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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  August 9, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> you're watching kpix 5 news t 5:30. > >> right now on kpix 5 and streg on cbs news bay area, more locas at 5:30. taking you to contra costa county where teachers voig their frustrations before school before school ever starts. the changes they're demanding. > >> and how volunteers stepped up stepped up to help some north ca firefighters when flames destroyed their vehicles. v e . > >> and our top story, it's a first here in the bay area. a desalinization plant. >> construction of the plant comes as salty water keeps intruding on fresh water supply from the delta. it's being put on putnam street from miles froe river. john ramos has more on hw it will work.
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>> reporter: water, water, ever, nor any a drop to drink. it's ae describing a desperate situation a desperate situation that's coming true in antioch. in the 1800s, water was the source of life, so the city of antioch was was established on the banks ofe delta and even had the nicknamer town, which it still uses today. today. but it's been awhile sine the delta provided life around here. >> we could only use the river intake for 30 days this year. lt year we couldn't use it for a single day because there's no wr run off from the sierras to puse salt back into the delta. >> reporter: over the years more >> reporter: over the years more >> reporter: over the years more >> reporter: over the years more >> reporter: over the years more >> reporter: over the years more >> reporter: over the years more >> reporter: over the years more >> reporter: over the years more >> reporter: o and more is siphoned off. now wh reduced flows because of the dr, sea water from the bay is pushig up into the system making antioch's historic water supplyo
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salty to use. >> until we get enough precipitation, enough rain upstream in the water shed to start to fill our reservoirs and reservoirs and add more fresh wr in, you'll have more of that. >> reporter: but while the state is praying r rain, antioch doesn't see the sn improving any time soon. so thee doing what a lot of other cities cities have only pondered. they're building the first surface water desalinization plt in the bay area and create 6 min gallons of fresh water per day.t a third of city's needs, but wih room for expansion. >> we're only building about half the facility. so the building is large enough for uso be able to double the size in the future. >> reporter: because they're dealing with brackish water with with a lower salt content, they can clarify it using less energ. it's an advantage many other bay bay area cities don't have, but they're still closely watching t antioch is doing. >> yeah, we've received a lot of of interest from other water ags
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on this project. i've had severl reach out. i anticipate seeing more of these facilities coming up in the bay area and across the state. >> reporter: john ramos, kpix 5. kpix 5. >> the plant will cost about $10 million from 82 million from state grants and loans. supply chain problems have delayed the, but it should be done by the start of 2024. > >> officials have denied a request to send more water to california to prevent wildfirese state turned them down citing the scarce water supply right n. it suggested alternate methods. > >> the contra costa county's tes union held a rally to voice their demands before the start of the school year. they're asking for smaller class sizes,l health problem, curriculum changes, and a cost of living pay increase.
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>> we need the safety in our classrooms so we can respond to our students as their needs comp and we're able to do that the m. with the current contract and what's being proposed, this wilr our ability to have a safe school for those who need it th. >> we want fair compensation fod work we do. we know they value us, they need to show it. >> the teacher's union is currey in mediation with the district over new contracts. the contra costa county superintendent sent superintendent sent us a statement saying i believe we can come to an agreement that's fair, illustrates how we value the work of our employees, and w the district to remain fiscally solvent. > >> a middle schooler suffered a medical emergency at football pe and passed away. the mercury nes reports he suffered a medical emergency during the practice at at clayton valley charter high school. the practice was being
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run by a youth sport organizatin not affiliated with the school. a staff member says the emergency was not football-relad but did not provide additional details. >> marc: just one week after facing down alex jones in courtd winning, a mom who lost a child in the sandy hook shooting masse is speaking out. >> i could only feel compassionr him. >> reporter: scarlet lewis tells lewis tells cbs news what it was it was like for her to come face face to face with alex jones inside a texas courtroom last week. >> what i saw was just a man, an being in pain. lonely with no one there to testify for him. he he had not a person there. >> reporter: lewis said she was nervous when she directly confrd the talk radio host and conspiracy theorist who claimedr years the massacre was staged tn
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gun laws. lewis' six-year-old son was one of the victims. >> my son existed. >> reporter: a jury awarded here than a million dollars in damages. lewis says she spoke directly to jones because she ft she had to stand up to a bully t like her son did when he told his class mates to run. >> so i'm sitting on the stand d thinking, you know, in comparison to what jesse did, this is the easier job for sure, sure, safeguarding truth in our. >> reporter: lewis says she's ae to speak out about the tragedy e of an inspirational message hern left on the kitchen chalk board. board. >> he wrote three words. nurturing, healing, love. >> at six years old? >> at six years old. phonetically spelled because he was just learning to write. >> reporter: she also says she s jones who admitted on the stand that the shooting is real, made bad choices, but thinks he wants
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he wants to make different chois going forward. > >> a live look now at san francisco where governor newsom has launched an unprecedented housing approval review aimed at aimed at determining why it takes the city so long to complete new housing projects. the nine month review will include help from uc berkeley researchers, and they'll examine examine the addition making patterns and permitting processs that led to excess ty delays. te state says this could help leado faster construction of more affordable housing in the future. san francisco's planning planning department responded to to the review saying in part we recognize the process is not geared at getting housing built quickly, and we welcome furthery of our process. > >> story of homelessness in the la area. the city council voted to ban encampments near schools.
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schools. it caused a heated debate with homeless advocates. a crowd of passionate protesters of passionate protesters chanted chanted as someone was taken ouf the meeting. this as the city cl voted to ban the camps within 500 feet of schools and day car. homeless advocates say the ban s just too harsh. >> that really is not keeping anyone safe. especially unhoused unhoused children. they're putting them in darker corners where they're obscure and then they are more prone to violence and death. >> so advocates there on the steps say instead of criminalizg homelessness, the city needs tod for housing for those in need. > >> the new finding on how well mask and vaccine mandates reall. > >> and the feds stepping in to help travelers fed up with delays and cancellations. plus,d
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news about ticket prices. > >> coming up new at 6:00, are we we prepared for the big one? a new report says if a major quak, people in one bay area county could be out of water quick. pl. >> there's a little corner of southwest minnesota that's now a now a ♪ ♪ elon musk says tesla's full self-driving software is “amazing”, it will “blow your mind.” but does it work?
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this happens over and over again. 100,000 tesla drivers are already using full self-driving on public roads. i'm dan o'dowd. i'm a safety engineer and tesla full self-driving is the worst commercial software i've ever seen. tell congress to shut it down. paid for by the dawn project.
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>> a new study finds covid cases cases in classrooms drop signify with mask mandates and vaccine requirements. boston universityd extensive research on this when classes returned to in person lg last fall, and we were all wondg how it would impact things. ress found only 9 covid cases that
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semester came from in-class transmission. this comes as the cdc is expected to ease covid ps for this year. > >> a southwest airlines flight attendant was badly hurt after d landing in orange county. a rept from the ntsb reveals she actually broke her back after the plane landed with such force force at john wayne airport in santa ana last month. the flight flight attendant said the impact impact was so hard she thought e plane crashed. the ntsb says noe of the other passengers on boare hurt. > >> a live look right now at sfot was another tough weekend if yoe out there traveling in the air. more than 10,000 flights canceld or delayed all across the count. now the u.s. transportation department and congress are takg steps to try and ease the pain at airports. they heard from you, their constituents. one bill by lawmakers would require airlines to offer a full cash refund, just money back, within0 days of the flight being canceled. current federal rules say fliers are entitled to a
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refund, but a lot of airlines offer to rebook or voucher. another rule would require airls to refund money if your flight is delayed more than three hourr change your arrival or departur. that could go into effect by thd of this year at the earliest. there's also good news on the travel front. those sky high air air fares have started to drop y bit as we look toe holiday travel season, and experts say t might be smart to look ahead toe fall and winter trips and do it now. >> already air fares have droppd 27% from may and the next ten days we expect them to drop another 20%. so if you're a smat and strategic traveler and havey money left in the bank ," now is ," now is the time to start booking for the fall. it will ba buyer's market. >> so once you get there, hotels are also starting to come down partly because it's fall, we know the kids are going back to. experts say it might be a good e
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to plan ahead. > >> motown last a legend, lamontr has passed away. credited as the credited as the face behind mots historic music of the 60ss, the detroit native was part of an ic producer-writer team responsiblr more than 25 top 10 songs in the the 60s. he spent a majority ofs life in la before moving back wh his family to arizona last year. last year. he was 81. > >> actress and singer olivia newton-john passed away yesterday at the age of 73. a new magazine about her will hit stands this friday. > >> spiders, a new study looks into how they sleep and even har dreams. > >> coming up, we'll have team coverage with the latest on the fbi search of former president trump's florida home, and what t could mean for another
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presidential run. plus new developments in the murder of four muslim men. police say thee a for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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>> santa rosa is close to enforcing a cap on vacation rentals. according to the press democrat, the city has made 282 applications submitted for short
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for short term rental permits as permits as of last friday with more than 140 still in review. under the proposed changes, they'd cap the number of non-hosted rentals at 215 and prevent new applications from being submitted. only 18 additional permits would be approved. > >> the cost of ford's electric trucks are about to cost a lot more. ford is raising pricing bg it on the material costs of building the trucks. they now say the cheapest f-150 lightning say the cheapest f-150 lightning say the cheapest f-150 lightning say the cheapest f-150 lightning say the cheapest f-150 lightning say the cheapest f-150 lightning say the cheapest f-150 lightning say the cheapest f-150 lightning say the cheapest f-150 lightning say the cheapest f-150 lightning say the cheapest f- will cost around $47,000. if you you pre-ordered at the original price, the changes will not appy to you. > >> the next story is a little strange but scientists have sod the mystery on whether spiders sleep. german scientists say they do. they observed them using night vision, that's
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mildly terrifying. they found some spiders fall into a rem-like sleep stage. >> we actually see twitching and twitching and uncontrolled leg movements coupled with actual retina movements. i personally do think they're experiencing vl dreams, but it's difficult to pe that scientifically. >> what are they dreaming about? about? >> eating. >> oh, gosh, paul said me. researchers say this is the first time rem sleep has been indicated in animals without a . >> dreaming of a sarah salad. >> i hate them! >> we always knew when spiders slept. it's when they're waiting waiting for you to turn on the light, and then they can hurry. >> barking spiders, paul? >> um, is that a euphemism? >> it is, you don't want to know. >> liz
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got it! we got a cackle out of ! > >> let's look at the big weather big weather picture. this system this system off the coast is stg to drift a little bit to the noh sending rain into the pacific northwest. that means for us a l warm up as the heat dome over te desert southwest edges closer to us. but it's nothing extreme. nothing extreme. only 80 in san jose today, 83 for one of the wm spots in concord. mid-70s in fremont, 70 in san francisco ths afternoon, and pacifica made it into the upper 60s. similar temperatures along the coast and coast and around the bay tomorrow while farther inland ts return closer to normal and above normal later this week into the weekend. right now thet spot around the entire bay area, area, 84 right now in fairfielde most inland temperatures in the
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80s. temperatures mostly in the low 70s around the bay. it's upper 60s downtown san francisc. but still mid-60s in half moon bay. ideal temperatures for any outdoor actives this evening. get out and take advantage, especially inland where the heat heat is gradually going to build build the next several days. thm reforms along the coast and spreads into the inland valleys by tomorrow morning. i think the the best chance of fog right at ground level is north of the golden gate by early thursday. e a lot of low cloud cover. dissipates quickly. by late morg unobstructed visibilities and bg temperatures up into the upper . low to mid-50s in the north bays to go along with the dense fog early tomorrow morning. hour byr temperatures warming up to juste 70 in san francisco tomorrow af. that's about four degrees above normal. not bad for august. a slow warm up while the fog and w
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cloud cover hangs out, but by late morning it's gone and the s take off. santa rosa has fog early, but it's gone by 8:00 to 9:00. temperatures reach into the low 80s just a couple of degrees warmer than today. concd 87 tomorrow, one degree below average. almost exactly normal for the middle of august. san jose makes it up to 81 in the afternoon. we'll fill in the rest of the map. 60s along the coast, mostly 70s around the bay. even in the city. mostly 80s inland. but even the warmes, fairfield, antioch, and bentwoog out just short of 90 degrees. temperatures building into the low 90s for the hottest locations thursday afternoon. by it's warmer, but temperatures ne for the niners came. kickoff at 5:30. 81 at kickoff. it will feel warmer, certainly on the f, but also if your seats are in the sunshine, so be sure to plan to plan ahead for that. stay
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hydrated and drink plenty of water along with anything else you'll be drinking at the game. temperatures stay nearly steady in san francisco the next severl days and san jose has a modest warming trend with upper 80s by next tuesday. that's the warmest warmest day in the seven-day forecast. we likely won't have g that resembles a heat wave until heat wave until possibly next thursday, but that's out of thee of this forecast. >> sounds good, thank you, paul. > >> i'm elizabeth cook, coming uw at 6:00, preparing for the big e might take a little more effort for people living in one bay area county. the report saying water supplies could run out. plus we're learning more about trey lance before he became a big time player here in the bay area. how his nnhih remembers e quarterback. plus, crowds at our
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our biggest music festival of the year exceeding expectationst organizers are telling us tonight. the news at 6:00 is coming up in about five minutes. minutes. > >> still ahead at 5:00, gone in seconds. northern california firefighters lost their rigs and and gear when flames took a tur. > >> and as we count down to the 49ers preseason opener, you cane a niners fan. scan the qr code to tell us about someone
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>> what was supposed to be a fie fight turned into a call for help for firefighters in humbold. >> the flames turned and sent tm running. >> here's more on the eventually the eventually tiers who stepped who stepped up to help. >> we always say anyone is welcome at our shelter. we didnt it expect it to be firefighters that night, but it was. >> reporter: a bit of a role reversal for ths springs band red hot crew, seen here sleeping off a rough day oe fire lines at an american red cross shelter. >> they normally call us for help. we don't normally get to take advantage of sheltering firefighters. >> reporter: the team of 19 had brought in two vehicles to help position themselves around the x rivers lightning complex fire burning in humboldt and trinity
5:58 pm
counties when the flames took an an unexpected run. >> it went from the ground fire to ladders to torch to crown ins than 30 seconds. >> reporter: the flame destroyed flame destroyed both vehicles and all equipment inside. but that's not all. >> they lost all their personal gear also. so tents, sleeping bags, extra clothing, wallets, s to their cars. >> reporter: with only the clothes on their backs, they trekked through the deep forest needing to rest. when red crosss got word, they offered them a se space to regroup for the night. >> we offered them a safe place to sleep and snacks and meals, whatever they needed. >> reporter: while a bus later k the crew back to el dorado couny to replace and restock equipment, their chief says thee ready to get back out on the front lines. >> we are right in the middle of middle of the fire season, after season, after all, and we have t more work to do. > >> that's it for the news at 5:00. >> the news at 6:00 starts now with elizabeth cook. > >> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area,
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we're taking it back to trey lance's roots. how he made a name for himself in minnesota be he became a big star in the bay. bay. >> we knew right there we had something special. > >> oakland native and nfl star marshawn lynch arrested in vegas. what we know t the charg> >> and evaluating earthquake pr. the new report saying one bay area county could be without war testify . > >> good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. we're counting down to ninners pre-season football. the football. the niners face the ps this friday at levi stadium, and stadium, and you can only catch the action here on kpix 5. the s are entering the trey lance era. era. the second year quarterback year quarterback is officially the team's starter, but before e called levi stadium his home field, he was a stand out high l star in a small town in rural
6:00 pm
minnesota. we spent max darrow to marshall, minnesota where his where his high school coach says says everyone knew he was a verl player. >> reporter: marshall, minnesota, population 13,680. ts is where it all began, where try lance put in the work that put m on the path to the nfl. >> oh, trey lance was obviouslye of the top ones we've ever had. >> reporter: a one of a kind plr says marshall football coach terry bowman. >> it's just kind of surreal that ten years ago he was out here in our youth camp and now he's a quarterback in the nfl. >> reporter: in this small found, marshall tiger football s a big deal. >> there's not a lot to do here on friday nights so people comet and support all activities, and football is one of them with a crowd sometimes as big as 5,000 people. >> reporter: lance led the teamo three


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