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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  August 18, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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>> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. > >> cases of monkeypox up across the country and california continues to be a hotspot. whate white house is doing to try to n in this condition. >
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>> armed robbers at a popular south bay bakery. we will hear from one of the workers confron. workers confronted. > >> he escaped afghanistan as a child to starting life in the bay area. this now journalist reporting on his experience as a a refugee. > >> good afternoon. our top story top story at 3:00 on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area , the the federal government laying ot further plans to fight monkeypox, especially in the mot vulnerable communities. our anne makovec is ? the most vulnerable communities, right here. san fr, san francisco, california. the s the feds say they are going to boost supplies and soon. the white house monkeypox response coordinator says more supply is on the way, announcing 1.8 million doses will be availabler available for ordering starting. starting monday. >> jurisdictions that are adopting the administration of vaccine and have used 90% of their current supply of vaccines
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vaccines will be able to order more doses. >> in order to stretch supply, the fda has approved splitting each vial of vaccine into five s to be injected just under the skin. the cdc now reports more than 13,500 confirmed cases nationwide with new york and california topping the list of states with the most cases. 98% of the cases occurring in men with a median age of 35. in an t an effort to reach those most at at risk, the white house announced a new pilot program aimed at distributing vaccines at large events geared toward the lgbtq community. the cdc dir cdc director is also urging evee urging everyone to take steps to to avoid risk of exposure during during this outbreak. >> temporarily reducing or avoiding behaviors that increase increase the risk of monkeypox exposure is important, especialy between your first and second doses of vaccine. >> i geprotec sooner than hea
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next week, they will boost the y of a drug that can be used to treat monkeypox infections, making 50,000 courses of t pox available >> again, that is a lot here in the bay area. new vaccine clinics opening right now in solano county including one open open from now until 6:00 p.m. and then tomorrow between 9:00 and 2:00 p.m. it is only for pee with certain risk factors. no at is needed. that is all going ont the celano pride center. >> thank you so much. we appreciate the update. > >> we have continuing coverage d information on monkeypox vaccine vaccine on, also streaming on cbs news bay area. > >> one of the suspects in a violent attack on a 70-year-old woman in san francisco will be facing felony charges. that announcement coming from san fro district attorney brooke jenkin. jenkins today. 18-year-old
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darrell moore arrested along with two juveniles, ages 13 and 11. moore is charged with elder abuse, robbery, burglary, assault and folsom prison mint. a 14-year-old suspect is st w rushed to the hoital and oltly h treated for non life threatenin. threatening injuries. > >> one of san jose's most popular bakeries is the city's latest business to fall victim to an armed robbery. here is the the video. peters bakery says around 1:30 yesterday morning, several suspects with knives rushed the business and demanded demanded cash from the register. . >> we are all here trying to wok to work, make a living. it is bad enough as it is. why try to make it harder for us? it really really had to come down to that, that, i really hope that it was worth it. >> thankfully, nobody got hurt but the suspects you see in the
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surveillance video did get away with some cash as they left. you you can see the cash box in hand. police say they are investigating. bakery is asking people to share the surveillanco surveillance video in hopes they they will find the suspects. > >> house speaker nancy pelosi was at the exploratory him in san francisco today. she is celebrating the chips and science act. president joe biden biden signed the bill last week into law, aiming to bolster u.s. u.s. chip manufacturing. that will deliver nearly $150 billion funds and grant to promote research and development of advanced technologies in the und states. they say it will also help focus on the rapid rise of global competitors. >> if we are going to be preemit be preeminent in the world, we have to have the full benefit of of the best minds wherever they may be and that requires educatn requires education and investment in research. >> speaker pelosi added that with this legislation, she hopes hopes the s.t.e.m. field will expand and diversify. > >> let's take a quick check of
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your wallet. stocks now with no big swings. the dow was up 18 points. the nasdaq gained 27. the s&p was up 9. > >> new developments to report related to former president donald trump's legal troubles. s go to new york right now are a top trump organization executive executive pleaded guilty in a tax scheme. then, jumping from new york to florida, in that state, a federal judge says he may approve the partial release of the affidavit that supports the fbi search of the former president's estate. here is debra alfarone. >> reporter: a federal judge in florida is ordering the governmt to take steps to release the legal document that supported the warrant for the fbi search of mar-a-lago. major print and t media organizations, including cbs news, asked us magistrate judge ruth reinhardt to release the affidavit over the objection objection of the justice depart. >> judge reinhardt seemed to have a very good sense that it
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is his job as the gatekeeper in this case to perform his function of balancing the interest in the public of accessing these materials against the interest in the government in keeping them secret. >> reporter: the doj says making says making the affidavit public public could serve as a roadmap to the government's ongoing invn ongoing investigation. future cooperation by witnesses and ham and harm other high profile inv. profile investigations. >> they tell us that the investn the investigation not just is at at the beginning but what they expect to do later on. why they think that the obstruction of justice statute was violated. >> >> reporter: the judge is getting the government until next week to propose reactions to the document and says he is not prepared to find the affidavit should be fully sealed. in a separate legal battle thursday, the former cfo of the trump organization pleaded guilty to 15 counts of fraud and tax evasion. allen weg allen weisselberg is accused of receiving more than $1.7 million in off the books pay from the trump organization. as part of
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the plea deal, he may be called to testify against the former president's company in a related related trial. debra alfarone, cbs news, washington. > >> still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area , why why apple is urging everyone to update their iphones and to get it done fast. > >> he went from being a young bay area scholar to becoming one one of our cbs news colleagues. before all of that, he was an afghan refugee. >> 25 years ago, rockets and bos and bombs drove my family out or native land in afghanistan. today, my youngest brother is preparing to study engineering in college. >> here is the story of one jous one journalist's personal experience starting a brand-new life here in the bay area. > >> scary moments for people in this shop when a bull literally charges through. we will be bac. be back. > >> lots of sunshine out there on on this thursday afternoon. still that smudge of haze on thn but air quality at
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>> [ music ] >> welcome back. grab your iphone because this is important important for you if you use one one of these. apple is disclosing serious vulnerabilits for iphones, even your ipad and your mac. tech experts are
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urging users to update their devices as soon as possible. meanwhile, apple is gearing up o unveil its new iphone 14 and apple watcher series 8. that will happen at a september 7 launch event. that is all according to bloomberg. it is also believed that apple will ie new macs and new ipads this fal. this fall. > >> when you're after the fall of of afghanistan, millions of afghans remain trapped in poverty and hunger oversees but many of those who escaped are sg new lives in countries like the united states. that includes a member of the cbs family who grew up right here in the bay area where so many people are starting over. tech and politics politics reporter shares his ows as a refugee and what it means to him to be african american. >> reporter: the images of afghans chasing after u.s. military plane and clinging to their final hope for freedom reminded me of my family struggle to escape the taliban nearly 30 years ago. i was born
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in the basement of our home in kabul in 1992. the taliban were just beginning to conquer afgha. conquer afghanistan. rockets and and bombs exploded outside while outside while my family sought shelter underground during the civil war. my mother, an airlint airline attendant, and my father, a radio journalist, who had been reporting on the taliban's human rights abuses became targets once the group took control of afghanistan in . a grenade meant to kill my father took the life of my grandfather and injured other members of our family. we soon found ourselves in the same situation that millions of afghans are now in, stay home ad face potential death, or leave everything behind in search of freedom and opportunity. we left left kabul in the middle of thet the night, hiding in homes of family and friends for months before arriving at a refugee camp in pakistan. i was six years old when my brother and i started working 10 hour days to help put food on the table. we
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weaved carpets that sold as luxury items in america and eure and europe. my dad's pouliot limits his physical mobility's so he homeschooled us at night. my mom waited outside various es various embassies, desperately trying to submit a refugee visan visa application. we slept on the floor and a shared simple treats like birthday cakes but continue to work toward a bettee better future. in may 2003, we t a life-changing call. pack yours your bags, you are going to ame. to america. i was 10 years old, could barely say hello or how ae you in english but soon found mf translating government documents documents for my parents. we resettled in a small two bedroom two bedroom apartment in concord, california. my mom would roll sandwiches at subway in san francisco during the dayd day and take english lessons after her shift. i put on my team usa jersey, watched reruns of a full house and the fresh
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prince of bel air, and carried a a basketball around to fit in. for me, education was the catalyst to success and america gave me the opportunity to seize seize it. the community and they area provided a welcoming environment and gave me a chance a chance to proudly call myself afghan-american. student volunteers here at the school tutored me on the weekends, took took me to giants games and it was at this high school while on on a full scholarship where i discovered my passion for reporg and telling stories. i studied journalism in washington, d.c., a place i stayed for the next 10 10 years. my dad often says coming to america was like winning the lottery but he also reminds me that prosperity is nt guaranteed. my family is success success is the success of america and the countless mentors, teachers, friends and colleagues who have supported us us at every step. >> we are keeping our eye on two two interesting races. >> i followed after my father and pursued a career in
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journalism, the same career the taliban tried killing him for pursuing in afghanistan. >> reporter: last summer, i was driving from california to d.c., , a quintessential cross-country cross-country road trip as part of an american dream realized. the beauty of the great salt lae and the wonders of yellowstone national park were an easy reminder of the enchanting values and ideals that symbolize symbolize america beyond its bo. its borders.yeo rockets drove my family out of our native land in land in afghanistan. today, my youngest brother is preparing to to study engineering in college. college. my sister recently graduated and started her own business. my middle brother is a a physicians assistant, caring for elderly patients. together, last year, we bought our first . first home. a slice of earth we can call our own. as a family, this is what the afghan refugees refugees who came to the us in the last year are working for n. for now. this is what families
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reached for last summer at kabul kabul airport when they chased after the plane. they were grasping for the hope and freedom the world knows america will provide. >> we first met musadiq bidar back in 2011. he was a students rising above scholar and we followed his story over the years through college and right into the cbs news family, emphasis on the word family. he is one of us. > >> it is back to school today for students in a hayward unified school district. at winton middle school, there is , dancers, cheerleaders, balloons and of course, the mascot. a lof students had a very happy greeting. we hope it was a good day for you. > >> time for a look at your forecast with first alert chieft chief meteorologist paul heggen. heggen. i had a nervous little l starting elementary school today today up in marin county. she had a good day thanks to the teachers. >> good. i hope everybody had ad day whether it is parents sending the kids back to school
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or the kids getting back into the classroom. weather wise, we will not see a lot of change. high pressure is building into the west. the upper levels of the atmosphere means winds running along the coast not only only of the upper levels of the atmosphere but toward ground level or ocean level as well. that will promote some slightly cooler ocean temperatures over the next few days. we have been running above average for the sea surface but that will chang. dry conditions taking hold over the weekend. the next storm sysm will be running toward the pacific northwest, close enougho drop our temperatures back inland, far enough away that wet have to worry about any potential for any dry thunderstorms around the bay area. it can help to improve our improve our air quality which is is in the good category right now. within 20 miles or so of te coast, the north bay, the east , still in the moderate category. that will get one category bettr for the north bay on friday. still moderate for the east bay and the santa clara valley but everybody will be into good air quality as we head into the weed
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the weekend. looking at the fogt hanging out along the coast, still a fairly compact marine l. the temperature downtown is onl. only 63. further inland, it is m is warm to even hot in a few lo. near-normal temperatures in san jose and santa rosa but mid-90s and livermore and concord . the fog is going to spread across the bay. starting off with that shallow layer of fog. it will nt take very long to dissipate. toward the coast, by noon. we should see plenty of sunshine through the rest of the day. temperatures will start up in the mid to upper 50s to around 60 degrees. another slight step back toward near-normal temperatures were inland parts f the bay area where lows have been on the warm side and almosy normal temperatures near the water. temperatures on friday running close to normal. mid-60s mid-60s for the coast, 70s around the bay with a mix of 80s 80s and 90s further inland. uppr 80s in san jose. mid to upper 9s
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upper 90s for parts of the east. about 5 degrees above average. t is not that unusual for this tie of year but it is enough to boot to boost the fire danger, at least in pockets for inland parts of the north bay and the east bay. futurecast indicating if you spots were we get about halfway up our fire danger inde. index scale. the scale lets us know how high the threat will b. pretty typical stuff for the mie of august. temperatures are going to stay nearly steady on saturday and then we drop off just a little bit sunday and monday. almost exactly normal ts for the second half of the weekend and the beginning of net week. modest warming treadwell kick in tuesday, wednesday, thursday. another push of monsoonal moisture could send some clouds toward us on thursday. we are not concerned t any dry lining potential in the bay area but it is something we are watching through next week. > >> > >> we have this, a bull causingc in a shop in peru. it charged
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the chairs and the tables. one person was injured. the bull had had escaped from a truck that was transporting it to a slaugh. the bull said, no way. after 40 minutes, people managed to wrangle the bull. they got it oo a forklift, onto a truck. we don't know what happened to the. the bull. we are manifesting good things. > >> coming up, a homecoming for the 49ers starting quarterback. how he is spending part of his time in his home state of minnea this week. > >> don't forget to join us for our new weekday newscast streaming on californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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>> welcome back. it is a homecoming for 49ers quarterback quarterback trey lance as he and and the niners get ready to take to take on the vikings this saturday. he is connecting with players and coaches from his old old high school. verna glenn has has more today red and gold rep. gold report. >> what a week for trey lance. after his game against the pack,
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he is whisk away to his home ste home state am a practicing against the team he grew up with. that came up when we sat and chatted. >> you know what the narrative is going to be. trey lance is coming back to his home state. you are probably going to get some phone calls from people yoe not heard fra long time. lance time. lance warming up with kyle kyle shanahan, a close watch against the vikings defense. he saw more than a few familiar faces from his hometown of marsl of marshall in attendance. his response? >> i was excited, for sure. i could see my family, see some friends but it is work at this . this point. i come out here. these two days of practice should be awesome for us. my high school team, the vikings, i i appreciate them. they have some high school coaches and teammates coming out as well. >> >> with the red and gold report, gold report, i'm verna glenn. > >> the 49ers take on the vikings vikings this saturday and kpix 5
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5 is the niners preseason partner. we will have coverage g at 3:00 with the red and gold report and then say after the game for the fifth quarter. > >> now is your time to recognize recognize your favorite 49ers super fans. we love this. get yourself on a, everybody. just scan the qr code on your screen to nominate members of the faithful. all season long, we will be highlighting you super fans out there. we know you are on every corner here in the bay area. > >> still ahead, fill up that piggy bank. how much it will cost to visit the mouse and the changes to the theme park progrs annual passes when we come back > >> i'm kris van cleave in india, in indiana, a community is sending drivers through a loop by design. it is safer and allows the roads to handle more cars and is better for the environment. plus, it saves drivers money as gas prices soar. we will show you why carml says going in circles is
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>> i want to tell you about the story of got to see. free tuition for kids if a parent vows to come to class and help out once a week. we are looking at one school's new approach to give children a catholic educatn catholic education and what mom and dad get out of it beyond sag money. you can join us for thaty special story we have repaired r you and more at 5:00. > >> a lot of people are buzzing about disneyland's new higher pricing for its annual passes. for non-southern california ress california residents like all of of us appear in the north, $699 for the enchant here, all the way up to $1599 for the inspire tier. do you feel inspired? there are blackout dates around holidays too. current passport holders can renew starting todat disney says it won't be selling any new magic key passes at thi. this point. the happiest place on earth is going to cost you. > >> that is it for kpix 5 news.
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the cbs evening news is next. wl back with more local news at 5:00 and streaming on the cbs news bay area. yo have californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors.
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prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27. captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnellilabout just why the f.b.i. searched donald trump's mar-a-lago mansion. >> new documents provide new incite into the alleged crimes behind the mar-a-lago search. willful retention of national defense information, concealment or removal of recordings and pausable obstruction, cbs's catherine herridge on the former president's growing legal troubles. >> record high apprehensions at the border. tonight cbs's manny bojorquez is in texas where the governor is sending migrants out of his state. >> you don't know where you are going to go. >> rents skyrocket nationwide. cb scrks' carter evans tonight on why the rental market is red


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