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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  August 10, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> today, the san ramon valley unified school district will hod a welcome back event for studens getting ready for another year t kicks off at twin creek's
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elementary school. meanwhile, ts is the scene in contra costa coy yesterday, where the teachers union rallied. they are asking for smaller class sizes, mentalh programs, curriculum changes ine cost of living. >> with their needs coming up, y can do it at the moment. this wl hinder our ability as a safe school for those who needed the most prospective teachers union is in mediation and the superintendent told us, quote, k i look forward to the mediation scheduled for today and believe we can come to an agreement that
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agreement that is fair, illustrs the work of our employees and as the agency to remain fiscally s. > >> in the alameda county, a livk in oakland where outgoing mayory schaaf will have the second of three town halls. what do they k is wrong with the city? they did they did not hold back. there ws one topic in particular. >> when will you hold ousd accoe ousd accountable? >> questions about parker elemey led to tense exchanges at a park park in east oakland. >> the police department has non involved and my understanding it this will take its course through the criminal justice sy. >> i apologize that this is notg not something that i've been asd to be involved in. i will look
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into it. >> reporter: on thursday, protesters who want to reopen the now closed parker elementary elementary school clashed with ousd security officers. the pros were trying to enter the empty building. the mayor did not address how the city might get d at parker elementary but did ads did address a number of other ts of concern from residents, inclg residents, including homelessness, affordable housin, illegal dumping and violence ans for marijuana cultivation. >> it's important for us to see her face and voice opinions. >> reporter: city employees outd the residents at the forum. >> it's very important for resis to be involved and knowledgeable about what is going on in the . >> yes. >> reporter: making sure people are heard and get their questios their questions answered. they e answered. they hope to inspire people to get involved. katie n,
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kpix5. > >> an update on a story from the story from the santa rosa capping of short-term rentals.e hear from property owners who sy they are trying to make a livint living but they are reportedly living a nightmare. >> the city council voted to adopt an emergency ordinance fom rentals. it was a very tense evg and this issue has created a grt divide between neighbors. >> my problem is that i moved io a residentially zoned neighborhd and now they are short-term ren. >> many residents spoke against non-hosted short-term rentals. >> every day is, who is coming and what will they be doing? wee been yelled at, cursed at and screamed at. >> reporter: the chamber was filled with fellow residents and and signs have been displayed os
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saying homes, not motels. >> it's a problem. there's no way to col it except to ban it all togethe. >> reporter: it's around safetyh safety with wildfires and the impact on housing spots and a ne to neighbors. the owners of shom rentals made their case. >> it's really to help my daughter pay for medical school. school. >> reporter: he contends his nes have harassed renters to try toe them away. >> when the guests come, it's ry it's really painful. >> reporter: the short-term rental owners feel they are tard for a few bad incidents that have occurred and they believe the ordinance will not solve th. >> i feel like we are trying to solve a problem, but it really doesn't. we can work collaboratively to help solve te solve the problems. it doesn't e
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to be something the city council council gets involved in. it's almost unenforceable, what theye trying to do. >> reporter: andrea nakano, kpix5. > >> a dog from gilroy was reunitd with its owners after being foud wandering the streets in german. a facebook user found the pup ad contacted the department about noticing his gilroy i.d. tag ane was found 40 miles from the u.s. military base. police thine owner is stationed there. they t know what happened. he will be g his way home. it's too early foe to figure that one out. > >> the time is 5:08 and still ahead, there may be water everye but it's too salty to use. how e bay area city is building a new solution for a major problem in our current drought. > >> coming up in the bay area be,
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area beat, the suspected killer
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mornings are our time, and i couldn't let stiff joints slow me down. so i started taking osteo bi-flex every day because it has joint shield... ...clinically shown to improve joint comfort within 7 days. osteo bi-flex - available at your local retailer and club. >> welcome back on the bay area. a hawaiian man is in custody ana 40-year-old cold case out of court with an extradition hearing. gary ramirez was arrested on the island of maui
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facing murder charges. karen stitt was just 15 when kidnappem a bus stop in sunnyvale, sexually assaultedr,hey say they same genealogy that caught the golden state killer led to themg 75-year-old gary ramirez. >> you start with the dna sample sample and the genealogist and the detective built the entire family tree. > >> in san jose, a driver and tws sent to the hospital. two women were hit just after 4:00 p.m. ad they are expected to survive. te driver suffered minor injuries. > >> a summer tradition at the soa county fair was stopped in its . officials canceled the afternoon afternoon of horse races on thursday because they couldn't d enough horses. it was a temporary glitch but could happn could happen again. > >> there is a shortage of thoros in the bay area. > >> let's take a quick look at te
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at the atmosphere. this morning and into the night, this area of low pressure parked offshore is is moving north and what happens what happens when that happens?s that happens? this high pressurl push in and warm us up and dry s up to give a lot of sunshine as we dive into a beautiful weekend. we start off with a bit a bit of a marine layer pulling back along the coast and that id is compared to yesterday. hour y hour by hour, sunny skies closer skies closer to hayward in fremont and we will see sunny ss sunny skies off into oakland and extending through the afternoo. the marine layer is impacting te coast and san francisco into the the evening. wind starts off very calm with a beautiful foret and it will pick up into the afn with some collective activity ad activity and wind gusting up to5 or 25 miles per hour off to the
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east. it will be breezy for us but that's okay because daytime highs are perfect, right around average in the santa clara valley, a 70s and low 80s with t a great opportunity to get some fresh air during that midday break and even after work. we et upper 80s and even 90s popping p popping up and if you live closer to the tri-valley area,a mild set up for the wednesday forecast. we will notice a warm-up a little bit more with e with high-pressure building in.n building in. san francisco is a0 degrees above average near san francisco, 71 and that will average out in the next couple of days. no more 60s with just 70s across the board and upper s diving into the next workweek was san jose, santa clara valley valley and extending through, we we are in for heat next week.
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810-degree jump for today into next tuesday and we will watch s in the weather center. > >> traffic is slow for the super super commuters westbound on 580 on 580 and we will have 45 minus 45 minutes from 205 in tracy to0 to 680 in dublin. westbound 8805 minutes from highway 4 to the macarthur maze and westbound highway 4, 25 minutes from 160h interstate 80. > >> let's check the san mateo bre mateo bridge with traffic moviny in both directions. a 12 minutee west bound west bound from hayward into foster city. at the city. at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are off h a seven minute drive through the into san francisco. for the mast mass transit, with caltrain, all all on time. jessica? > >> off to contra costa county we
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a desalination plant is being bt being built in antioch a few mis from the san joaquin river. kpi5 joaquin river. kpix5 has john rs showing us why it works and whys are taking a closer look. the dt continues to worsen in northern. >> reporter: water everywhere. not a drop to drink. a desperate drink. a desperate situation that is coming true in antioch.n the 1800s, water was the sourcef source of life and the city of antioch was established on the banks of the delta and even had the nickname rivertown, which it it still uses today but it's ben a while since the delta has provided in the life around her. we only use the river in take 3s 30 days this year and last yeare didn't use it for a single day e day because of salinity levels.e is no water runoff to push it io the delta.
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>> reporter: over the years, war years, water has been siphoned out of the delta to supply farmers and now, with reduced fs reduced flows because of the drought, seawater from the bays pushing into the system, making the antioch supply too salty to. >> until we get enough to fill e fill the reservoir is and add fh add fresh water, we will have issues like that. >> reporter: the state may be pg for rain but antioch doesn't set improving any time soon and thee doing what other cities have pondered with the first surfacr de-sallinization plant in the by area to use large reviews osmosis filters to create 6 million gallons of fresh water r water per day, about a third of the needs but with room for expansion. >> we are building a pathway for pathway for the facility. it's e enough for us to double the sizn the future.
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>> reporter: brackish water hasa has a lower salt content and they can clarify at using less y and less salt concentrated wastewater. it's an advantage my other bay area cities don't have but they are closely watching what antioch is doing. >> we have received a lot of interest for this project and i've had several reach out to me. i anticipate you will see me of these facilities in the bay a and across the state. >> the plant will cost about $110 million with $82 million from loans. the project will be done by 2024. > >> it's 5:18 and looking live an francisco, why the city is now e focus of a state review. >> in the morning mix, the signe moved by this gorilla
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>> welcome back. let's take a qk check of the lunch time forecast. daytime highs will have a warm-up but at noon, 80sn the inland areas and 60s from te coast through the bay. let's tae it hour-by-hour and you will noe will notice the local area warmp
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by a hair. we are seeing 80s reg 80s returning with 60s and 70s g 70s along the coast and the bay and san francisco above averagee will keep you updated in the wer the weather center. a beautiful wednesday and we are warming us week but still seeing temperatus right around average. > >> let's look at the morning mi. local and state agencies received millions of complaintsm unhappy customers. have you senn any complaints yet? de mplainetadthe most. 23 agencies from 15 states responded to they with a six-year tracking. the nr one complaint is conduct with auto sales and repair shops. se, landlord and tenant complaints. the federal eviction moratoriums
5:23 am
ended with home repair contracts repair contractors and those rer those repair contractors -- i'm right in line with that. >> i wondered if it would be abt like things at restaurants. >> i come from an auto body repair shop and i feel like thee in already annoyed and not in ad mood. >> they always think they will e will be getting -- like -- taken taken advantage of. they go in h the mind of putting that out th. it's always tricky with that. >> we've run stories about that. about that. > >> in ohio, the governor honored honored the famous and therapiss and therapists for making augush with honoring dolly parton day.
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[ music ] jolene[ music ] [ muc ] please don't take him just because you can[ music ] . >> goodness gracious, i love th. dolly parton visited columbus, ohio, to celebrate her day at te luncheon. the country icon becae a champion of literacy and runsa free book program called the doy parton library of ohio. they mal 320,000 books to children every. she is an inspiration. >> so incredible and she gives. >> . what doesn't she do? >> she has done everything. 2min kids are registered for thogram. and she is doing at all. sitor bargained for after a smooth en. take a look. >
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>> meet the slick primate who gt who got the internet buzzing wih his electric slide. was recorded and online, people are saying there is nothing to be afraid , just popping a little fun. he ms 390 pounds look mighty good. everybody has the move. > >> it's 5:25 and still ahead, earthquake preparedness with a w report showing that a county cod run out of water.
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>> a growing gop outcry and ques after the fbi search of former t donald trump's florida estate.
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> >> the top stories -- the states state is launching an unprecedented review of the housing approval process. the goal is to remove obstacles. san remove obstacles. san franciscos francisco is the slowest city ia in california to approve new housing and receives the most complaints at the housing unit.n was on twitter about the welcoming review and new solutis to be implemented. > >> president biden plans to sign sign the pact act today, the log awaited bill that will expand cs to health care benefits for vets for veterans who were exposed to who were exposed to toxins durig war. there are concerns about te implementation with the existing existing backlog and poor track.
5:29 am
> >> jury selection begins in a trial over kobe bryant's cras. his widow said she has sufferedl distress when first responders allegedly snapped photos of the crash that killed the lakers le. his 13-year-old daughter and sen and seven others and the focus f the constitutional rights being. > >> let's check the weather with first alert meteorologist jessica burch. temperatures are? >> we will warm up a little bith high pressure trying so hard toe it into san francisco but we lie in the bay area and our climates climate is special. when high pressure pushes in, it's reallye in the bay area with daytime highs remaining above average. g too extreme was san francisco 71
5:30 am
francisco 71 and 74 in oakland d in san jose and throughout santa clara, the the next couple of days, high pressures pushing and pressures pushing and from the . what we will get is that we wile more sunshine in the forecast wh forecast with that marine layerg back and then the daytime highsl highs will rise a little bit day day by day and we will talk abot talk about that in the seven-day the seven-day forecast coming up. nothing too extreme and last and last but not least, we willy up with humidity being the onlyn and the weather center with firr fire weather conditions. we areg are watching that and what i wat i want to hone in on, a beautiful weekend ahead, weathe. i'm getting out there and going hiking and i suggest everyone o the same. more and a little bit. bit. > >> not so beautiful on the roadh roads with a single car crash in vacaville near interstate 505 connector with the left lane bld
5:31 am
an two right lanes open. traffis backed up approaching the accident scene. traffic for supr commuters westbound on 580 will now take 50 minutes to travel fm highway 205 in tracy to 680 in dublin. 15 minutes from highway4 to the macarthur maze in west palm highway 4, 25 minutes from 160 to interstate 80. the bay bridge toll plaza with medium light still off and a seven mine drive from the macarthur maze tn francisco. that is a look at yor at your traffic. > >> republicans are rushing to fr president donald trump's defense defense to demand explanations t monday's unprecedented fbi searh of trump's mar-a-lago estate inm in palm beach. cbs has trinity chavez with the latest from new. >> reporter: republican leadnaln te a warra search warrant ahis flida este.
5:32 am
>> every republican believes tht the fbi and other organizations are off the map. >> it's never been done for forr president. shouldn't the attorny general layout to the american e -- shouldn't bet be explained? e sources say it was connected toa justice department investigatiof claims by the national archives that found 15 boxes of records t mar-a-lago earlier this year any are believed to contain classified information. trump ad federal investigators have beenn negotiations over the records. >> certainly, a very, very significant development in criml charges are being contemplated,t , at least, and are the basis os unprecedented action by the fbi. fbi. >> reporter: it's not known whas what documents were taken but te justice department has so far
5:33 am
declined to comment. trinity ch, cbs news in new york. >> is the first time in historya search warrant has been issued n a former president. officials sy president. officials say president biden had no knowledge knowledge of the search. > >> a newly released report frome san mateo grand jury raises cons about what happened to the watey when the major earthquake had. t is broken down for us. >> reporter: the images are sead into the brains of bay area res. the aftermath of a major earthquake in sunny san mateo y with the infamous san andreas ft cutting a path right through it. through it. at cal water bayshore, providing water to san to san mateo in south france ano and cisco and carlos, the threat carlos, the threat of an earthquake is always on their minds. >> we want to reassure our custs that we don't have a blind eye d we are preparing and practicings not just today. we have been
5:34 am
doing this for quite some time. >> reporter: the grand jury said said many of the 15 water distrs don't have enough backup water or fuel to keep the water flowig out of taps 70 few hours after . >> it would back up supply but s those days go on we try to makes and get things back in place and in place and hopefully restore normal supply. >> reporter: cal water said they said they have backup plans from plans from the 23 other districs around the state. >> we will make the call and stt rececong . resources willes comg in. resources will be people that can fix pipes and operate pumps and they will have portable power units to power pump stations pump stations. >> reporter: cal water said they they are constantly retrofitting retrofitting and implementing ls implementing lessons learned. >> we found out that there wered connections on the tank and eveg started oscillating. the tank
5:35 am
would share off and you can control that and you lost emergy lost emergency storage. >> reporter: cal water has replaced at dozens of them. >> everyone has a flexible extension joint and it looks like a flex e straw. >> reporter: the grand jury rept said emergency services should e more closely with water distric. andria borba, kpix5. > >> it's the one-year anniversary of the destructive caldor fired pg&e is doing more work to prevt another blaze from ripping thro. the blaze leveled the town of gridley frats and left behind burnt tree trunks and empty lot. pg&e is trying to bury six miles pg&e is trying to bury six miles pg&e is trying to bury six miles pg&e is trying to bury six miles pg&e is trying to bury six miles pg&e is trying to bury six miles pg&e is trying to bury six miles pg&e is trying to bury six miles pg&e is trying to bury six miles pg&e is trying to bury six miles pg&e is of overhead power lines in the footprint of the caldor fire. te fire started from scratch but ty
5:36 am
say it's not too late. >> it's a long term solution to make the community safer. >> pg&e is on track to bury 175 miles of lines but they have a goal of 10,000. the cost is $3.75 million. > >> a new study in the journal of of nature of climate change lins climate change to pathological . hazards are aggravated more thaf than half of the people affected researchers looked at noninfects at noninfectious sicknesses like sicknesses like asthma and alles and found climate hazards made e than 75% of those conditions wo. > >> salt substitute is lower the risk of heart attack, stroke an, according to an analysis with st substitutes lowering blood prese blood pressure regardless of whe
5:37 am
of where they live, their age, , age, sex, health history or wei. > >> a new survey finds 60% of ams of americans over 50 that have t least one dose of covid vaccine intend to get a booster shot ths shot this fall. 21% are somewhat are somewhat likely to get a booster and some say they will p will skip it. the likelihood ofg a booster goes up to 68% among those 65 and older, black adults and those with low income. > >> the monkeypox clinic for vacs will open at 8:00. officials say all of yesterdays walk-in patis were able to get a vaccine. 750e given out. >> i feel like i'm high risk anh covid, i don't like taking risks. >> there were long lines and its it was the focus of a state hearing led by senator scott wiener, who called the vaccine
5:38 am
shortage heartbreaking. >> in san francisco, it's a little bit like the hunger gamen it comes to accessing vaccinations. it's heartbreaking and at san francisco general, the clinic will open for a few days or week and then shut down because it runs out. when it opens up again, there is a line, four, five blocks long. >> san francisco has one-third of all monkeypox cases in the state and of those cases, 95% were in gay or bisexual man. its important to remember that thers there is nothing stopping it from affecting other members ofe of the population. you can get n get information online at kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. > >> in the tech world, whatsapp is rolling out security features to make it easier for users to hide out online. the self mode will allow you to see who is
5:39 am
checking messages and who can'tp chats can be left without notifying the group. the new feature will be available in cog in coming weeks. and snapchat has the first parental control n with them rolling out a new tood the family center with a list of of who your kids are messaging without seeing the actual messa. they say parents will have to ce their on snapchat account and ks have to opt in for this to work. to work. > >> new this morning, the inflation report has been relead been released and for the first time in a long time, inflation slowed from the 4-decade peak but still high, 8.5% with that record over the past year. gas prices are falling, following te following the national trend with several factors driving it down, including increased oil supply, fear of a global recession and a decrease in thed for oil.
5:40 am
>> 75% of people said they would would change their lifestyle when it hits $5. the follow-on y seems to mirror that. people arg their lifestyles. >> the highest levels since 1981, gas prices were a major ct with fuel making up nearly half of the increased cost. all eyese on the federal reserve to see hw it changes the strategy. > >> the clock is ticking and we e counting off to kick off at 5:3t here on kpix5 with the niners taking on the green bay packers green bay packers at levi's stadium. a very exciting friday on kpix5. the team is tuning up for their first preseason game and worked out yesterday in front of a big crowd. i understand we had len ramirez their with the diehard fans. >> reporter: it's a 49ers fan's dream come true on the field wih
5:41 am
autographs and a good look at the practice. what a way to start off. they called names and and they are here in person. ki, person. kittle, warner and the new starting quarterback, trey . >> it's great to see them right in front of us. >> reporter: tony and his wife and their boys came down from south san francisco to sit on the grass and watch the team shake shape. >> it's a good time to get the y the family out here and have fun. >> reporter: they are doing their best to bring the boys ups niners fans and they have ideas of their own. the 49ers scheduled 11 family-friendly trg camp days with $5 tickets that t the 49ers foundation with free . it has become a sold-out destinn for the faithful. >> the fans are excited. look at
5:42 am
them. they are loving it. beautiful, 80 degrees in santa clara, you can't get better than than this. >> reporter: for many fans, thet the highlight is at the end of e when the blocking and tackling s in the autograph lines, not on the field. working safety, the s the helmets were taken off. >> breaking news. we are out hee out here with training camp just with training camp just finishing for today and the 49es are ready for friday against thn bay packers. >> reporter: if he doesn't make the roster, there might be a sed career in front of the camera. n santa clara, len ramirez, channl 5 eyewitness news. > >> in the red and gold report, e walter shows us how one player'e is not so special for the fans. trey lance is the biggest questn
5:43 am
mark for the 49ers heading into2 but there's no question tin the ofarrbk has sidesith gelen brandon. the offense revolves around deebo samuel's. his presence at practice has added r to the offense. >> is like the enforcer and evey knows when he is out on the fie, the field, there is a different. he gives a physical play to get it going. >> reporter: with the red and gold report. >> the team gave a group of acts a unique tour of levi's stadiumd the engineers showed the group d
5:44 am
group around and they learned at thviy tenology the levi eco-friendly technology the levi eco-friendly technology the levi eco-friendly technology the levi eco-friendly technology the levi eco-friendly technology the levi eco-friendly technology the levi eco-friendly technology the levi eco-friendly technology the levi eco-friendly technology t and they were given advice. >> it's pretty great. us high ss learned the physics and the scie the science but we never see the but we never see the practical . coming out to use your path with with the career you enjoy is gr. >> more than 200 students have gotten involved in the silicon y youth action. that girl is amazing and i want to be like hr when i grow up. >> really cool what they've done cool what they've done at the sm and how innovative it is. >> i would expect nothing less from the bay area team to be gn be green and tech savvy like th.
5:45 am
> >> 5:44 and coming up, a group of golfers will have to say gooe to the pga postseason.
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>> 5:47 and welcome back. elon k elon musk sold off a chunk of ta stock, nearly 792 million shares shares of the electric car company are worth nearly $7 million. that's according to fis with the sec. he may need the cash due to his ongoing legal battle with twitter. > >> a federal judge in californid that three golfers that joined e joined the saudi back to liv gof will not be able to compete in e pga tour postseason. talor gooc, matt jones and hudson swafford and others filed an antitrust lawsuit, claiming their careerse hurt when the torso's amended tm after joining the lucrative liv. the judge said he did not think the golfers faced irreparable h, thanks to the money they were gd by al iv. > >> extending into the work week, week, the weather gets better ad better and more extremely
5:49 am
beautiful into the weekend with high pressure pushing in from the desert. it's nothing too exe and won't heat up to record-breg to record-breaking temperaturest will warm up a little bit into e weekend with sunny skies and right now, the marine layer is g into san francisco waking up this morning with daytime highs sitting around average. we willk that down and a second with thee layers staying strong until noo. sunny skies in the inland areasd areas and we are dealing with py cloudy conditions right now butt will be a beautiful and mild dan the bay area. looking at the wi, the wind, it's expected to kickp late this afternoon and into th, 30-mile per hour winds at the at
5:50 am
the altamont pass. calmer conditions toward fairfield wite highs this afternoon getting ino getting into the upper 70s and lower 80s. a beautiful and warm afternoon and the tri-valley a. if you have plans to get fresh air or take the dogs are kits for a walk, this is the prime te with highs in the mid-80s and ur 60s in lower 70s near san franco and sausalito. we are dealing with 70s across the board in san in san francisco with no more 60s and above average in san fro but below where we should be, fg be, flirting with upper 70s and low 80s off toward san jose and the santa clara valley. for inld areas in the microclimates, uppr 80s turn to upper 90s by next wk with a 10-degree jump due to hih pressure. we will break it downn the weather center.
5:51 am
>> i might take myself out for . > >> a new crash at the bay bridgl plaza with this happening the last time i talked to you with s blocking lanes and injuries reported. traffic is slow approg slow approaching the accident scene and then the metering lights are off. a seven minute drive from the maze through san francisco and we are tracking a single car crash in vacaville on westbound 80 near the interstate 505 connector with te with the left lane blocked and the two right lanes open. traffc lanes open. traffic is backe is backed up approaching that scene. > >> traffic is slow for the super super commuter on interstate 580 580 and it will take 65 minutes to travel from highway 205 in ty in tracy to 680 in dublin. 15 ms from highway 4 to the macarthur.
5:52 am
and through interstate 80, the san mateo bridge is seeing braks with a 12 minute drive from higy 880 in hayward. > >> the time is 5:51 and coming up, the drew barrymore show is t 2:00 today on kpix5. >> some beets to get you ready r your workday and still ahead, ni minaj is breaking barriers for n in hip-hop. > >> the biggest headlines of the day and
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>> welcome back. my favorite pat about living in the bay area is the weather. i know it is supposed to be my favorite but this is a stunning look right nw with the tower cam overlooking e bay right now. the marine layerl pull back along the coast. by 1, sunny conditions from richmond into the san mateo valley with sunshine in store for the rest f the afternoon. we will update yu in the weather center. > >> sigourney weaver and kevin kn kevin klein have a new romantic, the good house. >> girls really like you. i'm
5:56 am
talking about my dog. >> the character is a real estate agent who lovee and secrets and she finds hersef finds herself looking inward asr old frame frank reenters her li. it arrives in theaters septembe. >> good news for nicki minaj, bg cobreaking barriers for women in hip-hop. she owns five trophies and will receive the video vanguard award at the mtvs later this month and will perfom on the show. > >> the time is 5:56 and people e getting vaccinated against monkeypox with the new plan appd by the fda. > >> a divide in santa rosa, the
5:57 am
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>> i believe we have a responsibility, no matter how old the case. >> a cold case murder mystery solved from almost four decades. the latest advances in dna techy make this possible. > >> every day is a stress and whs coming and what will they be do. > >> a great divide in santa rosah a fight over short-term rentalsn the city. > >> we are well into the month of the month of august and how long will the good weather


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