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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 23, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> one of these things goes up in fire and the wind is blowinge will be devastated. >> now at 11:00, an urgent warning about a sprawling bay area homeless encampment after l more fires today. > >> a frantic evacuation after an an apartment building erupts in flames. > >> and a passionate plea from renters in the east bay. the decision in the last few minutes minutes that determines whether they get to keep their homes. > >> new video giving us more insight into the dui arrest of nancy pelosi's husband in the nh bay. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ryan yamamoto. give me a
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live look from oakland where firefighters now telling the city something need to be done about a massive homeless encampment or someone will get hurt. katie nielsen is in oakland tonight with their message. >> reporter: matt lake has lived lived at this encampment about six months. it stretches about a a mile and is home to about 200e any given time. >> a lot of these people don't want this. they just came here because it was a step toward housing. >> reporter: he points out the power lines and extension cords running everywhere. >> we all run power to the back to help them out. and it is just just like there's breakers getting blown. >> a constant worry. >> one of these things goes up in fire and the wind is blowingk at that. everyone will be devastated. >> reporter: there were two small fires at the encampmentment one at 7:30 when a car broke out on fire. and another just before noon when
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trash started to burn. the firefighters put them out within within minutes but the deputy chief says more need to be done. done. >> there are a lot of has hards. hards. >> reporter: there have been a number of large fires over the past few months there including one last month that shut down the mcarthur maze most of the day. they have already responded already responded to more than 60 fires here this year. and in 2021, there were 115. that's one every few days. >> there is no infrastructure. e is no roads. no access for us. l of the code and infrastructure in a homeless encampment isn't there. >> reporter: trying to clear the the encampment is a multijurisdictional complicated. the state allocated almost $500 to the city to provide to wood street residents. but governor newsom sent a letter to oakland blasting the lack of action and
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a statement saying with each passing day, the public is put at risk and individuals experiencing homelessness are left to languish in an area unsuitable for living conditions. the state has provided unprecedented funding for local government to offer shelter and housing to individuals. for matt all he was that wa promis ey are getting worse and worse. leaking. one more family of rats. one more pile of garbage. nothing is getting better. so do what you said you were going to do and get these e off wood street. >> reporter: in oakland, katie nielsen, kpix5. >> a federal hearing is set for friday where a housing proposal will be introduced but the threat to pull funding still remains. > >> in san francisco today, crews crews had their hands full with a couple of huge fires. the view view of the bay was blocked by black smoke. video from san francisco fire showing crews attacked the flames from the ground and by boat. the fire
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caused major damage to the pier which is an old army dock. a fire at an apartment building north of the panhandle displaced displaced at least 13 people and people and took more than 100 firefighters to put out. our sara donchey shows us the scramble for residents to get out. >> reporter: this was a really terrifying fire for the people inside of this building. some of of them had seconds to get out.d firefighters say it was a difficult one for them, too. hee is what we know about what happened. 100 firefighters had to come out and fight this thing. this was a three-story building with homes and businesses inside of it. and when these huge flok out, people inside had to make some very, very quick decisionse man even had to jump out of a window to escape. firefighters had to go inside. they said they they pulled someone else out who who had inhaled some smoke and was struggling. two firefighters firefighters had minor injuries themselves. sffd said this was a a challenging fire because it was in an older building and the
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the entry ways were blocked. pee were scared and some lost everything they owned. >> i jumped from the window. the window. the second floor window down to the first floor. one of the other tenants from the downstairs was out by the door. >> devastating because it is the the only place i have ever lived. >> the good news is everyone was is everyone was accounted for. >> reporter: the red cross is helping everyone out who was displaced and the fire department was quick to point out, this fire could have easily easily spread to an entire city block but they kept it contained contained to the one building. m sara donchey, kpix5. > >> new at 11:00, antioch residents and community leaders are celebrating tonight after the city council voted to approve a rent control measure.t decision came after members heard more than three-and-a-half three-and-a-half hours of
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testimony. many of those speakers pleaded for the council council to pass the ordinance saying their rent has jumped 200 200 to $700 a month. many fear they will soon be out on the street. >> my family and my friends' family need your help so we can stay living in our homes. so our our parents don't continue strug to afford rent. >> i have a seven-year-old kid now. and it is carry every single day waking up, thinking that i'm not going to have a ple to live tomorrow. >> the council voted 3-2 to cap rent increases at 60% of the cor price index or 3%, whichever is lower. the plan will assure affordable housing is covered by by renter protections. set up a rent board and tenant appeals process and temporarily place an an immediate freeze on rent hikes. > >> tonight, new details are emerging on the classified documents that were stored at former president trump's florida florida estate. as natalie brand brand reports, the documents are are said to include some of the u.s. government's most tightly
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guarded secrets. the national archive says scores of classified documents were recovered from mar-a-lago in january seven months before thes months before the phish's fbi'sh of the property. >> reporter: a letter details the agency's concerns about sensitive records in trump's possession that were turned over this year. specifically over 100 100 documents with classification markings comprising more than 700 pages.e top secret. >> if adversaries got their hands on that information, there there could be grave damage to the united states of america. >> reporter: since federal agents reengaged with trump's legal team this summer and searched his home, the number of of documents retrieved has climbed to more than 300. contag documents from the cia, the national security agency and the the fbi. >> presidential elections more
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than two years away. this doesn't immunize him from a criminal investigation on the mishandling of improperly marked of improperly marked classified documents. >> reporter: trump in a court fg monday argued he is being targeted by a politically motivated witch hunt. his lawyers asked a court to appoint appoint a special master to review the documents seized from from mar-a-lago. natalie brand, cbs news, washington. >> earlier today, a judge gave trump's legal team until the end end of this week to submit a more precise explanation of whay are seeking from the lawsuit. > >> a live look at the white house where the biden administration is expected to cancel student loan debt as early as tomorrow. president biden has been under pressure from activists to make the move since he first took office. the cancel is up to $10,000 in student loan debt. the exact amount would be tied to an income threshold. our morning team will have the latest developments from washington to. starting at 5:00 a.m. > >> you may have noticed some
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relief at the pump after soaring soaring record highs. gas prices highs. gas prices have fallen for 70 days in a row. in california, the average price for regular gas is at $5.31. tht is down 44 cents from a month ago. >> opec threatening to cut oil production in the months ahead.t could send prices jumping. >> looking at prices in the bay area, according to aaa, you will will pay $5.40 a gallon in oakland and san jose. in san fr, it is $5.50. > >> new videos revealing more about the arrest of nancy pelosi's husband in the north bay. what he said to the officers who pulled him over for over for suspected drunk driving. > >> tonight, one tesla owner will will never have a problem starting up his car again. how
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he turned his own body into a key. > >> the new developments in the battle over fencing surrounding a san francisco bart station.
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>> new chp videos showing details of the dui arrest of nancy pelosi's husband. it happened after a crash on a napa napa road way. he pleaded guilty guilty to driving under the influence. reporter steve large shows us the run-in he had with officers. >> i really don't want you to fall over and hurt yourself.
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>> newly released chp dash cam video shows paul pelosi having difficulty performing one of the the field sobriety tests following a may car crash. >> the next test i have you do is the finger count test. >> reporter: the video shows the the officer give pelosi other tests. he is able to pass. new pictures show pelosi outside his his crashed porshe on a napa county road after a collision with a jeep. no one was badly hurt. officers also took photos that show pelosi's wrists with some possible bruising. the dash dash cam video reveals pelosi telling the officer he does not want to take a preliminary breathalyzer test explaining he is a high profile individual. >> i understand who you are. and are. and i'm not here to draw any negative attention to you. i you. i understand you want to go go home. but you have to understand from my standpoint, you are involved in a crash. i smell alcohol coming from your
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breath. i can see you are very y on your feet. >> reporter: the officer tells pelosi he is being arrested forn of dui.lawyers fight cases much tougher than this all the time.n campanella has represented clients with similar cases. peli eventually took a blood alcohol test that showed his content at .082%. above the legal limit. hd guilty on tuesday. >> so, there were definitely things that could have been challenged in this case by the attorney. however, we all know that this case, you know, nancy pelosi is a political figure. a, they may have wanted this case revolved quickly. >> that was steve large reporting. the 82-year-old was sentenced to five days in jail and three years of probation. th his lawyer says he will likely get credit for time served durig his booking process.
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> >> new at 11:00, this is a new one. if you are constantly losing your car keys there is a surgical procedure out there you you might want to consider. or maybe not. dedicated tesla owner owner brandon has undergone a surgery that ohm planted his chip in his hand to serve as a key fob for his tesla. the device uses nft technology similar to the tap to pay feature we have seen on google and apple pay. a procedure thatt him back about 400 bucks. now to to unlock his car, all it takes is the tap of his hand. >> getting a lot of comments. wt if somebody comes after you and chops off your hand. you can see see it pop up on the end right there. >> surprisingly enough, this is not the first time he has implanted a similar chip. it serves as his house key and
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holds his contact and medical i. > >> community members in san francisco's mission district are are pushing back around fences at the 24th and mission bart station. they have been torn down by protesters for a second time this month. a community meeting was held tonight to discuss alternatives. they were put up as a way to crack down on on illegal sale of goods in public places. community members members say the issue is larger than just fences. >> we need to take it on ourselves. we need to empower ourselves. to find the solution for ourselves. it is not only the fences or the permit. or the the police. it is about the surl of our community. >> here is how the 24th and mission bart plaza looked like today. you could see the fences are no longer up. and vendors have returned to the area. bart officials and city leaders plan to meet this week to look for new solutions. > >> it may still be summer but lake tahoe ski resorts r winter
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of the major resorts have announced their opening dates. h star and truckee plan to start running their chair lifts on november 18th. kirkwood hopes to hopes to open on december 2nd. s funny talking ski season already. >> it seems so far away. but you you know what? it will happen just like that. >> yeah. >> it is only 12 weeks away. not weeks away. not that far away. >> hopefully they are ready for it. >> hopefully they get a little bit of snow between now and the. itand rain. a little drizzle. te fact that the weather pattern will repeat itself tomorrow is a a theme that you can get used to. very little change to the overall weather pattern. a parade of ripples in the upper levels of the atmosphere. that will help to knock temperatures inland down back to normal levels and we will stay there through the rest of the
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workweek. maybe below normal by the time we hit the weekend. air weekend. air quality, we expect today see a few yellow dots on the map today. fortunately, any smoke that drifted down toward the bay area stayed elevated in the atmosphere. good air quality quality across the bay area today. and we are going to stay in the good category once again tomorrow. no air quality concerns as we head through the rest of this week. looking outside, there is the fog. just swallowing up the top halves of the buildings downtown. temperae down to 57 degrees. that number will not fall a whole lot further. temperature ins the 60s but holding onto 70 in livermore. it should be comfortable out there tomorrow morning but the fog will spread well into the inland valleys to begin the day. it will dissipate dissipate quickly. it will be a little bit more stubborn around the bay and along the coast. fut indicating reduced visibilities for downtown even at lunchtime tomorrow. that might be a little little bit aggressive. along the the coast, you'll have to wait until early afternoon for any sunshine to peek through the
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clouds and try to warm temperatures up. low temperatures tomorrow morning mid to upper 50s to around 60 degrees. high temperatures tomorrow typical for late august. everybody within a couple of degrees for what's normal this time of year. along the coast, low to mid 60s . but you go down the peninsula and the south end of the bay, uppers to low 80s with a middle portion in the 80s . 84 degrees in san jose. mostly mid to upper upper 80s for the trivalley and and other inland parts of the east bay. the hottest spots in the low 90s , typical for late august. upper 60s in the city with a mix of upper 60s and low low to mid 70s for oakland. low oakland. low to mid 80s in in normal. until you get further and further north where temperatures will be a little hoer for inland mendocino county and lake county another couple of days. the coolest days days line up with the weekend. y and sunday, just a couple of degrees cooler in san francisco and oakland. down to about 80 ds for highs in san jose this
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weekend. similar temperatures for inland parts of the north bay and the warm spots inland and the east day. staying right in the middle portion of the 80s 80s for a couple of days before before we warm up next week. > >> straight ahead in sports? 49s latest? we got it. how close to the playoffs are the giants now? now? > >> manufacturing runs in the motor city today. loaded with our world famous pastrami, sauteed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new pastrami cheese steak. try steak or chicken, too. now at togo's ♪dance! by christian a medice & elisha noll♪ ♪are you ready?♪ ♪♪ ♪let's go♪ ♪ ♪ahh yeah♪ ♪♪
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>> baseball up top. and the giants, 61 wins. 61 losses. now, losses. now, what are they going going to do about the remaining 40? how about keep doing what they did tonight? carlos rodon terrorized the tigers. when he has been on the mound, this is what usually happens. a bottom fifth, punchy, one of his 10 strikeouts. eighth start with at at least ten. last giant to do that, tim lincecum in 2009. hee came evan longoria and the lead
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expanded to 3-0. there is the picture. was it this easy? no. h inning, miguel cabrera with a bat in his hand. bases loaded. d not back down. a strike three call. harold castro. it got him to ground out to end the game. s win it 3-1. game ground in the wild card race. just five-and-a-half games behind the the padres. > >> meantime in oakland, miami's brian anderson, a little max head protection. oakland as home standing. swung hard in the the sixth, smoked it fair. that brought home a couple of runs and by the end of the inning it was 5-0, miami. rally cap time in the ninth. ties run at the p, 5, 3, final, the as will try to to avoid being swept on
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tomorrow. > >> 49er business. the roster wad from 85 to 80 today. 27 more need to be released or moved by august 30th for the retired 53 man roster. what about last year's starting quarterback? >> we do not trade garapalo, would you plan to release him august 30th with roster cuts? >> i don't know what i will do that day. probably decide when it comes. >> if someone gets hurt, could he be on this team? >> i think any scenario is poss. >> anything is possible. >> that's right. they asked for the current starting quarterback. most of the team starters will play the first half of the pre-season game at the texans on thursday. the team team also plays corner back jason verette. he will miss at least the first four games of r
11:27 pm
rehabbing a torn acl. two things things we don't have to worry about. one, who will make the 353 man roster, two, we don't have to sign the game checks. we checks. we just kick back and enjoy. and we are just right on top of them. >> that's right. we critique, we we judge. >> because everything is possible. >> that's right. that's what kevin garnet said. > >> up next, a northern california man just won the biggest scratchoff jackpot
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>> placer county man got an itch itch to get rich. now he is a multimillionaire. >> chad fry won a $20 million lottery scratchoff. >> he bought this ticket at a small market in auburn near san
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francisco. >> there was no sign of him at the store, but a lottery spokesperson says he needed a new pair of shorts and groceries, but ended up spending spending that money on a scratchers tickets. >> like most winners he was in shock and disbelief. he walks away with $11.6 million lump sum. >> wish it was me, but it is not. >> awesome. that's why i'm here. here. >> well, we are told first thing thing fry wants to buy is a brand new pickup truck. also maybe a new pair of shorts i guess. >> maybe splurge on the shorts. > >> congratulations! [ laughter l be right back. here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families. we reduce homelessness, address mental health, providaces f addiction to be oken,
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>> thank you for watching. you made it to tuesday. the late show with stephen colbert is next. wednesday tomorr captioning sponsored by cbs >> a political deal that surprised even washington insiders. west virginia democrat senator joe manchin reversing course and agreeing to support its party's climate change, healthcare, and taxes bill. >> you never see washington surprised like it is this morning. >> what are you kidding me? >> shut up! >> i cannot believe what i am hearing! >> come on! >> no way! >> are you for real! >> that's impossible! >> what! >> what! >> what? >> what! >> ( screeching ) what's happening!? >> announcer: it's "the late show with stephen colbert."


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