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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  August 23, 2022 3:00pm-3:29pm PDT

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>> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. > >> breaking news at 3:00, flames flames shooting out and smoke
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pouring out of a san francisco apartment building. the mad dash dash to get people to safety this afternoon. > >> a whistleblower calls out tw. out twitter. why he says your security and privacy is not being safeguarded. > >> the role scientist played in getting all these beautiful images out for us to enjoy. > >> i am reed cowan. breaking news on kpix 5 in streaming all day on cbs news bay area, let's show you this three-alarm fire ripping through a san francisco victorian. this is video from chopper 5. you can see the smoke and flames pouring from the top floor of this apartment building on mcallister. this is near alamo square, if you know the area. more than 100 firefighters are out doing battle with this fire. you can see one bay window completely torched, the ceiling above it and the roof torched, as well. >> after a came out, a. c. moore moore smoke. that is when i walked out to see what it was. it kept getting bigger and bigger. >> we saw a woman being taken
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out. >> yeah, probably only with her belongings, a huge backpack. another guy came out. he said he he was in his room and smoke was was coming from the door. he got got all his stuff and took off. >> crazy. here are more of those those dramatic images. fire crews are on the roof, trying to to get into the roof as the flames and smoke poured out. fortunately, we are glad to tell tell you, nobody was seriously hurt. > >> another fire, this one broke out at san francisco pier in the the last hour. if you know it, that is the aquatic part > >> all right, let's talk technical whistleblower says twitter lied about what it was doing to take your privacy. anne anne makovec joins us from the newsroom. do twitter users have to worry about their personal information? >> a lot of these complaints had had to do with security at
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twitter headquarters in san francisco and also the company potentially giving some of users' personal information to foreign governments. cnn and "the washington post" obtained a a copy of the disclosure from a senior democratic official on capitol hill that was fired by r by whistleblower peiter zatko. he is a former head of security at the company. he claims that twitter lied to the ftc about strengthening user security and nearly half of twitter's employees have access to some of of the platform's main critical codes. peiter zatko that the lack of security raised concerns concerns over the chinese and indian governments having access to user information. >> i think it speaks to the larger problem we have with big tech, in general. these are large companies with immense amount of power. they have been able to invade user privacy and their largely unaccountable. the the community does not control the community standards on these these platforms. that is
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something that really needs to change, or i think these problems are going to persist. >> twitter is pushing back. in a a statement obtained by cbs news, they say the opportunistic opportunistic timing are designed to inflict harm on twitter, it's customers and shareholders. the complaint also also had a bunch of claims about about fake users or box. that is is something we heard a lot about in elon musk's bid right now to try to get out of his plan to buy twitter. we know that musk 's lawyers have subpoenaed the whistleblower. we we will stay on top of it. >> it will be fascinating to see see what, if anything, is revealed. > >> we have a sad update to bring bring you now. family is in mourning after the positive identification of a person whose whose body was found in a reservoir on sunday. it is now positively identified as 16-year-old kiely rodni. she has has been missing from truckee. they found her remains inside the car. she disappeared on augt on august sixth. the county
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sheriff's says the investigation investigation is ongoing. > >> well, the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi pleaded guilty today in his dui case in napa county. the chp released moments ago this dashcam video of his arrest. watch this. the video shows police are asking pelosi to perform a field sobriety test. you can see him gingerly walking towards the road. another driver's jeep crashed after 10:00 pm that night. paul pelosi was not in court today. his defense attorney submitted the guilty plea. the judge sentenced the 82-year-old to five days in dallas three years probation. pelosi will also have to pay fines totaling around $5000. > >> elected leaders in santa clara county want to get the word out to business owners to settle wage theft judgments or
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they could lose their permits. a permits. a program in the officer of labor, standards and enforcement focuses mostly on restaurants where immigrant and low-paid workers are believed to to be vulnerable to wage theft. officials want to make sure that that retail food outlets know they can work with the county to to create a payment plan. a stricter crackdown, we understand, is coming during thh of october. >> what is really exciting about about this program to me is that that it has an education component, allowing our staff to to work closely to educate workers about their rights and educate businesses about their obligations and how to comply. our number one goal is to make sure that every business in our community complies. >> the county program covers more than 65% of food permit holders, now including all parts parts of san jose and milpitas. > >> a couple of northern california scientists played a big role in studies of jupiter. it was captured by the james webb telescope and really put rainbow auroras and giant storms storms on full display. nasa was you to really see something. if you look, you can also see the other galaxies photoboming in te background to your left. a uc
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berkeley professor was one of the astronomers leaving the obss of jupiter. she says they reallt expect the images to come out sd but they did. a long time citizen scientist judith schmidt schmidt of modesto processed these great views. > >> in texas, flash flood another flood another storm related issues up and down the east coast are causing trouble trouble across the country. here country. here is cbs reporter ks van cleave speaking to the trann secretary but all the headaches. headaches. >> reporter: another punishing stretch for summer travel is facing a flurry of flight disruptions. >> our flight was canceled. we are back again today. it was canceled this morning. now we are back again. >> reporter: severe weather pounded dallas. more than half of the flights that one of the nation's busiest airports were delayed or canceled monday. nationally, nearly 1/4 of all flights offered by u.s. carriers carriers have experienced delaye the beginning of august by an average american two minutes. >> >> i actually have a flight today that was canceled, rebookd canceled, rebooked and has had three changes to it.
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>> it seems if i did my job the way the airlines do, i wouldn'te it. >> this is the customer servicee for united. >> reporter: denver's airport, dozens of flights were canceled of the last few days, promptingd airlines to offer stranded passs stranded passengers cots. >> the bottom line is, it is still not an acceptable level f the rate of cancellation but they cascade through the system because the system is not yet able to cope. >> reporter: assistant transporn assistant transportation secretary says it could take time to fix. the secretary trann secretary transportation pete buttigieg said, they need to be ready with customer service. this mother and daughter were delayed in denver for several
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hours before the flight to sacramento was ultimately canceled. it set them back nearly a full day and cost them more than $1000 to get out on another airline. >> i think it is this feeling that you have when it happens because everybody is on their o. their own. you can't really reach anybody to help. >> reporter: unders of additional flight cancellations are expected today. d.o.t. is working on rolling out a website website that will allow flyers to look at how each airline response to disruptions, as far as compensation and accommodations. the department is also working on new regulations around refunds for lengthy delays. kris van cleave, cleave, cbs news, reagan national airport. > >> after a historic rise earlier earlier this year, gas prices have finally started to drop. they have done so for 70 days in in a row, the second-longest stk second-longest streak of drops in 20 years. crude oil prices are up, reaching $100 a barrel
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and stocks fell further on wall street today after yesterday's selloff. all three indices saw losses. experts say the selloff was driven by economic concerns of more interest rate hikes. > >> developing news on former president donald trump. he has filed a lawsuit against the department of justice. trinity chavez is following that. >> reporter: former president donald trump wants to stop federal agents from going through documents seized during the search of his florida home. trump filed a lawsuit seeking a special master or third-party attorney to be appointed to review the documents. he is also also requesting the fbi return any documents that went beyond the scope of the search warrant. warrant. >> it happens sometimes. i think, from the point of view of of the department of justice and and justice itself, as always it doesn't take too much longer, longer, and delay things, that is fine. >> reporter: the justice department responded with a statement, saying the search was was authorized by a federal court upon the required finding of probable cause. federal judge judge bruce reinhart could decide this week whether any portions of the affidavit used to authorize the search warrant can be made public.
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>> he will try to see and the doj will try to see if there are are some discrete paragraphs that are actually educational to to the public they could go forward on. >> reporter: u.s. official tells tells cbs news the justice department retreat at least 150d documents from boxes trump handed over to the national archives earlier this year. the national archives released the letter it sent to trump attorneys comics mining that among the items turned ovarmo 0 markings comprising more than 700 pages, some include the highest levels of classification, including special access program materials. >> we have not seen any indication or explanation why he he still ahead classified documents after the first turnover of records in february or the subpoena in june, why they kept finding these classified documents every time they came back. >> reporter: a trump attorney
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signed a statement in june saying all classified material have been turned. fbi agents bellmore classified material in this month's search. trinity chavez, cbs news, new york. > >> still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, a royal relocation. there is no u-haul involved . where prince william and kate will move their their family. we will let you know who their hot
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>> all right, we continue to fow to follow breaking news. chopper chopper 5 is at the aquatic park park . a fire broke out in the
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last hour. so far, we don't know know how it started. we are watching it closely. as we zoom in,, you can see there is a water right there up against that structure. there is the water they are spreading on it to try to get the fire out. it looks like the left part of that that structure is a total loss. we will have more on the full damage and the investigation lar investigation later on our broadcast here on channel 5. > >> it is back to school in livermore. this was the morning rush at emmitt smith elementary school. across the city, livermore police really wanted to make sure students got to school safely this year. they put out a twitter video, saying they will have extra offices officers around the campuses to keep little ones safe. > >> it is vacation time for
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president joe biden. that means home-improvement time at the white house. it is a summer tradition there. as soon as the president his wheels upper getaway, they really pull out the construction crews get ready ready to work. they have upgrades to the basement situation room, they repaved the the driveway, clean the windows, windows, replaced the stone pavers and spruced up the south lawn. the white house is 222 years old so, as always, there is a lot of upkeep. > >> let's talk about the british royals. they have had their pick pick of lavish castles and palaces to call home. now prince prince william and his family are leaving their london mansion. here is cbs reporter re reporter ronnie in windsor with details. >> reporter: this is a royal relocation. the duke and duchess duchess of cambridge are retreating from central london to the relative quiet here in windsor. they say they just want want to give their three kids the closest start to a normal life as possible. being in the most famous royal family in the world will not be easy. seem with the queen elisabeth the second for her platinum jubilee in june, they were center stage
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for the iconic buckingham palace how can a shot beamed worldwide. stitch deal away from from the public eye, the family will move to this college, part of the queen's windsor estate. a a four-bedroom home more than 200 years old, they will be paying market rent and have no live-in nanny while also living closer to the monarch. the royal royal editor of the sunday times times -- >> every big decision that happens in terms of the monarchy, william and his father father are involved. having that that proximity, being able to see the queen that much more easily, more frequently, multiple times a week instead of of once a week will be better. >> reporter: william and kate will also be closer to harry and and meghan if they should visit and stay at their uk home. will and kate will keep their 20 room room home at kensington palace as their official residence.
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together, with their 10 bedroom manner in no-fault. the children, george, charlotte and louis will start the new school year here at the lynbrook prep school several miles away. windsor residents are weighing in. >> i think it is great they're coming back to windsor. it feels feels like they belong. >> reporter: the public is used to seeing the monarchy grow up. from prince william and harry's first days at school with princess diana in the late 1980s, it has been a rite of passage. with william's children, prince george and pris and princessowcharfog llowinin thmint years, this move move is about them. >> prince george will be king one day. that is an enormous thing for anyone. his childhood years, they want to give him the the best possible chance to have have a normal life before he starts to contemplate that. > >> time for a look at your forecast with first alert chieft chief meteorologist paul hagan.
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we will not have uk weather here. >> we have a little bit of it. we always have a little bit of it with the fog coming in through the golden gate but that that is about the extent. i don't think we will see in a minute showers anytime soon. we had this little parade of ripples in the atmosphere passing by to our north. they will not dramatically impact our our weather on a day-to-day basis, but the upshot is the same. it will drop our temperatures to near normal tomorrow. that is where they will stay as we head to the rest rest of the week. there will be a change from the overall day-ty pattern. temperatures be running running where they're supposed to be in late august. we will see the annual march of fog. right now it is working back through the golden gate but the air quality has been in the good good category despite that air quality advisory. any smoke that that drifted down over the bay area state elevated in the bay area. we have stayed good at ground level and that is where we will remain all the way through the weekend. there is a little finger of fault poking at at the golden gate. the temperature downtown is almost 7, mid-70s in oakland, not bad. temperatures are warm, even hot, hot, mid-80s in concord, santa a santa rosa but cooler than you
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were 24 hours ago. the game against the marlins, 75 in oakland, you will be 5 degrees cooler for pitch-out 6:40 this evening with clear skies to start. the cloud cover and fog l fog will role across the bay this evening and tonight, fairly fairly widespread and fairly dense to begin the day wednesday. it backs out of the inland valleys pretty quickly but around the bay you can still still see the great over san francisco bay in the peninsula. it will be tougher to shake tomorrow, more of a mix of clouds and sunshine. that will be the trend as we go through the rest of the week, a mix of clouds and sun after the morning morning fog dissipates. temperatures dropped to the 50s tonight, just above 60 degrees in some spots. forget the air conditioning. keep the windows open, if you haven't done that
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already. the high temperatures on wednesday close to average. everyone on 2 degrees on either side of what is normal for august. we will hit the low to mid 60s across the post, a mix of upper 70s and low 80s on the south end of the bay in the peninsula. mostly temperatures the middle portion of the 80s in in the santa clara valley, 84 in in san jose. the inland east bay bay is warm but normally one for for this time of year. the hottest spots far inland in the low nice. upper 60s in the city with a mix of upper 60s and low 70s for oakland and the east bay. a few 70s north of the golden gate, mostly low to mid- 80s for the north bay. temperatures further north likely to reach the 90s as you lose the rain influence. temperatures are going to change change very little around the bay. we might have a cool down by the weekend. temperatures will be slightly below average areawide saturday and sunday, mid-60s in the city, around 70 for oakland, in lynden east bay only in the low to mid- 80s saturday and sunday. not bad at all for the last weekend in aug. in august. > >> still ahead, how a 49ers rookie is really turning heads in the preseason. > >> plus, little dog finds itself itself in a tough spot. what led led to this rescue
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>> there it is. >> nice. >> we want you to hear that. you you can hear the gentle coaxing a first responders. this is a video of a dog rescue out of union city. alameda firefighters say this little dog was being kind of naughty, chasing after possum, when it dug under a concrete slab yesterday. we got stuck. workers made sure to break the dog out of the concrete so the dog would not get hurt. as you can see year, come on, pup . they managed to get him out safely and handed him off to the grateful owners.
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score one for first responders, thank you so much for your service day in and day out. > >> the nfl preseason is proving ground for players on the bubble. the 49ers did not field many starters in minnesota saturday. as charlie walters will show you, one defensive end end really tackled his audition. >> reporter: you so saturday is not what you will see the season season for the 49ers. only three three in their 22 projected starters played in their win in minnesota. that meant fans focused their attention on rising telling, like rookie defensive end, jackson, the second round pick. number 93 looks good in pre-season could be a starter. jackson even has a a sense of humor. theory is photo bombing glenn burns' interview. that photobomb led to an interview of his own. ms. jackson's response to being asked about all-pro defensive end, nick bosa. >> if you look at his busy, do you say, expletive. >> yeah. i am coming up at my body is coming up to that soon. 2023, look out.
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>> you don't have to get soil like that. you just need to make make plays and beat the guy who here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families. we reduce homelessness, address mental health, provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration. for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide permanent funding for organizations like ours. saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee
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they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home.
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>> all right, coming up at 5:00, 5:00, gas prices are down. 70th day in a row. with oil prices up, how much longer will the street last? we get a gas price reality check at 5:00 coming up on the news at 5:00. > >> finally here at 3:00, check out this close encounter. a couple of kayakers were on the hudson river. dolphins decided to swim right alongside of them. them. they spotted about three dolphins as they were headed for for purity for boathouse in midn in midtown towards new jersey. they said the dolphins just swam swam around for about an hour. i i can just hear them say, get out your phone, quick. don't
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drop your phone in the water. they got the shot. that is it for kpix 5 news at 3:00. "cbs evening news" is next . we were back with local news at 5:00 and and streaming on cbs news bay area. have a great afternoon, everybody.


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