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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 5, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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for you i wish many things... to see all the world can be. but most of all... i wish you'll never stop wishing. . losing money every day, and for me, i'm at a point where, like, is it still worth it? >> new at 11:00, chinatown
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businesses pushing for more patrols. the crime that has store owners demanding action. what sparked a brush fire that came dangerously close to homes and businesses in contra costa county. a national emergency declared over monkeypox. bay area doctors weigh in on what it means, plus. >> we're here because we want to save the park. >> the fight over people's park continues. the move to stop construction. >> new at 11:00, a recent string of burglaries has businesses in chinatown at their wit's end. we met with one owner picking up the pieces once again. >> reporter: vandalism, burglary and thousands of dollars of damage. it would be a bad day for any business owner. >> we're losing money every day. for me, i'm at a point where like is it still worth it?
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>> reporter: early thursday morning her restaurant was burglarized, glass door smashed and two registered stolen. >> cops showed up about ten minutes later, and by then the damage has are will been done. >> reporter: she has a contractor on speed dial and keeps plywood in her restaurant because this is the third time this has happened in just one year. it's cost thousands of dollars in damage and lost business. >> this is the slowest day i've had in a while because people don't know i'm open. >> reporter: in fact, kpix interviewed her for the very same thing last june. and the thing spans chinatown. cash and ipads stolen, glass smashed. >> i couldn't believe this. why us? why do we have to, we pay our taxes. we pay everything. we have never broke a law. and this has happened. >> i don't think that people should be dining at establishments where it's all
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gated up. it shouldn't be like that. >> reporter: a lot of these business owners were very adamant, they want more police patrols in this neighborhood. this morning, we reached out to sfpd for more information. they told us they'd look into it and get back to us. in chinatown, sara donchey, pkpx 5. a vegetation fire likely started at a homeless encampment. it has been successfully contained. crews are still there watching for any hotspots. and around the same time a similar scene about 30 miles north in vacaville. near cherry and lion road. crui crews got that one under control, but they did have to deal with a small flare up about a half hour ago.
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california will soon receive more help to fight monkeypox. the biden administration declared a public health emergency. bay area officials have been pressure pressuring the feds to do more. the federal declaration should provide some of that help. >> i think it will help with the three ms. money, first of all. medicines. we have t-pox. i hope we have it under emergency use authorization instead of having to fill out all that paperwork. and the third m is meta data. we need these communities to talk to the cdc so we know what's going on. >> we're still seeing long lines at the vaccine outside san francisco general hospital, but today's clinic was canceled after the hospital ran out of doses late yesterday. but a different story in the south bay. today santa clara county announced it has received a new shipment of 2,000 doses.
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for the very latest updates on the monkeypox outbreak and a way to track vaccins headed into california head to the emotional fight over uc berkeley's people's park continues. a lawsuit was filed against cal uc berkeley to stop construction on a student housing project. katie nielsen explains, the city is still fighting to get those protesters out. >> reporter: there are still dozens of protesters here the a people's park, saying they are committed to staying here for as long as it takes to block the development. ♪ ♪ >> the muse ic is the heartbeat. >> reporter: they are providing food and medical supplies so protesters are able to stay as
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long as necessary. >> there's a different between political encampment and it's not because we don't have anywhere else to go. it's because people's park is our home. >> reporter: it started yesterday morning when construction equipment came in. the project would provide housing for students and low-income residents. but shortly after the construction started, so did the protesters, with clashes with police and knocking down equipment. the project had to be stopped temporarily because of safety risks, but they do still plan to move forward with construction. the question now is how and when to move the protesters from the park. >> what happens to people's park is going to effect the area around it. >> reporter: the mayor said he has since reconsidered on tear
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gas. >> they considered suspending the policy. i still believe that using tear gas in law enforcement situation is wrong, you know. these are weapons of war. >> reporter: since uc berkeley prohibits the universe tear gas, it limits bringing in additional officers to help will crowd control. >> some agencies will not respond if you're not allowed to use tear gas. >> reporter: the sheriff says it become as officer safety issue because their crowd control training includes tear gas. >> my agency would not be able to assist in crowd control if you're not going to allow us to use those tools. however, we would assist by providing transportation, booking. >> reporter: the university says it is still assessing options for how to deal with everything here at the park but emphasized the housing is still desperately needed. katie nielsen, kpix 5.
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live look from san francisco where a pair of lawsuits have been filed to keep laguna hospital open. they're suing to at least delay the closure until appeals are finished. the second suit is a class action suit filed on behalf of patients and families. among the plaintiffs is debra bauer. her son suffered a traumatic brain injury and has been there for 20 years. >> my son feels safe there. i don't want that taken away from him. i don't want it taken away from him or any other of the residents that i see and we wave to in the hallways. >> the federal government recently announced it would no longer fund patients at laguna honda over what they called sub standard care. the date foreclosure is september 13. it appears democrats have reached an agreement on a spending package aimed at boosting health care, fighting climate change and reducing the deficit with no republican support. the measure needs all 50
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democratic senators on board. arizona senator kyrsten sinema signaled her support for the bill tonight after democratic leaders agreed to scale back tax increases on the wealthy. if approved, the bill could head to president biden's desk for a signature as early as this weekend. our morning team will have all the very latest from washington tomorrow starting at 5:00 a.m. and still ahead tonight, a fiery crash all caught on camera. the investiga t wreck that left six people dead, in southern california. >> it was just a big explosion, and the flames like went over my whole car. the flames went over the car. and i felt my car was on fire. >> a south bay business owner is picking up the pieces after a fire tore through a popular restaurant. his plan to make sure his star isn't left in the lurch. and starting tomorrow, a part of a popular state park in san mateo county will shut down. the reason for the closure.
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tonight four people in critical condition after a lightning strike hit lafayette park steps away from the white house.
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cameras were rolling when that storm hit just before 7:00 p.m. all the injured were underneath a tree. tomorrow a judge will publicly release elon musk ales res response to backing out of the deal with twitter. twitter subpoenaed several of less-high-profile associates. business experts think twitter may be trying to determine his true motive for blowing off the deal he says they misled him on how many fake accounts were on the platform. a horrific crash in southern california under investigation. six people are dead, including a pregnant woman and baby. a reporter spoke to the witnesses about what happened. and we have to warn you, the video may be hard to watch. >> reporter: watch, about ten seconds after the light turned
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green the driver of a speeding mercedes benz zooms through her light. an eruption of flames as the five cars involved finally stopped moving. >> a crash and explosion, a big explosion. and the flames like went over my whole car. the flames went over the car, and i if tfelt my car was on fi. >> reporter: she was about to pump gas. >> i thought my whole fire was on car. everybody was screaming telling me to jump out. and i was trying to jump out. i was just scared. >> reporter: several people ran through the intersection to help. chp investigators say some of the victims were thrown from their cars. we sighted a child seat in the middle of the avenue. veronica says she tried to help the baby but couldn't. >> i seen metals and things flying in the air. i covered myself behind the pump. >> reporter: a handful of
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ambulance responded to help other people in the crash. two adults and six kids survived with minor injuries. >> it was all burning. it was all burning. two cars were burning. and then there was another car over there. a mercedes, and i think they rescued her. >> reporter: investigators tell me they did rescue the driver of the mercedes, the woman who drove her car through the red light causing the gruesome crash. in an instant, so much destruction, heartbreak and loss. >> that was rick mawn taun yez reporting. a beloved south bay restaurant is rising from the ashes after burning down last week. holder's country inn will relocate to a temporary location until it can be rebuilt at the original spot. the owner says the restaurant holds a lot of sentimental value to the community, and he also wants to make sure all of his
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employees keep receiving paychecks. many of them have worked therefore decades. >> all the employees here are like family. we definitely want to keep them. we want to take care of them. as soon as we find a new spot, we're going to go back in full force. >> the cause of this fire is still under investigation. disappointing news for campers in san mateo county. the campground facilities at pour tello state park will be closed for the rest of the season. it's all due to the drought and low water flows from peter's creek which is the primary water-source. it will be open during the day. and the sierra drone footage showing the muddy mess and road closures in alpine county. burn scars with the tamarack fire. they tried to prevent the flow before the storms hit. >> there was already work going on to mitigate damage in the event of a weather event, but
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unfortunately, this weather event occurred before all that work could be completed. >> and happening tomorrow, outside lands is returning to the city for a celebration of good music, beer and everything in between. >> nearly 100 artists are ready to take center stage at golden gate park. si sizza and post malone. you will have new neighbors. >> if are you traveling in the city, steer clear of the west side, the entire west side of the city. we have outside lands, stern grove. just walk, don't drive. take public transit. >> public transportation. >> yeah. >> don't park in my driveway. >> don't block her driveway. she will have you towed. >> i'm coming for you. >> she's on patrol! she's on patrol! >> i got my phone ready.
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>> i can see her walking back and forth on sunday just waiting with a baseball bat. come on. >> get you a little safety vest. >> she's going to have camouflage. she's waiting. >> just avoid liz's house. >> pretty comfortable the next several days. a mix of clouds and sunshine with the fog doing its back and forth thing. dress appropriately, bring layers if you're heading out there. right now the monsoonal moisture is in place. that's going to change in the next couple days. the a moisture will continue to increase. it was another active day in the high sierra today. numerous showers and thunderstorms. lot of cloud-to -ground lightning. the humidity around the bay area
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will be decreasing already, the drop in humidity will be more noticeable across the rest of the state as we head into the weekend. a lot less activity in the high sierra on saturday and hardly anything in the forecast for sunday. we can still see the buildings for the most part. temperatures are in the 60s. between 60 degrees in santa rosa and 67 in livermore and show. the fog is going to spread into the inland valleys but back up quickly. visibilities are going to be fine. prett pretty much unobstructed. a few clouds floating through. we'll start off in the upper 50s and low 60s in most locations tomorrow morning. highs tomorrow will be almost exactly average throughout the bay. farther inland, a mix. several degrees below normal inland in the east bay and north
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bay. low to mid-60s along the coast. upper 70s and low 80s around the peninsula and south end of the bay. and with the lower humidity level, it should feel pretty comfortably long. east base, low to mid-80s. far inland only hitting the upper 80s. upper 60s and low 70s for oakland and the east bay, and mostly 70s inland in the north bay. that's below normal for early august until you head further north. lake county still likely to get up to around or above 90 degrees. temperatures won't change much in san francisco over the next several days, same deal in oakland. a little cool down monday and tuesday next week. a little more cloud cover monday and tuesday but not much difference. temperatures warm back up by wednesday and thursday, but the warmest days in the extended forecast only put us up to around 90, inland and east bay.
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we can handle that summertime. nice night for tennis. naomi osaka and coco gauff. giants and athletics played this afternoon. plus the hall of fame game, football officially back for the raiders. see you on the other side. and here are tonight's guests on the late show
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i stand here today with a computer in my pocket, basically. all the technology in the world is in this device. this was the hottest tech in 1977. the apple computer. invented the same year the dodgers had lost swept a four-game series in san francisco. that was a good 45 years before this little one was alive. second inning. j.d. davis. two-run homer to right field for davis. his fifth of the season. kershaw left the game with back pain after four innings. top four. pitching change for mookie betts. that thing was served on a matter. that put l.a. on top for good. later in the game, garcia had words for the dodgers dugout.
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dave capler came out, and we've been waiting for that spark from capler, something that showed he was frustrated and wanted to rally these guys together. there he is. ejected for the first time as dodgers manager. they've won eight straight against the giants. shohei ohtani hit two of the seven home runs today. junk on the mound. tough name for a pitcher. a home tore right field. bottom nine. ohtani out with a tying run on base. first pitch he sees, does it have the distance? no. a.j. puck slams the door. a's win 8-7 to take two out of three in anaheim. oakland hosts the giants for pa two-game bay bridge series starting saturday. tennis continues in san jose. fourth matchup ever between women's tennis stars coco gauff
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and naomi osaka. it was osaka who had the edge. it looked like goff was going to cruise. won the first set. had a 5-1 lead in the second. osaka then fought off seven match points. how about the 112 miles per hour serve to win her third straight game. she's still alive. but the eighth time proved to be the charm for the 18-year-old. she is heading to the quarter finals. hall of fame game in canton. weather delayed kickoff between the raiders and jaguars. bryant young and the late cliff branch part of the 2022 hall in. look who played. nick mullins. he led the raiders down the field. ameer abdullah, kicking all over the place. vegas didn't need their stars in
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this one. preseason game number one ends up in a win. 49ers' season around corner. they host the green bay packers and aaron rodgers who, based on what we saw from the raiders tonight probably won't be playing in that game. >> he i'll be on the field.
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tonight, an old baseball card has sold for a record-setting price. >> yeah, this is the t-206 honnis wagner card. >> this one just sold for 7.25 million bucks.
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a record amount for any sports card. another copy of the card held the previous record at $6.6 million. >> oh. it was probably just sitting in someone's attic, or who knew where they found. >> $7 million. >> for a little card. >> for a little card. it could buy you a house in the bay area. maybe. maybe a condo. >> we'll be right back.
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all right, tomorrow it starts in the city. outside lands, stern grove. it's going to be very busy. all fun. >> don't park in front of her house! she'll get you. >> coming for you. thanks for watching, the late show with stephen colbert is next (contemporary music) - hi everyone, and welcome to the legal help center. this is where we have legal professionals standing by to answer your questions regarding personal injury. so if you've been injured in an accident that was not your fault, like a car accident, or a slip and fall,
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