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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 1, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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game left three people hurt. >> the shooting happened as young players were on the feel at oakland tech high school. >> as kpix 5's julia goodrich reports, it's not the first case involving a gun. >> these kids weren't out on the street after dark, they were playing a game they love, football, sunday afternoon when the unthinkable happened in front of people watching the game. >> i heard gunshots, had to take cover and get the kid down with me. >> reporter: president of the oakland dynamites elite football. he's known at coach chewy and was running for cover when gunfire rang out. >> a lot of us, you know, had
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them lay on the ground and take cover with us. just did what we can to try to protect them, basically. >> reporter: this is video from a championship game last year. yesterday, the 10-year-old youth league was playing a fresno team at oakland tech high school when bullets flew into the bleachers, hitting a 6-year-old girl, a man, and a woman. all three rushed to the hospital. oakland police chief la ron armstrong. >> we're looking for physical descriptions, photos, videos that anyone at this event may have. >> reporter: this isn't the organization's first incident involving a gun. coach chewy says this is not a dynamite league problem, this is an oakland problem. today the police chief is saying that you need to have security at the games. have you been saying that all along? >> i been saying that a police presence would be better than security, because a lot of people don't respect security guards because they're not law enforcement. >> this is the second year in a row where the oakland police department will have to provide security at football practices
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and at football games just so kids can play football in peace without the threat of gunfire. >> reporter: the dynamites elite football and cheer is a nonprofit organization. it's designed to teach youth life skills through fundamental of football and sportsmanship. >> we're not going to allow these people, these individuals that bring guns to this environment to get away with this and stop these young people from participating in these activities. we will not allow them to do that. >> reporter: in jooakland, juliette good rich. just hours ago, the governor declared a state of emergency due to the spread of monkeypox. this will allow the state to get vaccines, which has been a big challenge the slow infections. there have been 786 cases of monkeypox in the state. more are in los angeles and san francisco. san francisco already issued an emergency declaration last week, which went into effect today citywide. and another day of long
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lines in san francisco as a new batch of monkeypox intervenes were given out. 950 people were able to receive their shots at zuckerberg san francisco general. another clinic is scheduled for 8:00 a.m. to noon tomorrow. and the virus is hitting the latinx community especially hard. that group accounts for 15% of the city's population, but 27% confirmed and probable cases. community health leaders are call for more spanish language and culturally competent outreach. >> i think one big factor is the language that we're using. both in english and in spanish and any other language, really, we must be focused on destigmatizing the way that we're reaching our community. some folks that perhaps have relationships with other men that don't identify as gay may be triggered and step back from
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taking advantage of some of the resources. >> community leaders say it's also important the point out monkeypox is not a sexually transmitted infection and that women and children can also get it throw close contacts. now to the weather. unusual burst of august rain. you can see it hitting our weather. paul higgin joining us now. it was actually kind of refreshing. >> yeah, it was nice, the shower activity without any cloud to ground lightning around the bay area. it's a combination of the monsoonal moisture that's been in place since late last week. there's a storm system in the upper levels of atmosphere, close enough to trigger the showers. one more cluster of showers is going to make a run towards the sonoma coast. about an hour or so, but it's been 45 minutes since that produced a cloud to ground lightning strike. not concerned about any lightning potential. the few showers that are left should be quieting down.
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there has been plenty of lightning elsewhere, a lot clustered over the southern half of california. and other states are going face that threat with the monsoonal moisture in place. we just won't have to trigger to get it going in the bay area. trace amounts of rainfall so far today. exactly a trace for san jose and hayward. enough to wet down the roads. big winner, half-moon bay, .04. these numbers are not high, but considering it's the first day of august, it's strange to have any rain that's not dense fog and drizzle. that's back in the forecast tonight and tomorrow. take a look at the rest of the forecast for this first week of august coming up in a few minutes. any bit of rain is a welcome sight for fire crews and volunteers in lookout posts in marin county. this volunteer spent his day perched atop the mountain bear. he keep an eye out for fires.
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when he spot one, he calls the fire crews to contain it. he said this happened with a small fire last year. >> i if spotted it at three acre instead of a third acre, there was wind from the east and it would have gone over the ridge and down into wood acre. and from wood acre, who knows. it's right next to the water shed. >> fisher uses an antique device that allows him to connect with another lookout spot on mt. tam and zero in on the exact location. to the north in siskiyou county, the sheriff confirms two people died trying to escape the fire in their car in their own driveway. the fire broke out friday and quickly exploded to become the state's largest wildfire so far this season. it now covers more than 55,000
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acres. that's an area larger than the city of fremont. fire crews are make their way north to gin that fire fight. some heading straight there after fighting the oak blaze near yosemite. >> come here, buddy. >> such a great sight there. heartwarming video showing a 4-month-old pupally emerging from a burn out hoem home, unscathed except for singed if you are and whiskers. he was reunited with their family. sadly, the family says their uncle stayed behind is is now among thes of people unaccounted for. countdown to kickoff of preseason football. nineers take on packers at le levi's. one of the team inked a new deal. charlie walter has the details in tonight's red and gold report. ♪
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a roller coaster ride of an offseason for 49ers star wide receiver debo samuel. the pro bowler apparently wanted a trade. instead, he will be staying in san francisco for this year and beyond. >> faithful, another long journey, three more years to go. >> reporter: debo put the quill pen to paper on his new three-year contract. debo signed, sealed and delivered himself to practice this morning for the first 49ers session in pads. samuel will make $58 million guaranteed and has insen tiffs if the 49ers continue to also use him at running back. 49ers head coach kyle shanahan, i'd say he's glad to have him back. >> my favorite thing about debo is how much he inspires people, and he inspires me more than any player i've watched on the field. the way he handles the ball, whether you're thorough it to him, handing it to him, on a
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kick. and these aren't things you have to talk him into doing. he loves playing football. >> with the red and gold report, i'm charlie walter. we're posting all the stories coming out of training camp in a special 49ers section on you can also nominate your choice for our superfan of the week. >> can't wait for it to start. still to come, not in our neighborhood. why there is so much opposition in the south bay to a plan to get the homeless off the streets. and just one signature away from becoming reality. sights where people can freely use illegal drugs could be coming to two bay area cities. rip out your lawn, put some green in your pocket. how a bay area drought rebate program has been working out. flash flooding leave a number of cars stranded. the cleanup in southern california after a weekend of wild weather.
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new at 7:00, the state is getting closer to legalizing supervised consumption sites of illegal drugs. the senate passed a bill that would allow san francisco, oakland, and los angeles to set up safe injection sites. they would provide clean drug p pair perral ya. san jose neighbors turned out by the hundreds to protest the city's plan to build tiny homes for the homeless in the middle of their community. the site is surrounded by three schools and two parks and borders popular hiking trails.
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tonight, neighbors have found an ally in their battle against city hall, city councilman david cohen opposes the site of the project as well, agreeing with their concerns about safety. >> our priority needs to be maintaining our neighborhood as safe places for our children to go to and from school and protect our children. >> this is used as a park. i would object to a single residential home being constructed in the area. takes away from the essential purpose of this place. >> cohen hopes to force a vote on the plan at wednesday's committee rules meeting. if successful, work on the project would stop while the city considers alternatives. the race to boekd's next mayor is heating up. loren taylor filed his paper work to run. at least 16 candidates will be vying for the spot. chaves vacating due to term limits. a new drought rebate program in the south bay is turning more
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and more brown lawns into green -- cash that is. julie garrett and her family qualified for the santa clara valley water rebate program. pays homeowners up to $3,000 if they remove their lawn. they replaced theirs with drought tolerant plants and added an alternative turf grass that requires very little water. >> now that it's established we probably have to water it probably once every two uniques next summer and not at all the rest of the year. >> garrett says the reason covered the cost of pretty much all of their materials. the program is so popular, rebate applications have nearly doubled since april. >> and southern california, too much water too fast led to big problems in the san bernardino mountains. 30 cars stranded along highway 38 leading to big bear after heavy rain washed debris on to the road. this is from the burn scar area
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from the 2020 fire. all those cars have been removed. further north in the mojave desert, floodwaters buckled and damaged roads. the preserve is closed until further notice. live look outside of the golden gate bridge fresh off its little shower this afternoon. >> look at, that paul, no fog. >> i know. it will be back. >> that's pretty amazing. >> it will come back. >> i know, i know, but we rarely get to say that at 7:00. >> first day of fogust. did have a few showers, which is not normal for the month of august. we're tracking one last cluster of showers right along the coast of sonoma county. maybe will squeeze out a couple hundredths of an inch of rain. there have been a few splash and dash showers elsewhere, but things are quieting down, a trend that is going to continue as we head through the rest of the this evening. the last of showers fading off
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the radar as we head towards 9:00 this everyone, and everything is dry by midnight. we'll see the fog developing along the coast, spreading the fog in land tomorrow morning. although i don't think it's going to be a huge deal for the morning commute. after that, clouds and sunshine for the rest of the day on tuesday. still going to see clouds overhead with that monsoonal moisture in police. the difference is, while we have to moisture we don't have anything in terms of a trigger to get thunderstorms or a shower going. back to a dry patch beginning tomorrow. noticeable humidity, though, still in place the rest of the week. it's not going to feel flat out sticky, but you're going to be able to tell as you head out the door. typical august temperatures in store the rest of the week. moisture shows up in brighter colors. you can see it's still in place and it's going to remain as we go through the rest of the week. thinning out by friday, but we're not going to lose it entirely for about the next seven to ten days. so any time a system gets close enough to us, it could trigger a few pop-up showers or
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thunderstorms but anything cloud to ground lightning is showing up in the mountain over northern california or the high sierra. tomorrow, same locations and again on thursday. all that cloud to ground lightning avoiding the bay area. i don't think we're going to see more of those hit or miss showers the next couple days. the sun reemerged. temperatures in the mid 60s. still warm inland. 83 concord, 86 degrees in livermore. temperatures tonight will drop down to the 60s inland because of the amount of moisture in the air. the air doesn't cool off as much over night, so above average for the inland parts of the bay area. mostly 50s by the water and coast. high temperatures tomorrow, almost exactly normal. exactly our average high temperatures in oakland. a degree or two higher inland. mix of 70s and 80s down the peninsula with low to mid 80s for most of the santa clara
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valley. temperatures in the east bay, mid to upper 80s, which is warm, but not unusual. the hottest spots reaching the low 90s, which is not that hot for early august. and mostly low to mid 80s for inland parts of the north bay, normally warm for august until you go parter and farther north where temperatures are likely to exceed 09 degrees. a little warmup kicks in wednesday and thursday. it's a few degrees' worth of a warmup. mid 70s for oakland. close to 70 san francisco. mid to upper 80s for san jose. also in the mid to up 80s for part of the north bay. hot spots, inland and east bay. low 90s before normal temperatures to finish the workweek and head into the weekend. i don't think we're going to see quite as much cloud cover as the monsoonal moisture goes out, but it's going to be a while before we lose it entirely.
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big day ahead for an embattled school board member. don't forget to join us weekday mornings at 7:00 for lye, local news on cbs bay area.
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the san francisco school board could decide tomorrow whether to admonish an shoe, at
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issue, comments she made about black and brown families. >> saying family environments and lack of encouragement from parents are some of the biggest challenges in educating black and brown students. she has since apologized. she was one of three board members to replace three in february. more than 300 people have signed a letter for her saying forcing her out of office would be a disproportionate consequence for her be the people counting on her to fix the schools. she issued a statement saying, while my intent was not to cause harm, my words did just that. i hold myself accountable for my words and will continue the listen, learn, and grow. much needed back to school supplies are being handed out in santa clara county. a drivup and walk-in event today and tomorrow. hoping to help parents reeling
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from the economic stress of the pandemic. >> we have 2,000 children, so each child is getting $100 in gift cards, and the community really stepped forward. again, we're so, so grateful. >> the group will continue distributing supplies through the end of august. did you know that the world's tallest tree is here in california? why you could be forced to pay up if you try to check it out in person.
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♪ so, this is the world's tallest tree. it stands about 380 feet tall, and its name is hyperion.
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>> don't think about trying to visit it at the redwood national park. park officials said visitors damaged the tree's base, trampled on plants and left trash behind. horrible. >> why? now anyone caught in the area can face a $5,000 fine or six months behind bars. ryan, this is why we can't have nice things. >> just when think humans are going do something nice and then do that. i hate going on hikes and seeing trash on the trail. >> frustrating, because you're in mother nature. you respect
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] steve: [indistinct]. i appreciate that. [indistinct]. thank y'all very much. i appreciate that. thank y'all, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] and we got a special show for you today, folks. it's comedian, actor, and star of the new film "easter sunday," jo koy and family. [cheering and applause] and they're playing for the american nurses foundation. they are playing against jo's movie mom, actress lydia gaston,
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