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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 24, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5. >> now at 5:00 and streaming on "cbs news bay area," a deadly shooting in the north bay. neighbors describing the violence and fear that's becoming all too common. >> i want to move. i'm fed up with it. if i could move out of state, i would. >> air quality risk going into effect. which areas are highest risk. the san francisco marathon is back on with huge numbers. i'm juliette goodrich. >> and i'm brian hackney. the fast-moving oak fire near yosemite exploded in size overnight, growing to over 14,000 acres in just a few days.
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power shut off to more than 2,000 homes and businesses. fire broke out near the town of midpines in mariposa county. it still sits at zero percent contained. >> the bay area air quality management district issues monday. we can police department to see noticeably hazy, smoky skies beginning tomorrow especially at higher elevations. and for more on that, let's get to our first alert meteorologist darren peck. >> that would be the better case scenario, juliette. if we see the smoke in the distance and don't have to breathe it in, we're doing okay. the concern is how much of this smoke is going to get to the lower elevations and get into our lungs. first, that's where it's coming from. just a quick orientation on where that oak fire is in relation to us. here we are at home. beautiful marine layer along the coast. you see the bay area the other side of the state. the good news is there is less smoke coming off the fire today
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than yesterday. the bad news is the wind is about to shift. so if we look at this in terms of the high resolution forecast, the deeper the shades of red and purple, the higher the concentrations of smoke, let's play this forward into monday and watch the winds shift here. into monday, but more problematic tuesday morning. now we're seeing more of that smoke overhead. but as you've probably remembered, if you've gone through this with me the past couple of fires, you have to look at this in two ways. that's the smoke in the levels and really the atmosphere. let's go back to the beginning and switch to smoky ground level, which would be the stuff we care most about. and when we play that forward, the majority of the smoke is going to stay confined to the sierra. we've already got unhealthy levels of air quality up and down the east side of the state. they're dealing with this on the eastern sierra, all through the sierra itself. but you can see where this is confined. for us, the best case scenario we see it, don't have to breathe it in. i'll be back with the rest of our forecast, including these cooler temperatures in just a bit. for now guys, back to you.
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now marin city, where one person dead, two more injured in a shooting that happened late this morning on cole drive, not far from 101. >> neighbors tell kpix 5's da lin they're fed up with the ongoing violence in their neighborhood. >> reporter: this is the golden gate village, all low-income housing. this community has seen a lot of gun violence over the years. authorities tell me this is the second homicide this year at this large complex. families tell me they're sick and tired of it. >> it was pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop. >> at least 10, 11 gunshots. it was really scary. i jumped. >> reporter: the shooting happened about 30 to 50 feet away from their town house. 13-year-old savannah knows the drill now. >> i yelled to my siblings, hurry up and get upstairs. and we're like in the hallway because that's the safest place for a gunshot. >> reporter: as mom lakeasha went out to check on the victims, savannah comforted her younger siblings.
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>> i hugged them. i make sure they're okay because it's really, really scary. i didn't want them to be scared like that. >> reporter: the shooting happened just after 10:00 this morning near a playground on cole drive near drake avenue. the marin county sheriff's department says the triple shooting killed a man who was in this car and injured two others. >> all i saw was a girl on the ground trying to -- she was crawling like a military person. >> reporter: she says it appears the woman was shot in the arm and tried to get away from the shooting. lakisha says late last year her friend was shot in front of the house and survived. >> it's really depressing. >> reporter: the single mom and her five kids were homeless for several years. they were given housing at the golden gate village in 2019. in those three years they've heard and dealt with multiple shootings. she is constantly worried about stray bullets hitting her kids. i'm over this. i'd rather be homeless than live out here that is pathetic. i'd rather live in my car than be out here and having to deal with this.
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and that's very -- that's very sad to say. >> reporter: marin county sheriffs investigators are still collecting evidence. no motive, and no one's been arrested in this latest homicide. in marin city, i'm da lin, kpix 5. wohl, today's beautiful bay area weather made for a perfect backdrop for thousands of runners at the 45th annual san francisco marathon. the event included several race options like half and full marathons and shorter 1 and 5 and 10k races so anyone and everyone can participate. >> some of the racers took off from the embarcadero or the presidio, ventured past fisherman's wharf and on to the bridge and through sausalito. many crossed the finish line at the embarcadero or golden gate park, but this is the first time the marathon featured a nonbinary plus division and awards. >> and shawn chitnis caught up with a couple of runners who wanted to prove they could still compete in a marathon after unique obstacles in life.
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>> reporter: among the many who finished the san francisco marathon this year, there was one team united by a shared mission. regardless of the setbacks and the adversity they faced in life, they were determined to complete the race. >> we accomplished something big. i'm incredibly proud of all of us. >> reporter: ashley was one of almost 20,000 to cross the finish line sunday along the embarcadero. but she came to the san francisco marathon with a special purpose, to prove that donating a kidney wouldn't hold her back. >> life is not much different post donation. you can still accomplish very big things. >> reporter: she was inspired to help a stranger during the pandemic. after learning she was a match, she couldn't turn down the match to make a difference in someone else's life. >> you gain someone is that becomes your own support sim as well. >> reporter: sig guerra ahmed norris also had a lot to celebrate after 26.2 miles around the city. diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2018, she was supposed to be in a wheelchair
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five years later. >> i'm not done yet living my life. i'm not done yet being the best mom i can be. i'm not done being the best wife i can be. >> but a stem cell transplant and the proper training brought her here, finishing this race with her best friend as a guide. >> what makes you keep moving? what makes you keep going? what makes you not done yet, no matter the challenges that you had. >> reporter: both of these runners had to withdraw from other marathons, but made it all the way in san francisco. two-stories that showcase the message behind the not done yet team sponsored by degree deodorant. >> they can do it, i can do it. what am i holding myself back from not achieving? >> and they're not done yet. there is more they want to accomplish in their own lives and more people they want to inspire to do the same. >> no matter the challenge, you can break down that barrier. knock over that obstacle. >> reporter: shawn chitnis, kpix 5. >> and as part of the campaign
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supporting these athlete, a donation was made to the nonprofit achilles international, which helps athletes with disabilities. well, san joaquin county is investigating its first probable case of monkeypox. officials say the person tested preliminarily positive for the orthopoxvirus, and meets other criteria for the monkeypox. in san joaquin they're following up with those who may have been in close contact with that person. they received additional reports of confirmed cases but preliminary investigations are still required on those. nationwide, there are 2,000 cases of monkeypox currently reported. san francisco about 10% of those with 197 cases. public health officials in marin county are advising people to wear high quality masks such as n95 and kn95 again, but they are stopping short of a mandate, opting instead to emphasize the protection those masks can fehis comes as the newest strains of the omicron variant are dominating the county's
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covid-19 samples. one in 20 residents are currently infected. and coming up, local cyclists coming up with a potential solution for dangerous roads on mount diablo. >> so i'm excited. >> it sounds like a win-win. >> it does. and then, what brought demonstrators out to the peninsula rallying against sutter health.
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the road to mount diablo is one that's shared between cars and bicycles, and at times it has been dangerous, very
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dangerous. some innovative changes by local cyclists, though, might be making it a little safer. the group mount diablo cyclists are pushing for what they call bike turnouts. the turnouts allow cyclists to safely climb up winding and steep roads away from cars. and cyclists say this is a huge win. last year, nearly 100,000 cyclists rode up mount diablo, making up 60% of all vehicle traffic on the road. >> once these cutouts got placed, there were fewer altercations, and it was a better experience for everyone. and the drivers and the cars were actually cheering cyclists on as opposed to honking them. so i'm excited. >> it sounds like a win-win. >> it does. >> in a few months, there will be a total of 47 turnouts on the mountain. they'll be installed in three phases. construction could be done the beginning of october. dozens of peninsula residents, including disabled seniors took part in an angry protest. they're upset over sutter
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health's decision to close a popular warming pool at mills peninsula health center. officials say they had to shut it down because of covid, and also lack of resources, but clients say they desperately need the program for physical therapy and overall wellness. >> sometimes when you get older, your muscles, they hurt and all that. but that water therapy kind of gets you loosened up and you're able to do more exercise. children had an opportunity to learn about safety at san mateo's hillsdale shopping center today. the mall teamed up with the san mateo police department and activities league to host safety day. this was the last event for the summer. a lot of folks stopped by to check out the different stations at the event, and organizers tell us why the collaboration is important. >> the police activities league is -- its aim is to keep kids out of trouble. give them something to do. come out here, connect with
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police officers so that they can trust us and they can come to us in an emergency. >> kids get a chance to take a little bit of a tour of the police car, as well as to meet the police dogs. there is also an opportunity for kids to get their fingers printed. something we hope they don't repeat later on. >> well, yeah. ahd. sai alert weather, print. blue. is that blue skies ahead? is that a sneak peek in your rundown? >> look behind you too. there you go. visual confirmation, that's the view that you guys are looking at over the bay. when we started this morning, it was gray. we're going to do that again tomorrow. good example would be what hatched over the santa clara valley today. watch about the last two hours after sunrise. so this is like from 7:00 a.m. to about 9:00 a.m., that's the view looking down towards san jose, which you wouldn't know until we got to about 10:00 or 11:00. and finally, the stratus cleared and there is the apple campus
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down there looking like a shimmering ufo. and you can see mount hamilton on the distant side of the valley. again tomorrow we're going to start out gray, and we're going melt it all back. and you'll have more sunshin aing else for day on monday, and you're going get a little bit of a cooldown as well. we're already starting to see the next batch of stratus and marine layer. that's the view looking north past russian hill. you can see how sunny it now down over the santa clara valley. 77 in san jose. not getting out of the low 80s for daytime highs here. didn't today. you won't tomorrow. and for concord, while you did go into the low 90s today, concord and livermore, you're down to 87 now. you did get book is the low 90s today. tomorrow this is about as warm as you're going get all day, mid- to upper 80s. it's gradual, subtle, but it will be a cooldown for the warmest inland valleys. well can watch this all play out on a high resolution futurecast. monday starts out gray. and then for monday late
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morning, it melts back. and pretty much the west side of the city is going to stay in the clouds. so will the beaches. everybody else will get sunshine. morning lows go down into the mid and upper 50s. we'll see daytime highs tomorrow only going to the mid and upper 80s. we'll top out at 89 in livermore. san jose, 82 is as warm as santa rosa only going to 82 and the numbers along the bay shoreline will range from 65 in the city to 82 in redwood city. so quite a difference as you work your way down the peninsula. redwood city normally gets climate best by government test. i don't know if you have ever seen that test in redwood city. but they usually are unique in that regard. there is something subtle we need to talk about on here. didn't see 80 tonight satellite. you see 80 tonight water videotaper? there is a little counterclockwise spin off our coast. i'll get out of the way. that's it right there. it shows up better when we look at it on the streamlines. and the reason why i'm pointing this out, that little spin right there is going to move north. and when it does that over the next few days, in fact, you'll
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see it into tomorrow, it starts pulling the atmosphere more strongly our way from the east. that's why that smoke for the fires right now that are burning over in the central sierra are going to start coming our way. because of that pattern change. it's also going to try and pull some of that sbert southwest monsoon our way. maybe a few isolated thunderstorms in the sierra, which could put a little moisture up there. and of course lightning is always going to be a concern. the number one concern we're going watch is that. the higher levels of smoke, which will likely start getting cold air our way on monday. it doesn't look like a major smoke inhalation. the bay area quality district has put on air quality advisory specifically into tuesday morning will be the most likely time fraim. north bay valleys and east bay valleys will likely see or experience that more than others. seven-day forecast shows you no change. those numbers are not budging. and when you look the microclimate, just the same all the way across. mid-80s even for our warmest inland valleys. all right. andrea, over to you. >> coming up in sports, the a's looking for a sweep against the
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rangers. meanwhile, the giants looking to avoid getting swept by the dodgers. can they squeeze out one win against thei
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the giants come out of the all-star break to face their bitter rivals from the south. a four-game set against the dodgers, and they couldn't have gotten off to a worse start to open up the second half of the season. klay thompson watching and enjoying that beer. going up against clayton
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kershaw. top of the third, tiro estrada, brings home two runs. and that gives the giants a 2-1 lead. l.a., though, retook the lead in the bottom of the third. trayce thompson back up the middle, off alex cobb. max muncy scores to make it 4-2. same score in the fifth. darren rough takes kershaw deep. ties the game and end kershaw's day after 4 1/3. still tied in the seventh. jake lamb, here comes the dodgers, a ground-rule double off rogers. freddie freeman scores. now 6-4, and klay watching his younger brother. here goes trayce. drives one into left center field gap. unfortunately it was a family thing, l.a. wins 7-4 to sweep the four-game series. the giants are two games back of the last national league wild card spot. pitching matchup at the coliseum, paul blackburn and
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martin perez. the a's going or to the sweep. johna heim takes one the other way to left, over the head of chad pinder. brings home carry seager. first of three doubles for heim. next batter, blackburn leaves it up over the plate. and garcia makes him pay. 418 feet to the left field seats. 17th homer for garcia, and it's 3-0 rangers. in the fifth, it went from bad to worse for secretary generaler. with a drive to center, it's just out of ramon laureano's reach. blackburn was shelled for ten runs. oakland rallied late to make it close, but the rangers win, 11-8. barry bonds celebrated its 58th birthday. to him, happy birthday. while giants fans would love to see him spend the day in cooperstown. bonds was not part of baseball's latest hall of fame class. tony oliva, jim katz and david ortiz were the headlines. ortiz released by the twins in
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2002 recalled the moment his career changed with the red sox. >> my first very at-bat against the twins during spring training, i tried to move a runner over. and i thought when i got back to the dugout, everybody was going high-five me. everybody stay sit. and the manager pulled me to the side, hey, big boy, i don't want you to be here to move them over. i you to bring them in. the rest is history. >> it is history. well, john showing no signs of slowing down at 73, behind the wheel of his funny car at the sonoma nationals. but he met his match in the . bob tasca iii was the winner. he also knocked off robert hite in the semis, but there was another forest back in victory lane. that's brittany forest, picked up her fourth win of the year in the top fuel decision. she said set a new track record earlier at 338 miles per hour. let's take a look now as this young woman's doing at the
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final round of the lpga's evian championship.deac on the 6th hole hit off a tree and landed behind the ropes. a fan walking by thinks she has found a souvenir, but is quickly told to put it back because that ball is in play that led for a double bogey as she finished tied for eighth. sophia was hoping for a play-off with brooke henderson, but henderson rolled it in for her third birdie to win her second career major title and first since 2016. the final round of the pga's 3m open outside minneapolis. former cal bear james hahn approach shot on 12. he holes out for an eagle. hahn finishes tied for fourth. he takes a bow. scott piercy had a five-shot lead. it went down to one when he couldn't get out of the bunker on 14th.
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piercy triple bogeyed the hole and lost the lead that opened the door for tony finau. he sinks the birdie lead to increase his lead. finau ends up winning by three for his third career pga win. and we had hoped that barry bonds would have made hit the year in his final year of eligibility to the hall of fame, but it wasn't meant to be. >> all right. andrea, thank you. >> and we'll be right back. >> warriors player and oakland native giving back to the community ahead of the new school year as much as the students in his town, coming up. >> and we'll be right back.
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ah, former golden state warrior and oakland native juans could scan know anderson, often called jta. >> his journey to achieve foundation in east oakland. he held his annual backpack giveaway to help kids get the school supplies they need and succeed in life. >> we're understanding it takes a village. we're definitely not going to accomplish, you know, our mission on our own. so the more the merrier. we love for people to come out and help. a, like event at fremont high
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included food trucks, free air cuts and donations from other local vendors. jta says he plans to hold the backpack give away again next year. >> that's pretty awesome. in san jose, eyes are on the rare tropical plant known as the corpse flower. why? it is expected to bloom some time between today and tuesday. and when fully open, the flower smells like rotting flesh. this is believed to be the first corpse flower to bloom in san jose. when it does bloom, just stick with us. kpix 5 for coverage. it's not something you actually want to go and smell yourself. i think i went to the one in san francisco. >> it's memorable. >> you know it when you smell it. >> you can never unsmell it. >> that's it for us at 5:00. we're going see you back at 6:00 for a null hour of news. >> news updates are always on we'll see you at 6:00 tonight. >> and me. >> i thought that was obvious. jg.
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tonight, record heat. the mercury climbing with much of the country under heat warnings and advisories. all that hot air could trigger potentially powerful storms. >> i'm elise preston in new york with more on why experts warn these dangerous heat waves will keep happening. >> we'll have the very latest forecast. also tonight, out of control. in california, the explosive oak wildfire near yosemite park is spreading fast with thousands of homes at risk. more than 14,000 acres scorched since friday. the governor declaring a state of emergency in one county. tonight, the extraordinary conditions facing firefighters. and papal apology. pope francis visits canada on a mission to make amends.


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