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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 22, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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here's why tribal leaders urge you to vote yes on prop 27. the act provides hundreds of millions every year for permanent solutions to homelessness, mental health and addiction in california. prop 27 supports financially disadvantaged tribes that don't own big casinos. by taxing and regulating online sports betting for adults 21 and over, we can protect tribal sovereignty and finally do something about homelessness in california. vote yes on prop 27.
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u now at 11:00, breaking news. a small plane takes out power lines and crashes to the ground in santa clara county. we'll have an investigation and update on the pilot. plus. >> there's no reason why it couldn't infect children. >> california reporting the test case of monkeypox in a toddler in the u.s. why doctors say there's a lot we don't know about the disease's impact on children. a massive wildfire burning out of control near yosemite. what firefighters are facing. and nearly $600 million on the line in the lottery. did anyone take home the big jackpot? we begin with breaking news. a small plane crashed right outside the reed hill view airport in san jose.
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the plane went down at about 7:15 tonight, crashing into a fence during an emergency landing. this is the scene on the 2100 block of evanflin avenue. we spoke to two nearby resident whose heard the crash from inside their home. >> just the fact that he hit the gate and was bleeding and still moving. it was pretty overwhelming. i'm glad, i hope he's doing okay. >> could have hit anyone kp exercising or walking our dogs. pretty concerning. >> the pilot was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and we've been told they've been stabilized. the first cases of monkeypox in children have been reported.
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>> we learned about the potential impact on monkeypox on children. >> reporter: the california department of public health confirms the toddler got it from someone close to the child who had the infection. while it may be a concern, the health expert we spoke with says a major outbreak among children is unlikely. until now, this new strain of the monkeypox had been spreading mainly among a certain segment of the population. >> if you look at the epidemiology it's heavily weighted at this time, though not exclusively, to men who have sex with men. >> reporter: but on friday, health officials confirming two positive cases, one in an infant that traveled through washington, d.c. the othersa is a toddler from california. >> the likelihood of a child getting infected was very low, but there's no reason why it couldn't infect children. >> reporter: dr. maldonado says since you have to have extended contact with an infected person,
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such as skin-to-skin contact, there's no need to be overly concerned, but just be aware. >> i think people just need to be very careful about their contact with people who've been at high risk for exposure. >> reporter: dr. hapmaldonado s so far this strain has been less severe than ones in the past. both children are take anti-viral medication, but there's a lack of data for the drug for clinical trials for children. that also applies to vaccines. >> the studies for this vaccine were really done in adults. so we don't have a lot of data in children. and we need to generate nmore data there so we understand what to do for kids. a wildfire has explode in size. the oak fire started about 2:00 this afternoon near mid pines. that fire is burning this one of
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the more-populated areas of ma mariposa county. it's burned to 4300 acres in less than ten hours with zero containment. the flames have shut down highway 140, one of the main routes into yosemite. no word on the extent of the damage or if there are any j injuries at this point. >> record tdry fire fuels are burning. and the fire's going to grow overnight. we usually rely on the overnight hours, but it's still in the low 80s right now. the humidity is still below 20%. the winds aren't that strong but gusting up to around 15 miles per hour and it's been dark for a couple hours. so the aircrews have to wait until daybreak to try to attack it from the air. they will have their hands full for the rest of the night. for the satellite perspective,
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as the fire just exploded, can you see that white blip in the middle. that's a pyrocumulus cloud. the fire growing intensely and creating its own weather for a while. can you see that from an earlier image from one of the alert wildfire cameras. this is a beaken from one of the nearby towers. but all of that is the oak fire continuing to burn brightly as we head through the rest of the night with the dry fuels allowing it to grow and grow. we'll look at the bay area forecast in a few minutes. today a deadly police shooting in danville has been rul ruled a homicide. former danville deputy, andrew hall shot and killed terrell wilson last year during what wilson's family says was a bout with mental illness. the d.a. has one year to decide
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whether to move forward with charges, that's something wilson's family is hoping for. >> i'm waiting for this inquest to be done so the d.a. can actually look into it and be fair and just, because hall did violate high son's rights. >> hall is already serving a six-year sentence for the shooting of a man who also suffered from mental health issues. tonight california has a first of its kind new gun law, but at least one civil rights group says governor mu snewsom taking the wrong approach. >> reporter: governor newsom isn't being timid about his new approach to gun control. political analysts say he wants his message heard all across the country for a reason. on friday, governor mu newsom signed a bill into law that he
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says is a move toward public safety, but it sserves another purpose. >> can you not sell, you cannot manufacture these in the state of california. and if you do, there are 40 million people that can collect $10,000 from you and attorney fees. for engaging in that illegal activity. >> reporter: the slaw is modele after one in texas that allows people to sue those who assist in abortions. it could set in motion another legal battle, and it seems newsom hopes it does. >> there is no principled way, let me make this crystal clear. there's no principled way the united states supreme court can overturn this law and uphold the right for texas to continue to move forward with sb 8. >> reporter: the aclu had pretty sharp criticism for newsom for creating what they call a bounty
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system. saying, quote, there is no way to take advantage of the flawed logic of the texas law. no worthy motive and no permissible goal can justify such a radical and dangerous assault on our constitutional structure. but newsom insists it's time to be aggressive. >> it's time to put them on the defense. we sick and tired of being on the defense this this movement. it's time to put them on the defense. >> reporter: newsom is taking his fight to the national stage, running ad running ads in texas and florida, a move with speculation that the governor may have his sights set on a presidential run. >> in light of the unpopularity of president. in light of issues like inflation and gas, gavin newsom sees that the president has covid. again, the perfect storm would
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have to happen, but gavin newsom is preparing himself for that perfect storm. crews in sonoma county have started clearing out a homeless encampment. people living there will be moved into a shelter while those choosing to stay have until next tuesday to move on their own. the trail runs eight and a half-miles. a half-mile stretch is shut down. the county will offer several objection options for those living on the trail, depending on their needs >> i think it's just time for us to open this trail, and we have the ability to shelter those individuals. it goes to our long-term strategy of ending the homelessness. >> the trail will remain closed to the public for at least the next week. tonight no lucky swjackpot winner in the mega millions
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lottery. >> upside, an even big are prize next week. an estimated 790 million. the jackpot has been building since april 15th. $790 million would be the fourth highest lottery prize in u.s. history. the next drawing is on tuesday, and i think it might be fun to buy tickets for that one. >> we should to do that one. >> a little pool? we go one on one with comedian joe coy about his new movie featuring a cast that's almost entirely filipino-american. >> i was like where are all these filipinos tomorrowing from? they're like, daley city. a major construction project getting under way, and it could cause big headaches for drivers this weekend. plus, two years after a devastating f
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seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes to the homeless, and even less to tribes. and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less. hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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a bay area city is getting the hollywood treatment. >> a new movie from comedy sensation sensation joe coy is also a showcase of filipino culture. >> father and son road trip. going to be fun. >> reporter: it's the first studio film to feature a filipino-american family. joe coy stars in "easter city" set in daley city where filipinos make up 37% of the population. >> daley city is like responsible for letting me know that there's filipino restaurants. there's a filipino community. there's things that i didn't see in my childhood that happened here. >> reporter: joe grew up in seattle in the '80s. he says he first visited daley city when he performed at the
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comedy club. >> i was like where are all these filipinos coming from? and they're like daley city, and i'm like what? >> reporter: and now you own this town. >> well, i have a key. >> reporter: and the day was declared his by the city's first filipino-american mayor. >> i know so many people who have seen the film who are asian-american say they feel seen on the screen. what is that responsibility to showcase your community feel like is this. >> i love it. the whole idea is to tell a story without being too specific, right? i didn't want the whole movie to just be hey, filipinos do this, and filipino does that. i didn't want to do that for the sake of just having laughs. >> reporter: he says the film, which steven spielberg helped get made shines a light on bay area filipinos. joe worked in a song by a fil filipino rapper.
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one of the characters wore a jersey. you're paving the way for other actors and comedians of color. joe coy thank you so much. you're hella funny. betty yu, kpix 5. >> "easter sunday" opens in theaters august 5. drivers hey wmay want to le extra time this weekend. cal trans crews are doing work on the alameda creek bridge. this ends monday at 5:00 a.m. two years ago, the czu complex fire left the big basin state park completely scorched. now the park is welcoming visitors back for the first time since, home to some of the largest sequoias.
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it is the oldest state park in california. but, the revival of the park wasn't always a sure thing after it was closed in the fall of 2020. roughly 90% of the park was scorched. but despite all those challenges, big basin visitors are just glad to return to the place they've come to love. >> i'm so grateful that this many trees are still here. because i didn't know. when we came it could have been a desert, we didn't know what to expect. >> some trees are still standing and now you can see the new growth coming back on the trees. it's fantastic to see that. >> there will be changes. you will need to make a parking reservation and access to a majority of the park is limited. and finally, some progress tonight in the effort to extinguish a fire that's been sending smoke into communities in eastern contra costa county for weeks. firefighters say flooding the marsh where the fire is burning is working. they hope to have the fire completely out this the next few
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days. my goodness. we've been talking about that fire for years. >> we've been talking, but the folks who have been breathing that smoke are certainly sick of it. they ct wait e completely extinguished. we hope for the same for the oak ges. in mariposa county the heat dome camped out over the desert southwest. the ripple that helped disperse the fog is moving away. we're going to be back into a typical july pattern for saturday and sunday. we did see it clear out along the coast for a little while this afternoon and early evening. temperatures right now in the 50s and 60s. not a whole lot of variation. 64 degrees in concord. those temperatures will continue dropping off as the fog continues spreading out. well into the inland valleys to begin the day on saturday. it's going to back out of the inland valleys very quickly but
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take a little longer than it did today along the bay and the coast, seeing the mix of clouds and sunshine. by lunchtime, more sunshine breaking through. temperatures tonight breaking down mostly to the low to mid-50s. couple spot farther inland in the east bay staying around 6 degrees. high temperatures reaching to a few degrees within normal. mild near the bay with highs in the 60s and 70s. warm further inland, but the hottest spots aren't going to be that hot. only into the mid-90s. very similar temperatures in store over the next several days. a lot of stuff going on this weekend including an adoption fair if you are in the market for a furry friend to add to your home. this is itsy who we featured on the dog walking forecast as adoptable.
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she has been adopted but there are plenty of other furry friends can you choose from, noon to 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. if you are heading to sonoma for the hot rod races, low 80s. maybe a couple degrees warmer. don't forget the sunscreen. there will be plenty of sunshine out there unless you're heading to stern grove. by sunday afternoon, temperatures in the low 60s, which is pretty typical for late july. no major changes to our temperatures. sta staying within a few degrees of average. whenever we have monsoonal moisture this time of year, there's an outside chance of a couple dry lightning strikes. that does not hlook likely this time around but it's something we'll watch. coming up next, we had
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another fabulous finish. you want something wild, we've got wild for you. the craziest here's why tribal leaders urge you to vote yes on prop 27. the act provides hundreds of millions every year for permanent solutions to homelessness, mental health and addiction in california. prop 27 supports financially disadvantaged tribes that don't own big casinos. by taxing and regulating online sports betting for adults 21 and over, we can protect tribal sovereignty and finally do something about homelessness in california. vote yes on prop 27.
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in order for the giants to have any chance at winning the west they need the dodgers to lose. that's the good news to play in l.a. another 13 times. logan webb made it eight quality starts today, not the best start to his game though. ba bases loaded. webb was mostly cruising the rest of the way. gets out of a minor jam here with a fly out. bull pen doors swung open, ball game busted wide open. cody bellinger with the bases hood loaded. he had been struggling mightily. a two-out grand slam. giants will need to win both
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games to split the series. san francisco 14.5 games back of l.a. to oakland. this kid got a lot of airtime with texas in time. fifth inning, ramon loriano breaks the tie. solo shot to right field. tenth homer of the season. that's where we see the fan again. easy on the sodium! rangers would make it interesting with l trivino on the mound. trivino was an out away from locking it down. instead, a.j. puck comes in for the save. marcus simeon, a smash to third. nicely gloved on the hot corner, that is your ball game. puck gets his first major league save. the a's escape 5-4 and get a chance to take the series tomorrow. golf, round try of the 3m open in minnesota. is it tony finau or tony
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finesse. everyone chasing this guy. that's scott piercy. his tee shot on the par 3 13th drop right next to the hole. sets up the great birdie, look, grabs the putter and sinks it. one of his seven birdies on the day. how about a bogey-free 67 round. can you catch weekend action right here on kpix 5. craziest thing we saw today was at fenway park. bases loaded, red sox down six to the blue jaceys. jairen durant lost it. head-first slide like he's superman for no reason at all because he doesn't need to. that's an inside-the-park grand slam, the first since 2017, very tough night for boston as the blue jays won this one.
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28-5. that's the most runs in a single game this season. that does it for sports. over to you two. 28 runs. that's brutal. >> that wasn't a win. that was an annihilation. >> a tough few months for boston sports up xt, a ce inta to the
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in san francisco, a lively evening at thrive city. >> the warrior s in chase cente kicked off their summer concert gmnotesi-s nikki guiten. the c a new weekly event featuring
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fog-themed food and drink. i wonder what a fog-themed drink looks like. a lot of foam on top is? >> very misty. >> on this night, the fog missed its appearance. the one night you had to be here, you don't show up? >> you can see everything. >> it returned to the fort mason parking lot. >> i want to see what the fog-themed drinks look like. kind of different. doesn't matter. we'll be right back.
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well, thank you for watching. the late show with stephen colbert is next.
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happy weekend. >> reading the prompter! bye. >> goodnight. >> i'm ron burgund captioning sponsored by cbs >> ted cruz now has a beef with elmo. in response to a recent episode of "sesame street" in which elmo reflects on his covid vaccination, ted cruz slammed the show for aggressively advocating for young kids' covid vaccines. >> and now, elmo responds to ted cruz. >> everybody! everybody! snuffy, big bird! >> what is it? >> come see what elmo did! >> what have you done, elmo? >> elmo is about to clap back. >> oh, this could get ugly. >> i love a good beef. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


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