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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  August 3, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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no description has been released to us. police are warning people to stay away from the area. more information as we get it. now to a developing story in the east bay. chopper 5 live over uc berkeley where a rally is set to guinea minute. a group of protesters will march from sproul plaza. ey want to block a long planned project. police made multiple arrests this morning. chopper 5 over the scene earlier showing the moment police and demonstrators squared off. fences were set up as construction was set to begin this morning. >> and police actually got out to the park before the sun came up to clear out unhoused people from the areas that crews could begin their construction. some people, though, refused to leave. the university has fought for years to turn the park on campus into new housing. but max darrow says day one of the construction project did not go as planned. >> reporter: fences were up all around people's park as the day started as construction was set to begin on this new housing
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project. but after a protest that consumed the day, most of the fences ended up on the ground like this. protesters took over people's park in berkeley on wednesday and put construction of the new student housing project on hold, for the day, at least. >> we're not going the stand and let something so culturally significant be taken away from us. >> reporter: last week a judge ruled they could move forward that would provide housing for 1100 students and low income residents. >> students thrive when they can live close to campus. and for too long, too many of our students have had to live distant from campus or in inadequate and extremely expensive housing in the city of berkeley. two years from now we'll be looking forward to students moving into the dorms here. the park -- 60% of the park will remain as open green space. >> reporter: but protester says people's park is not the place for the housing project. >> i know berkeley needs housing. but not here. this is the most densely
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populated part of town already, as someone who lives two blocks away. >> you can't agree to disagree on things. there are a lot of people who agree with me. if we have enough people come forward and show our appreciation for the land, the culture that berkeley is rooted in, i think that's a big first step. >> reporter: throughout the course of the afternoon, more and more people's park supporters showed up, some of them climbing trees like this guy up here. people tell us they'll be out here as long as they need to be. a large law enforcement presence was on hand for day one of construction. tensions between police and protesters rose throughout the day. multiple people were arrested, and some protesters destroyed construction materials. and broke down fences that were put up around the park. after several hours, the university paused the project for day, at least. out of a concern for the construction workers' safety. a cal spokesperson says they will assess the situation to figure out the best way forward with construction in the coming
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days. in berkeley, max darrow, kpix 5. >> so while all that was happening, the legal battle continues. one of the group's protesting the housing say they plan to appeal the judge's ruling. they're hoping for a stay to prevent the university from moving forward with that construction. and taking you back to the kpix 5 archives, people's park was the focus of student protests during the free speech movement back in the '60s. it was also the scene of deadly police shooting when police moved in to clear the park in 1969. more recently, it had become a haven for unhoused people. also this evening, a staffing crisis as a new school year is about to begin. right now several bay area schools desperately need to hire more teachers. kpix 5's andria borba has more on what many districts are doing to entice new applicants. >> reporter: the chairs are empty, and so are the basketball courts. but in weeks, if not near days, school will be back in session. the question for many districts is will there be enough teachers. >> we are super committed to a
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teacher being in every classroom on the first day. >> reporter: school starts at san francisco unified school district in two weeks, and the district is short 123 teachers. >> it's difficult for a lot of us, the public school districts. and we have the added difficulty in san francisco of our cost of housing. hard for teachers. it's hard for new teachers to live in san francisco for early career teachers. >> reporter: it's not just sfusd, but across the bay area, state, and nation, the teacher shortage is hitting hard. ads are promising pay raises and a stable career. ads even say a teaching credential is not necessary. >> we can do an emergency permanent, emergency credential for a person who has a bachelors three degree, bachelor's of arts and a certain number of credits related to whatever it is they're going to teach. so it's actually possible for somebody who doesn't have a teaching credential but has an interest in being an educator right now to come and try it out. >> reporter: but still hundreds, if not thousands of vacancies
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persist. 23-year veteran bay area english teacher john carrey says the chief factor for teachers stepping away from students and classrooms is money, particularly in the very spiff bay area. >> we had an amazing teacher who went back to school to become a lawyer because in both cases, i just can't see myself doing this for this amount of money. >> reporter: it's not just being underpaid, but two years of teaching in a pandemic has driven teachers out education. >> there is the financial aspect of the teacher shortage, but there is also the teacher aspect of the teacher shortage. it's a very different ball game right now. i like to tell people if it had been my first year of teaching that we were teaching on zoom, then i wouldn't have had a second year. >> reporter: so nowadays away from the opening school in oakland, fremont, san francisco and beyond, the plea is identical. >> we want you now. we need you now.
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>> reporter: now sfusd is not unaware of the timeline. they're looking to possibly combine some classrooms, and potentially redeploy districts with credentials back to classrooms to make sure there are enough educators. >> and dri know they need a lotf people, but is one type of teacher more in demand? >> no, it is comprehensive across the board. they need middle school, elementary school. at sfusd, there are some specialized positions they're looking to fill like a teacher who is bilateral in tagalog. but there is also a need for math teacher. >> thanks, reporting live in the newsroom. richmond police release graphic video of an alleged beating of a suspect by one of their own. the police chief fired eric smith jr. yesterday. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us now with the new video and the next step in the case. >> it's now going to go to criminal court. the district attorney is charging this officer with felony assault with a deadly
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weapon. and a warning, the body cam video we're about to show you is definitely difficult to watch. the incident happening back in april around 1:00 in the morning. officer smith tried to arrest 33-year-old saul mendoza jr. after police say he was seen speeding and smashing into other vehicles on san pablo avenue. after a brief chase, mendoza was hit 35 times with the officer's stun gun. here is a wider view. this is from surveillance video showing the continued beating. now after the incident, officer smith told his supervisors mendoza was resisting arrest. and today the police chief apologized to mendoza and the community for our officers' actions. >> officer smith's actions are unacceptable. his behavior deviated from our training and will not be tolerated. i expect more from our officers and hold our -- all members of
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our department accountable for violating our code of conduct, particularly in cases of excessive use of force. i know that the actions of this officer further erode the trust between law enforcement and the community. but i also know that this officer's actions are not representative of our department or our profession. >> now in addition to the felony assault charge, the officer is facing two enhancements on those criminal charges. one is being on duty while it happened, and the other is causing great bodily injury. sara? well, the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi is pleading not guilty to dui charges. paul pelosi was arrested in may after his porsche crashed with a jeep in yountville. the driver of the jeep was injured in that crash, and at the time, the chp said the 82-year-old was unsteady on his feet, and his speech was slurred. they say a test showed his blood alcohol level was 0.082. the high profile crash is causing some frustration for the
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napa county d.a. she says her officer is receiving many inappropriate calls. >> i think i find it disruptive in the office. i've been receiving thousands of phone calls and emails. staff have been told they're going hang from trees. and these are 80 of the most dedicated public servants in napa county. and they're being treated in a way that is beneath them. >> paul pelosi was not required to appear in court for his arraignment, but he is due in court on the 23rd. house speaker nancy pelosi is now in south korea as part of her asia tour. but there is new fallout from her visit to taiwan. before leaving the independent island, pelosi met with taiwan's president saying america's determination to preserve democracy in taiwan and beyond remains iron-clad. >> we want to always have freedom with security, and we're not backing away from that.
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>> the speaker's presence here in taiwan proves to boost public confidence in the strength of our democracy. >> the speaker made the trip despite threats of retaliation from china today, where china launched new militaryxeis around taiwan. president biden has signed a new executive order to protect abortion rights. it comes on the heels of a historic vote in kansas to keep the constitutional right to abortion. natalie brand has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: during the first meeting of the white house task force on reproductive health care, president biden touted a new executive order to support patients traveling out of state for care. >> i commit to the american people who are doing everything in our power to safeguard access to health care, including the right to choose that a woman had under roe v. wade. >> reporter: the executive order directs the secretary of health and human services to consider action to advance access to reproductive health care services, including through
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medicaid, improve research on maternal health outcomes, and ensure health providers comply with federal law, which could include technical assistance for doctors who may be confused in the wake of the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade as they navigate new state restrictions. the president has again urged congress to codify roe v. wade into federal law, pointing to tuesday's vote in kansas as an example of public sentiment towards abortion rights. crowds at this kansas election night party erupted into cheers after learning voters had rejected a measure to remove abortion rights from the state's constitution. >> this is a clear indication of where voters in kansas are on this issue. >> reporter: the group kansans for constitutional freedom claimed victory in the historically red state during the first real test of abortion rights on the ballot since roe was overturned. >> i wouldn't have voted that way if i was a kansas voter. this won't be the last vote they take on this. >> reporter: a similar one is on
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the ballot in kentucky. natalie brand, cbs news, capitol hill. still ahead on kpix 5, streaming on "cbs news bay area," covid, monkeypox, and now concerns about west nile virus in the south bay. the warning from one woman who says that she got very sick. and from fire to flooding, storms bringing new danger. people trying to escape california's largest wildfire. and the scientists who say it's too late to prevent climate change from getting worse. how they're getting ready for the end game. scattered thunderstorms developing once again today over the mountains of northern california. the bulk of the action has been over the high sierra. a lot of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes. nothing around the bay area today. we'll take a look to the weekend coming up in the first alert forecast.
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the demand general just
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20 minutes after oni morning. there are long lines for the vaccine at clinics from coast-to-coast. so far there have been more than 6300 reported cases across 48 states. the cdc says the virus has spread mostly through close intimate contact, and the number of new cases is doubling about every week. california, illinois, new york have all declared a state of emergency to fight the viral outbreak. new york senator kirsten gillibrand is calling for federal action to boost access to the vaccine. >> we need a lot more vaccines, and we need them fast. that's why this week i sent a letter to president biden urging him to invoke the defense production act. this will help ramp up the manufacturing of monkeypox vaccines and give manufacturers the resources they need to make these vaccines available to more people at a much more accelerated rate. >> the biden administration will distribute more than a million doses of the vaccine. san francisco now expecting 10,000 vaccine doses in its
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latest round, double what they got in the past. but there is still a shortage, and many people who want the shot may not be able to get one. some positive news on wall street today. stocks reversed a two-day slide thanks to good earning results and new economic data. the dow surged 416 points today. the nasdaq up 319 and the s&p gained about 64. the world's oil exporting countries have agreed to boost oil production, but only by a tiny amount. the group known as opec plus says it will increase production by less than 0.1 of 1% of global oil demand. that seems to be a snub of president biden who a couple of weeks ago visited saudi arabia urging the nation to take action to cool the markets. experts warn that will do little to ease prices at the pump. while still high, gas prices have been falling somewhat steadily. according to aaa, a gallon of regular gas in california costs
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around flood $5.56. solano is the lowest average at $5.49. three people in custody following a shooting that led to a pursuit in the east bay. chopper 5 over the aftermath in oakland. you see police presence in this neighborhood. this all started in union city. a man was shot in the leg near eighth and h street. a brief pursuit began between police and the suspects and ended in oakland. the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. now to the fire watch. much needed rain really helping firefighters battling the deadly mckinney fire in northern california. but now mud flow and flash flooding are posing a risk in some parts of six siskiyou county. big problem right in that area. crews from all over california have been fighting the fast-moving fire near the klamath national forest. the blaze has scorched more than 57,000 acres since it broke out
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on friday. it's not been contained yet. thousands living near the forest and along highway 96 have been forced to evacuate and fast. at least four people have died so far. a family member of one of the victims says her brother stayed behind to try to save the family home. >> to know that my brother refused to move. but he has always been a stubborn guy. so he did what he wanted to do. >> the family says the victim was an animal lover, and they think his dogs died beside him after the fire burned down that home. extreme weather events are ravaging the planet. now international scientists say need to start preparing for the worst. cbs' ian lee reports on what scientists are calling a climate end game. >> reporter: the affects of climate change can be seen all around, from raging wildfires to catastrophic flooding. so far, the conversation has primarily been how to prevent it from getting worse.
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>> half of humanity is in the danger zone from floods, droughts, extreme storms and wildfires. no nation is immune. >> reporter: but now a team of international experts led by cambridge university says we should be prepared for failure. >> right now i think we're being naive. we're not looking at the worst case scenarios at all really. >> reporter: researchers warn about what they call the four horsemen of the climate end game -- famine, extreme weather, conflict, and disease spread by insects. scientists are urging world leaders to investigate possible outcomes ranging from a loss of 10% of the global population to eventual human extinction. >> this area of study is not supposed to be disaster voyeurism. it's supposed to be understanding the worst case. >> reporter: a worst case climate scientists say we should be ready for if all else fails. ian lee, cbs news, london. >> okay, that package was mildly
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disturbing. >> depressing. >> yeah. >> not good. >> no. and it's one of the things we have to deal with the consequences as they come and try to mitigate how bad things get. but there is only so much you can do on an individual basis. >> not that the takeaway should be stop trying. it's just sobering. >> you have to hope for the best, prepare for the worst is kind of the approach that we're taking. >> and cross your fingers. >> why don't you cheer us up a little bit. >> let's talk about better news in the forecast as we head to the next couple of days. it still feels a little sticky for inland parts of the bay area. we are going to feel that mugginess decreasing by the end of the week. monsoonal clouds still passing through tomorrow. still maybe a noticeable level of humidity in the atmosphere. things are going to shift enough beginning on friday. then our temperatures are going to back down to exactly normal friday and all the way through the weekend and the humidity is also going to decrease. the amount of moisture in the atmosphere overhead is going to gradually decline friday and over the weekend. looking outside right now, you can see the tops of the
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thunderstorms over the sierra as we look out from dublin. temperatures inland are warm to even hot. it's 82 in san jose, but it's 92 in livermore. 95 in concord. temperatures around the bay much more reasonable for this time of year. and really, 90s is pretty reasonable for early august. 64 in san francisco. 70 right now in oakland. if you're heading out to the giants game this evening, game three in their four-game series against the dodgers. temperature at game time is about where we are right now. 63, 64 degrees. gradually cooling off as we head through the evening. tomorrow afternoon's game also looks pretty good. temperatures should top out in the 60s in the city once again. the fog is going to spread out as we head through tonight, spreading well into the inland valleys by early tomorrow morning. but it will back up out of those valleys quickly, and we'll see plenty of sunshine even around the bay as we head towards 10:00 in the morning. at the latest, it will take until lunchtime for the fog to back up towards the coast. plenty of sunshine the rest of the day. just a few of those passing monsoonal clouds. but in terms of any shower threat, that is going to avoid us tomorrow. it's still the mountains of
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northern california high sierra that have the best chance of any pop-up activity. temperatures tomorrow morning starting off with a mix of 50s and 60s. some inland spots staying a little above 60 degrees because of the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. that humid air, even with a touch of humidity. you'll end up with slightly above temperatures in the morning and the afternoon. near average temperatures continue around the bay. maybe a few degrees above normal for oakland. but closer to about 5 degrees above average for san jose and concord. let's zoom in for a closer look. in the mid-60s along the coast. mostly low to mid-80s down the peninsula and around the south end with mid- to upper 80s as you do farther inland in the santa clara valleys. some of the hot spots farther inland, reaching up to or above 90 degrees. the cool spots inland in the east bay are going to be in the upper 80s. around 89 degrees for san ramon and dublin. everybody else at least in the low 90s except near the water with temperatures far inland reaching up into the mid-90s. but again, in early august, that's not that hot. upper 60s in the city. a mix of upper 60s and low to mid-70s for oakland and the east bay with temperatures in the
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north bay. mostly topping out in the middle portion of the 80s, until you go farther north. temperatures will be significantly warmer every mile you head north, even topping 100 degrees near clearlake and ukiah tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are going turn to almost exactly average friday and just stay there as we head through the weekend and the first half of next week. tomorrow is the day where we're most likely to see some of those passing monsoonal clouds high up in the atmosphere. after that, just the usual back and forth of our marine stratus and fog. temperatures will back down for inland parts of the east bay from the 90s tomorrow back to near average through the middle of next week. take a look at tomorrow's hour-by-hour temperatures coming up at 5:30. >> really can't complain. >> oh, we'll find a way. >> feels good to hear your average. love that. >> especially after the climate end game story. >> i know. wow. all right. need a drink after that one. okay. still ahead, tourism bouncing back. paul is going to bring the beer. but can hotels handle all the demand that's happening now? how a worker shortage could
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impact your experience. and a major disappointment for superhero fans. why warner brothers killed the batgirl movie. also, don't forget to join us for a new 7:00 a.m. weekday forecast streaming on pluto tv channel 39 large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written prop 27, to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless. but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless.
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no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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with the belief a six-game suspension was not harsh enough, the nfl is appealing a judge's ruling on the punishment for deshaun watson. the cleveland browns quarterback returned to practice as the legal process deciding his fate keeps pushing forward. both the league and the players union previously turned to former judge sue robertson. and now the league pushes for at least a season-long suspension. sad news for d.c. fans. warner brothers has pulled the plug on batgirl. a superhero movie is no longer hitting hbo max later on this year. according to the production company, the budget for the
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movie starring leslie grace had grown from $5 million to $90 million. the company said grace is an incredibly talented actress, and the decision is not a reflection of her performance. shocked by the news, the directors of the film posted this statement on instagram that says in part, as directors, it is critical that our work be shown to audiences. and while the film was far from finished, we wished that fans all over the world would are the opportunity to see and embrace the final film themselves. well, there is yet another virus to be concerned about here in the bay area. just ahead, the santa clara county plan to get rid of mosquitos with the west nile virus. plus, a burned out boat on its way in pieces to the bay area. a major demolition on the sacramento river. and a fly ball to deep right, blanks to the track. it is gone! he has hit another one. >> and tributes pouring in to a legendary voice in baseball.
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for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. >> right now on kpix 5, streaming on "cbs news bay area," a burned out boat on its way to the bay area in pieces. the demolition on the sacramento river. and how baseball fans young and old are remembering the legendary voice of broad broadcaster vin


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