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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  August 29, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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shift in the sand has a real estate market sang the homes available for sale is going up. >> very good news for the buyers. instead of 10 or 15 offers, maybe one to five. >> the rising inventory means homes for sale are lingering on the market days or weeks longer than they did a few months ago. along with it prices are comingn coming down after two years of record growth. according to zillow san jose had the largest drop in home value in the country down 4.5% in july. san francisco was second with a 2.8% 2.8% decrease followed by phoenix and austin with the tanking stock market and rising interest rates causing the market to cool off. >> more of regulated taking the
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throttle off. >> san jose state professor of urban planning says sellers are making huge profits on the sale of homes but the leaps and bounds are leveling off. >> we will hit a plateau where least the buyer may take a breath and not worry if they missed this one. the next one will be more. >> home shoppers may not be getting bargains especially when when compared with the rest of the country but they are getting getting more time and options as as we move from the hypermarket to one considered normal. >> for anyone on the edge or trying to save up it is a much nicer market. >> in san jose, kpix 5. > >> in oakland one person is now in custody after a 13-year-old was shot near a school, this happened outside a madison park academy at 1:30, school was in session at the time with the tem the team rushing the teenager to to the hospital and is now in stable condition. tense moments for parents as they waited, on
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one side of the gate students were shaken up, parents say they they were waiting for answers from the district. >> i was on the field playing with my friends and a loud boom went off. i thought it was firecrackers until i heard the coaches screaming to tell everyone to get in the gymnasium. >> i am very upset and appalled and outraged. >> police tell us the suspected shooter was quickly taken into . into custody. > >> the oakland mayor tweeted schools should be the safest place for kids, she also calls the level of gun violence in oakland and the whole country unacceptable. promising that everyone who causes harm to oakland will be held accountable. > >> police are searching for a person who attacked two paramedics and smashed an ambule an ambulance on harrison street near best buy this morning. fire fire department paramedics say they were getting ready to answer another call when they were attacked, they were parked
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when someone with a wooden stake bashed the ambulance windshield, they ducked for covr for cover and brown out of the vehicle, that is when the suspect got in the vehicle and tried to run over the paramedics. officials say that s that attacks on first responders responders are becoming too com. too common. >> i have been shot at, i have had knives pulled on me, i have had pepper spray sprayed on me, it is coming to a point where it's just ridiculous. >> luckily the paramedics were not hurt during the attack. police are focusing efforts on trying to find the suspect. > >> this is not a list we want to to be leading, california has the most monkeypox cases in the. the country. that is according to the cdc monkeypox tracker. california has just 530 300 confirmed cases. of those, 700 are in san francisco. there have have been more than 18,000 cases cases reported nationwide. california could soon be sending
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sending $41 million to local health departments to find monk, find monkeypox, the senator says says the governor and legislature have agreed on the y the money but it has to go to formal vote and if past the money will go to vaccines, testings and treatments. > >> unemployment reaching a record low in california down t% to 3.9% in july. san mateo leading the state at 1.9% with san francisco santa clara and marin county not far behind. we are now showing you how conditions are making it a chale a challenge for some small business owners. > >> great news for san mateo county with the lowest unemployment rates in the state last month. we talked with the owner of margarita's restaurant in redwood city and he says it has been difficult finding and hiring workers. >> here at margarita's mexican t mexican restaurant in redwood city the owner has seen a lot in
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in his 21 years in business. but but he says this has been the hardest. he desperately needs four more workers but he cannot find anyone to do it. now he is shortstaffed all the time. >> sometimes we don't know and we have a lot of people. we don't have enough workers. we have to turn them away. >> no question. as of the most recent data here in california, for the last day in june we had over 1.1 million, 1.1 million job openings. so, employers are having difficulty, especially for a certain segment of jobs and continue to have great difficulty in finding workers. >> de employment attorney and director of the employment department says it is a jobseeking market for now.
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>> in the more than 40 years i have been involved, this is one of the best job markets, certainly the tightest labor market over the past 40 years we we have had in california. i think it will change. >> in the meantime he wishes he could hire more employees like this man who has been working for him for 10 years but he says says all he can do is hope for the best. >> what are we going to do? we have to wait. we have to wait and see how it goes. how tomorrow's going to turn. >> the owner says the last couple years have been hard, he recently suffered a stroke and of course the pandemic has been tough on the business. he says he is hoping he can find new employees in. from redwood city, city, kpix 5. >> one implement expert says he thinks the labor market will begin to turn. he believes unemployment rates will creep up up in the next couple of months.
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> >> new video of a traffic tragic tragic scene, the remains of a dead humpback whale that washed ashore at half moon bay, the marine mammal center suspects it it died of injuries after being hit by a ship. 49 foot adult female was found yesterday at manhattan beach, the center is working with local agencies to find solutions to prevent whales whale deaths like this one. > >> coming up on kpix 5 and cbs news bay area, the environmental phenomenon causing causing thousands of dead fish to wash up along bay area shorelines. > >> the bail reform debate is back, we will look at the last minute scramble to get something something done in sacramento. > >> jimmy garoppolo is staying with the 49ers. why it could be a win-win for both sides. > >> comparable to start the workk work week the haze was on the horizon throughout the day, not going anywhere this week. we will look about the air quality
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and talk about the heat co what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26? not one dime to get people off the streets and into housing 27 generates hundreds of million to help solve homelessness. the choice is clear yes on prop 27.
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what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26 is a money grab that doesn't guarantee a cent for non-gaming tribes. 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes.
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the choice is clear. yes, on 27. >> behind me is a live look at the state capitol in sacramento where lawmakers are rushing to pass a number of bills before the legislative session ends on. on wednesday. and one controversial bill looks much different as it is headed to the the floor for debate. >> the senator told the bill three days after my sister was murdered. >> talking about his sister kate kate who was murdered and her dogs kill before her home was set on fire. >> a crime that left the neighborhood stunned. >> the suspect a repeat felon who had recently been released with zero bail.
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>> part of the perfect storm that led to the murder was zero bail. >> dan is among many opponents of sb 262 even though it was amd was amended to remove the zero bail cause, the initial bail would have set a statewide veile veil schedule taking away the ability for each county to set their own bail based on severity severity of crime. the clause has been removed and the new version has key components first shifting the cost of veil requirements from the suspect that the county and by extension extension the taxpayer. for instance people on bail would no no longer pay for things like ankle monitors for domestic violence aspects or devices that that require dui offenders to test their blood alcohol before starting the car, counties would would now have to pay for thoses those things and the bill requires companies to return all all money or property and limits limit fees if charges are dismissed or no charges are fild are filed within 60 days of arrest. > >> experts say there is no debate toxic algae blooms are
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causing dead fish to wash up along bay area shores. researchers from the san francisco bay keeper call this a a red tide, the explosion of algae blooms caused by the sun, warm water and nutrients. some of the nutrients come from local local water treatment plants. >> we knew the red tide was very very large and somewhat predictable that we start to see see the dead fish. this scale of of dead fish is very dishearteng very disheartening to all of us. us. >> the san francisco estuary ine estuary institute want to help, if you see that fish on the shoreline you are asked to submit a short report on the we. the website. we have a link to that on > >> california agriculture is a $50 billion industry, on thursday at 7:00 cbs stations are joining forces to present parched california's climate cr. climate crisis. find out why the
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the drought is unlike others. who is getting hit hardest and how to best prepare. something we talk about almost every single day is how much we need the rain in this climate but it's not coming and causing a c. a crisis. >> we do not expect it but every every year we look forward to the next rainy season thinking this will be the one to crack the drought. got off to a great start for the last season and we we hope to follow it through with the next one. a couple months away from the onset of that. low cloud cover and fog dividing some moisture in the depth of the marine layer 1500 feet or so spreading across the bay into the inland valley tonight. near-normal tomorrow and wednesday within the heat is is building, noticeably hotter by thursday and friday and then extreme heat as we are headed into the weekend. air quality remain steady. we had a lot of yellow dots on the map indicatig map indicating moderate air quality which is not good but it
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it could be worse. at least we are not in the unhealthy for sensitive groups, this is where we stayed to the next several ds several days and there has been some smoke drifting down from northern california and oregon but it will be thinning out. not not quite as dense at the grounl ground level over the next couple of days but not quite on. on either. so we are in the moderate category when air quality is at its worst tomorrow tomorrow through the rest of the the workweek likely into the weekend especially with a heat dome building overhead. a little little haze on the horizon with most of the smoke elevated. 60s around the bay, 70s inland it is is a nice evening, 65 san francisco, 79th in concord. futurecast shows the fog spreading inland tomorrow morni, tomorrow morning, not lasting long backing up quickly around the bay by 9:00 or 10:00 and to the coast by mid day plenty of sunshine to tuesday warming up from a normal start in the mid to upper 50s around 60 to normal
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normal temperatures in the afternoon and evening. dog walking forecast from sonoma fo. for tuesday. benji looking happy happy about the near-normal tem. near-normal temperature. may be a little warm for the afternoon walk inland in the sonoma counta county area for the afternoon in in the 80s but the real heat building for labor day weekend and inland keep your pets safe. keep your outdoor pets safe. tomorrow near-normal with low 60s at the coast, 60s and 70s around the bay, 80s inland withe wihe hotspots reaching 90. similar temperatures on wednesdy on wednesday and then we jump to to the mid to upper 90s for inland parts of the bay area thursday and friday and then the the heat settles in over the weekend with this excessive heat heat walks through the weekend it is spots for the inland, i don't think around the bay and coast the heat will overcome the the marine influence further inland around 110 inland and the
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the east bay especially sunday so plan ahead. warm around the bay near 80 in san francisco above average and into the 80s in oakland, well into the 90s san jose saturday and sunday and and labor day for monday temperatures return to triple digits inland in the north bay and the east bay. all three days days of the holiday weekend lining up exactly with the holiday weekend so we can be sure you have plenty of plans and adjust your plans for the holiday weekend. stay safe in the heat. >> we have been so lucky this s. this summer. >> dropping into the holiday. > >> cbs news coming up nextnorah preview. >> coming up after kpix 5 at 6:00, details on the fbi search search of mar-a-lago and what the justice department revealed about documents seized from the trump estate. all eyes on serens serena williams in what could be
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be her last singles match on the the tennis court. > >> next in sports a 49ers player tells us we have been calling him by the wrong name this entire off-season, plus the big, big news, jimmy garoppolo is going nowhere. a welcome back party for jimmy after
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♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪♪ ♪ (don't stop me) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ having a good time ♪ ♪ i'm a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger ♪ ♪ defying the laws of gravity ♪ ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ i don't wanna stop at all, yeah ♪ ♪ ah, da, da, da, da da, da, ah, ah ♪
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>> call the news today a $6 million backup plan, it always made sense to keep jimmy garoppolo on the backup quarterback for the 49ers but not many expected this. jimmy garoppolo literally had a farewell press conference in fe. in february. >> it has been a of a ride. i love you guys. >> seven months after saying go,
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saying goodbye, garoppolo is coming back with no trade on the the horizon jimmy g agreed to take a pay cut reportedly making $6 million on the new one one year deal returning as a backup for trey lance and is said to be one of the more overqualified second string players in the nfl. the 49ers signed cornerback ward a three-year deal worth up to $40n $40 million this off-season, he is back in practice this week. the name we have been calling him all along is not even the name he wants fans to know him by. >> i want you to call me mooney. even in school my teachers call call me mooney. i don't know. my mama gave all her kids difficult first names so they give us a simple nickname so mooney is way easier. it is liky like money with 204's
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>> from here on out i'm chuck. the giants host the padres starting tonight san diego can line up and throwing knockout ph knockout punch this weekend with with the playoff odds currently at less than 1%. they enter play play 7 1/2 games behind the san diego padres for the final wild-card spot with 36 games to play 7 1/2 back with 36 to play. play. i am no petition but that is a possibility. hears the message to the team. >> keep your head down, keep grinding and working every day. understand there is still time. >> i wish you had more time. >> we all acknowledge that. but that's all we can ask for. >> serena williams, what an incredible career, playing her final u.s. open. her daughter part of the sold-out crowd in new york. in the first round,
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fifth match of the year for williams the big forehand winner, serena taking the first set 6-3, keeping her foot on the the gas in the second. her opponent now on the move and the the return goes into the net and and that will do it. the farewell tour lives to see another day for serena williams. williams. she is moving on to the second round. one of the greatest athletes of all time. good that we will see her for at at least one more showing and then a doubles match with venus. venus. >> now question a legend. it will be so strange not to see her name because she is tennis. she truly is and she will be mi. be missed. excited to see what she does next. > >> coming up next, scientists say the dating habits of dolphins have relatable findings and don't forget to join us for for the 7:00 weekday newscast on
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on pluto tv channel 397
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>> everybody needs a little love every now and again, even dolps even dolphins and according to a a new study dolphins found to enlist wingmen to help find mat. find mates. maybe we should calm finn men or flipper men. researchers show us the
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27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27. ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the battle over donald trump's mar-a-lago documents, as the f.b.i. says it's finished examining the top-secret material. what it means. the new details tonight. cbs' robert costa reports on the concern u.s. spies may have been compromised, because of what's in those documents. flooding state of emergency. the weather channel's forecast, as three tropical systems could form in the atlantic ahead of labor day weekend. football star rape allegation. the buffalo bills release a rookie player after he's accused of gang rape. cbs' lilia luciano speaks to the alleged victim, who was 17 at the time. >> i was having to deal with this horrible, traumatic experience that i never asked for. >> o'donnell: mission to


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