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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 15, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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>> and later, imagine walking into math class and hearing this. meet the east bay teacher taking an unorthodox approach to to getting his students to listen up. > >> right now on the news at 7:00 7:00 and streaming on cbs news bay area, a close call for an east bay community, a fast-moving brush fire almost burning up to backyards. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. >> we are closely following a grass fire that prompted an aggressive aerial attack in alameda county. >> fire broke out along the hillside near interstate 580 and and the border of castro valley, valley, and dublin at one point, point, the fire was burning close to homes along west of the the shafer ranch road area, and residents there were told to be ready to clear out, evacuate. fire crews were able to attack the flames from land and air, planes dropped fire retardant close to homes, there was even a a bulldozer working on fire lines, chp says this started with a car fire along the
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freeway. the blaze grew to 50 acres, and right now crews are on the scene, they are checking for hotspots. >> hot weather playing a factor in that fire, it's a first alert alert weather day but looking out live at dublin in san jose, the heat is just beginning, it's it's expected to turn up tomorrow. we will be under a heat advisory. >> paul heggen joining us now with the triple digit temps that that are expected soon. >> as of today wasn't hot enough enough for him and parts of the bay area we will build a couple more degrees and that puts us in in the heat advisory territory. let's look at high temperatures from today, up to 106 in fairfield, over 100 degrees in livermore, san jose hit 90 well around the bay temperatures were were significantly more comfortable, above average but fine in the 70s and 80s and above 60 along the coast in pacifica, a 45 degrees spread between the coolest locations on on the warmest day. along the coast you get up close to 70 tuesday afternoon, 5 to 10
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degrees above average near the water tomorrow, 10 to 15 degrees degrees above average further inland which puts temperatures in san jose into the low 90s and and above 100 degrees for most inland parts of the east bay, where we have the heat advisory that goes into effect 11:00 tuesday morning and continues through 8:00 tuesday, the northbay mountains are included in this and the diablo range in santa clara county, the inland highs into the 90s, a lot of locations up to about 100 degrees, common sense stuff that that bears repeating, limit the time you are spending outside in in that heat, and make sure you are staying hydrated. we will cool down quickly this week, we will talk about that in the full full forecast. > >> this burst of heat comes with with a new forecast on how hot days might stack up in a changing climate. >> as kpix 5 wilson walker shows shows us, heat waves have become more common and problems will follow. >> 104, 105, it'll be hotter tomorrow. i'm going to come earlier in the morning and get it in the morning before it gets
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gets hot. >> it was already 95 degrees when dave came to philip a recycled water the city of livermore relaunched this drought measure today, last deployed in 2016. he knows more dry, hot days lie ahead. >> it's phenomenal, the increasing temperature over the last 10 years. it's gone up and up and up, and there's no relief relief in sight. >> for places like livermore, california, what we see is that the seven hottest days expected in a given year are at 97 degrees or hotter. >> reporter: matthew is founder and ceo of the first street foundation. today they released a report on what temperatures might look like by the year 2053. >> that becomes 14 days. two weeks at that temperature where the lowest temperature you will see is 97. >> here are the number of days with extreme heat might double, but then there's one referred to to as the countries developing heat belt, where temperatures
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could occasionally soar toward 120 degrees or higher. >> these are temperatures that do wild things like buccal train train tracks, or don't let airplanes take off. things that our infrastructure is just not equipped to handle. >> we have generators that are capable of being plugged into and powering facilities that need them. long-term care facilities that might have extreme heat concerns or the power goes out. >> reporter: alameda county's office of emergency services says heat is a growing part of its long-range disaster planning planning like earthquakes and fires. residents say they can feel it, too, more hot days, more often. >> it's going to be a warm day tomorrow. not that it's not warm warm today. [ laughter ] >> it was a warm day in the tri-valley, with more hot days comes a greater chance that you get more of them back to back,
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the consecutive days of extreme heat cause more problems for our our infrastructure, our bodies, heat waves will become more common. we are here in livermore, kpix 5. > >> three teenagers and an 11-year-old are suspected of attacking an elderly asian woman woman in san francisco. it happened july 31st at her apartment building near fort mason. police say the suspects confronted the 7-year-old woman outside, followed her into the lobby, then attacked and robbed her before running away. the district attorney says once she reviews the case, she will decide whether to file hate crime charges. >> they require proof of motive, motive, so that often times requires some expression, verbally, from an assailant. order requires some level of investigation into past history, history, into social media content. >> be 18 and 13-year-old suspects face charges of robbery robbery and elderly abuse. only
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11-year-old is too young to be charged with a crime and police are still looking for the 14-year-old suspect. > >> oakland police are asking for for help to find a teenage girls girls who went missing this weekend in separate incidents. 13-year-old daisy lancaster was seen at 3:30 p.m. saturday at an an extended stay hotel in alameda, she's four foot eight inches tall, was wearing black shorts and a black nike t-shirt. t-shirt. police are on the lookout for 14-year-old perez rivera, last seen at 10:30 friday morning, in a fairfax different on 40th avenue. 5'5" and was wearing a gray hoodie, with an adidas logo. if you see either of these missing teens please contact police. > >> the search for a missing truck 18 has entered its 10th day, a team of 100 people now looking for kylie rodney. the 16-year-old was last seen august august 6th, at a huge high school party at a campground near truck he. investigators have released a new clue this photo showing a sweatshirt, kylie was seen wearing at the party, the hoodie has the words
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on future, detectives hope the picture will spark someone's memory and will contact them with new information. > >> a san jose man says more than than 20 cars have come crashing into his home since he's moved there. after years of feeling ignored by city officials, he's hoping to finally be heard. ray minter has lived off jackson avenue since the 70s, he's kept count and says 23 cars have come come barreling through into his home. he says the sharp turn off off the jackson avenue exit is to blame, and he hopes the city will step in before he or a family member get hurt. >> every time we've been hit we've been home four times where where they've gone as far as the the kitchen. take out the center center lane, no right-hand turn. turn. from the sender. >> he believes eliminating the elinate the number of iy accidents and keep him from further coming out of his pocket pocket to better protect his ho.
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his home. >> as of general announcing new strategies to slow the spread of of monkeypox, the hospital will double the vaccine clinics hours hours and will run from 8:00 to 4:00 p.m. daily, officials hope the schedule along with an upcoming federal shipment of vaccines will keep bay area residents protected. >> we did an amazing job, our clinic team did an amazing job providing 882 vaccines on saturday. as doctor colfax was saying, we didn't see lines, we provided a lot of vaccine. we hope to continue to provide that that community resource for people here. >> city officials say they eagerly await the next federal vaccine shipment as they expect the current supplies to last until this thursday. the cdc has has released new guidance to slow the spread of monkeypox, if if you've been diagnosed they recommend covering your fabric furniture with something that can be washed, wiping down doorknobs and light switches after use, using separate bathrooms and when doing laundry, place your clothes in a a fabric bag. >
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>> a 7:00 california is the first day to implement a statewide universal meals program, that program builds off off the national school lunch program and school breakfast program. that was established as as part of the bill governor newsom signed on july 9th last year. when legislation requires a schools in highly impoverished impoverished areas to participate, schools will receive funding to improve kitchen infrastructure and nutritional training. > >> still to come, how one east bay teacher is taking math to a new level. students calling him the math grad teacher. >> and the 49ers hit the field this weekend, the teams efforts this
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♪ ♪ elon musk says tesla's full self-driving software is “amazing”, it will “blow your mind.” but does it work? i'm dan o'dowd. i'm fety engineer and tesla full self-driving is the worst commercial software i've ever seen. tell congress to shut it down. paid for by the dawn project. >> after the pandemic turned the the education system upside down, schools are working to help students catch up on
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material. >> in contra costa county there's a math teacher whose taking an unorthodox approach to to get his students to listen up. i had a chance to be a student for the day. school is starting soon, but, for some kids they were already in school, summer school, or leadership class. some may think think that's pretty boring, not here. welcome to mister orozco's orozco's math class. >> [ music ] reporter: he calls himself i'm so math, and it's morphed into a pretty cool wrap. this is is jordan orozco's fifth year of of teaching, he's a proud graduate of deer valley high school in antioch. >> i'd don't know if you can see see i have my class shirt on my wall. >> reporter: he decided it was time to get his students to start paying attention. >> i try to wrap stupid little
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raps in class, when the i was like i can make a math wrap and they were like stop, you can't. [ music ] >> hosting this was very scary, like is it a creative thing? my kids are always making fun of me, are they going to trolling online, that's going to be sad. >> reporter: then this happened. happened. [ indiscernible -- audio cutting in and out ] >> reporter: this happened. >> and they were, i was like, what the heck? [ music ] >> reporter: his students were starting to pay attention, and learn. >> or heard the song, i was like, i was being taught most of of this during the school year. this could have been very helpful to keep it in my head. >> and then you came in. i
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brought it back. he came in after school, he worked together together all the time, and did lots of retakes. >> and raps tend to rhyme, the simplest ones are the best, if it sticks it probably rhymes, that's how people remember it. it catches your attention, doesn't it? >> the filming of the wrap, who was the cinematographer? >> all vincent, all vincent. >> my goal this year is to try to create raps for the actual content, like we are learning how to graph aligned today, i don't know if i can, but i'm going to try to make a rap about about graphing align. what pieces do you need? you need this point, you need this slope. slope. >> he's made school a lot better better for kids that are struggling. >> they've never said this to me, that's so kind. >> why would we say this to you? you? >> reporter: on that note, that's a wrap.
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>> that was a fun story to do. >> there i ask, do you have any rhymes for us? >> no, no, leave that to mister orozco, i hear that he's got another rap dropping soon. he's already using the lingo. >> you do have your mc name. >> julie g? math wrap. 1.345. exactly. > >> as hip-hop makes its way to the classroom it's making its way to the hollywood walk of fame. today, is being posthumously honored with a star star located in front of the iconic record store amoeba music, today would have been the the rap stars 37th birthday, he was gunned down outside his marathon clothing store in la's crenshaw district in 2019. his family, including partner and actress received the star on his his behalf. > >> a look outside at the bay area heads into a little bit of
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a mini heatwave. >> first alert meteorologist paul hagan is here with more de. more details. >> the heat will peak tomorrow, for inland parts of the east bay bay and the northbay mountains from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow, the only day of the week we are under heat advisory, advisory, make sure you are exercising common sense precautions, stay hydrated and limit exertion outside. the spare the air alert for tomorrow, also the air quality will be a concern for inland parts of the east bay, santa clara valley, it will still be warm on wednesday, but a gradual gradual cooldown is going to kick in as we had through the rest of the week. we will be back to near normal temperatures temperatures by friday and over the weekend. outside it's hazy as we look toward the northern gate, temperature downtown in the upper 60s, just one degree warmer in oakland now, and the temperatures are in the 80s, if barely below 90 degrees in livermore, still 93 degrees in concord, temperatures tomorrow will be hotter than they were for inland parts of the bay area area today, but it's the peak of
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of this heatwave, it won't last too long and it will start backing down on wednesday. the air quality is a concern out there, the haze is a mixture of trapped ground-level pollution and smoke drifting down from northern california, the six rivers, the lightning complex is is burning there, down into the northbay seeing orange dots on the air-quality map indicating unhealthy for sensitive groups air-quality, that's more likely for inland parts of the east bay, santa clara valley, it's a spare the air day, visit the amount of driving you are doing during the peak heat of the afternoon. temperatures tomorrow tomorrow morning won't be bad, we will start in the upper 50s and low 60s, but we will heat up up quickly away from the water, freeze the map at lunch time, at at that point 60s and 70s in the the bay, inland temperatures are are already going to be in the 80s and 90s, and we will keep heating up, temperatures 5 to 10 10 degrees above average around the bay, temperatures along the coast should approach 70 degrees, farther inland widespread 90s and inland in the the east bay on that heat advisory, you see the purple coloring in the background
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highlighting the hottest spots over 100 degrees for most inland inland parts of the bay area tomorrow afternoon. the overall heat risk in the moderate category for inland parts of the the bay area today, we will add areas that have a high heat risk risk tomorrow, the threat of overexertion if you are outside for any length of time without taking those common sense precautions. make sure you are taking it easy during the hottest part of the afternoon on on tuesday, temperatures will start going down wednesday, we will be back to near normal by the time friday rolled around, the weekend is looking nice, passing clouds overhead, temperatures in the 60s and 70s around the bay with 80s inland, so after one day of extreme heat heat tomorrow, we will start backing down on wednesday, and by the time friday rolls around all of that will be in the rearview mirror. we take a look at 11:00 in terms of our records records for tomorrow, how close we will be to record territory inland in the east bay. > >> 49ers pre-season has begun and there's already a fan favorite. we will introduce you
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to him. > >> don't forget to join us for our new 7:00 a.m. weekday newscast, streaming on pluto tv, tv, channel 3 97 and on any platform using the free cbs
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>> a live look at levi stadium with this weekend, the niners
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gathered on the field for a special cause, giving back to the community, raising money to educate and empower tens of thousands of bay area youth, members from the team took part in trivia games, helped auction team items and with fans, this year's event raised more than $700,000, the foundation was created in 1991, since then it has raised more than $50 million, investing it into the community, health and wellness programs and some stem glasses. > >> spending time in the community is one of the reasons the 49ers have a strong fan base, another is there talent. >> for today's red and gold report, charlie walter looks at why one particular player has become a fan favorite. >> 49ers tight end george kittle kittle is one of many targets this season for starting back trey lands, kittle is entering his sixth season with the 49ers, 49ers, but he's still a big kid when you see him on the practice practice field. he's one of the
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last to leave because he signed so many autographs. vern glenn found out i can make interviewing kittle somewhat of a challenge. >> are we waiting for everyone to leave? bye, andrew! i'll miss miss you too, man. thank you, guys. thanks for coming. i got everybody. goodbye, thanks for coming. you have to tell people that i can't sign stuff, you have to be the mean guy, i can't can't be the mean guy. it's on you. >> reporter: with the red and gold report, i'm charlie walter. > >> the sounds of the navy in san san jose, dozens of sailors are visiting
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for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california.
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so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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♪ ♪ elon musk says tesla's full self-driving software is “amazing”, it will “blow your mind.” but does it work? this happens over and over again. 100,000 tesla drivers are already using full self-driving on public roads. i'm dan o'dowd. i'm a safety engineer and tesla full self-driving is the worst commercial software i've ever seen. tell congress to shut it down. paid for by the dawn project. >> your taking a look at san jose where the city is enjoying its first ever navy week. today is day one, san jose navy week
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is one of 13 navy weeks happening this year. the celebration brings sailors from across the nation to volunteer for the community and educate people on naval history. sailors sailors were volunteering at the the second harvest food bank earlier today, a busy day of physical labor, but sailors tell tell us it's something there used to. >> we work like this on a daily basis, it's good to put that work to use for the community. it's what we do. we work. >> san jose navy
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