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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  August 3, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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black and brown students. the very tense moments and the calls demanding an apology. and it started warming up, if you're inland yesterday, you probably noticed the 90s come back. it's going to get a little warmer today but the marine layer is in the bay and has influences for you, too. forecast is coming up. >> as we look at the roadways, dealing with a little bit of fog especially for the drive across the going going. we'll have a live look at that and closer look at your ride into the altamont pass. justin? we're following breaking news this morning, live at berkeley, where dozens of police and cleanup crews are at people's park right now as the city moves to force out the unhoused community. you can see police officers and other crews right there right now. the group defend people's park say several forklifts and trucks on site along with police. police have been throwing away people's items, towing cars near the park and blocking the surrounding streets.
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>> we'll look at the other top stories. house speaker nancy pelosi wrapped up her trip to taiwan this morning. she and her delegation went to promote peace. china is publicly announcing water drills around taiwan tomorrow. many of the live-fire drills will happen within ten miles of the island's coast. speaker pelosi is headed to south korea for her next stop. san francisco is getting 10,000 fresh doses of monkeypox vaccines. the state has not said when exactly the city will see the shipment. health officials say they need about 70,000 doses to get ahead of the outbreak in san francisco. the walk-in genclinic at sf genl is opening at 8:00 this morning. multiple republicans dropped their opposition after nearly a week of delays, outrage and protest led by former talk show
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host and comedian jon stewart. good morning to you. let's get a check on our weather with meteorologist dhar when peck filling in for our weather. >> a little warmer inland. temperatures creep back into the low to mid-90s for inland places yesterday. >> you could feel it. >> add on top of that, a mugginess in the air. >> you can feel it in the hair. >> you'll get a little more wave in the hair, not just today. it's going to last for a couple more days, not forecasting the likelihood of thunderstorms like we were a few days ago from this but the humidity is sticking around. by the way, that is a low cloud hanging over the bay. this is our camera on treasure island. the marine layer filled in much of the immediate bay. looking at clear skies over here, that's concord, those are the lights 680. you'll look at sunshine for most of the day today. temperatures are around 60 for
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our warmest spots. everybody else got some mid-60s in there. in terms of where we're going for today, 93 for those inland valley sops it's not a big jump from yesterday but you probably already noticed that warmup. in the bay, 76. we'll call it a.m. clouds but those will melt back to the beaches and the mold golden gate by the time we get into the late morning. we'll see what the rest of the forecast is coming up in a few minutes. for now, gianna, over to you. >> thanks, darren, good morning. getting ready to hit the roadways we're dealing with foggy spots, making the trek across the golden gate bridge, y heads up, visibility 101, waldo grade getting into the city, no crashes that's the good news and doesn't look like it has the construction cones set up on the northbound side and i don't see a lot of cars making their way across the span so very quiet conditions there. no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza, things are quiet here. an easy ride into san francisco. no metering lights just yet. typically those don't get turned on for about another hour or so
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but we are already seeing that wednesday morning rush for supercommuters headed into the altamont pass. a live look 205 to 580 slowing down a bit. the travel time now from there toward 680 sitting at just about 36 minutes with the bulk of the brake lights as you head from the connector over to north flynn. justin? an update this morning out of san francisco, the school board voted to admonish board member ann hsu over her racist and incentive comments. hsu apologized but rejected the naacp's calls for her resignation. she wrote "unstable family environments and lack of parental encouragement were among the biggest challenges educating black and latino students." some argue she should not have to step down. >> reporter: the meeting got incredibly emotional and heated on groups on both sides of the issue, nearly ended in chaos and shouting. >> in plain terms, this means the board is considering a stern, firm warning to commissioner hsu that she must
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not repeat these statements again. >> reporter: in a crowded meeting tuesday night, people who called for hsu's admonishment and her supporters were each given time to make public comments. many called on hsu to step down saying her comments hurt students and families of color. >> shame on you! you should be embarrassed! >> reporter: but hsu's sup supporters insisted she apologized and should be allowed to learn her lesson. some blame the push to admonish her on toxic cancel culture. >> the majority of san francisco supports you, ann. we see the hypocrisy. we see the hypocrisy of the people in the news. >> reporter: that's when the meeting devolved into chaos with supporters and critics of hsu shouting over each other. >> that's the problem. >> i'm going to -- i'm calling
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for a recess. >> we listened respectfully. we want our chance! >> reporter: things got so loud the board president called on the room to be cleared and people to leave the building. the vote to admonish hsu included hsu herself. so far the mayor has not asked her to step down. i'm sara donchey, kpix 5. >> a lot of tension there. a new state law changed how much the courts can collect fees for things like traffic tickets, just took effect last month. this morning kpix breaks down the new rules and why some courts are still imposing the fees. zbr for most people, getting a traffic ticket is an annoying expense. for those trapped in the cycle of poverty, it can be something that follows them the rest of their lives. back when selena silva was 18 years old she was caught with an open container in the car.
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>> i didn't pay much attention to it, after all the years passed it's piled up thousands of dollars. >> reporter: now the 30-something single mother and caregiver owes about $8,000 to the courts, much of it from late charges called civil assessment fees. for example, fees added to a $35 fine for running a stop sign can increase the cost to $538. civil rights attorney rio scharf says california has some of the highest traffic court fees in the nation and many are imposed not as punishment but to raise funds for the court system. >> these civil assessments were raising about $100 million a year for the courts and they were raising that money directly from lower income californians, those who were most likely to miss a payment date. >> reporter: he's part of a law group fighting the fees in sacramento and last month ab-199 went into effect, canceling all back debt for civil assessments.
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the law also lowers future assessments to $100 and sends that money directly to the state so county courts won't be tempted to impose fees just to raise revenue. >> we estimate that the debt relief in ab-199 will result in the discharge of over $500 million of debt for more than 1 million californians. >> reporter: that's good news for selena, if she only knew about it. do you know what the situation is now? >> no, not really, i don't. >> reporter: do you know you don't have any debt right now? >> see, i didn't know that. >> reporter: no one told you that? >> nobody told me that. >> reporter: it's been a month now, and few who owe money even know about the debt forgiveness, and scharf says some courts are continuing to collect the civil assessment fees when they're paid. he says any debt payments made after july 1st should be refunded and people like selena should have a chance to put their past mistakes in the rear view mirror. in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5.
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more on getting some cash back, if you bought furniture from a rent-a-center, you could be entitled to compensation. attorney general rob bonta says the rent-to-own company used unjustctices to p its bottom line. rent-a-center has to pay more than $15 million for unlawful leasing practices and deceptive marketing. it allows customers to pay to use a product after a series of payments, the title of the product is purchased by the renter. according to bonta, many of the purchase plans violated the state's rent-to-own law. >> as a result that couch, that fridge or that washer potentially costs struggling families hundreds of extra dollars each, money that could have gone to rent. >> if you rented merchandise from rent-a-center through the kiosk business located inside traditional retailers keep an eye on your mail. eligible customer also soon receive a notice. a retired salesman and
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nuclear physicist seemed like an unlikely duo. in a retirement home they're known as the fix-it guys. andria borba reports they fix just about anything. >> reporter: the first rule of the wood shop at stone ridge creek retirement is clean up your saw dust. >> we're about a third of the way through this project. >> reporter: of the 79,201 residents of pleasanton, only two are known as the fix-it guys, 80-year-old rick levesque and 95-year-old phil wire. when he and his wife moved in, he needed a hobby and fast. >> after twiddling my thumbs for a few weeks, i said i got to do something. i'm going nuts. >> reporter: after building a desk and a model wooden ship, rick found himself in the wood shop five hours a day seven days a week just to get off the sofa. he and phil carved out a niche
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as the fix-it guys for the residents of stone ridge creek. >> it's a continuum of furniture pieces, broken lamps, all kinds of crazy things that are broken come into this shop. we have built a reputation with the residents, if it's broken, bring it to the shop. they'll fix anything. >> reporter: the craziest thing they fixed? >> one of them was a gentleman's dentures. no joke. what do you need? he pulls out his upper palate and he says "my dentist hasn't been able to fix the bur on this tooth and it's causing an ulcer. >> reporter: the work of serving their fellow residents is a secondary priority to camaraderie. >> without this, i don't know what i would have done. >> we can fix anything in this shop but a broken heart. they're hard to fix. >> reporter: in pleasanton, andria borba, kpix 5. >> incredible story there.
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>> i know. "we can fix anything but a broken heart" they're so sweet. >> yeah, they are. time is 5:11. still ahead this morning, legal trouble strikes the a's again as the team tries to build a new ball park to stay rooted in oakland. we break down the latest woes coming up. and we've got a tasty surprise this morning in our "morning mix." the free celebration happening
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it's 5:14, on the "bay area beat" now, the two suspects accused of kidnapping brabybaby brandon will not go to trial. in april, yesenia ramirez and 28-year-old jose portillo pled guilty in snatching 3-month-old brandon from his east san jose home. he was missing for 20 hours before he was found inside portillo's home. prosecutors claim ramirez wanted to raise the childe.cordg to "t" court documents show the pair tried to kidnap the baeby four other times. in the east bay, richmond police are expected to release video of an alleged beating at tacker one of their own. officer eric smith, jr., is accused of beating the suspect with a stun gun about 35 times following a brief chase and scuffle. this was in april. the district he were to's office
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is considering charges. the a's new ball park quest continues. a group of port workers, truckers and cargo terminal operators is suing a state agency over a key approval back in june allowing howard terminal to be used for the team's waterfront project. the suit claims the san francisco bay conservation and development commission violated environmental law. the a's are also named in that suit. that's a look at your "bay area beat" this morning. dan, how is the weadarren, how weather looking? >> low 90s for daytime highs inland today and still a little humid for us. it's not off the charts humanity but for us it's more noticeable. that you noticed. it's not any different in that regard but different than what a typical august feels like. clear skies, concord that's you, from the top of mt. diablo looking over inland contra costa
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county. there aren't many cameras i can show you because most have a cloud clocking the view. that's the one from treasure island. around 60s for most locations. 59 in oakland. south bay mid 80s. le 6 campbell, upper 70s along the east bay shoreline. back on the east bay shoreline, san leandro hits 76, novato will go to 86 and it's near 90 in santa rosa today but thankfully we'll keep you out of the 90s. clear lake not so lucky. 100 today. ukiah, mendocino lake county you're near 100. watch the pattern. look how the thunderstorms keep getting thrown into california each day but they're all kind stopping at the sierra. in our forecast it's not like we've got thunderstorms. they're not coming back. the humidity in the air depose away to friday. other than that, nothing else changes. the numbers look the same. we don't have any big warmups.
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we kind of did that yesterday. if anything we might cool you back down a few degrees as we get towards the weekend. that's where things stand for now. back over to you. >> me and my air will be happy when the humidity goes away. ride into the altamont pass super commuters on the roadways. one of our caltrans cameras, 205 connecting on to 580, coming out of tracy toward 580 as you head into the altamont pass. it's sluggish and stays slow near north flynn. it's a broken down vehicle so it will likely be gone once you hit the roadways. 36 minutes f yourvee to dn interchang the goln gate bridge looking better. it looked foggier a little while ago. definitely starting to see the cars better on the roadways. not a bad ride out of marin county as you head south 101 into the city, that is the commute direction so that's
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where we typically see more volume so quiet there and quiet on the bay area bridges. a live look at the bay bridge, things are moving at the limit and no major brake lights as you head into san francisco. we'll let you know if that changes. time is 5:19. we've heard a lot about their offense but this morning in the "red & gold" report we look at the 49ers defense as we count counsel to the countdown to the season. >> they will make $100,000. >> and in our "morning mix," we are going to learn about what could be the dream job for many
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let's get you ready for lunch today. we'll look ahead to the window between like noon and say 2:00 today, and just give you an idea what to expect in general just like yesterday, but those low 90s for the inland locations, there's a bit more of a subtlety to that. watch what happens as we play the day forward hour by hour. you'll see some numbers for our inland valleys getting dangerously into the upper 90s, which might sound high. that's because here we're looking at the heat index. what's it going to feel like? the temperature on the thermometer will be low to mid-90s. it may feel a little warmer than that today if you're inland because there's a little more humidity in the air. guys, over to you. >> thank you, darren. ♪ it is wednesday morning and time for the "morning mix." this story listen to this, it
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turned out good thankfully. a bus driver in green bay, wisconsin, helped a little boy in need. >> we're going to find your mom and dad, okay? find out where they went. >> the kind act was recorded on security video, with her keen eye, the driver quickly saw a toddler was by himself on the street. she took him onto the bus and called authorities. the sheriff's office says the boy was reunited with his mom. questions why he was alone but i'm sure his parents sore grateful to have him safe and sound. >> he was probably so scared in that moment. >> i'm sure, out there by himself. thankfully the bus driver saw him and was like we need to find your parents. >> she was paying attention for sure. pay attention to this if you love sweets. here's a job sure to be a treat for your sweet tooth. candy fun house is looking to hire the world's first and only
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chief candy officer. okay. >> chief candy officer will be the first and only of its kind. there will need to be a triplus living in north america and they will make $100,000 per year. >> wait, what, did you just say $100,000? >> that got your attention. the cco will have to try at least 3,000 snacks a month. >> that's easy. >> tasting more than 100 pieces of candy a day. the cco will also become one of the faces of the company. no job experience is required, but applicants must have golden taste buds and no food allergies. okay so it sounds interesting. >> my kid would not be signing up for that. >> you can apply through linkedin. $100,000 in canadian dollars is about $78,000 in u.s. dollars. >> i don't care. >> that's too much candy. >> they have an extensive dental plan so there's that, too. >> okay. >> as a parent doctrine -- >> i was going to say, would
5:25 am
zeppi and -- >> you would not sleep as a parent. your kid would be so wired. >> sugared up and wired. >> and 100 pieces of candy a day? >> that's a lot >> that's a lot, yeah. but hey, who knows? who knows who will take that job. >> you're not going to have a sweet parent after that. >> no. we have sweet treats with us this morning from a san francisco company that's celebrating a major milestone. the golden gate fortune cookie factory has been in the business for 60 years and to celebrate this friday, the factory's planning a community celebration along with a fireworks show to set off, it will go above the factory. the family-owned business is located in the heart of san francisco's chinatown and they've been there since the start of their 06-year run making more than 300 12k3w4r50ir7b8g9s >> i've already had some. >> amanda said she was eating
5:26 am
these all day yesterday, just so you all know. >> these are so good. >> gianna, bring me that bag back right now. >> here's the thing. do you all like the flat ones? >> i'll take them in any shape. >> me, too. i don't care. i wish these with the message. >> i need some coffee. >> this place, though, is legendary. it's a staple. so much fun to go to, people visiting, so fun. >> this is fun. i would buy this and take it to a party. >> sure. >> this looks great. very cool, congrats to them. it is 5:26. still ahead we take you to some of the block parties that went downs across the bay area to celebrate national night out. darren? >> well, we're going to be checking in on the extreme conditions this morning as well which have been feeding that deadly northern california inferno. what crews are up against this
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welcome back. thanks for staying with us. time for a look at the top stories. the city of oakland is getting a major injection of cash to fight crime. the state has awarded oakland with $6 million in funding to help stop crime. it comes from california's violence intervention and prevention program. the money will go toward redesigning spaces for safety. the city's cease-fire initiative and outreach within the community. kansas voters chose to keep the right to an abortion in their state's institution, 59% voted no on a proposed institutional amendment. in 2019 the kansas supreme court ruled the state constitution does protect abortion rights. a yes vote on the proposed amendment would have removed that right. this comes just weeks after the u.s. supreme court overturned roe v. wade. 5-2, dodgers in the ninth. got him. they've done it. >> and some sad news this morning, legendary baseball announcer vin scully passed away
5:30 am
overnight. he spent over 60 years as the voice of dodgers broadcasts. he started his career with the team in the 1950s, when he left the yankees to join the brooklyn dodgers franchise. he was 94 years old. let's get a check on our weather and traffic, starting with a look outside, and a little foggy out there this morning, darren. >> yes, it's back. >> it's back. it's been here. eight been hanging around. >> well yesterday afternoon we got a nice break, three or four hours, there was not a cloud. it was gone. >> nice. >> as soon as the sun went down, it came back to greet us this morning. >> creeps back in. >> creeps, that's why they named it karl. they took it from a movie. there was this creature named karl in the movie that would come in and eat up the town. >> how do you know? >> you got to know the history behind karl the fog. let's get into the forecast. the view from the camera we have that sits on treasure island. there are the clouds that amanda was talking about. it's going to be around through
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much of the morning today. it will melt back by late morning. most of us will get sunshine unless you're right at the coast or right through the immediate bay, where it's going to stay pretty cloudy. low 60s for most of us. san jose at 62. it's 59 in oakland. 64 in concord, and as we take a look at daytime highs today, let's just get everybody in here in one snapshot, because i just want to give you the brief overview on that for now. it's low to mid-90s if you're inland. 92 concord. 91 livermore. we'll go to 83 in vallejo. we'll see temperatures around 80 in fremont and 88 in santa rosa. interesting pattern still at play here, watch what happens when we take a look at the big picture, as the futurecast plays us ahead into the afternoon, a line of green shows up there over the sierra. those are thunderstorms, but that's as far as they're coming. watch it happen again on thursday. same pattern, line of thunderstorms shows up over the sierra and as we watch it on friday we can trace where they're coming from.
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we could have done that the whole time. they're coming from the desert southwest and that monsoon is still trying to throw the possibility for thunderstorms into the state but the sierra is kind of like the barrier, doesn't get any farther than that. it's not like on monday where it was able to throw the showers far enough our way. we'll feel some of the humidity from that. it's not like we're dealing with much in the way of an actual thunderstorm threat and instead we just have a quiet looking seven chb day forecast. we'll stay in the low to mid 80s for san jose for the next seven days and for the microclimates, these are actually your warmest days, yesterday, today, tomorrow, we'll keep a lot of low to mid-90s around through thursday but by the time we get into the weekend, we will start cooling back down a bit. it will be low to mid 80s for daytime highs for most of those warmest inland locations. that's where the forecast ends for now. gianna, over to you. >> let's look at the roadways right now. i'm keeping an eye on the bay bridge. i don't know if you can see it off to the side of the barriers that separate the lanes there. looks like there was some damage
5:33 am
done. there was a truck there doing some work on that. doesn't look like it's affecting the roadways or traffic. i'll keep an eye on that. we are seeing a few more cars backing up there. we don't typically see that this time of the morning. likely the truck is ahead of the live shot. we'll see if that slows things down or the metering lights get turned on a little earlier than earlier. traffic elsewhere, the rest of our bay area areas are fairly quiet overall. although the golden gate is foggy. it's back and forth. limited visibility could be an issue. we haven't had an official word from chp of an advisory but heads up 101 out of marin headed into the city spree yacht golden gate and the usual stuff headed into the altamont pass this morning. a few brake lights working your way from tracy getting onto 580 itself and updated travel time now sitting at 46 minutes as you work your way from 205 towards the dublin interchange. the supercommuter routes getting a little bit busy this morning. we're keeping an eye on breaking news we brought you at the top of the hour. a live look in berkeley where
5:34 am
dozens of police officers and cleanup crews are at people's park. you see the video, a lot of people out there. this is where the city is forcing out the unhoused community. the group defend people's parks say police have been throwing away people's items, towing cars near the park, even blocking sop surrounding streets. you can bet we'll keep an eye on following this one. house speaker nancy pelosi's short trip to taiwan is over. when she arrived, pelosi received a warm welcome from government officials there, including the nation's president. her intent was to make it clear that u.s. honors taiwan's democracy. the trip angered china which considers taiwan part of its one nation vision. cbs' trinity chavez was the latest from new york. >> reporter: taiwan welcomed house speaker nancy pelosi defying threats from china she's the highest-ranking american official to visit taiwan in i quarter of a century, while
5:35 am
receiving an honor from taiwan's president she recognized the commitment to taiwan. >> 43 years ago with the taiwans act america made a bedrock promise to always stand with taiwan. they will not stand in the way of people coming to taiwan. it's a show of friendship, of support. >> reporter: china considers visits by foreign officials as a sign of recognition of taiwan's sovereignty, which china challenges. across the narrow taiwan strait, china responded, announcing new military drills and warned the u.s. would pay the price for undermining china's interests. >> we don't want to see this spiral into any kind of a crisis or conflict. again, we would say there's no reason to. >> reporter: for pelosi making waves with china is nothing new. in 1991, and before she departs
5:36 am
taiwan she's expected to meet with human rights leaders which would wrangle china. >> an capitol hill senators are considering legislation to strengthen taiwan's defense. the act which has bipartisan support is expected to be discussed in a committee meeting that would promote the security of taiwan, ensure stability and deter the people's public aggression against taiwan. happening today, while pelosi is overseas her husband, paul, is set to be arraigned in a napa county courtroom facing misdemeanor drunk driving charges. you may remember in may, paul pelosi was taken into dust at this after he allegedly drove his porsche into the path of an oncoming jeep? yountville. the district attorney says paul pelosi's blood alcohol level was 0.82, just above the legal limit. a live look at san francisco where more than 10,000 fresh
5:37 am
doses of monkeypox vaccine are on the way but the state can't say yet when they'll arrive. san francisco says it needs about 70,000 doses to get ahead of this outbreak. its walk-in clinic at sf general will reopen at 8:00 this morning and not just the vaccine lines that are long, so are the waits for testingpersonally, it took two weeks to get my test results and that was something very, very frustrating. >> you need more vaccines to start with >> we are tracking shipments of monkeypox vaccines headed to california and we'll have testing 2346gsinformat on e next few hlde h. credit claorwstlinge exple siskiyou county. sti u and of iles per ur the fast-moving fire has killed
5:38 am
two more people to tell you about this morning. those victims were found in separate homes near the clamuth river bringing the death toll to four since friday. the flames have burned more than 100 buildings across nearly 90 square miles and this morning, thousands still remain evacuated. meantime, yosemite's famed mariposa grove is set to reopen today after the washburn fire shut it down for almost a month. the park's 500 giant sequoias all survived the flames, after fire crews used sprinkler systems and protective foil to shield the trees, they'd also done decades of work in the grove to protect it from a situation like this. nearly 5,000 acres from that fire totally contained now for the most part. now to the drought emergency, we've seen a little bit of a monsoonal moisture push across the bay but it hasn't done a thing to help with drought conditions. you can see from the map that the majority of the bay area is still in severe drought with some points hitting extreme,
5:39 am
that's the color shades on there with the key on the right. meantime, water conservation, that's up across the strait -- the state. good news there. in june, water was used -- water usage dropped by 7.6% compared to june of 2020. but this falls short of the 15% cutbacks that the governor is politely requesting and here in the bay area, rohnert park saved the most water out of everybody with a more than 24% reduction, followed by hayward with a 22% reduction. from berkeley to the south bay, bay area, oh that's not my story so i'll get there. >> happy to see that water level is looking better for everybody. from berkeley to the south bay, bay area police came together with the public to build bridges and trust during national night out. the event is a chance for communities across the country to come together and also talk with local police.
5:40 am
one of the largest events in oakland was held at lucky 3-7 restaurant and owner jun anabo was shot and killed in front-runner of his 11-year-old son may 18th. the event was organized by his cousin and business owner who said they planned the annual block party together since 2013. >> i got to keep spread the mes message, spread the love, get the community out here. >> seeing the community together, that's what's most important is like coming out and just supporting. >> so far, oakland police have not made any arrests in jun's murder. to santa clara county, there's now a new lifeline for those in mental crisis. we got an inside look at the brand new 988 call center, the 4-he 24-hour hotline is for substance abuse and suicide prevention
5:41 am
service, the pandemic has amplified the need for mental health services and the three-digit number 988 means it will be faster and easier to find. >> the thing i would just say that's exciting about 988 is that i think it gives us an opportunity, those counties on the ground have this h these call centers and opportunity to integrate them and respond to people more quickly and with more specificity about their needs. >> the santa clara crisis line has ten staff and 35 trained volunteers who undergo 80 hours of training. the county also has its own unique mobile crisis response team that can provide in-person support to those in need. gianna, a great addition that we just got. >> yes, most definitely. that will help a lot of people. we are counting down to kickoff of 49er preseason football. the niners taking on the packers levi's august 12th, watch it here on kpix 5. all the talk lately has been
5:42 am
about the offense. the defense is a force to be reckoned with as well. charlie walter shows us why in this morning's "red & gold report." 1 >> reporter: if the term red shirt rookie would be in the nfl, that's what trey lance would be considered. the 22-year-old has little experience but he has nick bosa and that side of the ball to alleviate the pressure to be perfect. bosa told him to not make any mistakes and the defense will take care of the rest. should be one of the best units in the nfl, cornerbackward was signed this offseason to improve the second tear. kyle shanahan praised that particular group and no praise needed for fred warner. he leads the lein backing group, simply put, the defense is loaded and they are ready to start hitting. >> yeah, everybody's on edge, because everybody knows how great we can be. >> we go against the best defense in the league every day.
5:43 am
>> they carried us to the nfc championship last year so it's the same defense, just got a little bet per. >> the super bowl's a long way away but it's definitely the expectation. >> with the "red & gold report," i'm charlie walter. . >> we're posting all of the stories out of training camp on the special 49ers section on and nominate your choice of the superfan of the week. he's right, super bowl is a long way away. >> superfan. >> i'm excited for the season. >> when is it? >> preseason starts next week, friday. and you can catch it here on pix. >> football season, football food. >> let's go. >> that's what you're excited about. >> don't forget the drinks. >> and the beer. >> anybody playing fantasy football? just say yes. >> yes. >> i'm good. >> we're in unionson. as the country learns to
5:44 am
live with the coronavirus, hotels are impacted from guest stays to staffing shortages and
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it is 5:46 on this wednesday, and today's "moneywatch," equifax fixed a
5:47 am
coding in credit scores. they saw a difference of 20 points that could change a lot of things. in rare cases someone with no credit score jumped to 700s and someone with high scores had no score at all. some borrowers were rejected for a loan. they were sent to jpmorgan and wells fargo last spring. encouraging news from the department of health and human services. the number of americans without health insurance coverage fell to an all-time low this year hitting 8%. the department credits the emergency coronavirus bill pass bid congress last year for the drop. the billowered out-of-pocket costs and premiums pushing more people to sign up. darren, how do we look outside? >> sun came up at 6:15 this morning and a lot of people never knew there or won't know that because the clouds are blocking our view. as we look at the view, that's
5:48 am
the scene. so sun's coming up in 30 minutes and we're watching a real show above the valley. san jose is there and mt. diablo in the distance. you have a few clouds overhead but we're not looking at any of the low stratus filling in. that's toward pittsburg and antioch and you can look out into the sacramento valley. it's beautiful out there. that's the scene in the heart of the bay, where it's gray. marine layer's filled in much of the bay from the city all the way down to san jose, as we saw and that's what we've been doing for the last month at least. clouds will melt back to the beach and the golden gate today. you'll get plenty of sunshine as we get into the afternoon today for just about all of us, except for the higher clouds and it's still going to feel a bit humid out there today. no thunderstorms from this, but the humidity is still around enough that it's going to feel a little different like it has for
5:49 am
the last few days. that goes away friday. daytime highs in the mid 80s in the south bay. 86 for campbell. numbers in pleasant hill to 92. livermore 91. 86 in san ramon today. east bay shoreline will be mid-70s. it will be mid 80s for those inland valleys in marin. upper 80s through napa, and sonoma county and you see temperatures around 100 here once you get up into mendocino and lake county. seven-day forecast shows our warmest days. we'll cool down a bit. you don't see it so much more san francisco, oakland or san jose. you may not change at all but you notice a cooldown in the inland valleys from the mid-90s today to the mid 80s next week. back over to you. let's look at the roadways getting ready to make that ride over at the bay bridge. doesn't look too slow here at the toll plaza but they turn the metering lights on as expected right around 5:30 so a little earlier than usual. that's likely due to the dividers that are broken. there was a truck fixing that area. heads up, you might see slower
5:50 am
than usual speeds as you pass the toll plaza or approaching it as i do roadwork. it's the usual stuff as you head over into san francisco for the morning commute. most of our bridges are pretty quiet. we aren't seeing any brake lights or delays at the going going but the fog hovering over the span so it's looking a little murky. keep that in mind as you make your ride this morning. our other slow spot 205 out of tracy about 46 minutes for your travel time from that connector towards the dublin interchange. i get reports of a trouble spot in the south bay that will affect your ride along 101, a crash reported near oakland road. four cars involved and possible injuries. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge where traffic is moving nicely at the limit there so no delays in that area. >> we love a nice commute. hote are seeing g but they argo b busin nghe wkeryl henry reports.
5:51 am
>> reporter: as travelers continue to hit the road for summer vacations, those working in hotels are adjusting to the rising demand. >> it's a little bit interesting in that there's been a shift in the type of business. >> reporter: he runs the j.w. marriott a few blocks from the white house. during the worst days of the pandemic, guests filled only 5% of the rooms, forcing him to furlough and even lay off a chunk of his staff. now that guests are filling the rooms again, they have different priorities. >> i think what we're finding now is even your business travelers are blending their business travel with a little leisure travel and so they're staying an extra night on either end. >> reporter: not every hotel is adjusting to the changing market. the u.s. travel association says the broader leisure and hospitality sector is still down 1.3 million jobs compared to before the pandemic. where is the biggest void? >> it was equal across the board between housekeeping, which continues to be a challenge and
5:52 am
always was, but even front desk, in the summer and in the hot resort locations, you know, pool staffing and outdoor roles can be hard to fill. >> reporter: experts fear the lack of staff could impact the quality of a guest's stay so many hotels are boosting wages and benefits to attract more workers. >> the reality is, if we were back to pre-pandemic numbers of the experience tied to staying in the hotels would not be the same as it was for 2019 for anyone that was traveling simply because hotels don't have the workers. >> reporter: but agriwal says he's building back his staff. >> we probably have over 20 jobs post right now. >> reporter: he's optimistic the industry as whole will remain resilient and bounce back stronger. skyler henry, cbs news, waon time is 5:52. still ahead, a story of someone trying to make a difference. how a cyclist completed a
5:53 am
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did you say yes? the new xfinity supersonic bundle. it's kind of a big deal. the camera on top of sutro tower, low clouds below filling moe of the interior bay and high clouds above. if you're inland you see high clouds. in the bay you have a layer cake right now. most of us are not seeing
5:56 am
sunrise when it happens at 6:15 but we'll be watching it here and have our cameras on it and share the glory with you. seven-day forecast quick, no real changes here from today. so the only thing that will change is we'll reduce some of the humidity, no other big shifts than that. gianna, over to you. >> sounds good, darren. a special cross-country journey on an ebike ended in san francisco. dr. gregory mossen started his trek in washington, d.c., april 2nd. he traveled along the historic lincoln highway transcontinental route before ending tuesday at chrissy field. the goal was to raise money for peripheral neuropathy research. he raised more than $150,000. in celebration of his accomplishment, mayor london breed declared tuesday gregory mossen and peripheral kneneuropy awareness day in san francisco. congratulations. what a good cause. chaos at a san francisco
5:57 am
school board meeting, the heated moments last night after a commissioner's comments on race. a controversial trip overseas
5:58 am
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a once-daily pill that goes beyond lowering a1c? on it with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. right now on kpix 5 news at 6:00, breaking this morning, people's park being cleared as we speak. this is a live. ic picture from there. the opposition to what's happening right now in berkeley. plus -- >> that's the problem! >> racist! >> chaos at a san francisco school board meeting. the heated comments from the public after a commissioner's remarks on race. they will not stand in the way of people coming to taiwan. >> house speaker nancy pelosi's trip to asia causing quite the controversy this morning. how china is reacting to her visit to taiwan. and in this morning's first aloert forecast we're not forecasting thunderstorms anymore but it's still humid out


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