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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  August 23, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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streaming on cbs news bay area, bringing a house of worship to the streets of san jose. good
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afternoon. i am amanda starrantino. more on that pastor's mission in just a second. > >> a fire broke out at the site of a homeless encampment, the site of tug-o-war. it was the latest of a string of fires near near the macarthur maze. the city of oakland said last month it does not have the capacity to to shelter all the roughly 200 people at the encampment. last thursday, letter from governor newsom's office accused oakland of seeking to shirk its responsibility. the letter threatened to take away millions millions of dollars in state fu. state funding. a temporarily restraining order currently blocks caltrans from clearing the area. caltrans is expected to lay out a plan at a court hearing on friday. we have reached out to caltrans, the state and oakland. caltrans says says they do not plan to make
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any public statements ahead of friday's hearing. > >> in the south bay, san jose is is raising to meet a deadline to to clear an encampment and avoid avoid losing millions of dollars dollars in funding for the faa. the camp is owned -- on city-owned land. the city has already teamed up with nonprofit nonprofit partners to move about about 140 people from the mpusg e river l river trtyhas until the end me > the are sands the bay ar. u can see them throad and a pastor who made missio helpthe homein sajose >> for the people suffering in the streets, all the situations that are here, we just put this in your hands. >> reporter: for pastor scott wagers, prayers our hands on, like to work in his ministry. >> >> we decided to adopt
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encampments. i know the folks end very well. >> reporter: is is not a conventional church, he explained, on the ride to one of of the homeless encampments, no pulpit, no pews, just a riech tad collection of tent floors under the ceiling of heaven. >> i get tired of being inside the church. i get tired of hearing preachers talk about things like that. >> reporter: every day, rain or, or shine, pastor scott brings food, bottles of water and slices of pizza to homeless men and women across the city. hoping the small acts of kindness may nourish the soul, as well. it is often said by people of faith that god works in mysterious ways. handing out food at the park, pastor scott ran into this man, pablo gaxiola, who had been homeless off and on since he was 11 years years old. when they first met two years ago, he was fresh out
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of prison having fallen out of righteousness. >> just looking down but to be acknowledged and told that you have worth, you get self-respect. >> reporter: he wanted to pray for pastor scott, a blessing boomerang back across the years. >> it is a different time. >> reporter: has been years since pastor scott left brick-and-mortar churches behind behind in favor of his open-air ministry. when we return to hisc to historic where his story first began, where he rose to pe to prominence by shining a light light on the city's for. >> we have challenging times but but great miracles of god are h. are here. >> reporter: you are far more likely to find pastor scott walking the city's creeks and rivers than the narrow aisles of of any church. like a shepherd of lost sheep, his path has meandered a bit, but along the way, he found his flock and
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friends. >> he comes and takes care of us us whenever he can. >> reporter: and renewed faith. >> i had a church for many, many many years. i got tiree std s. ifyou are christian in follg thinsus will be out here for sure. >> reporter: , kpix 5. > >> let's go to first alert meteorologist jessica burch. jessica, it is beautiful out there. we were both outside for the station barbecue. it is wonderful in the city. >> now we will smell like barbecue. if you are at home, you missed it. let's look real pastor what you can expect heading into this afternoon. it is a great opportunity to get out there and enjoy the sunshine. 60 from the coast all the way off in the bay, 90s and the inland areas. the fog is still slowly moving in right now, just near the golden gate bridge, pushing its way in. nowe are starting to see clear skies.
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. that will continue to be the trend for us tonight. the fog will start rolling in around 7:00, 8:00 tonight. that is what what we will wake up with tomorrow morning, very dense set set up, just like this morning. this morning, it made its way to to the sacramento valley, which is a little strange this time of of year. we will talk about that that coming up in the full forecast. back to you. > >> an update on paul pelosi's dui case. the husband of the house speaker pleaded guilty today in napa county. pelosi was was not in the courtroom today, as his defensprio pesi willsoha around $5000. > >>w developingstory.former esidz sue cus fr home w tails also emgioue clsifiedmae trinity chavez. >> reporter: former president donald trump wants to stop federal agents from going through documents seized during the search of his florida home.
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trump filed a lawsuit seeking a special master or third-party attorney to be appointed to review the documents. he is also also requesting the fbi return any documents that went beyond the scope of the search warrant. warrant. >> it happens sometimes. i think think from the point of view from the department of justice and justice itself, as long as it doesn't take too much longer and delay things, that is fine. >> reporter: the justice department responded with a statement, saying the search was was authorized by a federal court upon the required finding of probable cause. federal judge judge bruce reinhart could decide this week whether any pos any portions of the affidavit used to authorize a search warrant can be made public. >> he will try to see and the doj will try to see if there are are some discrete paragraphs that are actually educational to to the public they can go forward on. >> reporter: u.s. official told cbs news the justice department retrieved at least 150 classified documents from boxes trump handed over to the national archives early this year. the "new york times" reports since federal agents reengaged with d then
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searched his own, that number has climbed with more than 300 documents with classified markings obtained by the justice justice department. >> we didn't see any indication or explanation on why he still had classified documents after the first turnover of records in in february or the subpoena in june and why they kept fighting this every time they came back. back. >> reporter: a trump attorney signed a statement in june saying all classified materials have been returned. fbi agents found more classified material in this month's search. trinity chavez, cbs news, new york. > >> new at noon, the former head of security at twitter filed a whistleblower complaint with federal latest. peiter zatko accuses the company of extreme and egregious deficiencies in its efforts to limit fake accounts and hacking attacks. he he also says executives made misleading statements to users,
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investors and government officials. he was fired in january. today a company spokeswoman said his complaint was riddled with inconsistencies inconsistencies and inaccuracies. > >> this comes as elon musk tries tries to scrap a takeover deal for similar issues. > >> let's look at the u.s. stockmarket this afternoon. the dow jones is in in the red 110 . 110 points. > >> new government data shows a drop in sales of new homes. they they declined more than 12% in july compared to a month earlie. month earlier. that was for the second consecutive month with the decline. reporting to the department of housing and urban, urban development, prices keep rising. the new cost is $440,000. the average interest rate for a fixed mortgage rate is about 35% throughout july. > >> elected leaders in santa clara county want to get the word out to busi a program in the office of labor standards and enforcement focuses mostly on restaurants, where immigrant workers are
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believed to be vulnerable to wage theft. officials want to make sure retail food outlets know they can work with the county to create payment plans before enforcement get stronger in october. >> what is really exciting about about this program to me is that that it has an education component, allowing our staff to to work closely to educate workers about their rights and educate businesses about their obligations and how to comply. our number one goal is to make sure that every business in our community complies. >> the county program covers more than 65% of food permit holders, now including all parts parts of san jose, as well as others. > >> a boom in bunnies is causing issues for an east bay animal shelter. the reasons behind that that and what pet owner should know. > >> plus -- >> i am too happy. people tell me, you on something? no, i am just happy. i am living ♪dance! by christian a medice & elisha noll♪ ♪are you ready?♪ ♪♪
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saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home. >> a livermore animal shelter is is overrun with rabbits. kpix 5's elizabethb cook has more about the bunny boom. >> he is one of the friendliest rabbits i:00. >> reporter: stephanie debussy worked as a volunteer for the last seven years. she says in a typical year, the shelter is abe
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to find homes for about 200 rabbits. since the pandemic, rabbits have been coming in at an alarming rate. for every bunny adopted, there are three taking their place. >> the problem is there is not enough homes to put these rabbits into. >> reporter: they say rescuers are not able to keep up with the the rising number of rabbits found that animal dome sites in parts of the bay area. >> every now and then a dumpsite dumpsite will come up. we will find out there are 40 or 50 animals in the area. as many as we can we will try to rescue th. rescue them. >> reporter: she says often times people will leave the rabbits at dumpsite inking for them it is good to be with other other rabbits. >> other people say, i have a rabbit at home. they may have a better life there and they will bring their rabbit to the downse the downside -- dumpsite. >> reporter: they say new owners owners also need to be properly educated about the bunnies they take home. >> a fantastic rabbit. they are
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not camouflaged to the environment. they don't have a lot of safety mechanisms in place. a predator can spot them very quickly >> that was elizabeth cook reporting. another reason behind behind the booming bunny population is the high cost of living in the bay area. volunteers are seeing more peope more people surrendering their pets after downsizing to apartments or rentals that won't won't take them. > >> let's get another check on the forecast with first alert meteorologist jessica burch. the the sun has finally decided to join us. >> i know. it is sunny out there, almost toasty in certain areas. the sun will continue to stick around until the marine level layer decides to move
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into the inland areas during the the overnight hours. one thing i i want to mention, we have been cooling down hour by hour, day by day, when it comes to the daytime highs. here is the big reason why. a low pressures pushing its way in right now. that will change the forecast just a little bit as we head into the next couple days. you can even see it on the euro model. the little baby trough with a light orange is giving us us the relief for today and tomorrow. take a look at daytime daytime highs this afternoon. mostly 80s for us as we extend all the way down into the santa clara valley and even 90s into the tri-valley area with 90s up in the east inland hills. yesterday we were so close to the triple digits i could almost almost taste it. when we extended to sonoma, upper 80s and 90s are expected today. that that is going to quickly turn into low 80s, even some 70s. as we extend into the weekend, that that trough of low pressure will will push its way in as we head into the afternoon hours. with that in mind, let's look at the seven-day forecast. partly cloudy skies stick around, 70s in oakland, partly cloudy conditions, especially along the the coastline. that will be the typical trend for us as we wrap up the month of august. as you
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look at north bay, 90s turn into into low 80s as early as wednesday. things will look nice nice as we wrap up the weekend hand into the beautiful weekendh weekend with low 80s across the board. we will keep you updated in the weather center. for now, back over to you. > >> a bay area city is topping the list of happiest cities in the country. it is the high-tech high-tech way researchers measud researchers measured
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>> this story has been on my mind all day long. we have all seen studies measuring which city has the happiest people. a new study is using tech to prove prove why one bay area city has been named the happiest. you won't believe which city it is. john ramos has the story. >> reporter: the city of concord concord has the happiest people in all of america. we know that because it's written all over their faces. >> reporter: this is an old-fashioned town square. she is not surprised people seem happy here. >> i have seen some of the happiest people in this square.i have seen some of the kindest
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human interactions. i have seen life in action in this square. >> reporter: now, of business analytics company called housefresh has discovered just how happy people are here. they analyzed tens of thousands of instagram selfie photos from all all over the country, using a microsoft facial recognition program that recognizes the sincerity of a person's smile. when they crunched the numbers, analysts were shocked that concord had the highest percentage of genuine smiles in all of america. >> it is always quite interesting for us. obviously, we wanted to be interesting. sometimes it isn't. in this case, it was. concord out,
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out, not justlirnia, we ng cause ate, the bay areadethe list. list. it even had people in concord scratching their heads today. >> i saw it on instagram, concord was the happiest place. it through me for a loop. >> reporter: arshdeep singh and shemara ferman think it is concord's casual diversity that makes everyone feel comfortable here. >> you do get a lot of different different generations here. you get to see all of these different spaces filled with different ethnicities, different different family types, all of that. i could see why. >> i am too happy. people tell me, you want something? no, i am am just happy. i'm just living my life. i am happy for real. >> >> reporter: is good news for concord, but even the study's creators are concerned about what artifical inteligence may bring to the future. we wants feared big brother watching us and now he is judging our moods. moods. >> we hope it will be used for good. yeah, it is a little scary scary to know it is out there.
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that is one of the reasons i don't share my image on instagram or anything like that. that. >> reporter: is a brave new world where something as human as happiness can be measured by a machine. in concord, john ramis, kpix 5. >> how different is concord from from the rest of the state? the study found 79% of people seemed seemed happy while california is is on average scored 39% happiness. must be the gas prices. > >> the soccer match giving fanse fans hope weedsss mental health,, we house up to 26 families. provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration. for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide permanent funding for organizations like ours. saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home.
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>> breaking news into the kpix 5 newsroom. we are following this apartment fire out of san francisco. we have eyed pictures pictures of the blaze happening happening right now . this fire is burning at an apartment building on mcallister near alamo square. you can see just how intense this firefight is. there are firefighters on the roof of this apartment building. building. it looks like it is about three or four, stories up. up. the fire is coming from the bottom floor all the way up. there are no reports of injuries. the streets are closed closed in that area. as you can see, firefighters on scene, doing the best they can to get
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control of the flames there. we will keep an eye on this. for now, let's go to the weather. jessica, how does it look outside? >> i hope everything is okay out out there. this afternoon a low pressure dove its way down just enough to cool us off a little bit, here to yesterday. yesterday we were in the high 90s off near fairfield, concord even pleasanton. now it is starting to calm down a little bit more. 70s yesterday just in san francisco. now we are in the the upper 60s. we will continue to cool down as we head into the the weekend. > >> soccer officially returns to ukraine six months after russia's invasion brought
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here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families. we reduce homelessness, address mental health, provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration. for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home.
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to see transformation come to them. ♪♪ >> sheila: look, i could leave if you really want me to, but you'd be a fool to pass up this offer. you can do so much better, deacon. look, do-- do you really wanna live the rest of your life like this? i-- granted, this is a step up from the storage room, but it's-- it's definitely not the forrester estate. i can help you do better. the money i have access to, it's... >> deacon: how much? i mean, if i'm even gonna entertain the idea of you staying here, i wanna know exactly how much.


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