so it does present a risk for firefighters and, therefore, flooding is the best option. >> reporter: it took a while to get the state and federal agencies to sign off. the marsh fire has been burning since may 28th, a month and a half ago. it started out a bay point homeless encampment. it wiped out the encampment. no one was injured but the fire grew to about 200 acres. firefighters say it's burning within the perimeter so it's not growing in size and it's not threatening nearby homes. air quality experts are asking neighbors to stay indoors, but folks are running out of patience. >> it's affecting us because we can't go outside. when we do go outside, you could smell the smoke, see the smoke. >> reporter: the smoke is thick and ash is falling on ground.
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nearby playgrounds are empty. >> it burns my throat a lot. just breathing it in. >> reporter: firefighters say neighbors should see relief in the next week. they will continue to flood the wetland area for the next five days to try to put out the fire. in pittsburg, i'm da lin, kpix 5. air quality advisory has been extended again through monday for cities just east of the fire. long-range. let's check in with paul. we have been covering this for a very long time. i feel so bad for the people in the path of that smoke. >> directly downwind is where the issues have been. even there it fluctuates depending on the time of day. let's look at the big picture air quality map. most of the bay area reporting good air quality, even into the vicinity of that fire. a closer look via the epa site, all of these squares on the map are different air quality sensors and they are showing green. good air quality. even directly downwind of the marsh fire. but that's the snapshot right now. you look at a time series and that's what we are going to look
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at next, throughout the week you can see the air quality varying depending on the time of day. it deteriorates overnight, especially the past couple of nights when the winds died down and the smoke has a chance to intensify, become a little more dense, but then when the wicks pick up it disperses some of that smoke and the air quality improves. we need the fire to get out, but there has been some improvement on a daily basis, even though smoke thickens up overnight. tomorrow average around the bay. we will fill in the map for the first half of the weekend in the full forecast in a few minutes. now to the latest on the bay area covid surge. this m shows the county seeing the biggest per capita spikes over the past week led by contra costa county. while hospitalizations remain well below record highs, the test positivity rate nearing 17%. as max darrell reports, that number likely doesn't tell the whole story. >> reporter: experts know they are in the midst of another
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covid surge in the bay area. since so many people are testing at home and don't report the results, a case count is no longer the best way to measure how much covid is spreading within the community. >> it's been a little over two weeks now and mostly i am better with my lungs, they are still a bit tight. >> reporter: he got over a bout with covid-19. he self-diagnosed after feeling sick with an at-home test kit. >> myself and a lot of people close to me who haven't gotten it these last two years have gotten positive in the last couple of weeks. >> this is a major surge we are in right now. we have a lot of cases, a lot of transmission. not a great lock on what the numbers are in rooeality. >> reporter: an epidemiologist at ucsf says there is upside with at-home test kits. the downside is it's tough to get a true look at case count. >> not as high as in january and december, earlier this year and last year, but i think it's close to that high. it may be 65, 70% of that high. and i think we have to look at
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the wastewater surveillance to get a real understanding of the magnitude of this, of this current surgery. marin county and sonoma county have online portals for people to report at-home test results. across the bay area most people don't report their self-test results to their county or state. >> i reported it to my physician. i think within 24, 48 hours. >> reporter: he doesn't know where he picked it up. however -- >> the only places i was around people, around the window when i gotten it, outside. >> reporter: concerts and a rally. and some infectious disease experts say the ba.4 and ba.5 subvariants are so transmissable and immune evasive they recommend masks indoors and at outdoor events. >> it feels frustrating,see why right now wouldn't be a terrible idea. >> reporter: mostly better but still on the mend, his advice for anyone who gets sick? >> give yourself permission to rest. >> reporter: on the peninsula,
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max darrow, kpix 5. tonight detectives in san jose are investigating their 22nd homicide of the year and third just this week. it happened early this morning at the plant shopping center. the victim, a man, died at the scene. on wednesday a homeless woman was stabbed and killed on south market street. so far, no arrests in either of those cases. but police do have a suspect in custody in a shooting where a man was killed on monday. new picture emerging this evening inside the san francisco district attorney's office. >> a weekend at the to job, john jenkins named women to her management treatment. ana gonzales, new chief assistant d.a., a long time city prosecutor covering gangs, sexual assaults. until she was fired under farmer d.a. chesa boudin. >> nancy tung chief of special prosecutors covering sensitive cases and leading the office's community partnership. she ran against boudin in 2019 coming in third. tiffany sutton will serve as chief of alternative programs as
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well as tleading the juvenile division. she worked at the d.a.'s office for 12 years before joining the san francisco police department's crime strategies division. >> and rani singh mann will lead jenkins' transition team. two decades with the san francisco's d.a. office before joining the sheriff's office earlier this year. jenkins said in a statement, quote, i promise the public that i would restore accountability and consequences to the criminal justice system while advancing smart row forms responsibly. my new management team will help the office deliver on that promise. several left over from the boudin administration also announced on social media today they are no longer with the trump administration's office. we should note a similar staffing shake up happened when boudin took over. california parents will no longer be allude to sue social media companies under a state 4 companies liable for damages up to $250,000 per wl be able
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file lawsuits. the republican lawmaker behind that bill made the amendment to ensure senate passage and discourage frivolous claims. a study out of uc davis says artificial intelligence may be able to predict suicide risk among handgun purchasers. researchers looked at data from transactions over the decades and compared it to the suicide date from the same timeframe. they used an algorithm to identify factors such as first time buyers older, white, living close to a gun dealer and looking for a revolver. a new toll free mental health hotline goes live nationwide this weekend and the number is intentionally easy to remember. starting tomorrow people having a mental health crisis can dial 988 to be connected with a professional counselor. it will be available 24 hours a day seven days a week. >> we are making mental health care easier to access for people that may not have been able to get it before. >> if you are experiencing
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emotional distress, worry, fearfulness for yourself or a loved one or a friend, call 988. >> along with 988 there is the peer-run warm line open to anyone in california seeking mental or emotional support. the non-emergency is on the green. 855-845-7415 to speak with a counselor there. how an amtrak train collided with a tractor in the east bay and how the victims are doing. a preview of san francisco's newest public park years in the making. not the final frontier when it comes to craft beer. this brew is looking to bring back old memories.
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live look at the marsh fire there. three people hurt and up to 700 gallons of diesel fuel spilled when an amtrak train collided with a railway maintenance machine on the tracks in oakland. it happened late this morning not far from the coliseum. the union pacific maintenance employee was clearing debris from the tracks when the train ran into his front loader. he is hospitalized with serious injuries tonight. a passenger was taken to the hospital. a third suffered some minor injuries and the tracks are still closed at this hour while investigators try to determine how that crash happened. off-duty firefighter in the right place at the right time to save a man from a burning track in sacramento. look at that. fire captain jacob was driving home from dinner when a ford explorer crashed right in front of him on interstate 80. >> as we approached the driver's side window, there was a person who was slumped over the wheel
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and appearing motionless. when we were pulling the patient out of the vehicle itself there was fire coming through the dashboard and the floorboard section of the vehicle. he see something where i can stop and make a difference, i absolutely will. >> we know firefighters have dangerous jobs. this story proves that. a san francisco firefighter recovering tonight after falling down an elevator shaft. the chronicle reports this happened this morning during a building fire on sea cliff avenue. the injured firefighter thankfully is expected to be okay. now to the fire watch in richmond. a brush fire burned 26 acres near giant highway and collins avenue. forward progress has been stopped. in injuries. no damage reported to any buildings. a live look outside on this friday evening. what a nice shot. >> look at that. >> and it's happy hour. [ laughter ] >> i think. no, it's a little late tfor tha. >> yeah, man, that fog, never gets old. >> i love that view, especially when you make out the outline of the bridge as the fog is thickening up. it's going to dissipate quickly
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tomorrow and temperatures are going to be the warmest we will experience the next several days. it's not going to be that. toasty inland but mild by the bay and cool on the coast. the presence of this heat dome over the deserts southwest edging a little closer to us. then the storm system over the pacific northwest is going to split into two pieces. one is going to drop south off the west coast and that will help to kick in the onshore wind, deepen the marine layer and the heat dome will retreat farther up to the east returning us to a normal weather pattern sunday and morning. mount diablo, not bad. 83 degrees conquered. 60 degrees for downtown san francisco, 63 oakland, temperatures inland running in the 70s. exactly 70 in san jose. the fog will spreadout, but futurecast shows us where it's going to be. it doesn't show how deep it's going to be. this will be a shallow layer of fog on saturday, which means the sun's going to burn through
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quickly. should see unobstructed visibility 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. temperatures tonight dropping down to the mid-to-upper 50s to around 60 degrees, which is normal for this time of year. normal high temperatures right along the coast reaching the low 60s there. around the bay temperatures will be two or three degrees above normal. up upper 70s/low 80s. five to seven degrees above average farther inland. 87 for san jose, 89 in campbell and 93 for morgan hill. more widespread 90s inland in the east bay. most high temperatures there topping out in the low-to-mid 90s. a few spots far inland reaching up into the upper 90s, the usual hot spots in fairfield, antioch and brent food. upper 60s in san francisco. low-to-mid 70s for oakland. a mix of mid-to-upper 80s and low 90s inland in the north bay. running five degrees above average for the middle of july. then back town to normal temperatures on sunday. farther inland in the north bay
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temperatures will reach into the 90s. hot spots ukiah and clearlake 98 degrees. looking at the heat risk overall, we are in low category today even with warm to even borderline hot temperatures inland. going to be more orange on the map tomorrow indicating a moderate heat risk. the hottest weather is with us, take it easy, stay hydrated. if you are heading out to the summertime festival in saratoga, take it easy. temperatures will continue backing down through next week. it's not going to be a huge change around the bay. around the mid-to-upper 60s to near 70 with temperatures in san jose dropping to the low 80s. inland in the east bay from the mid-90s on saturday to the mid-80s the end of next week. not much change on the coast. temperatures will hover in the low 60s with more cloud cover once that stronger onshore breeze returns tuesday and wednesday. update on tomorrow's brief warm spell at 11:00. >> thanks, paul. today marks the start of california craft beer.
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a micro brew is flying off store shelves in san jose. how the frontier village hazy ipa is bringing back clear memories. >> here we go. frontier village hazy ipa. cheers. >> reporter: it was just a taste of one of san jose's newest and most popular brews. >> i like that, yeah. that's nice. >> reporter: narrative fermentations, a san jose microbrewery and pays homage to the it defunct but beloved theme park frontier village which entertained bay area families from 1961 to 1980. >> wanted to give some of the locals, put a smile on their face with a little bit of that throwback nostalgia. >> hey, welcome. come on in. >> reporter: the story of how the beer came to be starts here in the home of retired san jose cop and history buff tim stevens. >> we are in my hallway. we are going to see a couple of very rare frontier village
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items. >> reporter: he has one of the largest collections of memorabilia that can be found anywhere from a hand drawn pencil map of the park to souvenirs from the canoe rides. he has one of the fake wooden rifles in the turrets of the park-like entrance and western revolving that a marshall used inside costume. >> this was the first marshall of frontier village. his wife said after he passed, told me he wanted me to have the gun. >> reporter: there is old badges, too many souvenirs to name and now the beer. narrative fermentation says tim's collection was the inspiration for it. >> it brings back a lot of good memories for people. people remember going to the park and having fun and what a safe place it was and all the things there was to do. and i think that's the important part of the nostalgia, is the memories that people have and the way it made them feel.
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>> reporter: today there is just these empty fields where frontier village once stood. as for the beer, word is spreading fast it's limited run might soon run out. but at least for now frontier village is once again the toast of the town. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. what a taxing sorry to do on a friday, huh? poor guy. coming up, a look at a new investment coming to the bayview aimed at transforming areas into community spaces. and join our morning team weekdays, mornings at 7:00, streaming live on cbs"cbs news ar
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. we have a lot of great parks in san francisco. great playgrounds. there is a new space for the public to enjoy in the city starting this weekend. the long awaited presidio tunnel tops officially opens sunday. the park spans 14 acres on top of the tunnels that carry traffic to and from the golden gate bridge. it features sweeping views of the bay, a children's play area and food trucks. federal investments are about to transform part of san francisco's bayview neighbor. >> the assistant secretary of
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the interior for fish and wildlife and parks visited san francisco today to tout the project. it will bring community gardens, picnics and play areas and baseball courts to the k casey jones playground. a nationwide initiative invested more than $61 million in 26 cities so far this year. after the break, the oakland singer/songwriter taking th
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stern grove is set for another lifevely sunday in san francisco. >> an oakland-based artist, it's referred to as pop meets techno. spelling is one of this weekend's headliners. she says the grove is a fitting venue because nature is a major influence in her music. >> i think my interest in staying in the bay area and living here is that you always have access to so much, the trees and eucalyptus groves. it's all readily available. so it's part of the reason i have lived here so long. >> t.j. omar will join her on the main stage. the show starts 2:00 p.m. sunday. there could be a new multi-millionaire in the bay
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area. tonight's mega millions jackpot is the tenth largest of all time. it would amount to $276 million lump sum payout. the drawing is at 8:00. well, the odds of winning are about 1 in 300 million. i already promised sara we will go sneaker shopping and buy her shoes for her collection. >> what a nice guy you are. i would get you something food related. >> also some alamedac. >> thanks for watching. the news continues streaming on "cbs news bay area." >> we will see
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] steve: my man. thank you all. i appreciate it. thank you all very much. thank you, everybody. i appreciate that. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [loud cheering and applause] got a good one for you today. returning for their second day from albuquerque, new mexico, it's the holien family. [cheering] steve: and from canton, georgia, it's the zayas family. [cheering] steve: everybody's here trying to win some cash, and somebody might have a shot driving out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] hey, let's go meet
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