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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 2, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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download the cbs news app on your cell phone or connected tv. i'm matt piper, cbs news, new york. it's tuesday, august 2nd, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." justice has been delivered, and this terrorist leader is no more. >> deadly drone strike. the u.s. kills one of the world's most wanted terrorists. the series of attacks he helped mastermind against american citizens. war of words. tensions grow ahead of house speaker nancy pelosi's possible visit to taiwan, the white house warning to china. out-of-control wildfire. two people are dead as flames tear through northern california. the big threat right now amid changing weather conditions. captioning funded by cbs so good morning and good to be wit so good morning and good to be with you.
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i'm anne-marie green. we again in afghanistan where the u.s. killed a key mastermind behind the 9/11 terror attacks. president biden said a drone strike took out aman al zawahiri over the weekend. intelligence officials tracked the al qaeda leader to a home in downtown kabul where he was hiding with his family. he was killed while standing on a balcony. trinity chavez is in new york with the details on this. tu trinity, good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. the al qaeda leader was one of the most wanted terrorists in the world and the successor to osama bin laden is dead. he was killed in a counterterrorist operation over the weekend after evading the u.s. for two decades. president biden says a u.s. drone strike has killed the al qaeda leader who helped mastermind the 9/11 terror attacks. >> at my direction, the united states successfully committed an air strike in kabul that killed aman al zawahiri.
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>> reporter: in an evening address, he said aman al zawahiri also played a deadly role in the bombings in kenya and tanzania and the 2000 attack on the "uss cole" that killed american sailors. >> he killed american service members, american diplomats, and american interests. >> reporter: al zawahiri's death over the weekend comes after u.s. troops pulled out of afghanistan last summer, ending a two-decade war. >> this does take a leader off the battlefield and will, to some degree, disrupt that organization and force them to come up with new leadership. >> reporter: the president said he would never allow afghanistan to again become a safe haven for terrorist groups like al qaeda. >> no matter how long it takes, no matter where you hide, if you are a threat o our people, the united states will find you and take you out. >> reporter: afghanistan's government issued a statement
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condemning the air strike as a clear violation of international principles and the 2020 doha agreement that led to the withdrawal of the u.s. forces, but it did not mention al zawahiri. intelligence officials believe al zawahiri's family was in another part of the home and no one else was killed. bin laden was killed in pakistan in 2011 in an operation carried out by u.s. navy seals after a nearly decade-long period to find him. anne-marie? >> trinity chavez in new york. trinity, thank you so much. so coverage of the deadly drone strike continues on "cbs mornings." we'll be talking with white house national security adviser jake sullivan about that attack. house speaker nancy pelosi continues her trip interest asia this morning. she is expected to visit taiwan as early as today. that's according to local media there. the california democrat is leading a house delegation of five other democrats that are also planning stops in malaysia, south korea, and japan. yesterday pelosi met with top
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leaders in singapore, but her expected visit in taiwan is increasing tension between china and the u.s. china considers the self-ruled island as its territory and thinks of this as a provocation. the white house warned beijing not to overreact. >> there's no reason for beijing to turn the visit consistent with long-standing u.s. policy into some sort of crisis or conflict. >> pelosi would be the highest ranking official to visit taiwan in more than 25 years. the largest wildfire in california this year has now turned deadly. two bodies were found in a charred vehicle in the driveway of a home. nearly two dozen people are still missing. jonathan vigliotti reports on just how fast the fire has spread. >> reporter: the west is a tinderbox. the mckinney fire is still burning out of control, mushrooming to more than 55,000 acres and responsible for at least two deaths.
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>> it traveled from the top of that ridge downhill in the space of maybe 15 minutes. >> it was the most amazing, terrifying thing you've ever seen. >> reporter: as intense as the flames are on the ground and in the air, the view from space is jaw-dropping. this is the fire as night fell on saturday, growing exponentially. one couple died trying to escape when their car was overcome by flames in their driveway. the fire exploded so quickly in this neighborhood, it engulfed entire homes in a matter of minutes, destroying everything in its path. search-and-rescue teams are going property to property looking for anyone missing. it's not just the drought but the extreme heat. at least 14 deaths are being investigated in the pacific next, possibly related to record-setting temperatures. redmond, oregon, has topped triple digits seven days straight. >> with climate change, we expect to see more intense
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heatwaves and more frequent heatwaves. >> reporter: thunderstorms are now moving into the area in california. the rain is helping firefighters, but dry lightning strikes could be disastrous. >> i think the biggest thing for us to think about is how dry these conditions are. every strike has a greater potential to start a fire. >> reporter: jonathan vigliotti, cbs news. in kentucky the death toll increased to 37 after last week's severe flooding. governor andy beshear says hundreds of people remain unaccounted for, but he suggested many would be located when cellphone service was restored. there's also been some dramatic video as neighbors saved a 98-year-old grandmother and her family from a flooded home last thursday. a witness said he called 911 after hearing the family yell for help. he saw a man swim through the water, bang on the door, and emerge with a woman and two other men. they're all expected to be okay.
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there's voting in five states. arizona, washington, michigan, and two others are holding primary elections today. among some races to watch, gop nominees for senate and governor and republican contests for michigan governor and missouri senator. at stake is the proposed amendment to the state constitution that would remove protections for abortions. coming up, quarterback suspended. how many games deshaun watson will miss after allegations of sexual misconduct. go on. get out of here. go. and, later, bye-bye, bear, how a surprised homeowner convinced a black bear to get out of his house. this is the "cbs morning news." s you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated
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drug charges. the 31-year-old american was arrested at a moscow airport in february after russian authorities found vape cartridges containing cannabis oil in her luggage. she has pleaded guilty. the biden administration has offered to swap a convicted russian arms dealer jailed in the u.s. in exchange for griner and another american being detained by moscow. griner faces up to ten years in prison if convicted. a texas man receives the longest sentence handed down so far in the january 6th attack. >> and nfl quarterback deshaun watson is suspended after accusations of sexual misconduct. those are some of the stories on the morning newsstand. espn reports cleveland browns quarterback deshaun watson was suspended for six games without pay for violating nfl's personal conduct policy. in civil lawsuits, two dozen women accused watson of sexual misconduct during massage treatments. watson reached financial settlements with 23 of the women.
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the punishment handed down by a retired federal judge fell short of the minimum one-year suspension the league suggested. his coach talked about it after the hearing. >> he wants to be the best version of himself, i believe that wholeheartedly. he's working on that, and i'll let deshaun at some point speak for himself. >> watson, who has denied wrongdoing, does not face any criminal charges. "the washington post" says that the first january 6th capitol riot defendant convicted at trial received the longest prison sentence imposed so far. a federal judge sentenced 49-year-old guy reffitt to more than seven year behind bars. reffitt, a member of the far right militia group, the texas three percenters, stormed the capitol with a handgun, helmet, and body armor. prosecutors say he intended to drag lawmakers from the building and take over congress to stop the certification of the presidential election.
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and the "san francisco chronicle" says california governor gavin newsom declared a statewide monkeypox emergency. the cdc reports more than 800 cases of monkeypox have been identified in california so far. the virus spreads through close contact between people. it has primarily affected men who have sex with men, but health officials say anyone can be infected. still to come, the king's riches. jewelry gifted by elvis presley to his manager hits the auction block. the i the items up for sale. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer.
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airbnb is shutting the door on some of its listings. the company announced it's banning properties that once housed enslaved people. it comes after a tiktok post went viral about an 1830s former slave cabin featured on the rental website. in a statement airbnb said it's working with experts to develop new policies that address other properties associated with slavery. dollar stores are seeing a spike in business because of inflation. and the maker of candy corn has football season in mind with its newest flavor. matt pieper has those stories and more in today's "moneywatch" report. >> stocks closed slightly lower on monday as investors began another busy week of earnings and economic reports. the dow lost 46 points, nasdaq down 21 points, the s&p losing 11 points. democrats in the senate are eyeing a possible vote this week on the huge economic bill that was surprisingly agreed to last
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ek. thlegislioos tn orons y s, bers fuels and climate change efforts, and curbs pharmaceutical prices. but democrat kyrsten sinema's view on the bill remains a mystery. vice president harris could cast the tie-breaking vote to assure its passage. the stores are all over the country, and it turns out particular store, dollar tree, and family dollar are busy with shoppers as inflation rises. in fact, consumer spending for grocery items at those types of stores is up 71%, according to analytics firm in market. at the same time in june over the same time spending money in grocery stores decreased by about 5%. each of the chains is set to add 1,000 new store this fiscal year. it may have just hit august on the calendar, but brach's is already thinking football
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tailgate. its new flavors include hot dog, hamburger, fruit punch, popcorn, and ice cream. it's only available at walgreens. that is your "moneywatch" for this tuesday morning. i'm matt pieper, cbs news, new york. >> i think i might be picking the popcorn flavor out. i might be the oechbl person who really enjoys candy corn, but i do. an upcoming action may leave some music fans all shook up. jewelry that elvis presley gave to his manager colonel tom parker is up for sale this month. the collection features about 200 items including gold rings, watches, chains, cufflinks, and more. his former wife priscilla calls the gifts unbelievable. >> he loved gold, not silver. he would always look at the jewelry store on his way back from the stage. he'd look. he'd pick out something. of course, all the jewelers knew that. so they would always replace it with something else knowing he might like it, and sure enough he'd go buy it. >> the items go up for auction august 27th. and coming up, backlash for
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changing a lyric to one of her songs from her newly released album "renaissance." the song "heated" used the word "spaz," which is considered a derogatory reference to a medical condition related to cerebral palsy. beyonce's team issued a statement saying, quote, the word not used intentionally in a harmful way will be replaced. lizzo recently removed the same word from her song "grrrls" after being called out by advocates. a person received an unwelcome visitor in his kitchen over the weekend. >> go on, get out of here. go on, go. take off, bud. go on. go on. >> the west hartford couple says that it took some convincing, but eventually the black bear
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did leave. >> i came in through that door, and i got to that doorway and he was right there, and when he saw me, he ran over here. >> get out of here. go on. he did startle me. that was probably the one time i was scared. >> the bear returned and tried to get back into the house yesterday. he even ripped off a screen door. geez. take a hint. and talk about an expensive value meal. an airline passenger traveling from indonesia to australia was fined nearly $2,000 after two undeclared egg and sausage mcmuffins and a ham croissant were found inside their luggage. an airport security dog discovered the sandwiches after the passengerses arrived at the airport in australia. australia recently introduced strict new rules after foot and mouth outbreak in indonesia. the sandwiches were tested and
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declared here in california over monkeypox. plus the crucial vote happening in the south bay. why hundreds of san jose residents say the city needs to
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find a new spot for dozens of tiny homes. even though we're waking up with the marine layer, no rain in sight anymore. and if you're making the trek to the altamont pass earlier than usual, it's already busy because of a crash. i'll tell you why, coming up in just a few minutes. first let's look at this morning's top stories. justice has been delivered, those were president biden's words yesterday after saying the u.s. killed top al qaeda leader ayman al zawahiri. al zawahiri was a key engineer of the september 11th terrorist attacks and took over as the leader of al qaeda after osama bin laden's death. he was staying in downtown kabul over the weekend. all the key plotters in the september 11th attacks are either dead or captured. san francisco police are offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the cold case murder of a


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