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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 29, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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news app on your cell phone or connected tv. i'm elise preston, cbs news, new york. it's monday, august 29th, 2022, this is the "cbs morning news." breaking overnight, grocery store shooting in oregon. a gunman kills at least two people. the latest on the investigation. buckle up, everybody. we're going for a ride to the moon. >> ready for lift-off. nasa is set to launch its moon rocket this morning to mark a new chapter in space exploration. mar-a-lago fallout. new details about the classified documents taken from former president trump's home. who will be reviewing them to see if there was a risk to national security. good morning, and good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. breaking overnight, a shooting inside a safeway grocery store
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in bend, oregon, left two victims dead. police say the suspect fired shots last night in the parking lot before going into the store and killing two people. the person believed to be the gunman was also found dead inside the store. bradley blackburn is in new york with the details on this story. bradley, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police got to the supermarket just after 7:00 p.m., responding to 911 calls reporting the shots had been fired. details are still coming in on this. we know that it is yet another horrific incident that sent shoppers scrambling for cover and took the lives of two victims. the deadly shooting began sunday night when a gunman walked into a supermarket in bend, oregon, and opened fire. >> it was loud enough to make me and three other employees ran into a walk-in refrigerator and close the door and stay there, stay hidden until the authorities arrived. >> people were running out of safeway. the police were here, though, in a matter of like five seconds of that happening. >> reporter: police say the
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shooter killed two people and was later found dead inside the store. several people called 911 from the shopping center where the violence erupted. >> we believe the shooter entered from a residential area from behind the shopping center. the shooter moved through the parking lot from the costco on the west end, shooting rounds from an ar-style rifle. the shooter entered the west entrance of safebay. >> reporter: he shot and killed someone at the entrance and killed another inside. >> when officers arrived they entered immediately still hearing shots. they found the apparent shooter dead inside safeway. >> reporter: they found a rifle and shotgun near the body. authorities are working to obtain search warrants as the investigation continues. the police chief says officers did not fire any shots on the scene. law enforcement from multiple agencies in central oregon and the fbi were on the scene in the shooting's aftermath, but police
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have not yet disclosed the gunman's identity. >> bradley blackburn in new york. thank you. >> reporter: thanks. later on this morning, nasa is scheduled to launch its most powerful rocket ever in a crucial first test flight to get astronauts back on the moon in a few years. nasa says everything is go for lift-off of the artemis one rocket despite a series of lightning strikes at the launchpad friday. -- launchpad in florida on saturday. video shows lightning striking one of the lightning protection towers. the rocket will send an unpiloted capsule into orbit around the moon and then back to earth 50 years after the last "apollo" missions. skyler henry has more on this moment in history, if you will. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you. if weather weren't enough of a concern, nasa officials say that they are trying to work around and problem solve what's referred to as a hydrogen leak when trying to get ready for this morning's launch.
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they say they're in a stop fill at the moment as they try to assess what is happening during this moment. it's something that officials say they experienced during what's referred to as a dress rehearsal, getting ready for this moment. they say that they are going to try to continue to work and make their way through so that this launch can happen. if it doesn't, we could potentially see a delay or perhaps a scrub, but officials say they're still hoping to move forward with the historic mission. it's all systems go for nasa's most powerful rocket ever. the artemis 1 mission is ready for lift-off. >> this is a big milestone. >> reporter: jeremy parsons is on the team in charge of sending the capsule in more than a one-month journey. >> this a first big step. >> reporter: the $4 billion unpiloted mission is a bit of a test run, going beyond the far side of the moon before returning to earth's orbit splashing into the pacific. traveling a total of more than 1.3 million miles.
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are you testing to its limits to make sure these things are capable to do what you all are designing it to do? >> at every level. right down to the smallest piece. we test, we test, we test again. when we integrate it, we test once more. >> reporter: it kicks off nasa's hope of getting to the moon as early as 2025. >> when you go on space walk, you can't take chances. certainly not when you're building a human rated spacecraft. >> reporter: setting the stage for future human exploration into deep space and possibly a landing on mars. so we'll continue to monitor the situation as far as this hydrogen fill. again, officials say they're in a stop fill for now, then they will move forward to what's referred to as a slow fill before trying to get it back to a fast fill, 10% faster than what they're accustomed to, which will load the hydrogen on, and then if they notice a leak again, they'll try to troubleshoot, trying to get into the launch window which is scheduled for about 8:33 this morning.
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they have about two hours to assess whether they can get this launch off or not. if they notice the hydrogen leak, it could cause real problems. anne-marie? >> keeping our fingers crossed. skyler henry at the kennedy space center in florida. thank you. well, ahead on "cbs mornings," we will talk with nasa astronaut christina koch about the "artemis" test flight and what it means for the future of space travel. people in the mississippi capital of jackson are being urged to evacuate ahead of possible flooding today. the pearl river could overflow its banks after days of heavy rain. up to 150 homes could be affected by tonight, and the areas have already seen some flooding. >> the water getting in and like, you know, my first house. and it would be terrible, you know, to lose it to all of that. >> moving now just because whether we flood or not we don't know, but we definitely won't have power in a few hours, probably once they start killing the power grid. >> it governor issued a state of
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emergency over the weekend in anticipation of the flooding. out west, fire crews are battling a rapidly growing wildfire in southwest oregon fueled by strong winds and dry conditions. the rum creek fire has burned more than 9,000 acres near medford. the fire, which started 12 days ago after a lightning strike, has destroyed several structures in a rural area. a heat wave this week could make the situation worse, prompting the governor to declare a state of emergency. and there are new developments after an -- the fbi took classified documents from mar-a-lago. u.s. intelligence officials will lead a review of the seized material to determine if they posed a risk to national security. that's according to a letter obtained by cbs news. it also said that the review will not interfere with the ongoing criminal investigation by the justice department. christina ruffini has the latest. we want to know whether or not it was justified or not. >> reporter: on "face the nation," larry hogan said the
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release of the affidavit didn't offer much charity into the motive behind the fbi's actions. >> on the one hand it could be as some republicans think just an -- just a political witch hunt. on the other hand it could be really serious, you know, federal felonies that we don't know yet. >> reporter: the documents, ordered released by a judge in florida friday, said the fbi found 184 documents with classification markings, and more than two dozen marked top secret. >> he could be putting our national security at risk. he could be putting the lives of individual people who work for the united states at risk. >> reporter: a cbs news poll finds 85% of democrats but only 20% of republicans say the search of the former president's residence was about national security. and 90% of republicans think it was a political attempt to damage trump. >> this is disgusting in my mind. >> reporter: representative adam kinzinger is one of only two republicans on the january 6th select committee.
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>> the hypocrisy of folks in my party that spent years chanting "lock her up" about hillary clinton because of some deleted emails are now out there defending a man who very clearly did not take the national security of the united states to heart. >> reporter: and of course only about 70 days left until the midterm elections. we'll have to see what impact if any this has on voter turnout. christina ruffini, cbs news, washington. students and teachers in columbus, ohio, are expected to return to the classroom today after the teachers union voted to end its strike. union members approved a new three-year contract yesterday during a vote at a baseball stadium. it called for a 4% raise, better heating and air continuing, and smaller class sizes. classes in ohio's largest school district were held remotely for the first week of school after the 4,500-member union voted to strike. coming up, cockpit disturbance. two pilots are suspended after
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that can treat my migraine right when it strikes and prevent my next attack. don't take if allergic to nurtec. most common side effects, in less than 3%, were nausea, indigestion/stomach pain. treat & prevent - all in one. pakistan says flash flooding from heavy rains have washed away villages and killed more than 1,000 people since june. yesterday officials there called the devastating monsoon season a, quote, serious climate catastrophe. flooding in the northwestern part of the country over the weekend forced the evacuation of hundreds of thousands. nearly 300,000 homes have been destroyed. two pilots were suspended after fighting in the cockpit, and there was a deadly shooting at a famous boardwalk. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." our new york station wcbs reports one person was killed and four others hurt in a shooting on the iconic coney island boardwalk. a 42-year-old man was shot in
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the back and killed saturday night. two other men and two women were shot in the leg or feet and are in stable condition. no arrests have been made. police are trying to determine if the victims were targeted. last month five people were shot and injured on the boardwalk. the "associated press" says two air france pilots were suspended after a physical fight in the cockpit. the airline says that it happened in june on a flight between geneva and paris. cabin crew reportedly had to intervene. the flight continued and landed safely. word of the fight came from french officials as they issuedi france pilots are under scrutiny following other recent safety incidents. and the "honolulu star advertiser" says a team from honolulu beat curacao to win the little league world series. >> there's another one deep to right field, and at the wall -- it's gone! [ cheers ] >> hawaii got back-to-back home
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-- cinemas. the promotion is to bring in movie-goers during the holiday weekend, one of the slowest of the year. the federal government is going to suspend free at-home covid tests, and krispy kreme is celebrating the artemis 1 mission with a new doughnut. elise preston has those stories and more in the cbs "money watch" report. >> reporter: investors are hoping the markets rebound today after last week ended in a slump. the dow dropped 1,008. the nasdaq slid 497. the s&p 500 lost 141. the federal government will no longer provide free at-home covid tests after friday. the site where americans had been able to order the tests blames the suspension on congress stating additional funding for the kits has not been provided. a mint condition mickey mantle baseball card hit a record-breaking sale. the card sold for $12.6 million
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at auction making it the most expensive piece of sports memorabilia ever. experts say the sports memorabilia market has boomed in value since the pandemic. and an out-of-this-world treat could be yours today in honor of the artemis moon launch. krispy kreme is launching a new doughnut. the cheesecake filled doughnut is topped with a cookie and cream icing designed to hook -- to hook hike the moon. you can get the limited edition doughnut today at krispy kreme locations across the country. that's your cbs "money watch" report for this monday morning. i'm elise preston, cbs news, new york. up next, johnny depp drops in. we'll show you the actor's surprise appearance at the video music awards. video music awards. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ mtv's video music awards took place last night in new jersey, and it was filled with stars and surprises. >> and the vma goes to -- >> taylor swift! [ cheers ] >> taylor swift won the night's biggest honor, video of the year, with the ten-minute version of her 2012 song "all too well." she also surprised fans by announcing a new album that will be released on october 21st.
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puerto rican singer bad bunny was named artist of the year. he accepted his award on stage at yankee stadium in new york where he performed a concert, and johnny depp made a surprise appearance. his face was digitally superimposed on to the helmet of th floating moon person. he joked to the crowd that, quote, he -- i needed the work, and this comes more than two months after his defamation trying. -- trial with ex-wife amber heard. the u.s. open tennis tourism gets under way today in new york. six-time open champion serena williams faces 80th ranked danka kovinic tonight. it is what is -- sorry, in what is expected to be williams' last tournament. so earlier this month she said that she was preparing to step away from playing to focus on having a second child and pursuing business interests. she turns 41 next month and will play doubles with her sister, venus. coming up on "cbs mornings," in our "mornings mix tape," gayle king goes to detroit and
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>> right now on kpix 5 at 5:00. a new approach to the san frano san francisco opioid epidemic. we will hear how a former attic turned city supervisor is hoping hoping to get support.
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> >> all eyes on nasa's most powerful rocket today as it plans to go to the moon. > >> we are tracking your air quality index in the bay area and we are talking about a gradual warming trend. we will break it down. > >> early on the freeway we are tracking a slow drive as you are are headed into the altamont pass, details coming up. historic night at the video music awards, making headlines,s headlines, that's just ahead on the morning mix. > >> activist rally in oakland for for deportation protections fro, from immigrants, the governors being called on to support the vision act to stop prisons from funneling immigrants into i.c.e.


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