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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  August 14, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> live from the cbs bacon his studios. this is kpix 5 news. >> >> right now it should be in the the bay area, chinatown business business owners are fighting back against a wave of ricketsd vandalism >> it will take a power tool tot this. most of the criminals will criminals will carry bill cutte. bill cutters. >> the police department is pleading for the public's help. they need leads for a murder case that ha unlved did not eve all the people told me they came came down here and they said that they waited for hours. >> the the were able to get the much in demand monkeypox vaccine
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vaccine on a weekend without having to wait for hours good morning. it is sunday, august 1. i devin fehely. thank you for joining us. let's check on the r with our first alert meteorologist. >> 26 to go until sunrise on the the sunday morning. it is going to be beautiful. there is very little of the way across this. it is very little right through the bay shoreline and every locn is waking up to clear skies exct for maybe a few low clouds tryig to sneak into the in the valleyw 60s out there for just about evy for a relatively cool 52 in santa rosa. the theme in today't alert forecast is the form of taking is. this is especially. y six is the temperature today. >
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>> stephen lee attended the mee. he urged fellow business owners to buy stronger locks. this is $40 for a pair. this is not a pr hardware store. >> they appreciate everything that the police and. do not get
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me wrong. they are upset. the whole purpose of the meeting iso be more proactive. in the meantime, just by whether it is just changing the lock from a small lock to a having a long, it makes a big difference. >> the individuals that he has not had any break and that his they were establishment. he has had three attempted break-ins in in the last year at his other r. in san francisco, betty you kpix kpix 5 . >> crime in chinatown is a big deal for the district attorney brooke jenkins. she is dealing with the assistant da. alexander da. alexander greater says she was demoted by jenkins. this motion was called politically motivated. jenkins took her offs without a nation after she has months working on it. >> this decision was made by brooke jenkins and she disregarded the needs of our cases and our clients. the people of the state of california have issues. >> she added that jenkins is willing over oversight and accountability for police
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officers. >> the other managerial decisios also demonstrate that she is not not the progressive prosecutor that she claims to be. every single attorney who was investigating and prosecuting police officer cases previously is no longer doing so. >> jenkins is also facing questions about receiving more than $100,000 for consulting with a nonprofit that has ties to the recall campaign. we have jenkins yesterday about those ps and greater's resignation durinn event to raise awareness about a about a 2000 cold case homicide but she declined to comment. >> right now, i would rather stk to the subject at hand. i am here to honor mother who just buried her child there will be a be a time for this questions. right now, this is about this family. >> jenkins and others the law enforcement officials are a anybody with information to hele a case from 60 years ago. this is a large group of people
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witnessed a killing. nobody hase forward. kpix 5 don spoke with the victim's mother. >> my 17 year old son that he existed. he lived. he was full of life. and somebody took him from me. >> somebody kill paulette from's paulette from's only son on august 14, 2000. the killer remains free and she feels trapped by the pain in the lack of accountability. emac i feel came prison sometimes. like i said, this is not easy. i still cry after 16 years. i still cry. cry. i keeps score. >> it is hard for paulette to return to this intersection. grove and baker street and service is where a gunman fired about 30 rounds and struck this
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individual multiple times. >> this is my therapy now. >> she has done this every year for the last 16 years. on or around august 14, she puts of ae with. she hopes maybe the money will come in a witness to speak up. >> still today, they are not opening their mouth. do not wait wait until it hits your help. do do not wait. >> reporter: i debt to individuals have been identified been identified in the cold case. the seventh the scope please scott says they lack the evidence to make an arrest. >> the 250,000 somebody to come. come forward. we know the people people side. we know who some of of the people are that sought. we just need cooperation. the high school student was walking near his home when he saw gunmen gunmen to a large group of people. she says when her son alerted people to run, the government turn to god on aubrey. >> he was just a good kid in thg place at the wrong time. >> i son does not a headstone. there is not enough . >> reporter: hope is what keeps
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paulette fighting for ane. >> and arrest would be for me some closure. i can be able to sleep better i think. although, it is not going to heal the pain, my son is still gone. this this will be the last year that you go without a headstone. [ applause ] >> reporter: home surveillance cameras were looked at. there is is not a lot of dna evidence in this, sites. detectives in this case rely heavily on witness to operate. in seven cisco, i am don lane, kpix 5 . > >> it is not illegal to install used catalytic converter the scope. the city council is trying to put the brakes on converter thefts. this is statewide south city police recently recovered 14: convertors. here is the problem, problem, they were only to figue out where three of them came.
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> >> another french bulldog has bn stolen the bay area. this time t was an open before t-mobile wasg his dog near his apartment on fl boulevard. that is when on beend and demand is the dog. it is tht incident in a troubling trend os particular breed of dog targetey thieves. > >> now to the mand the effort c to get people vaccinated against against the virus. for the first first time, seven cisco generall opened the clinic on saturday. g the week, long lines wraparound the hospital. there were no lines yesterday. most of the people who showed up were walkig were walking. the word spread quickly. >> my friend texted me and said there was no line at all. i hopd
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in the car and i ran down here. >> why we have the clinic todays to improve access and equity toe monkeypox vaccine. >> and the latest federal alloc, seven cisco was given 10,000 ofe vaccine. the hospital has been g about 600 to 100,000 back pande.
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taught in the textbooks. >> this commemorates 4000 famils who are individuals who were replaced here 29 years ago. >> they come to uplift each oth. they say we are okay. we are here. we matter. >> i was glad to see it when i s a lot younger. >> some of the younger members of the community say they feel e impact of others helps them appreciate their heritage. >> we are feeling more connected connected to the filipino culture and community. >> individuals are inspired by the progress made recently. they recently. they remain motivatedo do more work >> i think more representation over the past couple of years i. it is nice to be a part of that. that. >> reporter: kpix 5. > >> we will start off with the for cast for the festival. all of the pictures look fantastic. sunshine, temperatures in the low 70s. we are going to do the same exact thing today. it might
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might be a couple of degrees war today for san francisco. this is is as we warm up bay area wide. a lot of places are going to need more than that obviously. that really is the headliner the the forecast. it is the warm-up that std place erday. that is going topeek peek on tuesday and went day. this is so much so that there is is now an excessive watch. timing goes from tuesday morning morning through thursday evenin. thursday evening. clearly, this is a significant issue for the entire central valley. if you are coming closer to home, solano county is in rooted in the s&p watch. that does not really tell the whole story. no, no, we are going to look at this this a different way. instead of instead of analyzing where the heat related concerns come into play, i am going to shade out lives of counties. we are going to use a better tool for that call the heat risk map. this outline likely to encounter heat heat related health issues. this
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this is from the forecast. as we we look at this in a little bit more detail, you can see that there is a lot more red as we get into tuesday for the central central valley. also some of these other locations, it can be be in alameda county. you will see the temperatures here just a a second. we are starting to creep back into the 100 now for meese valls. look at concord. it is going up to 101 on tuesday. first, here is sunday. we are not doing that h. we are mid to upper 90s today. we are getting some help. memorr is late. there is no fog of the road. you can anti-of low clouds. these are trying to work work into the rest of the bay but it is not getting that part. part. it are enough inland, we e looking at mount diablo. you can can trickling in. it gets into napa valley. everybody else is looking at sunshine this. you can see a little deck of there. whatever few clouds that there are this, they will be got by like. it is going to be more sunshine than anything else day.
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day. temperatures out there now are right around 60 for most of us. santa rosa is 52, there is no fog i just checked the visibility sensor. we are not dealing with at this these are the daytime highs today, mid to upper 90s. this is where we start to notice the warmth. san jose's a. it is not too bad yet. yet. you are going to warm up by up by wednesday and tuesday as well. to rose from the mid-90s. bay shoreline is the mid-80s. as as we look at the seven-day forecast, san francisco, oaklan, and san jose, the bottom line ss us with one of this. how we have load 90s for san jose, tuesday.t you come all the way back down and it will be low to mid 80s io next weekend. here is where the issue stands out. the inland valley's spay, mid 90s today, 11 on tuesday. it will be 98 tomorrow on monday, ninety six. that he will come back down to the mid and upper 80s. that is the news by the time to get to next weekend. we have got to
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start preparing for the heat to come back for the early part of this week. >> i feel like the numbers bumped up. it was high 90s yesterday. >> for the inland valley, for the east bay, 101 applies or the the county. as for san jose, we talked about upper 80s on tuesd. today it is 90s and the forecasr san jose. >> it is trending in the wrong direction. thank you. > >> a lifeguard played a critical critical role in the rescue when when a plane crashed into the ocean in southern california. 19-year-old dave warren was the first lifeguard to reach that plane. the plane nosedived into the surf. this was during a junior lifeguard competition at huntington beach. barnes act on instinct and a healthy dose of adrenaline. he just sprinted to >> i just read to her other people running. i entered the water. i thought and i saw somebody crawl out of the airpl. that is when i entered the water. >> the pilot had managed to free
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free himself from the cockpit but needed help slipping back to to shore. the downed plane was emptying jet fuel into the surf. surf. the pilot was rescued from from the waves and was not seriously injured. > >> next in sports, who is coming is coming to chase center for the warriors opener? the quakese on the road at dallas. me well, the 2012 world
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>> reunited and it feels so goo, the 2012 for champs are in the house. the bottom of the first, joc pederson, he drives it the r way. he drives it deep. it bouns off the fence. junior scores and and giant strike first on peterson's double. bottom three. three, exit. this goes deep to write and it is out of here. this is the sixth homer of the season. he scored both of san francisco's rents. look at thisy dilemma. the bases are loaded. swing and a miss. he a stellar start. eight innings, nine strikeouts, know a lot less forb for web. he leaves to a packed e
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giving him a standing ovation. n francisco was 2-0. they gain a game on the padres in the wildcard race. they are six of e have facts. your mac from any minute maid park, the roof was open. first-inning, look at ale. at alex. that is deep, that is gone. this was the 15th homer of homer of the year. the astros jumped on and they never looked back. seventh-inning, six run game. at this point, kyle proctor hits it a long way. he stayed in the ballpark. it goes down as a two run triple. astros triple. astros with 8-0. the oakland eight need to win to avoid the sleep work > >> soccer, the quakes are visiting at the dallas and lookt jesus ferrera. it was one of those nights. two minutes in, the keeper tries to clear it. look at dallas able to redirect it. it is ferrera. he scores one one of his two goals on the night. fc dallas with 4-0. the quakes will face lafc the
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saturday. > >> the warriors have an opponent an opponent to begin the 22-23 season. like last year, the opes against the lakers. this time h, lebron james and la visits chase chase to open the season. that is on october 18. you can see the game on tnt. most importantly, there will be a rig ceremony. this is before tipoff. tipoff. >> the 49ers won their preseason preseason open on friday, 28-21 over the packers. the wind does not matter. it is better than a loss. important that the result was how there are no quarterback quarterback looked. trained office leadership was on full display throughout. how about a smart decision on the long run?e is looking to throw first. he wisely ran it and he protected himself on the sly. as for passing, he knew he had danny gray in one on one coverage. he gave him a beauty in tried to the wiki ride receiver. that is the 76 yard touchdown. land
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plate 11 naps. here is the backup quarterback on land office leadership. >> he is hard-working he takes total accountability and ownership on areas that he wants wants to. he is such an impressive kit. i really have loved getting to know him on a personal basis obviously is a quarterback and as a leader, he gets high for everyone. he loveseat success for other people so people are drawn to him. emac the player of the game game was samuel womack the third. what a story he has asked for a former walk-on in toledoe working his way to a fifth round fifth round draft pick in 2022, at 5'10" he is undersized as a e back. that can be made up for wt he makes plays like this. his beede, it gave him two interceptions. he is heating starting nickel back. >> when you get two pics, that
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is a big deal. it was a good job job covering the guy in making both of those place. the one the the are down hit the review. i forget what the other one was but i wish we could have kept the offense after it. he is doing a good job. he is a candidate who has a chance to en the spot. from what it looks like, he did not hurt help. >> that does it first, have a great sunday everybody. your mac we have the latest on the fbi search of child's armor state. the search warrant reveals this hope and the skill the fed rated rated the florida date. we look at how much legal jeopardy he might be in. > >> author salman rushdie is offe at a later after being stabbed during a lect
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>> live from the cbs they area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> welcome back. it is 6: 30 a.m. thank you for joining us. let's start a half hour with a quick check on the weather from our first alert meteorologist. >> because it is enjoyable to use this camera when there is virtually no traffic, we will st out looking at the bay at bay bridge. it is just fine right now. it is also helpful for wea. there is a little bit of haze. there are low clouds that are
6:31 am
hanging out right over the toll. you can see them over the golden golden gate bridge. this is from is from the sales first tower looking north. even though we have some clouds here, they are not getting very far. most of us us are waking up to clear skies work that is the the above conquered. you can see the clous making it to napa. that is about about it, everywhere else is waking up to clear skies and temperatures around 60 degrees. we started a warm-up yesterday. you might have noticed it. you might notice it more today. we are going to the mid-90s in general for daytime highs. thisl be 80 along the bay shoreline. i i will show you everybody's number coming up in the forecast. back to you. > >> new details continue to emerge about the classified documents fbi agents former president trump office mara lago mara lago is state. cbs has the latest on the investigation.
6:32 am
>> reporter: cbs news has learned that a lawr for former president trump certd in writing back in june that ald materials had been removed. >
6:33 am
>> both the house intelligence and oversight committee will se. the terms of the committee, they committee, they said they wanted said they wanted to get a sense of the potential damage to natil security from the mishandling of of classified documents. > >> a man accused of stabbing salman rushdie in court. our cbs cbs reporter has more. >> reporter: this it happened and people were being removed from the stage. this was moments moments after witnesses say that salman rushdie was stabbed in the neck and torso. it happened in western new york. this was as as the 75-year-old took the stage to give a lecture on artistic freedom. >> people were screaming. you could not tell if he had a knife knife at the time. it was a rea.
6:34 am
real thing. >> reporter: the 24-year-old is in jail facing charges of murder murder and assault. he has pleaded not guilty. the motive of the stabbing is still unclear. he had been the target of death threats 1989. this was when he was called on muslims to muslims to murder him. this was over satanic versus. many called called this blasphemous to muslims. the government has beet been silent . the president and e
6:35 am
first lady are shocked and saddd to learn of the attack. the fbis trying to find out how much plag went into the attack. an indivil was new jersey where neighbors e stunned to learn what happened. >> it is terrible it is really . it is very frightening. >> reporter: the vigil was heldn chautauqua. >> the violashock and prayers f salman rushdie's recovery. cbs news, new york. > >> an agent says he is off the ventilator and is able to talk. the author was stabbed roughly 10 times and he may lose and i from his injuries. he also has liver damage and severed nerves in an arm. > >> today marks four years since a fire broke out near lake tahoe. was california's 15 are just wildfire on record. it burns nearly 350 square miles. it hit 1000 homes. > >> it took two months to get the the fire fully contained. firefighters had to contend with with rough terrain, vegetation and down trees. the cost of the damage caused $1 billion. >
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>> a father and son were ar
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>> [ music ] the crowd last
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night at the jazz festival in downtown [ music ] people enjoyed this was in downn san jose. this year, it was full was full capacity after it healed back due to covid. 12 pages have a wide range of artist playing jazz, blues, r&b organizers are pleased. >> it is community building. its all over the country. many people from many countries come here and they have a great time. time. >> the festival continues as 20,000 people were attracted. saturday's kelly wilson. > >> something happened about 15 minutes ago. we've been watching watching this from the camera, e have an look. you can see the tide going out there. you can
6:41 am
take a look down at the golden gate bridge and the water off of of it. you know what is missing? missing? is not there. this is a a live view of the golden gate bridge. you can see the cloud ad over the gold. of napa guys is what it looks like the camera looking north the fairgrounds. we have. this is at the immediate goal is up to napa. you can the mount diablo going to napa. everybody else has clear skies. temperatures are around the five. it is a cool 52 52 in santa rosa the first forecast today, we. it has been gradual over the last few days but if you were inland you proby noticed it was starting to creep creep a little bit further up
6:42 am
into the night they were going o keep five, 96. this is the place the place like concord or report. santa rosa is 94. san jose the upper 80s. the warm-up is coming over the next two days. by the time to get to tuesday, san jose will climb up into the low 90s. it is inland valley where we are going to the the the heat up the most. it gets hot enough on tuesday that the national weather service has has already issued an extended e watch. you can the entire central valley. this county is included. let's get a little bit bit more nuanced to this. in the the last half hour, i want to do do this again. this is a useful tool to really get an idea to where we might begin to experience. this is for monday, tuesday and wednesday as a peri. this is looking pacifically at tuesday. the deeper you get into into shades of red, the higher the degree the risk is for heat related illness. now as we look at places like tracy on the downhill side, you can some of
6:43 am
the more noticeable he. elevated elevated temperatures high and a a priority. do not see a whole t for the bay area in general shae into the orange which is moderate. as soon as you get into the central valley, it is read the heat is coming back. it it should not be too overbearing. it is just in this county that is excessively watch watch for tuesday. this is something to watch. as we get closer to the tuesday and wednesday high pressure is coming from the west. it looks more impressive with each date. the numbers looking higher, in today's forecast for the tuesday the tuesday timeframe, this is more than they did yesterday. san jose was in the upper 80s yesterday. they are now in the low 90s. thankfully does not last too long. it will be in the in the low mid 80s as we get to next week. now have to make room room for triple digit. yesterday
6:44 am
yesterday numbers were for the d east bay valleys. to stop 98 degrees. now it looks like we are creeping up to 101 on tuesday. the same story, it loos great back here. we will be back back down into the mid-80s by. t is next. the next couple of days of days we should start thinking thinking about the return of the of the heat. hopefully, it will be short-lived. >> on that wider map, you can california and nevada. it looks like we are going to be hotter than they are. the ridge of high high pressure can't really interact with just a few central central valley begins to trap heat in. often times, the central valley can have other temperatures have like all the other side of nevada. back those those triple digits, send them to the east. >
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>> [ music ] many of us dream g about jobs travel. we get introd to students rising above as a s. this individual is living dream. >> reporter: in 2018 robert gret was a senior at mount eden was g ready for college in minnesota.s is where he hopes to get a phd d eventually become a professor. t a difference three years can mae in somebody's life! back it is o my >> reporter: he went back home o oakland getting ready to start s junior year in southern califor. he had a new career as well. ths was a jo i am looking at manage. at management. >> this is just a summer job but but hopefully at the end, i will i will have an offer. what is a history major to find two career career goals was the result of what like an egg? what do i like
6:46 am
like i like money financial part part of the equation for robert. robert. personal, cultural, and the factor i think some my background, growing up in oakland, happened to me. i did not influence current. i did not not market. i think that perspective of underrepresented as a person, i spaces i had no business. i really felt the impact i knew that i could have a positive impact in the community this includes the friends he made africa. >> for the first time, i got too to africa i saw black people showing different personality. there were different people of the political >> reporter: the trip was life-changing. they really brought out my true self >> reporter: his entrepreneur
6:47 am
process was past due. back in a, you saw black faces, he saw black investorta ag al open up some different career field thai did not even know i could possibly do. we went on a tour. for now, robert's memories of africa will for success. this is is right around his college graduation. hopefully time employment in finance the country he has grown to love as his own >> it was the first time where i i was just like black this is vibrant. it taught me that my blackness is unique and it is a process of making it my own. >> reporter: for students livin, i am elizabeth cook. >> robert has already written two books. he wants to see his again and do some research on apartment rentals and job opportunities or bay area schoos are heading back into session fr your. there are some changes tht are coming aimed at leveling thg for students. [ music ]
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>> [ music ] a grand jury reported san mateo county is raising concerns about what happens to the water supply when when a major earthquake hits. kpix 5 breaks it all down for
6:51 am
us. >> reporter: a new report from the grand jury is raising concerns about what happens to the water supply when a major earthquake hits. neighborhoods, fires, broken water pipe, this is the aftermath of a major earthquake. in san mateo county, county, this was near a fault on on the coastline. in area that provides water, the threat of an an earthquake is always on this manager's minds. >> we want to reassure the customers that we are not taking taking a light heart to the situation. we are preparing and practicing on an ongoing basis. is not just the bay, we have been doing this for quite time. >> any of the 15 water districts water districts do not have a backup water for fuel to keep the water going out of town. >> in various scenarios, we are
6:52 am
in one to three days with backup backup supply. again, as the days are going on, we are trying trying to make repairs to get the back is. hopefully we will restore the normal supply. >> how water says they have backup from their 23 other districts around the state. >> we will make the call and wel start getting resources coming in. the resources will be people people that can pipes, operate . they will be bringing in portabe in portable power units. we can power pump stations. >> reporter: they are constantly wrestling and implement take less learned through earthquakes like these. >> what we found on that one was one was there were connections on the billion gallon tanks. everything started oscillating. we were afraid about the pipes. we could not control that and we we lost an emergent resource. >> 700 connections were we made. made. >> everyone had a flexible joint. it was either double ball ball or they look like lexi str.
6:53 am
lexi straws. >> kpix 5, back to you. >> the reports the san mateo county emergency management should do more to coordinate with local water districts. > >> it is back-to-school time. is in oakland, san mateo and other counties have returned to the class students are going to be going back into the classroom classroom this coming wednesday. coming wednesday. and in the new new academic year, california's the first state to provide free meals to all students no matter their family's income level. the level. the universal meal program divides the breakfast ad lunch to any student that was. law late last july by governor newsom. it was funded by a combination of state and federal federal government money. > >> also for the new school year, school year, the state has launched a program allowing chin to open up a college safe account. it is called count kids. it is world of public. > >> california will have a safe account opened for them. eligible low income students
6:54 am
will automatically receive $500 in their account. > >> coming up later today, join the fun bay area focus. this is a locally produced talkshow. it starts at 12:30 p.m. catching on catching on are streaming service cbs bay area. it is also also on our si for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty.
6:55 am
prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. es on 27.
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>> it is time to look at this ps top stories. this is a fight. is after mom break-ins and vandalism. they are purchasing stronger padlocks that they're asking for more protection. doo[ music ] an assistant da is quitting. alexander greater says says she was demoted for political. she was taken off several cases without the general hospital has opened a monkeypox vaccination clinic on cisciv ,000ses e nt. > >> the national union of healthcare workers against kaiser permanente. more than 2000 mental health care nationals are going to hit the picket lines. this is to demand better working conditions. we have more details emerging about about the document fbi's trump's fbi's trump's mara lago estate. search warrant shows more than 20 boxes received lot of highly
6:57 am
classified documents. someone marked top-secret. some were only meant to be's by secure government areas. > >> we will take a quick and of the sunday morning. this is the golden gate bridge. you can seea few clouds the towers. there is no way. that is what top of the tower. it is cloudy but it is cloudy anywhere else. these clouds are streaming in napa valley. we also have some money skies. it will be warm to hot today. it will be in the mid-90s mid-90s for some of the inland . it will be 95 in concord. it will also be 95 in santa rosa. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thee going to be hot. san jose is gog back to the low 90s. the warmest the warmest in that valleys have have to go to 101. this is by the time we get to tuesday. >> well, thank you. thank you
6:58 am
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