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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  August 19, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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news at 5:30. > >> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, or local news, including a jobh a job search where we live. the new numbers that show the economy is headed in the right . in the right direction. and the reason we are leading the way. > >> chaos inside this california store. the flash mob take over t has police cracking down. > >> but first, our top story. how how a group of students are going the extra mile to shine a spotlight on the importance of maintaining mental health. goodg mental health. good evening i am am reed cowan for sara donchey. >> i am ryan yamamoto. a group of teenagers made a documentaryg to save the lives of their fries lives of their friends suffering suffering from mental and emotional difficulties. >> governor gavin newsom announced a $4.7 billion master plan to help outr youth struggling. at the same time, we have seen the story hundreds of healthcare workers in the kaiser system are on stre
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demanding increased wages as the the demand for mental health pis up. you have seen a lot of adults talking about mental health issues this week. we thought we would add another set another set of voices. our kids. here is a story about how they are taking the lead. >> reporter: think about the kids you are about to meet. >> i want athletes to have as much emotional health as they do athletic. >> i want schools to have mentah in the curriculum. >> reporter: the scene maiden eyes of their peers. >> i what people with mental health issues to have their stories told. >> reporter: and step forward. >> i am terry delaney. i want kids to be taken seriously when i forward and ask for help. >> reporter: something they are doing comes in the form of a dot terry that came up after the suicide of katie meyer. >> she was a beloved youth
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member. to hear about her passig was devastating. >> reporter: these kids on the screen tell me stories of young people struggling are everywhere. how y of you know someone who has taken her own life or attempted to take their own life? how manf you have had a struggle of your own where this is concerned? hoy of you know a young person who s struggled with mental and emotil illness? all of you. why step forward and do something about ? >> i struggled. sorry. my journy with mental illness was extremey difficult. >> reporter: terry tells me, they are doing something about t doing something about it because because they know the pain of the problem when it goes unanswered. >> it's not a matter of if somee struggles. it's a matter of
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when. if we don't have is resources available, and kids dt available, and kids don't get what they are getting help, we will see an increasing suicide , depression race. >> reporter: the film, available available on youtube, wants to open conversations. they hope gr newsom's plan -- it perpetuates the whole issue of the stigma ie around mental health. >> i feel hope when i meet these these kids. i'm going to include include a link to the student film on her website, on the first week of school, have conversations with the young people in your life. asked asked them what works for them, what doesn't. what do you need in order to feel safe and loved? > >> in emeryville, police have id
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the man accused of shooting two people this morning but have yeo catch him. it happened a couple minutes past midnight this morning at an apartment buildinn an apartment building between hollis and overland avenue. the two victims are in serious and stable condition. authorities are encouraging anyone with info info on the whereabouts of the d shooter, 23-year-old fairfield resident, jaelyn buck, to call e buck, to call emeryville pd. > >> we have new video that shows chaos at the 7-eleven as a mob of people ransacked a store. thy stripped the shelves clean. this this all played out monday night . according to the staff at the, the mom threw food at the workers, who were forced to hide hide in the back of the store. >> they come inside the store. they start ransacking the placeg everything, whatever they can g. whatever they can get. food, ci, lottery tickets. if they are going to start doing this stuff and you are going to start
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locking down freeways, cars are going to start disappearing. >> we can't afford to move. we got to live here. >> they hope the security footae hope the security footage willing to some arrest. > >> a driver crashed into this facility. in and instagram post, post, the nonprofit said a car came crashing through their center located on the corners of of 77th and macarthur. light pos were shattered, and a good portion of the building was lef. according to the post, nonprofit nonprofit staff, neighbors and the driver are okay. but the organization is helping the comy is helping the community support support can help them bounce back. > >> a live look at sacramento where today was a win for the people who live in the sunset district. a $3.5 million investt to meet the needs of a api seni. >> self-help for the elderly. they did an incredible job.
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absolutely amazing. we want to e sure that the community spaces we have that are precious, that people nowhere to go, that people get services. we are tryg to get it renovated and upgraded so we are ready for the next 50 50 years. >> of that 3 1/2 billion, 2.3 million is going toward the sunset clubhouse while another 1.2 is going towards this help p for the cedar city. > >> the statewide unemployment re the statewide unemployment rate fell to 3.9% for the month of july. this is a record low. it'a significant difference from juns rate. over 20,000 other added in in the month of july. the bay area has regained 88% of its jos 88% of its jobs lost in march and april of 2020, but experts y a slump maybe in the near future future as increased interest rates are hurting the real estate industry and sales of
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other big-ticket items. >> consumer sentiment and busins sentiment, down. inflation, up. there are list positive indicat. i think there still strong expectation that the implement h in california is going to slow d going to slow and flow significantly in the next couplf months. > >> now to wall street where stocks tumbled today thanks to congress indicated the federal reserve a continue hiking interest rates. here's a look at at the closing numbers. the bell numbers. the bell 55 points. > >> nasa announced details of itn details of its plan to return human beings to the moon. michal george explains the maiden voyae of the artemis project. >> reporter: you are looking at the first step towards humankind's return to the moon. in just a few days, this unmanned rocket, the most powerl
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ever built, will head into lunar lunar orbit. the first spacecrat orbit. the first spacecraft to go to the moon in 50 years. >> the saturn five took us to the moon half a century ago. an, century ago. and now, as we embk as we embark on the first artems test flight, we were call this agency's story the past. >> reporter: this is the beginning of mass's artemis project. the rocket can travel 280,000 miles and return the spt the spacecraft it is caring back back to earth safety. the goal is for a human crew in 2025. >> it is a future where nasa will land the first woman and ft kohler person of color on the m. color on the moon. on these incy on these increasingly complex ms complex missions, astronauts wil live and work in deep space. >> reporter: friday, nasa announced it plans to land on te moon's south pole, where some areas haven't seen sunlight in s
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of years. >> it is a place we have never . we have never explored. >> reporter: it doesn't end there. nasa wants to develop technology for humans to live and work on the moon, with the eventual goal of reaching mars, for a string that starts with artemis one's launch from floria one's launch from florida on august 29th. michael george, cbs cbs news, new york. >> the artemis one mission willt one mission will last 42 days. the orion space truck will travl space truck will travel 1.3 million miles before landing off off the coast of san diego. > >> coming up, kids go back to school. many will be riding to class on a new set of wheels. wt parents can do to keep them saf. to keep them safe. > >> the latest details into the deadly plane crash in santa cruz cruz county. > >> after the deadly plane crash in watsonville, pilots are speaking out. i will tell you the deeper insight they have into this crash. > >> the importance of art and music in schools. a bay area actor speaks about the journey he took from drama class to theg
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>> a lot of us know this. the school year just getting underway. a lot of students will will be getting to class by riding bikes and kate larsen scooters. new research finds that bicycle riding is one of te biggest way of head injuries. >> >> reporter: the start of the new year will be a little different. it's the first year she gets to ride her skateboard to school. >> i am excited about showing up up at school with my skateboard and talking to my friends about what different tricks i do. >> reporter: making sure she ise sure she is safe and all geared up is a priority for her. >> i have elbow pads and knee p. pads and knee pads. >> reporter: and her parents. >> she is a helmet. she likes tr pads. we always try to stay
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really say. >> reporter: wearing the helmet is key to keeping kids say. you have to make sure it fits them properly, and that they actually actually where it. has anyone td it. has anyone talked to them about what sort of helmet they ? of helmet they want? you bring them something else, you will be be fighting with them. >> reporter: that's matt. he is the owner of gearheads, bike shop in pacifica. he is been helping kids with bike safety for over 0 years. >> it's important that you have the buckles just underneath thes just underneath the earlobes and and just enough space that you can barely fit two fingers between the chin and the strap. >> reporter: studies show that wearing a helmet bob i can increase -- decrease the head is by 85%. >> of you see your kids' for head sticking out, you need to e you need to re-examine the overl fit.
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>> reporter: always make sure your bike is in working order before you hit the roads. >> making sure the tires are inflated properly. making sure is the seats are at the right height. is the bike too big or o small. not to mention, wearing e helmets. >> reporter: it's also important important to follow the rules of of the road and pay attention to to the crossing guards. as for y guards. as for lily, it's her first day of school, and she is excited to get the year started and see her friends and skate into the third grade. gianna franco, kpix 5. >> print carmaker reveals a $5 n a $5 million car that it hopes l be the world's passes convertib. the world's passes convertible. it's called the w 16 mistral ans mistral and has 1600 horsepower. . just a little bit. he says ony bit. he says only 99 of them will be made, they have already been sold. we don't know what te car's expected top speed is, but but the current record holder
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was made by a company in texas. the top speed was 265.6 miles pr hour. >> keep it on the screen for twe beats. that's good-looking. > >> classic muscle cars are known known for having those loud, growling inches and exhaust sys. inches and exhaust systems. we called them glass back header's in the day. dodge says even it'e says even it's future electric version will have the same vibey the same vibe. they unveiled the the charge they can srt. really loud exhaust pipes and a transmission that shift gears. the sounds are not produced by speakers with by airports of that very in speed. dodge's gasd gas powered muscle cars will end in next year's. >> i will take the dodge. you can take the bugatti. > >> guide dogs for the blind join
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cal football players on the pre field. californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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>> student athletes in cal football are training hard. >> they took a break today with more than a dozen cute guide dog dog puppies when onto the field. field. a great way to wrap up le this. the organizer hopes to
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raise awareness in more puppy rs in more puppy raisers. you can volunteer to raise a puppy until until they are old enough to go back and really serve as a guid. the puppies also got some good g in today. >> we do a lot of socializationh lot of socialization, which means taking them out of the house and exposing them to situations in which they might e which they might be in with ther potential partners. one of thoss one of those things is how to appropriately interact with the. interact with the public. >> you are going to see one of these puppies at an upcoming fol game. the puppy shares the name with the mascot. >> so cute. >> i use a little dog therapy os dog therapy on this friday. >> those are extra good dogs. and extra good people to do the hard work of training and raisig a puppy. and then giving it awa. usually you want to enjoy the dog for the rest of its life. it it takes all kinds. why they are are doing it. >
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>> let's take a look of what is happening weatherwise as we get into the weekend. pretty calm weather pattern is going to prel is going to prevail over the next several days thanks to high-pressure building in the upper levels of the atmosphere. this is going to try to our south. it is still going to be warm to hot inland. mostly hot d on saturday. a stronger onshore breeze will kick in on sunday. t will spell a return to near avee near average. it will also helpe our air-quality, which wasn't dreadful today. you can still se haze on the horizon. moderate y moderate category inland. north bay, if they, roughly similar t. at worst, moderate category fore moderate category for the inland inland spots. a lot of green dos lot of green dots interspersed. green across the board monday and tuesday, thanks to the new r mass. san jose, still a little haze on the horizon. high temperature or was normal for today. one degree below average.
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average. it was significantly hotter in the north bay and inland and east bay. 93 a santa rosa. 96 at concord. the temperature in san francisco only reached the mid-60s. rightt the mid-60s. right at 60 degrees in pacifica. the fog is still sticking to the coast right now. . it's going to spread across the bay and into the inland valleys to begin the day tomorrow. is going to dissipate quickly. a shower -- shallow layer of fog does not take longo disperse. mid to upper 50s to around 60 degrees, to high temperatures that will be well above normal further inland. mid-60s around the coast. was the 80s to around 90 degrees ard the peninsula. 93 degrees in sae degrees in san jose. mid to uppr 90s inland in the east bay. thet spots, fairfield, antioch, gettg up to 100 degrees. around the by around the bay, two or 3 degrees degrees above normal. mostly low to mid-70s for oakland east bay. mostly low 90s inland in
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the north bay. very similar tods tutors. i think other locations will be joining center is in the the lower half of the 90s until you go farther north. still at or above 100 degrees in mendocino county. if you are going to the race, the fog will be present here pleasantly cool with temperatures in the mid-50s. if you are going to do the 5k or 10k, don't get overheated. temperatures on suny overheated. temperatures on suny overheated. temperatures on suny overheated. temperatures on suny overheated. temperatures on suny overheated. temperatures on suny overheated. temperatures on suny overheated. temperatures on suny overheated. temperatures on suny overheated. temperatures on suny going to be close to normal. 60s and 70s around the bay. 80sr inland. a holiday inland tomorrow. that we settle into the whether that takes us into next week where the daily high temperatures will be within about 5 degrees of what is moral moral for this time of year. a little more cloud cover thursday thursday and friday, but nothing nothing threatening. a little bit of natural shade. tomorrow'g walking forecast coming up at 6:00. > >> coming up, we speak to local pallets about what went wrong in
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in the moment leading up to the deadly crash at the watsonville airport. > >> an actor speaking out about e importance of artist schools as more districts look to cut prog. look to cut programs. > >> we are tracking a potentially potentially dangerous algae blom spreading across san francisco bay. > >> still ahead, we check back in with a bay ar
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>> this week, students rising ae rising above hose a special plae hose a special place with us. wp connect him to his dream school, morehouse college in atlanta. >> he is on for summer break. hr at school. >> i'm excited to welcome you as as the newest member of the class of 2025 at morehouse college. you should be proud ofr be proud of your accomplishments. >> reporter: that was israel of being in 2021, reading the college acceptance letter that changed his life. >> when i got that email, it was was like a whole weight lifted off of me. i felt like my body didn't have any way, and i was floating in the air. i felt ama. i felt amazing. >> reporter:/floor, and the nate reporter:/floor, and the native san franciscan is back home for summer break. his first year at morehouse was a huge success. >> morehouse is good. it is exactly where i d
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to be. i'm not going to lie. i e that i went away for college. it it is a great experience. it is all i imagined it to be. >> reporter: he did miss home ad family, especially his two litte sisters. >> i was very homesick. at a cen point, i wasn't depressed, but it was like, it was really hard being away from family. >> reporter: he is making up for for lost time, taking his two best girls on a special lighting to project level. the san francisco-based nonprofit provides and people like israel with internship opportunities fd on design, brand management, ann brand management, and even performing arts like music and . >> i like the way they tried their hardest. >> reporter: she is impressed with the dancers rehearsing. >> i like how they dance. i hope when i get older, i be like them. >> reporter: israel knows his sisters can be anything they
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want to be because he sees himself as their protector and e model. >> i do it all for them. i don't don't care what i go through now. i lose everything, and i would get it back tomorrow just for them. it don't matter. i can can go r 110 things every day. day. >> reporter: the girls are the g brother's his success, even though it means leaving his family once again. >> i am willing to do that, time time away from my sister. it got got to be done so i can become the man i need to be. that is ay be. that is already in the back of my mind. i don't want to leave. i'm going to cry when i leave again. they always make me me cry. other than that, i know that these next three years at e three years at morehouse will shape me to be the man i want to to be for the next 20, 30 yearsf my life. it's all good. >> reporter: for students rising students rising above, i am sha. above, i am sharing. >> israel says >> israel says his entire family, including his mom and s, are hoping to visit him in
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atlanta this year. to learn more more about students rising above above and it's scholars, check t /sra. > >> i do not want to spend more. >> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, what led to a deadly midair crash at the watsonville airport. we hear from pallets ad federal investigators. >> an uncontrolled airport. frequencies are available for pallets to use to announce their their actions both coming and going. > >> a fight brewing between the state and city of oakland over the wood street in camden. the finger point on who should help the hundreds of people who live there. > >> the ports of artist schools in local actor's message local districts thinking about cutting cutting those types of programs. programs. good evening. i am ryan yamamoto. > >> we start with new information information in the deadly crash
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crash of the watsonville airport, including audio recordings from the airport just just before the crash. >> he advised, we have a couplef accidents. please be advised, watsonville. >> reporter: the ntsb and faa ae at the airport trying to figure out the exact sequence of events events leading up to the midair. to the midair collision. the planes crashed as they were coming in to land on thursday. one eventually ended up in a ney field. the other smashed into a hangar at the watsonville airport. all three people on bod were killed. we are still waiting for their names to be released. >> we will be here all day todag all day today gathering factual evidence of the scene. the airpt the scene. the airport is an uncontrolled airport. there is no tower here. the aircraft, pee in the traffic pattern will communicate through the common c advisory frequency. >> a final report >> a final report with a probable cause could take up to one or two years. as


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