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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  August 10, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. captioning sponsored by cbs >> brennan: tonight, former president trump pleads the fifth as new york state probes his business practices. the 45th president injokes his right not to answer questions. a defiant trump gives a thumbs-up to cameras outside his manhattan apartment today. and we have new details about the f.b.i. search of his florida home. cbs' robert costa has latest on whether he's of these legal cases will impact a potential presidential run in 2024. is inflation relief in sight? gas prices fell for the eighth week, but cbs' carter evans shows us some costs are still up. up. >> reporter: you're still spending more at the grocery store and taking home less. >> brennan: assassination plot on u.s. soil.
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the alleged $300,000 murder-for-hire plan, iranian targeting two top trump officials. cbs' catherine herridge speaks to one of them. >> that it was potentially an effort to either kidnap me or assassination me. >> brennan: how will the biden administration respond? and nationwide teacher shortage. cbs' elise preston on what's behind the crisis in america's classrooms. >> teachers are burned out. but at the same time, they want to make a difference in the lives of kids. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell, reporting from the nation's capital. >> brennan: good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm margaret brennan in for norah. we begin tonight with the latest news about former president donald trump's growing legal troubles. he was set to be questioned under oct today for a civil investigation by the state of new york into alleged fraud by the trump organization. in manhattan, the former president waved today to the crowd on the way to his
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deposition. he invoked his constitutional right against self-incrimination by pleading the fifth, refusing to answer questions. all this comes just days after the f.b.i. executed a search warrant on trump's florida home, looking for documents that could contain classified information. and we are learning more tonight. cbs' robert costa starts us off with outside trump tower in new york city. good evening to you, robert. >> reporter: good evening, margaret. a crowd gathered in lower manhattan earlier today, beneath the skyscrapers to witness a moment in american history-- a former president being deposed under oath by new york state prosecutors. trump invoked his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination, a move he had once disparaged. >> you see the mob takes the fifth. if you're innocent, why are you taking the fifth amendment? >> reporter: trump's deposition is the latest chapter in a contentious standoff with
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new york state attorney general letitia james, who is investigating whether trump's real estate businesses inflated the value of its assets, including his personal fifth avenue apartment. in a statement, trump said he took the fifth because he had to. "when your family, your company become the targets of an unfounded, politically motivated witch hunt, you have no choice." cbs news legal expert and analyst rikki klieman. >> and any lawyer worth his or her salt would have told donald trump that it was essential for him to invoke his fifth amendment fringe at that deposition today. >> reporter: the new york attorney general's office said today they will continue to pursue the facts and the law wherever they may lead. the investigation continues. this comes as new details emerge about the f.b.i. search of trump's mara-a-lago home. agents spent nine hours in the residence and searched an
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office. there are other trump-relatedly investigations, a criminal inquiry by the manhattan district attorney bohis businesses there. a georgia probe into his efforts to overturn the state's 2020 election results. and a federal grand jury hearing witness testimony about trump's activities related to the 2020 vote. trump remains popular in the republican party. supporters outside mara-a-lago are just one sign of that. the former president is now using the f.b.i. search to raise funds. the former president huddled with republican allies at his residence in bedminster, new jersey, last night. they urged him to get into the 2024 presidential race soon. and one attendee from last night's dinner tells cbs news tonight that top republicans are preparing for a possible, earlier-than-expected announcement by trump jumping into the 2024 presidential race,
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fueled by grievance inside the g.o.p. about what has unfolded in recent days. margaret. >> brennan: robert costa with the news in manhattan tonight. well, back here in washington, an iranian national was charged with plotting to assassinate former national security adviser john bolton, one of iran's fiercest critics. cbs' catherine herridge reports tonight on the extraordinary details. >> reporter: the alleged murder-for-hire plot took shape after this drone strike in iraq assass napted top iranian general qasem soleimani two years ago. former national security adviser john bolton quickly tweeted, "congratulations to all involved." iran promised to retaliate. today, the department of justice charged shahram poursafi, a member of iran's revolutionary guard with with offering $300,000to kill bolton. what about the f.b.i. say about the serious natre of the threat? >> they were able to confirm
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that it was potentially an effort either to kidnap me or assassinate me. >> reporter: the f.b.i. says poursafi, hired operatives to track and even eliminate bolton, even texting pictures of cash pertaining to the hit. one of the contacts was an f.b.i. informant. sources tell cbs news another target was mike pompeo. bill evanina ran counter terrorist operations during the trump administration. with the u.s. now resuming talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal with iran, bolton has a warning. >> the fact that the government of iran is trying to kill americans on american soil should be the end of any further discussion with iran on the nuclear program. >> reporter: multiple sources tell cbs news this was a serious plot. the iranian defendant was not a rogue operator, and the threat extends to other former
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government officials. bolton now has the same level of secret service protection that he had while working at the white house. iran denies any involvement, margaret. >> brennan: catherine, an extraordinary detail here. and the white house says it will continue its talks with iran, but it will face severe consequences is it any americans are attacked. and we learned today that the price-- pace of inflation eased last month. cost of things like gas, airline tickets, and clothes are down, giving americans slight breather. wall street celebratedly the e n easiamerarnot el ouvery week for food? >> probably like $150 more a week. >> reporter: latest numbers show high prices may have peaked. what should consumers take away from this inflation reading today? >> this is really good news. it's quite likely that the worst of the inflation is behind us. consumers are going to have a
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bit more purchasing power going forward. >> reporter: but economist leo feler says perception is still leaving many pessimistic. >> people aren't that uncomfortable about their financial futures. but when you ask them, "is this a good time to buy a car? is this a good time to buy a house? is this a good time to buy a refrigerator, their answer is no. >> reporter: the drop to 8.5% is welcome news but inflation rates remain at levels not seen newscast 40 years. still, the president today took a victory lap. >> we're seeing some signs that inflation may be getting to moderate. >> reporter: you may pay less for a vacation now, and there are discounts at department stores, but basics still cost a lot more. the price of eggs rose 4% last month. but up nearly 40% for the year. airfares fell nearly 10% in july, but are nearly 30% higher than last summer, a similar trend for gas prices nt but ar year,
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increase s79ers arching for savings. did you used to comparison shop like that? >> no, no. we're retired and we have enough time to do it. >> reporter: now, falling gas prices are really the main reason for the drop in inflation. eventually that will trickle down to the rest of the economy. in the meantime, keep comparison shopping for groceries, because that puts pressure on manufacturers to stop raising prices. margaret. >> brennan: carter, federal reserve's goal is inflation of just 2%. long way off. tonight, there is a growing political battle between texas and new yorks governor greg abbott continues to send thousands of migrants from the border to manhattan and washington, d.c. it's part of the republican governor's effort to criticize the biden administration's immigration policy. here is cbs' nancy chen. >> reporter: as nearly 100 migrants arrived in new york city from texas this morning, they stepped off buses and into a political firestorm. .johnny, a 38-year-old migrant
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from venezuela, said he was tired and stressed during his trip but came to the u.s. to provide a better future for his children. he's one of more thaneralreace sent byexs gernre abbott to washinon, d., and moumane asose ci they both asked the federal government for help. >> there's nothing successful about treating people with this lack of dignity. >> we have a growing humanitarian crisis that we expect that the federal government expects is going to only worsen. >> reporter: more than 165 buses have left texas since april, leading to scenes like this at washington union station. abbott says he's sending migrabts away, in part to protest president biden's immigration policies. >> we're full in the state of texas.
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our communities are overrun. >> reporter: critics call it a political stunt, with families caught in the middle. johanna left venezuela with her children and is seeking asylum. she says, "everything we endured during the journey-- the sadness, the pain the fear, and being here right now-- i feel the sacrifice was worth it. but one lawyer helping migrants said not everyone wanted to end up in new york. still, with more buses likely coming, the city has opened 11 additional shelters to help house them. margaret. >> brennan: nancy, thank you. now to tkraiwhere ukrainian troops are set to launch a new counteroffensive in the south against invading russian forces. this comes after a major attack on a base in a russian-controlled crimea. here is cbs' charlie d'agata. >> reporter: the ukrainian officials have not claimed responsibility for the deadly blast at a russian at ssia's ree
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has been swift and brutal. on the edge of ukrainian-held territory, we spoke with commander roman kulyk. you have seen a marked difference since the attack in crimea? >> yes. >> reporter: the difference is the increased shelling, he said, and that the russians seem to want to show they have an advantage in long-range artillery weapons. this virtually deserted village has become a no-man's land and the situation here is only going to intense fiedz as ukrainian forces prepare to mount a major counteroffensive from this territory in the coming weeks. that counterattack, according to ukrainian military officials, is to recapture russian-held kherson, putting residents like 76-year-old anna shepel right on the firing line. can you describe what the-- what it's been like here for the past few weeks?
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"we have lots of shelling," she said. "they fixed my windows three times already, but they keep blowing out because of the explosions." in the darkness, she showed us the destruction of the house she still calls home. but she's determined to stay. even as russian forces try to flatten these regions for the showdown to come. charlie d'agata, cbs news, near mick live, ukraine. >> brennan: tonight, many kids across the country are getting ready to go back to school, but will there be enough teachers. that story when we return in just 60 seconds. ohn's, but gut focused entyvio is. entyvio works at the site of the problem to block certain inflammation-causing cells from entering the gut. infusion and serious allergic reactions can happen
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during or after treatment. entyvio may increase risk of infection which can be serious. although unlikely, a risk of pml, a rare, serious, potentially fatal brain infection cannot be ruled out. tell your doctor if you have an infection, experience frequent infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. liver problems can occur with entyvio. in clinical trials, entyvio helped many people achieve long-term relief and remission. ask your doctor about entyvio. ♪entyvio, entyvio, entyvio♪ . >> brennan: as students head back to school, the u.s. is coping with a nationwide shortage of teachers numbering in the hundreds of thousands. we get more now from cbs' elise preston. >> reporter: in oakland, california, kindergarten teacher natalie tranis excited to be back in the classroom with her 25 four-year-olds.
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but she's not surprised that many other teach across the country did not return. >> we need higher pay. we need more respect for the teaching profession, because it's extremely difficult. >> reporter: nationally, there are more than 280,000 fewer public school teachers than before the pandemic. florida is scrambling to fill 8,000 openings. in illinois, 88% of school districts surveyed are battling a shortage. and arizona's approaching the new school year with more than 2200 teacher vacancies. in charlotte, h.r. manager laura francisco is busy trying to hire 373 teachers before school starts at the end of the month. >> it's a huge responsibility. >> reporter: so want district is offering extra cash to teachers. >> particularly in our e.c., our special needs area, and secondary math and science. and that's a sign-on incentive, as well as additional monthly pay for as long as they remain in that position. >> reporter: dallas is offering as much as $3500 to
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recruit and retain teachers. in california, a school district is providing below-market-rate apartments to teachers. still, three out of four educators surveyed would not recommend the job to others, according to the nation's second-largest education union. >> yeah, teachers are burned out. but at the same time, they want to make a difference in the lives of kids. >> reporter: another growing concern: who will drive these kids to school? bus drivers are also in demand. 86% of schools surveyed last month told "education week" there aren't enough drivers to meet their needs. margaret. >> brennan: thank you. up next, severe storms flood roads and cause flight delays, but there is some relief in sight for millions. and the investigation after a deadly explosion rocks a deadly explosion rocks a neighborhood. ladies, six minutes please... it's not always “picture perfect.” plus i'm dealing with bleeding from uterine fibroids.
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for wrinkle results in one week. neutrogena®. for people with skin. . >> brennan: severe thunderstorms caused hundreds of flights to be canceled or delayed today from texas to the northeast. up to three inches of rain unleashed flash floods across d.c. and the surrounding areas. cars also got stuck on flooded roads in chattanooga, tennessee. as the storms push through tonight, temperatures across the region will continue to drop, providing some relief for millions. more than 30 police officers will be stationed at schools across the uvaldy school district in texas when they reopen in a few weeks.
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going back to school will be especially challenging. 19 students and two teachers were gunned down at robb elementary in uvalde just days before schools closed back in may. that school will not reopen. students will attend classes at different campuses. at the white house today, president biden signed new veterans' healthcare legislation. it expands benefits for troops who served near toxic burn pits in iraq and afghanistan. and this is personal for the president. he believes his son, beau, died because of exposure to those burn pits. activist and comedian jon stewart was at the ceremony and was instrumental in getting that legislation approved. still ahead, flames destroy a recycling facility. we will tell you why people in that area were warned to shelter in place. pha lipoic acid to relieve occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort.
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3:54 pm
the a.t.f. is now helping to investigate the cause of the blast. a raging fire broke out today at a facility in madison, illinois, where workers were recycling batteries. one employee suffered minor burns, and people within a mile of the warehouse are being asked to stay indoors, close all windows, and shut off air conditioning until officials can confirm that there aren't dangerous chemicals in the air. we'll be right back with the story about pet lovers and cherished memories. that little leaf brought this old photo to life, i can finally put some names to those faces... it's like i'm back there at 39 elmhurst with all these folks. ancestry can guide you to family discoveries in the 1950 census.
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3:58 pm
captures will the true love. >> reporter: these were her had cancer.s of four-year-old after posting them online an unexpected response. >> families from california, from out of the state, from canada, you know, all asking if they could travel to me or if i would fly to them to be able to do this. so the outreach was absolutely incredible. >> reporter: in a matter of weeks? >> in a matter of days. >> reporter: kennedy created this web site with names of photographers willing to do the same. the tilly project is named for the cat kennedy loved and then lost. >> i know that grief, that heartbreaking, life-stopping, just earth-shattering grief. >> reporter: for the animals we love, gift of celebrating an unbreakable bond. >> you can look back and say, "i was feeling absolutely heartbreak, but, man, was that a capture of my love." >> reporter: janet shamlian, cbs news, portland, maine. >> brennan: and that's tonight's "cbs evening news." for norah o'donnell, i'm
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margaret brennan in the nation's >> i say, "ari, major at 1inheorningy e she's like, "i nto s exely xicated. and grabs my hairs o llwa and then thas ures we stto judre a here of a broken windshield. >> honestly, i have no idea what she's talking about. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. this is "judge judy." lisa johnson is suing the mother of her boyfriend's child, 24-year-old azeri paige, for assault and vandalism to her car. >> byrd: order! all rise! your honor, this is case number 132 on the calendar in the matter of johnson vs. paige.
4:00 pm
>> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome, judge. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. folks, have a seat, please. >> judge judy: ms. johnson, you and ms. paige are connected because you each have a child who has the same father. >> yes. >> judge judy: would that be you? >> yes. >> judge judy: okay. and it is your claim that the defendant came to the house. you live together? >> no. well, as of now, yes. >> judge judy: as of -- >> back when the case happened, yeah, we did live together. >> judge judy: and while you were living together, it is your claim that the defendant came over one evening, assaulted you, and vandalized your car. >> yes. >> judge judy: the defendant denies she was even in town on the night that she's alleging that this happened. and she has a counterclaim she says that you've been harassing her. she believes that you somehow vandalized her car with some foreign object in her gas tank. she's got a counterclaim. okay, when did this incident happen? >> on may 5th. >> judge judy: of this year. >> yes. >> judge judy: what time? >> it was about 12:30, between 12:30 a.m. and 1:00 a.m. >> judge judy: so tell me what happened. >> okay, your honor. on the night of may 5th,


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