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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  August 3, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area , protesters clash with police over changes to people's park in berkeley. good afternoon. i am amanda starrantino. this comes as the housing plan is moving forward. chopper 5 is over the scene now . clashes intensified. 30 minutes ago you could see police and protesters shouting and dozens of police officers showed up to the park to clear out the park. it comes after a judge green clipped the city plan to force
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out the and housed community practice a police have been throwing away items and stopping the surrounding streets. >> it is really bad. it was not bad before but now it is really bad. >> other neighbors safety barricades kept them from going to work. some in the community are expressing concern for anyone who is living at the park. we asked the university. they said, quote, when work begins this morning there was two or three on housed people in the park, each of which had been offered shelter. it is an offer that remains available for all who want it. san francisco district attorney brooke jenkins is slamming the former approach and there was not any fentanyl convictions under chesa boudin.
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her office will also seek enhancements kpix found selling fentanyl within 1000 feet of a school. >> we cannot stand by while these neighborhoods continue to suffer. we cannot continue to stand by while people continue to die in our streets. >> district attorney brooke jenkins said the goal is to disrupt the system allowing dealers to continue to sell fentanyl on the streets. now to the developing response to the monkeypox outbreak. the walk-in clinic will be closed tomorrow. the city is expecting 10,000 vaccine doses.
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cases are doubling every week. california is one of three states that has declared a state of emergency in response. >> reporter: in los angeles people lined up for the monkeypox vaccine. the outbreak continues to grow . so far there's been 6300 reported cases. >> they are pretty much like boils. >> reporter: he got infected from anonymous hookup. >> i had 20 various sites within a matter of days. >> reporter: it is spread through close contact. >> it is also very limited in many ways to who is getting infected. it is a very small group that is getting infected with this. >> reporter: the virus is
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primarily transmitted sexually but not always. >> if you do have contaminated towels or even physical contact . >> reporter: new york is one of three states along with california and illinois that has declared a state of emergency. >> reporter: the biden administration is distributing the vaccine, but demand is greater than supply. >> sometimes they are turned away. >> reporter: symptoms include a fever and body aches . michael george, cbs news, new york. they are battling the mckinney fire in northern california. hot weather is on the way. for check people have been
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killed in this fire. it is still 0% contained. now to the drought emergency. we are bringing in first alert meteorologist darren peck that we have seen moisture, but it hasn't done much to help drought conditions. >> the majority of the bay area is in severe drought if we are looking at it compared to last week, there really is not a lot of change. we will have the official report then. it is slightly better than the last few months water conservation is up across the state. this still falls short of the cutbacks that the governor is requesting. in the bay area, rohnert park saved the most water. this is followed by hayward
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with a 22% drop. liquid tried to move in over sonoma county 2.5 hours ago. it is light rain. >> reporter: in the rain gauge, and we cannot find anything that fell in a location. if we look at the futurecast, i know that we have had some excitement over the past couple of days with hit and miss rain. it doesn't really look likely to continue today. in the sierra we will see this and at home we expect a relatively quiet day. you can see the marine layer will stay at the coast most of the day. i will show you what this means tomorrow coming up in a bit. back to you. a team of scientists say we need to be ready for the worst
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if we lose the fight against climate change. ian lee with their warning . >> reporter: the effect of climate change can be seen all around from raging wildfires and catastrophic flooding but the conversation has been how to prevent it from getting worse. >> no nation is immune. >> reporter: a team of experts led by cambridge university said we should be prepared for failure. >> right now we are being naive to not look at the worst-case scenario at all. >> reporter: researchers warn about the four horsemen of the weather end game and are asking world leaders to investigate possible outcomes from a loss of 10% of the population and eventual human extinction
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>> it is about understanding. >> reporter: a worst-case they say we should be ready for if all else fails. ian lee, cbs news, london. paul pelosi was in court this morning and pled not guilty to dui charges. he allegedly drove his porsche into the path of an oncoming jeep and injured a man . the napa county district attorney expressed her frustration with the amount of inappropriate calls they are getting. >> i find it disruptive. i've been receiving thousands of phone calls and emails. these are the most dedicated public servants in napa county
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and they are being treated in a way that is beneath them. >> paul pelosi is not held in custody and is due back in court august 23 . using the pinch at the pump. increasing production. will it be enough? if you have an outstanding traffic ticket, there is no
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the oil exporting countries have agreed to an increase in output next month amid fears of a global recession. opec said they will increase production. this was the first meeting of opec since president biden visited saudi arabia last month and urged the country to pump more. the increase experts warn will do little to ease prices at the pump. this comes while gas prices have been falling steadily for months. a gallon in california is $5.49. in the bay area it is $5.79 pegula's average is silano $5.49 . let's take a look at the dow jones. it is up 447 points . any state law has changed
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how much the court can collect in fees for traffic tickets. it just took effect last month. kpix 5's john ramos reports. >> reporter: premise people to get a traffic ticket is an annoying expense. for those in poverty, it can follow them the rest of their life. back when selena silva was 18 years old she was cut with an open container in her car and did not have the money to pay the fine. >> i do not pay much attention to it but it has really piled up thousands of dollars. >> reporter: the single mother and caregiver owes about $8000 to the court from late charges. for example, they are added to a $35 fine for running a stop sign and can increase the cost up to $538.50 silver its attorney said california has
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some of the highest court fees in the nation imposed to raise funds for the court system expect their raising $100 million a year for the court and they were raising this from lower income in california. he is part of a group fighting the fees in sacramento last week this went into effect, canceling all back debt for civil assistance and lowers future assignments to $100. county courts will not be tempted to impose fees just to raise revenue. >> we estimate the debt relief will resume in the discharge of $500 million for more than 1 million in california. >> reporter: this is good news from selena if she only knew about it . >> do you know the situation?
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>> i do not. >> reporter: did you know you do not have any debt right now ? >> nobody told me that. >> reporter: some courts continue to collect the civil assessment fees when they are paid. any debt payments made after july 1 should be refunded. people like selena should have a chance to put it in the rearview mirror . let's get on over to first alert meteorologist darren peck for a look at the forecast. >> it is looking clear for most of us that we have a great vantage point. this is really up above mountain view and san jose we are looking straight up the peninsula right now. you can
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see a little bit of the marine layer streaming in and underneath it. everybody has sunshine except those along the coast. was more sunshine today, temperatures are going to be just as warm as they were yesterday. it will be easy for at this point in concord and let's take a look at how this is playing out . it is a beautiful display of clouds. the marine layer snakes right in through the golden gate. it is beautiful. here is what this all means for your daytime highs today. it is mid-80s in the south bay and numbers for the inland valleys for the east bay will be in the 90s. on the east bay shoreline it is the mid-70s.
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it is the upper 80s in sonoma and napa and into lake county we are still dealing with the 100s. we are insulated in the bay. keeping the temperatures well behaved you just go far enough inland and you lose . if we are concerned about smoke, we are doing okay. we do not see smoke or thunderstorms, you are way. for the next three days as long as this pattern holds, we will have a chance to still feel the humidity but just not any actual rain. it will stay humid through about friday. once we get past friday, we will clear out the
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humidity in time for the weekend. the temperatures will come down, and we will also bring the humidity levels down after that. >> thank you so much, darren. retirement was just the start of a new calling for the unlikely duo in pleasanton . we will introduce you to the fix it guys. join us at 7:00 on weekdays for
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a retired salesman and nuclear physicist seem like an unlikely duo. at eight pleasanton retirement home says, they are known as the fix it guys. andria borba reports they can fix anything . >> reporter: the first rule is to clean up your sawdust . of the 79,000 residents only two are known as the fix it guys.
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rick labech and bill weyer. when they moved in he needed a hobby and fast expect after twiddling my thumbs for a few weeks i said i have to do me>> himself in the wood shop and they carved out a niche as the fix it guys . >> furniture pieces, broken lamps, all kinds of crazy things come into this shop. we have built a reputation with the residents. if it is broken, bring it to the shop they will fix anything. one of them was dentures.
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no joke. what do you need? he pulls out his upper palate and said my dentist has not been able to fix this tooth. >> reporter: the work of serving as a secondary priority to comradary. >> without this, i do not know what i would've done. >> we can fix anything in this shop except a broken heart. they are hurt to fix. >> reporter: andria borba , kpix 5 . a san francisco stable celebrate his good large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written prop 27, to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless. but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever.
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today president biden is taking action on abortion rights and what a new order will mean for healthcare providers we will have more at 3:00. we will check in one last time with first alert meteorologist darren peck. >> in oakland and san jose , the temperatures tell you most of the story. the humidity is the one thing we can assure you on the seven- day forecast. is will be around probably into friday. the pattern will have shifted enough that we will not be dealing with the same kind of humidity saturday.
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>> thank you so much, darren. a san francisco company is celebrating 60 years of making fortune cookies. it is a celebration on friday with a fireworks show. the business has been located in chinatown the entire time they have been running. they have made 300 million cookies during that time. i have had plenty of them. >> a lot of us have. it is such a great part of the city. >> that is it for "kpix 5 news at 12:00 p.m." we are on
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