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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  July 29, 2022 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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morning. and we have some pretty wild video to show you this morning. it's incredible. a good samaritan pulls off a heart-stopping rescue on a california freeway. and here in the bay, we have beautiful, beautiful weather as we head into this weekend.'r br forecast in your local area coming up in just a bit. as we look at your drive this morning, it's already a little foggy on some of our bay area bridges. we'll have your travel times for the golden gate and the windy altamont pass coming up. san francisco officials are declaring a public health emergency for monkeypox as it spreads in the bay area. city leaders say we've reached a critical point. cases in san francisco make up a this third of those recorded in the state. the emergency declaration will allow the city to mobilize resources to help stop the spread like asking some of the covid vaccine sites to offer monkeypox vaccines, too. we've seen long lines for vaccines and sites have had to shut down because of limited
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supply. >> we are at a very scary place, and we don't want to be ignored. >> it can cause life time scarring in situations, so this is, you know, this is not as widespread as covid. it's not as transmissible as covid but we need to make sure people are taking this seriously. >> the city says the biggest concern is for the lgbtq+. the city is expecting more than 4,200 vaccines from the federal government but mayor london breed said they need up to 70,000. although the biggest concern is for the lgbtq+ community anyone can get it and there's concerns demand for the vaccine will grow more and supply won't be able to keep up. the board of supervisors needs to meet but it's expected, the emergency declaration with l go into effect monday. just like they did with covid, jocelyn, public health officials are using waste water surveillance to monitor monkeypox.
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a team from stanford has been surveying 11 water sheds and found evidence of monkeypox in ten of them. >> in plants the frequency of detection is increasing which might suggest there are more people in the sewer sheds infected with monkeypox. >> researchers say the waste water concentration has remained relatively flat over the past few days but has been trending upwards for about a month now. find the latest on the monkeypox outbreak, vaccines and san francisco state of emergency on our website and streaming on "cbs news bay area." now let's look at this morning's top stories. san jose's mayor sam liccardo tested he's gotten covid again. he apologized to anyone he may have accidentally exposed. the announcement comes as state hospitalization rates go up. right now there are more than
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4,800 patients infected with the virus statewide. in pacifica an 11-year-old boy was arrested for starting a three-acre wildfire. officials say he was playing with fireworks at the time. it happened wednesday night on robert's road when fire crews arrived, the boy admitted he had been using fireworks and started the fire. he was arrested and then later released to his parents. kentucky's governor is warning the death toll from catastrophic flooding will likely rise into the double digits in the coming days. flash flooding washed out roads and bridges and forced many to flee their homes. some even needed rescuing from their own rooftops. more rain is in the forecast and additional flooding is also expected in west virginia and virginia. devastating images from that part of the country but right here our weather is the complete opposite. >> things are so mild in the bay. it's a typical july setup for us. we're a degree or two below average as we dive into this weekend's forecast. we had a little wibit of monsool
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moisture this morning. i saw a little moisture on my car as i headed out to work. let's take a look at what we can expect heading into this afternoon. it's another daytime high setup of mid to upper 80s in our inland areas. as for the coast and the bay, it's cooling off a little bit more, we're still sitting in the 60s, low 60s even for the bay this afternoon. it will be a chilly friday for us, but things are going to start warming up just a hair as we head into this weekend. we have a lot of events going on. let's talk about the ones going on today, first off the grid at ft. mason kicking off around 5:00. we're expecting low 60s. it will be breezing and there will be fog. as for music on the square in redwood city, same trend, dealing with partly cloudy conditions but we'll see a little bit more sunshine with 70s in sight. we'll talk more about events coming up this weekend, too, and what you can expect for next week's forecast. for now, over to gianna. >> let's take a live look at the
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golden gate bridge. we are dealing with foggy spots on the roadway. if you're taking to 80 through daly city or heading along 101 in and out of san francisco, it's a little misty, a little drizzle, a little slick on the roadways. you can see that in the going going shot. a little foggy, they issued an advisory. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge and definitely getting a little crowded westbound but overall, no crashes or no major incidents to slow you down through there. our bridges are quiet overall. you have to deal with foggy spots along the peninsula and the golden gate this morning. the bay bridge no delays as you work into san francisco. pretty quiet here and no metering lights and we will let you know if that changes. happening today, don't forget to bring a mask if you're riding b.a.r.t. the transit agency's board voted to reinstate the mandate t comes two weeks after the last one expired. the new rule will be in place at least october 1st. >> we are doing what we feel is right for our riders by extending this mask mandate.
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>> mask mandates represent an emergency measure, until the health d health departments again mandate indoor masks i will not vote for a mandate. >> we checked in with some riders to see how they are feeling about it. >> doesn't bother me. i'm used to wearing it. >> b.a.r.t. says masks are available at station agent booths if you need one and no one will be fined for forgetting one, at least for a while. the unhoused population is up nearly 69% in the last three years. city leaders put a lot of the blame on the pandemic which led to the loss of many service and entertainment jobs. we met drew bordan and her dog nickel part of fremont's safe sleeping program. it gives people at least a safe place to park. >> when it hit, i got let go from my job that i loved very much and i was supposed to be
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hired back and unfortunately they hired other people back before me, so then i went to work at a couple places and they just didn't work out. it wasn't for me, so then i just, i've been n -- and then the unemployment didn't come through. >> the encampments are tucked everywhere throughout fremont. judith says the situation isn't ideal but she's found community until she can at least get b oda ring rcue in the middle o a freeway. one man risked his own life in the fiery pile-up. >> no, no, no you're going to be hit! no! [ bleep ] >> reporter: that's a motorcyclist laid out near the fast lane on the 91 freeway in riverside. >> he was right there, laid straight out the middle of the floor, i barely missed him. >> reporter: david pride watched in horror as the man first hit the overturned car in the dark
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and flew through the air and landed in the middle of oncoming traffic. he recorded as car after car barely avoided running him over. >> no, no, no! no! ooh [ bleep ]! >> reporter: after this car crashed and exploded into flames, david knew something had to be done. >> at that point i'm like god wants to you live. let me go get you. he's going to make sure i'm good if i go out here and get you. you got to get up, bro, you got to get up, bro. >> reporter: go get him is what david did. >> i got to get you out of the street, bro. >> reporter: he ran onto the freeway and risked his own life in the dark to drag that man, who was a stranger, to safety. >> it was not only was it just pulling him out of the street and avoiding cars, and the ground was very slippery with oil and gas you know what i mean? i just had to do it. >> reporter: if god made him do it, what does that make david? you are his guardian angel then. >> i'm getting a lot of that, guardian angel, yeah, it's crazy. >> reporter: one thing's for
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sure, the gravity of what david did oute not wasted on the man he saved. >> hey, man, i just really want to thank you for doing what you did out there, put your life on the line and pull me out on the line, man, i appreciate it. >> reporter: miraculously, he survived the crash with only a fractured wrist. david says he's not concerned with being called a hero. he just hopes this story teaches people a lesson about answering a call to help. >> i encourage people to help people when they see car accidents, help people get out of the way and be careful in a dark area going up the freeway. >> that is just incredible. david is certainly a hero. happening tonight, another big night for the mega millions lottery drawing. the jackpot topped $1 billion, making it among the largest in history. we found long lines at the south bay liquor store where players are hoping to blast into billionaire status. no one should get their hopes up too high. your chance of winning the
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jackpot is about 1 in more than 300 million. >> it's a crazy amount, man, if they could split it up in between everybody, right, but you know, hopefully i can get in and do some good for me, my family and my community. >> most definitely. this is the second biggest jackpot in mega millions history. the lump sum payout would be about $648 million. just let that sink in. >> gianna, we're banking on you. we put in money for this pool. what are you going to do after work today? >> first, we actually get to roll over money because our $95 turned into $220. >> nice. >> so we won a little. so i'm going to go buy tickets today. >> gianna headed the email "we won!" we won? we did. this would be a phone call. >> it was like $200, pretty cool so fingers crossed. coming up in "morning mix," i will show you guys a sneak were he view of a new wine bar. we have to check this out,
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coming to tricity later this year. the debate over student housing heads to alameda court. the hearing happening today. join us for our 7:00 a.m. weekday newscast streaming live on "cbs news bay area."
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it's 5:13. on the "bay area beat," san francisco was slamming the brakes on patient transfers at
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lagunda honda hospital. the loss of the funding came after several violations were reported. the fed ordered all patients out by september so the city could fix the problems, but during the first round of transfers, four patients died just days after arriving at their new facilities. mayor london breed argued many patients were two frail to be moved. in solano county, alcohol may be to blame in a deadly head-on crash on highway 12 at somerset road. four people were killed and six others injured. rio vista police say three people in their 20s were in a honda when it slammed into an suv head-on. no one in the honda survived and the suv, a family of seven was visiting from mexico, a 70-year-old woman in that suv died. the six others were taken to the hospital. at last check, they're in stable condition. police there is a they found open alcoholic beverage containers inside that honda. today a judge will determine the fate of people's park in
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berkeley, as the university of california tries to build student housing on that property. the battle over people's park is just one of four construction-related lawsuits the university is dealing with right now. opponents are urging the university to repurpose a nearby tennis complex and parking structure instead. that hearing will start today at around 1:30. that's a look at your "bay area beat." jessica, what's the weather looking like as we move into the weekend? >> thank you for saying weekend. than made me smile. so sorry if you have to wake up as early as we do, but if you did, you might have seen moisture on your car. we're dealing with monsoonal moisture from the desert, settinging in this morning. we have dense fog throughout the coast and bay and inland areas as we wake up, too. notice how it breaks apart near the sacramento valley, once we head into the afternoon hours and it pulls back along the bay from richmond down into hayward, all throughout the afternoon, but it rolls back in quicker
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than even yesterday so around 3:00 all of san francisco will be blanketed once again, as well as oakland and all of our friends just off in our east bay. winds are going to start kicking up as we head into the afternoon around 10 to 15 miles per hour as we extend into 3:00, it highlights more up to 25, even 30 miles per hour off in our east inland hills, once we extend into the evening. let's take a quick look at our daytime highs as we extend into our beautiful friday forecast, happy friday to everyone waking up this morning, we're expecting 70s and 80s in the santa clara valley, right around average with below-average conditions, lower 80s near san ramon. as we extend into the bay, more 60s, too. it's cooler for us today than it was yesterday and we're continuing to see a little bit of a cooling trend as we head not only into saturday but sunday, too. only by a degree or two, nothing too extreme. as we extend into oakland's forecast for tomorrow, if you're headed out to the chinatown summer festival, we expect
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daytime highs in the 70s. pretty chilly as we wake up in the morning but we'll top off mostly in the 70s with the benicia waterfront festival dealing with 80s and 70s this week. a beautiful opportunity to take advantage of this weather this weekend, no rain in sight, mild conditions, temperatures just a little bit below average. this is a street during summer, folks, so enjoy it while you can. we'll warm up as we head into next week, right back into the upper 60s for san francisco with upper 80s on the way for our inland east bay. gianna, how are things looking? >> not bad for a friday. if you're getting ready to head out the door and make that trek along 580, mobile 5 is already out there this morning, cruising along westbound 580, working his way into livermore. we are seeing some extra volume, it is crowded, super commuters, you don't get much of a break if you make that ride out of tracy, stockton, into the altamont onto 580. there is a wind advisory in effect. keep that in mind as you make your way through there. as far as travel times go, it's definitely sitting at about 36 minutes right now, 205 to 680
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but the rest of our freeways are all in the green, which is great news so 84, 101 all clear out of the south bay. cod be an issue this morning, lots of drizzle on your windshield wipers this morning and the roadway. be extra careful as you head out and about along the peninsula and the golden gate. it's looking a little foggy but seems like it's clearing a bit so hopefully it will get better throughout the morning. if you are looking for some last-minute summer fun to have with your little ones, coming up, the life-size lego event that will get the ninja skills in check. a fight to ban leaded aviation fuel and lawmakers are leading the charge, the troubling health effects they noticed in their communities. before we head to break a look live outside from our exclusive mark hopkins camera. look at the city and the lights. a jelly bean that's good for you? try nature's bounty jelly bean vitamins. good-for-you nutrients in a tastier-for-you form.
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invis is drama free. the #1 doctor recommended clear aligner brand. invisalign well, good morning. if you're like me, you're probably already think being lunch. it's time for our lunch time forecast. let's look at what we can expect as we extend into this afternoon. from noon all the way into 1:00, even 2:00, we're still dealing with 80s in our inland areas. low 60s in sight for us from the coast into the bay. let's take it hour by hour, near fairfield, napa, we're starting off the day with upper 60s in sight. that quickly turns into mid-70s just as we head into that noon hour and even as we extend into 2:00, san francisco only warms up to 64.
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69 near hayward, upper 80s all the way off in our inland areas near antioch. it's a beautiful friday for us. temperatures will cool down a little bit more as we head into our weekend. we'll talk more about that come up. . ♪ time for the mx, happy friday. >> yes, we made it. >> i'm so ready for the weekend. a finished dinosaur skeleton was sold for $6.1 million. >> wow. >> making it one of the most valuable dinosaur skeletons auctioned off. the gorgasaurus was found in 2018, it's a closer relative to the t-rex but slightly smaller in size. ten feet tall and 22 feet long. a typical adult male gorgasaurus could weigh up to two tons. >> that's it? >> no big deal, just a massive dinosaur. that is incredible. >> it is incredible. >> i looked it up, it didn't say who purchased the skeleton.
5:23 am
>> that's one of the few that has private ownership. all the rest of them are in museums. >> right. and i love the fact that they get to name it. >> the at da cool thing. >> sue and stan? what about this one? >> stella. >> i like that. >> where are they going to put it? >> in the living room. >> of course. right there. >> in the foyer as you walk in with the piano. what are the essence of wine tasting? swirl, sniff, sip and swish. that's what warrior fans are doing next season at a new bar set to openncity. it's called glue glue, an experimental wine bar and mediterranean kitchen. glue glue will showcase refreshing wines from lesser-known regions. they plan on serving wine made from sustainably-farmed vineyards with minimal intervention. the roughly 70-seat wine bar is
5:24 am
slated to open this winter in thrive city. i'm excited about that. >> yes, i am. i went to thrive city quite often last season, warriors, wine, win, i love it all. bring it. bring it. >> i like the combination. i think that's very cool. >> i don't go to a lot of basketball games but i'm intrigued. >> is that going to pull you? come on, amanda, you gotta come. >> the chef worked in chicago, it is amaziamazing. if you need something fun to do with the little ones before it's time to head back to school, leveling up your brick buildings and ninja skills at legoland's ninja-go event. it's transformed into ao life-sized bricks and when you're not perfecting your skills, you can check out this miniland. >> it's a miniland of the bay area, so if you don't have the
5:25 am
time to go around san francisco, the bay area, you can come here and see all the bay area attractions. >> in one stop, that's chase center by the way. >> wow! >> they made a replica of chase center. the ninjago training camp runs through august 14th. if you can't make it to this one, they have more fun lay goe events throughout the year. >> wait a minute, is that little zepi in. >> i took my 3-year-old yesterday to check it out because there's not a ton of stuff to do for littles like his age when it comes to things like that as far as lego attractions. he had a good time. >> i was going to say, did he enjoy it? >> we had the best time. legos are great, you're building things, endless creativity and the mini san francisco bay area attractions is incredible. >> how they do that is amazing. i have a hard time with the little packages. >> yes. >> how to put the car together.
5:26 am
>> can zepi help him build? >> he's becoming a master builder. >> we need some tips from him. >> i step on a lot of them. >> so much fun. >> it was really cool. check it out. coming up a steer mistakenly auctioned off. hear how the community cam inve in u.s. history but it's not a done deal just yet. we'll explain why. before we head to break we want to show you this look from our exclusive mark hopkins camera. city lights ove
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san francisco officials are declaring a public health emergency as monkeypox cases rise in the bay area. cases in san francisco make up a third of those recorded in the state. city leaders say we are in a critical point and are pleading for better response. the city is expecting more than
5:29 am
4,200 doses of the vaccine from the federal government. mayor london breed says they need up to 70,000. we've seen the demand in the bay area, the long lines. mayor london breed says the city knows the challenges that come with putting public health on the back burner. they've seen it happen before with the aids crisis and don't want the same to happen with monkeypox. >> what we want to do is we want to prevent the numbers from increasing. we have a solution in the vaccines, and we want to make sure that everyone who is requesting a vaccine gets one. we have five sites identified in san francisco and have to close many of those sites because we've run out of vaccines. >> the city says the biggest concern is for the lgbtq+ community but let's be clear, anyone can get monkeypox. this emergency declaration will allow the city to mobilize resources to help stop the spread like asking covid vaccine sites to offer towses of the
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monkeypox vaccine to. the board of supervisors needs to meet but it's expected the emergency declaration will go into effect monday. find the latest on the monkeypox outbreak vaccines and san francisco's state of emergency on and streaming on "cbs news bay area." time for a look at this morning's top stories. if you take b.a.r.t. to work, don't forget your mask this morning. the transit agency's board voted to reinstate its mandate, just two weeks after dropping it. it will be in place until october 1st. masks are available at station agent booths if you need one. b.a.r.t. police will continue education-based enforcement. riders who refuse to wear one could face a fine. the u.s. postal service is creating a new division specifically for mail-in ballots. the agency which already handled more than 40 million ballots for this year's midterms says it is committed to the secure and timely delivery of election mail. during the 2020 election, the post office says it delivered more than 99% of ballots within seven days. tonight's another big night
5:31 am
for the mega millions lottery drawing. the jackpot has risen to $1.1 billion, making it among the largest in history. if the winner opts for a lump sum they'll get nearly $650 million. don't get your hopes up too high. your chance of winning the jackpot remains at 1 in 300 million but hey, i'll take my chances. you could be that one. that would be great. >> i come from vegas, i just have a weird thing with luck and gambling and, i don't know. i'm so negative on that. >> what's our weather? >> let's take a quick look at our weather outside right now. it is beautiful for us this morning, waking up with the marine layer sticking around. it's pretty thick right now in the santa clara valley. it will start pulling back as we head into the afternoon. we're left with daytime highs below average. we're sitting in the 80s just in our inland areas, 60s from the coast all the way off into the heart of the bay near san francisco and cditionillstst a
5:32 am
ith monsoonal moisture pushing its way in from the desert. what does that mean for us? relative humidity will be a little bit higher for us today. we're still dealing with partly cloudy conditions regardless of that onshore flow comes in and we have a lot of events going on for us this weekend, where daytime high also slowly start creeping lower and lower for the next couple days, all throughout the bay. off the grid tonight kicking off at 5:00. we are expecting low 60s. heading out to redwood city we're expecting 70s around 6:00 for music on the square. lots of events going on even for saturday and sunday and we'll break that down coming up in the full forecast. for now, gianna, how are the roads looking? >> not too bad for the most part. not a lot of accidents to report. the only thing you need to look out for are the brake lights into the altamont pass and it's windy there as well. a wind advisory is in effect so a heads up there and there is reports of a trouble spot westbound 580 rather eastbound, they just changed the direction around the altamont pass area so non-commute direction not a huge factor to the roadways with you
5:33 am
again that wind advisory is in effect and a slow ride as you head over towards the dublin interchange. 36 minutes, that is where your travel time sits on this friday morning for that ride on westbound 580 from 205 over toward 680. if you're takingohe maze,eaded h bay,far as delaysf the golden gate bridge if you're coming out of marin county into the city, just a heads up, a little slick. the windshield wipers going with the drizzle and mist there and a little bit of fog also. so be extra careful as you hit the roadways. san mateo bridge all clear if you work your way between 880 and 101, that is an easy travel time this morning, just about 13 minutes right now. so it is safe to say it's friday light. i don't want to jinx it but so far so good on the roadways. taking 880 the nimitz, things are clear both directions. this is a live look near the coliseum and free flowing as you head through on this friday morning. amanda? >> thanks, gianna.
5:34 am
let's take a live look at the white house this morning. you may be asking yourself, is the u.s. in a recession? a lot of people have been talking about this. the biden administration says no, but some analysts and critics of the president disagree. john lawrence reports. >> as millions of americans struggle with inflation, president joe biden remains confident about the country's financial otin >> our job market remains historically strong. lln jobsince i came to tse an 9 findings, the u.s.' gross domestic product dropped for the second time in as many qu data super majority of americans already knew -- democrats have plunged america into a recession. >> reporter: some economists say two consecutive quarters of negative growth signals the start of a recession, but there's no official definition and biden's top economic officials deny the u.s. has reached that threshold.
5:35 am
>> our economy remains resilient. our unemployment rate stands at 3.6%, household finances are strong, and industrial output continues to grow. >> reporter: i'm joe lawrence reporting. a live look at capitol hill now where democrats suddenly find themselves in a position to pass the largest climate investment in u.s. history. >> this is the strongest bill you can pass to lower inflation, cut the deficit, reduce health care costs, tackle the climate crisis and promote energy security. >> the surprise deal came after west virginia senator joe manchin abruptly reversed his opposition to the inflation reduction act. it also aims to cut health care costs funded by a corporate tax hike but our anne makovec explains why it's not a done deal just yet. >> i think we hit a balance. this is not a democrat bill. this is not a republican bill. this san american bill. >> reporter: the measure would invest nearly $370 billion in
5:36 am
energy and climate programs over the next ten years, with the goal of reducing carbon emissions by around 40% by 2030. it also includes incentives like tax credits for people who buy electric cars. >> we all own this, democrats, republicans, house senate. >> reporter: california has already banned the sale of new gas-powered cars and trucks by 2035, and as debate continues in congress, governor newsom says california is getting ahead of the game. >> we in california hope to change the game with unprecedented investments so it's not just ambition, but we're realizing that ambition. >> reporter: his plan is to spend nearly $54 billion of the state's nearly $98 billion budget surplus to combat climate change, that includes major investments in the west coast offshore wind industry, technologies to suck planet-warming carbon die oxide out of the air and a fleet of satellites to detect otherwise
5:37 am
invisible methane leaks. >> we are in a hurry. >> reporter: back on capitol hill democrats could pass the climate package with no republican support using the senate's reconciliation aprocess. >> it's bad for america right now, we're trying to come out of this virus we have, low economic growth and high inflation. >> reporter: the support needs the support of arizona's kyrsten towaste. >>t thend day one overriding powerful force on the planet, mother nature. she bats last and bats a thousand. >> reporter: chuck schumer hopes to bring the bill to the floor next week. we'll be following it. in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. a new poll shows the public policy institute shows climate change is the third biggest environmental concern for california yaps behind wildfires and the drought. amanda? santa clara county is leading the charge in the fight
5:38 am
to ban leaded fuel. now there's a push to take it even further. the county just successfully banned the sale of leaded fuel, an airport in east san jose citing health concerns. kpix 5's len ramirez on the push to push the ban nationwide. >> reporter: they've been complaining of the dangers the airport poses from crashing planes to airborne lead. >> the planes from the airport have used lead-based fuel poisoning our neighborhood. >> reporter: it was part of a congressional hearing why general aviation airports across the country continue to use leaded airplane fuel, led by congressman roh canna. >> 20,000 airports, not only this is historic injustice but worse still ongoing. >> reporter: last year a study commissioned by santa clara county found elevated levels of lead in the blood of children living within a mile and a half
5:39 am
of reed hillview. in 2018 they stopped receiving airport improvements grants setting the stage for the airport to close in 2031. >> we know it's poisonous. we know we have to stop it. the way i know we stop that is we did for trucks and cars. >> reporter: pilots say the airport phased out leaded fuel at reed hillview last year. while it's true some aircraft use laelded fuel obtained elsewhere, most do not. >> approximately 90% are conducted using unleaded fuel. >> reporter: the faa issued this statement in santa clara county, california, the faa has outlined a path that would allow airports to safely and expeditiously move to lead-free operations. we continue to work with the county and efforts to reach a mutually acceptable implementation time line to make this happen. but the faa and the epa did not go to the hearing, prompting a strong response from congresswoman zoe lofgren.
5:40 am
>> it's shocking and unacceptable the administration would refuse to engage in this serious health issue. >> reporter: in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. now to the remarkable story of a steer that was saved twice by a north bay family. it's a story of a family with a big heart and the community that helped to unite them with their beloved pet. juliet goodrich has the story. >> re >> he's extremely attached to my daughter so the bond that they have together is really, really sweet. >> maybe i can skate around with layla. >> reporter: carrie green is talking about paige their daughter and pet steer, nash, an unlikely bond cemented by incredible luck. nash was rescued as a calf by carrie's father after his mother died on a cattle ranch. life's been good. they found him a home on a cattle ranch but last week, nash was mistakenly rounded up and set off to auction and that set off a frantic search. >> tons of phone calls, lots of
5:41 am
tiers, very, very sad and scary. lots of people telling us they didn't think we'd ever find him. it was very disheartening. my daughter was absolutely distraught. >> reporter: word of the search for nash gained traction on social media. money was even raised for information on the 8-mont g hun texts. >> reporter: turns out nash was purchased by a cattle rancher in dixon. >> it was actually a miracle. he was like one of hundreds and hundreds of cows and we got him back. >> reporter: now nash has a new home. >> ranch is treating him well. >> reporter: a woman who followed the story offered her santa rosa farm to shelter nash in exchange, kerri's dad is building new fencing so nash won't have to be rescued a third time. >> i sit out here and talk to nash and tell him how happy he's made everybody. >> i just have a lot of faith in people, and i have a really great community around me and it
5:42 am
was really an awesome story about people helping each other. >> that is very cool, and that was juliette goodrich reporting, by the way. >> that's awesome they all got together to find it. that's crazy. >> that's a good name, nash. >> it is. i like it. from a traveling cow to hopefully traveling you, trying to make flying easier for customers. the first-of-its-kind policy just launched by southwest. dangerous flooding and extreme weather slamming parts of the u.s. why kentucky's governor is worried about the death toll still rising. don't forget to join us for our 7:00 a.m. newscast streaming live on "cbs news bay area." find us on pluto tv channel 33-50 and any platform using the free cbs news app. here's a live look outside before we head to break, a foggy morning heading into the beautiful weekend. we love the weekend.
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welcome back. let's look at this morning's "moneywatch" report. iphone sales are remaining resilient despite apple reporting an almost 11% profit decline. the tech giant has taken a double hit because of china's covid shutdowns and supply constraints. the company is well-positioned for the coming months. southwest airlines announced flight credits will never expire. hmm. under the previous policy, they expired in a year. the airline says customers can
5:46 am
get flight credits when they cancel reservations more than ten minutes prior to departure time. credits issued under the old policy retain their expiration dates. the new policy applies to credits issued from now on. workers at a massachusetts's trader joe's market became the first to unionize, the staff voted to approve a union called trader joe's united. workers from at least two other store locations have begun unionization efforts. trader joe's is prepared to immediately begin contract discussions. that's a look at your "moneywatch" mheadlines. let's start talking about our storm watch. this morning at least 15 people are dead in kentucky amid catastrophic flooding. governor andy bashir says the number is expected to double and will include children. flood and extreme weather has hit several other states including parts of missouri and arizona. cbs news correspondent dan
5:47 am
lieberman reports from new york. >> reporter: dozens of homes unsubmerged and others floated away. >> it's beyond the scale of sig that i've been involved with. >> reporter: relentless rains unleashed devastating and deadly floods as fast-rising water sent people scurrying to be rescued by crews making their way down streets in lifeboats. >> our death toll is growing. by the end we expect it will be in double digits. >> reporter: on thursday, kentucky governor andy bashir said a number of people remained unaccounted for and warned that property damage in kentucky would be widespread. >> there's nothing really you can do. we're glad we got out. >> reporter: this woman watched as trailers and homes floated away, fearing hers would be one of them. >> my mom and i had bought that house together and i hate to lose it, but right now, it's looking like we're not going to be able to save it. >> reporter: elsewhere, flash flooding pounded several counties in missouri and forced people to wade through high waters on roads in st. louis. in arizona, monsoon rains hit areas outside of phoenix.
5:48 am
>> that's tragic what's going on in the rest of the states. we're keeping a close eye on that. back here in california alone, we're dealing with so much high pressure it's circulating in monsoonal moisture for us. as we wake up this morning, you probably notice it. it's a lot higher for our relative humidity setup this afternoon and to add to that marine layer is pushing its way into sacramento as we wake up. it will pull back along the foothills into 8:00 a.m. and once we head into the afternoon setup notice how the fog creeps along our coast, throughout the peninsula and even as we extend into the afternoon, and just fills back into the bay quicker. with that in mind, winds are going to kick up this evening for us. we're expecting winds from 18 to 25 miles per hour, just around 3:00. notice how it amplifies itself off in our east inland hills as we extend into the late evening hours and still stays consistent along the bay, too. but with that in mind, let's also get a quick check of what we're expecting for daytime
5:49 am
highs today, sitting below average thanks to the pacific cool air pushing its way throughout the bay this afternoon. we're getting into the upper 70s/mid 80s just in the santa clara valley this afternoon. as for the tri-valley for our friends in walnut creek, this is beautiful weather to head out and take a walk this afternoon, mid 80s in sight, 90s up in our east inland hills. it's friday, take advantage of this weather, head out to mt. tam, check oecng and0s ofnear there with 80s just as we head up a little bit higher. now as we take a look at some events going on this weekend, it's going to be a busy weekend. head out there and enjoy the weather where you can. oakland the chinatown summer festival we expect daytime highs to cap off in the 70s. upper 70s/low 80s for our friends in benicia for the waterfront festival. notice how we cool down a degree or two into the weekend forecast just to warm up by next week work week. it's similar trend in our microclimates from the north bay off into our inland east bay
5:50 am
where today will be one of the warmer days, we'll cool off more as we head into saturday and sunday and jump right back up into the upper 80s by monday. our friends off in our east inland hills. gianna, how are things looking? >> not bad at all. getting ared to head out the door on this friday morning it's a good time to be on the roadways. we have mobile 5 up early so good morning to our photojournalist brian kiley, cruising along westbound 580 at the dublin interchange. you can see the right lanes slowing down a little bit connecting on to 680. if you stick to the left, ride into castro valley, maybe over to 880, that's looking bet per. once you're on 680 from 580 no delays both direct'sting onto t. ck yatnc if you're connecting over there but other than that, it's pretty quiet. let's look at other live shots around the bay area. this is the golden gate bridge and it is moving pretty nicely this morning, no major accidents or issues. really the only thing you need to look out for is a little
5:51 am
mist, a little drizzle this morning so you've got the windshield wipers going and it's sticking to the ground, so a little slick in some spots so peninsula commuters, heads up, 280, as you head along 101, highway 1 through pacifica, half moon bay and of course here at the golden gate bridge, and through marin county. might be a little slick this morning so be extra careful as you head through there. other than that it's looking good. this is the bay bridge and 5:51, no metering lights and quiet for your friday morning drive. old dogs learning new tricks? we'll introduce to you a special group in the east bay. and coming up today on the "the drew barrymore show," sabrina carpenter stops by to chat at 2:00 on kpix 5. and coming up at 7:00 on "cbs mornings," the latest golf event tees up today at one of former president trump's golf clubs. how the event is stirring up some controversy among 9/11 families. plus actor, singer and director billy porter will be live in the studio to talk about what it was like directing his first movie in his hometown and
5:52 am
beyonce's new album "renaissance" officially out. that's coming up aat 7:00 on "cbs mornings." before we go to break, live outside to the richmond-san rafael bridge.
5:53 am
5:54 am
let's start off with a quick check of what we're dealing with today. it's gloomy throughout as we wake up this morning.
5:55 am
daytime highs are ranging below average not only in the bay but east inland hills. 80s near concord and upper 80s in pleasanton and onshore flow will continue to be the trend for us as we extend into this afternoon. it will get windy in the east inland hills tonight, 25 to 30-mile-per-hour winds sustained at the surface level. we have a lot of events going on this weekend. we'll keep you updated on the weather and what you can expect coming up for the next couple days and into next work week. for now, over to you, g. >> thank you, jess. is your dog best in show if you think so, listen up, a group in the east bay is preparing pets and their owners to take top prize. we spoke to a trainer who tells us it's no easy feat. >> we judge the dogs on the structure. good boy. a beautiful, stunning best in show winning dog can look like a turtle if the person doesn't know how they're showing it. >> a turtle? okay. those are some cute dogs. these furry contestants and their owners gather at cal park in concord for the training but
5:56 am
it's not all about the dog here. this trainer teaches the owners how to show their pet. >> a lot of people won't do this. you know, sometimes i wish that i would have picked a breed that didn't have any hair. [ laughter ] >> there are some upcoming dog shows in dixon and lodi. if you want to see one of the dogs compete or how you can get your dog involved head over to look at that little guy. doggies make me happy. >> same. i could keep watching this story all among morning. monkeypox is declared a health emergency in san francisco. what it means for the city and the battle against the rapidly-spreading virus. bate riders might be noticing a difference this morning, the return of the agency's mask mandate again. and your next chance to win the mega millions is tonight for its historic drawing. and let's take a live look outside from our exclusive mark
5:57 am
hopkins camera, a little foggy out there on this friday morning. we will avery more news and your weather coming up after this break.
5:58 am
wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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right now on kpix 5 news at 6:00 a.m., san francisco officials declaring a public health emergency for monkeypox. what it means as cases rise in the bay area. and b.a.r.t. taking action once again to keep riders safe. the return of the agency's mask mandate. plus -- >> i'd probably quit my job, buy a nice house, travel a lot. >> maybe buy a tesla. [ laughs ] buy a nice house. >> yeah, you can buy anything. people already thinking about what they would do if they win tickets ready. we sure do. the historic drawing, it is tonight. and here in the weather center, we are tracking some monsoonal moisture pushing into the bay area this morning. things are changing as we head into the weekend. we'll have more coming up. >> i goteg


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