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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 27, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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help two people escape from a fire in the south bay before firefighters got there. >> trying to think how do we get ladders. the 49ers back in action, their firstay their bnd-newarterbk. goodi' elizabeth cook. ryan has the night off. lets get straight to the fire watch and a close call in p pittsburgh where this grass fire ran up to a couple commercial buildings and jumped to palates out back on century court near the abc supply company. crews have control of the fire and monitoring hot spots. crews in sonoma county contained this fire along highway 37 that burned 50 acres and came up to the edge of wineries. luckily, those wineries created a fire break. and new video out of san francisco where cleanup of this massive mess at market and front is just about done tonight. police say this actually started
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over at laguna where they responded to a call of shots fired. the victim told them he had been involved in a road rage incident with another driver that fired the first shot and took off. police pursued the vehicle to market and front streets where it then crashed into another car. the two people in the suspect vehicle were detained. therapy also taken to the hospital along with one other person from the other car. they are if expected to be okay to the south bay where sam cn revolving door at county jails to stop. he says the pandemic jail population policy is putting public safety at risk. there may be politics that play, as well. >> reporter: the mayor blasted a pandemic rare policy aimed at reducing the size of the jail population in the interest of public health and says what is happening now is people are committing crimes, being arrested, booked into jail to be
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released and committing more crimes, something he says is not in the interest of public safety. >> the jail of the population policy isn't working for the community. >> reporter: the mayor says the policy has created a revolving door at the jail and sent the wrong message to would be criminals there are vier artualo consequences for committing crimes in san jose. >> we have to get back to a more common sense approach that says if somebody is a repeat or violent offender, we're not going to simply put them back out on the street. >> the mayor was joined by business owners who say they have been menaced be i a small but maddening group of offenders. >> no consequence. they go to jail and get released an hour later. >> reporter: adolof owns this restaurant in downtown san jose and says the vandalisms are making some go out of business. >> same repeat offenders breaking the windows and planters, their mission, the plant beds doing graffiti.
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>> reporter: the jail has 2700 inmates, a little over half of its total capacity. during the pandemic, the county made a conscious effort to reduce the size of the jail population fearing covid would spread quickly through the close quarters in which most inmates are housed. >> we're not done with the pandemic at all. what we're concerned about at the county is that we have a responsibility to keep inmates and those in confined spaces safe. >> reporter: county executive jeff smith says he thinks there is a bit of election year the mayor c from the mayor's county to reverse or rethink the county policy. jeff smith says there have been several discussions between the city and the county but so far the two sides simply do not see eye to eye on the issue. in san jose, devin feely, kpix 5. the vallejo police officer's
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association has taken a unanimous vote of no confidence in chief johnny williams accusing him of misconduct reach of eat thics and mishiring practices. >> if these allegations were made against any police officer in any agency, that officer would be placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. that's how serious they are. i'm telling you, they are ethical violations. >> a private third party will start a formal investigation into williams. williams was hired in 2019 as part of department wide reform attempts after a number of officer-involved shootings. and the badge bending scandal that surrounded them but there have been other scandals since then including allegations of officers arriving at crime scenes drunk and a mass exit of officers. the city says it is standing by the chief but added in a statement that it is quote steadfast in its commitment to departmental reform and rebuilding relationships within
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the department. re we reached out to the police chief for a statement but haven't heard back. the demand for monkeypox vaccines continues to be very high around the bay area. check out this line for vaccines in berkeley. the fda is set to release 800,000 more doses of the vaccine. they will announce where those doses will go tomorrow. the monkeypox vaccines are sorely needed here in the bay area. a lot of people lined up outside of steam works in berkeley, the city teamed up with the bathhouse to give out vaccines but supplies were limited. people we spoke to say it has been a hassle trying to find vaccines anywhere. >> everybody else i know is just grasping straws, checking websites every day, no luck, no -- or they get there and it's too late. it's not really been easy. >> steam works plans to hold another vaccine clinic next wednesday and dr. sarah cody reiterated those who need it the
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most. >> the vaccine needs to be given for someone with a known contact like after their exposure but also to people who are most likely to be exposed before they get exposed. >> now, there are 39 monkeypox cases in santa clara county, most are among latino, gay and bisexual men. dr. cody says the county expects to get 700 manufacture doses soon. in san francisco, the department of public health says it is not informed when ilts net shipment will arrive or what will be in it. look for a report this evening at 11:00. bart is considering bringing back its mask requirement less than two weeks after dropping it. the board is set to vote on the requirement tomorrow. the call for the renewed policy comes after a recent rise in covid cases driven by the highly contagious ba.5 variant. if approved, the rule would last
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until october 1st. we are counting down to kick off in 49ers football. we're 15 days away from the first preseason game on kpix 5 as trey lance is set to take over under center for the red and gold this fall. and if today's open practice is any indication, fans can't wait to see what is in store when the team takes on the green bay backers at levi stadium. as we mentioned, today was the first practice of the new year down in santa clara and the faithful were out to see what they could of the new look at the 49ers. his teammates say they've already noticed a big change in the young qb and coach shannon likes what he sees so far not only from lance but from the whole roster. >> the way he operates, he's so much on point and that's what you expect. >> love our team right now. >> but there is something the team still needs to work out before game one like deebo
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samuels contract and what to do with jimmy g. there will be more opportunities to see lance get ready for the season. we have a schedule all of the 49er open practices on our website, still to come, an eold institution gets a new name. what the u.c. hastings school of law will be known as moving forward. >> let's have quick thinking good samaritans help rescue two people from a burning building in the south bay. with the help of some trash cans. and governor newsom revives the delta tunnel project in the middle of a deepening drought. the warning from environmentalists. the only moisture we're seeing is the fog spreading back out across the bay. temperatures were close to normal for this time of year reaching up into the upper 80s in concord for warm spots but otherwise a couple degrees of average. we'll take a look how long this pattern will stick around coming up in the first alert forecast.
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the federal reserve raised interest rates today. the move is designed to slow the economy and keep inflation in check. but analysts say it will also push up rates on certain loans. the interest rate hike caused stocks to rally on wall street. the dow was up 436 points, the nasdaq gained 469 and the s&p up 102 points. but it was bad news for meta platforms. facebook parent company is reporting the first ever revenue decline. the social media giant says it earned $28.8 billion during the second quarter of 2022. it's about a 1% drop from the same period last year. and meta thinks the third quarter will be even worse as companies spend less on advertising. meta says it will reduce expenses and head count over the next year. new at 7:00 a new name is chosen for san francisco's uc hastings. the school's board of directors recommended the name college of
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the law san francisco. the board voted to drop hastings back in november after it came to light that the school's founder was responsible for the massacre of native american people back in the 19th century. two workers on their lunch break are being hailed as heroes for helping two people escape a house fire in san jose. this was incredible. the fire broke out on glen dune drive around 11:00 a.m. with a brother and sister trapped on the second floor unable to get down stairs to the fire. that is when the workers just happened to be passing by on their lunch break. they grabbed what they could to dampen the fall and told the two siblings to jump. >> between me and couple other guys, we got some trash cans and said jump down and her brother on the side of the house. >> you know, we were thinking about anything to help them break the fall. us trying to grab them or drop into our hands maybe wouldn't have worked out well so
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something to break off their fall, the top of the lid is kind of flexible, too, so it just seemed like the best idea at the same. >> anything to dampen the fall, right? >> they knew what to do. the brother and sister only s to the workers' quick thinking. and some more good news as crews are making progress on the oak fire burning near yosemite. the fire burned nearly 19,000 acres since it broke out five days ago in marchmariposa count. containment has gone up to 32%. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. there are growing calls to stop the transfer of patients out of san francisco's laguna honda hospital. the facility transferred 57 out of its 681 patients so far but four of those patients died within a few days of their transfer and at least three were taken to homeless shelters. supervisors unanimously voted on
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a resolution calling on the federal government to take action and had strong words for health and human services secretary javier bar sharah. >> four people have died because you're forcing our hand and forcing us to kick out the sickest residents of our city onto the street. what is wrong with you? >> laguna honda lost medicare and medicaid back in april after seven ral violations. the feds ordered all patients out by september so the city can work on getting the hospital back in compliance. as california faces a drought emergency, the governor is reviving the biggest water project in half a century. the controversial delta tunnel project. the 45-mile long tunnel would divert water from the sacramento river and route it under the marsh land of the delta to pumps near tracy. the state could avoid pumping
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limits by putting it underground designed to protect fish and send large amounts of water south to farms and cities. the plan calls for a building one tunnel instead of the twin tunnel plan pushed by jerry brown. >> that gives us flexibility with that new diverging location and we really need that to help address climate change for example where we understand as we move forward into the future we're likely to see more rain, less snow and that's going to change how we manage water in california. >> environmentalists in the past have called the project a water grab. they worry it will take too much fresh water from the delta and harm endangered fish. the project cost is about $16 billion. it's expected to face a lot of legal hurdles before it breaks ground in 2028. let's take a live look outside. first alert meteorologist paul hagan is here and paul, speaking of water, we don't have a lot of it but at least we have mild
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weather that helps with the fire risk. >> right, when the temperatures are near normal, at least the vegetation isn't drying out at a faster rate compared to what is typical this time of year and the inland push of the marine layer every night we've seen for the past several days, it helps a little bit from 2,000 feet downward. the depth of the marine layer and low cloud cover and fog moving into the inland valleys. tonight patchy drizzle along the coast and hazy sunshine. some smoke from the oak fire drifting into the upper levels of the atmosphere. high temperature wills remain near normal. the change we'll see later this week, monsoonal clouds drifting towards us but looks like clouds, high up in the atmosphere i don't think we'll have to worry about cloud to ground lightening threat around the bay area. it's always a concern with monsoonal moisture. the fog is taking over. it's down to 58 in san francisco. 63 across the bay in oakland and upper 60s in santa rosa and
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temperatures cooling off rapidly. 72 san jose, perfect temperatures a little on the warm side concord 82 but nothing we can't handle in the month of july. we'll see the fog making a big push into the inland valleys again by tomorrow morning but like this morning, like the past several mornings, it will back up out of the valleys the around the baby 9:00 or 10:00 with plenty of sunshine during the afternoon. temperatures tonight dropping down mostly to the mid to upper 50s, close to what is normal for this time of year. the very coolest spots in the north bay valleys dropping to the low 50s. temperatures will warm up slowly while the fog is in place but then stay start to take off 80 by noon. and most inland temperatures at lunchtime in the 70s. 50s and 60s around the bay and upper 50s along the coast is nice for lunchtime conditions around the entire bay area and we'll warm up more during the afternoon. up into the low 80s for most of the north bay, low 80s santa clara and mid to upper 80s inland of the east bay but the warmest spots 90. 60s and 70s around the bay with
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upper 50s along the coast. the haze overhead, some of the smoke from the oak fire could get dragged down to ground level by just gravity but that flow of on shore winds is going to keep the air from getting any worse than moderate. it will be moderate at the worst for inland parts 0 theof the no bay and east bay but overall, we'll see a lot of green dots on the air quality map, mostly good air quality again thanks to the on shore breeze. temperatures in the 60s in san francisco, around 70 for oakland and low to mid 80s for san jose through the weekend, through the first half of next week, a bit of additional cloud cover some natural shade every once in awhile for friday, saturday and sunday and maybe another push of monsoonal moisture by monday and tuesday of next week. that is something we'll have to watch along with maybe yet another one by late next week, potentially bringing us cloud to ground lightning threats but that is beyond the scope of the seven-day forecast. we'll worry about that once we're closer to it. >> sounds good. start with what is in front of us. >> exactly. >> thank you.
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after a home ophobic disruption, the liar brary is committed to making every month pride month. join us for live, local news streaming on cbs news bay area. find us on pluto tv, channel 3350 and any platform using
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starting now, it will be pride month every month. their new initiative kicked off today with painting, kracrafts other activities in response to an incident when five members of this far right proud boys disrupted drag queen story hour hurling slurs at the precenter in front of the kids. >> we won't be intimidated. we're not going to back down. we're going to stand up for the values our community represents. >> county officials say the june 11th event is being investigated as a hate crime. another san francisco festival is returning from a pandemic pause. hardly strictly bluegrass is coming back to golden gate park and the big name at the top of the lineup is marcus mumford lead singer of the british folk rock band mumford and sons. we posted details on well, no winner last night's mega millions drawing which means there is now a mega billion up for grabs.
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well, after a very long wait, the time has come. the rare corpse flower is finally in bloom at san jose state university. after eight years of growth and nurturing by staff, this is time lapse video of the bloom. the plant native to indonesia, the smell steals the show. >> this morning, it was fully open. it fully open now and really has a stink to it. >> what's it smell like to you?
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>> decay. >> not as bad as i was mentally preparing myself for. >> it is pungent but doesn't smell bad. >> the flower puts out that odor to attract flies and insects to pollinate it. terry titan is one of only about 1,000 in the world. wow. well, finally tonight, lottery fever across the bay area ahead of friday's mega millions draw. the top prize stands at just over a billion dollars. your odds of winning about one in 300 million so go
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering and applause] steve: wow. come on, y'all. come on. thanall. i appreciate that, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and au] got a good one for you today. returning for their second day from stillwater, oklahoma, home of the cowboys, it's the champs, it's the forbes family. [cheering and applause] and from bear, delaware, it's the roberts family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself some cash, and somebody might have a shot at driving out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause]


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