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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  August 6, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

5:30 pm see you at 6:00. ♪ tonight working through the weekend. if to. >>? in indiana out of the hoosier state tamerica's first to approe a near total ban on abortion. new attacks in gaza and israel as tensions explode. in ukraine, risking nuclear disaster. >> i'm charlie d'agata in odesa, ukraine. fears and blame over fighting at europe's largest nuclear power plant. plus, wild weather, flash flooding strands hundreds in california's death valley as storms disrupt thousands of flights nationwide. the monkeypox threat.
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children at a day care in illinois. the latest to be potentially exposed. we will get answers from dr. david agus. truth or consequences. a jury tells alex jones there is a price to pay for his sandy hook lies. and later, wrestling with diversity. a chicago program beating the streets by creating champions on the mat. >> i'm making a difference because i made some impact on them. that makes it worth it. this is the "cbs weekend news." good evening. adriana diaz is off. i'm mark strassmann. tonight in washington the senate's working in a rare weekend session and has started to vote on a sfraulg climate and health care bill. it's a scaled down version of the democrat's build back better bill. passing it would continue a week of wins president biden has desperately needed. red hot jobs numbers, cooling
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grand prixs, kansas voting down abortion rights restrictions. natalie brand at the white house where there is also good news about the president's health. >> reporter: mark, the president has tested negative for covid following his rebound case. he is monitoring developments from here. senators are expected to pull in an all-nighter and could have this wrapped up by monday in what would be a major legislative victory for democrats. senators scrambled into a rare saturday session gearing up for a weekend of debate on democrats' breakthrough budget bill they say will lower energy and health care costs. >> this is an historic day. >> reporter: title d inflation reduction act and touted as the largest investment in climate in u.s. history, the bill would provide new incentives to invest in clean energy and separately aims to negotiate down the cost of prescription drus. >> this is one of the most comprehensive and far reaching pieces of legislation that has come before the congress in
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decades. >> reporter: democrats argue it would also reduce the fed deficit, raising revenue through tax provisions, including increased enforcement and a 15% minimum tax on large companies. >> democrats are misreading the american people's outrage for yet another reckless taxing and spending spree. >> reporter: the timing of this vote in the 50-50 senate three months ahead of high stakes midterm elections. >> i don't know how our democratic colleagues will explain this in november. >> if this moves forward, what does it mean for democrats and the president ahead of the midterms? >> sigh i see this as a hopeful. it shows whoever gets elected that your vote matters. >> there is also news from indiana. friday the state became the first in america to approve a near total ban on abortion since the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. how is the white house reacting?
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>> reporter: it should be a signal to americans to make their voices heard, believing abortion will be a driving issue for voters this fall. the president has also called on congress to codify roe, which has stalled in the senate. >> natalie, thanks. tonight the state department is urging both israelis and palestinians to cool it. tensions have exploded in the middle east. today israeli airstrikes targeted sites reportedly linked to militants in gaza. the palestinians say at least 24 people have been killed, some children. militants respond 30ed by firing rockets into israel, most of them intercepted by the iron dome defense system. now to the war in ukraine and worries of a new disaster following reports of shelling near europe's largest nuclear power plant. charlie d'agata is in the southern port city of odesa.
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>> reporter: smoke rises above the pylons at the zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. each side blaming the other for explosions that downed high-voltage power lines prompting engineers to shut down a reactor. the nuclear watchdog iaea warning of a very real risk of a nuclear disaster at europe's largest into nuclear power facility. seized by russia in march but kept run big ukrainian staff since, the ukrainian president accused russia of using the plant as a weapon. any shelling of this facility is an open brazen crime and an act of terror, he said. the clashes at the plant came as russian forces stepped up their offensive on front line cities like mykolaiv, which come under the worst shelling since the first of the war. this is all that's left of the regional government headquarters. this attack happened in the first few weeks of the war but
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t bombardment has continued as this city remains a major strategic target for the russian military. even the hospital has provided no sanctuary against the onslaught in a series of nightly bombings and indiscriminate shelling of civilian areas. ukrainian forces have struck back with high mar systems able to take out targets far behind russian front lines. as the russian ministry of defense released video showing combat from the intelligence chiefs warning that the russian military is almost certainly amassing this southeastern ukraine. concentrating forces and firepower for an all-out assault. charlie d'agata, cbs news, odesa, ukraine. today cuba issued a call for help after lightning sparked a massive fire at a fuel depot. look at that tower of flames. it happened 60 miles east of havana. several firefighters are
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missing. more than 70 people reported hurt. dangerous summer heat is spreading across the u.s. today boston baked, hitting a record 97 degrees. at least 82 million people are under heat alerts from the atlantic coast to midwest plains. the weather is also extreme in the west. jonathan vigliotti is in los angeles with more. >> reporter: one of the hottest and driest regions in america was hit by a rare monsoon. that triggered historic flash flooding in and around california' death valley national park. rescues after a thousand people were trapped inside. mudflows damaged some 60 cars. as of tonight, there were no reports of injuries. around an inch and a half of rain was dumped in one day. that's about 75% of the region's annual total. kentucky's appalachian mountains already struggling to recover from earlier flash flooding that
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left 37 dead are facing torrential rains again. president biden and the first lady will survey the damage on monday. the powerful storms in the northeast and midwest are disrupting flights nationwide delaying at least 3,000 flights and canceling more than 600. in arizona more than 20,000 lightning strikes have hit since thursday as the state braces for more blistering heat. and firefighters in washington state have saved a small town of lind after gaining control of the flames that destroyed at least six homes. and back here in california, the mckinney fire continues to burn near the oregon border. fire crews have made some progress, but there is a new threat. wind gusts could reach up to 30 miles per hour tomorrow. mark. >> jonathan vigliotti, thanks. fans of comeuppance hit the jackpot with the alex jones
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verdict. the conspiracy theorist has been ordered to pay nearly $50 million to single family. jones has repeatedly lied on his media platform that the sandy hook massacre was faked. the truth? 20 children and six adults were killed. here is michael george. >> question number three, 20 million. >> reporter: for the first time far-right conspiracy theorist alex jones is paying the price for his lies about the sandy hook school mesker. a texas jury ordered jones to pay $45 million in punitive damages and 4 million in compensatory damages to the parents of slain 6-year-old jesse lewis. he claimed the mass shooting was a hoax. the family's attorney says they will keep fighting to make sure jones pays. >> this house of cards is likely to come down. >> reporter: testifying under oath, jones finally admitted the m
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massacre happened. >> 100% real. >> reporter: he also claimed what he said was protected free speech. >> what i did to the families was wrong, but i didn't do it on purpose. >> reporter: the sandy hook parents say for them his speech had extraordinarily painful consequences. years of harassment and death threats. >> i can't even describe last nine and a half years of living hell that i and others have had to endure. >> reporter: jones still faces two other defamation trials brought by sandy hook parents. a texas law could dramatically reduce the millions of dollars the jury awarded the little boy's fam family. jones filed for bankruptcy protection and his attorneys say the show will go on. >> alex jones will be on the air today. he'll be on the air tomorrow. he'll be on the air next week. >> reporter: and if you are wondering if this verdict would deter jones from promoting other false conspiracy theories, this
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morning his website posted a new story claiming the left is promoting cannibalism. mark. >> michael george, thanks. now to the latest on the monkeypox outbreak which the white house this week called a public health emergency. the virus has been detected in all but two states. more than 7,000 cases confirmed across the u.s. cbs news medical contributor dr. david agus joins us from los angeles. doctor, thank you asles for joining us. the cdc says the vast majority of cases have involved men having sex with other men, but late friday night illinois officials reported that a day care worker tested positive and potentially exposed 50 kids. so the question i have, who really needs to be concerned here? >> so the dominant spread of this virus, almost all spread is from an open lesion touching somebody else's skin. so with sex there is a lot of skin touching skin, so that's why there is transmission there. it's not sexually transmitted by
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the classic definition. anybody who touches an open lesion is susceptible. it's rarely spread through surfaces or air. >> good news, i suppose, is that there is a vaccine for monkeypox. bad news, there is more need or even demand in some cases than supply. >> people born before 1973 in this country received a smallpox vaccine which covers this strain of monkeypox. so that's the good news. there is a monkeypox specific vaccine that is being distributed across the country. we have had significant difficulty get it to the country and getting it to where it's needed. certainly we need more supply. in addition, there is a drug that works well against monkeypox. part of the reason the federal government issued an emergency declaration is to enable them to accelerate it to get it approvals to get it out to the general public so we can use it. >> while we've got you. question about the other public health threat, covid. where i live in atlanta school has begun. we are hearing the cdc soon
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could begin relaxing certain covid restrictions, including social distancing and quarantining after a positive test. what advice do you give parents who are concerned? >> i agree with what the cdc is going to do. we have to learn to live with the virus. if you are higher risk or risk for complications or serious illness, get tested. we have a treatment, which is pa paxlovid. we can live with the virus and the children need to go back to school without restrictions. >> thanks. today an historic promotion in washington. lieutenant-general michael e. langl sworn in as a four-star general. he is the first black four star? the marine's history. starting monday he will command all u.s. military forces in africa. straight ahead on the "cbs weekend news," an out of this
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and i was remembering the details that i was supposed to. prevagen keeps my brain working right. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. today marks a decade of discovery for nasa's mars rover curiosity. after so many discoveries as cbs's michelle miller reports, the six-wheeled robot still has drive. >> touchdown confirmed. we are safe on mars. >> reporter: that was the scene ten years ago today in nasa's jet propulsion laboratory in california when the curiosity rover landed on the surface of mars. a 2,000 pound car-sized lab on wheels. it sent back incredible images and began a scientific exploration of the red planet. >> we are still making discoveries. >> reporter: john grant, a senior geologist at the air and
5:48 pm
space museum and a member of curiosity's science team. >> as a recover it went to mars with the lab equipment, with the cameras, with its instruments and really started probing into whether there were habitable are environments in the past on mars. and low and behole, we discovered fairly early on that in fact there were. >> lift-off of the atlas 5 with curiosity. >> reporter: curiosity was launched in space from cape c canaveral november 26, 2011. eight months, ten days and 100 million miles later it arrived. and three weeks later curiosity was sending back stunning images from the planet's surface. but it was also on the move. its seven-foot robot is designed to scoop up soil samples and drill into rocks, looking for the chemical building blocks of life. >> curiosity landing in the crater has found evidence of a
5:49 pm
past lake. that's a big deal and we know that the chemistry of that lake was such that if life had been there, it probably could have survived. that's another huge deal. >> reporter: the original mission was only slated to last two years, but it's been extended multiple times. and now curiosity has company. just last year nasa land the the next-generation rover perseverance, complete with the tiny flying drone. ultimately nasa hopes humans won't get just a remote view of the red planet but will see it for themselves. let's cut to the chase. how soon before we will see astronauts heading, landing on mars? >> gosh, i hope it's in something like ten years. but it wouldn't surprise me if it's quite bit more time than that. it's expensive proposition. >> reporter: and a dining rouse one? >> and a dangerous one. >> reporter: michelle miller, cbs news, new york. still ahead on the "cbs
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5:53 pm
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finally finally tonight, from illinois and one of the largest wrestling organizations. it's teaching student-athletes moves to succeed on the mat and in life. here's cbs's charlie de mar. >> reporter: ask most people about wrestling and they'll probably picture this. or maybe corn fed kids sweating in small town high school gyms. they probably don't picture kids like roy phelps. did you know anything about wrestling? >> no. i thought it was wwe. >> reporter: he is from chicago's south side. >> two of my best friends were killed due to gun violence. >> reporter: i can't imagine what that's like. >> yeah. >> reporter: where he lives wrestling has a bit of an image problem. >> there aren't that many black people or people of color. >> reporter: but everything changed when he found wrestling and beat the streets. >> i want to be better than i was at the beginning of the day.
5:57 pm
and i thought wrestling was the way to help get me there. >> reporter: the program uses one of the world's oldest sports to teach kids in underserved communities skills on and off the mat. she took her first plane ride here from los angeles. >> speak out more, say more of what i think instead of saying yes to anything and being okay with anything. >> reporter: there are ten chapters from coast to coast, kids and coaches, gathered recently in chicago for two days of clinics and a tournament. a chance to learn and see what's possible from, for example, ed ruth, a three-time ncaa champion turned college coach. >> being a minority, any sport is different. right then and there you kind of don't know your place. >> reporter: when it comes to diversity, wrestling lags badly behind other big-time college sports. a recent survey found that about 7% of division i wrestlers are black. compare that to 49% for football and 56% in basketball.
5:58 pm
that disfeherty is why are ruth gives so much time mentoring kids would look like him. >> that's everything. okay, what i'm doing is actually making a difference. that person's happier because i made some type of impact on him. that makes it worth it. >> reporter: what is success for you? >> we talk about creating life champions. >> reporter: mike powell leads the college all american and high school state championship coach loves the competition, but the real goal is a lot bigger for kids like roy. >> that's all we want. we want them to be good fathers and good community members. not everybody is meant for college. so we don't push it. but you are not going back to mom's couch. >> reporter: roy phelps is already seeing results as a wrestler and a person. charlie de mar, cbs news, chicago. that's the "cbs weekend news" for this saturday. first thing tomorrow sunday morning with jane pauley followed by "face the nation"
5:59 pm
with moderator margaret live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> tracking a health emergency as monkeypox cases continue to climb. what the new federal declaration could mean for the bay area. >> the food, the road closures, streets of richmond today. the message they want to send to chevron exactly ten years after a massive explosion. we begin tonight with the growing monkeypox health emergency. the cdc says california has more than 800 confirmed cases with more than half of those in the bay area. but the state department of health says that number could be much higher if you count probable cases. the outbreak has now been officially classified as a national health emergency, and that could help break open
6:00 pm
resources. kpix 5's max darrow has that story. >> reporter: monkeypox cases on the rise in california and across the country. nationwide more than 7,000 confirmed cases and rising. >> we're prepared to take our response to the next level in addressing this virus, and we are urge every american to take monkeypox seriously and to take responsibility to help us tackle this virus. >> reporter: the federal government declared monkeypox a public health emergency late this week. >> this declaration by president biden will be helpful in opening up some resources, but also allowing for faster approval of medication as well as new better kinds of testing. so this will definitely be a good step in fighting this outbreak. >> while i think it may be a little late, but better late than never, and i think it will have a significant impact. >> reporter: dr. peter chin hong is an infectious disease expert with ucsf.


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