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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 18, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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unlocking poverty, as clichc as it may sound his education. >> right now at 7:00 and streaming on cbs news bay area, airfields scattered with debris after a deadly midair collision between two plays in watsonville, good evening, i'm ryan yamamoto, we are following that news, two people killed, those planes colliding at the watsonville airport, we are getting witness accounts from the collision and new video from from the crash site. authorities authorities say it happened as the pilots were on final approach to the airport. one plane came down in a grassy area area near the runway, the second second plane smashed into the airport hangar. authorities late late this afternoon confirmed two debts but did not account for the third person who was inside one of those planes. people working near the airport heard the sound of that collision and immediately knew something was wrong. >> it shook our building, rattled our doors, to the parking lot out here, massive plume of black and white smoke,
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and fire on the runway. surviving an accident, can't believe it's happening. >> no one on the ground was hurt, the airport was closed and and both the ntsb and faa are now investigating. that airport is owned by the city of watsonville. it does not have a control tower to direct planes, instead, pilots communicate with with each other over open radio frequencies. > >> a famous bay area taiko group group is being evicted after they see the landlord tripled the rent. san francisco taiko dojo is the first taiko group in in the united states, it set up shop 54 years ago in japan town and as mary lee spoke with the grand master who hopes to drum up support and find a new home. >> reporter: he is the founding father of taiko in the united states. sensei grand master tanaka was the first ever to
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perform taiko japanese drums at the cherry blossom festival in san francisco's japan town in 1968. >> now, i am in this country, my my life to taiko together now. >> now, his famous taiko group may be coming to an end. they are getting kicked out of their south san francisco taiko practice studio at the end of the month, after new landlord tripled their rent. they have no no choice but to pack up more than 100 of their historical drums. >> of course i'm proud of my father's legacy, and being in the first taiko group in the united states in 1968, i think not just myself but all of our performers, all of our alumni, students over the years have really come through. and tried to work really hard and fight hard to try to keep the legacy
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going. >> we made taiko history. right. right here. >> sensei tanaka says he has more to give to his community, and he is not giving up without a fight. >> sometimes i still do practice. so, i go back. 80 years old. to challenge myself. >> i see, they do it faster. >> reporter: he even challenged me, giving me my first taiko lesson. he says taiko is good for the soul. >> good! >> is that okay?
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>> yes. [ speaking foreign language ] >> [ laughter ] >> reporter: in south san francisco with san francisco taiko dojo, mary lee, kpix 5. >> we tried to talk to the landlords about that rent hike, but they refused to comment. san san francisco taiko dojo hopes someone can offer them an affordable place to rent. > >> earlier this week we reported reported no other san francisco artists are also being forced to to move. behind your warehouse is being sold and some painters that work there for decades, the the trust that owns the building building is now trying to offer help to relocate those artists. > >> a 7:00 san jose police announced two arrests in the killing of a safeway worker inside the willow glen store. 24-year-old was gunned down back back in june after he reportedly reportedly confronted someone who was stealing liquor. one of the suspects is in custody, an 18-year-old man from utah, he's
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being held in the salt lake county jail, the second suspect is 19-year-old of san jose. > >> a tragic story in the south bay, the firefighting community is rallying behind captain steve steve of the san jose fire department. he's mourning the loss of his three children after after their mother, who also include the 14-year-old twin daughters and 12-year-old son all died in a horrific car accident last weekend. that accident happened sunday night on highway 156 in hollister, according to chp the four were traveling eastbound in the 214 tesla when for unknown reasons, their car veered into oncoming traffic, colliding with a tractor-trailer. that accident is still under investigation. san jose authorities on the lookout for several people caught on camera robbing the popular peters bakery at knife point, and even though no one was hurt the staff is still shaken up. >> they kept demanding where's
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the safe, where's the safe, and i told him i don't know where the safe is, i'm just the dishwasher. you got the wrong person. a bit shocking at the moment, more so, more worried about everyone else. my mind was was just going 1000 mph, just trying to contemplate what was happening, everything was so quick. >> the robbers did not get into the safe but did leave with some some cash, and no one was hurt. > >> apple reveals serious security flaws for ipads and max max that could allow hackers to take complete control of these devices. high tech experts say an attacker could impersonate owners and run any software that that they want. >> you want to make sure you update the software on your ipad, your iphone, or your mac right away, otherwise one of these vulnerabilities could allow a hacker to have extraordinarily powerful access to your machine to run software on it and to get access to its peripherals and internal guts.
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>> apple is scrabbling to fix the issue and release an emergency patch so users can protect their devices. > >> on the peninsula, a catholic nun who runs a private school has come up with a unique way to to help lift families out of poverty. and yes, it involves some tough love. kpix 5 has more. >> reporter: at the holy family school in redwood city, nine years of grit and sacrifice have have come down to this moment for daniel vasquez. and we are not just talking about his graduation. >> it was hard. i cried at the end. but, it's amazing, my mom and i were basically in the same same school. >> reporter: yes, daniel and hir his mother, ending their decade-long education together. >> i'm so happy i did it, and so so happy i took the challenge. it's a big challenge. >> reporter: perla lives by the
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flight phrase [ indiscernible. ] ] >> it means it's worth it. yes. >> reporter: sending their kids to the small private catholic school does not cost the families of time. but there's a catch, one of the parents must commit to a full day of one-on-one tutoring at least once a week. >> sister christina helsley who runs the school takes no excuses. >> there's a nonnegotiable that they have to be here one full day a week, and if they are sick, the need to make of those hours. i'm not trying to make it it too easy, for them not to be here. >> is that the nun in you? >> it is [ laughter ] >> reporter: for perla, giving up one whole day a week just to study english seemed impossible and impractical. >> i'm a mom, i'm a teacher i'm a worker, i'm a friend, >> between her job at a local mexican restaurant and raising two kids, perla figured her education was over.
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>> all the titles that you have, have, you decided to add studen? add student? >> what is freedom of religion? >> to choose any religion you like. >> perla's sat with an english tutor and so it went from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. every wednesday for 9 years. she went to studying for the u.s. citizenship test. >> you have to make the time, it's good for you. not only for your kid to learn and grow, but also the family grows together. >> overtime perla's english improved so much that she passed passed the rigorous state certification test to manage public housing, and quit her job job at the restaurant. >> you took the certification test in english? >> the key to unlocking poverty is education. >> for 22 years, they've helped
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60 moms like perla, they learned learned english forgotten ged's, ged's, which leads to better jobs and higher salaries. the key, tell the moms their weekly lessons are for the children. >> >> initially they, and do the commitment for their kids, so their kids can get into the school. later on they do it for themselves. because they see what is happening in their own lives. >> as the country grows. >> what she had done this on her her own? >> no, she needed motivation to come, she wanted the best for me. >> one more thing. about that citizenship test, she passed. >> >> so help me god. >> congratulations, everyone. >> >> i like to say one phrase in spanish. it means put in the hard work and put in the effort. effort. i think people should do do that, because you only have one life, and there's a big future ahead of you. [ laughter
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] >> reporter: changing lives with with education, it's worth it. >> you are such a gift to this country. >> kpix 5. >> this fall daniel will start as a freshman at one of the bay area's elite top high schools, st. francis in mountain view. > >> still to come, ancient art is is being brought back with a cutting edge virtual reality, the new exhibit opening up in san francisco. >> for people to get that type of experience, almost the theme park experience in the museum is is really cool. >> first, scientists are examining the spread of the monkeypox virus, the rare event they say you should not worry about. > >> fog is rolling in and surrounding the top of the tower, it will spread across the the bay tonight, temperatures today on the hot side inland in the east bay, otherwise pretty nice for the middle of august, we will take a look at what the weeken
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>> infectious disease experts at at stanford documented a recent but unique case of monkeypox, raising questions on how the virus can be transmitted. a monx patient is a man in his 20s who sought care at a hospital for a rash two weeks after a trip to the uk, but unlike the vast majority of cases, the man reported no sexual contact or any known contact with a person who had the virus. researchers say this is a rare but monkeypox monkeypox does it spread through through nonsexual contact as well. >> it's skin to skin contact, anyone who comes into contact with the lesion is at risk for contracting it. >> you can get it without sex, it's rare, but it can happen. this is a very rare event, try not to worry, lightning can strike but hopefully it will not not happen to you. >> reporter: for now the vaccine vaccine is only not recommended for those who've been exposed, or are at high risk of being ex.
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being exposed. > >> tomorrow is the last day to get vaccinated for monkeypox at sf general, more clinics will be be announced when the city receives a new shipment of doses doses from the feds, we reached out to the department of health and when those doses may arrive, arrive, they did not have an exact timetable. > >> continuing coverage and information on monkeypox vaccines on, also streaming on cbs news bay area. area. > >> a 7:00 a chance to uncover the secrets of ancient egypt, a new exhibit is opening this weekend at the museum, it combines ancient art with cutting edge virtual reality, it's called ramses the great and and the gold of pharaohs, it's said to include the greatest collection of ramses the second artifacts to ever tour the u.s., u.s., despite sexual artifacts, the exhibit has vr chairs that will take you back to thousands of years ago when these treasures came to life. they are are helping with uncovering more more treasures in the sands of egypt. >> for people that may never get get to travel to egypt, we don't don't have time machines, vr
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allows us to go back and experience those things. >> the money can also help fund the search for nefertiti, and the hope is that people will visit egypt, organizers are putting final touches on the exhibit, and that exhibit opens this weekend on the 20th and continue through february 12th, 2023, tickets for the immersive experience are available at the museum's website. pretty cool out there. a live look outside in the meantime, looking at all that fog, there it is. a break right there but somewhere is the the city of san francisco, or the bay, and that fog is rolling rolling in. >> we are looking north from salesforce tower towards alcatraz, the fog makes it awfully hard to tell, and we will see areas of fog spreading farther across the bay into the inland valleys by early tomorrow tomorrow morning. it's going to be warm to hot for inland parts of the bay area tomorrow and to start the weekend on saturday, but then we are back to near normal temperatures for a couple couple of days even inland by
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sunday and to start the new work work week on monday. the onshore onshore breeze is helping to push the fog and resulted in improvement in air quality, earlier today we had a lot of yellow in the north bay, the east bay, and the santa clara valley. still yellow dots scattered in as you look farther farther inland but we have seen an improvement. as the winds calm down by owner tomorrow morning, some of the particulates in the atmosphere will settle down to ground level level so we will be back into the yellow category for inland parts of the east bay, santa clara valley, but i don't think it'll be worse than that tomorrow, and their quality should continue to improve as we we head into the weekend, it should be green across the board board throughout the weekend. looking outside toward downtown, locally dense fog, localized over downtown, temperatures around the bay are in the 60s around 70 for san jose and santa santa rosa, still around 80 degrees inland in the east bay and on the warm side, future cast shows the fog spreading into the inland valleys but this this isn't a deep marine layer, fairly shallow which means it will dissipate quickly as the
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sun comes up on friday, the fog backing up to around the bay by 9:00, 10:00 at the latest and all the way to the coast by late late morning and along the coast coast you will see the sun breaking through for at least a little while during the afternoon. temperatures tonight will drop down into the mid to upper 50s to around 60 degrees, close to what's normal for this time of year. high temperatures tomorrow, close to average around the bay and along the coast. near the water, mid 60s along the coast, and low to mid 80s around the south end of the bay, as you go inland to mergers mergers will climb farther and farther above average, hitting 87 degrees, but 90s as you go farther inland in the santa clara valley. mostly 90s inland in the east bay low to mid 90s for the most part, hotter spots farther east hitting the upper 90s even close to 100 degrees, and still a heat advisory tomorrow and saturday. near 70 in san francisco if the fog dissipates quickly enough, temperatures for oakland in the east bay reaching to low to mid 70s, richmond and alameda might stay below 70, upper 80s and low low 90s inland in the north bay
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again about 5 degrees above average. it's not unreasonably hot for the middle of august, but noticeable, especially as you go farther north around 100 for st. helena, clearlake, cloverdale, the fire danger isn't going to be off the charts charts but there will be a couple of pockets of an elevated elevated fire threat by tomorrow tomorrow afternoon with the above average temperatures, slightly above average, we will keep an eye on that as we had through the afternoon hours. nothing off the charts for august. near average days, 60s and 70s around the bay with mostly 80s inland, san jose sees sees a drop from saturday to sunday, then we gradually climbed back into slightly above above average territory by the middle of next week, passing clouds monday and we could see a a few more clouds overhead thursday with the next wave of monsoonal moisture, keep an eye on that, that's a long way down the line. > >> coming up it wasn't a preseason game but the vikings and the niners went at it today, today, what players enjoyed most most about the second joint practice. and don't forget to join us for our new 7:00 a.m.
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>> the 49ers have their second joint practice today, kpix 5 explains why players were excited to have a different team on their side. >> 49ers held their second and
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final joint practice with the vikings in minnesota on thursday, before the teams play each other saturday in preseason preseason action. many of the 49ers started leaders are expected to sit out that game. for those players, the last days days of practice were very valuable. the star pass rusher nick bosa, one of the unlikely to play saturday said he was happy to practice against a different colored jersey after three weeks of training camp against his own teammates. >> it's fun to get a look on a different guy, start figuring them out, by the end of practice practice for the most part i thought we came out and tried to to bring some energy, sometimes it's tough when you've got no music on the far field, and being out of your element for the whole week is different, but, it's good work. >> with the red and gold report, report, i'm vern glenn. > >> seeing the northern lights won'
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>> people living across northern northern parts of the country could catch a glimpse of all of this, this amazing light show tonight. the aurora borealis or northern lights may be making a rare appearance for the second night in a row. look at that. look at those colors. more people have a chance to see it, scientists say strong geomagnetic storms are headed to to earth so those storms could shift, the northern lights farther south, so if weather permits people's far south as pennsylvania iowa and oregon may may be able to see that light show. amazing. than
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