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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  July 25, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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released three years ago. for more information download th it's monday, july 25th, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." fast-moving wildfire. thousands of people are forced to evacuate their homes near yosemite national park as fire crews battle several obstacles trying to get the flames under o ntl. breaking overnight, deadly park shooting. two people are killed and five others hurt in los angeles. what police say led up to the gunfire. >> we have a number of -- many interviews scheduled that are coming up. >> next move. the january 6th panel looks ahead after last week's latest primetime hearing. who they plan to interview next as part of the capitol riot investigation.
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good morning. good to be with you, i'm wendy gillette. anne-marie green is off. we begin with a destructive wildfire burning near california's yosemite national park. fueled by extreme heat and dry conditions, the oak fire has burned more than 15,000 acres since friday. it's destroyed at least ten structures and has forced thousands of people to leave their homes. one couple who just got married watched as their home was destroyed. >> this home that we had just gotten married at two weeks ago -- it explodes, you know, and you're looking at it on a mobile phone. >> some 2,000 firefighters are battling the fire while dealing with steep terrain and hot weather. those hot temperatures are not letting up in other parts of the country either. trinity chavez is in new york with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, wendy. the national weather service
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says the searing heat will continue across the country today, even getting warmer in some places. at least two heat-related deaths have already been reported, and officials fear that number may grow even higher. excessive heat watches and warnings remain posted in much of the u.s. affecting an estimated 85 million people. >> excruciating. dante's inferno. to be honest. it's really hot. >> reporter: record temperatures were reported in several cities this weekend. sunday, newark, new jersey, endured its fifth straight day of triple-digit eat. -- heat. the longest streak in its history. >> try to stay cool. my boys are in the water having fun. i'm just keeping an eye on them. >> reporter: the mercury also reached 100 degrees in boston yesterday prompting city officials to extend the heat emergency that began nearly a week ago. amtrak says it's hot enough to warp train tracks. the railroad has implemented speed restrictions in some regions and is warning travelers to expect delays. our cbs affiliate in wichita, kansas, measured the temperature
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of this playground slide. >> the kids can't go on there definitely. burning hot. you can cook something on there. >> i never imagined that plastic would heat up to 133 degrees. >> reporter: the swings even hotter hitting just about 160 degrees. the national weather service says the heat wave is expected to last through at least tuesday. and while some relief may be headed to the northeast, an excessive heat watch has been issued for the pacific northwest. forecasters say potential record-breaking temperatures are expected to hit by tomorrow and last until the weekend. wendy? >> trinity chavez in new york, thanks. breaking overnight, gunfire erupted in a los angeles park leaving two people dead and at least five others injured. police say it happened at a baseball field when two groups got into a fight. hundreds of people were attending a car show at the park. investigators say there may have been multiple shooters, but there's no word on how many people were involved. no arrests were reported. white house officials confirm president biden
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contracted the highly contagious ba.5 covid subvariant. hs physician wrote a letter yesterday saying mr. biden's symptoms continue to improve significantly. he said the president still had a sore throat, but he is, quote, responding to therapy as expected. president biden, who is 79, tested positive for covid last week. he is vaccinated and has received two booster shots. he's also taking the antiviral drug paxlovid and tylenol while isolating at the white house. we're learning more about two americans killed last week during a fierce battle with russian forces in ukraine. holly williams reports. >> reporter: brian young from california and luke luzucian from new jersey were killed in action in eastern ukraine where they volunteered to fight with ukrainian forces against russia's brutal assault of its neighbor. their commanding officer was
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colonel ruslan, a veteran of ukraine's army. he told us luzician was injured by russian tank shelling, and as young went to help, more fire killed them both. >> good side and evil side. they fight for good. >> reporter: the colonel told us brian young previously served in the u.s. military and always had a cheerful smile. >> he perfectly knew what he was doing. good soldier. good mission gunner. >> reporter: luke luzician was the father two of young children and was known by comrades as luke skywalker. >> despite his young age, he behaved as a man as a good soldier. >> reporter: thousands of foreign volunteers have come to ukraine to do battle against russia's invading army. many are americans risking their lives onront linesar home.
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why did they volunteer to come to ukraine? >> this question i asked brian once, and he replied, sir, if we americans don't help you win this war, you know, the next step of russia will be knocking to our doors. >> that was holly williams reporting. ukraine is moving forward with grain exports just two days after a missile strike on odesa. officials warn deliveries would suffer if russia attacked the port city again. that region is critical for shipping grain which could help ease global food shortages. on friday both countries reached a breakthrough deal to allow ukraine to resume exporting grain. members of the house committee investigating the capitol riot plan to interview more form cabinet secretaries, they also say they're prepared to talk to conservative activist ginni thomas who's married to supreme court justice clarence thomas. in march, cbs news and "the
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washington post" reported she meadging him to pursue ent ma efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. >> we certainly hope that she >> the committee held its eighth hearing last thursday. it plans to hold more hearings in september. a volcano eruption in japan has forced dozens of people to be evacuated in two towns. surveillance cameras captured the blast yesterday on the country's main southern island. the eruption sent ash and large rocks into the sky. some rocks fell more than a mile away from the volcano, but so far there have been no reports of damage or injuries. officials say the chances of more violent eruptions are low. coming up, the latest on what the u.s. is doing to contain the monkeypox outbreak after the world health organization calls it a global health emergency. and mega money.
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this morning pope francis is in canada for an historic week-long visit. the 85-year-old pontiff arrived in edmonton yesterday. he's in canada to apologize for the catholic church's role in the abuse of thousands of indigenous children by missionaries at schools in the 19th century and after. it's the pope's first trip out of rome since april as he deals with knee problems and other health issues. monkeypox becomes a world health emergency, and a wild car crash on a beach leaves several people hurt. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "the daytona beach news journal" reports four people were injured including a child when a car crashed on the beach. the car slammed into a toll booth yesterday before driving onto the beach and into the
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water. the toll booth was destroyed. officials say no one was inside the booth at the time. a child in the water was hit by the car and is hospitalized in stable condition. it's unclear why the drive drove the car onto the beach. "usa today" says the head of the world health organization declared monkeypox a global health emergency. almost 17,000 cases have been reported in more than 70 countries including more than 2,800 in the u.s. yesterday white house covid response coordinator dr. ashish jha appeared on "face the nation" to talk about monkeypox here. >> i do think monkeypox can be contained, absolutely. the way we contain monkeypox is we have a very simple, straightforward strategy. make testing widely available, we have done that. testing is more frequent and common. >> he said the u.s. can administer 80,000 tests a week and is planning to release hundreds of thousands of additional vaccine doses in the coming weeks.
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>>eporter: on wall st inveor ings rorts from major techco the dow dropped 137 points. nasdaq was down 225, and the s&p 500 lost 37. u.s. treasury secretary janet yellen is downplaying fears about a possible recession. on sunday she said the strong labor market shows the u.s. economy is not in recession. yellen did acknowledge that economic growth is slowing, but she argued that could help drive down inflation. many economists are predicting a recession in the coming months as the fed raises interest rates to fights inflation. t-mobile is promising to pay $350 million to settle a class-action lawsuit from its customers. last year the company said personal data for some 80 million customers was stolen in a cyberattack. t-mobile is not admitting any liability, but it is committing another $150 million to strengthen data security. and director jordan peele
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showed his power at the box office this weekend. his new sci-fi horror film "nope" raked this $44 million, opening at number one. peele has now directed three number-one films, and it was the best weekend for an original non-sequel movie since peele's last film was released in 2019. that's your cbs "money watch" report for this monday morning.s,new we're getting a look at an upcoming movie that's generating a lot of buzz in hollywood. >> i am queen of the most powerful mission in the world. and my entire family is gone. have i think given everything? >> the first trailer for "black panther: wakanda forever" was released over the weekend. it features wakanda's aquatic environment and some futuristic technology. there's also a painting of actor chadwick boseman who played the
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king of wakanda in the first "black panther" movie. boseman died in 2020 after battling cancer. the sequel hits theaters in november. if you're a fan of "stranger things," you've heard of the upside down. there really is such a thing in england. tourists are lining up to see the upside down house in brighton which is south of london. everything inside the home hangs from the ceiling making it a popular place to take pictures. >> it was really, really interesting. i think when you're actually doing the poses and when you take the picture and flip it around, it's interesting to see how it looks. but no, it's really a cool attraction to look at. >> tickets are $6 to get inside. there are eight of these upside down homes in the uk. up next, a big day for big papi. boston red sox slugger david ortiz leads the class of 2022 into the baseball hall of fame. into the baseball hall of fame.
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here's a here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ it's been quite a ride for the newest tour de france winner. denmark's jonis vinvigo won. years ago he was cleaning and
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packaging fish at a funding -- a factori. former boston red sox slugger david ortiz led the class of 2022 into the baseball hall of fame. the man known as big papi was elected in his first year on the ballot. during yesterday's induction ceremony in cooperstown, new york, the dominican republic native told budding young players that if you put in the work, anything is possible. >> if my story can remind you of anything, let it remind you that when you believe in someone, you can change their world. you can change their future just like so many people who believe in >> there were six other inductees including former dodgers star and mets manager gil hodges and black baseball pioneers buck o'neil and bud fowler. muhammed ali's heavyweight championship belt from his 1974 rumble in the jungle fight against george foreman has been sold at auction. indianapolis colts owner jim
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ersay paid more than $6 million for the famed hardware. the belt now joins other prized items in his traveling collection of rock music, american history, and pop culture memorabilia touring the country. and a new ernest hemmingway lookalike has been crowned in key west. the florida city holds an annual contest in honor of the author who lived there in the 1930s. 65-year-old real estate attorney john auville beat 124 other contestants. >> i think i feel most like hemmingway because of his relationship with his friends, his wife, and his children. my kids are here right now, and -- yeah, i -- i feel very, very rich right now. >> while living in key west, hemmingway wrote some of his most memorable books including "for whom the bell tolls" and "to have and have not."
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right now on kpix news at 5:00 a.m. the fast-moving oakland fire burning near 15,000 acres near yosemite national
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park. down here in the weather center, we're not only tracking the air quality index but how the weather will impact you this week. more is coming up in your full forecast. also this morning, the latest on the investigation into a north bay shooting in broad daylight, very unsettling. why neighbors are saying enough is enough. and another bay area county records its first case of monkeypox. the push to contact trace this morning. gianna? >> if you're getting ready to head out the door, we have a hot spot for your drive headed towards the golden gate. a few brake lights building due ta a crash. details coming up in a few minutes. good morning, it i ay storis to get you going on this week. an air quality advisory is in effect due to the oak fire. the a quality management says the fire in mariposa county is likely to drift into our region today but it will probably remain high above the ground for the most part. skies might be hazy and the smell of smoke is possible
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