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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  August 8, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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its last meal. >> and our top story, a new school year begins for oakland unified students, but some are getting to know new schools and teachers after budget cuts led to school closures. > >> good evening. i'm sara donchey. >> it's a big transition for parents and students who used to to parker elementary. >> that school is closed and is being occupied by activists whod to reopen again. >> security guards were called in to remove those protesters from school grounds. a physical struggle happened between guards guards and parents as parents were trying to retake control of control of parker. beyond the activists, we have the story of people directly impacted by the closure. >> this new school year won't by for some families. >> reporter: it's the first day of school at ousd, but the bells bells are silent at parker elementary in eastmont. this campus where crayons sit on the
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floor was consolidated last year, closed. >> it's hard to come see that it's closed and it's really heartfelt because we don't know where it's going, where it's going to go from here. >> reporter: this mom lives across the street from parker. l three of her children went to parker and thrived. her daughter, her middle child, is w at uc berkeley on a full-ride scholarship for neuroscience. >> we're not going to see any kids, we're not going to help any kids anymore. it's really h. it's sad. it's sad. >> reporter: it wasn't just her kids that the teachers at parker parker helped. lennie also benefited from the school. while school. while volunteering and reading in the classrooms, lennie was inspired to finish her high school diploma. >> the teachers here made me believe i can go back and learnd i did. >> reporter: during the pandemic, lennie joined her children and graduated high
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school. >> because of parker and miss davis. >> reporter: lennie's kids are grown now, but the loss of the community school is hitting her family who have to figure out dy transportation for her young niece. her new school is a 10-minute drive away from parker, and it should be easy enough, but nothing really comes really comes easy in eastmont. >> my niece is right across the street here, and now we gotta take her all the way to 35th too to school. it's going to be hard. it's going to be hard because my car, i'm the one who picks her up. my car broke downo it's already going to be a hard, hard, hard, hard year for us. >> reporter: lennie hopes the campus once again gets filled wh learning and laughter. >> we lost our school, but we don't want to lose it for the kids in the community. if we're not going to get a school, can we have something for us to keee kids on track? >> reporter: in oakland, andria
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borba, kpix 5. > >> time is running out for some people to have their student loan debt forgiven. attorney general launching a campaign to get the word out about student loan forgiveness. nearly 1 million californians who work in public service are eligible r this program, but only 10,000 have received it. the program expires on october 31st. you cay online at > >> a beloved diner has closed its doors for good. the restaurant shared on instagram saying it was, quote, time to pass the torch. the post thanked thanked its employees and customers for their support. rus was known for oakland coffee, breakfast plates, burgers, and beer. it was a hot spot for breakfast and late-night food. t opened a location in oakland in 2011, which later closed in 2019. one of the co-owners is
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green day bassive mike dirnt. > >> peak season for shipping goods to the united states ahead ahead of the holiday season, now now experts are warning a short age of rail workers could cause more disruptions to the supply chain. carter evans reports from reports from the port of los angeles. >> reporter: tis the season, but but the containers are already piling up clogging the docks, waiting for trains to transporto across the country. >> they're about 35,000 containers designated for rail on our docks right now. on a nol day, looks more like 9,000 units. >> reporter: l.a. port director is sounding the alarm to prevent prevent another scene like thisw long before we see a back up at sea again? >> we've probably got about 4-6 weeks if we do nothing. >> reporter: over the last 3 years, railroads have lost 20% of their employees. >> a lot of that is because they
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they cut their own work force. >> reporter: it began when they tried to streamline operations with a practice called precisiod railroading. >> when you're hyper efficient, you're ill prepared for unexpecd things like pandemics. >> where the bottlenecks right now? >> the bottlenecks are on the last mile. >> reporter: his railroad has already hired hundreds of new employees. >> we're handling that volume. s beyond the railroad, that's where we need to see gains. >> reporter: merchandise is transferred and delivered, but with truck driver shortages and now a glut of goods arriving. >> they're full. there's nowhere nowhere to off load the goods. >> reporter: and the containers keep coming. >> is it going to get any worse? worse? >> that number continues to groy day, every week. >> would more trains help? >> absolutely. but you have to have somewhere to put the trains
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trains when they get to their d. >> reporter: railroad workers have been working without a contract for two years and no raises. an emergency team from the white house will offer its recommendations in the next two weeks in hopes of heading off a railroad strike in september. >> chip maker neveda reported weaker than experted earnings. s earnings. s and p slipped 5. the 5. the dow closed with a gain of of 29 points. > >> twitter subpoenaed one of the the world's richest men. billioe and oracle founder was subpoenaed as part of the lawsuit to force musk to complete his bid. he pledged $1 billion to the proposed buyout in may. musk is trying to pull out of the deal. the case is set set to go to trial in october. > >> actress anne hech still in
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critical condition after crashing her car into a los angeles home. now, authorities are investigating her for misdemeanor dui and hit and rune slammed her car into a home on friday causing it to catch on frier fire. there were people inside the house when this happened. none of them were hurt, but heche was pulled out of her car and taken to the hospital. > >> bystander recovering from injuries after a police k-9 mistakenly bit him. officers were trying to arrest a driver who cashed his car on highway 29. investigators say the suspect was resisting arrest, but instead of the k-9 assisting assisting them, the dog ran past past the suspect's car and attacked a bystander who then ran from the scene. that teenager suffered minor injuries injuries with bites to both of his hands. > >> tense moments for a dog and his owner in san francisco. look francisco. look at that. car flipped on its side while first responders were getting the driver out of the car, they
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hoped to notice another little survivor, this guy. that happened near sfo. firefighters say the driver and the dog will be okay. > >> it could be a game changer when it comes to treating covidw one bay area university is working to make it as simple asg a nasal spray. >> the special honor for a giants fan favorite. >> hopelessly devoted to you. >> coming up at 6:00, she hold n to hope for 30 years. how a personal battle turned olivia newton-john into an activist and and advocate for millions of others. plus. >> welcome to the first day of school here montclair where all of the backpacks are lined up, all of the students are in their their classrooms right now, masks are optional. we've learned there's one thing missing from this district they're hoping to fill soon, and and that's teachers
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>> scientists have created a new new therapeutic that could one day make treating covid as easys using a nasal spay for allergies. >> it can be inhaled through the the nose. that delivers the treatment directly to the airways and lungs. once there, the aso binds to that viral key code, jams the copy machine, and and stops the virus from making more copies. >> so the therapeutic uses short short snippets to gum up the machinery that allows covid to . it's been effective on mice. the mice. the team has more experiments to do before the treatment can be cleared for cll trials in humans. > >> $is billion in new aid for ukraine, including rockets, ammunition, and other weapons. t comes as analysts are warning russia is moving troops toward
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southern port cities. the u.s. has given ukraine more than $9 billion in aid so far since february. > >> the democrat-controlled senate has delivered president biden a major legislative win, a a multi-billion spending bill focused on health care and climate change. kamala harris delivered the tie-breaking votet followed months of negotiations and a marathon weekend session.s offered several amendments that democrats voted down. >> when i look back at my service in the senate, i'll think about this legislation as one of the most consequential things i had the chance to work on. >> the bill's title shows you what it is. it's an inflation increase act. >> the inflation reduction act invests nearly $370 billion in climate and energy investments and allows medicare to negotiate negotiate high-cost prescription prescription drugs. the bill is estimated to lower the deficit by $300 billion and it's paid for with new tax provisions including a 15% minimum tax on
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large companies and increased is enforcement. the legislation heads to the u.s. house with ae expected on friday. > >> author david mcullouch died.t george w bush awarded him the presidential medal of freedom. s the highest civilian honor in the united states. he died peacefully yesterday at the age of 89. > >> coming up, a teen pilot trying to make history on his
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>> welcome back. if you plan on visiting lake merritt any time soon, be careful, don't touch the water. an algae bloom is on the water. we went looking for it, and there it is. we spotted it right away. brownish-red gunk gunk growing in the water. publc works began looking and monitoring this low level of algae in may. it's safe to keep your pets and children away from from the water. oakland will continue to test it and send out send out notifications of when t is safe again. > >> a teen pilot from belgium is trying to make history. 17 years years old, wants to become the t pilot to fly all the way around the world solo. >> we caught up with him during a pit stop. >> how was it. >> very good. thank you. it wasa really nice flight.
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>> reporter: the 17-year-old who who has flown practically around around the world in his attempt to set a record got a kick out of passing by the hollywood sign sign monday morning. he's gone from northern to southern california in the latest leg of the journey, and he made a lunch lunch and fuel stop in orange cs john wayne airport. >> welcome to orange county andn wayne airport. >> reporter: the teen from belgium began his quest at the end of march in bulgaria. in a few weeks, he hopes to completes circle around the globe and become the youngest solo pilot to ever achieve such a huge endeavor. >> i was in japan. it's such a huge leg toward the u.s. i had to add extra fuel tanks just for for that one stop. i did a 10-hour flight over to the island, which is completely uninhabited, not a single person. but i landed there safely, and everything was fine. fine. >> reporter: rutherford comes from a family of aviators and gt
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his license at 15 is flying a european ultra-light plane. so far, one of the most harrowing parts of the trip was flying through a sand storm over the egyptian desert. after the orange county pit stop, rutherfd took off for san lucas. if all goes as planned, he'll set the record in a few weeks when he ls back in bulgaria. >> how do you top this at 17? >> uh, well, the point is not topping it. it's just something i really wanted to do, and so i do it. i'll see what my next challenge brings me. it might be be more challenging. it might be be less challenging. as long as it's what i want to do, i'll be happy. >> the youngest person to fly around the globe alone is travis travis ludlow. he did the trip last year at the age of 18. >> i'm afraid of my kids getting getting driver's licenses, much less sending them up in the sky. sky. > >> the giants will be honoring former outfielder hunter pence.t
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to join the wall of fame outside outside the ballpark. he'll be joining other giants legends suh as jason schmidt and barry bond. hunter pence's plaque will be you can veiled on september 17th. >> that was a good year in san francisco. i was here for that.r they won in 2012, it was just mayhem. >> he always had a lot of fun too. that will be a fun mont > >> the a's are at home. the giants are not this evening. the in san diego. the weather is looking fine for the next several days. low cloud cover and fog spreading across the bay. comfortable temperatures again tomorrow. after that, we begin to climb a little bit. wel talk about normal levels of august heat as we head toward the end of the workweek and into into the weekend. no excessive heat in store for us in the duration of the 7-day forecast.n the really long-range data isn't isn't pointing to anything we need to be concerned about. blue about. blue skies from the hotel
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hotel camera. temperatures today today topped out in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. low 70s for freemont. right at 80 degrees in in san jose earlier today. those today. those inland temperatures temperatures a little bit below average. right now, the warm spot, no surprise, fairfield at 86 degrees. the warmest place on place on the map is 86 at 5:00 in august, we are doing just fine temperature wise. a mix of 70s and 80s inland. mid-60s still along the coast. temperats later on to night will drop down down mostly to the 50s as the fog and low cloud cover pushes into the inland valleys. it will will back up quickly. unobstrucd visibility by 9-10:00. the fog retreats to the coast as we head head toward tomorrow. low temperatures mostly in the upper upper 50s. some of the cooler spots drop in the low to
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mid-50s. some of the warmer locations staying just above 60l in all, a pretty normal-looking temperature map for this time of of year. tomorrow, a few degrees degrees below average further inland. everybody within 5 degrees of either side of what's what's normal for this time of year. mid-60s along the coast. y 70s down the peninsula. upper 7s to around 80 degrees for most of of the santa clara valley. mid-s for morgan hill and gilroy. anor day when the warmest spots will be below 90 degrees, i think the the warmer spots will get up to around 90 on wednesday and further into the 90s as we finish off the workweek. another workweek. another day of comfortable temperatures tomorrow, so let's enjoy it. low it. low to mid-70s for oakland and the east bay. a mix of upper upper 70s and low 80s for the north bay. a few degrees below what's typical for this time of
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year. even further north where it's warmer, you'll stay below 90 degrees. clear lake topping out at 88 degrees. the fire danger should remain capped tomorrow. the fire danger won't be zero. any time we see our fire danger index on our 0-10 scale topping out at a 4-5, that's good news for august. hoe we don't see significantly higher values as temperatures do do warm up later this week. we'l keep an eye on it. hovering around 70 in san francisco. san jose warms up a little bit, but low 80s thursday and friday with with low 80s continuing saturday saturday and sunday. just a couple degrees above normal. evn the hot spots inland in the east east bay topping out around 90 degrees on a widespread basis on on thursday and friday. we're staying below 100 degrees, just fine for the month of august. vy little change along the coast with temperatures staying in the
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the middle portion of the 60s. l look at the long range two-week outlook coming up at 6:00. > >> coming up all new at 6:00, students back in the classroom.e bay area school district is struggling to fill a very important piece. >> plus, she went from actor to activist. how olivia newton-john newton-john turned her personal health battle into a fight to help millions. >> plus, a life flight for an endangered salmon. inside the effort to save a vulnerable population here in northern california. the knew at 6:00 isg up in about 5 minutes. >> thanks so much. still ahead at 5:00, a hospital sounding the the alarm about bird flu. the unprecedented measures to keep e disease from spreading. >> don't forget to join us for our 7:00 a.m. newsca
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expand. money is available for taco trucks, taco stands, mexican restaurants anywhere in the united states. it was started because latino businesses are sometimes less likely to get bank loans than their non-latino competitors. te details how to apply are on the siete foods website. > >> a hospital closing its doors to visitors following a report of a bird flu outbreak in california. >> john ramos explains why wildlife centers are scrambling to isolate themselves from the . >> reporter: the mere threat of bird flu is so serious that the folks here at wild care in san rafael have restricted the public from the facility. insid, they're taking unprecedented measures to keep the disease frm entering the hospital. >> i don't really know why. i just saw them once, and i thought that is the bird for me. me. >> reporter: when 11-year-old izzy shakes a box of oats, her 10 chickens come running. she's cared for them in her backyard
5:58 pm
for more than a year. >> how attached have you gotten to them? >> well, i'd say i am in love with them. if one died, i would cry. >> reporter: it's the same feeling at wild care where they normally have a group of animal ambassadors to educate the public during tours. but now, the pelicans pool is empty, andl the resident birds have been sent to other locations. the flu, officially known as highly pathogenic avian influenza is deadly to water foul, raptors, and mammals that may eat infected birds. it is incredibly incredibly contagious. >> it is spread rapidly through populations, and a lot of the birds that come here hang out in in big groups. if we get an outbreak, it could hit us very,y hard, very fast. >> reporter: as a result, the hospital set up a receiving area area for people dropping off injured wildlife. in the courtyard, the turkey vultures enclosure has been converted to
5:59 pm
an outdoor mass unit that can triage new arrivals without taking them indoors. because the the virus can be spread by walking on infected bird droppings, anyone entering the facility must wear shoe coverings. >> it's spread through fecal particles, contaminated surfaces, so that's why wearinge covers is critical. >> reporter: causing shortages of chicken and eggs, but now it's in california. with the bay bay area a key migratery route, it could spread here in a matter matter of days. for those whose feathered friends are domesticated or live on the wild wild side, the only way to protect them is to keep them as isolated as possible. >> have you ever had to do this before? >> no. one of the common things we keep saying around here is 2020 covid with no volunteers
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was terrible and so hard, but this is harder. this is so much harder. >> reporter: in san rafael, kpix kpix 5. > >> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, east bay students back many the classroom, but one school district is struggling to fill e very important positions. >> and she went from an actor to to an advocate. how a decades lg health battle put olivia newton-john on a mission to help help millions. >> and later, you can call it the salmon life flight. we'll take you inside the mission to save a species struggling to survive in changing conditions e in northern california. > >> good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. ryan has the night off. se sang some of the biggest hits of of the '70s and '80s and made her mark on film history with her role in grease. as we look k on her life, olivia newton-john made an impact that went


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