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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  August 10, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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>> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. > >> a big win for san francisco in the opioid trial against
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walgreens. > >> plus, prices are still high. the signs inflation could be slowing down. > >> there is a little corner of southwest minnesota that is parf niner nation. i am in marshall,a marshall, minnesota and we will tell you why with the help of trey lance's high school football coach. >> you know, kids are running around with trey lance jerseys and a 49ers stuff. > >> good afternoon. i'm sara donchey. san francisco sued walgreens and won. the lawsuit between the pharmacy and the city centers on the opioid crisis and who is at fault for that. kpix 5 and markovic joined us with details on this. >> this lawsuit is nipping at one of the bugs, which is legal. the judge ruling that walgreens has failed to investigate what should have been suspicious opioid prescriptions. the city t city suit accused walgreens of fueling an opioid overdose and addiction surge, which created a
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a public nuisance as well as fad as failed to get the drugs diverted for illegal use. walgreens dispensed 100 million opioid pills, which was over a 50 year. neck. walgreens only id only investigated 5% of all prescriptions that should have raised at least one regulatory red flag. >> walgreens did not flag suspicious orders. they did not give their pharmacist time to conduct due diligence. pharmacis diligence. pharmacists were pressured to fill, fill, fill and as a result, walgreens flooded our city with opioids. >> san francisco sued walgreens along with several drug manufacs drug manufacturers and distributors. the trial began in in april and all of the defendas the defendants except walgreens reached settlements with the city. walgreens responded with a a statement saying in part we stand behind the professionalism professionalism and integrity of
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of our pharmacists am a dedicated health care professionals who live in the cities they serve. we look forward to the opportunity to address these issues on appeal, but for now, the case is moving into the penalty phase. attorneys believe that will happen sometime within the next few months. sarah? >> anne makovec, thank you. > >> bay area leaders are calling calling on governors to run safe safe consumption sites. this is a bill that would apply to san francisco, oakland, and l.a. staff would supervise the use of of drugs with clean supplies and and refer to treatment. the aim, aim, producing a prevention of overdoses on the streets. >> there is nothing more radical radical or extreme than allowing allowing people to lie on our ss our streets, to use drugs, to die without intervention. >> senate republicans want this. this veto. in 2018, governor brown vetoed something similar but governor newsom has
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suggested he is open to something like this. > >> new at 3:00, a shark and cour and counter. this is the second one this summer. around 11:30 this morning, a paddleboarder set a shark bit his board multiple times. his dog fell off off the board. he did too but he he did not get hurt or bit. city city officials said they will look at the bite marks to figure figure out what kind of shark this was in the beach will be closed until at least saturday. > >> an extradition hearing is underway in hawaii related to a bay area cold case. gary jean ramirez living on maui was arrested for the 1982 stabbing death of a teenage girl. he and his attorney appeared in court virtually after dna evidence linked him to the crime scene 40 40 years after the killing. karen was 15 years old when she was kidnapped from a bus stop, sexually assaulted, and stabbed to death. ramirez is facing murder charges. > >> stocks spiked today following
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following the latest report showing inflation may be slowing slowing down. the dow is up 535 points. the nasdaq, of 360. and the s&p gained 87. we are still paying a lot of money for the things we use every day, but as a tina demetrius reports, that inflation report was somewhat helpful. >> reporter: gas prices are much much higher compared to last year, but the national average for a gallon has dropped about one dollar since mid june. >> i think it's great, great, great. >> reporter: that is why the pace of inflation is slowing down. the government says overall consumer prices were up 8.5% in july compared to the previous year. that is historically high but better than june's 9.1%. >> it appears june may have been been the peak in inflation. i don't want everyone to get too excited because it is just one month. >> reporter: the report comes as as a back-to-school shopping is
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in full swing. meredith is buying for her son, jack, who is is headed to college. >> we are getting our last-minute necessities, school supplies, clothes, shoes. >> reporter: >> reporter: prices for educational books and supplies increased 3.1% over the last year. computers dropped 3.5%. smart phones are down 20% in the the past 12 months. >> one month doesn't make a tred a trend, but if things go well in the future, we are likely toe to see prices trending lower through this year and into next. next. >> reporter: while prices on some items are coming down, thee down, there is sticker shock at the grocery store with food prices up 13% over last year, a rate not seen since 1979. rent costs are also rising rapidly. the federal reserve will meet next month and is expected to it to implement more measures to slow down increasing prices. dina demetrius, cbs news , los angeles. >> here is what it looks like
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you're at home. california's average for gas, $5.40 a gallon, gallon, down 70% from last month month but it is not exactly cheap. last year, the average was around $4.39. > >> two days from now, that 49ers 49ers kick off their season against the packers. it'll be our first chance to see new quarterback trey lance in actio. in action. lance was a high school star in a small town in minnesota. max darrow caught up with max's high school coach. >> >> reporter: marshall, minnesota. population 13,680. this is where it all began, where trey lance put in the work that put him on the path to the the nfl. >> trey lance was one of the top top ones we have ever had. > >> reporter: a one-of-a-kind player. >> 10 years ago, he was entering
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entering our youth camp and now he is a starting quarterback in the nfl. >> reporter: in this small town, town, marshall tiger foot back is a big deal. >> there is not a lot going on friday nights, so people come out and support football. sometimes the crowd is as big as as 5000 people. >> reporter: as a teenager, lance made the town proud, leading the team to three state tournaments. >> we knew right there we had something special. >> reporter: lance was described described as an incredible lead, incredible leader, dedicated, and the best teammate. >> he was always very receptive to his teammates. good leadership every game. he was always there. >> reporter: in 2018, trey lance lance won the budding rosa senior athletic award. >> he was an outstanding basketball player. >> reporter: the 49ers are starting a new era with a special kind of player, speaking speaking to his character, the niners have a good man in trey lance. >> he is going to be the face of of the franchise. he will never
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embarrass the program. he will give you everything he has from a time commitment, personality e personality wise. he is true to his beliefs and his faith and he he is just a solid person that, you know, people just appreciate appreciate everything he does. >> reporter: he is already giving back. >> he has a trey lance scholarship for a senior going to college. >> reporter: the coaches worth of wisdom ahead of lance's first first season as a starting quarterback? >> lock out the noise. do your . your thing. that is the advice i i give him. >> reporter: at the end of the day, even though he's made it big time in the bay, back in marshall -- >> the coach says he's excited to see trey lance hit the field this year and he will do so in person with his wife next weekend when the niners take on the vikings in minneapolis in an an exhibition game. even though we are deep in vikings territory, he says he thinks there will be a lot of people
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from this corner of the state who are proud to show up wearing wearing niners gear. in marshall, minnesota, max darrow, darrow, kpix 5 news. >> max is reporting from minnesota all week. later today, today, we will show you trey lance's journey to stardom. and we know the bay area is full of 49ers super fans. now is your te your time to call them out and get on tv. nominate your favorite member of the faithful and all season we will be profiling 49ers super fans. > >> still ahead on kpix 5 and is is streaming on cbs news bay area, a taste of island culture here at home. the special event bringing us a whole lot of aloha. > >> plus, a hit and then a hug. hear from the two little league players getting a lot of attention for their sportsmanship. > >> it is a nice day across the bay area as the father continues continues to stream across the
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>> this weekend, a special concert in san mateo is giving us a taste of island culture. joining us live, donna ong-kimura from the pacific islanders cultural association. donna , tell us about the bay area aloha concert.
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>> aloha and thank you for having us on today. the pacific islanders cultural association is a nonprofit entity and we have been putting on the aloha festival for 25 years. our goal is to celebrate together by shag by sharing diverse cultures andg and encouraging young people tot to commit to higher goals with academic scholarships that are d are awarded each year. our mission is to perpetuate the cultures of the pacific islanders in northern california. this year, we are presenting a scaled-back event h event with the bay area aloha concert being held on sunday, august 14th, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. at the sano san mateo county event center. e . the bay area aloha concert will bring flavor and soul of hi of hawaii to you. our
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organization is all about the aloha spirit, bringing the warmth and the sincerity of hawaii's people without any obligation in return. along witg with welcoming some local talent, we are very excited to t to present josh as his headline. his headliner. he expresses his solo through hawaiian songs ands and has a grammy nomination. we will have hula dance performances. for purchase, hawaiian plate lunches, salmon,d salmon, squid or beef, kahlc kahlc ice stand, which will be a hit for the kids as well as adults. >> that is always a popular one.
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one. >> the alcohol free event is $2. is $25. >> that is a popular one, donna. donna. i'm sorry. i don't need to cut you off here . i just want to thank you for being on the program. the bay area alohat aloha concert is this sunday, so so get your tickets online. 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. at the san mateo event center. tickets are $25 and kids under five are free. > >> this next video is getting a lot of attention. take a look. this was at a little league championship game and the pitch got away from kayden shelton. it it hit isaiah jarvis in the head. he had on a helmet and he was okay, thankfully, but the pe the picture was shaken up about it. watch as the batter runs over to make sure his opponent is okay. >> as soon as i saw him, i was starting to get emotional because he hit me. obviously he was feeling bad for me. i wanted wanted to go over there and spread god's love and make sure he was okay and make sure that he knows that i'm okay and that i'll be okay.
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>> after i hit him and he fell to the ground and he came over to me, once he hugged me, i fele felt like -- i felt really good. it felt like he cared. i mean, i also cared about him and that just showed that, like, basebals baseball is sportsmanship. like, like, there is a lot of sportsmanship and baseball. >> here is what the boys had to say about all of the attention they are getting for this now. >> i mean, it is really crazy. i i mean, who thought one hug would get this crazy? do nice things and you will get rewarded, i guess. i mean, it is is really crazy and i am reallyl really thankful. yeah. >> i think the lesson is you should care for other people, even though if they are down, you should just care for them. try to build them up. >> texas ended up winning the
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game. isaiah says he will be rooting for his new friend and team. > >> time for a look at the forecast. paul is here to talk about the weather which dare i say was pretty warm out there. >> it has been nice throughout the day. temperatures, 70 degrees in san francisco, which is warm for any time of year but but at least it is not excessively hot. here is what you need to know as we get there there the next few days. i'll get out of the ways you can read read it. low cloud cover and fog fog tonight. temperatures are going to build inland. normal august heat will build into early next week. temperatures slightly above average for inlad for inland parts of the bay area. nothing in terms of extreme heat. it will not be stupid hot out there, but you will notice temperatures through through early next week. the next wave of monsoon moisture, we are tracking that. we will watch this for any potential lightning. right now, all we have is father sneaking through the golden gate. 81, santa rosa and san jose. 84, cochran. 85,
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livermore. temperatures around the bay area, 70s. 77 in oaklan. in oakland. fog and low cloud cr cloud cover will spread across the bay and into the inland valleys by tomorrow morning. like the past several mornings, it should back up quickly. it wl it will head back to the coast by noon at the latest and plenty plenty of sunshine for the rest of the day. temperatures will warm up. you will not notice much of a change around the bay. bay. temperatures tomorrow morning, about where they have been in the upper 50s, around 6. 60 degrees. high temperatures tomorrow will be anywhere from 1 1 to 3 degrees above normal. again, it is not unreasonably warm this time of year, but slightly warmer temperatures fod for inland bay area. slightly below average temperatures. let's zoom in for a closer look along the coast. a mix of 70s and 80s down the peninsula and the south end of the bay, low to to mid-80s as you go further into the santa clara valley. 83, 83, san jose. mostly mid-80s for
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for the tri-valley and other eastern parts of the bay. exceptions as you go east. temperatures there will cradeee to that. temperatures reach thes the 90s the next several days. 70, san francisco. low to mid-70s for oakland in the mid- east bay. very average for august. further north, further d further inland, the more likely you are to reach or exceed 90 degrees. as the heat builds, it will stick around for a while. again, we are not talking extreme heat but in the 6 to 10 day outlook, above average temperatures through august 20th. the two week outlook takes takes into late august and it shows a significant chance of above average temperatures, which means we will have to watch the wildfire threat as the the vegetation continues to dry out with warmer temperatures. again, most noticeable inland around the bay. low 70s in san francisco. mid-70s inland. san jose warms up from the low 80s to the upper 80s by monday,
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tuesday, and wednesday. a similar trend for inland parts of the north bay. east bay, hotspots in the 80s. low to mid-90s through the next week. sara? >> paul, thank you. > >> coming up, deebo samuel is field right now. > >> and don't forget to join us for our 7:00 a.m. newscast streaming on pluto tv and on any any platform using the free cbs news
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>> it is back to school week, so so we caught up with students headed back to wheeler elementary school today. across the bay area, classes are starting this week and next.
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some generous community groups are helping students get the supplies they need. they held the giveaways at sacred heart and san jose. volunteers handed out backpacks, pencils, notebooks, calculators, and more. > >> the 49ers rebecca training cp today and one player's presence is making a big difference. charlie walter has more in our red and gold report. >> reporter: trey lance is the biggest question mark for the 49ers heading into 2022, however however there is no questioning the ofe wessecondses to throto. u' got pro bowl tight end george kittle, brandok brandon aiyuk who has been the talk of training camp. we know the offense revolves around deebo samuel . the 49ers self-proclaimed wide back. since since signing his new contract last week, samuel's presence at practice has added swagger to the entire offense.
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>> deebo, he is like an enforcer. everyone knows when deebo is on the field, you can just feel that different energy. energy. he was that guy in the season who got physical or any kind of play to get us going. just having him back out there, we can start building. >> reporter: with the red and gold report, i am charlie walter. >> kpix 5 is proud to be the 49ers preseason partner. watch a a special edition of kpix 5 news at 4:00. at 5:00, it is the the red and gold report. they take on the packers at 5:30 and and after the game, watch the fifth quarter. don't forget to nominate your 49ers super fan. all season we will be profiling members of the 49er faithful. scan the qr code on your screen right now to tell us someone who who is all in on the niners. > >>cobeer on the freeway. > >> i am elise preston in new
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york. how school districts across the country are battling teacher shortages. what districts are doing to
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>> coming up at 5:00, the city of san francisco facing legal action after a protester says she was injected with a sedative sedative against her will. we look at the claims and how police are responding. that story and more with ryan yamamoto and me coming up at 5:00. > >> but for now, take a look at this video. a truck full of budt bud light overturned in louisville, kentucky. most of the beer ended up in the median and on the side of the road. it took hours to clean that up. no one got hurt, thankfully. many cases remain in. at th did withe one is out there with straws, so so i guess that's a good thing. that's it for us here on kpix 5 news. the cbs evening news is .
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web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. captioning sponsored by cbs >> brennan: tonight, former president trump pleads the fifth as new york state probes his business practices. the 45th president injokes his right not to answer questions. a defiant trump gives a thumbs-up to cameras outside his manhattan apartment today. and we have new details about the f.b.i. search of his florida home. cbs' robert costa has latest on whether he's of these legal cases will impact a potential presidential run in 2024. is inflation relief in sight? gas prices fell for the eighth week, but cbs' carter evans shows us some costs are still up. up. >> reporter: you're still spending more at the grocery store and taking home less. >> brennan: assassination plot on u.s. soil.


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