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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 2, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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with a wildfire emergency in non california. a huge new fire forg major evacuations in siskiyou county. several people have beed people have been injured in the mill fire burning near the town of weed. it is west of mount shasta. the fire is dangerous and has already destroyed multie homes. here is another angle showing the heavy black smoke lifting from the flames. people fleeing the area are seeing flames ripping through homes. 7500 people have been ordered to to leave their homes around weed around weed in the community of edgewood. roads are jammed. thee started at a lumber mill and jumped to nearby homes. this neo just in from a calcifyer chopper . it gives us our first overview . you see the intensity of the s intensity of the flames. with thermal imaging, you can see what appears to be the hottest s be the hottest spots as some of the structures will continue. wl will continue. we will bring you you more information as we get .
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as we get it. > >> for the third day in a row, we are under a flex alert. will end in several hours. refrain fm using power. you can see according to cal iso, we are about the forecasted peak of today. the positive news, we are are expected to be okay today be this is not surpassing the current capacity of the grid. demand will only ramp up to the. up to the weekend. we are in the the north bay were people are cg off. people are rushing to more wild temperatures. we have team coverage on the impacts of the y heat. max darrow is live at half half moon bay. da lin is napa valley. we begin with meteorologist paul heggen. >> one bit of good news is thate timing of the onset of the dangerous teat has been pushed back by one bay. tomorrow is
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still going to be a hot date in. a hot date inland. the excessive heat warning is in effect through tuesday for him parts of of the bay area. high temperatus will range from the mid to uppes in the santa clara valley to around 100 degrees in the northy to 100 to 110 degrees in the eat bay. marin county has a heat ad. people in these areas don't have air conditioning. try to limitr exertion outside. find some air conditioning when you can. havea backup plan. make sure you are g hydrated. as a dangerous he kics in, 5 to 10 degrees above avera. 10 degrees above average. 15 to 20 degrees above average furthe. monday, look how far above normal temperatures will be. that is where we are concerned about dangerous heat. this is ay heat. this is already hot time f year. monday will be the hottest
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day. tuesday is going to be rit at its heels. dangerous heat continuing for several days. tht is cumulative. the heat wears you down. >> no question. people need to be careful and prepare. > >> it is common to get into the 80s and 90s in napa valley, but with parts of the north bay comg across the century mark, some weddings are making changes to make sure couples and their guests have a great time. da lin spoke to a groom right before s wedding this evening. >> friends and groomsmen tryingo keep things light and fun. the groom is about to start the biggest day of his life. a few hours before the ceremony, dennis says he is not nervous. >> napa is beautiful. i know its i know it is hot. it is my big . i am excited. hopefully, the gus excited. hopefully, the guests feel accommodated. >> reporter: what he is worried about is how the heat will affect family and friends.
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>> we have more water. we have l hour. make sure everyone has a seat if they need. we do have guests that get vertigo. we arey cautious. >> we got fans for ebo. >> reporter: >> reporter: wedding planners expecting for summer weddings in in napa and sonoma, but not trie sonoma, but not triple-digit temperatures. >> we do recommend water statios as guests arrive. in some cases, cases, water stations in the ce. vote one napa valley event planr says wildfires have taught them to pivot fast. in extreme casesy can move indoors. >> in my thing about napa valley, you have a lot of barrel barrel sellers where you can usp situations. >> dennis says likely, his wedding is on sunday or monday,d to be the two hottest days of te
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weekend. >> that is a good friend. >> reporter: he has good people around him, keeping the groom hd the groom hydrated, even duringr interview. >> any time the photographers are not looking at me, jacket off. make sure i stay cool. stay stay in the shape. >> reporter: how will the bride keep her hair and makeup looking looking fresh? >> i make sure she brings. takig a deep breath. enjoy the moment. moment. that will keep her calm. >> reporter: if you don't have a a wedding to go to or just wanto escape from the heat, it might not be a bad idea to hop into your car and drive west. him pas of san francisco, people are lie heat wave? it's chilly around twin peaks. the marine layer and and the father keep in the coastal areas pretty cool. i ama lin, kpix 5.
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>> we live in such a unique are. such a unique area. > >> businesses up and down the coast are expecting to see a bump in business as people try to escape the inland heat and celebrate the holiday weekend. max darrow is a long the san mateo county coastline talking o business owners. >> reporter: you just said it is is a unique area with these microclimates. i will dear say it is chilly because of the wind wind and half moon bay. still beautiful. the sun was out. you see people walking along the be. walking along the beach. we got a taste for what the weekend is going to be like this beautiful temperatures when it's going toe pretty rough. some people did get a head start today, whether that meant hitting the waves the restaurants and half moon bay aa half moon bay area. hopeful they they will be able to beat the heat and the crowds expected this weekend. some people were l and got in before the lions started. others, not so much. people lined up for lunch at
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several spots along the coast. there definitely was some traffc on highway 1. these are good signs for the small businesses out here as so many of them have have struggled between the weather and the holiday, a perfect combination for the weekend for businesses here on the coast. you can bet, they are are going to soak up every bit of it. >> normally, people come to the coast anyway. >> we look forward for these weekends for lots of reasons. oy lots of reasons. obviously, it's it's good to be busy, especiallr the last few years of a lot of s in uncertainty. >> reporter: staffing has been a been a challenge for so many sml businesses. the owner tells us they had planned ahead and are ready for this weekend well awae it was going to be a busy one on on the coast. back live on the beach and half moon bay, if you do plan on coming out to the coast to beat the heat, probably probably want to bring a jacket because once the sun goes down,
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it will be quite -- i will say quite. a little chili. max darrow, kpix 5. >> thank you. > >> san francisco has launched in heat what initiative. a new center device will track and red the many microclimates throughot the city. rick allen breaks it n for us. >> reporter: fascinating. a newy mapping project is set out to understand how heat is distributed. community leaders and volunteers gathered, instalg these innovative sensors that will be placed on a car as it travels all throughout san francisco neighborhoods. you might see it out of there. what it's doing is collecting data such as heat and humidity. if you see one, tweet it to me. i want to see it. hashtag kpix. cy leaders say it will help undersd help understand the infrastructe the infrastructure and the importance of evolving infrastre importance of evolving infrastre importance of evolving infrastre importance of evolving infrastre importance of evolving infrastre importance of evolving infrastre importance of evolving infrastre
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importance of evolving infrastre importance of evolving infrastre importance of ev as climate changes over time. >> as the car drives 35 miles per hour, it is cycling air thr. it is capturing temperature, huy capturing temperature, humidityt that data is able to be used fo, to be used for, you can put it into a model that can look acros the polygon, across the space. what is the difference in variation of temperature? >> reporter: the data recordingl record heat response during exte heat response during extreme temperatures. some of san francs most vulnerable communities are hit the hardest. 30 volunteers will be sent out throughout the city without heat sensor you see see on the car behind me. it will be attached. they will be mapping out our microclimates. ? out our microclimates. liz? > >> still ahead, a possible san jose killer is caught. the investigation into the city's 2, five that i needed
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want a permanent solution to homelessness? you won't get it with prop 27. it was written and funded by out-of-state corporations to permanently maximize profits, not homeless funding. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations permanently. only pennies on the dollar for the homeless permanently. and with loopholes, the homeless get even less permanently. prop 27. they didn't write it for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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>> the search for a suspected killer in san jose ended at the border. officers responded to e shooting last night. a woman di, and a man critically injured. police arrested the suspect before he was able to cross the border into tijuana. they say ca highway patrol officers were ald to a suspect description aroud 7:00 a.m. officers say this is likely not a random attack. this san jose's 27th homicide of th. > >> a live look across the bay area where it's best to stay ins tomorrow when hiding out from the heat. the bay area air quality management district is g a spare-the-air alert for smart smart for saturday. it's the fourth of the year. we are dealing with heat and crummy ai. heat and crummy air. >
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>> those are kind of related. the same weather pattern traps the stuff at ground level, whether it is wild fire smoke on pollution. both are going to be trapped by the heat dome that is is still looming to our east. there is a storm system moving toward the pacific northwest. it it is close enough to squeeze te atmosphere. the heat dome takes over as we head to the latter two-thirds of the holiday weeke. of the holiday weekend. heat advisories around the bay where people with sensitivities to hot hot weather might have issues. e more widespread running is the excessive heat warning for him parts of the bay area. even more more healthy folks could have me folks could have more health have related issues. i don't think we will set record highs n sunday. on the inland, we will be several degrees away except r concord. monday is the day we
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are likely to sit record highs in lapeer close to a record in san jose. i think we will set rd since livermore. records we further out of reach on tuesday because they were sent a couple of years ago when we had the exe heat september six, 2020. we are are looking at the air-quality map. it is not great. the air-quality tubing into the unhealthy for sensitive groups g for sensitive groups reading for for parts of the north bay and . north bay and inland. a widesprd basis, mostly moderate air-qualy moderate air-quality today. that that does get back into the unhealthy percent of groups rane tomorrow, plus the spare-the-ait pick you can see the hazing out out on the horizon. gems right now range from the mid-70s 80 i
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for a september evening. 90s in livermore and concord. we start to heat up. tomorrow, the coolet up. tomorrow, the coolest they get the entire weekend. that does not mean it is going to be cool. our dog of the day for the the dog walking forecast knows how to beat the heat. bruno knows how to lounge. he will want to do that tomorrow in morgan hill where temperatures l be close to 100 degrees. keep in in mind, you don't want to walk her dog to that kind of heat. is way too hot on the surfaces. the the concrete gets up to 125. asphalt gets up to 140 degrees.o to 140 degrees. do early morning morning walks or wait until after the sun goes down. 70s and and 80s around the bay. mostly 90s inland to 100 degrees. the hottest days will be monday and. upper 90s in san jose.
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temperatures start backing off. the hottest spots will be inland in the east bay north bay. close to 110 degrees on a widespread basis on the east bay. once we cool off, it is going to be hot for the rest oft week. > >> the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> coming up after kpix 5 news at 6:00, americans hit the road this holiday weekend for what could be the busiest labor day travel
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>> the captain may be heading to to see. brandon belt is under uo
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belt is under undergo knee surgery. he will have to in then on the injured list. the 34-year-old will be a free agens a free agent this off-season. the ailing right knee has been an issue all year. he has been d he has been limited to 78 games. he had his best major-league sn major-league season last year. he followed that up with the lowest batting average. > >> 49ers left tackle trent wills trent williams is ready to go for his 12th season. the nine-te 12th season. the nine-time pro r is ranked 14th in the top 100. it is the highest grade of any offensive lineman. he almost has has the best post game fit. >> will we see the jacket with the flamingo? >> i can't give it to you twice. i only have 17 given days to give you a game day fit. i can't
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can't give you something twice. > >> the ravens are dealing with a a major injury before the seaso. before the season opener. lamar, you ask? no, their mascot went down during halftime. head coach coach john harbaugh gave us the. >> po is going to be put on injd reserve. he sustained a serious injury to his drumstick. he wilt be able to perform for the restf the season. we will find a replacement. we will go to work on that right away. we will turr every stone. > >> at a graduation party, stephy steph curry received his diplomm davidson. he had his number, 30d his number, 30, retired. he fold up on thursday receiving a key to the city of charlotte. he wasted no time putting the key o use, using it as a ball marker while coughing today. charlotte will always be home to curry. he he is on his way back to the ba. back to the bay.
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>> everybody asked me, are you going to play one year for the hornets and come back? >> [ applause ] >> don't do that. don't do that. i'm not bringing any news righ. any news right now. i am not making any promises. all i wouly all i would say, though, is if there was a team that i didn't want to play for that was not named the warriors, that would be it. [ laughter ] >> oh, man. tongues are wagging. >> michael jordan the charlotte hornets could use him. >> we want him to stay right here. >> i think he will. >> he is a warrior for life. > >> we are continuing to follow the fire ripping through communs near weed. we will have the latest. > >> a 74-year-old local pitcher collapses during the national wd
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you might already know that prop 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund real solutions to the homelessness crisis. so how will that new revenue be spent? new housing units in all 58 counties, including: permanent supportive housing, tiny homes communities, project roomkey supportive hotel units... and intensive mental health and addiction treatment. in short, 27 means getting people off the streets and into housing. yes on 27.
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>> a quick update on the breaking story in siskiyou coun. story in siskiyou county. and a wildfire burning through homes and triggering evacuations. these are aerial shots that show show the outlines of the mill fe of the mill fire. multiple homes homes have already burned, and s already burned, and authorities say people have been injured. cs around weed and edgewood are unr evacuation orders. we will have more on all of this ahead on the the kpix 5 news at 7:00. > >> and finally this evening, a
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miracle on the mound. a 74-yeard pitcher for a baseball team in sacramento collapsed on the mound in the middle of the game. game. >> he had just > >> out two guys and collapsed n the mound. >> it was terrifying. >> he had no pulse. >> middle of the >> middle of the fourth inning, howell younger suffered a heart attack. likely, there was a defr later nearby. >> is it turns out, it was a miracle. i mean, it was definity a miracle. >> it was really tough. you go m playing ball every day to being in the hospital bed. slowly eventually, i have been able to work at it and get back into hay decent shape. >> looks like he is a lot of support. he is already back on e already back on the field enjoying time with his buddies. the team made him a special that that parking the date with
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miracle on the mound etched on it. jessica back. house gary. > >> thank you for watching. the news continues treaming on check out this time space wormhole i creat how's it work? let me see your togo, and i'll show you. "poof"
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> cordes: tonight, millions of americans hit the road and take to the skies for the last holiday weekend of the summer as the west bakes under record-high temperatures. travel demand returns to pre-pandemic levels. 13 million will crowd into airports, and millions more plan to take advantage of falling gas to take advantage of falling gas prices. >> i'm glad to see them finally going under $4. >> cordes: cbs' kris van cleave is at reagan national airport. meanwhile, out west, more than 50 million americans are facing excessive heat warnings. cbs' carter evans is in los angeles. >> reporter: the temperature here on the playground is 145 degrees. >> cordes: a new trump document mystery. four dozen folders recovered at mar-a-lago were marked "classified," but had nothing


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