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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  July 16, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> announcer: live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> right now on kpix 5 and new sfo's international terminal is back up to speed this morning after a bomb scare forced hundreds of people to evacuate. sfo's terminal is opening back >> my life, that's how i live. that's how i feed my kids. california jewelry dealers are distract after millions in merchandise was stolen in an armored truck heist. we're hearing from one of the victims. poor air quality over the weekend. this morning, there is a new approach to get a stubborn fire that blan keted the east bay in
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smoke for weeks. good morning. i'm devin fehely. let's start with our weather and first alert meteorologist darren peck. >> going to start out with the view on the smoke coming off the marsh fire. i'll have much more on this coming up in a bit. i'll show the air quality sensors. it's still rough in places like antioch, brentwood, and pittsburg. you might want to put off the morning jog. other views, though, the view from our roof looking at the bay bridge, it is a gray start in the heart of the bay. everybody else, if you're inland, for the most part, unless you're in napa valley, you're looking at sunshine. mid 50s now. wherever you are, it'll be a beautiful day but noticeably warmer. mid 90s for inland spots. some are nine degrees warmer today. i'll show you who and how exactly that impacts your saturday. we'll get to that in a bit. for now, back to you. this is a live look at sfo.
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police are letting people back in the international terminal after a bomb threat prompted evacuations last night. the airport tweeted out a couple hours ago that it's resuming, quote, normal operations. last night, hundreds of passengers were forced to evacuate the terminal. police found what they thought might be a bomb. they did arrest one person but, so far this morning, no detail on his identity. check-in counters and security counters are back open. bart and the tram are back up and garages are open. there could be flight delays, so sfo says it is best to check your flight before going to the airport. a jewelry show that was supposed to tr f area tniwas disrupted by a multi-million dollar heist along the way. kpix 5's betsy yu reports v vendors say their life's work is gone, stolen from an armored truck. >> reporter: these one of a kind pieces are among the pricey jewels stolen out of a brunks truck in la county. they belong to this jeweler who asked us not to share his name.
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the total lost in the heist, as much as $150 million. >> my life, that's how i live, how i feed my kids. >> reporter: high-end jewelry was last seen at the san mateo event center last weekend. >> 18 karat yellow gold with over 100 karats of natural, multi-colored sapphire. >> reporter: sunday night, merchandise belonging to 18 jewelers were loaded onto a brinks truck bound for the pasadena convention center. this jeweler says he doesn't have a showroom. all his business is done by traveling to trade shows one by one. >> re >> don't have anything. >> reporter: the victims are of the jewelry show. the fbi is working with the sheriff's department on the case. the jewelers haven't been able to get a straight answer from brinks. >> sometimes they're returning your calls, but there is no information. >> reporter: the trade show's manager says about two dozen lockers were stolen from the
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armored vehicle early monday morning. some of the vendors built their inventory over 40 years. >> it's their whole life. some of these people are completely done at this point. it's really sad. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> we did reach out to brinks for comment. they referred our request to the media relations department. so far, no word from them. air quality experts are again asking people in east contra costa county to stay indoors because of a fire burning more than six weeks. it is still producing toxic smoke. kpix 5's da lin on why firefighters believe relief may finally be on the way. >> reporter: instead of enjoying a nice, warm day outside, ramos chooses to stay in the garage to work on his motorcycle. >> we don't want to step outside sometimes with corona going on,
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the monkeypox, then the fire. >> reporter: he and his family live near the so-called marsh fire. it is raining ash in the neighborhood. >> it is affecting us because we can't go outside. when you do, you can smell the smoke, see the smoke. it burns my throat a lot. just breathing it in. >> watery, my eyes are watery. >> reporter: the marsh fire has been burning since may 28th, more than a month and a half ago. it started at a bay point homeless encampment. it wiped out the encampment. no one was injured, but the fire grew to about 200 acres. firefighters say it is burning within the perimeter, so it is not growing in size. it's not threatening nearby homes. >> what we're seeing is not necessarily large, active flames that are consuming vegetation. we're seeing this fire burning down in the earth and really off-gassing in the form of smoke. >> reporter: deputy chief aaron mccallister says because the fire is burning underground and the soil is unstable, they've been unsuccessful putting out the fire with helicopter water drops. >> equipment could be sunk down
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into the ground, or the heat could burn the tires on the vehicle. the same thing for firefighters. it does present a risk for firefighters and, therefore, flooding is our best option. >> reporter: workers opened the floodgates friday morning, releasing hundreds of gallons of water every minute into the burning wetlands in bay point and pittsburg. the plan is to flood the area with 2 inches of water. that's above ground. since they're pumping from the delta, it took a while to get the state and federal agencies to sign off on the matter. firefighters say people should see relief in the next week. they'll flood the wetland area the next five days to try to pet out the fire. in pittsburg, da lin, kpix 5. a wildfire in shasta county has exploded in size, triggering evacuations and destroying several homes. this is happening in the town of anderson, south of reading. the peter fire has grown to more
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than 300 acres and is burning across challenging terrain. 12 buildings have burned, including several homes. many people are without power after pg&e switched off some lines as a precaution. right now, it's 65% contained. another fire burned through part of the tortoise acres rescue center that houses the animals. they were loaded onto a truck. firefighters in yosemite say they're not out of the woods yet. the mariposa grove of sequoia trees is so far safe. evacuees in wawona could return home tomorrow. right now, the fire is 35% contained. in washington, the house committee investigating the attack on the capitol has sent a subpoena to the secret service. the panel wants to see relevant text messages that were erased pertaining to the events of january 6th, 2021. the subpoena was issued hours after the watchdog for the department of homeland security
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briefed the committee about the allegations. the messages were reportedly deleted as part of a device replacement program. they were replacing their cell phones. the secret service has faced questions after cassidy hutchinson testified last month. she was a top aide to white house chief of staff mark meadows. during her testimony, she said she was told the former president tried to force his security detail to take him to the capitol on january 6th. new this morning, president biden is on the final leg of his trip in the middle east. he is in saudi arabia meeting with the leaders of iraq, egypt, and the united arab emirates. he is trying to strike a deal to get more oil to the united states while furthering security in the region, but the relationship is strained because of saudi arabia's documented human rights abuses. we have the latest on the president's efforts. >> reporter: it was a fist bump
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scene around the world. president biden greeting saudi crown prince, mohammed bin salman, in jetta, saudi arabia, friday. a sign of respect for a man the president once denounced after u.s. intelligence confirmed mbs, as he is known, ordered the 2018 murder of one of his critics, "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi. >> he basically said that he was not personally responsible f it i indicated i thought he was. i said very straightforwardly, for an american president to be silent on the issue of human rights is inconsistent with who we are and who i am. >> reporter: the fist bumping continued with the president's top advisers. the criticism was immediate. khashoggi's fiance tweeted a photoshoped image of what the deceased journalist might have thought of the meeting. writing, the blood of the next victim is on your hands. president biden's visit to the middle east comes as the administration hopes to broker a boost in oil production to lower gas prices. opec is expected to discuss the
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issue next month. president biden walked away without any major announcements. back in the u.s., the president's plan to move towards clean energy took a major blow. >> they knew exactly the concern i had. >> reporter: democratic senator joe manchin told a west virginia radio station he won't support a bill with the president's climate agenda because he fears new spending will make inflation worse. >> inflation is absolutely killing many, many people. >> reporter: with no republican support, any democratic opposition blocks the bill in the evenly divided senate. deborah alfarone, cbs news, washington. the president said the united states will not walk away from the middle east, as he returns to washington later today. closer to home, gas prices in california have finally fallen below $6. the statewide average now stands at $5.95 for a gallon of regular. nationwide, the average dropped to below $5 to $4.57. gas prices have dropped in each
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of the last 30 days. time is 7:10. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, how a new, easy to remember hotline could help people dealing with mental health challenges. and a real-life lassie story. meet the canine hero that led rescuers to an injured hiker deep in the woods. a live look outside before we head to break. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. the time now is 7:14. a new national suicide and crisis lifeline is launching today. people can call or text 988 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. counselors are on standby to handle general mental health concerns and help those in crisis. kpix 5's shawn chitnis talked to someone who once contemplated suicide. >> reporter: those who have been in crisis and experts in mental health agree, if someone is having suicidal thoughts, every little step you can take could be the difference in saving their life. the hope is 988 will be part of the process in improving resources and making it easier to access that help. >> in those moments of darkness, which, you know, happen since 2020, i could not see any future. i could not see that i could exist or live.
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>> reporter: remi is a leader in the trans community. she started a non-profit to help others get the visibility they need in the bay area. but she says the struggles her own community faces made her suicidal during the pandemic. >> when you are in that moment what i have been personally, it's really hard to find or think properly to find those resources. >> we don't reach out for help enough, and it's there, certainly. >> reporter: making the number only three digits should be easier to remember and will likely increase calls. >> there are trained, you know, folks out there who can really help get you through those rough patches. >> reporter: in santa clara county, they expect calls will double in the first year of 988, so they're already preparing to increase staff if needed. >> really, if you are experiencing emotional distress, worry, fearfulness for yourself or a loved one or a friend, call 988. >> there could be some challenges ahead without a state
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number sent to call centers not in california. but non-profits working to improve suicide prevention say this is a major step forward. >> we're making mental health care easier to access for people who may not have been able to get it before. >> being able to stay in community and hear about other people's struggles and know i'm not alone. >> reporter: for remi, it was talking to the right people that got her on the path to better mental health. which she agrees could start, for some, by just dialing three digits. shawn chitnis, kpix 5. along with 988, there is the peer-run line open to anyone in california. the non-emergency number is on your screen. it's 855-845-7415. again, 855-845-7415. to speak to a counselor for mental and emotional support. happening today, we'll get a first chance to check out a
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brand-new park in san francisco. this one has been a long time coming. the tunnel tops opens to the public on sunday, featuring 14 acres of parkland on top of the tunnels leading to and from the golden gate bridge. the park will have spectacular views of the bay, a children's play area, space for food trucks. planning for the park began in 2014. a ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for today at 10:00 a.m. before i get to the details on the actual weather, we have to start off with an important status update on the air quality for some of our inland east bay communities. that's asksmoke still coming of the fire this morning. we're looking past pittsburg. you can see it in the for foreground. you see the smoke coming out of the marsh from the fire, which has been going on for weeks now. we did a story earlier on in the newscast. they're doing all they can, but it is a difficult place to put the fire out. the smoke moves east.
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if we track that on air quality, which is really the most important aspect of this now, you can see the last 15 minutes of it. plenty of smoke pulled downwind. we're looking at green dots for the bay, which is good quality. but east of pittsburg, over here, you can see the colors of more dcult te for this. tds t g neathe more, it gets pul f the valleys and back toward the hills. i'd put off the morning jog. if you can smell smoke, you know n you've been living with this the last several days. for a little perspective, there is the vantage point looking over the shoulder of mount diablo, toward the fire. you can see the breeze will stay fairly steady today, going from west to east. here's another view, a far more harmless part of the sky. the clouds in the south bay.
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san jose, waking up the cloudy skies. you see it over the san mateo bridge, as well. this far north, you can see some breaks in it. this is low clouds in the immediate bay. northeast most everywhere else is waking up to sunshine. there is fog in the north bay. petaluma, visibility has been dou down to less than a mile all morning. give extra time here. instead of looking at fog on the ground to where the mid-level clouds are, south bay, there's yours. napa valley, the immediate bay. you can see why the san mateo bridge is in a gap there. perfectly lines up with what we were seeing. the clouds all melt back to the coast by the time we get to the late morning. more sunshine than anything else today. mid 50s now. we have a warmup today. some of us will be nine degrees warmer today than yesterday. that means it'll be mid ni90s f the warmer inland spots. south bay, 93 in morgan hill.
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san jose, only go to 87. on the peninsula, redwood city goes to 81 today. the east bay shoreline, hayward to 78. east bay is low to mid 90s. few mid 90s the further inland you get. oakland goes to 74. san leandroleandro. 76. mid 90s for santa rosa. mid to upper 90s for mendocino and lake county. the seven-day forecast, this is the warmest day. san jose, go from the mid 80s today to low 80s for the rest of the seven-day. microclimates are going from the mid 90s to the mid to upper 80s. there was a peek of the map that shows us the 8 to 14 day, most likely warming up again after that. that's down the road a ways. >> you know, i always think it's fascinating how variable the weather is depending on kind of proximity to the bay.
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>> yeah. that's what drives our microclimates more than anything else. that one opening in the coast through the golden gate changes everything for any location that can feel the influence of that onshore. >> 25, 30 degree swing right there. >> yeah. remarkable rescue played out on the sierra all thanks to a special collie. we have details on what is being described as a real-life lassie story. >> reporter: it's like a scene from a tv show. >> lassie! >> reporter: "lassie" aired on cbs for 17 seasons, and though there is no sign of a reboot, one dog in nevada county could be ready to take on the role. >> we think about the movie "lassie" and timmy in the well. >> reporter: in this story, it's not a brown collie named lassie. it's a black and white border collie named saul, who helped save his owner's life. the nevada sheriff's office was called in by cal fire to help with the search and rescue mission after a 53-year-old man
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fell off a cliff in the tahoe national forest. >> he'd reported that he had fallen 70 feet, had broken ribs and a broken hip. >> reporter: he was calling on his cell phone? >> called 911 on his cell phone. >> reporter: the call dropped. search and rescue contacted the victim's friend, who pointed them toward the man's campsite. >> as our searchers got to the area and found his camp, it is only accessible on foot, they couldn't find him. they thought they could hear a voice, but they couldn't determine where the voice is coming from. so they spread out and started searching the area. >> reporter: that's when an unexpected helper joined the search. >> the way they described it, saul was jumping up and down and spinning around in circles. >> reporter: nevada county sheriff's deputy, sergeant hack, says first responders knew to pay attention. >> he ran about 20 feet away from them, stopped and looked back at them, and they took that as he was trying to lead them to the victim. >> reporter: saul did. the man was found with serious injuries and flown to a local
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hospital in a chp helicopter, lucky to be alive. >> we're told the dog was given well-deserved treats for his efforts. sports is coming up next. here's a look at what we have for you. james wiseman in action. a tiger watch at st. andrews. plus, the san francisco giants did something they have not done in nearly 50 years. happy highlights are first up after the break.
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good morning. let's set up last night's game with the brewers with this. the giants hadn't won a game this year when they were losing entering the ninth inning. that's a subplot within this one. there's 2010 world champ, torrez, in the house. fifth inning, routine ground ball turns into trouble. bobbles it with two outs. inning would have been over. instead, the brewers score five runs after the error.
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giants enter the bottom of the ninth down two. darin ruf makes it a one-run game with the solo shot. brewers lockdown closer and all-star josh hater is in trouble. meeting at the mound. see ya! a few batters later, the bases loaded, why not? how about a walk-off grand slam? giants take 8-5. the first walk-off grand slam for san francisco since bobby bonds in 1973. a's in houston. who says the extended netting hurt the fan experience? he used the net to catch it. seventh inning, down a run. elvis lops it into the field. a bobble allows a couple runs to score. ninth inning. the crescendo, a big, booming two-run homer. a's win, 5-1. they'll get two chances to take
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the series against the als-leading astros this weekend. another rough round for tiger. he shot a 3 over 75 and missed the cut. didn't like that shot. but you would have thought he was winning the tournament on the emotional walk up 18. worthy of the final strides at the old course. woods said he thinks he may not be able to physically play when the open returns to st. andrews. as for the field, the weather was a factor for everyone, even the fans. tough day to wear a poncho. shot of the day, viktor hovland in the rough on 15. no problem. check this out. rolls in for eagle. he's like, i saw it go up, but did it go in? cam smith on 14. reads the green cover to cover. no! stop it. rolls it in for the eagle. >> look at this. >> add that to his six birdies, and you get a round of 64. the aussie is 13 under. he takes a two-shot lead into
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this weekend. summer league now. this looks a lot like a lot of folks at the vegas airport sunday morning. james wiseman playing in his third summer league game. kamminga, spin and the slam. 16 points and a one-handed jam here. matt running the offense. how about the houdini-like no-look pass? james wiseman, the beneficiary. he throws it down with two hands. 14 points, 7 rebounds for wiseman in 21 minutes. thunder beat the warriors in the game, 90-82. it's summer league. once the warriors weren't winning the rings, at this point, he just wanted to see the guys look good. james wiseman looked good, his best summer league game. that does it for sport, everyone. have a great day. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, the international terminal at sfo reopening after a bomb threat forced a shutdown. and an investigation is under way in oakland after an amtrak train slammed into a tractor, sending two people to
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the hospital. live look at the san mateo bridge. we'll be back in a moment.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> welcome back. the time now is 7:31. thank you so much for joining us. i'm devin fehely. let's start with a check of the weather with first alert meteorologist darren peck.
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>> we're continuing to keep a close eye this morning on the smoke coming off the marsh fire for folks who live in the inland east bay, pittsburg, antioch. it's not the best air quality today. i'm going to show you the specifics on air quality readings coming up in the complete forecast. more on that in a bit. for everybody else, it's clouds. that's the view from the salesforce tower looking east. see mount diablo there. immediate bay, waking up to gray skies. that's definitely the story from the san mateo bridge. many inland locations are looking gray. sunny for the inland. we do warm up today with plenty of sunshine for everybody today once we get to late morning. some of us will be anywhere from seven to nine degrees warmer today than yesterday. that means mid 90s for many of the warmest inland locations. mid to upper 70s heart of the bay. show everybody's number in the complete forecast in a bit. for now, devin, back to you.
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we have breaking news to share with you. a police officer in mountain view was shot this morning just a little after midnight during a car stop. it happened in the area of villa street and wild cherry lane near the mountain view transit center. the suspect shot the officer and sped away. no idea of the shooter. the officer's injuries don't appear to be life-threatening. the suspect crashed his car, ditched it nearby. police are searching the downtown area. they have not publicly identified the suspect or the off officer. this morning, police say the international terminal at sfo is safe after hundreds of passengers evacuated last night because of a bomb threat. authorities located a potential incendiary device and now have one person in custody connected to the incident. police haven't given further detail on his identity. security screenings, check-in counters, the tram and bart are up and running this morning.
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there are no residual delays. six are dead in montana after a dust storm fueled by 60 mile an hour winds caused a pile-up. it happened on interstate 90 friday evening outside of harden. more than 20 vehicles were involved in the pile-up. video shows hundreds of tractor trailers, campers, and cars backed up for miles along two eastbound lanes. drivers say it was close to impossible to see the road with all the dust. first responders are w clear the wreckage. in the bay area, investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong when an amtrak tran slammed into a maintenance vehicle. it was on the tracks in oakland. a union pacific employee was using a front loader to clear debris from the tracks when a tram slammed into him. the operator was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. a train passenger was also hospitalized. hazmat teams are cleaning up
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hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel spilled in the crash. there are plans to shut down an oakland homeless camp that's been the site of many of fires, including one this week that sent a plume over the east bay. several rvs were burned. at within point, 880 was closed down. caltrans posted notices at the site. it plans to shut down the encampment by the first week of august. caltrans says it is cooperating with the city and alameda county to help the nearly 200 people living in the shelter. a midnight deadline has now passed for the santa clara county sheriff to step down or head to trial. the san francisco da's office is serving as the prosecution in the case against lori smith. she's accused of seven corruption-related acts, including allegations that she granted concealed weapons permits to donors and political supporters. smith was given a deadline to resign by last night or face trial where she could be forcibly removed. she has already said she will
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not run for a seventh term. >> two candidates will face off in the november run-off to replace smith. palo alto police chief johnson and retired sheriff captain kevin jenson. now to the latest on the bay area covid surge. this map shows the counties seeing the biggest spikes over the last week, led by contra costa county. hospitalizations remain well below record highs, the test positivity rate is nearing 17%. as kpix 5's max darrow reports, that number probably doesn't tell the whole story. >> reporter: experts know we're in the midst of another covid surge in the bay area. since so many people are testing at home and don't report the results, a case count is no longer the best way to measure how much covid is spreading within the community. >> it's been a little over two weeks now, and mostly my lungs are still tight. >> reporter: andy just got over a bout with covid-19. he self-diagnosed with an at-home test kit after feeling
7:37 am
sick. >> a lot of people close to me who haven't gotten it these last two years have gotten positive in the last couple weeks. >> this is a major surge we're in right now. we have a lot of cases, a lot of transmission. not a great lock on what the numbers are in reality. >> reporter: dr. rutherford is an epidemiologist. he says there is primarily upside with at-home test kits, but the downside now is it is tough to get a true look at the case count. >> it's not as high as january and december earlier this year and last year, but i think it's close to that high. maybe 65%, 70% of the height. i think we have to really look at the wastewater surveillance to get a real understanding of the magnitude of the current surge. >> reporter: marin county and sonoma county have online portals for people to report at-home test results. across the bay area, most don't report their self-test results to county or state. >> i reported it to my physician.
7:38 am
i think within 24 or 48 hours. >> reporter: he doesn't know for sure where he picked it up. however -- >> the only places i was around people, around the window of when i had gotten it, was outside. >> reporter: a concert and a rally. some infectious disease experts say the ba.4 and ba.5 subvariants are so transmissible and immune evasive, they recommend masks indoors and at crowded outdoor events. >> even though it feels a little frustrating, i can see why wearing a mask outside right now wouldn't be a terrible idea. >> reporter: mostly better but still on the mend, his advice for anyone who gets sick? >> give yourself permission to rest. >> reporter: on the peninsula, max darrow, kpix 5. >> there are no mask mandates in the bay area right now, but the cdc says that should be on your mind, especially indoors. that's because according to cdc guidelines, all bay area counties classify as having high covid community levels. more than half of the country is in that same category. a new development in the effort to get monkeypox vaccines. san francisco health officials
7:39 am
say they'd get more than 4,100 doses next week. the city has been pleading with the federal government for a more urgent response. the doses will go into vaccine sites starting next week. a new picture is emerging inside the san francisco district attorney's office. a little more than a week into the job, interim da brooke jenkins named a quartet of women to her management team. gonzalez, the new chief assistant da, is a long-time city prosecutor, covering gang assault, sexual assault, and other violent crimes. until she was fired under the former da. nancy tung, special chief of prosecutors, covering sensitive cases and leading the office's community partnerships. she ran in 2019, coming in third. tiffany sutton will serve as the chup op chief of alternative programs, as well as leading the juvenile division. she worked in the da's office for 12 years before joining the
7:40 am
san francisco police department's crime strategies division. and randy mann will lead the transition team. she spent over two decades with the da's office before joining the sheriff's office earlier this year. jenkins said in a statement, quote, i promised the public i'd restore accountability and consequences to the criminal justice system while advancing smart reforms responsibly. my management team will help deliver on that promise. several staffers left over from the beau former administration announced they're no longer with the da office. a similar staffing shakeup happened when he first took office. coming up, it is not certain -- it is certainly not the final frontier when it comes to craft beer, but this south bay brew is looking to bring back old memories. a san francisco woman is on a mission to keep local artists from leaving. what they're doing inside of a de-commissioned shipyard. don't forget to join us for a new 7:00 a.m. weekday newscast.
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streaming live on cbs news bay area. find us on pluto tv, channel 3350, and any platform using the free cbs news app.
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♪ california craft beer week is now under way, and a new micro brew is flying off store shelves in san jose. len ramirez shows how hazy ipa is bringing back clear memories with every sip. >> reporter: well, here we go. frontier village, hazy ipa, cheers. >> cheers. >> reporter: for me, it was a taste of one of san jose's newest and most popular brews. oh, i like that. yeah, that's nice. it's the latest creation of narrative fermentations. it pays homage to the theme park frontier village, which entertained bay area families from 1961 to 1980. >> wanted to give some of the locals, put a smile on their face with a little bit of that throwback nostalgia. >> hey, welcome. come on in. >> reporter: but the story of
7:45 am
how the beer came to be starts here in the home of retired san jose cop and history buff tim stephens. >> we're in the halfway. we're going to see a couple of very rare frontier village items. >> reporter: tim has one of the largest collections of frontier village memorabilia that can be found anywhere, from a handdrawn pencil map of the park to souvenir oars from the canoe rides. he has a fake rifle that was in the fort-like entrance, and a real old western revolver a marshall used in costume. >> this gentleman here, he was the first marshall of frontier village. his wife said, after he passed, that he wanted me to have the gun. >> reporter: there's old badges, too many souvenirs to name, and now the beer. narrative fermentation says tim's collection was the inspiration for it. >> it brings back a lot of good memories for people. people remember going to the park and having fun. what a safe place it was. all the things there was to do.
7:46 am
and i think that is the important part of the nostalgia, is the memories that people have and the way it made them feel. >> reporter: today, there's just these empty fields where frontier village once stood. as for the beer, word is spreading fast, and its limited run, like the park itself, might soon run out. at least for now, frontier village is once again the toast of the town. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. first item i want to address in the first alert forecast is the air quality for the inland east bay near the marsh fire. it's still putting up smoke, and this is a time-lapse in the last 15 minutes. north of pittsburg, it is getting pushed inland. pittsburg you can see here. inte-i d antioch is downwind from that. most locations on here are green. east bay shoreline, all up and down 680. but once we start to get over
7:47 am
towards that stretch along the dot. inland, you can see the smoke piling up and pulled into the va valleys. the morning will be the toughest time. a little better into the afternoon. i'd put off the morning jog in those communities. the vantage point over mount di diablo, the breeze will continue today. it's been a difficult location to get put out, but the crews have new plans in place to pull in more water from the delta. hopefully there is good news on that soon. all right. back to the weather. those are just clouds, and this is the view from the top of the salesforce tower. you can see mount diablo there. we were using our camera on top of that to look over pittsburg. the low clouds filled in much of the immediate bay. you can see it here above the san mateo bridge. it looks that way for much of
7:48 am
the immediate bay. if you're inland, you have sunshine. by late morning, we're all going to have sunshine today. we're in the mid 50s now, but with plenty of sunshine, we get a noticeable warm-up today. some of us, as much as nine degrees warmer than yesterday. santa rosa, like you, nine degrees ws warmer means you're going to the mid 90s today. san jose, eight degrees warmer, going to 86. not terribly hot but noticeably warmer. livermore goes to 92. concord, 94. not that big of a difference. we'll go mid 80s in the south bay. sunny sunnyvale, 84. redwood city and san mateo, you'll be right around the same mark, as well. as we get into the inland east bay, low to mid 90s over here. you'll go 93, livermore. 91, pleasanton. 98 in brentwood. you'll also have air quality issues, also. not the best conditions. east bay leandro.
7:49 am
santa rosa, low to mid 90s. mid to upper 90s for mendocino and lake county. rest of the seven-day forecast looks good. today is the warmest day. most of the seven-day, you'll see a cooldown. once we pass that, 8 to 14 day outlook, here's an early heads-up. long-range forecast models are starting to point us towards what could be a significant warmup for a good part of the west after the seven day. looks like we'll avoid the worst of it, but it needs to be watched. the pacific northwest could have a significant heat wave. maybe some of that gets here. the next seven days, we're not concerned about that yet. we'll be down into the low and mid 80s in san jose of the next seven days. our micro cloi imates, 90s toda. mid 80s for much of the seven day from there. >> temperatures jump up today and kind of taper off for the rest of the week? >> pretty much it. that's the way it'll go. it'll feel better for much of the rest of the week.
7:50 am
>> thank you. >> see ya. a bay view woman helped keep alive the community in the shipyard neighborhood. sharon chin introduces us to the jefferson award winner. ♪ >> to me, it has incredible beauty. >> reporter: the serenity of the watter and wildlife at the hunter's point shipyard makes it a perfect backdrop for artists like barbara ockel. >> this was the bay right behind it. just so unique, that you just don't have this anywhere else in the world. >> reporter: her life's mission is to help its arts community drive. since 2018, she served as president of the shipyard trust for the arts. >> amazing artists at the shipyard. >> reporter: the nonfi advocates for 300 artists in the shipyard creek studios. >> there is no other space in san francisco for artists that
7:51 am
is becoming available, where s can fo to re workspace and be creative. live music. >> reporter: she brought in more artists of color and opened more opportunities for exhibits at places like the bay view opera house. >> at the fashion show, the models wore these contraptions on their heads. >> reporter: she helped renovate it before retiring as executive director. >> you can do that. >> reporter: when covid shut down in-person open studio events, barbara got grant funding to build virtual stores, so artists could still sell their work. >> exactly. >> reporter: barbara helped start and expand the artist and residence program. >> she really is very driven. >> reporter: malik -- >> making sure that artists get their due justice. >> reporter: -- had free use of a studio for 18 months before he found a permanent space. >> the moment that san francisco loses its artists is the moment that san francisco no longer exists. >> that's going to be the next big -- >> reporter: through barbara's leadership, public school
7:52 am
children get free art lessons. >> always sought to make what they make. >> reporter: jerry and other senior citizens volunteer in the inter-generational art program. what do you teach them? >> i teach them that they can be as great as they want to be. >> reporter: barbara secured grant money. >> okay. >> reporter: so artists like william can get paid teaching the weekly program in the bay view. >> she's amazing with, you know, getting grants and knowing how to really make things happen when it comes to that. i guess that's just her secret sauce.>>ust nted to do something here where i live. i saw so many things that could be improved right here. that's what i wanted to do for the rest of my life. >> reporter: so for building a thriving art community for the hunter's point shipyard area and its neighbors, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to barbara ockel. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> barbara is raising money. she wants to buy furniture for a
7:53 am
7:54 am
the federal government is making a major investment in fixing up parks in urban areas. the assistant secretary of the interior was in san francisco yesterday. she was touting a new project in the bay view. the project will include community gardens, picnic areas, play areas, and basketball courts. >> we can use the outdoors to help communities not just connect with nature but to connect with each other and to become communities again. that's what i heard this morning, and that's what so touched me about the work being done in san francisco. >> so far, nationwide initiative has invested more than $61 million in 26 cities this year. stern grove is set for another lively sunday in san francisco. an oakland-based artist is bringing her distinctive sound to the main stage. pop meets techno artist, chrystia cabral, aka spellling, is one of the weekend's headliners. she tells us the grove is a fitting venue because nature is a major influence in her music.
7:55 am
>> i think my interest in being in the bay area, living here, is you always have access to so much. the trees and eucalyptus groves, it's all, like, readily available. it's part of the reason i've lived here so long. >> dj omar will join her on the main stage. the show starts at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. a jelly bean that's good for you? try nature's bounty jelly bean vitamins. good-for-you nutrients in a tastier-for-you form. more sweet dreams. more flavorful immune support. get more with nature's bounty jelly beans.
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6:56. a look at the top stories. normal activity rejerusumed at sfo international terminal after a bomb threat caused evacuations last night. anl delays. millions of dollars in jewelry was stolen out of an armored truck which was traveled to southern california as part of a show. the heist has the victim's life work. contra costa fire plans to open floodgates and inundate the wetlands for about five days. the washburn fire in yosemite is 37% contained. the mariposa grove of sequoia trees are safe. evacuees in wawona could return home tomorrow. following up on the pictures of the marsh fire, air quality.
7:58 am
these are the right now, updated readings. bottom right-hand corner toward antioch and brentwood. we are reading unhealthy levels from smoke coming off the marsh fire. go easy on yourself this morning if you're there. most other locations, the air quality is great this morning. it's just clouds. that's the view from the top of the salesforce tower, looking at the marine layer. everybody gets sunshine late morning and a warmup. inland locations are seven or eight degrees warmer than yesterday. we will cool down, back below average for much of next week. >> thank you, darren. thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. don't forget the news continues all day on cbs ews bay area.
7:59 am
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