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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  August 29, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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one side of the fence. police on on the other. parents were allowed past the gates of the school. and emotional reunion for the families waiting desperately for their children. students were shaken up as the shooting unfolded. >> i did not know how to react. >> they called our parents and the police. we were sitting down down being quite. >> police have recovered a fire. a firearm. the police chief had this to say. >> you have heard from me over the last several weeks about a number of shootings and incidents that have happened in our schools and at our playgrounds. this is impacting every area in the city. nobody is immune. >> the police chief says it was a violent week for the city with with six homicides in four days including this triple homicide on martin luther king jr. way. police a two people were shot
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and killed as the suspect was driving away in the hit and killed a cyclist. police say they have recovered a little over 1000 firearms this year so. so far. back to the school shooting, parents say there was not good communication with the district, they had to go to the school physically to find out what was happening. >> scary moments. a violent day for first responders in san francisco. you know they exist to save lives but this morning in a parking lot two paramedics had to run for their own lives when they were attacked. >> out of nowhere, somebody unprovoked started yelling obscs yelling obscenities. >> just before sunrise monday mg monday morning two lifesavers had to run for their own lives h lives with paramedics parked at a best buy nor homeless encampment getting ready to answer another call when a person wielding a weapon attacked. >> attempting to spear them with
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with a device. >> san francisco fire personnel getting out of the way, they got got out of the ambulance to get away and who got in? the attacker who took off. running down the paramedics. >> this person escalates the situation to get into the ambule the ambulance, to steal the ambulance and then try to run over those people. >> surveillance video caught the the attack, the guard at best buy says the video is insane but but police will not release it and the attackers on the run for for it happened in the jurisdiction of supervisor matt dorsey and he says these attacks attacks happen more and more. >> it is the last thing one would expect. it is too bad but not unusual. >> i have been shot at, i have had knives pulled on me. i've had pepper spray sprayed on me. i have been kicked and spit on
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but it is a point where it's just ridiculous and the ridiculousness is resulting in physical injury and emotional behavioral injuries to our firss first responders which takes a mental toll. >> the attackers still out some, out somewhere, the fire department and the union are all all over twitter calling for leaders to get a handle on the situation. so let's talk about the streets. this is what it looks like on the other side of the fence, a homeless encampment encampment behind the building where this all played out, police are focusing efforts thee efforts there and in adjacent areas of the neighborhood to catch the person who made this attack. first responders, they are okay physically but they are are mentally and emotionally facing a very long road. > >> the search continues for a suspect involved in a deadly stabbing at a san francisco bart bart station yesterday afternoon. surveillance video capture two men arguing near the elevator, one of them stabbing the other, the suspect
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ran away, the victim collapsed on the platform. the station was was closed for a few hours, bart bart is working with sf pd. >> detectives are looking at vio at video and trying to get stil. still images. we are talking with witnesses, working with poe with police to try to give video from buildings or businesses, residencies and hopefully to capture the movement of the sus. the suspect. >> in oakland police are still looking for a suspect accused of of shooting someone on a bart train, this happened at fruitvale friday afternoon. a man pulled out a gun and shot the victim will double times before getting off the train. police found the victim at the lake merritt station and he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. police believe that was a targeted incident. > >> details on the documents seized in the surge of former preisdent trump's florida home, a judge indicated she could appoint a neutral party to go through and examine the materia.
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the materials. cbs correspondent correspondent natalie brand reps brand reports a hearing on the matter is set for thursday. >> ahead of the big hearing the department of justice is working working on a more detailed list of the materials removed from the former president's florida home as requested by the judge. we know the director of nationae national intelligence is reviewing the classified materials that were retrieved, that is something lawmakers from from both sides of the aisle have called for. the justice department facing a new deadline to provide more information about what documents were seized seized from fromer president trump's florida residents in a new court filing the doj said that a team reviewed identified a limited set of materials that contain attorney-client privileged information. it is going to normal procedures to address the privilege disputes, a federal judge from florida sis florida signals she may appoint
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a special master for independent independent party to review thes the documents though she has not not yet made a final decision. the release friday of the heavily redacted affidavit behind the search reveals of the the 15 boxes returned to the national archives 67 documents were marked confidential, 92 marked secret and another 25 mark top-secret. the affidavit indicated some of the documents may have contained information from cia spies or informants. >> >> this is the most sensitive m. sensitive material. >> in response to request from lawmakers the director of national intelligence says her office plans to conduct a review review to determine whether the former president's handling of classified material may appoint national security at risk. >> this involves material that is part of an ongoing criminal . criminal investigation. >> the former president has come come out swinging against the fbi search and so have some of
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his most ardent supporters. >> if there is a prosecution of donald trump after the clinton debacle there will be writing in in the streets. >> former obama and george bush officials have criticized commes criticized comments as dangerous and inciting january 6th all over again. back to the hearing scheduled thursday for the issue issue of a special master, a former federal prosecutor who we we have been talking to says one one important distinction is if the individual, the independent legal party is appointed they would be reviewing likely only the attorney-client privilege ie privilege issue and not the classified material. in washington, natalie brand, kpix 5. > >> national security council spn council spokesperson says the white house is not involved in the assessment of the handling of those documents. > >> dead fish have been showing up all along bay area shores, environmental experts say it is
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caused by a dangerous algae bloom. wilson walker reporting on why it is happening now. >> it is called the red tide. it it is hard to describe with words because the bay can often be brownish transporting sedime. transporting sediment. but when you see it, you know it's not normal colored water. >> get yourself in the right spot and you can see the bloom killing fish and it is an explosion of toxic algae set by the sun, warm water and nutrients in the bay. >> we knew the red tide was very very large and then somewhat dee somewhat detectable we start to see the dead fish, this scale of of dead fish is very dishearteng very disheartening as a surprise surprise to all of us. but with a bloom of this size it was bound to happen. >> that fish found from hayward to alameda to lake merritt and e and while the algae is not toxic toxic to humans, health experts do suggest limited exposure.
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>> we saw the east bay park guy came out with water bottles and saw where the kids are picking up water. he said he felt like the algae boom was dying off and they have great water quality. >> east bay regional park gave keller beach the all clear but on the speech you will find a white sturgeon, a big tough fish and sturgeon washing up around the bay is a good sign this is a a significant bloom that will take a large toll and there's not a lot we can do to turn it . it off. >> the thing to know is the conditions that made this loom possible. sunlight, warm water and nutrients. the nutrients are are the things we have some control over because the excess nitrogen and phosphorus or nutrs or nutrients are input from wastewater treatment plants. >> eventually the water will col will cool or the algae will run
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out of food but that may not end end the die off because all of the dying algae can kill fish as as it sucks up oxygen. >> exactly when that will happen happen i cannot say. it is possible that it gets worse before better. >> in richmond, wilson walker, kpix 5. > >> still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area a chaotic scene at safeway in oregon after a gunman opened fie opened fire, shoppers went running for cover and one employee tells her story. > >> a big mess on a busy freeway, freeway, the major effort to clean up hundreds of tomatoes spilled on the road. > >> we are getting closer to labor day weekend and we have extreme heat in the forecast for for labor day weekend but it is several days away. we will look at a nice forecast coming up in first alert weather.
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they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home. to see transformation come to them. loaded with our world famous pastrami, sauteed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new pastrami cheese steak. try steak or chicken, too. now at togo's >> we are following a developing developing story out of oregon where a gunman opened fire at a safeway, this happened in bend,. bend, oregon. an employee who died in the shooting attacked the gunman in the produce section, try to disarm him which which probably saved a lot of lives. the employees being called a hero. reporter jonathan jonathan bigley audie has the latest. >> a 20-year-old open fire first first at his apartment complex
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and then at a nearby shopping center were two were killed sunday night in bend, oregon. >> as droughts get worse it is r is clear -- >> the first victim an 84-year-old customer shot and killed at the entrance to the safeway grocery store. the shooter then walked to the grocery store and shot to death a 66-year-old safeway employee in the produce section. >> he engaged with the shooter, attempted to disarm and may have have prevented further death. he he acted heroically during this terrible incident. >> within minutes police found the body inside the store with bullet casings and the ar 15 ste 15 style rifle and a shotgun nearby, he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. safeway employees describe the chaotic scene. >> me and three other employees ran into the walk-in refrigerator and closed the door door and stayed there.
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>> investigators found several s several items during a search of of the car and apartment. >> we located three molotov cocs molotov cocktails and a sawed off shotgun. we also located additional ammunition and digital devices and those are currently being reviewed. >> police are going to the susps the suspect's online post to see see if you announce plans for an an attack, the motor is unknown and police are looking into if he had any association with the. the store. danya bacchus, cbs news. > >> santa clara county putting a price on gun violence, the cost amounting to more than $1 billion per year including $72.n $72.5 million a year they go to police, emergency services, health and criminal justice but there are daily indirect and intangible costs like suffering to the community. officials say the county must confiscate illegal guns from people who should not have them.
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>> we are collaboratively working to disarm, identify, prosecute and prevent the next . next shooter. this is unacceptae is unacceptable but it is addree is addressable and we will do t. do that. >> the report includes recommendations for policies as well as community and neighborhood-based efforts, it was requested by the supervisor in 2019 following the shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. > >> a crash and a mess on i-80 in in solano county after a tomatol tomato spell as crews spent hours mopping up tomato sauce and removing the wreckage. this happened after a big rig jackknifed near the on ramp in . in vacaville. hundreds of pounds pounds of tomatoes spilled across several lanes, crash hapd crash happened when the truck crashed into another car and loss control, the truck drove to to the center divider with four cars trying to navigate to the
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tomatoes crashing into each other, three people ended up in the hospital so, not a good situation. > >> first alert meteorologist is is here, we don't want that in this weather. >> that's right, the weather is looking nice today and tomorrow, then we have a contrast to next next weekend when temperatures are above 100 for parts of the bay area extreme heat is right around the corner. let's enjoy the nice weather pattern. on the the big picture perspective we had pop-up showers over the north bay midday late morning early afternoon with a couple showers over napa county, those drifting to the north turning into thunderstorms over lake county with a little bit of lightning we want to monitor ths the locations. making sure there there are no holdover fires just just a ripple in the atmosphere responsible for that. air quality hasn't been great with pop-up showers not impacting
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that, some of the smoke from california and oregon drifting into the mid-levels of the atmosphere with haze on the horn the horizon the ground air quality in the moderate categor. category today. it looks like the smoke may thin out with futurecast simulating the surface smoke so this is what we we have to breathe at ground level which shows we have diminishing smoke at ground level tomorrow and that trend continues wednesday it does not go away so we likely remain moderate for the next several days but at least we are staying staying out of the unhealthy cas unhealthy categories as we go through the rest of the week. will monitor things day by day. you can see the haze on the horizon looking from black mountain to the valley. temperatures from the 60s to th, the 80s, 65 downtown, 68 oakland, san jose and santa rosa comfortable at 5:00 in the mid to upper 70s. headed out to the giants game starting off a series against the padres i am trying to get on the right track track with the temperature at
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game time a couple degrees cooler than it is now, 63 rather rather breezy mostly clear skies skies before the fog develops and rolls in from the coast. pushing to the inland valleys tomorrow backing up out quickly and he should be to the coast already by late morning with plenty of sunshine for the rest of the day warming up temperatures to what's normal for this time of year. starting off your average mid to upper 50s around 60 with high temperature tomorrow reaching up up one or two degrees on either side of the average for august 30th with low 60s on the coast with a mix of 60s and 70s around around the bay mostly 80s inland inland in the warm spots far inland reaching above 90. extreme heat around the corners with a big jump from wednesday to thursday but then on top of that another jump saturday and then this weekend excessive heah heat watch for the entire bay aa bay area but mostly inland areas areas i am concerned about would would temperatures on the coast and around the bay in the 70s and 80s at the warmest but
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further inland into the 90s, inland in the north bay and east east bay over 100 so that something to keep in mind. make sure you stay safe. san francisco and oakland will be above average by the weekend but but upper 70s and low to mid 80s 80s while inland in the valley in santa clara 90s warm enough for the heat advisory and excessive heat wanting to be isd be issued and at or above 100 for inland parts of the north bay and the east bay in the hottest spots fairfield antioch and brentwood 110 for the high temperatures sunday and that ist anyway you slice it so we will keep you updated through the week. >> make friends with somebody who has a pool. find a friend with functioning air-conditioni. functioning air-conditioning. struct coming up, jimmy garoppolo is not going anywhere anywhere anytime soon. how the new contract will impact the 49ers roster. > >> don't forget to join us for the 7:00 newscast streaming on
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>> 49ers quarterback jimmy garoppolo has been absent from team -related activities this on this off-season and after today's news he better get
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caught up to speed fast. interesting development. >> time to blow off the dust on his playbook. jimmy garoppolo had not attended a 49ers evente event since his february press , press conference, a press conference that turned into a ge a goodbye and thank you for having me. >> we will work it out one way or another. i don't know exactlw exactly how but both sides will be happy. >> believers are happy in the end because his fate with a 49ers is to be determined, jimmy jimmy garoppolo agreed to rework rework the contract to return to the 49ers as the backup quarterback. instead of making $25 million he will take a pay t pay cut and earn a base salary whe elwohegoth artingjobs so he now he stays in a familiar situation, it makes sense for the 49ers because why not? they have jimmy garoppolo on a better better contract and a proven quarterback to step in if trey
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lance is to struggle or get hurt. this makes the 49ers a better team, jimmy garoppolo one one of the best 53 players on the roster so if the media disn media distraction and the circus circus that comes with him is worth it, then why not? a $6 million backup plan. >> i need one of those. > >> making every drop count during california's historic drought, the water saving tools that one farmer is using. > >> a message of hate displayed on a campus overpass. there is w is now an investigation. > >> is a no go for the nasa laun, nasa launch, here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families. we reduce homelessness, address mental health, provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration. for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide permanent funding for organizations like ours. saying yes to prop 27
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means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home.
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to see transformation come to them. check out this time space wormhole i creat how's it work? let me see your togo, and i'll show you. "poof" burt, you have my lunch. introducing togo's new pastrami cheese ste loaded with our world famous pastrami,
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sauteed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new pastrami cheese steak. try steak or chicken, too. now at togo's you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. spot right now, more local news at 5:30. the memorial memorial honoring a fallen bay area police officer killed in the line of duty. struct first, california's worsening drought y drought emergency forcing farmers to make tough decisions. decisions. how one family is changing the game when it comes to conserving water, good evening. >> the severe drought is putting putting many who grow food in california on edge. a six generation farmer looks to the future and wonders about water. now, some food for thought.
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>> this crop has not had water. >> deep roots in the fertile fields of the central valley. >> >> i am humble and proud. >> managing the family company 11,000 acres of farmland locatee located outside in merced county, the family has farmed for six generations. >> we do organic and conventional. a lot of tomatoes. carrots, garlic, onions, watermelon, cantaloupe honeydew. >> you not only watches the weather but the water. the farm is irrigated with river water imported from northern california. he says every drop . drop counts. >> we don't waste water. >> the team have invested millions in water saving techni. including drip irrigation on 80% 80% of the farmland. to run the drip systems that team added clean power, solar panels to
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offset the electric demand, 20% of the farm now planted in wintertime to avoid the summer heat with the highest demand fo. for water. and to reduce evaporn reduce evaporation and carbon the farm makes its own compost with the green waste brought in from nearby cities and towns. >> >> we have quite a few people employed who sift through this. >> that said, there is concern for the farm, his employees and for california. the state water systems are aging, outdated and in deep trouble. >> infrastructure investments have not gone along. >> the climate is warming fast. >> it keeps you up at night. you you wonder what the future is going to hold. >> the dwindling water supply forces many farmers to lay off workers and reduce the amount of of food that they grow. he is trying to conserve as much water water as possible. >> california agriculture is a $50 billion industry


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