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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  August 18, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> if our child did something bad like that, we would be the first one to turn him and. >> right now on kpix 5 news at 6:00, the family of a missing ife woman, calling for new charges and what they are saying saying about those who may have helped cover up her murder. > >> some bay area school districts, facing a teacher shortage. what's being done to fill gaps in the classrooms. > >> temperatures are starting to cool down as we head into the weekend. the air quality is improving. it looks like it's going to be nice > >> if we take a look at the
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roadways, we've got a traffic alert in the south bay it's getting quite busy, so get yourself extra minutes. more details on that, coming up. > >> i need to have stamina! forget >> coding is not easy, but if you keep trying, you will get it. >> and this morning, highlighting a local teacher helping 7-year-olds learn how to to code. > >> time now for a look at this morning's top stories. santa clara county is wrapping up monkeypox vaccination efforts with a controversial new plan. county health officials are stressing each vaccine dose to five shots. the goal is to reach reach as many people as possible, but the concern is it is a technique that's never been been publicly tried. statewide, there are currently 2300 reported monkeypox cases. > >> after 12 days, the search for for 16-year-old kylie rodney is getting scaled back. the teen was reporting missing august 6
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after a party at a campground near truckee. moving forward, investigators say they will follow-up when tips come in rather than actively searching for rodney. > >> the cdc is overhauling operations after an external review found shortcomings in its its covid-19 response . reports that the agency did not respond quickly and effectively to a fast moving public health emergency. cdc director rochelle rochelle walensky says the agency's reorganization will help improve its communication and messaging. > >> let's get a check on whether this morning, and thank you so much for joining us. jeff has all the info you need to get your day started. >> it is a lot nicer for us today. you live off along the coast. it's been nice for you the whole time. now, where it has not been is often to eat in the areas where the heat advisory expired last night in solano county. as we extend it to the weekend forecast, things will start coming down. want to start with a live look at that sunrise. official sunrise, 6:27.
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6:27. daytime highs down into south bay, starting to cool down. where we're taking a close close eye is often those eat inland hills. we're only getting getting to the mid to low 90s this afternoon. a very nice break compared to what we were dealing with earlier this week with that heat advisory heating us all the way to around 107 degrees off near fairfield that was just two days ago. now, we're starting to the average conditions near san francisco and oakland , a little bit above average near concord, but the tri-valley area is still seeing a huge break in the system. we will see this coming up in a little bit. for now, back over to you. > >> busy ride on the roadways. we we have a traffic alert. it is causing a bit of a backup. this is a long 101 near moffett boulevard. travel alert was issued because it was a hit and run crash, and that several vehicles got involved. speed, down to 27 miles an hour. this is counter commute, so the opposite direction of most of the volume for the morning drive, so the backup is pretty stop and go, but not very long.
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as far as distance goes, you're going to need extra time. you can use 280 as an alternate. we will let you know when lanes open up and you'll get be able to squeeze through with a 10 to 15 minute extra delay. take a look at traffic elsewhere. we are keeping an eye on highway 4. 4. there was a trouble spot was down near bailey. it's still out out there not blocking lanes, but mis is yotitoe east shore due to a slow ride because of that crash as you work your way into bay point. > >> update on the search for alexis gabe. the family of the missing oakley woman met with contra costa county prosecutors. prosecutors. agape the family is is hoping for an arrest and charges against those who may have helped cover up alexis' disappearance and murder. alexis' father has been vocal about his desire to have the mother of marshall jones charged charged in the case. he is suspected of killing alexis in his antioch home back in january. jones was killed by poe by police in kent, washington as as officer try to make an arrest. >> if our child did something bad like that, we would be the first one to turn them in, or at
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at least give the information. i i mean, marshall is gone. >> prosecutors say there is insufficient evidence for charges at this time. the da's office said it's working diligently to bring justice to the gabe family. >> when we find alexis, we're going to have more answers there there is to the manner in which she was killed. that is going to to give us further tools in order to assess who else may be chargeable in her death and give give some closure to the gabe family. >> the family says they are getting a lot of tips about alexis' disappearance . investigators are searching between antioch and oakland and a remote area of california called pioneer. > >> in san francisco, school district officials are on a hiring spree amid a major teacher shortage. superintendent superintendent dr. matt wayne says they are actively recruiting. >> we've also been working with
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other certificated staff at half insured teaching staff are assigned to a class. >> some parents have been notified students have been reassigned to different teachers teachers and classrooms. district leaders are hoping students and teachers can both be flexible during these times. > >> as part of our back-to-school back-to-school coverage, we're highlighting teachers making a difference. our kiet do met a teacher in the south bay doing something amazing, helping her students learn how to code. >> reporter: did you do this panel? >> yes. >> reporter: getting 7-year-olds 7-year-olds to sit still can sometimes feel like a miracle. >> do you want him to move? >> i want him to move three seconds? but consider this. these first-graders are coding. coding. >> coding is not easy, but if you keep trying, you will get it. >> reporter: their young brains
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have adopted a way of thinking called growth mind-set. what is a growth mind-set? >> a growth mind-set . >> encouraging you like, i can do this. you never give up. >> and then you can do different different ones, like a circle. >> reporter: how did you learn to do that? >> my teacher taught me. >> reporter: their teacher is lena sugihara . after 10 years in the classroom, she is still hacking her own lessons to make them better. >> there are things you need to teach, but you can teach it however you like, and i think i like that creative part. >> reporter: miss mayor london breed may have cracked the code and creating a modern-day curriculum , combining technology and fun. you are sure sure you are not a software engineer? >> i'm not. >> reporter: to give them so-called thinking tools and get get them ready for the real world. >> what do you do when you get stuck? what kind of strategy can can you use so that they feel like, i am not stuck here forev? here forever?
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>> reporter: they started back in the fall by writing and reading stories about sea creatures, showing grit, patience, and perseverance . the the kids drew their characters on ipads. >> i need to have stamina! >> reporter: the each recorded voice tracks for this script . >> i need to have stamina. >> you add the green flat. >> reporter: came the secret sauce he had missed mayor london breed used off-the-shelf software called scratch jr. to teach them what is known as block coding . working in groups groups motivated them not to give up. >> when you do something together as a class and with your friends, you get to be like, i'm doing this. what do you think? you get to bounce ideas off each other, so when you do this together as a class, class, it helps them. they can go farther. >> reporter: with the help of a couple digital projectors, it all came together, and the aquarium project was a splash . >> they were like, oh my gosh! we made all of these together!
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and that was truly magical. >> it is so funny! we love it. >> for haley jeziorske, just seven years old, coding was the easy part. do you think you will will ever say, this is so hard . . i give up. >> sometimes, but not really. >> >> reporter: have you noticed the change? >> i have. >> reporter: parents know at some point, their kids' homework homework will be so advanced, they will not be able to help. mandy jeziorske did not think that they would come so soon. do you remember what you were doing in first grade? >> i think we were spending a lot of time on cursive handwriting. definitely not cod. not coding. >> reporter: planting the seed, nurturing with encouragement, and raising resilient kids. yes, yes, it's as hard as it sounds. >> if you want to do it, it could be really hard , but you can do it.
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>> reporter: in san jose , kiet kiet do, kpix 5. >> so amazing, and what i love about that, made a point to explain that. the teacher is not not some tech genius , but she knows this is important and wants her students to learn it, so she figured out a way to have have them have access to it. >> i admire and love teachers that find ways to make s.t.e.m., s.t.e.m., science, math, coding, coding, things like that fun. plus, they are letting problem-solving skills, what a cool project. >> smart and also a lot of fun. > >> jessica come over to you. >> on the topic of s.t.e.m. are using technology, get this story story could not one responders received a call from a wildlife center near paso robles, but it it was a false alarm from a monkey . the 10-month-old primate named roo found a cell phone left inside a golf cart they always use to travel around around the 40 acre site . roo
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user opposable thumbs to dial 911 on the company's phone. the deputies arrived on scene to confusion. >> our dispatchers try to to respond back, call back, text bacteria no response, so in cases like that, we sent deputies out to investigate. project deputies said they received prank call before, but never from a mucky. they've addd they've added if you make it accidental 911 call, stay on the the line and let them know it was a mistake. >> good to know. i did not realize that. we have been there there maybe when we were kids. we would hang up quickly, then you get a call back. but just let them know it's not an emergy an emergency unit how about that that monkey? >> they can do a lot of things, but i would not have figured out out they can get 911 in the right number. >> they press some numbers. > >> the cdc plants a major shakeup over the agency's covid-19 response get coming changes at the agency as it faces the growing monkeypox outk
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monkeypox outbreak
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>> new grants will help california teachers start personal-finance courses for students. today, the state superintendent of public instruction will hold a virtual news conference to announce the $1.4 million financial literacy grants for teachers. the money will help fund programs to teach teach high school students about about budgeting, taxes, savings, savings, and more. > >> the man accused of attacking a 49ers fan outside of sofi stadium pleaded not guilty, claiming self-defense. bryan cifuentes was arraigned on assault charges in a courtroom in los angeles did he was arrested back in january and connect into the altercation during the nfc championship game. police say cbsn bay area eight not 49ers fan daniel luna luna to the ground p luna, an oakland chef, was in a medically medically induced coma for a
6:16 am
month following the confrontation. > >> our lungs can finally breathe breathe today. at least, better than yesterday or the day before. a lot of us in the bay area were dealing with unhealthy air quality two days ago. it was moderate across the board. we were starting to see relief in sight, and we will see green across the board as we head into into the weekend. things are on the up and up, but as we take a live look at that thick marine layer this morning, this is a look from this future tower cam overlooking san francisco, where where if i showed you a live look from the surface level, it is gloomy this morning. that marine layer starts pulling its way back it even for our east inland friends, it's already sunny by just a clock in the morning. heading into the afternoon hours, we will see a thin marine layer coasting off at area coaster to book a deb a, a, even half moon bay. things
6:17 am
are starting to get interesting for us weather-wise. we started off this work week with the heat heat advisory, poor air quality. quality. now, we're starting to see a lot of really fast low pressure dives its way in from the north, pushing away high-pressure. this is how would would look like on the big picture. a polar air masses, trying so hard to battle all that heat pushing in from the south here that's going to give give us relief as we head into the next couple of days we're seeing below average in san francisco this afternoon and we'll continue to see that trend trend as we head into the weekend. daytime highs often the the santa clara valley, mostly still in the 80s. 85 in santa clara proper, 93 and pleasant hill, 92 in pleasanton, and as we asked and opted our east inland areas, it's pretty much into the same trend. back it up to the coast, we're dealing with with 60s along the peninsula this afternoon. is going to be kind of chilly for us in certain certain areas did not the case as we head north. our microclimates are playing the game of who decides what today,
6:18 am
and that's what extent into the next couple days, we are sticking in the upper 60s, lower lower 70s were san francisco, upper 80s, lower 90s off in the inland east bay. it looks nice as we head into the weekend. if you have outdoor plant, plant them now. it's going to be a stunning opportunity to get fresh, much-needed air. > >> how are the roads looking? >> >> hopefully better and soon. we're getting an update from chp chp looking to open lanes off of of moffett boulevard at 101. they have been closed for quite sometime during a traffic crash involving several vehicles be looking at that map, they may be be opening up those lanes as we speak. hopefully, things will look better to hear. not officially canceled. that crashl crash, still clearing out of lanes. it was blocking at least two lanes with two lint completely shut down. 11 northbound, the commute direction, is moving okay with no delays. bay pointe, highway 4, i wish i had better news. the the crash is gone, but that backup is significant now for the ride out of pittsburgh into bay pointe. 40 minutes travel time from antioch over toward the east shore, a sluggish ride. . things, time to get busy at
6:19 am
the bay bridge toll plaza. look at that. that actually to quickly. no crashes or incidents incidents and metering lights are on . that ride, stomach to backup now as you are heading over to san francisco. figure 7 extra minutes. public transit is is on time . you could use that as an alternate and not get stuck in this backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. plan for that that this morning. back to you. > >> time now is 6:19. staying cool during a heat wave. the creatively one california neighd california neighborhood is reducing the temperature across its streets. > >> in the morning mix, a horror movie experience where the real skiers don't come from the
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>> the time now is 6:22. let's
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get a check on our lunchtime forecast. as we extend intothe afternoon hours from noon to 2:00, we are upintoth coasin thbase it nicely in the low 60s. let's take it hour by hour. this is 11:00 to 1:00. san francisco, getting to 64. it will be breezy breezy and cool with warm temperatures indocin areas . and i think i need to move. i like 80s in the forecast. as we extend into the 3:00 hour, concord heats up into the 90s. fairfield, similar trend. on the bright side, we cool down as as we head into this weekend forecast in time for any outdoor outdoor activities. > >> time now for the morning mix on this thursday. labor day is around the corner. when it comes comes to top u.s. travel destinations for labor day, what what comes to mind? think about
6:24 am
that. new york city, miami, san francisco? according to airbnb, most americans have other ideas. ideas. the top draws for a fall getaway were football towns. that's not too surprising , in the south nbt stays on the west coast and jersey shore. here's a a look at airbnb top trendy destinations. ocean city, new jersey, bella vista, arkansas, oxford, mississippi, santa ana, california, la mesa, california, california, baton rouge, louisiana, anne arbor, michigan, michigan, lubbock, texas, lexington, kentucky, and wheat ridge, colorado. spur i think the algorithm got messed up you >> that's an interesting grouping. >> you made an interesting point. i was asking about color. about colorado.. >> if you want to spend some time in denver, maybe you're going hiking, seeing a show, it would make sense to get a houston wheat ridge and get intr into denver in 20 minutes.
6:25 am
>> okay. for the affordability aspect, that makes sense. >> i think that is the case for most of that. la mesa is outside outside of san diego. the same . same thing. out of the community, but close enough to get to the fun stuff in the city. > >> horror movies are just for getting scared by what you see on screen, at least that is the idea behind this immersive experience happening induthhoth four sofas, but don't get too comfy. during the movie, professional actors jump out at you. there is also high-tech special effects, and if that experience isn't enough? you have to go through a horror escape room to actually leave. those rooms are based off of famous scary movies like "it," "a silent place," and " insidious." i love scary movies and a good haunted house. when you combine those two, i think i i am out . it's too much. >> have you ever done haunted horror nights at universal? >> what the haunted house? >> where you walk through?
6:26 am
>> that's pretty intense for me too, but i only watch them in october. what about you, guys? >> i'm not in the mood. i feel like with this experience, of course it's in dubai when they come up with everything and anything you can imagine but probably could find some other things to do in that city, the city of gold , besides getting scared in that horror experience. >> i want to and that the idea will come here now. >> i don't know if i could do it. it looks like if >> are a horror film enthusiast, enthusiast, it is well done and a lot of fun. > >> trey lance is back home in minnesota before the 49ers take on the vikings. we'll take a look at the team's preps for
6:27 am
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> >> time now for a look at this morning's top stories. the city of san francisco has run out of monkeypox vaccines this week, forcing clinics to close . fort, . fortunately, sf's department of health that everyone who came came to their walk-in clinic was was able to get a vaccine, but people will have to wait until the city receives more doses from the federal government. there's 1610 confirmed cases in san francisco. > >> a bill that would make it easier to build affordable housing in commercial areas is moving through the state senate.
6:30 am
senate. that process would allow allow city planners and employees to streamline approves approved projects, but opponents opponents like livable california say approval of construction projects across a broad category of zones is inappropriate, including office, office, retail, and talking. > >> the trump organization cfo it's expected to plead guilty to to a 15 year tax scheme. allen weisselberg allegedly failed to report $2 million in free rent and other perks. the deal would require him to testify about business practices at the former former president's company. he faces several months in jail. > >> good morning on this thursday. grab your coffee, come come on over, and hang out with. with us. >> drop everything. it is stunn! is stunning! my jaw dropped when when i saw this this morning. we're still seeing a bit of a thin marine layer, but it is pretty mild as we're waking up in san francisco. that marine layer, pulling back as we extend extend into the afternoon hours, hours, leaving us with sunny
6:31 am
skies and mild temperatures this this afternoon. the pressure is is starting to push its way from from the north. that will cool us off and get back down to avee to average as we head into this weekend. it is friday eve today. today. start planning ahead, thinking about that trail you want to walk on this weekend or that area you want to check out that's outdoors. it's going to be a beautiful opportunity to take advantage of this weather this weekend. our inland areas, still heating to the 90s, but we'll quickly turn that into the the 80s as we head into friday, saturday, and sunday in certain. certain areas. even for the coast and bay, we are sitting around average, actually below average today in san francisco as an area of low pressure stars pressure starts troughing its way into our state. no more heat heat advisories in sight. the air quality is going to improve. i finally have some good news. it's about time. it's already thursday. we'll break it down and up it. >
6:32 am
>> i have good news to. if you have been watching for most of the morning, we have been following a trouble spot along 101 near moffett boulevard southbound. lanes come open, and and things are moving nicely along 101 through the peninsula. not the case for highway 4. we do have a new hot spot. this is westbound 4 reporting at california avenue close to harbor there. that right late is is blocked due to a crash, and traffic was busy out of pittsburgh. you will get a bit of a break when you pass the crash and brake lights again as as you head into bay pointe. travel times, an extra five minutes from your commute from antioch 280. sitting at 45 minutes. altamonte half, busy. 49 minute drive if you are heading from 205 over two 680. i i want to show you live look at the golden gate bridge this morning. we are dealing with fog chp issued a fog advisory early-morning right about 3:00, we have seen it, but now that the sun is coming up, you can see that fog settling over the span, so you might have issues g issues along 101, sausalito as
6:33 am
you worker your way into san francisco. plan for that this morning. > >> happening today, a judge will will hear arguments for unsealing the affidavit that led led to the fbi's search of former president trump's mar-a-lago estate. cbs news is among several media organizations asking for the re the release. the justice department says making those documents public could hurt their efforts in ongoing investigations. it comes as trump says he could release security footage from the day of of the search . his former vice president mike pence, now with a a warning to other republicans about making this political. >> >> these attacks on the fbi mus. must stop. call to defund the fbi are just as wrong to call for to defund the police. >> pence said he would consider testifying before the january 6th committee. a former vp has been at odds with how president trump handled the events of that day. > >> homemade firearms commonly known as ghost guns are flooding flooding the market. that increase is likely due to federal regulations starting
6:34 am
next week. the firearms are often made in garages, not factories, and the only difference? most privately made firearms created this way have no serial numbers. that means there is no way to trace them. now, the federal government is mandating serial numbers and background checks on all relevant on parts used to make homemade firearms. they will also require anyone who buys these parts to submit to a background check. firearm enthus firearm enthusiasts do not support the new rules. >> they are going to be discouraging people from going out and participating in this hobby. >> it's not going to work because it's the same thing. criminals don't obey the law. >> >> law enforcement sources say the new rules aren't meant to target hobbyists. they are intended to stop those who produce guns to sell to criminals who otherwise would not get a gun. gun rights groups groups in 17 states are challenging the constitutionality of the new rules. > >> back in the bay, a muralist is spreading awareness about gun gun violence in a unique way in san francisco .'s boulder was
6:35 am
painted by kyle holbrook in bernal heights. he is paying tribute to the 46 friends he says he has lost a gun violence, violence, which includes his best friends and family members. members. holbrook hope this mural will help bring healing and spread the message of peace. >> that is a cool thing he's doing. > >> changes are on the way to the the cdc. it comes after a review review looked at how the agency handled covid-19 to the cdc director says it's time to shake shake things up here is bradley blackburn. >> reporter: cdc director dr. rochelle walensky is ordering an an internal reorganization over over the agency's covid-19 response. >> we need to have a special forces, if you will, to deploy during pandemic times. >> a report out wednesday commissioned by walensky found the cdc had become too rigid and and bureaucratic to act quickly. quickly. it specifically cited its analysis of data, the sluggish release of information to the public, and it's confusing and overwhelming covie covid guidance
6:36 am
>> we learned hard lessons over the last three years, and as part of that, it's my responsibility, the agency's responsibility, to learn from the lessons and do better. >> reporter: this comes at the agency works to contain another major public health crisis, monkeypox . the virus has been declared a global health emergency, with more than 35,000 35,000 cases identified in 92 countries since the start of the the year. >> the next pandemic is around the corner. it's not a pandemic. pandemic. it's going to be another disaster. >> reporter: dr. rita burke specializes to public responses to the disasters. >> the emphasis on communication, timeliness, collaboration, that's going to be the focus moving forward, and i think it's where it needs to be. >> reporter: in the coming month, dr. walensky said the cdc cdc will focus on getting information to the public more rapidly, developing a more nimble workforce, and addressing equity in health care. bradley blackburn, cbs news, new york.
6:37 am
>> the cdc was first created to deal with malaria more than 75 years ago. > >> new this morning, most people people who got the omicron variant of covid did not know it. the study found 56% of people who were infected had no diagnosis. researchers say those those cases likely helped fuel the recent surges in covid cases. > >> cal fire has been getting a little more creative this fire season about detecting deadly lightning strikes get those strikes have started some of california's most devastating wildfires the past couple years, years, including the 2020 lmu complex fire. cbs' reporter has more. >> reporter: california 2020 wildfire season was devastating. devastating. >> everything has burned down as as far as i can see. transit the the lmu complex fire killed six people and destroyed hundreds of of homes , including the sousa family's in vacaville. >> sick to my stomach. i don't
6:38 am
have words. >> reporter: the deadly ccu fire fire burn to tens of thousands of acres around san mateo. both blazes, started by lightning. >> >> every year is different. >> reporter: the last two years, years, eric bather explains agency resources have been stretched thin. >> they are trying to provide safety for your personnel, protect as many structures and lives as he possibly can. it can can take an effect on you emotionally. >> though cal fire response to y to every wildfire, they weren't always capable of using limited resources to prevent fires. >> this year, thankfully, we have not had the acreage burn. >> reporter: with minimal fires burning in northern california this year, cal fire took to twitter to announce they would be enacting their lightning plan plan , using available crews to spot lightning strikes during storms and extinguish fires before they begin. >> we will pre-position engines where we think there is a likelihood of fire starting.
6:39 am
that will decrease our response time. >> reporter: battalion to's crew kept a watchful eye on the sky as rain fell and thunderstorms threatens the area, ready to respond to anything. >> that is a great feeling, to know that you definitely have those resources. >> reporter: > >> to the north bay, where harvests, it is harvest time in napa valley. the first grapes of the season have been picked for sparkling and white wines, and there's a bit of their optimism. experts say it's the earliest harvest they've had. teams started picking someone young blanket grapes back in august 1, and this harvest comes comes at a challenging time for farmers about three quarters saying this year's drought is hurting their harvest. 30% --
6:40 am
37% say they were killing their own crops because they won't reach maturity due to dry conditions. that is a jump from 24% just last year, and that comes after record high temperatures in the month of july, leading to depletion of soil moisture. those tough conditions are hitting the mcgrail vineyards in livermore, and they tell us they party picked their chardonnay grapes at the field, and they are looking good. they also said they are making changes to how they grow their grapes to cope with the drought and limited supply of water. >> fortunately for us and mcgrail, we do drip irrigation, and we deficit irrigate, so we're able to control how much water is hitting our grapevines and only using about 30% of our water, so we're okay this year, though it's definitely a major concern for us here at at night here, doing rain dances hoping we'll get a little bit of rain soon. forget they are doing the rain dance over there and hearing the weather center too. heather tells us she's excited t excited about their bordeaux
6:41 am
style red blend. sounds good. >> >> have to check that out and support our local vineyards. > >> the 49ers are gearing up with with their second preseason game game right here on kpix 5 , and we are counting down to saturday's kickoff at the niners niners take on the vikings getting you ready for football. trey lance, he's ready to make some more noise in minnesota this weekend. he and the niners take on the vikings. here is vern glenn with the latest on how team is prepping for their second preseason game. >> what a way for trey lance. after his game against the packers, he is whisked away to his home state practicing against the team he grew up with. that came up when we sat and chatted. you know what the narrative is going to be. ray is is coming home, coming back to his home state! probably going to get phone calls from people you have not heard from in a long time. >> i'm sure. trey lance in the vikings training site warming up up with kyle shanahan with a
6:42 am
close eye on the vikings' defense. he saw more than a few familiar faces from his hometown hometown of marshall in attendance. >> i was excited seeing my family, seeing some friends get it is work at this point. come out here. these two days a practice should be awesome. the vikings, high school team, i appreciate them. they got buses to come out tomorrow. >> with the red and gold report, report, i'm vern glenn. > >> this saturday, we'll have coverage right here on kpix 5 starting at 3:00 with the red and gold report, and you can stick around after the game for for the fifth quarter. > >> now is your chance to recognize your favorite 49ers super fan, so get your cell phone out and scan the qr code you see on your screen. you can nominate members of the faithful. may be nominate yourself it all season long, we will be highlighting super fans and i go to the games all the time, and there are a lot of
6:43 am
49er faithful out there. >> sounds like i need to nominate you. > >> san francisco zoo $20,000 trash can is already trashed. this prototype trash can is at ocean and plymouth, and it showcasing some major signs of wear and tear. we have spotted the back door hanging off unhinged on one side. it is one of the three designs the city is is experimenting with. >> i feel like for the cost, i feel like there should be so may so many malfunctions. it looks a a bit disorderly. p gak we want to see why it's broken. does someone want to see what they can do to break that can? >> is a normal wear and tear on the can? we don't want to use these hinges. >> the city said this is part of of the testing process, and they they are asking for the public to give feedback on these trash cans. if you want to weigh in, we've got a link on our website, website, > >> time now for a look at what's what's coming up later on local
6:44 am
cbs this morning." gayle king joined us from new york. good morning. it's gianna. >> gianna, can i tell you that's that's one of my favorite girl names? i love the name, gianna. did you like it when you were a little girl? >> thank you. i did like it because it was unique, but there there weren't a lot of giannas back then. there are more now. >> i know. i think it is so pretty, and it's good to see you. > >> and had a "cbs mornings," cdc cdc director rochelle walensky, she's calling for a complete overhaul of the agency after its highly criticized response to the covid pandemic. dr. jon lapook spoke to her exclusively about why they were not up to the task gets dark at the cost of back to back -- back to school supplies, is what she's trying to say. > >> you already know it is soari. is soaring. the prices are going going up the roof. adriana diaz will show us some ways you can say. > >> sammy ramsey, dr. boggs, is
6:45 am
with us in studio to share tips on how we can stop an invasive moth like species that is threatening our trees and fruit. fruit. it's very pretty but also also not a good thing. > >> we'll see you at 7:00, gianna gianna feared that is about 15 minutes from now. >> looks can be deceiving. back to school supplies, expensive. > >> well, the time now is 6:00 -- -- i just set my clock back. 6:45. staying cool and how one california neighborhood is reducing temperatures across th. the street. > >> and the weather is starting to cool off as we head into the weekend, as low pressure dies its way into our state. we will have more on that coming up geared > >>
6:46 am
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>> it is 6:48. time for this morning's money watch report. let's start by taking alive look look at the big board this morning. the dow is down just about 98 points. investors, trying to gain footing after yesterday's average snapped a five day winning streak, and of course monitoring retail learning for insight into consur into consumer spending habits. > >> inflation is hitting a lot of of things you buy at the grocery grocery store, but there is a fd a food you are paying for that cost less now. the wholesale price of chicken wings felt with lowest level since 2018 at about 1.68 a pound you don't expect that number to stay that low. analysts say would football football season, that's what i thought of, the demand will push push that price right back up. > >> spotify is branching out here here the streaming audio giant launched, allowing fans to buy presale tickets directly instead of redirecting them to other platfs other platforms get better
6:50 am
ticket sales could improve its strained relationships with artists who have been very outspoken about this lackluster royalty payments. tickets are available for a limited number of bands right now. > >> that's your money watch report. > >> let's get a look at that forecast. >> despite the hot weather these these past days here in northern northern california, one southern california neighborhood is getting a lot cooler and feeling it too. the community was selected to be a cool community project aimed at reducing urban heat ., parking lots, pavements, and asphalt have been coded with street bond, a solar reflective treatment, residents say they can feel that difference. >> not too hot like it used to . to be. it's much cooler. >> i think it's great. pacoima is one of the hottest zones in l.a., so it's fortunate we were able to be selected. >> i think that's amazing, very
6:51 am
innovative, and a lot of us in the inland east bay would have loved that earlier this week that we were dealing with that heat advisory that ended up getting extended in solano county. last night until 8:00 p.m. it ended. things have started to calm down, and we will talk about why, but let's also talk about the fact our lungs will be feeling better today for those who suffer from allergies or are sensitive to air quality here in the bay, with all the smoke running around us in the northern state, state, things are starting to calm down today and tomorrow though. we're seeing that green section across the board get back to good air quality in thet the coast as well as the bay. as as we wake up this morning with a live look from the salesforce tower cam, it's pretty mild. we're seeing a little bit of that marine deck building its way along the water. it does taper off and pull back the afternoon hours. we will be seeing a lot of sun not only as we head into today's forecast, but this whole weekend that's due to high pressure pushing in from the south. what's interesting with what's going on on the atmosphere right now is it's battling with this trough of low pressure, which is going
6:52 am
to cool us off as we head into the weekend you know excessive heat in sight for now with this baby trough trying to battle but but hot air from the south. it will continue to be the case for for us as we head into the next couple days and we will be cooler temperatures on the board. we will feel it as we head outdoors, and we need it. 80s inside for us just today in the santa clara valley. for those who live closer to pittsburgh or concord, it's mostly mid to low 90s in sight. all the way into the peninsula we go, 60s everywhere from daly daly city north into san francisco . even 60s off to the east bay alone from berkeley, north into richmond. as we extended to the next seven days, we mild up a little bit more as as we head into the weekend. we average out as we head into the next workweek. > >> tiana, how are the roads looking? >> busy. it is a lot of break
6:53 am
less to deal with as you head into the altamont pass. this is a live look from a caltrans camera right at 205 east about 580 junction. you can see traffic is backed up bumper-to-bumper in that commute commute direction. plan for that. travel time, sitting at 52 52 minutes from 205 to the dublin over change. let's get the updated on a crash and highway 4 causing a bit of a backup westbound near harbor, california avenue, you can see things are pretty slow. everything is over to the shoul. the shoulder. the not so good news is travel time, on a scale of 1 to 10, that ride on highway highway 4, probably a seven. 50 minutes from antioch to the eastshore freeway. taking a look look at traffic elsewhere, here is a live look at the freeway. both directions, moving okay near the colosseum that it is slower south of here at the york as you you work your way. > >> time now is 6:53. still
6:54 am
ahead, the popular states people people are flocking to for retit for retirement. > >> you can join us after this newscast in our streaming service, cbs's bay area. we are
6:55 am
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>> time is three minutes before 7:00. a look at the top stories, stories, the family of missing oakley woman alexis gabe family are present for aiding and abetting charges for the mother of the crime suspect in the case case . marshall jones was killed killed in washington state as police tried to arrest him.
6:58 am
prosecutor said there is insufficient evidence to charge his mother at this time. > >> san francisco county says they have started stretching the the monkeypox vaccines using one one dose for five shots. the goal is to reach out to as many people as possible, but the concern is the technique has never been publicly tried. > >> area students are going back to school, but districts are facing major teacher shortages. sf usd superintendent dr. matt wayne said vaccines are being filled with -- vacancies are being filled with new hires are reassigned here it the recruitment push continues. stuck ticket annual study from consumer financial studies company bank rate finds michigan michigan is the most affordable state for retirees, while florida ranked as the best state state overall for retirement. behind michigan for portability comes tennessee and missouri, and looking at the best state overall for retirement, the study took into consideration well-being, cultural diversity, weather, and cry. coming second behind florida is georgia, followed by michigan, ohio, and. and missouri. i think we'll stay stay here in california. >> i will. >
6:59 am
>> but the traffic might make you want to leave. here's a live live look at the bay bridge. bumper-to-bumper as you work your way into the city. metering metering lights are on, and it is a slow ride. at the golden gate bridge, seeing a bit of fog fog this morning settling over this span. there was an advisory advisory issued overnight, and i i don't know. is that sticking around, jess? > >> marine layer will stay dense but we will see a pullback along along the coast closer to 12:00 , but let's get a quick check of of the air quality. i love saying that head of the forecast. things are looking nice for us. that marine layer is slowly creeping its way in. i'm so nervous to say fog. we are left with 60s from san francisco all the way down to pacifica with 90s often eat inland hills . > >> he has it on twitter accounts. >> he does! i don't know. >> you say what you want. >>acknowledgment for those who
7:00 am
want, and for those do not, he is not here. >


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