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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 18, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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tests but experts warn the results may be a little bit tee receiving. i'm r i'm ryan yamamoto. >> i'm elizabeth cook. nine in ten californians live in communities with high icovid-19 levels. the positivity rate is at near 17%. the surge is fueled by new variants of omicron. as andria borba tells us, the new strains may be more difficult for rapid tests to defect. >> it works only -- >> reporter: when karl got sick earlier in year he figured he had covid-19. it's what his wife was sick with. >> i think i had a headache and i felt weak. i had contact with my wife, who is known to be positive. >> reporter: he took a rapid test at home. it was negative. >> i was skeptical. >> reporter: a few dislater a pcr test came up positive. it's not uncommon these days.
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a study out of the harvard school of public health in april noted some strains were harder to locate out of a rapid test than others. >> the delta variant was more difficult to detect. it had a higher detection than omicron. and so this may relate to the omicron subvariants because some of the strains of the omicron subvariant do have mutations. >> reporter: dr. kirby says like vaccines are getting new strain updates, so should tests. >> if we look at a lot of the antigen tests out there, they just have information in terms of how well they work for sort of original -- >> reporter: it's a sentiment echoed by a doctor of uc berkeley. >> we have to be constantly re-looking at the rapid tests to make sure this virus spins off new variants and subvariants.
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>> reporter: don't be surprised if the rapid test comes up negative when you have symptoms. >> oftentimes, early in the course of the illness the rapid test is negative when you actually have that disease. >> reporter: do what karl and his wife did. >> we knew that we were sick so we decided to stay at home. >> there are other theiries ab including that viral load hasn't reached coptageous level when home test swabs are taken and vaccines are keeping viral loads very low even as symptoms appear. despite the surge in the latest surge in covid cases bart is no longer requiring commuters to mask up on trains. the agency dropped its mandate today but says face coverings are still strongly recommended. bart says it conducts surveys four teams a month last month it found 89% of riders wore masks. our fire watch. a brush fire closing down
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several lanes of 101 near sausalito. that broke out between an apartment collemplex and the freeway before 3:30. crews stopped forward progress and are mopping up hot spots. traffic gridlocked on northbound highway 101 into marin county. those two lanes are back open, that backup still stretches into san francisco. and crews in pittsburg mopping up a grass fire that reignited near a pittsburg neighborhood near alta vista circle close to woodland hills park. crews say this first fire broke out last night and reignited this morning. video from chopper 5 shows how close the fire was burning near the homes. you can also see there was a decent fire break there that brought crews enough time to protect the neighborhood. that fire burned 30 acres. and the bay area air district has yet again extended an air quality advisory for eastern contra costa county. wildfire smoke from the marsh fire continues to impact nearby cities, including pittsburg,
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aunt i don't think, oak lay and e brentwood. crews flooded the marsh where fire has been burning since may. get a good look at this photo. they say roger aleman garcia is a suspect in a weekend shooting at a bowling alley and sent children at a birthday party scrambling for safety. it claimed the life of 28-year-old man and sent families scrambling for safety. julia goodrich spoke to a man who ran towards the danger to help those running for it. >> i ran to the balcony and looked out and heard and sake os. chaos. >> reporter: this is what livermore resident sheryl saw from her balcony. >> i looked down and hollered. i said, hey, can i help you? they looked up, yes, please, please help us, please help us. >> reporter: all three sknew at the time was a little girl was missing. >> she ran when she heard the gunshots. i said, whoa, wait, what?
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there was a shooting? she said, yes. >> reporter: 28-year-old antonio vargas in a bowling league every tuesday night was shot and killed. police are looking for the alleged shooter, 27-year-old roger aleman garcia. a convicted felon with an extensive criminal history. vargas' father tells kpix 5 through a spanish translator he talked to his son right before he left the house to go bowling with friends that night. >> he is speechless at the moment. his son was no trouble. >> reporter: the little girl celebrating her birthday that night nowhere to be found. after listening to her mother's orders -- >> she screamed, gun, run! that little girl knew what to do. she got the helds out of there. we couldn't find her for 15 to 20 minutes. >> reporter: she was hiding in a garage. >> she wouldn't come out until her brother or mom came. she was absolutely terrified. luckily she was not hurt
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physically, but emotionally, you know, it was her 8-year-old birthday party. the kids were wearing t-shirts that had her name and happy birthday on the t-shirts and they were all still wearing their bowling shoes. >> reporter: a life lost. a little girl's birthday stolen and now a community trying to figure out how to make it right again. . i know my town. i know my city of livermore. we all know each other. it's a small town. welcome together and throw this daughter another dream birthday party that's safe. and i know livermore police will be there to guard her party. >> reporter: juliette goodrich, kpix 5. oakland police looking for witnesses to a deadly shooting they say may have started as a robbery or carjacking attempt. this happened in little saigon in that area on 13th avenue and east 21st street yesterday morning. police say the victim was sitting his car when two men
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approached and shot him. >> this is difficult for this community. who has been working with police. they have been meeting with law enforcement asking for help, asking for more resources and we have been trying to shift resources here to address this issue of violence. >> combined with the city's latest homicide this morning, there have been 64 homicides across oakland just this year. that's actually down slightly from this time last year when there were 72. palo alto police arrested four people accused of stealing $38,000 worth of clothes from lululemon stores. they caught them at the stanford shopping center yesterday. they are accused of stealing 100 pairs of leggings and another 300 items of clothing from stores in burling game in san mateo. this is surveillance -- this is a surveillance photo of him. uber will pay out millions of dollars to customers with disabilities. the rideshare company reached a
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settlement over a lawsuit that it overrcharged em. >> this it claims people who used wheelchairs and walkers were charged extra for the time to took to load and unload that equipment a violation of the americans with disabilities act. uber will pay out the money to more than 65,000 app users. the rideshare complaint released a statement saying, quote, it has long been our policy to refund wait time fees for riders with a disability when they alerted us that they were charged and prior to this matter being filed we made changes. so that any rider who shares that they have a disability would have wait time fees waived ali. local leaders in political activists calling on the federal government to do more about monkeypox as cases rise nationwide, including here in the bay area. the latest cdc numbers show 266 cases of monkeypox in california, san francisco's
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reporting 86 probable and confirmed cases, alameda county 25, santa clara county 11. demonstrators say more monkeypox vaccine is needed along with increased testing. it also calls for better public service messages to remove stigmas around the virus. they say some unfairly blame the lgbtq community for spreading the disease. >> we know that doesn't work. we know that just it has to shame people. >> we don't have to get there. that's why everyone is focused on the now. >> while some experts think the window to contain the virus has closed, others disagreeing saying there is time to address the health crisis. keep up with the latest developments on monkeypox and the vaccine response on our website at still to come, a trial more than a quarter century in the making. opening statements underway against a father and son charged in the disappearance of a cal poly student. dozens of employees go to
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work only to be sent home. why a popular food supplier in the southbo bay says it has no choice but to shut down. skittles under fire. why a bay area woman claims a rainbow colored candy is unsafe for people to eat. and take a look at this incredible video of giant waves cashing down on a wedding reception in hawaii. the damage at the venue and elsewhere across the islands. and just about two and a half hours ago the national weather service put out a beach hazard statement for us. that same swell is going to have an impact on o coast. we will look at that, talk about where it's coming from and go into the details of how we start cooling down inland, pulling you back from the near 100s. the forecast is coming up.
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. opening statements began in a courtroom today in the trial of paul and ruben flores. the father and son are charged in the 1996 does appearance of cal poly student kristin smart. paul flores faces murder charges and ruben flores is charged as an accessory and accused of covering up smart's death. each have their own separate juries. independant truckers plan to walk the picket lines at the port of oakland over a new law that requires them to be employees of a trucking company. they say that effectively shuts out truckers who drive their own rigs or would force them to change their lifestyle while local union leaders say the bill would give the truckers more rights. >> the greedy trucking companies are denying drivers that basic
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human right of forming union if they want to by misclassifying them as non-employees. that's not right. every worker, every driiver deserves the right to have aense with. >> an own ep operator becomes an owner/operator pause they want to be their own boss. >> they say if the law takes effect it could worsen supply chain issues leading to short ajs or cost increasing for consumerers. supply chain issues are forcing the closure of a san jose factory. shocking employees who showed up to work today. amy's kitchen makes frozen pizzas and the facility on loss plumas avenue, alva martinez went to work yesterday and nobody said anything about the shutdown. she is one of 300 workers who will lose their jobs. so is leticia castro. >> we love the company. they take care of us, the
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employees. they give us everything that they can to make us happy. >> amy's kitchen says the plant was losing $1 million a month because the decreased frozen pizzas and the high cost of raw ingredients. the owner says it will help its laid off workers by giving them two months of severance pay and benefits. a san leandro woman suing skittles over coloring additives she claims is unfit for human con sefrms. it is legal in the u.s. mars, the makers of skittles, issued a statement saying while we don't comment on pending litigation, our tuesday of t titanium dioxide complies with fda regulations. a giant wave from the pacific ocean. >> the newlyweds say the waves took out their catering tables and one of their bars.
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>> definitely didn't stop the party. we kept going. it made everybody closer, now, really quick. >> great attitude. over in maui, a wave pushed through a rock wall flooding a ocean restaurant. >> like you would see in a tsunami video, it kind of just filled up the room with water and just kept pushing forward straight through to the front door that leads to front street. >> the restaurant owner says it may take a week until they reopen as the dining room floors were completely wiped out. the good nuews, the cake is saved, right? >> the cake was saved. the dance floor was not. but they got great pictures. that's a win. and there is a local connection here at home. just about three hours ago now, national weather service issued a beach hazard statement for us from that same swell. it's not going to be anywhere near that strong when it gets here. we are far enough away that a lot of the energy will have dissipated in the pacific before it gets here. but it's coming and you can see
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the areas of the coastline here that are under beach hazard statement. it goes into effect now. doesn't expire until wednesday evening. dangerous sneaker waves. stay off coastal jetties. what happened? if you look in the pacific, if you try to find an explanation, the obvious first assumption would be there must have been a hurricane or a tropical storm and there was one that fell apart south of hawaii. but not so convinced that was it, actually. it was more likely large winter storms south of the equator. it's winter down there and this particular storm about three or four days ago was directing a lot of its windnd a wave energy towards hawaii. watch the way the swell moves. it's coming up are from the southwest. and coming for us. of course, the colors are far lighter and it's not going to be as bad. normally the wave energy is coming from the gulf of alaska. this is a unique situation. we are watching the smoke in the east bay. we talked about this earlier. air quality advisory for eastern
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most contra costa county. that's the smoke off the marsh fire. look what happened today. the additional fire that started not far from the golf course down to the south in pittsburg. it's under control. it's not putting more smoke into the air. things were just starting to improve in terms of air quality from the marsh fire. if we look at that network of air quality sensors out here you still have some that are trending down into the unhealthy for sensitive groups, especially downwind towards antioch. it was better this morning. if you look at the trend, the lasts several mornings you have seen spikes and poor air quality. today at least in the morning it was better and hopeful signs that flooding that marsh will help. 98 degrees today for the die time high inland. 58 in pacifica. it's probably going to be warm tomorrow inland but you can see how we start changing this right here. that's the futurecast showing us how far inland the low clouds will extend tomorrow morning. this is a little more than is
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did today. it extends through the east bay. we don't wake up to a total grayout tomorrow morning. wednesday we are going to let this play ahead because i want you you to see how widespread it is. by wednesday and thursday you will feel it. morning lows tomorrow mid-to-upper 50s. still in the 90s for many of the wa warmer inland spots tomorrow. plenty of low 90s for the east bay communities tomorrow. east bay shoreline will see temperatures in the 70 degree range and mid-80s through marin and mid-90s through lake and mendocino county. there is a cooling trend. you see it for san jose. back down nat low 80s by friday and for our micro climates inland valleys of the east and north bay, you will get to the mid-80s. it will take a few days. >> thanks. a trash contest in san
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francisco. the expensive garbage cans on the street for the public to test out. and don't forget to join us for our news 7:00 a.m. weekday newscast streaming live on "cbs news bay area." you can find us on pluto tv, channel 3350 and on any platform
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check out this time space wormhole i creat how's it work? let me see your togo, and i'll show you. "poof" burt, you have my lunch. introducing togo's new pastrami cheese ste loaded with our world famous pastrami, sauteed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new pastrami cheese steak. try steak or chicken, too.
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now at togo's prototypes are hitting the
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streets. >> the six designs will be out for 60 days. the one that works the best will replace current bins which critics say are easily broken into, often flyover flow. some of the new cans cost between 10,000 and $20,000 each depending on the prototype. in comparison, the current cans cost about $1,200 each. that's a lot of trash. therey are known for daring stunts and precision flying. the blue angels are making history. one of the teams newest members.
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for the first time in history, a female pilot has been selected to join the blue angels. >> good for her. today the navy named lieutenant is
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amanda lee of minnesota at the t team's newest member. she has to go through a five-month training program. i cannot wait until she makes her debut here. >> moving back to san francisco, that was one of the things i was looking forward to seeing, is fleet week. >> it's wonderful. you have to spend a day there and see everything. and the blue angels, obviously, the highlight. you need to see her in the skies
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