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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  August 30, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> right now on kpix 5 and training on cbs news bay area , , more local news, including, gt inked and get back to local tato shop raising money for ukraine. > >> from holding social media companies accountable to workers ' rights. a breakdown on some of of the bills sitting on governor governor newsom's desk. > >> a look at a bold new approach approach that could make a big dent in our drought. i'm sara d. drought. i'm sara donchey. >> i am reed cowan. farmers sayy may not survive. >> there is a new program to return the land to the wild. adrienne moore takes a closer l. takes a closer look. >> reporter: this withered and water starved cornfield is a snapshot of some of the farmlands of the future. >> i always say we are a poster child for this issue. we are nog it right. we are taking too much
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much water out of the ground. >> >> reporter: michael is the executive director of the irrign director of the irrigation district. he also owns this 160-acre plot of fallowed land,d of fallowed land, land he couldn be paid to take out of productin take out of production. with the with those 10 million-dollar grants, regions can begin to collaboratively plan for how they want to repurpose land and begin to provide payments to fas to voluntarily implement those repurpose and projects on their. >> reporter: among those are what some experts return to asby wilding a restoring land to its native habitat. it is a bold approach that could make a big dent in the drought. >> studies estimate that upwardf a million acres of farmland are going to come out of production in the next 20 years or so. while the idea of repurpose thing ag land is still growing,
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it is showing promise with the t restoration project in california. >> we have saved hundreds of thousands of gallons of water ey single year. >> reporter: julie is the president of the conservation organization, river partners, wh bought this 2100-acre former dairy ranch outside of modesto,e outside of modesto, where alfalfa and winter wheat was grown, and transformed it with thousands of native grasses, shrubs, and trees. >> it conserves water by reducing how much happens here when you transfer lands from thirsty crops into me into more droughts-tolerant native plants. >> reporter: but this living lat sits at the confluence of two rivers goes beyond water conservation. >> the floodplains here ask as a shock absorber. when snowmelt
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is happening and water is gushing, floodplains like this one act as a sponge. they take all the floodwaters and let it soak into the ground so we can be used later in the dry times. back after more than a decade of of work and millions in funding, funding, dose areas has restorea booming ecosystem. back in tulare county, michael hageman is embracing the shift, knowingy can in shoreland viability for e generations. >> that was adrienne moore. the story is part of a special we have an working on called " arched:california's climate crisis." who is getting hit the hardest, and how you can prepare. > >> a live look at the state capital. we are watching bills g are watching bills awaiting governor newsom's signature, or not. here are some of the propod bills. assembly bill 2273 withhold social media companiese
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social media companies accountae social media companies accountae social media companies accountae social media companies accountae social media companies accountae social media companies accountae social media companies accountae social media companies accountae social media companies accountae social me to protect your children. decided to law, the bill could impose fines in certain situations where kids are proted where kids are protected while using both platforms. > >> assembly bill 257 was it to the governor's desk for signing. signing. of enacting, the so-cad of enacting, the so-called fast recovery act would establish standards for wages and conditions. the bipartisan bill would make it a lot easier for parents to travel with breastmi. one mother went viral after being stopped by the tsa. >> reporter: >> reporter: this orange county mom, the host of netflix's wendy's wonder lab, a bill she gets draft has passed making it easier for breast-feeding moms to travel through our airports. >> i was allowed to bring my ice ice packs and i needed to keep my breastmilk cool essay for my. essay for my child. i was allowed to bring them through. they just weren't aware of thein
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policy. this is a gel icepack. >> reporter: back in may, she had what she describes as a humg experience at his tsa check poit as she tried to bring this freezer pack onto a flight at l. a flight at lax. >> this is what i needed to keep keep my milk cool. >> reporter: the tsa employee would let her carry the cold pack, which was needed to keep r breastmilk a safe temperature, despite existing rules allowingt existing rules allowing it. what what a frustrated emily shared her story on social media, the t , the incident went viral. >> i have this groundswell of support of like, okay, we all experience this. now what? how can we fix this? that's when i went to a report of. >> reporter: katie porter introduced the legislation, along with another mother, flora with another mother, florida republican congress woman maria. congress woman maria salazar. the bill, updating a 2016 law, d require tsa to clarify and regularly update its guidance on guidance on handling breastmilkd
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formula at airports in order top babies safe. >> breast-feeding moms don't jut produce milk. they need equipment to make that happen, o keep the milk clean and cold an. and cold and hygienic. that is what we want to have happen. a lot of what goes on, as they are are trying to carry out safety inspections, if they don't have the proper training and proper technique, they can contaminate the milk. they can cause it to . cause it to spoil. >> katie porter says democrats d republicans are working togethen this bill. she is hoping to fast-track it so that the bill comes into law this fall. > >> a san francisco tattoo shop is raising money to help ukraine ukraine defend itself as a russian invasion drags on. the shop, goldleaf ink, has been featuring two guest artist from ukraine. they both have family and a lot of friends back home who have been directly impacted by the war. all profits will go to humanitarian and military ain ukraine. have to a volunteer organization. the other have toy other have to buy a drone for the hard-hit city of kara
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kenney. the tattoo shop owner agreed to their fundraising immediately. >> our client, everyone wanted o help. >> lily's firm father is in the military. she wants people to kw that the country still needs a lot of help. a lot of people lined up for the event today. they were able to pick a predrawn design from one of thet one of the artist and get to take for flat rate. > >> coming up, it might not look like much, but it is another sign the real estate market is . estate market is red-hot.
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just sold for $2 million. the home sits on the border of san jose and cupertino. the 1200-square-foot home sold above above the list priced. even at more than $2 million, the real e company says the price was $300,000 below the average for e neighborhood. >> collective sigh. > >> a live look out at sfo. labor labor day is around the corner.t around the corner. that means te end of the summer travel season. the next three months typicallt a slowdown. >> everyone is slashing schedul. slashing schedules. that will lead to a period of stabilization. the last thing is, that means fewer flights, less crowds, and a better ability to maintain that schedue to maintain that schedule. things are going to get better. >> we will take that. he also says that it make it cheaper to fly. part of that is because the the bills are starting to catch
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up for those of us who paid a premium earlier this year. >> i'm not done with travel. but but i am done with travel for the rest of this year. when tha, year. when that happens, forward-looking bookings drop. you will start seeing airfares p start seeing airfares drop. some some airlines already are annoug sales starting september 8th through february of next year wh of next year with prices as low as $59. you will start seeing tt will start seeing that more and more. >> however, here's the catch. the hotels know you have to get there and have a place to stay. a lot of you are asking, what about the hotel rates? >> hotel prices are different al prices are different animal. they stayed high the summer because hotels are operating only 60% occupancy because they didn't have the staff in many cases to support the other 40% of their inventory. those hotels inventory. those hotel rates with they have because they are probably going to stay get 60% occupancy. what is negotiable are all the added fees. the resort fee, the internet, the bottles of water, the parking. r
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that, you need to have a conversation with the hotel. you you can't do that online. that is what i would suggest. >> you have to love that $20 mir drink. >> coldwater. > >> up next, this is called zombie ice. it could have a what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26? not one dime to get people off the streets and into housing 27 generates hundreds of million to help solve homelessness. the choice is clear yes on prop 27.
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26 is a money grab that doesn't guarantee a cent for non-gaming tribes. 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27. >> the department of transportan says pedestrian deaths have soad 80% since 2009. a lot of cars now come with the knowledge he t can help prevent the car from crashing into pedestrian. a new study shows it doesn't work welt night. here is elyse preston. >> >> reporter: the surveillance vo from march shows two sisters walking on a florida sidewalk at at night. seconds later, a car hit and killed one of the sistes one of the sisters as they wereg the street. many newer vehiclesa macle -- automatic emergency braking. studies by the insurance institute for highway
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safety show the symptoms perform perform well in daylight, but that is not the case when it gets dark. of the 23 vehicles td at night, only four received a r rating. >> the ford mustang mach e the n pathfinder, toyota highlander and toyota camry are the four vehicles that got our best rati. best rating. >> 15 other vehicles >> 15 other vehicles got a basi. got a basic rating. they struggle to stop at higher spee. stop at higher speeds. four cars cars didn't even qualify for radio because they failed to hit hit the brakes and a variety of. a variety of scenarios. improving the technology could p could help. the department of transportation estimates for th0 estimates for the 7300 pedestrians were killed and 2021. three-quarters of those ds weren't night. they see a way for automakers to make improvems automakers to make improvements because most of the vehicles that struggle that night actually performed well during the day. >> they believe that they can do
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do this with the existing tech knowledge he with some small tw. >> it is hoped that that will lead to fewer crashes and make a make a big difference when it comes to saving lives. elyse pr, elyse preston, cbs news, new york. > >> uber is adding more safety features. customers will now bee to text. the agent from adt, sey services company, will keep an eye see on the route. uber sayst will help ease potentially uncoe help ease potentially uncomforte help ease potentially uncomforte help ease potentially uncomforte help ease potentially uncomforte help ease potentially uncomforte help ease potentially uncomforte help ease potentially uncomforte help ease potentially uncomforte help ease potentially uncomforte situations, like a driver running low on gas or going thrh an unfamiliar neighborhood. lyfs had the feature. both uber and lyft are facing numerous lawsuits for small claims. the suits allege the companies did not do enough to protect riders. protect riders. > >> a sea of ice is majestic and, but it shows that the ice sheetl the ice sheet will raise global sea levels by nearly a foot.
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that's twice than previously thought. the culprit is called e ice. that's due to ice that will will inevitably melt because it is in getting replenished due tl warning. >> i remember when we used to have pack dies that we could walk on it. but now the packed ice is not so solid anymore. >> researchers think that greenland will use lose 120 trillion tons of ice. greenland's ice sheet is the man sheet is the main reason for thg sees. > >> this is a composite from hube and james webb telescope. a pham a phantom galaxy has spiral arm. galaxy has spiral arms. delicate delicate filaments of gas and dust. the center is a nuclear star cluster. the phantom galaxy galaxy is about 32 million light-years away. it is a perfect day today to go to the beach. > >> not only because of the nice
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weather. it's also national being today. did they know theye on trend? you can see some hanging out by the water. national beach day celebrates the beauty of sandy beaches all across our country. it also cres an awareness that we are all responsible to protect them, keep them clean. we saw a couple couple of surfers catching some. surfers catching some waves. >> you have a favorite beach ine world? >> any beach where i lived. >> there should be a lot of folks headed to the beach this weekend beginning by midday on y by midday on saturday. inland tiktok that to 100 degrees already. you might have to log into a mapping app and see how traffic is on the bay bridge. the heat however you have to. the evening sea breeze will be . breeze will be noticeable. story story the atmosphere around 10 pushing the fog inland. near nol temperatures for one more day. temperatures begin to cry more
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significantly thursday and frid. significantly thursday and frid. significantly thursday and frid. significantly thursday aictly t. significantly thursday and frid. significantly thursday and frid. significantly thursday and frid. significantly thursday and frid. then the real heat arrives in time for the labor day weekend. excessive heat watch in effect for the entire bay area this weekend. it's really those in the locations that are likely te are likely to be upgraded to an excessive heat warning. make it a heat advisory along the bay. that is one category lower. inland spots, mid to upper 90s in the santa clara valley. 110 s clara valley. 110 degrees in br. in brentwood. limit your time o. limit your time outside. stay hydrated. have a plan in case the power goes out. we will be covering that the rest of this week. are we going to set any records? on saturday? not likeld most locations. well away from d territory because we are not going to lose the onshore influence. temperatures will be above average but not record-setting. a few degrees of the record in san jose. the recd is 99. a couple of degrees away in concord. only 23 years of
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data in concord. livermore, record high temperature, 150 de. high temperature, 150 degrees. we will be a whopping -- 115 des -- 115 degrees. we will be a pog 10 degrees lower. the surface ll smoke, which can stimulate futurecast, the forecast indicates that it thins out tomorrow, but it doesn't compley go away. there will still be case on the horizon. most of the will be elevated. air-quality ia moderate category. you can see the haze as we look to the east. east. temperatures today, closo temperatures today, close to normal. upper 60s in san francisco to 80 degrees in san jose. close to 90 at livermore. temperatures tonight will back n tonight will back down into the mid to upper 50s in most locati, 50s in most locations, even down down to the low 50s in the north north bay valleys. high to end tomorrow might be a couple of ds warmer inland. everyone within s
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of normal. 60s and 70s around the bay. 80s for the north bay in santa clara valley. low to mid 90s inland and east bay. a e takes over as we head into the weekend. temperatures are going to be noticeably hotter inland thursday and friday. close to 90 90 degrees in san jose. mid to r 90s saturday, sunday, monday, ad tuesday. that is where we are likely to see the excessive heat watch upgraded to a warning. te hotspots will be further inland, , the north bay and east bay. dangerously hot when you are getting over 105 degrees, approaching 110 for the hotspots, especially when you factor in the possibility of spc the possibility of sporadic power outages. > >> i am elizabeth cook. coming up at 6:00, is our power grid ry to handle events like this upcog hit way? > >> much needed road repairs coming to san mateo county. cyclist could be left spinning r wheels. > >> a popular tahoe ski resort
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rises from the ashes of the caldor fire. we will take look t the rebuild. > >> still ahead, ♪♪♪ my name is austin james. as a musician living with diabetes, fingersticks can be a real challenge. that's why i use the freestyle libre 2 system. with a painless, one-second scan i know my glucose numbers without fingersticks. now i'm managing my diabetes better and i've lowered my a1c from 8.2 to 6.7.
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>> using your own cells to curee disease. the medical community s banking on patients backing their blood. rachel wulff tells
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us about a northern california company helping those with terminal illnesses. >> reporter: dr. maxwell is an antiaging doctor who jumped at e opportunity to make immune cells cells at age 35. >> are there additional steps that we can take to stave off c? to stave off cancer? >> reporter: both he and his wie bank there immune cells, procede gaining in popularity when the a approved it. pictures are partially cures patients 90% ofe time. there are more than 1000 l more than 1000 clinical cancel s ongoing. >> we can see in the next 20 yes the next 20 years, your own imme cells could be a strong weapon to fight against these life-threatening diseases. >> reporter: dr. chris is on the the front lines battling these . lines battling these diseases. his company specializes in t-cel therapy. >> we are making some unique
5:58 pm
device to process things. >> reporter: the issue is, when patients realize they need their their own cells, it's too late. >> unfortunately, cancer treatms cancer treatments, such as chemd radiation, destroys the patients , destroys the patient's own immune system. >> it is accessible. a simple blood draw? >> when you go donated blood un, go donated blood unit, we only d we only need 200 milliliters. a tank filled with liquid nitroge. filled with liquid nitrogen. >> reporter: sebi the immune cells saves lives. preventativee saves lives. preventative medice saves lives. preventative medice saves lives. preventative medice saves lives. preventative medice saves lives. preventative medice saves lives. preventative medice saves lives. preventative medice saves lives. preventative medice saves lives. preventative medice saves liv , more like a preventative juro, says this doctor. >> while harvesting her t cells, they are not going to prevent you from contracting cancer. you you have taken initial steps in the unfortunate event ever aris. unfortunate event ever arise. >> >> that was rachel wulff reporting. that is it for the ns
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at 5:00. kpix 5 news at 6:00 begins right now with elizabeth cook. > >> right now on kpix 5 and strg on cbs news bay area, is california's power grid ready r his next major test? >> it was extreme heat that caud blowing rolling blackouts in 2020. here we go again. what has has changed? are we any better prepare for the heat that is cog this weekend? > >> roadwork controversy. why cys say resurfacing mouse the popular writing routes will actually make them more dangero. make them more dangerous. > >> a popular tahoe ski resort is is rising from the ashes in the wake of a wild fire. > >> good evening. i am elizabeth cook. we start with the bay area area heatwave building just in time for the labor day weekend. first alert chief meteorologist paul heggen will map it out for us. the first, he will serve as as a big test for california's r grid. wilson walker has that part of the story.
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>> reporter: changing climate producing a once in a millennium drought as we try to decolonize our energy system. it it is a high wire act, if you will. this weekend will bring ar test. august of 2020, a month that brought lightning, fires, and he waves, and rolling blacks for 2 million californians. >> we feel angry actually. why this happens in state like us, in a country like ours. >> you have to make sure as you shut the dirty thing down, the claim thing is already up and running, or you are going to have a problem. that was maybe part was exposed a little bit a couple of years ago. >> reporter: michael is with thd woods institute for the environment. he says 2020 did produce some changes. >> the last two years have seen a massive effort to deploy energy storage, to keep power ps online


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