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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 11, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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he says i have a family life that's really fun. for more news download our app on your phone or connected tv. i'm matt pieper, cbs news, new it's thursday, august 11th, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." under oath. former president trump pleads the fifth in a civil investigation. what he did say after being questioned for several hours. murder for hire. a man is charged accused of plotting to kill two former white house officials. how agents foiled his plan. border battle. the growing feud between political leaders after texas sends more migrants to new york and washington, d.c. good morning, and good to be with you. i'm anne-marie g investigation into alleged fraud by the trump organization.
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yesterday he waved to the crowd as he left his manhattan resort to head to the deposition. once there he repeatedly invoked his fifth fifth amendment right. he refused to answer questions. trinity chavez has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. sources say former president donald trump invoked his fifth amendment more than 400 times during wednesday's deposition. the probe just another challenge in trump's growing list of heel -- of legal troubles. when donald trump was running for office in 2016, he had strong words for anyone taking the fifth amendment. >> you see the mob takes the fifth. if you're innocent, why are you taking the fifth amendment? >> reporter: on wednesday, the former president did just that, invoking his fifth amendment right time and again in an hours' long deposition with new york state attorney general letitia james. her civil investigation is looking whether trump's real estate businesses inflated the value of their assets including
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his apartment at trump tower. he has denied the allegations and on social media offered his reasons for not answering questions. "when your family, your company become the targets of a politically unfounded and politically motivated witch hunt you have no choice." >> in civil cases when you have liability elsewhere it's common and expected to have harris instruct their clients to take the fifth amendment, to not say anything that could be used in a criminal case against him. >> reporter: the new york attorney general's office said it will pursue the facts and the law wherever they may lead. "our investigation continues." the deposition follows monday's unprecedented fbi search of his florida home, unrelated to the new york investigation. agents spent nine hours in the residence and searched an office for documents that could contain classified information. it's believed they were moved from the white house when trump moved out in 2021. investigations include a
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criminal inquiry by the manhattan district attorney to his businesses here. there's also a georgia probe into his alleged efforts to overturn the state's 2020 election results, and there's a federal grand jury hearing, witness testimony about trump's activities related to the 2020 vote. anne-marie? >> a lot going on. trinity chavez in new york. thank you so much. the justice department charged a member of iran's revolutionary guard in an alleged plot to assassinate former trump national security adviser john bolton. the justice department says that 45-year-old shahram poursafi attempted to pay $300,000 to people in the u.s. in a murder-for-hire plot to kill bolton. it was allegedly in retaliation for a u.s. drone strike in iraq that killed a top iranian general in 2020. after that strike, bolton tweeted congratulations to all involved. the plot was foiled by an fbi informant.
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>> reporter: what did the fbi say about the serious nature of the threat? >> they were able to confirm that it was potentially an effort either to kidnap me or assassinate me. >> officials say shahram poursafi remains at large overseas. iran denies involvement in the alleged plot. sources also tell cbs news that another iranian target was former secretary of state mike pompeo. the long battle to expand health benefits to troops exposed to burn pits is over. yesterday president biden signed the pact act into law surrounded by veterans and their families. the u.s. military burned trash, tires, batteries, medical waste, and other materials in open pits for years in iraq and afghanistan. >> it's monumental. this is the biggest deal, probably the biggest veterans health care legislation that's ever been passed into law. >> the hardest thing in this entire challenge for me has been my kids witnessing me going in and out of the hospital. >> the new law helps veterans
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link more than 20 respiratory illnesses and cancers to the toxic exposure, making it easier for them to get health care and benefits. there's a growing political battle over immigration policy in the u.s. texas governor greg abbott has sent thousands of migrants from the border to new york and washington, d.c. nancy chen explains. >> reporter: as nearly 100 migrants arrived in new york city from texas this morning, they stepped off buses and into a political firestorm. johnny, a 38-year-old migrant from venezuela, says he was tired and stressed during the trip but came to the u.s. to provide a better future for his children. he's one of more than 6,500 asylum seekers processed and released by dhs, to go to washington, d.c., and now new york. the mayors of those cities calling the move inhumane as they both ask the federal
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government for help. >> there's nothing successful about treating people with this lack of dignity. >> we have a growing humanitarian crisis that we expect that the federal government expects is going to only worsen. >> reporter: more than 165 buses have left texas since april leading to scenes like this at washington union station. abbott says he's sending migrants away in part to protest president biden's immigration policies. >> we're full in the state of texas. our communities are overrun. >> reporter: critics call it a political stunt with families caught in the middle. johana left venezuela with her children and is seeking asylum. she says, "everything we endured during the journey, the sadness, the pain, the fear and being here now, i feel the sacrifice was worth it." one lawyer helping migrants says not everyone wanted to end up in new york. still, with more buses coming,
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the city has opened 11 shelters to help houses them. nancy chen, cbs news, new york. at least three people were killed when a house exploded in evansville, indiana. nearby surveillance video captured the moment the house blew up yesterday. fire officials say debris was scattered over 100-foot area. 39 homes were damaged, and one person was injured and taken to the hospital. an investigation is under way to determine the cause of the blast. more than 1,000 firefighters are battling massive wildfires in southwestern france. huge flames filled the sky as more than 15,000 acres have % burned. about 10,000 people have been evacuated, and at least 16 homes destroyed. a major highway near the city of bordeaux was closed. france is in the midst of its fourth heat wave this year. and it faces its worst drought on record. coming up, the high cost of grocery shopping. prices at the supermarket made their biggest jump in more than 40 years. later, a comedy legend is
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to more wellness solutions every day. get more with nature's bounty. russia and ukraine are offering different explanations after a series of explosions rocked a russian military air base in occupied crimea. ukraine says nine russian warplanes were destroyed tuesday in a string of blasts. ukrainian officials have not claimed responsibility. moscow, however, says that the explosions were detonations of stored ammunition and denied any aircraft were damaged. crimean officials say one civilian was killed and several others hurt. dozens of residential buildings in the popular seaside resort area were damaged. a massive fire started at a recycling warehouse in illinois, and walgreens being held liable in a city's opioid epidemic. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "the washington post" reports a federal judge ruled walgreens helped fuel san francisco's
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opioid crisis for years. the judge said walgreens can be held responsible for shipping and over dispensing addictive opioids without proper oversight. the ruling also blamed the chain for failing to identify and report suspicious orders as required by laws. walgreens said it would appeal the decision. a trial will be held later to determine just how much the company must pay the city. and the "st. louis dispatch" says that one person was taken to the hospital after a large fire tore through a recycling center in madison, illinois. the fire broke out yesterday while workers were inside recycling batteries. it took several hours for firefighters to get the blaze under control. hazardous materials inside set off explosions. residents in a one-mile radius were told to shelter in place. >> and watched the fire walk its way down and walk its way that away and that away. i mean, and -- hey, it was -- it was something. that's a brand-new roof. we watched them put that roof on
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with age comes more... get more with neutrogena® retinol pro plus. a powerful .5% retinol that's also gentle on skin. for wrinkle results in one week. neutrogena®. for people with skin. here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ some good news for consumers. inflation may have peaked. the bad news -- it's still pretty high. yesterday the consumer price index showed prices were up 8.5% in july compared to one year ago. in june the inflation rate was 9.1%, a 41-year high. one reason for the decrease is gas prices. overnight the national average
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fell below $4 for the first time since march. one economist says perception is leaving many americans pessimistic. >> people aren't that uncomfortable about their financial futures. when you ask them is this a good time to buy a car, is this a good time to buy a house, is this a good time to buy a refrigerator, their answer is no. >> there's sticker shock at the grocery store. food prices are up more than 13% over last year. the highest increase since 1979. the federal reserve will meet next month and could raise interest rates again to slow down rising prices. and if you subscribe to disney plus, get ready to pay more for no ads. and coke is out with a new beverage inspired by your dreams. matt pieper explains in today's cbs "money watch" reports. >> reporter: stocks rallied to three-month highs on wall street wednesday. the dow gained 535 points. the nasdaq up 360. the s&p 500 gaining 87. might want to start booking that air fare.
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finally travelers are seeing ticket prices that are going down. wednesday's inflation rate showed that the price of the average airline ticket dropped nearly 8% in july to $311. but don't get too excited because prices last month were still nearly 30% higher than in july of last year. demand usually begins to pick up when people book thanksgiving and christmas travel. disney plus has beats its rival netflix when it comes to the number of subscribers it has, but it's also raising its price by 38%. the basic service today costs $7.99 per month. but starting in december that service will run ads, so a subscriber who wants no ads will have to upgrade to a premium service that starts at $10.99 per month. as of july, the streamer had just over 152 million paid subscribers. and this is not a dream. coke has a new flavor, and it's called dream world. what exactly does a dream taste like? well, coca-cola thinks it knows.
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dream world cans and bottles come with qr codes that provide access to virtual reality where people can play music and games. no word on how long the flavor will be available, but it does come out next monday. that is your cbs "money watch" report for this thursday morning. i'm matt pieper, cbs news, new york. >> all right. thank you. up next, serena williams speaks out. what she said in her first public comment since revealing that she's ready to retire from tennis. h homegrown tomatoes...nice. i want to feel in control of my health, so i do what i can. what about screening for colon cancer? when caught in early stages it's more treatable. i'm cologuard. i'm noninvasive and i detect altered dna in your stool to find 92% of colon cancers, even in early stages. early stages? yep, it's for people 45 plus at average risk for colon cancer, not high risk. false positive and negative results may occur. ask your provider if cologuard is right for you. consider it done. we got the house!
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ pittsburgh pirates second base man rodolfo castro lost his phone. but it happened sliding head first into third base against the arizona diamondbacks tuesday night. now the mlb has cracked down on technology use by players since the houston astros' sign-stealing scandal. castro said he forgot he had his phone on him. in his defense, he was just called up from the minors prior to the game. and we are hearing from serena williams for the first time since she revealed in a "vogue" magazine article that she is ready to retire from pro tennis. williams was emotional as she thanked the crowd in toronto after losing her second round
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match there. >> it's just been so memorable, you know. like i said in my article, i'm terrible at good-byes. but good-bye. toronto! it's been a joy playing with you guys all these years. so thank you. [ cheers ] >> williams told "vogue" that she plans to evolve away from tennis. tickets for her next tournament at the u.s. open have been selling out since her announcement. meanwhile, a comedy legend is also hinting that he's ready to step out of the spotlight. steve martin told the "hollywood reporter" when this television show is done, i'm not going to seek others. i'm not going to seek other movies. i don't want to do cameos. this is weirdly it. martin, who is 76, is referring to his show "only murders in the building" which also stars martin short and selena gomez. it was recently renewed for a third season. and forrest gump is coming back to the big screen.
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a hindi language version of the 1990s hit is being released today in the u.s. bollywood superstar aamir khan has given the classic flick a makeover and has taken to the lead role. he says that this movie was a true labor of love. >> when i saw the film when it first came out in the '90s, and i remember loving it. i remember seeing it a couple of times in a short span, and it had a deep impact on me. i loved the character of forrest. i loved the way tom played the part, as well. it's a film that stayed with me. yeah, i really loved the original. >> the new movie titled "laal singh chaddha" is a part of paramount pictures which like cbs news is a part of paramount global. coming up on "cbs mornings," hip-hop artist meek mill and entrepreneur michael rubin join us to discuss their nonprofit organization, reform alliance. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." "
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>> more student heading back to the classroom. this, as tensions tensions are high in oakland following a school board meeting. what parents and teachers are demanding.
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> >> economists are optimistic inflation may finally be slowing slowing down this morning we take a look at why egg and poultry prices may take longer o come down. > >> as high pressure settles in,e warm up a lot. we talk about that coming up in the full fore. > >> things are getting busy on the roadways into the altamont pass. give yourself a few extra minutes. plus, new project meant meant to create a lien for bicyclists and pedestrians but numbers show very few are using. are using it. the calls to recor the sweet a path on the richmond richmond san rafael bridge. > >> let's look at your top stories on this thursday morning. scott peterson will bek in a san mateo county courtroom. courtroom. final arguments expected and his fight for a new new murder trial. his defense team says a bias juror denied him a fair trial back in 2004. he was convicted of murdering his wife lacey and their unborn son and was put on death row. > >> a federal judge sided with them for disco in the open lawsuit ns


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