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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  August 22, 2022 3:30am-4:29am PDT

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>> reporter: this is the c "cbs overnight news". tonight millions of americans from texas to louisiana are under threat of flash flooding. torrential rain is swamping drought stricken land. near flagstaff, arizona, rushing water made the roads impassable. there's more rounds of rain to come as storms move east. cbs's dania bachus is tracking it all. >> reporter: good evening, jericka. it is extremely dry here in los angeles here in the west, southwest, there is a rush to clean up in the wake of powerful storms that left a muddy mess. floosh flooding in moab, utah,
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left main street a river. businesses were under 3 feet of water and prompted officials to urge everyone to stay inside. the powerful monsoonal park caught hikers after ground. in the carlsbad cavern park, people were stranded for hours. after an unprecedented amount of rainfall causing millions in damage, death valley national park is back open. the downpours aren't enough to ease the dlaut nearly half the country is under. the water shortage is so severe there are mandatory usage cuts in arizona, nevada and utah. there is a new water ban in parts of l.a. county already
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home to some of the toughest water restrictions in the country. >> dania bachus for us tonight. there's more rounds of rain to come. molly mccullem shows us how hard it is. >> reporter: good evening, jericka. the rain is pouring. the ground is saying finally. the problem is, too much rain in a short amount of time, we have to worry about flash flooding. today through tomorrow morning. then we look at the next couple of days. expecting more flooding in the same areas. heavy rain is still falling. this continues to shift to the south bringing areas like waco, shreveport and they desperately need the rain. too much m a short amount of time can cause problems. anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain in the dallas area. this is drought and rain
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extremely beneficial. >> molly mccullum with the partners in the weather channel. the justice department approaches a fast moving search. they use this had to justify the search. cbs's debra alfarone is in the washington bureau. we have more on the reaction to the washington search. >> reporter: the search and seizure of the classified documents has people calling this partisan. >> this is automatically political. you can't separate the legal aspects of this from the political aspects. criticism member cite sized the zero much. wants it released to the public.
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>> give us the information to understand how did the nye understand. we know they had other options other than raiding the house. >> congresswoman cheney said she's seen no evidence of partisanship and those comments are difficult. >> when we are attacking career officials in order to defend a former president who conducted himself the way this one did, it's a sad day for the party. there is an update. >> federal appeals court stayed an order for senator graham to testify before the grand jury. the question is, whether he had
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a role to not do it there. being in congress protects him. today russia is investigating a rare attack on president vladimir putin's inner circle. daria dugina w kled lt lodede ou russia said the bomb was intended to kill her father. fears are mounting. today president biden spoke to leaders by phone, both france and germany. it is the largest on the continent. this week marks six months since the kremlin's unpro moekd invasion.
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cbs's charlie d'agata looks back. >> reporter: it's not often a return to the war in ukraine starts with a silver lining. we head to the ports of odessa in time for the foirs grain to seoul. its he places where it's needed most. >> much was over shadowed by this. in the actual shadow of the plant, residence were far less ka at that time trophy. six-mon key place where the ukrainian forces stayed. >> they spent dams for this
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offensive. we were here in whush shan artillery was hammering this place. >> everything is smashed. we found at thtatianna. >> please help us. i ask you. next could be here. i ask you. >>. >> reporter: we did go down where we saw the young and the children. we came back to see if tatianna and herr guests survived. >> i am so happy. >> i'm happy to see you, too. >> reporter: she described the harrowing night. >> the building was shaking so much, i started to write
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>> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." i'm jericka duncan in new york. thanks for staying with us. the mid-term elections are now just 2 1/2 months away. they'll take place under newly drawn congressional lines. tensions are now rising in many districts over the way these maps were determined by state legislators. one example, georgia's 14 district. it was redrawn to retain be a large portion of the state's rural northwest. robert kosta has the ruling. >> powder springs georgia, north of atlanta has long been
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represented by a black democrat in congress but no more. >> they have basically cracked the community strength we've had. what they've done is taken a predominantly black area and combined it up with north georgia to dilute our strength. >> now it's set to be part of georgia's 14th district represented by taylor greene. the upheaval was caused by the state's gop controlled legislature which redrew the lines of the state's political map this year following the census. >> we've got to put america first and get this country right back on track. >> greene has said she welcomes the addition to her district. >> i'm excited to have them in my district. we're happy to help and i hope people give us a call. >> reporter: many democrats say the new maps here and nationwide are unfair. >> their voices will be diluted. their power in this process
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simply washed away. >> reporter: the a darm about how redistricting efforts could give the gop more power extends to capitol hill. >> i would say they give racial advantage in the guise of giving policy advantage. they're taking race into account but not to be fair, not to be inclusive but to do just the opposite. >> reporter: house majority whip james clyburn is the highest ranking black member in congress. >> what i think is taking place today is the beginning of a pro process. >> they say it's politics at play, not racism. >> this map drawn by party bosses makes a mockery of our democracy. >> reporter: they are talking about how they have drawn the lines in blue states. >> it's a false alarm. >> john fasso who has been
3:43 am
advising republicans on redistricting. >> they over reached. they attempted to jerry manneder republican party out of existence. >> reporter: for now anger and apprehension over who is representing who in washington weeks ahead of the mid term elections. >> i don't like it. i don't think she'll give us the right representation for all the people. her demonstrations have showed she's not for all the people. >> there is no logical way she could come into cobb county. >> reporter: ultimately the supreme court could decide how far states could go with redistricting. they'll hear a case about how state courts can weigh in with how districts are drawn. the colorado river is at its lowest level on record triggering automatic cuts to the water supply for arizona and
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nevada. in all, several states have been ordered to come up with plans to cut water consumption. so far have not. southern california has its own water restrictions and some hollywood starsreaying attention to the rules. david goldstein has been looking into this. >> it's been this way for three, four weeks. >> reporter: mike hazen is talking about this, the brown grass outside his agura home. >> ever since a draw the emer emergency. people have been asked to water and concern. everyone has a water budget. >> i think i'm doing my part. >> reporter: while he's doing
3:45 am
his part, the water district supplies 75,000 residents. the district covers the sprawling hills of multi-million dollar mansions in western county. cbs 2 investigates, some celebrities who aren't following the rules that everyone else has to follow. >> my name is kourtney kardashian and these are three rooms in home. >> reporter: take reality star kourtney kardashian. water records we obtain show the account listed under a trust used 245% of its allotted water budget in may. this is the fourth month it went over budget. sylvester stallone's $18 million
3:46 am
mansion is over budget. the account in his wife's name use 3d 51% of its budget in may. howie mandel did this tiktok video from inside his estate in calabasis. water records show they used 241% of their water budget in may for the fourth month. we also found rapper, the game, his home going over budget at least four months since december. >> the water supply is very dangerous. anyone who tirays a but for some, money seems to flow like water. >> for those customers that are very after flupt and have lots
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>> cash. >> cash. we don't think you should be able to buy your way out of the drought. this is very, very serious. the district has designed a plan as far as the insulation, it cuts flow from 26 gallons a minute. >> you can get up to 1. >> it stays on forcing people to conserve. >> i tested one out at my house. >> what did you think? >> it wasn't great. >> reporter: this is for the worst offenders. that means all of these celebrities we showed you are on the list to potentially get one. records show kevin hart got one put on his home.
3:48 am
the restrictor was moved. this also had 5i countdown. this home had a flow restrictor for two weeks. >> imagine everybody flashing. >> in keeping with the area, some people, they won't say who, tried to pay their way out. some have asked us to remove it and how much it would cost to remove it. >> they want to pay extra to get rid of it. >> that's not fair. >> i'm taking the entire lawn out. >> erin brock could he vich is eligible for a restrictor because she's been using too much water but she's now installing artificial turf and drought resistant plants and she's reduced her water use.
3:49 am
you are known for environmental causes. >> i am. >> reporter: you are known for water charges. >> i was above what they said i was allowed to use. i was fined. i've paid those fines. i've started taking very swift action. >> we did have a very nice green lawn. hopefully we can come out of this and we can be able to get some. we heard back from sylvester stallone's office and they need to be watered. howie mandel's representatives sent us his latest water bill showing his reduced water usage in june. >> that was david goldstein reporting. reporting. the "overnight news" will be
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do you struggle with occasional nerve aches or prevent the next one. in your hands or feet? try nervivenerve relief from the world's #1 selling nerve care company. nervive contains alpha lipoic acid to relieve occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort. try nervivenerve relief. . there was a tearful reunion on a basketball court in upstate new york. there was a life changing event. steve hartman found that story on the road. >> reporter: not many people get to return to the scene of their
3:53 am
death, but earlier this month john scully of rochester, new york, stepped back into the gym where his time expired. >> that's the last thing i saw right there. 2:46. >> do you recognize this at all? >> john is a basketball referee. >> they cut it, right? that's my jersey. >> reporter: back in june he was officiating a semi pro game. that was him seconds before his heart attack, the deadliest kind of heart attack called a widow maker. doctors told john's fiancee donna almost no one survives it. >> 1% of the population and he's that 1%. >> i was in the right place at the right time. i mean, that's why i'm here. >> reporter: within seconds a tow let doe player named myles copeland rushed to his side and started doing cpr.
3:54 am
>> i've never witnessed someone just collapse but i knew what had to be done. >> turns out the toledo forward is also a toledo firefighter. a brand-new one. just a year out of the academy. >> what does that feel like when all is said and done and you've saved a life? >> it's honestly one of the best feelings in the world. >> few moments will ever come close except maybe -- >> oh, my god. >> this one. >> we invited miles to stop by the gym. it was their first meeting. >> i love you, man. you know i love you. >> after quadruple bypass surgery john feels better than ever and looks forward to it. >> are you ref f'ing a game myles is in, he commits a foul will you look the other way? >> safe to say not. i love him but he's not getting
3:55 am
a fraudulent call. >> i love you too, man. because he's already had the best game of h
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finally this half hour there's a police officer in our nation's capitol whose submission to keep youngch ohee ttgn thgas the championship game in one of washington, d.c.'s most challenging communities. there's more than a title at stake. >> they need tlc, extra love. >> reporter: for ten summers now jason medina has brought together. >> you guys are about to play each other tonight. >> who's going to win? >> me. >> me. >> medina credits a youth baseball program in new york for changing his life.
3:58 am
>> a lot of the children that we grew up with in the neighborhood lost their lives in their adult years or incarcerated. it kind of showed us that there was life outside of new york. >> reporter: which is why he created the ward 7 baseball league in his off time. >> first time i actually had to cut out the grass, had to cut out the diamond with my partners. >> there was no fields. >> reporter: more than 400 kids have played with the league including 13-year-old cameron hays. >> what do you think you have learned from baseball? >> discipline. patience. patience, patience. >> i'm not trying to make the number one athlete in the world, i'm just trying to make a better person. >> that already has been a home run. nancy chen, cbs news. washington. and that is the "overnight" news for this monday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us and follow us online any time at cbs reporting from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm jericka duncan.
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it's a cbs news flash. i'm wendy gillette in new york. attorneys for nicolas cruz will begin presenting their case for why their client should not be sentenced to death instead spending the rest of his life behind bars. 17 people died in the shooting at marge ri douglas stone man in 2019. dennis rodman plans to visit russia to help brittney griner get back home. griner was sentenced to nine years in a russian penal colony. the u.s. has been trying to negotiate a prisoner swap. animae was number one at the box office. it raked in over $20 million.
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for more news download the cbs app on your cell phone or connected tv. i'm wendy gillette, cbs news, new york. dangerous weather. millions of americans in the southwest threatened by torrential rain. the sudden downpours trapping tourists at carlsbad cavern's national park. we'll have the forecast detailing the threat ahead. also this morning, the fbi under fire after the mar-a-lago search. >> you know that we are going after an ex-president who may run again. plus, suspicious attack. the daughter of a vital ally of vladimir putin is killed in amos could you car bombing. war in ukraine. cbs's charlie d'agata has a reporter's notebook as this week marks six months since russia's invasion. >> reporter: ukrainian forces fought for days to defend this airfield robbing the russian
4:01 am
advance of a place to land, troops and equipment in a crushing blow to russian morale. and later, it's been a blockbuster summer at movie theaters. audiences return for action on the big screen, so why is hollywood bracing for a big chill? >> the problem is, there weren't enough blockbusters this summer for the theater chains to really say that we are back. >> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." tonight millions of americans are under flash flooding. torrential rain is drenching land. this week there are more rounds of rain to come as storms move east. cbs's dania bachus is tracking it all. >> reporter: good evening, jericka. it is still extremely dry here in los angeles, but across the west and southwest there's a
4:02 am
rush to clean up in the wake of power full storms that left a muddy mess. >> reporter: flash flooding in moab, utah, turned main street into a river overnight. the sudden deluge left businesses in three feet of water, cut off roads and prompted officials to urge everyone to stay inside. the powerful monsoonal storms caught hikers off guard where crews are still search willing for one missing person. heavy rain in carlsbad made roads impassable leaving more than 100 tourists stranded for hours. after an unprecedented amount of rainfall in one of america's driest regions, death valley national park is back open. te downpours aren't enough to ease the drought that nearly half the u.s. is under, including the colorado river.
4:03 am
a colorado river pipeline leak has caused a ban. >> dania bachus for us tonight. thank you. there's more rounds of rain to come. molly mccullem shows us how bad it could get in some places. good evening. >> this is our virtual view of dallas where the rain will be pouring and you're looking up saying, finally. the ground is saying finally. the problem is, we see too much rain in a short amount of time, we have to talk about the risk for flash flooding. that's going to be a big deal for parts of dallas and the red river valley today through tomorrow morning. then more heavy rain is falling and shifting to waco, shreveport and into houston which they also
4:04 am
desperately need the rain. too much in a short amount of time can cause problems. this is rain that will be extremely beneficial. today russia is investigating a rare attack on president vladimir putin's inner circle. daria dugina was killed last night. the 29-year-old was the daughter of an ultra nationalist who has urged the kremlin to case late the surgeon ukraine. russia said the bomb was intended to kill her father but he switched vehicles at the last minute. today president biden spoke by phone to leaders of france and germany. this is the largest on the continent. this we can marked six months of
4:05 am
the unprovoked invasion. charlie d'agata looks back in tonight's reporter's notebook. >> reporter: it's not often return to the war in ukraine starts with a silver lining. we headed to the straight port of odessa for the first grain ship to set sale. the 20 million tons of backlog but it's a start that may help stave off starvation in places where it's needed most. much of our coverage was over shadowed by this, zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. in the actual shower of the plant than a russian missile launch. the invasion this week, we visited the scene for the ukrainian forces. >> reporter: they fought for
4:06 am
days robbing them in a place to land crew, equipment. >> reporter: we were here when they were hammering the neighborhoods northeast of the capitol. everything is smashed. at a children's summer camp we found tatianna. she's terrified and protecting the health of elderly adults. i ask you to help us. next could be here. >> reporter: we did go down where we found the elderly and children hide out. we came back to see if tatianna and her guests had survived. >> i'm so happy. >> i would like to see you, too. >> reporter: she described the harrowing night after we left. the building was shaking so much that i started to write messages to my friends, to my family that
4:07 am
i love them and i don't know if i will see them again. so the trip ended as it began. charlie dagg da. dozens ever rescued beagles are close to having a new home. they are among the 4,000 beagles from a virginia breeding center. the rescued beagles will be up for adoption this week. there's a lot more news ahead on the "cbs overnight news."
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>> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." the justice department faces a fast-approaching deadline. it has until this thursday to provide a redacted copy of the affidavit used to justify the fbi's search of former president donald trump's florida estate. cbs's debra alfarone is in our washington bureau tonight with more on reaction to that search. >> reporter: jericka, that search and seizure of the classified and top secret documents has the president and the support ers calling foul. >> this is automatically political. you cannot separate the legal
4:11 am
aspects from the political aspects. the criticisms we're leveling against the doj and fbi are fully warranted. >> reporter: congressman mike turner on "face the nation" criticized the search and said he wants the affidavit released to the public. >> this will give us the information how did the fbi justify raiding mar-a-lago and spend 9 hours there. we know they had other options besides raiding the house. >> republican congresswoman liz cheney said she's seen no evidence of partisanship and says those kinds of charges are dangerous. >> for us as a party to be in a position where we're reflexively attacking career law enforcement officials in order to defend the former president who conducted himself the way this one did, it's a really 15d day for the
4:12 am
party. >> reporter: there's an update into the 2020 presidential election. >> yeah. the federal appeals court stayed an order for senator graham. his team argues that his position in congress protects him from doing that. >> debra alfarone in washington for us. thank you. first lady jill biden will join her husband in delaware tonight after testing negative for covid twice. she had been isolating in south carolina after experiencing mild symptoms last week. she is double vaxxed and boosted. monkeypox cases among children are starting to rise across this country. new york state is now reporting its first known monkeypox case in a child. right now there are more than
4:13 am
14,000 confirmed monkeypox cases in 49 states and the district of columbia. dr. david agus joins us. the rise of cases among children are already alarming. is it fair to say we're entering this new phase this have yut break. >> still, they're children and it is we need to enact the methods we know that work, vaccinating the people that risk and treating those early with vac vaccinations, had a few comments to lack of engagement, lack of
4:14 am
utilization of the tools that we had in real time to prevent this 14,000 and probably it's well over 20,000 now. >> what do you make of that comparison, dr. agus. >> in the general spirit she's right. we failed on the testing. we had vaccines. we didn't get them out to the places that needed them. we need to be better at this. the lessons with covid should have helped us deal with this better. >> the biggest difference, we do have something to treat it. >> covid-19, oh, my gosh, we had he h vaccines that work and drugs that will stop monkeypox cold. use them appropriately, get them to where they're needed and stop
4:15 am
the spread of the virus across the country. the rising costs of rent. how bidding wars are pricing people out of the market. hollywood gets ready for a titanic shift at the movie theaters. we'll explain when we come back. this is the gillettelabs with exfoliating bar. the bar in the handle removes unseen dirt and debris ahead of the blades, for effortless shaving in one efficient stroke.
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♪ upset stomach, diarrhea. ♪ pepto bismol coats and soothes for fast relief... when you need it most. welcome back. inflation has cooled home sales. down 20% over the last year but rentals are going in reverse. gor the first time onde rentont? citrone i the hun a pla to >> i can't tell you how many places i've applied from and been rejected from. >> you're a lawyer, you've got a good job. >> reporter: you can't find an apartment? >> yeah. i'm looking with two other professionals as well. >> they tried to rent this
4:19 am
single bungalow poor a 4100. it's all leading to battles for rentals. >> why are people bidding so much money over the asking price? >> due to competition. post covid people working remote. coming back in. >> blake listed this three bedroom in la for $4700 a month. >> i got 50 inquiries in the first 24 hours. we had offers up to 5500 on this property. >> rising mortgage rates are partly to blame locking out would be home buyers. >> all of those things will put pressure. >> now they're fighting for apartments in the winter.
4:20 am
>> there's a possibility don't find something in the next two weeks. >> you'd essentially be homeless. >> yeah. >> in the midst of a rental battle that could last well into next year. well, a big birthday today for sister jean, the chaplain of loyola's men's basketball team. she's 103 years old. she's been courtside calling herself the booster shooter. in massachusetts another big birthday celebration. this one for composer john williams. he took his baton and marked his 90th birthday performing some of his memorable music including the theme for raiders of the lost arc. still ahead, a
4:21 am
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4:23 am
returned to the theaters for new blockbusters. in the weekend journal, tom waite reports there's trouble ahead. >> reporter: hollywood is rebounding at the box office with a string of summer blockbusters. >> feel the power of thor! >> reporter: "thor, love and thunder," jurassic world and dominion and top gun maverick. they boosted ticket sales, but it may not be enough. >> the problem is, there weren't enough blockbusters this summer for the theater chains to say we are really struggling to move forward. >> reporter: that hare much reality might be sitting in for regal.
4:24 am
cine world might be filing bankruptcy. >> a reorganization of debt means they're trying to control the film rentals, contracts, leasing. things like that. movie goers will not notice. the sky is not falling for real cinemas yet. >> reporter: so far they've grossed 5 billion. still far short of the $11 billion before the pandemic halted production, sent down these ever -- i had to bring my family here so my kids would know what a drive in was like. >> hollywood is banking on black panther and the way of the water
4:25 am
to boost end of the year box office. tom waite, cbs news, hollywood. >> count me in, i'm
4:26 am
4:27 am
finally tonight, when it comes to trail blazing women, few can top the story of bessey coleman. last week this pioneering pilot was honored by those she inspired. here's cbs's kris van cleave. >> reporter: this american airlines ground crew was prepping flight 372 for a trip into the history books. the dallas to phoenix flight was the first time everyone involved from the ramp to the gate -- >> we are honored to have you on board. >> in the cockpit and in the cabin are all black women. the flight celebrates the 100th anniversary of bessey coleman, the first african american woman to earn a pilot's license. she had to learn to fly in
4:28 am
france because it wasn't an option here in the u.s. her great niece gigi was on the celebration flight. >> my great aunt received her license two years before amelia earhardt. she wasn't in the history books. >> she runs the bessey coleman aviation all stars. currently more than 86% of airline pilots are white. >> this is the second time m my career i've had a black woman in the cockpit. i've never had an all black female crew in my career. >> already more than 150 of them in the u.s. she was at the control of flight 372. >> representation is so important today because when you see someone in yourself, you know it's possible. i can do this, too. >> reporter: sharing the story
4:29 am
of bessey coleman hoping to inspire tomorrow. that's the overnight news from this monday. reporting in the broadcast center. it's the cbs news flash. i'm wendy gillette in new york. sto attorneys for nicolas cruz will be fighting for why their client should spend the life behind bars. basketball hall-of-famer dennis rodman says he intends to visit russia to brittney griner to get back home. she was sentenced to 9 years. the u.s. has been trying to know goeg yat.
4:30 am
i'm wendy gillette, cbs news, new york. it's monday, august 22nd, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." special master, a new twist after the fbi search of mar-a-lago, how president trump's legal team may try to get seized evidence returned to them. the search is ongoing and at this point it's still under investigation. >> missing hiker. the search is on for an arizona woman caught in flash flooding in zion national park, the latest as powerful storms hammer the west. gary busey charged. why the actor is facing sex offense charges after appearing at a film convention in new jersey. >>good morningnd


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